CNC plotter help

Hello sir/mam My Name Rana. I am from India. I doing a Mini CNC Plotter project with Arduino Uno, L293D, Servo & 2 DVD motors, 9v external power supply. My Plotter is working good with Arduino programs but it's not working with g-code from gctrl. please help me sir this project is very very important for me. I have a faith on you.

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What to do with 2 Vintage Printer Plotters.?

Hello, I recently received a pair of printer plotters, one is 42in., and the other one is only 18in.  I always wanted to do a CNC machine, but wouldn't know how/where to start. Any Help will be tremendously apreciated. Thank you, Jesse M.

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How to build a 2D pen plotter for 24"x36" paper?

My dad's pretty attached to his 30 year old pen plotter since it will draw on 24"x36" paper(he used to be a draftsman), but he wants a new computer. I need to find out if it would be easier to build one from scratch rather than try to find drivers? I'm thinking on something related to the drawbot? He probably won't let me hack the parts from the old one to make a new one, which might make life easier. Unfortunately, I have programming skills limited to "Hello world". Design constraints: 24" wide paper width (adjustable?) 36" or more length, would be awesome if it was able to use paper rolls (Might need to batch the drawing in sections for this) USB would help Must support multiple passes for colored inks, or else upgrade to 4 pen system Thanks! -GreatPanda

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An Other One

I have made a Plotter using 2 Stepper Motors from CD/DVD Drives.As so many have been done, not sure if the there would be interest on how I made this one.I have made the frame on my 3D printer, and made a circuit so the motors don't get hot enough to fry eggs on.Here is a video of it in action:

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I have an envision 750 plotter with an error 17 code I can not get rid of. Any Suggestions?

I have an envision GERBER Sign 750 plotter with an error 17 code I can not get rid of.  Any Suggestions?

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Anyone ever made a laser plotter cutter?

I would like to discuss a project I'm planning on doing and there are things I'm not sure about. I'll be glad to photodocument this when I start building. My idea for a laser plotter is to buy a cheap vinyl plotter from ebay, maybe even used. I already have one for regular vinyl work and its performs great. The reason for using one is that I'm not that much of an engineer to build one like some of the projects I read here on the forums. My main goal is cut styrofoam logos/lettering. Thus my main question is what laser wattage would you recommend? I'm thinking 500-1000mW, but that's just a guess. Whoever has any experience with cutting styrofoam, could you describe how it went? If I could also burn pictures onto (but not trough) leather or plexiglass etc., that would be a nice bonus. Now, the plotter would have to be disected, removing the bottom from the top to accomodate the thickness of styro desks (I'm thinking up to 5 or 10cm). The main difference would be that instead of the whole top of the plotter moving to cut, it would stay the same as with the vinyl foils, using the bottom rollers to move a platen of some sort, on which the styro desks would be layed (and fixed with something). The vinyl plotters have a "knife-up, knife-down" mechanism (electromagnet?) for traveling to/from cut lines. I would use this for turning the laser on/off. My only concerns are the speed at which the styro can be cut, becuase the plotters move pretty fast even set at lowest speed, though this could probably be further tuned, and keeping the letters in place, so they don't move since the lower roller of the plotters moves quickly. But if the cut was very thin, this may not be a problem. Thanks for your thoughts!

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Tinkerdays 2012 | DIY | prototyping an arduino wall plotter

Tinkerdays 2012 | a 60 hour prototyping event Already the second day of tinkering and we are starting to make progress on our current project, "the hemiphterograaf". We are creating a wall plotter / printer based on the kritzler schematics. Check to keep yourself updated, join the conversation, tell us what you want us to improve and let us know if you think we should write an extensive tutorial. Today will be exiting. - With the use of thermoplastics (beats lego & meccano for certain applications) we will tinker the pen holder. - install the arduino blue tooth shield - update the testcode to synch the steppermotors - complete the stand on which we will secure the steppermotors (which hold the penholder via thread) - install the stepper motor pulleys (and pray they work, if it does, it deserves its own tutorial, more on this later) current state: we'll continue the day at 24/07/2012 | 12:30 GMT

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How to make xy plotter controlled via computer serial port

Is it possible to make a XY plotter which would be controlled by a computer serial port instead of a dedicated processor as everybody someway or the other just do that no matter what version it is

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Make a banner for cheap ?

