Rice planter

Can someone please help me in making a manual rice planter. thank you.

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Upside Down Planters

This tutorial over on design*sponge shows you how to make some upside down planters for cheap, using supplies from around the house. I've seen some conflicting reports (mostly negative) about hanging plants upside down, but for such an easy and low-cost project it's certainly worth an experiment. Has anyone tried upside-down gardening? If so, how did it go? diy project: recycled upside down planters

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Making Hypertufa Planters:

I live out of the country and finding bulk forms of perlite is next to impossible.    Is there something I can use in the recipe besides perlite?? (Recipe calls for: pearlite, peat moss, cement and reinforcing fibers)?  I can find everything but perlite. Thanks!

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How to make an illuminated planter?

How can I duplicate the illuminated planter from Design Within Reach for less than their exorbitant $525? http://www.dwr.com/product/outdoor/planters/bordato-30.do?sortby=ourPickshttp://www.dwr.com/text/viewer.htm?id=15067#

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How to build a six-sided planter box?

I am trying to build a six-sided planter box around a tree. I am having a problem joining the pieces together, I am using landscaping timbers to build this box. My problem is getting the ends to join and have stability to the box. Please help.

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how to remove a big planter wart on the ball of my foot painfreef?

Had it about 6 or more years now  

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how good is the upside-down tomato planter?

I would like to know if anyone has tried the upside-down tomato planter (I know that's not the name of it).

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Does anyone know of a hand held seed planter?

We'd like a seed planter which spaces different sizes of seeds for easier and more consistent planting.

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has anyone made Gabion style garden containers?

I would like to make my own large outdoor planters, they dont need to move position, and I thought I could make baskets about 5cm wide from wire mesh of some sort,and fill with spare stone chippings. Any advice or thoughts much appreciated. In an ideal world i would recycle something instead of stone chippings, but thats too much to start with! Thanks.

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Indoor small wood window herb boxes I need some plans. How to make them?

I am trying to make some small window boxes from pine and cedar boards. I want them to be about 12" long and 4"  wide with legs if possible I was thinking of making the ends solid with the legs there but for sides I am thinking solid with design painted on or maybe rail things Help thanks Karen

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How to waterproof a pallet planter box

Does anyone have an recommendations on how to waterproof the bases in a planter box made from pallets? Picture a pallet standing up. The bases on each runner/rail have been filled with a piece of wood. I tried this once before and just used silicone around the join but it was no use, water still came through when I watered the plants. What would be a clean, simple way to water tight the edges of the bases? I've attached an image of what we are trying to create. A friend suggested just adding rubber to each planter compartment.

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is it worth it to plant a veggie garden directly in ground?

Is it worth it to plant a veggie garden directly in ground or should i just go with one of the planters from the site? my soil is real bad and would require a lot of working. its hard as clay and filled with rocks.. it would be more accurate to say that i have a bunch of rocks with some bad dirt... should i just build a few planters (i have the wood and tools handy) and fill with store bought soil or are three advantages to planting directly in the ground?

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Can plastic planters be 'aged' in the same way that clay/terracotta pots can with yogurt, beer, moss etc? Answered

I know it is relatively easy to add a faux antique or verdigris effect to earthenware pots but what about ugly plastic ones? Is there any hope for them or are they destined for a life of shiny smoothness?

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what should i use to cover the holes on a plastic delivery box . i want to use it as a tomatoe planter.

Converting a plastic 14inx14inchx14 inch (approx) milkbox to a tomato planter, what should i line the milkbox sides with? it is the type that stores used to get their deiveries in, i will will be using it outside on the ground so i think i could fill the bottow with small stones to act as drainage and give it weight to avoid windstorm tipovers? would dupont tyvek work for this? i dont have accees to it it yet,unless i come across some used post office supplies.

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Glass/plastic self watering planter thing?

I want to grow something in a glass/platic jar/bottle so that i don't have to water it often can any1 tell me how i am supposed to do that?

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Should i be worried that my instructable wasnt accapted yet to the planter contest?

Https://www.instructables.com/id/Hanging-Sleeping-...i have received the email saying my request to enter the planter contest was received but it wasnt accepted yet. should i be worried?

