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bi pod

I was wondering if someone could buid a bipod from knex or other stuff for my Nerf Recon (im clue less). If so PM me the instructions

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Making a Prop Cryo-Pod

Hello, I am currently trying to decide how to build a large "cryo-pod" prop for a theatrical production. Essentially, it has to be a large tube that I can install some kind of a door/hatch in. It must also be able to fit a person inside it. I have a lot of ideas for making the circuitry and decorations, but I am not sure how to build the chamber itself. The budget is extremely limited. We are talking about 30-40 dollars maximum.  I was thinking of building a tube form and using papier mache, and sanding it smooth on the outside to create the cylinder. This method would take a very long time. Alternately, I was considering obtaining some kind of flexible sheet good and placing it over a frame. Does anyone have an experience in building large cylinders like this? Any recommendations on construction materials or techniques?

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eXistenZ Game Pod build.

Ok, one of my idea for a current project is to recreate my own model/version of the game pod out of the David Cronenberg film eXistenZ.If your unfamilar, see the pics and video - Essentially the 'game pod' is a biological virtual reality games console. And i must say i am a fan of the film.Now, i need some help, both with ideas, and with build methods.Ideas- I require an idea as the the use of the device - eg, an external hdd enclosure, a wallet, what ever.- I Have a base that im going to use, in the form of a beach stone. So the size is 125mm x 125mmMethods- Although i have a base 'stone' i need to sculpt a little extra, to make the nodule like bits. and genrally curve the shape a bit, what can i use? would bondo do? and whats the UK equilivent?- I want to have a silicon like finish, like the film, i was planning liquid latex, is that a good idea? what else is there thats better?I would appreciate any help anyone can give.ThanksGmjhowe

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How to turn on an i-pod? Answered

I borrowed my frineds i-pod today.iwent to use it but it will not turn on and she said she was using yersterday and it worked fine.I can't not to get it to turn on or show anything on the screen. Can someone help me please?

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how do i use my mp3 player on an i-pod dock?

My car stereo has an i-pod dock attached to it, which is great... but my i-pod broke. I have a cheaper MP3 player that is still working and uses a USB port for connectivity that I would like to use in my car instead. Is there a way to convert the I-pod dock interface to a USB interface?

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how do I transfer songs from my I-pod to my computer without using I-tunes?

I want to put songs from my ipod to my computer which doesnt have I-tunes. PLEEEEEEASE HELP!

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ipod classic pin out? Answered

I saw a link for the i-pod plug pin out but didn't copy the link (duh). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The I-top

Does anyone know how to make an itop. Post your ideas here. (There is a way!!)

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need to know?

I have a 4 battery pack  i want to use for an usb charger i need ro know what diode i need to use the battery pack gives off close to 6 v but i have a USB DC-DC Converter 3V to 5V 1A Adjustable Step-up Boost Power Supply Module. I know i need a diode i need so that the current from what  im chargeing does not go back into the battery but at the same time i need the batteries to give off as close to 5 v that it can work with the module. what i need is which one can i use to so this?  

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computer speakers for my i pod

I want to use ac powered computer speakers for my i  pod but  i'd like to also use battery power.  can someone tell me how to add that?

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Altec Lansing Speaker Control Pod ?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but im trying to build a new Controller ( Volume up, down, Bass, power, ect) for my speakers. Old pod broke and got thrown out some time ago and company stoped making parts. Im not a tech person but ill put down everything i know about the controller in hopes one can help me. Model was MX6021, It used 8-pin mini-DIN cable...It had volume +/-, Bass +/-, and most importantly it switched on the subwoofer which the speakers connect to. I really have no idea where to start on buying electronic parts..Thanks in advanced if anyone replys.. Here are some links for pictures.. vmart. pk/images/detailed/9/mx6021_5.jpg glidemagazine. com/hiddentrack/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Controller.jpg images.hardwarezone. com/upload/files/2010/01/67921c4ed1.jpg

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Inconspicuously hiding an i-pod in a trunk? Answered

Im going to scout camp in a few days, and i enjoy listening to my i-touch during the drive and while relaxing after a hard day of rafting or what have you. My trunk is a med/heavy plastic footlocker type dealie with a master lock on it. But in the chance someone gets "teh sticky fing0rz" i would like to have a little extra piece of mind. Anyways i would like multiple ways to hold an i touch and a phone(1/2x2) in some un-eyecatching container. 