Hi! I'd like to make banners for a fundraising event. I have a 60cm plotter I'd like to use with a pen to do the strokes, something I've already done in the past, but the problem is not here. After that, I'd like to fill the stroke region, like letters and logos, but I don't want to use 10 marker pens just for one letter, do you know what I could use to make nice, cheap and fast fillings ?

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How can I learn the program for a cd drive stepper based arduino plotter?

How can I learn the program for a cd drive stepper based arduino plotter?Help needed.


Stepper motors, plotters, millers and Arduino??? How does it work!?

So I would love to have a little help here understanding how these arduino drawing, milling, and plotting contraptions work. So I know that the stepper motor is for precision, but when you hook it up to gears and stuff, how does arduino know where the stepper motor is if its like on a track or gear? Say you have a stepper motor connected to a corkscrew gear. Some corkscrew gears may be large and others may be small. How does Arduino know where the motor is on that plane?? How do you import pictures or 3D objects to Arduino to make it draw/plot/mill? Thanks!

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turn a old plotter printer into a laser cutter? Answered

Awhile back my wife and I bought an old plotter @ a yard sale, unfortunately the pens are dry and i'm unable to purchase new. I thought about turning it into a laser cutter. Can anybody help me with this. thaks to all.

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Latte coffee printer

Hi everyone i  just saw this and was wondering if anyone could help me make one  i think its a easy for 3d makers here ,i just need to know the names of the parts and the program to make it work , thanks guys  ,

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Laser engraver from a printer? Answered

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a laser engraver from an old printer? I want to create it from a printer because it would be a cheap and easy project. It also gives me the advantage that I don't need to create driver electronics and programming tools for creating the cutting pattern. It would work just the normal way as a printer works: You create an image, in Paint or something really simple. You press Print, and then the cutter starts printing the pattern. I would need a contact or relay or something that closes right at the moment when the laser needs to go On and Off. (The laser I already have, that's not a problem). Is there any contact inside the printer like that? (perhaps some signal that tells the cartridges when to spray ink and when not to. The cartridges will also have to be removed, without me getting the "please replace your cartridges" message. (how can I do that?) It might be a little weird project, but if you think about it, it should be possible! The cutting process is for engraving plastics, not for really Cutting trough objects. I also know that the printer won't move backwards, only sideways and forwards, but I want to try it. Thanks in advance, Electorials

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Die cutter (plotter) vs laser? Buy used vs DIY? Answered

Hi, I've already asked the same on reddit to no great result, figured folks here might know better. :) I'm looking into cutting machines and have some questions regarding them. But first about the various needs/expectations and why I can't decide in the first place. I want to be able to cut most of the common thin materials, primarily: vinyl, paper, cardstock (up to 300gsm or so), fabric, soft rubber, optionally thin leather and felt. It seems, like it's not completely unrealistic to hope this can be done with a cutter using a knife, given that something like KNK Zing can do it. I'd buy it if it was within my budget. Something like wood veneer (single layer, probably paper backed to hold together) is probably not realistic, but would be amazing extra. I'd actually buy it if it was within my budget. Budget is the second problem I have. I want this piece of machinery to cost me up to 200 euro (~220$). My current research involved searching for used machinery locally online and then looking at what would it cost to get some of those consumer centered machines from Silhouette and such. My budget could get me a used Chinese cutter locally given there is one for sale (EH721, LiYu SC631 and the likes) or a new Silhouette Portrait which I can't really rationalize paying so much for - if I was in US, I'd just get one of those and work from there because of the low price. It would cost me around 200$ to get one here, and that's without their software so I can cut my own vector files. All of this leads me to yet another alternative - making one myself. I saw a guide for printer to cutter conversion on instructables and am not exactly new to microcontrollers either, so it probably wouldn't end up in a suicide out of frustration or something. Then again, if making something like that anyway, maybe it makes more sense to go for a laser on a flatbed instead of knife? Not sure if I can get one powerful enough on the current budget. Thanks for reading this far. I will be even more thankful for any directions and considerations, advice from current users and of course people who have made such machines themselves.