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Bicycle Flower Box, Vertical Planters, Raising Chickens

  Bicycle Flower Box Vertical Vegetable Planter Raising Chickens Japanese Torii Gate Make a Koi Pond Home Gardening Sustainable Raised Bed Garden Garden Rain Barrels Temperature Controlled Composter Birdhouses and Bird Feeders Three-Tiered Garden Fountain Build Your Own Earth-Filled Box Grow Organic Food on the Cheap Garden Hose Repair Tomatoes Instructables.com - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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How do I take a contour off my balcony railing and transfer it to a piece of wood?

I have a planter designed to fit over a piece of 2x4 railing, and a railing on my balcony that is smaller than 2x4, and curved, with a non-rectangular side profile. Please see the photos. I have annotated the first three photos. It's hard to see from the photo of the railing, so I drew a side profile of the railing shape and photographed my drawing. The planter has a groove in the bottom so that it'll rest securely on the 2x4. I want to make an adapter out of wood so that the planter will rest securely over my railing. I plan to cut some wood to fit perpendicular to and against the railing, countoured to fit over the railing, and seat a piece of wood over the top of the railing, running parallel to it, to seat the planter into.

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Living Wall, anyone ever done one?

Has anyone ever done one of these? I'm looking for a cheap and green way to make one of these planters shown here: http://www.eltlivingwalls.com/photo_gallery.php I was thinking this could be done with an old hardware organizer and some pvc, but I don't think I'd be able to find any large enough to put any decent plants in. Any help would be awesome...Thanks,J

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ETSY pictures pulled from instructables.

Has anyone else noticed their pictures being pulled off instructables and posted on ETSY? I posted this in Jan of 2014. https://www.instructables.com/id/Planter-Box-from-Pallets/ I saw the following on ETSY today. https://www.etsy.com/listing/246769791/pallet-planter-box-flower-box-rustic?ref=shop_home_active_3 https://www.etsy.com/listing/246438036/custom-rustic-planter-set-of-two?ga_order=most_relevant&ga;_search_type=all&ga;_view_type=gallery&ga;_search_query=pallet&ref;=sr_gallery_24 I don't really mind but I think it's interesting that they wouldn't build and take their own pictures.  

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I once saw instructions for how to turn an old seive into a hanging planter: Does anyone have any advice about this?

The instrunctions included a fiber liner of some sort (to hold the soil, I presume). I think the creator had also used an old wire hanger as the hook for the pot. The pot itself was an old metal seive or strainer.

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Does anyone know to make concrete or like material head planter for outdoor plants?

Hello Wonderful, and Creative people, I need your help in achieving the same or similar look to these terracotta/concrete planter, with an aged moss green patina, $85-$125 at HGTV Marketplace Ouch!!! I would like to use these for small outdoor plants! and achieve the same awesome look for less? I would appreciate any suggestions before embarking in uncharted waters. I was thinking of using those Styrofoam heads and cutting a hold big enough to accommodate a flower pot. What should I use to prep for water/weather proofing...paper Mache, shellac, paint and glue moss??? Please advice this novice. Thank -U-much! Lilmamahttp://stonefacecreations.homestead.com/PRODUCTS.html

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Popsicle Stick Guitar, LED Coffee Table Panel, Junkbot Planter

  Popsicle Stick Guitar LED Coffee Table Panel Junkbot Planters Laptop Hard Cover Portable Workbench Adjustable Round Bag Survival Stoves Wooden Kids' Pull Toy Moveable Garden Giant Ball from House M.D Special FX Bald Cap Desktop Zen Garden LED Projector Lamp Easy Origami Pallet House  

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cleaning soda bottles?

What is the best way to clean plastic bottles so they can be repurposed? (Hanging planters, bottle-bottom flowers, etc) Thanx! Y'all are AMAZING.

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what is a good, cheap wood to use for outdoor planter boxes?

I live in Silicon Valley, CA and want to build a set of four 4'x1 1/2' planter boxes in my backyard that will have chicken wire underneath them to keep out gophers. I want to build them relatively cheaply, so I know that redwood is not really an option. Also, they will be growing food, so that removes pressure treated wood from the mix. However, I would still like them to last a few years. What kind of wood should I use instead? Is there some kind of paint or finish that I can use to increase the lifespan of the boxes without adding anything nasty to the soil (and by extension, my food)? Thanks for any help anyone can give me in this matter!

