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How do I get plans from instructables?

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Orrery Plans

Hi folks, I have a little project in mind and I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get plans to build an orrery for our solar system? Alternatively a mains powered orrery mechanism that I can build around would be good as well. Many thanks in advance

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Plans for 2008?

Got anything Instructable-related plans for the coming year?I plan to:Make at least 1,000 comments (<-- good useful comments)Double my number of published InstructablesGain (or reinforce if existent) a "Kiteman" reputation (<--sorry! =)

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Planned Outage

Hey! We will have a planned outage tonight around midnight PST for an upgrade. Should be done in about 2 hours. Thanks!

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Contingency Plan

As part of my disaster readiness planning, I have given the scenario of a global economic meltdown much consideration. To this end I have compiled a thorough step-by-step contingency plan. I am happy to now be able to make this guide actionable and will be sharing all of this information as an Instructable shortly. How about you? Have you done any preparation? Have you given the matter any forethought?

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Plans are there in the PDF

If I become a pro 40$ for 2 years, will I have the plan to make the airplane in the PDF that we can download. ( I am French fron Québec, so my Inglish is not good)Thank you           Micheline Laforest

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Getting plans

I have download a few of the projects on Instructables but I don't see any templates for them.I payed about 78 dollars for two years thinking that will get me the plans but no it is not so what did I pay for.I would like to get something for paying that amount.Please tell what is going on here with the membership. money and what is the money I payed used for.Thank you.

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plan for a soundboard? Answered

Im trying to make myself a soundboard because I'm tired of having speakers that are not compatible. i would like to have a 3.5 mm audio jack and RCA audio inputs. Switches so i can choose which input I want to use. I then want to have a 3.5 mm audio jack, RCA audio, and bare speaker wires as outputs. I also will need an amplifier for when the input is a an IPOD for example. And to amplify the sound through the bare speaker wires. I'm not exactly sure how to wire it all but here is my plan. 

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Christmas Plans?

We know Kiteman is off doing whatever it is that the English do at Christmas. I would theorize, from reading the Daily Mail that they gather around the Christmas shrub surveilling each other while waiting for the proper health and safety training to use a ladder to place a star on top the tree, afterwards they go wassailing dressed in Burberry and commit knife crimes, but I don't know. Myself, I'm taking my wife out tonight to partake in Wigilia at a local Polish Restaurant, Christmas itself will be a low key affair, capped off with a Standing Rib Roast.I saw that joem1523 had posted some very tasty lookingSausage Rolls and I just got to wondering what your plans are for the holiday?

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Floor Plans

I own a house in one city, and work in another.  In order to avoid driving back and forth everyday, I have bought a small lot and plan to build a small house there.  I am severly limited by the size of the lot and the money I have to fund the project.  Therefore I have decided not to exceed a 20 foot by 20 foot design. I'm looking for your help.  Attached is a photo of a couple of post-its that I laid out a quick floor plan on.  I've re-arranged it several times, and finally have something I think really maximizes the space available to me.  I'm simply asking if you guys see more ways to do so. Some quick notes- this is far from a final design.  The first post-it is the second floor, and the second is the ground floor.  I'm not sold on the upstairs restroom, it just depends on the slope of the roof I decide on if that will be possible.  In the kitchen, I alloted 2 feet per appliance, but will need a bit more, so it's nine feet wide which should fit.  The doors on both sit rooms will swing out, not in as shown on the second one.  I will base the electric and have a tankless water system based out of the pantry with the washer and dryer.  I would also like to possibly remove the wall that encloses in the the kitchen, but  not sure how that would effect stability. Any thoughts on any aspects of the design are welcome, except for making it bigger.  Thanks!

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rc planes

Looking for rcplane plans

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Plans for Cataclysm Changed

I had to demolish the lift on Cataclysm because it wasn't working very well. Click here for more information on why I took the lift down: ball machine will still have its originally planned design; I'll have to build a new lift to replace this lift. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my whole summer building this lift. The pictures below is what the lift looked like before I took it down.

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Your Halloween Plans?

So, what are your Halloween plans? Are you going to a party? Going trick or treating, or just going to stay home and watch Demons 2? This year, I'm not going to do much. Just paint my face white, and put on black lipstick and eyeliner while walking around the neighborhood. (Okay, I may go to some houses for candy =P)

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Storey Building Plan

A storey building plan with wiring done.

