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PLEASE Answered

I want to use my sony cybershot DSC S730 as a webcam.It has video and audio output as given in please help me.

Question by Hudson samuel    |  last reply

Advice please

Okay i'm gonna do a couple of things i don't do often: 1)i posting a forum 2)the real point of this forum, i need advice. okay this is what i need advice about There is a girl at school whom i kinda like. i don't get often to talk to her. but i have her as a friend on facebook. only time i have hung out with her is at lunch our lunch table, which had a half a bazillion people at it sometimes. other times it was just a few of us and we never really talked then, a little but not much. advice please?

Topic by flyingcheesearmy    |  last reply

Help please

I need help... does anybody know how to send a message to Instructables? I got an email from them saying I need to send a direct message and not email... but I don't know how. please help

Topic by Cooker_4_Life    |  last reply

please help.

I need help making an airsoft gun silencer.the last one i tried was a disassembled mentos gum somehow screwed up my r34 stinger rifle,and now it will only shoot five feet without the silencer.i really liked how it looked,but i dont want it to mess up another gun.(electrical tape was put around mentos cannister.)

Topic by megapun13    |  last reply

Pinterest please

Could you please add a share button for Pinterest on your pages? FB and Twitter would be nice, too.

Topic by jaebaeli    |  last reply

Help please

Where can I find a reasonably-priced touch screen?

Topic by vaati    |  last reply

Please help

Could you please vote for me, it takes no time at all, and its a big help. Thank you.

Topic by knex gun builder freak    |  last reply

Please Help!

I hear random clicking noises, breathing, and walking through my computer speakers and I don't know how to fix this! Please help! I am using windows vista.

Topic by Air_Assassin    |  last reply

Please Help

How do you make one of those adam cubes?

Topic by E-R-IC    |  last reply

Please Define!!!

OK. So I am somewhat new to Instructables, and I was wondering what the heck Zeitgest means??? Can someone tell me? Thanks,

Topic by rhino21    |  last reply

Help Please.

Help, I am Working on a projest, but for it to turn out well, I need to have the instructable that shows you how to hook an LED up to your speakers so when your spaker makes a sound, the LED lights up. Has anyone seen it/ can find it for me, Please?

Topic by Bradley1000    |  last reply

Schematics please.

I wish Instructables would show circuit diagrams (schematics) of their projects electrical circuits. I hate trying to figure it out from the photos. We are big boys and can understand schematics.

Topic by warren631    |  last reply

Video, please!

There are lots of Instructables about making paper planes.  This is a Good Thing. Like any other group of Instructables, they vary in quality from the appalling to the brilliant, but they almost all share the same Bad Thing. For projects where the behaviour of the finished item is all-important, they do not have a video to demonstrate the different throwing styles required and the expected flight characteristics. Please, paper engineers, can we have video of the flights?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Ideas Please

Help! I have got a whole lot of 0.22" bullet cartridges (i do small bore) and i need an idea for an instructable on them. And by lots i mean unlimited. Seriously

Topic by duck-lemon    |  last reply

help please? Answered

ok, so i have an old playstation 1(the thick one). i would like to turn the laser diode inside into a laser pointer. any kind of help you guys can give is highly appreciated?

Question by madrobot3600    |  last reply

Advice Please

Hello there!  I have been pondering an idea for awhile and I wish to pursue it.  I want to take a baby toy, preferably a stuffed animal, and have it read the baby's temperature, or maybe take its pulse.  This is all I have in mind, and would wish for any ideas on how to do this from you guys/gals!  Please comment if you have any ideas on how I could do this. Thanks, ThatGuy9080

Topic by ThatGuy9080    |  last reply

please help

Hello,i need help with the site,i cant access my draft instructables or my collection,i am a noob to the site and i need help

Topic by SuperMaker2003    |  last reply

Spanish Please?

Quisiera saber si existe alguna manera de poner esto en español, o de encontrar posts en este idioma.Miles de gracias! I want to know any way to read this page in spanish or fond posts in my language. Thanks a lot!

