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What new games are good

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google play

Anfroid market has been taken over by a program called "playstore" by google. the name is so much dumber than before. it would be fine as google market.

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video not playing?

hey so im working on my ible but when i go to embed the video the window asks me for a link, after i put the link from youtube it does nothing but display the link on the page? what should i do?

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How to check if a video is playing, and if it is play it, if not don't play?

This is what I got: @ECHO off xcopy /h startMe2.bat u:\ xcopy /h InformationalVideo.mp4 u:\ :start tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq InformationalVideo.mp4" | find /i "InformationalVideo.mp4" > nul ||(start InformationalVideo.mp4 param1) start startMe.bat start u:\startMe2.bat goto start but it doesn't work, anyone care to help?

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Bug in section play

Hi , i've noticed today that every menu is repeated 3 times in section 'Play' . kust to let you know ;-)

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how to play guitar?

 i have been wanting to try guitar i have a acousitic guitar it has been tuned but i have no idea how to play it and easy was to learn how to play?

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Help with playing guitar

Any forum member  that needs help playing the guitar or related questions, I will be happy to assist to the best of my knowledge.  From Chord structure ,setting up your guitar, Easy fingering for hard chords. etc etc.   I have been playing over 50 years    nearly 46 as a pro.

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Playing Games In Session

Think students playing games on their laptops during class is bad? What about parliament members playing games during government policy sessions? The parliament of Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayas, has decided to ban laptops so that lawmakers will stop playing computer games while the Bhutanese parliament is in session.It is not however true that we were always playing games, said the MP, who is from the governing Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT). We need the laptops because that saves us the trouble of having to carry huge amounts of paper and documents.He makes a good point: playing game after game of tic-tac-toe does require a huge amount of paper. What games do you think they were playing?

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Cat Playing Theremin

Wow. It's a cat playing a theremin!I have nothing more to add.

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how to play tennis?


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Who plays airsoft

If you play airsoft (and own an airsoft gun)please comment and tell what kind of airsoft gun you have. (Or just comment something : )

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Play a Collaboration Game?

Oh my... Coffee beans!.Let's try this again! ..Challenge: Oh my! I lost my precious special coffee beans! I need to travel around the world searching for them. Will you help me stay awake for that? I will need loooots of coffee for my mission ;)Design a new coffee filter! Collaborate and innovate together - find a new way to filter coffee. Do not use anything expensive and try not to create too much waste ;) Let's go!... How does this game work: 1) First collect ideas for a coffee filter here under this thread until Monday, March 04th midnight PST - write down what you think would work, freely. (Add in to the already collected ideas - challenge yourself!)2) Look at and discuss others' ideas here, while they are being collected.3) Select one idea that you like, and form teams - prototype together, form an Instructable, make it Collaborative. Or alternatively, just add in your existing Instructable and make it Collaborative. Innovate together! A very rough prototype that shows the principle is sufficient. The time limit for this step is to be announced - not more than several days. 4) Collect the 'ibles here under this thread (or I could make a collection of 'ibles if possible) 5) Let's vote and see which new coffee filter is the best! Try to win the most votes and be on the 'podium'!...I will always be around here - you could ask me anything and also give feedback :).Disclaimer: This is part of a research for my PhD at Istanbul Technical University, department of Industrial Design. The research is strictly non-commercial, only for academic purposes and not financed in any way. The only objective of this game is to encourage collaboration and innovation in communities, in a playful and fun way. Your ideas and identity will not be used or revealed, and your privacy will be protected. Thank you. e-mail:

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getting into cos play

Looking to get involved in Cos Play but always hear about events after the fact and never in time to scheduke or build something. I'm in Ontario Canada what events should I look out for.

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Videos don't play

I could not play the video on, either in IE 11 or chrome 42. Also, there do not seem to be any recent comments. The one I left this morning disappeared immediately afterwards - I clicked through all the pages to check. 

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MakerBot plays Tetris

YouTube user belakor110 has posted this video of a MakerBot playing the Tetris theme. According to the brief description, this is done using gcode. This reminds me of the song "A Simple Text File" by Man or Astroman? Check out that video here as well. The video is just a still image, but I can vouch for its legitimacy. I saw the band play the song in concert with just a beaten up ImageWriter II in front of a microphone. via adafruit

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Toxicity of Play Dough

Does anyone know the toxicity level of various styles of playdough? (Store bought or homemade). When I was a kid my mom had a recipe with flour, water, salt, and something else, and we never really ate it cause it tasted terrible!Just wondering what is the safest for our little one to play with. Thanks all!

