Welt Pocket

Would anyone be served by a welt pocket instructable? I've made these a bunch, and understand how complicated they can be to understand. But I'm not sure if there's an audience for it. Thoughts? Thanks!

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OK so i am buying a used pocket bike but i am not to shure what to look for on the bike and what to make shure it has and make shure nothing is wrong!

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Pocket BASIC??????

Help! I am way into BASIC. Lately, I have been wanting to make a little DIY pocket computer with a basic gray scale screen and nav buttons that can run simple  BASIC programs uploaded from my computer. I looked around Google to find somewhere to start, and found out that no one has ever attempted building such a thing before. One site suggested that I should look at mobile motherboards by TI and Atmel. However, when I arrived at the websites, I found a bunch of complex, expensive boards that have unnecessary fetures such as WiFi and touch. I need some help on what hardware configuration to use (aka mobile motherboard, chip set). Help!

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Pocket Pipe

I was wondering if there was anyone out there that had one of these and could think of an improvised one and make in instructable, because 60$ is alot. I would also like it to be pocket sized, and able to hold ur " anonymous herb" in without leaking.

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A bed with pockets

So I was thinking about making a shred bed or some other shred furniture. The office has a ton (probably literally) of finely shredded paper that would make excellent stuffing. I was thinking, hey, I've got some old pants I could slice up and make a patchwork shred thing out of. Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have a bed with pockets in the sides? You could stick your cell phone in there and charge it and it would be close enough to be loud enough to wake you up but not so easily accessible as to defeat the purpose of an alarm. It would look darn silly made out of pants, though.

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How to make a pocket for dress shirt? Answered

I would like to add pockets to some ready made shirts I bought for my husband. (I had forgotten he only likes shirts with pockets....they were so nice that it flew out of my mind.) I don't really have enough material to cut a patch from the bottom of shirts. But I thought maybe I could add some sort of hidden pocket by making something like a bound buttonhole with a hidden pocket of a similar color in cotton. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks, Bratmamma

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stuff that's usually in your pockets

What do you carry in your pockets all the time? for me its my wallet, permanent marker, thumb drives, ipod, phone, rubber bands, keys, scissors, paperclips, the metal things in the middle of floppy disks, mini torch and (sometimes) a deck of cards.

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Why can't I download a PDF?

I am a Pro member. The other day I tried to download (https://www.instructables.com/id/Breakfast-Pockets/) this recipe and got an error message, saying to come back. Today, I am consistently redirected to the login box (which I have filled in) but can't ever actually download the PDF. Your help is appreciated.

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Would someone make an Instructable for a manly workshop apron?

I would like to know if any of our sewing experts can design a masculine apron for workshop use that could fit a large man with a 48 inch waist (121.92 cm).  It should be made with a strong fabric and a few pockets to store small parts. Your help is greatly appreciated since I have no experience sewing (although I have a sewing machine ready for use).

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knex pocket pistol

This is my knew knex pocket pistol, it can fit in a pocket (obviously) and is very powerful here is the link for the instructable  https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Pocket-Pistol-1/

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pocket knife sharpener

I have just published my  Homemade pocket knife sharpener .Please let me know what you think .                                         Thanks   Jimmy                                      https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-pocket-knife-sharpener-2/

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3M Pocket Projector

3M ProjectorLooking forward to this mini projector.

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Pocket Jet Engine

Where can I find The metal pen barrel and parts, for the pocket jet engine?

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pocket survival kit?

I got outside in the woods alot anyone have a very small pocket survival kit?

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pocket pc keypad?

Helloooo peeps, i have an iPAQ pocket pc running ms pocket pc ver 3.0 I have seen fool keyboard pads that can be bought commercially, but i wonder if there are just the numeric keypads like those usb external 15 keypads for laptops??? i hate the numeric touch screen that the iPAQ os provides.  any help anyone??

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pocket watch swap?

I bought a pocket watch with a cool case for a good price but its electronic mechanism is kind of flaky and i have been jealous of my friends mechanical watch.  so i am wondering on how hard it is to do a swap on the interior.  http://www.justmanga.com/jmcover/FMAWATCH01.jpg

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Pocket Siren updated!

I've just updated my popular Pocket Siren instructable with improved cutting files. The changes I have made are: Turbine blades widened at the base - massive amounts of use revealed a weakness in the base of the first version. Turbines engraved in the laser - rather than sanding them down, I placed a circle of engraving over the blades (watch your laser settings, make sure it's set to engrave). The axle is now also acrylic, not wooden, but you don't have to buy any acrylic rod! Lanyard/key-chain loop added to the central layer.

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Pocket sized contest open to?