Question by viteltone    |  last reply

Help please

I've dismantled a cheap & nasty fax machine. Out of this I've extracted a Dyna Image scanning unit, CFL illumination, 7 wires. I'd quite like to use the CFL, and maybe the scanning part, but does anyone know how to use this? I've not found this particular unit on the internet - sticker says "DL100-05EUIC (BARCODE) PHFA201663" L

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

Filters Please

 Hello,  I would like to officially request a "blocked list" so users can prevent certain results from showing.  It would dramatically improve my experience if I could eliminate any instructable that's a toy.   For example; in the user's profile, have a field in which keywords can be added such as knex and lego,  or perhaps the whole toy category, and then have that list apply at all times.  I'm sure there are other adults who will appreciate this as well, while still letting the kids have their fun. Thank You. 

Topic by cylonics    |  last reply

Please help!!!!

I am new to the site. First of all I would like to say that this site is great and it has a ton of helpfull information. My question is that on the tail lights of my car I have led lights. It already has the circuitry for to do its job of getting brighter when you hit the brake and it comes back to less bright when you have your parking lights on. The tail light has 2 sections 1) the park/brake light and 2) the turn signal. I would like to make my turn signal section to light up some what dim when I turn on my parking lights and then when I activate my turn signal to flash brighter. Is there anyone who can help me with this? I tried connecting to my parking light wire to see if it would work with a resistor but it did not. HELP!!!!

Topic by Domnican21    |  last reply


Be nice, if the links actually worked like they are suppose to in Questions. HERE is an example Why not use this page like Questions did before ??? Why NOT ???   This is a Real Bug Please fix and send Pro Membership :-)  

Topic by iceng    |  last reply

i need help please, with solar cells! please please :)

I need to charge my iphone on the go, i have solar cells in an array to total up 4.5 volts, i have a diode ( black, gray stripe on one end) connected to a female USB plug, the little iphone adapter puts out 5 volts, please help me if you can! thank you for your time!

Question by led235    |  last reply

S.O.S me please?

Hello again this is me Mohamed ......... i know that what i need will be hard but i really need it this is my first time to make a project in logic design i need to make a digital clock but the problem is i don't know what i really need to make it and how to put this things in the motherboard so i need some one write to me the things i need and a video show me how to make it i know that will be hard but i really need to make it   please i really need help as fast as you can    

Question by mmamdouh1    |  last reply



Topic by Purple Waffles  

A little help please?

Just me again looking for more advice.... *sigh... i must be pathetic...* I have been having problems talking with people. Not talking as in messing up my words but talking as in saying something softly and uninterestingly. it seems i can type with personality but i can't show it worth a crap... I just don't feel happy and i feel empty inside one of my friends said it was not believing in myself but i don't think that's the case. It's not a confidence problem. (3 years in Tae Kwon Do fixed that). It seems like a personality problem. I don't feel like myself... i don't do much but keep to myself. I play online games with a headset and i can talk just how i want to unless i am at school. I just feel numb inside. It is really hard to explain and i feel like i look like the kid that just sits and goes through the motions and doesn't have any fun. It feels like i have the personality of a rock. Im not the best looking, not the funniest, but i am nice to everybody. ( for the most part). I am just not getting noticed as much as i want. when somebody talks to me i just kind of respond in as few words as possible and it doesn't feel natural to talk for a long time. Can anybody tell me what this problem is and how to fix it. (if possible?) ----------------extra info-------------------- --I don't get out much --Most of my time is taken up by COD my computer and hunting --I have a small group of loyal, good friends --have never had a girlfriend --do not normally get in trouble please help me with this... i just don't feel interesting...

Topic by I3uckwheat    |  last reply

Help me please!

Topic by smattman22    |  last reply

help with capacitors please? Answered

I am trying to double the output of a 1.5v battery to 3v i have setup a capacitor parallel circuit like this                --------------+ capacitor - -------------+ capacitor - ---------------                                                                                                                                  +                                                                                                                     Battery                                                                                                   -------   + Multimeter           -                                                                                                             -------    - Multimeter               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------  However i am not getting the output of 3v, i did this yesterday and had 3v but today im only getting 1.5 i tested the battery on its own and that is 1.5 so why is it that i am not getting 3?

Question by connorfrancis    |  last reply

Piece List Please? Answered

I would like a piece list for the Big Ball Factory please, no hurry.

Question by TwistedParadox    |  last reply

whip string, please?