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iPad/Tablets for Disabled with robotic X/y plotter

HI all! I develop tech stuff for people with very significant physical challenges.  The iPad has been a great boon to those disabled persons that can use their fingers/hand to access it.  But this leaves quite a few of the people I work with left out. I wish to create a "plotter", similar to the old CAD/CAM plotters, with the movable X and Y coords that would be adjustable for iPad, and the Androids, Nooks, Kindle, etc.  It could be controlled, by the disabled user, by joystick.  When the destination is reached, they would press a joystick button and a 'pointer' (instead of an ink marker) would tap down on that spot.  I realize that many of these tablets require a capacitive touch and I have found pointers/styli, that seem to get around this somehow, so it's the robotics portion that I don't have experience with. Would anyone be available for contracting to do this? RJ :)

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arduino wiring ( Help me please ) ? Answered

*Note : Thats not my own device , im copying it and this device copyrights still for ardumotive_com < other meaning im not stealing cuz i mentioned that .. Hi instructables !! My name is Yousif , I'm a 16 Y/O arduino lover .. well .. i've been watching this guide about ( CnC plotter device ) , and thanks to ardumotive_com ,, TBH I'm not a perfect arduino programmer , i know a lot of things but it could never be enough about arduino .. So im making the same device . Here I'm trying to make my own changes to the devices .. I almost completed the device , then i stopped making it cuz i have some trouble that stops me .. those are the changes that im gonna make and i need some hlep with'em :- i've changed the motors to 2.3Kg*cm Bipolar stepper motor .. . The motor driver : Ardumotive_com used a L293D motor driver to control both of the motors , the question is : can i use it with this new motors ( look above ) ? , gonna need for an external power source with a new board ? , and how could i connect it to this chip without destroying the chip .. I'm gonna change the pen to a dramel with extender ( avoiding high weight and size ) , so i decided to use this tool .. . I already have a lab power supplay with two wires( i mean red and black wires at the top , with adjustable voltage ( 12,14,16,18,20 ) ( thats all what i have ) .. how can i use it with the L293D chip ? At the end i could never do it without ardumotive_com , and please somenoe help me cuz i have less than a week to do it .. if u wanted anything about my device , u already can visit this link , becuase i almost used the same .. and thanks !! , gonna be waiting !

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Can I change the distance the axis move per motor turn on a homemade CNC machine? Answered

Currently, I really want to make my own CNC plotter. I want to try a different approach so instead of using pulleys or threaded slider to move the axis, I'm planning to use 3D printed rack and pinion to move the platform. I will limit the movement by using drawer slides. However, the thing that bothers me the most is that can I calibrate the movement of the stepper motor to move exactly a distance I want? I mean if the gear's perimeter is 2cm, then 1 turn on the motor will make the axis move 2cm, definitely different than using pulleys. Also, can I convert PCB prints from eagle to Gcode to control the plotter? (my goal is to make a plotter that can make PCB) I'm sorry for the lack of picture. I want to make sure that my project is possible before I start doing it. P.S.: Is this a good idea? Or is it much better to mod my 3D printer into a plotter? I'm planning to buy a Monoprice mini printer fyi. 

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Looking for help on a bipolar motor driver schematics for L6219ds?

I want to build a small pen plotter and have the motors, carriage, and arduino some L6219ds chips but have no idea where to start with the circuit build for the motor drivers. there are lots of info on the L2 chips but not much on the L6. the chips are from ST microelectronics and are L6219ds. I have the data sheets and I am slowly (very slowly) learning from there. Any and all information on a build, any suggestions would be much welcomed!

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Egg Bot is here!

Apparently... Actually, this is pretty cool - it's a plotter that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects, from the size of a ping-pong ball to the size of a grapefruit. More details here.

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Hey Guys, I need some help. Is there a way where we can convert sensor values from Arduino into G-code?

I am trying to manipulate cnc plotter with values from sensors in Arduino.

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Laser cutter

My dad has an old plotter that I plan on converting into a laser cutter, and I was wondering how powerful the laser needs to be in order to cut thin metal (its ok if it can do it in multiple passes). Where could I get a cheap one? Thanks LinuxH4x0r

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What to do with a Draft Master 1 and 2

I received  two older working plotters. one is sheet fed and the other is roll fed. These are called Draft Masters 1 and 2. I am wanting to do something with them but not for sure what. I could use some good ideals. Any ideals. Thanks C.E.Sampel This is a pic of one of them.