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Change in Membership plan

I accidentally purchased an expensive membership plan! Can anyone please help me to get me transferred to a cheaper membership??? Please help i really need this money!! 

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Wanted - plans or ideas...

Greetings Geniuses (Geniei?) I have already scanned the site and youtube but I was wondering if anyone either has or could create plans to build a motorized (gas engine for ease I am thinking) cooler? Any links, help or suggestions most welcome.... Respect, Craig

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3D CNC Plan

Hi, Is there anyone who can help me get a comprehensive drawings for a 3D CNC woodcarver router with a work area of about 1500mmx3000mmx200 or 300mm ?indicating cost and kg of components. Thank you.

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The best fitness plans?

Hey, ive been researching a lot of different fitness trends and exercises, and i was looking on how to combine them into a fitness schedule. I prefer bodyweight exercises with minimal equipment (jogging, planks, push-ups, etc.). i am fairly fit as it is, but like i said i need a plan. I go for 3km jogs twice daily, and every 3 days i do over 100 push-ups.

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Downloading .pdf plans.?

I just registered with instructables and set up an account, and I have received my e-mail conformation.     But when I click on a .pdf plan or drawing that I want to look at closer; I get a pop-up window that wants my username and password.    When I login the window goes away, but no .pdf.      This window also seems to want to sell me an upgrade to Pro.    Does this mean that I am only allowed to look; but I can't download unless I upgrade to Pro?  

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I have a plan ...

I have acquired, as a strict one-off, a quantity of solar cells.Apparently seconds that "work fine", the one I have unpacked is about 5 inches electrode-to-electrode, glass, and produces about 4-5V with no load in full sunlight. I assume the others are similar.A plan springs to mind. A plan to save money and be "greener". I want to use them to charge batteries during the day, then light my home with LED sources.A grand scheme, one that still requires the approval of She Who Must Be Obeyed, so I intent to take it is stages.Stage One: The Shed.I plan to install an LED light source, running off a battery charged by cells stuck to translucent panels already in my wall.Questions:what number and combination of (ordinary, cheap) LEDs would give a reasonable match for the brightness and colour of the currently-fitted 3-foot fluorescent tube?Is this a suitable circuit to charge the battery?Should I connect PV cells in series or parallel?Is there anything I should have thought of?

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July change of plans...

There has been a change of plans for me:  because of the recent "purchase" of the portion of the company I work for, and my future being made so uncertain by this, I have had to cancel out my trip to NYC.  The uncertainty of it all, has placed undue toll on my being, and anxiety had become the only thing I have been feeling lately. I just wanted you all to know, those that care about such things.  For those that can be in NYC on June 16-19, the information about the conference can be found Here, at this link Maybe in 2 years, when the next one comes along....    

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Electric Bike Plans? Answered

Hey guys. I was thinking of building an electric bike this summer. The problem is I've never built an electric bike before and barely have any knowledge. I just wanted to know if it would be better to buy a ebike kit or to buy separate parts and build it. I have looked on Ebay for bike motors but i could only find up to 1000w kits for about 200-300 dollars and i thought that wasn't worth it. Is that the only price I can get a motor and do you guys know any good stores and sites to buy a cheap ebike motor. the other parts wouldn't be that hard to find so it's OK if you don't know of any kits. Thanks. P.s. I'm looking for Motors above 1000 watts

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Planning a puzzle house

In another year or so we're hoping to buy an "investment opportunity" house and, as we're fixing it up, I would LOVE to add a house-wide puzzle leading to a final prize.  Ideally the mystery would start with seemingly decorative scrabble tiles in the guest bathroom and take the players all over the house and garden.  I'd love for it to have three or four tracks that all need to be solved to get to the final prize, that way we can do them in installments (get track 1 up and running, then 2, etc) so friends can start playing sooner rather than later.  I'd also love at least two of the tracks to use only stuff that'll go with the house when sold, like the cabinets, garden rocks, etc, so that the next owners can continue the game. I've started collecting ideas and would love to hear more.  The only limit is to please keep your ideas doable - while it would be fantastic to, say, have a wall slide away to reveal a secret underground cave I'm not so certain we can dig one of those out in our spare time.   Inspiration for all this comes mainly from the Myst games (ah, Riven, how I loved thee!) and this puzzle apartment in New York.