You know, the thing on the end... whith knots in it. I need to know hoe to make one for my whip, please.

Question by army dude    |  last reply

Help me please.

Can anyone help me? ugh i feel so stupid, i just need someone to talk to...please. I'm so confused. pleas

Topic by Bleccy    |  last reply

Please vote for me!

Please vote for my knex ball machine to help me win the toy challenge!

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

please help me

Im just starting and im wondering what to make

Topic by gunlover44    |  last reply

please help me Answered

How to increase my range in my RC car 

Question by Hudson samuel    |  last reply

need help please........

Im trying to create a flash website....... and i found a sampple of how i want it to be but i dont know where to start please im new to this so if anyone can help ty ty ty ty i have the url of the sample just need a few starting tips? or whatever please ty

Topic by ani    |  last reply

need help please

I am trying to build an art piece that is a book, and when you "pet" the book, it will make a sound. Can anyone talk me through how to make this happen? If so, please make it step by step for dummies. thanks!!!! J

Topic by jennkhosh    |  last reply

Please delete. Thanks

Please delete. Thanks.

Question by Dylan Rhodes  

New contest please

They should realy have an airsoft contest seeing that lots of early DIYers like airsoft

Topic by hungyhipo 2    |  last reply

Please help me

Hello all  can you please help me, I want to make a camera connection kit to my ipad but there is no single way, how can I do that, i found a lot of it on the net (called otg cables) 

Topic by msaad11    |  last reply

Hamster help please!?

I have a dwarf hamster and they can die at tempratures of 90 degrees fahrenhiet and it is 89.9 degrees fahrenhiet. What should i do?

Question by christophungus    |  last reply

somebody please help!!!

Ok i looked up how to get flash games on my psp but when i go to save page as it goes to my desktop but there is no folder to open up above.


Help with photograph, please?

I know zippity do-da about digital photography.  I understand size (sorta) as it pertains to kb vs. mb but that's not saying much. I need this picture (353 kb) at 300 dpi.  I have no idea how to accomplish that or even where to start. 8-/   Can someone please help me?

Topic by bajablue    |  last reply

Parts info please

Hi all: Does anyone know of a part that will swith  240v AC current on & off for short periods of time like a pulse effect ?. Thanks.

Topic by tezza1    |  last reply

RSS Feed Please

This website could use an RSS feed.  I'm unlikely to visit often, I'll junk-mail an e-mail newsletter, but an RSS feed always catches my attention.

Topic by raywood    |  last reply

linux help please?

I want to put linux on my server but don't know wich one i should choose. could someone help me please? with my server, i just basically want to store data and be able to take it out whenever i want, go on the net and run some games for example ceasar IV

Question by didgitalpunk    |  last reply

CHUCK help please.

CHUCK help please.Im searching for a chuck replacement for a 1944 Delta drill press. It has a Jaobs Supreme 5/8". Arbor is MT2 shank with JT3 small end. The supreme has teeth missing on the gear, the key holes are egged out and it will not open or close smoothly. Can't afford a new Jacobs so I'm looking for an Taiwan import or any ideas you may have.thanks

Topic by 4063ford    |  last reply

Twitter help, please.

I don't Twitter (Tweet?), but I've just been told that "Twitter loves your monopod". I don't suppose somebody could check to see if that is true? Thank you in advance. (Monopod Instructable)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

help me please ?

I have a hp a808x desktop. some of my usb ports were not working so i went in to disable them instead of uninstall them so here i am with no keyboard or mouse to get into my computer to fix it so i need some help. i bought a ps2 to usb adapter but that is not working. I really don't want to take it to a repair shop, so could anyone help me please. thanks

Question by rattas    |  last reply

Please help me!

Recently, my firewall on my laptop was somehow removed and about 26 malicious files viruses, 5 different trojans and some other things I can't identify got installed, how do I remove them? my service is not registered and when I go to search for the file and delete it (I search my entire pc) it can't find it! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

Topic by Pumpkin$    |  last reply

Flower identification, please? Answered

This beauty belongs to my friend in S. Cal.   She says it blooms once a year then goes dormant (dies back) until the following year and repeats the cycle. Sorry, this is the only picture I have. Can anyone identify it?

Question by bajablue    |  last reply