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how can I make a 3d printer?

Ive seen exacto's added to a plotter to cut vinyl and even seen how someone mad a kind of 3d printer with a dermil and some servos to make stuff with plastic and wood, but has any one made their own 3d printer using junk and parts they maybe got on the net or at homedepo?

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CandyFab 6000 prints in 3D with sugar

The folks at Evil Mad Scientist have gone back to printing with sugar with their CandyFab 6000. This version of the 3D printer that makes solid objects out of sugar now fits on a desktop. It's also designed so that you can easily get all the parts to build it from scratch without having to search for old HP pen plotters.Hit the link for more info. CandyFab 6000 via Make blog

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Latte Printer

Computer based automation projects really interest me. DIY laser cutters, circuit board routers, plotters and now finally for those baristas that want to take it to the next level there is a Latte Printer. Here's some sweet photo's of this latte maker in action at SIGGRAPH 2008.Along the same lines of Coffee and Technology. Here's someone who used a high powered laser to heat his Nescafe. This teapot is very famous. It's called the Utah Teapot and it is often used as a "hello world" project for imaging programs.-bgvia neatorama

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Print to... a book?

I have access to a printer, which can print on standard paper - but that's not what I want. There are publishing houses (and Instructables!) that can print my text in a bound book - but that's not quite what I want, either (not yet!) What I want is: a printer, that can take an empty, bound book (Moleskine for example)... and print in it. Without damaging the book! Has anyone made,or bought, such a printer? At first I thought it would need to be some form of XY plotter, but a normal print head should do the job. The trick would be setting the page limits, holding the unused portion of the book, and to start the print at the spine.

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How do I collect my A2-sized paper without having them rolled when comes out from the plotter?

 I am in Engineering section and each time I am printing some map in A2 or A1 size, the paper will cut of the big roll automatically, but there is no machine to pick them nor sort them. the paper falls on the floor rolled. So imaging for 200 sheets that i am printing, I have to take like 2 hours just to sort them up. I would really love  you to find a way to have the paper comes and collect by itself or one paper falls on the other one when printed. Thanks 

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How can you transmit audio using a Bluetooth Dongle?

Hey Everyone,I'm just a beginner with Arduino and what I'm trying to do is take an incoming audio signal and then transmitted through a Bluetooth dongle. I am using a USB Host shield that is connected to a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB Bluetooth Network Card. I've currently just been messing about with this SPP sketch from the USB Host shield library 2.0. What I'm wanting to do is to display the incoming audio signal in the plotter window. Pictures of the sketch are down below. If anyone has any ideas on how to program it to do this, it would be much appreciated.

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Inkless printer- Laser or Heat to engrave Paper

Hello,I am currently searching for projects that print on paper using heat, lasers or other inkless technology. The problem I ran into is that a search for burn, laser and thermal in combination with printer and paper allways brings many results that are irrelevant (laser printers, thermal transfer printers and such).What I did find is for example. Though commercial laser solutions seem a bit "too much" and overpriced to plot a bit on paper.Does anyone here have any links to projects that use heat or other methods to print on paper?I guess it could be as simple as a plotter using a weak soldering iron ;-)

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How to avoid CNC crashes

Hey.I am wondering if it is possible to define particular areas on the bed of my CNC machine which I do not want the toolhead to pass over. My setup is an Arduino powered CNC pen plotter running GRBL. I am generating GCode in inkscape. I know I can set a safe height for the tool to pass over work safely but what if that height doesn't suffice. Can I define an area that the tool must not pass through?As a simple example:Before running a file the tool is at the origin. On sending the file the tool will take the most direct path to the first line to cut/draw. Imagine there is an obstacle that would cause a collision if the tool takes this direct path. Can I do something to ensure the tool navigates around that obstacle?I hope that makes some sort of sense :)Any ideas appreciated

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Can I turn my digital SLR into a large format grid scanner?

I am an artist and want to make prints of my large paintings. I have been using a flat bed scanner to scan artwork in multiple chunks and "stich" them together in photoshop thus far with success. However, using over 2 separate chunks, it is hard to get lines and shapes to line up. Also, the larger the image, the more akward it is to try to get the work on the scanner. So i was thinking of some way to use a digital camera to create the same affect. Ideally, the camera would be mounted to a rig floating over the painting and scan it into chunks. I can manually do the "stitching" but it would be sweet if some software would do it for me ;) Anyone know of anything like this? I have a very low tech version in mind, but would love a sort of automated plotter setup.