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RV plans for sale $45.00

The Wildwood lets the home builder make his own motorhome that looks just like expensive factory-built units. It can be built on cut-off vans, chassis cab trucks, or even pick-up trucks with the bed removed if of suitable capacity. Options on the plans allow for long and short wheelbase units. The floor plan shown is a popular layout used on long wheelbase models, however, you can vary the arrangement considerably to suit your own requirements, as well as to suit shorter units. Our comprehensive plans show how it's done, including simple details and instructions for mounting the coach to the chassis, cab attaching methods for cut-off vans, as well as all the other necessary information to allow you to do a professional job. Plus, full size patterns are provided for the contoured sidewall portions for accurate construction. Best of all, you save a bundle by building your own.Specifications*Coach length overall 20'0"Coach width overall 7'11"Interior length overall 19'8"Interior width overall 7'7"Interior height (headroom) min 6'6"Cabover headroom (deduct for mattress) 30"Fresh water capacity (standard) 30 gallonsHolding tank capacity (standard) 30 gallonsLPG capacity variesCoach weight (dry estimated) 3000 lbs.Sleeping capacity 6 adultsTruck type: Designed for use on chassis cab or cut-off van-type trucks of suitable GVW rating.The Wildwood is designed as illustrated ]for use on so-called "long wheelbase" trucks having a GVW (gross vehicle weight) rating of 9000 lbs. minimum which is reflected in the above specifications. The plans provide details for a shorter option for use on "short wheelbase" trucks which should have a GVW rating of 8000 lbs. minimum. It is possible to vary the plans to suit other truck chassis which may not fall into these classifications, as long as the GVW ratings are of comparable minimums or larger. Since truck chassis are extremely variable, the above specifications should be considered an approximation.

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Slip together picnic table plans

I've seen plans for a picnic table made out of one sheet of plywood.  No hardware, it just slips together.  Does anyone have any plans for this?

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DIY Tadpole Cargo Tricycles Plans

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get complete, easy to follow plans for building a cargo bike similar to the Haley bikes out of Oregon? I am not the handiest person nor do I have a shop, welder etc. but I can have some of this done, with good plans.  There are good plans on this site but they seem  to assume more technical knowledge then I have or at least it seems that way at this point in my search. I have been unable to find plans for sale that are for front load cargo tadpole tricycles. Any info would be appreciated. 62Learner

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Are there any healthy easy meal plans?

I would like to start cooking healthy foods for my family but I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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simple plans needed for a basic enclosed outdoor storage cabinet to share? need to make one fast ?

i can just wing it but will probably waste some wood by not planning it properly.  anyone got a set of plans for a basic paintable outdoor storage shed ( 2'x2'x5or6') ?  i need each shelf to hold 100lbs min. and 100%waterproof. can you help ? thanks !

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6 wheeler using a hydraulic power steering pump .Where can i get plans?

I had an 8 wheel Argo and reckon I can make one using a hydraulic pump and two drive motors much the same as bobcat drive.I have a two thousand liter pvc tank to use as a body and can fabricate a ladder chassis for the wheels to attach to.Has anyone done this and documented their methods or are there plans available?I am in South Africa and I was looking for the drive train from a Dixon zero turn grass mower as a doner vehicle.Has anyone tried this?

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Indoor small wood window herb boxes I need some plans. How to make them?

I am trying to make some small window boxes from pine and cedar boards. I want them to be about 12" long and 4"  wide with legs if possible I was thinking of making the ends solid with the legs there but for sides I am thinking solid with design painted on or maybe rail things Help thanks Karen

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Weedeater Bike

Http://      I've been wanting to build a weedeater bike but need plans.  Does anybody have a copy of the ones from please post them soon.