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Games for LAN play?

So, I live in a dorm now with a few other students. We'd like to play a game together on our personal laptops, but we don't know which ones would be good to play. Requirements: 1. No internet access required. 2. 2-16 players or more. Multiplayer-only games are OK, but single player would be nice too. 3. Mainstream games are fine, but if you know of any indie games, that would be even better. 4. It doesn't have to be new. In fact, from 1990-2008 would be just fine. 5. Most of all, it has to be fun to play. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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kids play tunnel

Can body tell me how to make a tunnel from tennis balls, i would like to make one for my grand kids.                                                               thank you                                                                  dora,

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Toy that plays tune

Hey, guys. Didn't know where to post, so thought this might be as good a place as any... Anyways, I would like to make a doll for a friend's birthday and for it to be one of those that you press something and it plays a tune. Does anybody have an instructable like that? (Searched a bit, didn't know which keywords to use) If not, any ideas, suggestions?  Thanks!

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Batteries playing music?!

I have built a plasma speaker and I am using it for my science fair and while I was listening to my speaker I realized that sound was coming from somewhere besides the speaker(arc). I disconnected the arc and it was coming from the batteries! Is there any way to prevent the batteries from playing the music as well? Is it feedback? I'd like the science fair judges to only hear the arc, thank you. Also I used this guys instructible

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play guns with sound

Hello every body this is my first post i am doing a project to make toy guns with sound but i have no idea how to. i have alreadytried several times but failed what i mainly need is a way to store the sound but it needs to be cheap anything will be helpfull thank you

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Computer not playing sound? Answered

Whenever I play music out of my computer, a thing keeps popping up called Realtek HD Manager saying that I've plugged something into the microphone socket! I've checked both of them (Front and back) and nothing is in them! So I disabled by going: Start > Run > 'msconfing' > Startup, then disabling it. It told me to restart my computer for the changes to work, and when I booted it up again it had no sound, so I turned it back on and rebooted the computer and it still dosen't work! And yes, I have checked all the obvious things like if the sound's muted. Thansk, Flannel UK

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Playing with mains electricity

I'm of the belief that most of us have played, in some form or another, with mains electricity. Whether it be fixing the power cord we accidentally cut in two, or juicing up a computer psu... So. I'm wondering if any of you have an electrician's licence. Reason I'm asking is that in Australia, doing anything with mains power requires one. Playing with power sockets, power plugs or cords, installing lights etc. Firstly, do you have this problem in the US? I've seen a few projects which involve light fittings and licence-requiring activities, and I have to wonder whether you're all licenced to do this sort of thing, or whether you're all licenced. And just thinking that there could be a potential loophole in the regulations... If you hooked up two ac transformers to step down the step back up, so you're where you started, technically, you're not running off mains power... if you get my drift. anyway. you all ignore this little aspect of the law or what? cheers

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can you play games on this website?

No details

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what is puzzle? Answered

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how do i make a 9th grade lesson plan on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

How do I make a 9th grade lesson plan on language analysis including blank verse, Shakespeare idiom, imagery and sonnet form basing it on Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet?

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What to do with straws?

I have a lot of straws and I would like to make something cool. thanks.

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Who plays guitar and what style do you play?

It's not really a fun question like gamer5's but who here plays guitar? if you do say that you play guitar and say what style music you play I play metal and rock (except danny i know what he plays

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why is play button disabled?

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Best of Play 2013 announced ??

I was excited,  "Wow, the Best of Play for 2013 came out in February of 2013" Link:

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Win8.1 Lost Plug & Play ?

I am using WIN 8.1 and recently purchased a USB 2.0 SATA 2.5" HD HDD Hard Disk Drive Enclosure External Case Box and it stopped working. It may be due to losing my Plug and Play software and does not recognize the attachment. I am also using FireFox  and MS IE. I would appreciate your help assisting the input in restoring my Plug and Play. Thanks for the site it is a great assist.

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where can i find a really cheap plug and play?

Plug and play starwars game

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Should minecraft be a Topic under the menu play

Post to see if there should be a place for minecraft on instructables XD

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Does/Did anyone here play sports?

Does or has anyone here played sports? Which sport did you play? Were you pro? I'm currently trying out for my football team at school, so if I make it, my Instructables usage will decrease sharply. Thank goodness it ends in November. Well, now it's your turn.