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Leadscrew stops and starts?

I'm trying to make a cnc plotter similar to this: I have changed some things though: I'm using aluminum rod with washers super glued to the end, another washer, and two nuts instead of flange bearings (brushings) and two nuts, I'm using 3/8 rod, pololu steppers (#1209), and slightly different conduit clamps.  I'm using a wooden dowel with a half-inch hole, and aluminum and nylon spacers tapped and with a setscrew to act as a motor coupler.  The problem I'm having is that as the motors rotate, even continuously in one direction, the gantry stops and starts moving.  It moves 1/16th of an inch per rotation, as it should, but within each rotation it moves quickly, probably 5/6 of the way within the first 180 degrees, then moves just the remainder in the last 180.  The motors do not stall, miss steps, or change speed, but the gantry does.  There is almost no backlash, and little play.  Any ideas whats wrong?

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Is it possible to make a shoe printer out of an old desktop printer?

Hi everyone, I am just a marine engineering student and I always used to visit this page before and I really learned a lot from this page I really love it. It sound wierd but I got 999 "what if's" In my mind and one of them is what if I could make my own device that could paint my sneakers In any design I want? So now I'm planning to make a shoe printer out of my old desktop printer, Is it possible? The motors and some parts might be helpful and those are needed some time and a little bit of coding. And I want it to work like a cnc plotter. But the hardest part for me is the "Inking part" A.) "How does a printer manipulate colors?" . Let's say I want to print an apple with a white background on my shoe , how does a printer selects/mix a color for each coordination they paint? ( base, outline, background and etc. ) I mean, how do they do that? what device does this part for the printer? So that I could add it on the list. B.) "What process should I use? " . Is it heating? Should I use lazer? Or should I use a tiny nozzle? Or a multiple of nozzles? Or is it piezo electric pulses? What piece should it be? that would perfectly Suitable for printing on a sneakers? (Canvas) Additional question : (if ever) what type of ink should I use ? Any answer or suggestions would be so much appreciated

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What should I do with all this?

Hey everybody, I've been MIA in Ible-land for a long time now. In the meantime, some new stuff has been brewing here. Some totally awsome ibles coming, I promise! Recently I aquired at an auction: -a pallet of computers -printers -a 24" color plotter -a photocopier -a microscope on the end of a long arm with a fiberoptic light What should I do with the pallet of PCs, the photocopier, and the microscope? Obviously the photocopier is the big deal here. Copy machines have a loda of stepper motors (most w/ very high torque), lots of electronics, LEDs, high voltage power supplies, a flourescent lamp, belts, pulleys, encoders, shafts, wheels, feeders, speakers, com. chips, MCUs, RAM (good for advanced robots), lots-o-metal/plastic, and some very awsome/complex mechanisms. Pretty mush everything is in a photocopier. So help me out! maybe I'll use your idea to better mankind and destroy the oil industry! Okay maybe not, but it's a nice thought to imagine every car running on fuel cells. Give me some ideas because too many are running through my head. Things like: -Tesla coils -Rendering farms -laser scanners -CNC machines -static lifters -lamps (yeah, not the best idea) -railguns -large, 4x4 robots -trebuchets -sorting machines -combat robots -lasers -net-enabled robots -high-speed home PCs -extra misc. Also, the toner feeder leaks, that is why the copy machine doesn't work. There is a full toner cartridge though, what do I do with that? Well, give me some Ideas and I greatly appreciate it!

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CNC Stepper Motor and Controller Board Inquiry: What is the torque, motor size, threshold for dremel tool to engrave ?

