Help plz:)

Hiiiii! I'm Izzy, and next year ill be living on my own income for the first time. Now I'm a crafty person(duh) and on top of working part-time, I also want to start selling my art. However, I have no idea how to do this. So far I can knit, crochet, draw, paint, sew, and cook. I want to get into doll and squishy customs as well but I also have no idea what I'm doing in that aspect. Any helpful tips or ideas are much appreciated. SALUT!! :)

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Any Help?

Hello. i was wondering witch one of you knexers live near philidelphia cuz i really want to build my own knex gun but i need help with the trigger and the overall design of the gun so plz reply if you can help!! :)

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plz help me?

I am working in this project but I have a problem to i want to transfer electricity at 1-2 meters.for that what frequency we have to give in input.?

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Spreadshirt Help Plz?

Well, I made my own shop on Spreadshirt, but now how do I get paid.US residents and US citizens would also have to supply their tax ID, Social Security number or Tax Identification numberSo, where do I get the things needed? I mean, its a source of income, and I would pay tax on it...Any help?BTW don't give me that: "Have you checked the FAQ's?" business, I did, and I found nothing..

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need help plz..

Hi i got my cellphone blocker i am in canada. i want to block rogers/fido network but when i got this it wasn't blocking in the longer range . by longer range i mean not even few feets away. When i take the blocker right close to my phone it works but if i even move two or three feet away from it . it won't work and the bars come right back on the phone. So i read here the instruction for tweeking the setting . i open it up but i have no idea what will be the settings for rogers/fido because the settings posted on this site is for att and other usa networks. please help i need ur help . i bought this with high expecation looking forward for your help . the site looks great with so much to read and learn thanks.

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Mousebot Help...Plz

I have been working on the mousebot on and off for a few weeks now. Yes...weeks. Completely new to everything about it. I have everything together and after the same problem last build I am stuck. 1 motor is getting 3.3 volts. 1 motor is getting 7.78 volts. Resulting in a spinning bot. I removed the eyes (desoldered the sensor from eye stems) so ,if I am thinking correctly here, both motors should get the same voltage. Wires are bare, not touching. Again...this is the second build with same exact result, so I am doubting I soldered the same exact connection badly. I also replaced the relay and LM386 with new ones for second build. Any ideas??

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Should I go when she asked me out?

I told my friend that I like her more than a friend, but she does not like me like the way I do to her... I no that she still likes me as a normal friend, but I just want more than that...I've tried so many ways to impress her, even though I was publishing her photo on my facebook...and she was angry at me...and of course I had to delete that photo. She said that she does not want a boyfriend right nw...and maybe she will think about me if she does want one in the future... I also thought that was because I'm Asian and she's we can never be together...but she said no... And I feel really sad coz she wants me 2 stop everyfin and also wanna break our friendship (I'm not sure that she wants to or not) Suddenly, another friend wants to take me out for coffee coz she thinks that I seem so should I go or not?

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i need this plz help ?

Ok, i want to pull a prank on somone, could someone make me a batch file that wil randomly change the password to random stuff that they wont guess and to unlock it you have to put a usb thumb drive in with a auto run program and it will run on the login screen taking the password away thanks in advance leo

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soft modding help plz!?

When i turn on my xbox after soft mod it loads up as usual then the screen goes black ..or blank  ...this happens even when i try to run a game or dvd ...please help please

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Truck Conversion Help Plz

A friend of mine, is considering converting his 1997 Ford Ranger to electric, but is a virgin to converting vehicles, but is a knowledgeable farm kid. The truck is a 2.3/4 cylinder, 5 speed, shortbed with a regular cab. Any ideas/help? Relevant links are welcome.

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UPS battery ~ Help plz?

Help Needed!The 12v 7ah battery of my 500va UPS is very weak now & I have once 12v 40ah tubular battery and a solar charger for the same! So i am thinking of connecting this one to my UPS. My question is, Is there any problem in connecting this battery to my UPS ?

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whats the most accurate low piece count sniper ? Answered

Guys im new here but i would just like to know what the most accurate low piece count sniper thanks knex cannon every one who answers in a helpful manner wins them self a free subscribion

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Help Me!!!

Hi. I was hoping somebody here could tell me how to make a very, very, VERY Powerful TAZER. I live around a ton of crazy people!!! If you know how, PLZ Tell me.

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Arduino help

I want to run 2 stepper motors with arduino uno.motor wants 12 volt supply. i tried to run with arduino stepper motor driver wont run. then with ULN2003 it was running now it is not running with it in proper steps. i tried L298 also but same problem is plz help me as soon as possible

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Need help?

Ok i made a unblocker program from the site but im just wondering wether anybody could make me a script i can put b4 it so that they have to put in a acess code and if they get it wrong the program locks itself (if the lock bit is possible then plz do it if not it doesnt matter) Thanks in advance leo

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Novell Help!!

My school runs novell for thier login software and i want to know how i can access a computer using another with novell active (like pulling a prank on one of my friends while they are doing soomething on the computer) (i tried all of the hacks, but novell blocks all attempts, the only one that works is the safemode hack but thats unrelated) Plz Help!!

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Images disappearing on instructibles PLZ HELP! Answered

Hey i must of hit something weird on my browser, now it will not display images on instructables. It will display thumbnail images, but when i go to a project it says "Image not found" i am on Firefox. Thanks!

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Plz Help remove stripped screw!

Here is the complete description: Trying to take apart Gamecube Got to heatsink Stripped 4 screws Stripped to point of being square Recessed so no parts are sticking out No access from below Located in VERY small spaces Unable to drill through screw heads No square drill bits of that size WHAT CAN I DO? I need help ASAP!

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knex gun help

Can anyone help a new knex "gunsmith" out wit easy beginner guns plz

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robot help

Hello guys i was trying to make a beetle bot following the instructions from this site everything went fine but i had 2 broblems that arent totaly solved yet... the wheels to the motor i have no idea how to make em if i buy em they come all different size and the tip of the motor that spins is like verry little grip i hope u understand... and other thing is everything was fine but at the end when my bot suppose to run it didnt it was getting on and off every now and then when i put em on the floor it wont go i was thinking it was heavy but even if it was heavy i am wondering y it was getting on and off every now and then.... can you plz answer both i need to make it its cool

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help using audacity!

I need help to strip the words of a song so i just have a beat. can anybody help me out plz. 

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little help here!!!

Ok this happened when i was playing metroid zero mission using VBA i used doublehelix but the 1st time i used it it didnt glitch but now it is permanent plz help if you can


the box wont pop up?

Plz help me

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QRD1114 REPLACE MENT ,need help plz?

I am trying to make line following sensor ,from mr ignoblegnome instructable but i am not getting qrd1114, so i brougt two white line following sensor ,and one infrared sensor but i am not getting how to connect them and how to get output so i need how should i connect it ?

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Need Help with a simple arduino code plz?

HELLO instructables , i need help with writing an extra simple code over my arduino code that simply works with the arduino code i wrote , the description of what i want is very simple ,  I've got an ultra sensor i want if it reads a distance of less than or 10 cm it makes a red LED goes on. I've this arduino code written so can u plz tell me what should code shall i write to work with it  ?  #include #define trigPin 7 #define echoPin 6 Servo servo; int sound = 250; void setup() { Serial.begin (9600); pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(echoPin, INPUT); servo.attach(8); } void loop() { long duration, distance; digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); delayMicroseconds(2); digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH); delayMicroseconds(10); digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); duration = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH); distance = (duration/2) / 29.1; if (distance < 10) { Serial.println("the distance is less than 10"); servo.write(90); delay(100); } else { servo.write(39); } if (distance > 10 || distance <= 0){ Serial.println("The distance is more than 10"); } else { Serial.print(distance); Serial.println(" cm"); } delay(2000); }

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How do I get new sheets of TIN to be aged and rusty?

I don't want to paint it though. It is for the underneath side of a porch roof. I don't want to spend major $$ on reclaimed tin if I can make it look that way myself.... HELP!

