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Salvaged smd micro controlers.

Hello everyone, i just salvaged some great finds i think i have a surface mount PIC16F72-1/SO and a PIC16F877A, plus a few other componets. i am wondering what do i need to be able to program and use these PIC's i have very limited knowledge on micro controlers, i am currently learning with the Arduino UNO. and help would be appreciated. and also i have salvaged some other parts kia324f "quad amp" will this work like the more commonly used op amp's i see in other instructables, ATMEL346 not sure what i can use this for. i have more parts that i am unsure of what if anything i can use them for but i dont want to bother everyone with my list =) ill try and post them a little at a time. and agian thank you in advance for your information.

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I have a pic16f72 and is burned can i erase it and reburn it?

What software should i use i have pony prog.

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HI! I have a USB To TTL board. Can i program avr atmega(atmega168) and pic16f series(pic16f72) microcontrollers with it?

Can i simply use 5v, gnd, RXD, TXD pin for programming? My boards image is attached with this question.

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In-circuit Serial Programming of 64 pin TQFP-type PIC18F6520 using Self powered JDM?

I have a self powered JDM programmer. It can be connected to my desktop as well as to laptop. Presently I am using my laptop for programming PIC16F72. JDM has following pin-type selector: 12, 18, 20, 28 and 40 pins. The socket is ZIF type. So I cannot use it to program TQFP (Quad type miniature PIC). I want to do ICSP of PIC18F6520 and PIC18F8520. IC-Prog does not have these devices on the device select menu. I have connected the JDM to my laptop through RS232 port. As IC-Prog does not have above devices, I selected PIC18F6620... a similar device. I tried to identify VPP, VDD, VSS, PGD, PGC on the ZIF in 40 pin mode as well as on my PIC18F6520. I connected these together. I also connected PGM to GND. The voltage I get on VPP is 2.54 V. After programming, verification fails everytime. PS: When I use the same technique to program PIC16F72 the programming is successful. Meaning I put JDM in 28 pin mode. Then I identify VPP, VDD, VSS, PGD and PGC on the ZIF socket. Then I connect these wires to appropriate pins on PIC16F72 on the bread board. The programming is successful. Thanking you in anticipation, M Vinod Kumar

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How to start into PIC? Answered

Hey friends! Yesterday my uncle gave me an old pic16f72 microcontroller. I am a beginner to arduino and have written few programs myself but PIC is absolutely obsolete to me. I want to ask that is pic a standalone ic to program or it need other hardware. Also in which language are these programmed. Plz tell me all the basics. Thanks! :)

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