CNC Stepper Motor and Controller Board Inquiry:Even with the extensive research and links I have visited it seems I got the cart before the horse with a bit of ebay bidding fever in purchasing my stepper motor.I just purchased 4 pieces new SHINANO KENSHI Co. ball bearing stepper motors Part # STP-42D201-36, 1.8 DEG, 200 Step/Rev, 3.7V, 3.1A/Phase, Size 17 with a 5mm shaft. I will be making a computerized dremel tool ENGRAVER (not cutter) to start. I do understand that a CNC, for cutting out shapes, requires more torque than the STP-42D201-36 will put out. I however wish to engrave, only partially cut into the surface of wood to render my artwork, some which can be seen at These will initially consist of line work but then later I will render halftone work.I do own and work with Gerber Advantage 6.0 Premier and Omega software with Gerber HS/15 PLUS plotter creating vinyl graphics and logos that you might see on store windows, car, truck and van lettering. So I do have a working knowledge of the basic skills needed.I need help on what sort of setup I should be leaning towards that would work with my CURRENT purchase. What is the torque rating, motor size, specs threshold for dremel tool to engrave properly?Some have been very helpful via email and for that I thank you and others have just lived up to thier names of being cranky, claiming they invented everthing under the sun, with short two word sarcastic answers when I actually wished to purchase their plans.. go figure.Thank you in advance for your timecnc, stepper motor, stepper motor control board, computerized router, engraving, CNC Router Plans, cnc engraver plans, CNC Milling Machine, homemade DIY cnc mill router machine,x axis y axis z axis, GCode, Computer Numeric Control, robotic systems ,computer parallel port, step and direction, DXF, plot, plt

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Arduino multiple if statements

Hi, Thank you in advance for any feedback for my question. I made a XY plotter machine that I want to control with a joystick. The joystick has 4 momentary pushbuttons. One for up, down, left, right. I want the up and down to control one motor (or x axis), forward and backwards, and the left and right to control the second motor (y axis), forwards and backwards. I am using an Arduino UNO with Motor shield. I have all of the wiring part sorted out, but I am having trouble with my code. The problem is when I push forwards, the motor keeps going forward even when I stop pushing the button. I would like it to stop when I stop pushing the button. I am not too familiar with programming. Here is the code I am using: //Channel A or X Axis int upPinX = 2; int downPinX = 4; int forwardX = 0; int reverseX = 0; //Channel B or Y Axis int upPinY = 5; int downPinY = 6; int forwardY = 0; int reverseY = 0; void setup() {     //Setup Channel A or X Axis pinMode(12, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel A pin pinMode(9, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel A pin pinMode(upPinX, INPUT); //Motor A forward pushbutton pinMode(downPinX, INPUT); //Motor A backward pushbutton //Setup Channel B or Y Axis pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel A pin pinMode(8, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel A pin pinMode(upPinY, INPUT); //Motor A forward pushbutton pinMode(downPinY, INPUT); //Motor A backward pushbutton } void loop(){ forwardX = digitalRead(upPinX); reverseX = digitalRead(downPinX); forwardY = digitalRead(upPinY); reverseY = digitalRead(downPinY); if (forwardX == LOW) { digitalWrite(12, HIGH); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(9, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(3, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } if (reverseX == LOW) {   digitalWrite(12, LOW); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(9, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(3, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } if (forwardY == LOW) { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(8, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(11, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } if (reverseY == LOW) {   digitalWrite(13, LOW); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(8, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(11, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } else {   digitalWrite(9, HIGH); //Eengage the Brake for Channel A digitalWrite(8, HIGH); //Engage the break for Channel B } } - Also perhaps someone could let me know how I can insert code in one of those code boxes? Thanks,

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Why not to buy your laser cutter online - a customer review