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How can you get Play-Doh to harden?

My son made me a ring out of Play-Doh and I would like to know how I would go about hardening it so that I may wear it?

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Play With Your Food Challenge: inquiry re: our rejected "Squash Pie" video entry

Dear Carleyy, Thank you for your email (copied below). We have carefully reviewed the instructions/regulations for the Play With Your Food Challenge contest at We have scrutinized our own entry, and we are unable to see why our entry, "Squash Pie," has been rejected. We understand that the finalists have been chosen and are currently being judged. We kindly request that you review our entry. If our entry does not meet the criteria, please let us know how or why it has been rejected. While my sister and I participated in the making of our entry, it was my 10 year-old niece, Miele, who worked extremely hard on the concept for the video, the script, and the food preparation. She also edited the entire video on her own, including completing extensive research on non-copyrighted music to include. This was a self-directed project, and she was excited and proud of her achievement. We were all surprised and deeply disappointed to have been rejected without a clear explanation or reason. I have cc'd my niece and sister on this email; while I understand that you have many entries, and cannot respond to each entrant individually, we are very much hoping for a personal response, whether our entry is reconsidered or not. Thank you for your time, Becky Cook On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:57 AM, Instructables wrote: Hi beckycook, We regret to inform you that your project "squash" pie does not fit the requirements for the Play With Your Food Challenge. Please review the instructions for entering this contest for specific reasons you might have been rejected. Thanks, and continue enjoying Carleyy

Question by beckycook  

Anyone play Runescape? =3

Pretty much what the title said. Please don't tell me how its a bad game, that its just for kids, etc. If you dont have anything good to say, then dont say it. Anyways, if you play it and wanna join me and train skills and stuff inbox me on here :-) -Hiyadudez. Also, here is a picture for just pure amusement:

Topic by Hiyadudez  

Toddler Climbable Thingie

Hi! I'm looking for something my little boy could climb up and over. I'm not sure what to call it so I don't know what to search for, lol.  He's 15 months old and trying to climb up on chairs and tables and everything. I just want to make/buy him something safe to play with. Thanks!

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how do i make knex online? Answered

Ive heard of knexbuilder but i cant find it plz help

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Gif played after a click

Hi guys!It looks like there has been a new update on the site recently, and now we have to click on the gifs to see them.What do you think about this? Do you click on them? Or do you prefer the look at the pictures?I am wondering because I usually use a lot of gifs (sometimes 1 or more for each step), and maybe it is time to change this. So there are 3 possibilities:continue to load the gifs with the images (and click on them)replace the gifs with more images, and more detailsembed the gifs in the text, this way they automatically play once the page is open.What do you prefer?

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Who Plays What Sax?

I want to know what type of sax who plays (if you play sax) and how you got started. I don't play saxaphone but my friend got me interest in what saxes are played.

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Can people please give me links to free-for-use 7-8 minute monologues for young woman?

I'm looking for a 6 or 7-8 minute monologue or one-woman play to be performed by a young woman. I'd prefer for it to be modern (within the last century) and to have some kind of meaning or something that people can connect or relate to. I've looked all over the internet for something that fits this description, but I've had no luck as of late. I'm 16 years old, so that may you to know what I'm looking for. Please and thank you! If it's shorter than 6 minutes, it's out, but no longer than 8 minutes (a few seconds over is okay). 

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how do i conect my world blocks to my computer?

Hi all i would like to know how to conect my world blocks to my computer with a usb conecter perferably so i could code an off button for it and so i dont need baterys thanks -bigmikedog

Question by BigMikeDog  

climbing frame and swing for my kids would be cool im a single parent female so keep it simple pleez :)?

I want my kids to be able to climb and swing (after all they are little monkeys ) so a cheap way to make a climbing frame with swing underneath would be so cool.. ive got an old bed frame tubular one which im sure couldb recycled somehow any ideas?

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What would the community like to see out of knex?

Vote on these 5 things and I will do my best to build them for you. 1.knex vacuum (cleans up knex) 2.piece counter (pour in knex and it counts them) 3.piece sorter (pour in knex and it sorts a specific piece out) 4.oodammo (pour in the right components,pull the lever and out comes oodammo ) 5. Or something else_________________ (choose your own) 6. a working musical instrument EDIT: The sorter is posted here!

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