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Stairs that double as dressers

Here are some plans for modifying your stairs so that each step can also hold a drawer for extra storage of all your stuff. The things you put inside would have to be of the occasional-to-rare use since these look like a pain to have to deal with on a regular basis. Other concerns are just how well the heat will be kept above or below and if they can be spring loaded so you don't step into an open drawer on the way down the stairs and brain yourself on the landing. Oh yeah, the risers that get removed are often providing structural support for the step above so be aware of that as well.But if you can pull it off safely, it's a neat trick. link

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Building a tall bed

Hi Instructables Community! I need to build a bed with about 2 feet of storage underneath it so I can put my things in boxes and sublet my room!  I am attempting to do this on the cheap, but also want the bed to be sturdy enough to jump on!  My idea is to have four 6x6 bedposts and construct the frame out of 2x6s with a 2x4 running lengthwise and also one running across on the bottom for added support.  And possibly brackets to help reinforce the legs.  I don't have a box spring and am not sure whether use plywood sheets or fence boards for the platform.  Any thoughts on this plan?  Does it sound sturdy?  Also, I am trying to find a way to transport lumber from the building supply store I will buy it from to my house.  If you live in SF and have a truck, I will pay you and make you lunch if you help me out!   Let me know!

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I'm searching for free plans for a cannon

Hey everybody, I'm searching for free plans to build a cannon. Why? because I've seen the video of the mini cannon and I want to make one to. The size of the plans doesn't matter(as long as the proportions are right of course), cause I probably gonna resize them any way. I do prefer if the measurements are in meters and not in inches. Futhermore I would appreciate guides and tutorials about cannons and how they work. Preferable cannons of napoleons time.

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What's the best and easiest way to create a floor plan of my current home?

I want to remodel soon and this will help with planning.

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how to make a dog wheel chair?

My Dachshund Rex has lost ability to use his back legs and the carts are very expensive. My husband and neighbor are pretty good handymen so I figured they could build him one. Wondering if anyone has a building plan they would share.

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Building a TARDIS... Doctor Who.

My friend George and I suddenly decided yesterday that we'd really love to build a TARDIS.Considering this thing is 8+ feet tall, and we'd like it to be portable... does anyone have any suggestions for materials? I think more than anything I just need to go to Home Depot and look for supplies. Any brainstorming help will be appreciated. :DOh, and if you don't know what a TARDIS is..., see below. The TARDIS pictured with the ever lovely David Tennant. :DP.S. I'm not starting on this until the Robot Plushie instructables is up, which will be by Saturday night, if not sooner. :)

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bren gun carrier plans

I'm making a model bren gun carrier ( ) out of chipboard. I'd really appreciate it if someone could post some blueprints of plans in the comment section below. I'm really looking for a detailed outline of the main body that holds everything together. (By the way, I DONT WANT TO BUY A PLASTIC MODEL).

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Electromagnetic pulse generator plans?

Does anybody know where I can find plans for an electromagnetic pulse generator?

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Portable Pitchers Mound Plans?


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how to read boat plans.?

I find reading boat plans tough . Any cross section , on any axis of a boat is always changing, so how come they usually have only three diagrams,side view , top and cross section with just one set of measurements .Any tips on as to how these plans are made and how to interpret them. Where do i start when i have a set of plans ?? thanks

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SULKY / Cart Plans wants?

 Has anyone made or got plans for making a small light woeght sulky / cart? hoping to make one for two dogs to pull added a photo of something like what I want   

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Finding good electrolyzer plans

Has anybody come across any good plans for a hydrogen electrolyzer or a resource with lots of good information. My problem has been that I haven't found any resources that provide enough clear information to make one that I really think will work well. thanks

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Need help with planning a mortor

Ok well im trying to design a pvc mortar. I want to have it where the air chamber and barrel are side by side. I also want interchangeable barrels. My problem is how to make some sort of stand for it??? any suggestions

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Good Software For Planning Builds

Does anyone know any good software to help with planning builds? Any type of building type software or such, for small projects. I guess 3d modeling is probably what a lot of people use, but it seems like it has a steep learning curve from what I've seen. I was hoping maybe there is a much simpler modeling program out there for, example,  just throwing a quick box/chest together with dimensions etc. 

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Planning to make a electrical device ?

Hi, basically I am planning to make a device,  like a elongating stick/rod. Based on a meter (scale) it should keep elongating, when the current is supplied. For instance say we have  rod of 3 feet  in length (3 pieces).  The rod will be in the device, when I supply the power to the device, it should protrude to 1 feet and then again for more power another 1 more feet and more power another one more feet. Can some one pls help. Thanks.

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