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Updating an upsidedown planter and had some ideas, the only problem is that I know nothing about gardening. please help.

K, so I've been trying to make an instructable for about a year now, but I always pick projects that are apparently too ambitious for me as I never finish them... But I just had an idea as I will not be home this sumer so I won't have the joy of attempting to grow peppers this year... which means I'll have to try over the winter months. So I saw this instructable and thought it seemed like a perfect idea https://www.instructables.com/id/Matts-Original-Inverted-Planter-aka-IPlanter/ And then I started getting ideas of how to update it and make it better... however, I know a sum total of about nothing when it comes to plants... Last year i just bought a pepper plant from the local greenhouse, fed it fertilizer sticks once every other week, shoved it on my shed roof and hoped for the best... It succeeded, but I'm not yet willing to say it was skill on my part. So My first plot for an update came from this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Upside-Down-Hanging-Self-Watering-Earth-Filled-Box/ Since the pot will be hanging upside down and all that, checking the soil will be hasslesome, so a self watering system seems like a good idea, but this just seems complicated to me... So I've seen these things (http://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Globes-AG011706-Watering-2-Pack/dp/B000FHAJ90) on tv from time to time and was wondering how they work? Like could I just cut off the base of a wine bottle and shove the neck into the soil and then just fill the wine bottle as needed (or some other kind of glass bottle... i can cut glass easy enough)? My next though was when the instructable told me to cover the hole with plastic wrap so nothing leaks out onto the floor... But then I was thinking if a cork could also do the same task... I was thinking of drilling a hole through it and then cutting it into 4 pieces and re-assembling it around the stem and corking the bottle from the inside... Since I made the cuts I figure the plant would just move the cork out of the way as it grew and would eventually be big enough to just take the place of the cork... but again i don't know enough about plants to know if this would actually work. My last question is more of a what type of plant should i put in my bottle... I personally like peppers but the last time i grew them was on the roof of my shed and I'm wondering if they need more sun then they would getting sitting inside and upside down through the winter... and if not, what kind of plat could I plant in an upside down planter designed for indoor winter use? Also, is it true that used coffee grounds make for good fertilizer?

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Instructables mention in New York Times

Everyone's getting into the garden this summer (and you should too - by entering our Garden Contest!), and nothing's hotter than growing things upside-down.  Cutworms ravaging your tomato plants?  Take a tip from Instructables and the New York Times, and grow them from hanging pots.  You don't have to be an apartment dweller to take advantage of these low-profile planters that are cheap and easy to DIY. Check out our mention in the Garden section of the New York Times this week.  They know a good thing when they see one!

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How do I keep outdoor fountain water clean?

I just made an outdoor garden fountain for my balcony....and I love it!!  What would anyone recommend I add to water so that it does not get slimy or get nasty. It is a large planter type pot with another planter type pot within it and then I added a pump that can bubble or spray...but water is retained in the pots at all times.  I also have cats and dogs...so I would like the additive to be safe (I do not let them drink fromit...but just in case)  Thank you!!!

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Any ideas what to build with large tea chests?

I have got five large tea chests which I would like to transform into something but have got no ideas. Any suggestions are very welcome, thank you.

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Uses for Old Basketballs & Soccer balls

I have access to loads of old basketballs and soccer balls that are always floating in the river by my house. (they get washed into the river from people's yards whenever it storms) They're usually fairly worn and dry-rotted from sitting in the sun but most of them still hold air. I was trying to think of some type of outdoors, maybe flowerbed/garden related, craft I could use them for. I'm looking for practical uses or even artistic uses. I've thought about cutting them in half and making hanging planters, but we don't really have any places to put hanging planters in my yard. If you have any ideas or inspiration, please do share. Thanks!

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What can I use instead of wood to make raised planter beds? We have a serious ground termite issue where I live. Answered

I have used concrete masonry units but they take up a lot of space. Pavers?