Can i enter the contest if i live in ireland?... i need to win that camera

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heavier duty pocket amplifier

I was in need of a pocket sized powered amplifier, so I made this:https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Powered-Pocket-Amplifier/However, I need to run larger speakers off of it, 6.5" woofers, and I need to get decent sound out of it. When I ran more power through my pocket amp (6v. battery pack rather than 3v.) I fried the circuit and had to make a new one. Any suggestions for a pocket sized, powered amplifier that can power said speakers? the amp and battery pack must be concealable in a suit.

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Patio table pocket holes

I have made the Patio table and I was debating whether or not to plug the pocket holes. I am concerned that I might have to tighten the screws over time so should not plug them but  if I do that I am worried about insects (spiders) nesting in the holes - any thoughts ?

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The best cheap pocket knife? Answered

Ok, I need you guys help. I want a folding pocket knife that is in the price range of $0-35 bucks. I want it to be tough for every day use and possibly heavy abuse. I also need it for scouts. Can you guys help, Thanks.

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Pocket Watch Cell Phone

To be honest, i think it sounds like a good idea. the device would probably have to be about the diameter of an orange, but i bet having a pocketwatch that doubles as a cell phone would be a hit with steampunk lovers! anyone agree with this?

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Pocket Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has released a pocket sized refillable hydrogen fuel cell! It's designed to charge small devices on the go.  http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/store/minipak.htm $99? I think I have a birthday coming up... 

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Pocket-Sized Winners Announced

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners from Pocket-Sized Speed Contest!This has been a doozy of a speed contest with over 150 entries, many of them amazing. You blew us away with all of the cool things you can make that you can also fit in your pocket. A great job all around. There were a couple of interesting twists and turns here. For one, user PocketSized ran away with the votes. Apparently the name is a fitting one.The other thing that you might find a little odd is that the Instructable with the third highest pageviews is the winner. The #1 entry was disqualified since Brita filters aren't so pocket-sized. I tried it out and it wasn't comfortable and my pants got all soggy. It wasn't pretty. Don't worry, we'll still send IAMSatisfied something cool since it was quite good.The #2 pageviews would've been the winner except that it was also chosen as the random winner. This bumps the sweet engagement ring Instructable to the top spot.Thanks to everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun and this is one that we'll be doing again in the future. Now, on with the winners! Top Votes and PageviewsThe authors of these three Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Utili-Key Top Votes Pageviews Pocket Graffiti Pen by PocketSized Steampunk Finger Stylus by robbtoberfest Making a custom Platinum Diamond engagement ring by chrisparry Runners-Up The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt. Pocket sized collapsible eating utensils Pocket Plant Super Awesome Altoids MINI Flashlight Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name pulled out of Tetranitrate's pocket, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Utili-Key.and the random winner is...this entry from someone who also rocked the pageviews.

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pocket sized sound maker? Answered

you know one of those key chain kind of things that play sounds when you press a button? is it possible to make one of those or hack one to make my sounds?

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What's In Your Fireman's Pocket?

Here's a wonderful and growing collection of stuff that Firefighters carry in their pockets and elsewhere around their person. A lot of them are nifty homemade hacks and improvements. I love the eye-bolt vice grip conversion and all the ways of keeping doors open.It's also a good insight to what's important to the people who fight fires and rescue people for a living. For some reason I never knew that they carried so many tools for breaking and entering...(Spotted over at Make:Online).

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Pen and paper RPG??????

I saw something a while ago.  I thought it was rather peculiar, and looked fun at the same time.  I looked it up, but I couldn't figure out what exactly you needed.  I mean, it said a whole bunch of stuff about game masters, game books, finding stuff in pockets, bashing down doors, and the like.       What do I need, and, more importantly, how exactly would one start one?      The books are also what I am wondering about.

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Does anybody know how to make a duct tape bookbag?

I'm asking (obviously) if anybody has ever tried and, suceeded to make a duct tape book bag. Thier are some requirements for the one that i prefer. I just really want to know how to make one. Theis are the requirments that i would prefer it to hav. -colors (at least two but if it only has one that is fine) (o and if you can teach me as cool design as well please) -zipper and or buttons -pockets on each side for water bottle or anything else -at least two big pockets for main things such as school supplies, laptop, etc. -two straps.... if possible adjustable ones..... if not that is fine -anything else that somone has included with it and thank you for anybody who can get me the instuctions to my e-mail or post it up on instructables thank you for your time. my email is meganoki@yahoo.com

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New Speed Contest: Pocket-Sized

The new speed contest has launched!It's called Pocket-Sized. Anything that can fit inside a regular pocket is eligible. So think portable and small. Flat would help as well. Pocket-Sized Speed Contest

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Gorgeous retrofitted LED pocket watch

Take a look at this pocket watch , modified by the author from an old non-working pocket watch he inherited from his grandfather who was a master watchmaker.  Clearly the grandson inherited the skills!  This is absolutely beautiful.  Make sure to watch the video of it in operation.