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Um, hello and the topic is my psp is very dead......well i disassembled my psp to fix the screwed up button ribbon (you know, the X,O triangle square buttons.....) and i taked of the screen to remove the ribbon...its twisted and under so it was hard! well lets skip it......i was  removing the screen when that little brown thing that attaches the connection was broken....its tottaly screwed to the ground....dead...plz help me....

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Heating Help!

So my new  major has me in a machine shop that is at my disposal. I have made a few shift knobs but with living in the Northeast it can get cold in the winter months.   I want to heat the knobs, which means finding something that is... - Small enough to fit inside a roughly 1" dia cylinder, depth minimal. - Quickly heat the knob - But not over heat it - Run on a 12v standard supply - Minimal cost I have considered trying to find a "Heating Element" but am unable to find such in a size I need and within a price I want. Maybe a soldering Iron element? I tried "Peltier" but they all are over-sized and debate the conflicting effects of hot and cold. However if figured out I could flip it for summer. I debated running a resistor/other electronic component with just enough power to cause it to heat up, but am worried about it breaking. I wanted to do a high power light bulb, but don't see that working as well as I plan. So I am kinda at a loss...if you have a specific item you can link me to let me see it, or just let me know of an item I can use.

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123D Design help, making a maze Quickly Answered

Hey everyone, I'm new to using 123D Design and need some help to move my project along a bit quicker, and with a lower blood pressure. I need to make a maze that is basically made of Lego bricks; looks similar to a crossword.  I'm using a 20x20 grid of 5mm ^3 blocks. it will be backed by a 100mm^2 by 5mm thick back plate.  Right now I am creating a grid with 5mm blocks and deleting them as needed. I can live with the lag, the problem is even when i merge these there still appears to be a gap between them. so A:  Any Ideas on how I could make a 2D Vector and stretch it out to the thickness I need?  and B: If I have to do it like I described any hints on how to merge the blocks without the gap? Any help would be Appreciated !

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knex help please answer Answered

I can't find the knex trampoline tower anywhere. plz tell me where u can find it.

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need help fixing an image

Need help fixing/ finishing this plz help, would really like 2 fix / finish it

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how to install the themes on motorola v3i. plz help me?

I have motorola v3i mobile. how can i install the themes on mobile. plz.. help me..

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How do I start up my own contest? plz reply thx nicktheskier

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Help : LM386N Amplifier

Hey guys. I'm new to these forms so please bear with me. I am very new to Instructables and this is my first project. I am currently working on THIS INSTRUCTABLE: All I did is connected all the components as shown in the link. What I decided was to use an aux cable to connect my phone to input jack and connect my computer speakers to output jack. After connecting the 9v battery and connecting phone and speakers, all that happened was that led lighted up slightly and no sound from speakers. The moment I turned the volume of phone to maximum , LED started blinking still no sound. Plz help......:(  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :) Sorry for bad English...:(

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How to Get Out of Halo1 Maps Easily and Quickly?

  I play on Halo and I want to find out how to get out of Halo Maps easily and Very fast. I'm on a PC. PLEASE HELP

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need help with knex roller coaster

Can a knex coaster expert make an 'ible on making custom coasters plz the guillotine

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need help with converting an rc signal to rs 485 nwbe help plz?

I have a project involving converting a rc signal to a signal the max1318 can understand. I know that i would need to use a pic micro controller but idk how to use one or which one to use. Could I please be directed in what purchase to make?

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Hi i need ur help?

I have walky taly set in little rang i want to up rang level. so plz 

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electric scooter please help

Ok i just got a junk scooter and i have it running on a pair of car batteries and i wanna know how i can completely pimp it out and make it go at least 30-40 m/h (48-64 k/h) ya so if you can help me plz do so

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Girl trouble: Need help finding a good time and place to ask a girl out.

So there's this girl in my class that I really like but she never seems to be alone she always seems to be with her friends and I can't find a good time to ask her out.

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OK....i have checked out how to embed a vid in instructbles... and dont get it...can someone help me and teach me? plz?

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