No real category for this and never done a review, so must be right anyway ;) Have no longer free access to a laser cutter so I decided to bite the bullet and go on a budget - what a mistake... I will not bother you with seller details or something like that as I doubt it would make difference. So let's start with the first day of having the new machine... First big hit in the guts was to see how it was delivered: If you order something make sure not to use Toll Ipec for the delivery LOL Nothing in the van was secured, all prcels just flying around everywhere. But worst bit at this stage was to notice only one half of the delivery is there, the missing rest was picked up but never made it out of the first depot. As nothing was secured and there were already obvious signs of damage to the packing I wanted to refuse the delivery so it goes back to the seller to check. Was told if I refuse it all that happens is that it goes back to the depot for me to pick up as another delivery would cost money. Anyway, took the stuff in to at least check how much survived the transport. Also contacted the seller in regards to transport damage and the missing items. The odd thing was that the entire box was wrapped in sticky tape but the consignment not placed on the bottom, so I opened it up upside down :( The seller replied he did not use the brown tape just clear packing tape.... Further checks of the box showed there was another (original) consignment on the right side of the box, now hidden under brown tape... Seems Toll Ipec decided on repacking as well... So much for the transport side of things for now, now to the insides.... Inside the box I noticed the plastic wrap around the machine was alread cut open around the top lid - of course with damage to the paint work by using a sharp knife. As expected an exhaust fan and water pump was include, also a hose for the fan. But there is nothing to fit the perfect square of the fan onto the rectangle outlet on the machine! And although ordered in Australia from an Australian seller, the seller did not bother to make sure the stuff can be used as I only have US plugs on everything. The thing that really §$#*% me about this is the fact that the original plugs have been cut off and replaced with Hong Kong ones! According to AU consumer laws and electrical safety regulations it is illegal to sell new devices with such plugs - only genuine cable are allowed nothing that has been cut and screwed on. So no testing possible at this stage here.... The manual, if you can call it that, is completely in chinese, not a single word in english found anywhere. So what do you do? You revert to the supplied CD only to find out everything on there is chinese as well... Don't get me wrong, I am quite confident to get it going and calibrated without but after installing the included software I gave up as it is chinese only as well. Means nothing of use here too... Waiting for the seller to reply but conviently I got an automated response back stating the seller is on holidays till the end of February... So much for ordering local while on a budget.... Of course I could have got the same machine from another shop for 250$ more but who would have though I need to move to china and learn chinese to use this toy? Will keep this updated over the next few days to keep you posted. If all goes well one day and I get the right plugs, manual and software I might actually make a short ible on the setup and calibration for future reference. Ok, seems all the replies I made earlier got lost in the system so I have to start over.... Update: After inspecting everything closer to kill the time until the missing items arrive I found more issues than I like. One of the mirrors is scratched right in the center, the other has a very dull looking surface. The x-axis is at an angle and can't be aligned over the stepper motor as the ends of the carrier are not machined straight. Means you never get proper cuts or engravings. I found metal shavings in basically every area of the machine, including the clear cover for the laser tube - not what I call electrically safe. The exhaust mount is bend and the entire thing won't really fit in the frame of the machine. The lid does open and close, even stays open but get's stuck in the frame when lowering it. I assume by the dints that this due to the transport. Almost all parts seem to be mounted by force, if it is no good fit we just bend it and force it in must have been the advise used to make it. Image uploads here still won't work in any userfriendly way, so forgive me for the bad layout. As for the actual issues with the seller and shipping company so far: Toll Ipec claims that all loads are secured during transport at all times despite my evidence but said they will check on the driver to make sure. Sadly I was also told that I am unable to make a claim for the transport damages, only the account holder, the seller can do it. Here starts the real dilemma. Although the seller is based in AU I now found through the Ebay support that he actually operates directly from China and only has someone at a local warehouse dealing with the stuff for AU. The seller has no replacement machine and no spares at all. The seller does not acknowledge the claim for the damages and states the machine was in perfect order when he sent it. Did I mention it does not help that the seller obviously uses a translator for his english replies?... Next problem is that he, so far, refuses to make a claim with Toll Ipec for the damages - he really does not understand that I can not do a thing in this case and that only he can. Ebay is keeping it quite as well, stating I should first try to sort the matter with the seller and if that is of no good I can start a claim next week. Plans so far on how to proceed: The shipping back to the seller is over 50$ (thank god it is not china!) and I would have to use additional packing to make sure it goes back in one piece with no further damages. So I thought, assuming the rest of the machine is fine, to fix it and to recover the cost through Toll Ipec - after all they are the ones that did the real damages during transport. For the mirrors I will substitude the disc from and old harddrive although not looking forware to cut it into a small round thing. The a-axis will be shimmed so I can at least do some initial test of everything, after that I will have to find a way to correct this issues more permantly. An Arduino and Ramps board is already waiting to make it into the machine to try some open source stuff instead of the dreaded Moshi software. Also trying to get my hands onto an old plotter to substitute the electronics and maybe parts of the hardware. This would allow much easier work as everything can be done through HPGL and and normal graphics program. Simply design it, set the laser power and hit the print button in the software. But turns out these old plotters are become rare collectors items now :( For the final stage I plan to have it all electrically save with a proper controller board and Wifi support. Not sure how long it will take but I will get there LOL Will reply with an update once I go some news.

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