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pocket wifi antenna to fme plug?

Can i get the vodafone pocket wifi antenna extended by using 2 wires soldered to two points and connect to fme but which wire do i use for the ground (sheilding) or am i wrong.

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What to do with pocket calculator insides?

What should I do with my calculator insides? The calculator wwas shaped like a ruler and it has an LCD screen, a circuitborad, a battery, some wires and a solar cell, but I have no idea what to do with it.

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Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges

Hi, I would like to submit an instructable to the Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges. It is a spark/electric arc generator, which has many uses such as using it as a spark gap radio transmitter, igniting flammable gasses or liquids (camping stoves), or using the high voltage to charge capacitors. The circuit is based on that of a DIY stun gun, so the project could be used as a stun gun. In the rules it says the project can't be 'potentially dangerous'. So would this project be disqualified from the challenges for being too dangerous? I would of course warn people not to use it as a stun gun in the instructable.   Thanks in advance :) Detective Inspector Me

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pocket size camp stove by javin007?

I made a stove just as discribed but my flames died down to about one half of an inch after the primer flame went out now i didnt have it in the wind shield containes but i was indoors does the wind shield hold heat to keep the flames larger the demo i seen on yuotube the flames were much larger thanks

Question by Gizmobuilt56 6 years ago

Pocket Bass Amp for headphone use? Answered

If i follow the ruby diagraham or any other guitar headphone amp schematic how would i make it sound better for my bass? I looked up the details on the guitar version guitar version question, and answer:  https://www.instructables.com/community/Headphone-Guitar-Amp/ schematic for that:  http://www.runoffgroove.com/ruby.html how to add a headphone jack:   http://www.generalguitargadgets.com/pdf/ggg_ruby.pdf

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I was just inquiring to if someone could put a Spovan Digital Pocket Watch Altimeter Barometer Thermometer into a pocket watch case DIY / custom pocket watch

I was just inquiring to if someone could put a Spovan Digital Pocket Watch Altimeter Barometer Thermometer (or similar) into a pocket watch case for a DIY/Custom Pocket Watch, or if that would be too difficult.

Question by 458WM 8 months ago

can you...

For the pocket sized contest, can you make instructions for how to add pockets to pants/shorts?

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how do you vote for an instructable for the pocket sized contest?

How do you vote for an instructable for the pocket sized contest?

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How do you make a waterproof pocket with a zipper? Answered

I want to make a waterproof pocket to attach to my board shorts and preferably with a watertight zipper, does anyone have any idea how to make such a pocket?

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When will the next pocket sized contest come around? Answered

I want to know so I can enter a project I am working on.

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how to make a powerful, cheap, pocket-sized EMP device?

I am looking for a pocket sized device that is powerful and cheap (50-75$)

Question by rene02 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Should i post single shot disk launcher pocket pistol? Answered

Small pocket sized but very weak and cause of design trigger will fall off

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Can you put a key on a pocket bike?

Hi i was wondering if i could still keep the pullstart on my pocket bike, but make it so the key has to be in inorder for the bike to turn over, kind of like a kill switch any help would be much apreciated.

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Can you make a pocket sized amp without distortion easily? Answered

I would love to make a small pocket sized amp for my guitar, without distortion, but i cant get the signal strong enough. any help?

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How do i find the nether in minecraft pocket edition? Answered

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Store your stuff in the wall with Pocket Wall

This wall with stretchy storage is called the Pocket Wall and it was created by Polish Designer Maja Ganszyniec. Not happy with just putting stuff in piles on the floor or, you know, regular shelving? Start bulging the walls with your gear! Your Wall Becomes Storage With Pocket Wall

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What are the dimensions of a Les Paul neck pocket?

I am building a guitar and I need to know what the dimensions for the neck pocket should be. I will be using a Les Paul style neck from Warmoth, 24 3/4" scale. While your at it, could you tell me the dimensions for an EDS-1275 neck pocket?

Topic by VoodooWitchDr. 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

DIY Pocket hole jig [plans or how to] [for DIY furniture projects]

Pocket hole jigs are really handy for DIY furniture but also expensive. I'm looking for some good plans to make my own with basic tools (hand saws, miter box... that kind of thing) any suggestions?

Topic by B_____Squared 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago