how do you repair an Ez-47 electro lift plow unit? Answered

Plow reise's sometimes and will not swile right nor left, other time just the opposite

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i want to bulid a low cost potable mounted snow plow truck deicer .

I want to build a low cost snow plow deicer for my truck i have a slat spreader but when carrying salt in a 8 ' bed there not much room i want to have one i can spray the walk ways and steps where i cannot get with salt or to speed up the salt

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How Do i modify a snow plow to fit my lawn mower?

I have like a 1990 Task Force Riding Lawn Mower and like a 1993 Craftsman snow plow. its one that you have to take the mower deck off and the plow has these hooks that hook onto the raise and lower arms for the mower deck. Should'nt it fit?

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find old electric wheelchair?

I would like to find a electric wheelchair/electric wheelchair motors to make a RC snow plow for one of my disabled friends. any ideas of where i could get one dirt cheap \ free round the northern MD area. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm sorry, but is it not pointless to put up concrete speed barriers on the highway/freeway?

I've seen that most vehicles (besides motorcycles, who usually send the rider over them) can generally go through the barriers at highway/freeway speeds.  In the US, particularly Arizona, even more particularly Phoenix, the cars will plow through, I've noticed, the speed barriers.  Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

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how to convery a self propelled lawn mower into a snow pusher, with blade? how wide balde, how to lift blade

You have a lawn mower for summer. You remove the grass blade, you create a snow plow blade and a frame to attach it temporarily to the lawn mower, then use the lawn mower as the source of power to blad snow off driveway, walks, side walks etc. Concern would be at what point would  belts begin to slip, or get jammed up. Don't know id anyone has tried it.

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Lawn Mower Blinker System

This past summer i recieved an older riding lawn tractor, without the mower deck. I tuned up the engine, replaced old worn parts, painted it up, mounted a trailer hitch, and built a snow plow for it. After realizing that i could have even more fun with it, i changed out the drive system and made it go about 25mph top speed. With the power that i aquired, i want to put a blinker/ hazard signal system for it. Just for fun. Using 6 12v bulbs (4 for signaling front/rear left/right, and 2 optional rear running lights), and a 12v tractor battery, i need to incorporate these to blink at either a fixed rate or variable rate, using some kind of apropriate op amp. If you have any ideas, or can whip up a schematic, i would greatly appreciate it.

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Swiss engineers build Bond-like underwater car

It is called the sQuba, and it is a car that runs on land, as well as in the water. Inspired by the Lotus Espirit, in the James Bond Movie, "The Spy Who Loved Me", the Swiss engineering company, Rinspeed Inc, was the mastermind behind it.If you are heading to the Geneva car show, it is expected to make a visit there.Read the full article at Company CEO Frank Rinderknecht, a self-professed Bond fan, said he has been waiting 30 years to recreate the car he saw Roger Moore use to drive off of a dock.The sQuba can plow through the water at a depth of 30 feet and has electrical motors to turn the underwater screw.You'll have to break out the wetsuit, however.The car has an open top, meaning that the two passengers are exposed to the elements."For safety reasons, we have built the vehicle as an open car so that the occupants can get out quickly in an emergency," said Rinderknecht, 52.Passengers will be able to keep breathing underwater through an integrated tank of compressed air similar to what is used in scuba diving.The sQuba's top speed on land is about 77 mph, but it slows down to 3 mph on the surface of the water, and 1.8 mph underwater.

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How can i make a circuit to flash alternating LED bulbs?

Here's what im looking to do: i want to set up my plow truck with tow-truck lights, like i've seen on "Operation Repo". Each of the 4 marker lights would have about 10 LED's housed inside the lens, and they would alternate flashes. opposite corners would flash at the same time, and the 2 pairs would alternate in a AA-BB-AA-BB-AA-BB-AA-BB fashion. its a vehicle, so i would obviously want it to run off of 12vDC. the circuit needs to be controlled with a simple "On-Off" toggle switch. the circuit also needs to be simple, and fairly inexpensive. i can BUILD any circuit you want, but i really have no idea what im doing when it comes to designing. Long story short, here's what i need: -12vDC feed -toggle switch -40 LEDs, split into 2 alternating groups -simple -budget build i KNOW someone out there can do this crap in their sleep, and help would be greatly appreciated. ive looked all over, and cant seem to find a schematic or anything close enough to be adapted. just to be clear... im looking for a strobe effect, moreso than a slow blink. the truck has blinkers... im looking for attention-getting strobes

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Study: Ethanol Worse for Climate Than Gasoline

Ethanol is under fire again: At first blush, biofuels such as corn ethanol and soybean diesel seem like they would be great from the standpoint of global warming. The crops soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, and that balances out the carbon dioxide they produce when they're burned. But until now, nobody has fully analyzed all the ripple effects of this industry. And Tim Searchinger, a visiting scholar at Princeton University, says those effects turn out to be huge. "The simplest explanation is that when we divert our corn or soybeans to fuel, if people around the world are going to continue to eat the same amount that they're already eating, you have to replace that food somewhere else," Searchinger says.Searchinger and his colleagues looked globally to figure out where the new cropland is coming from, as American farmers produce fuel crops where they used to grow food. The answer is that biofuel production here is driving agriculture to expand in other parts of the world."That's done in a significant part by burning down forests, plowing up grasslands. That releases a great deal of carbon dioxide," Searchinger says.In fact, Searchinger's group's study, published online by Science magazine, shows those actions end up releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide. The study finds that over a 30-year span, biofuels end up contributing twice as much carbon dioxide to the air as that amount of gasoline would, when you add in the global effects. The rest of the article (and radio broadcast) is here

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