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has anyone built an above ground potato planter, with recycled materials? Answered

I saw one for sell a while back but it was expensive. (it didn't use recycled materials) after going through this site, i thought best to ask. I want to plant potatos, but i don't have too much space nor am i going to go to the community plot because when i'm gone for a week or so, i know my neighbors won't water my plants. so i was wondering if anyone has built an above ground potato planter that can be easily opened for havesting. my neighbors would water my plants in front of my apt. it couldn't be bigger than a 10 gallon pot, because if i have to tip it over to get the potatos out it might be too heavy for me. so i'm hoping that you much more intelligent people, because i get stupmped when i start thinking of things, can help a girl out. i'm hoping that you can do this out of recycled materials so that way i can slightly revise without buying much... ' starving students' is what i'm trying to not let my family be... so any help would be great.

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Get growing - the Gardening Contest starts Monday, 5/6!

Green-thumbs unite! Instructables.com is happy to announce that we're hosting a Gardening Contest! We are looking forward to seeing a a cornucopia of seeding-skills, planters, gardens, ANYTHING that has to do with cultivating plants! Enter the Gardening Contest to show us what the plants in your garden are up to this year. Are they sprouting in fancy planters made from railroad ties and unicorn horns? Will they be cultivated via Twitter? Have you discovered a way to creatively display what you propagate? Make them yield more fruits or veggies? Or have you hit upon a way to keep them alive with minimal effort on your part? Show us what you’ve done with your garden to win an AeroGarden, watering cans, trowels and more!

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Boring brass spittoons. What to do?

I have 2 very boring old brass spittoons I'm converting into planters. Is there chemical compound or something else I can apply to the brass to change the appearance?  I'd like to jazz them up without using paint. Any ideas?

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Old chair restyling

I have 4 antique chairs that are too rickety for seating. I don't want to throw them away or repair them as chairs. Has anyone done anything to rework a chair as a new object? Table, box, shelf, photo frame, etc? Anything but the old planter idea. Two of the chairs are oak pressback and have LOTS of decorative spindles.

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Has there been a contest for making use of the plastic containers and/or their lids that yogurt/sour cream/etc. come in?

Because they can't really be recycled (don't kid yourself into believing that anything but 1s and 2s go anywhere but the landfill if your city collects them), I would love to see a useful second life for these materials besides the obvious planters or junk holders.

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Evolved Gardening

I love having plants indoors and I'm always interested in new ways to grow and display things. A firm called Boskke is redesigning how we approach indoor container gardening.  "BOSKKE means ‘a small forest’ and that’s exactly what you can create with our intelligent eco-sensitive designs."  Boskke - Evolved Gardening Via: Readymade newsletter

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Large size exercise ball

I have a large exercise ball that has a 2" gash in it compliments of the cat. i'm a nice shade of green and re-purpose/reuse  everything i can.  I have thought of a planter,a tiny 'pool' in the garden for critters and a beach bag. I would love to get a few mre ideas to what i can do with it.....anything but throw it away. it never really goes away anyway. Bring on the suggestions! :)

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I am considering turning my turtle sandbox into a planter for my salad garden but am wondering about drainage.

I have one of those little turtle sandboxes for the kids. You know, the kind that fill up with water because I never remember to put the lid on when it rains. Should I put a bunch of small holes in the bottom or just one larger hole in the center for drainage. Also, any other input on how to best do this would be great (ie best way to fertilize etc...). Thanks.

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How can I create a mold for a large concrete pot ( greater than 1.5 by 1.5 metres) ? Answered

I wanted to have series of pots next to a deck . Rather than just square,I wanted to have something like half a sphere drawn up; maybe a better way to describe it is a cone with the point cut off and inverted. I could make an internal mold with heaped wet sand , but how can I mold the walls for consistent thickness, reinforcerd with wire and asmooth exterior The problem is to create a pourable mold in an interesting shape.

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Raised Garden Beds out of Concrete Blocks?

I want to build raised garden beds with the walls being made out of concrete cinder blocks. Want the beds to be about 2 1/2' above ground and about 3' to 4' wide. I also want to make basically concrete counter tops to put on top (or benches). My question is .. how many inches can the top go beyond the concrete cinder block frame without having to add braces for the bench? Ex: if I use 6" wide cinder blocks .. and fill the holes with rebar and concrete .. what is the overhang I can have on the bench top?

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