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The new i pod speaker docks

The Griffen Amplifi, The parrot, The i luv, The Gear 4 street party size zero, Shaun the sheep and the heculesAll i pod speaker docks, all different in style, size and performancePrice ranging from £30 - £160Take a look, If you can

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i pod touch camera program?

i made a camera cord that  can plug into the ipod touch but i need a program or something on my ipod touch to use the camera can someone make a program so i can take pictures with my ipod touch

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iPod, YouPod, MePod, What Pod?

Being poor, I am pretty much a noob when it comes to the latest and greatest gadgets. So I need to ask a few questions: What is the best (for the price, i.e. the best value) in iPods? If they are pretty much similar in quality, then are there any features I should look for? If they are pretty much similar, is there anything I MUST avoid? PS: The new MAKE arrived (yay !). PPS: If this is in the wrong category, please move it for me, thank you !

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i-pod webcam/ camera thing?

I recently got a shit webcam from my friend and took it apart and noticed the color of the wires were awefully similar to the ones on my ipod connector i recently had to rebuild. They both use USB! I spliced them together and while doing so, I thought to myself "self, how could i run it once i'm done? My question is, the rockbox program for ipod puts its programs on ipod nanos to play video, why not use this hole in the ipods security and replace the rockbox files with a webcam program to make the webcam attached connector functional? Thanks, instructa-fan

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Making a lightstand from a mono pod?

Hello all,  This is my first time posting on instructables.  I've found and used so many great photogrpahy ideas on here I figured someone might be able to help me out with a little problem I'm trying to solve.   I got 5 of these:;=10440897&PID;=1225267&nm;_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm;_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&Item;=N82E16830997069 I got all 5 of them for $5 total because of a $30 giftcard I had.  They were on sale for $7 each.   I'm trying to figure a way I can use these as lightstands for my speedlights.  I've had the thought of building an X type base out of wood with a bolt coming up through the base of the monopod but I was thinking of trying to find somethign that would be a bit more portable an X I could fold down somehow but that would still support the monopod.   I'd be grateful for any ideas?

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How do I restore my I pod touch that show disabled connect to I tunes?

I connected to i tunes but it doesn't seem to connect. I'm not the original owner. people tell me that it gives in option in the summary to restore but i doesn't give me that option. a little screen comes up saying to unlock jens i pod.

Question by Vicbry    |  last reply

How to download noni tunesmovies to iPod touch?

Movie that are not downloaded from i tunes how do you download them to your I pod touch

Question by drocknel81    |  last reply

What is the best way to freeze peas in the pod? Answered

I am finally getting a good crop of edible pod peas, also known as snow peas and/or Chinese peas.  These are the ones that are really sweet and you pick and eat the whole thing while its small. I have tried freezing them before but it didn't work very good. What is a good way to freeze them that will preserve the taste and texture? Will it work better if I cook them first?

Question by Vyger    |  last reply

how do i restore a disabled i pod touch 16gb?

The screen says disabled connect to i tunes. I can't get it connected. bought it like. I connected it to i tunes and it doesn't give me a option to restore

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[newsletter] Rickroll Cake, Screen Printing, Gorilla Pod...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Apr. 24, 2008 Welcome back! We have lots of news for you today. New contest! It's spring and to celebrate we're having a Flower Contest. The flowers can be fresh, dried, painted, or even crafted so get going on a great flower Instructable now! Check out these cool Instructables! Portal/Rickroll Cake Two Internet fads combine to create the geekiest eating event ever. posted by Papersatan on Apr 20, 2008 Make your own Gorilla Pod This flexible tripod mimics the real thing for only a few dollars worth of parts. posted by benthekahn on Apr 22, 2008 Photo-emulsion Screen Printing Sometimes you need to get your message out quickly and cheaply. Here's how to print a ton of t-shirts and patches fast. posted by w1n5t0n on Apr 21, 2008 A radial drill press made from spare parts Make a radial drill press on your own and get a lot more freedom of motion for your money. posted by threesixesinarow on Apr 16, 2008 Helicopter Birthday Cake Make an epic birthday cake for the li'l pilot in the house. Comes complete with spinning blades! posted by dave spencer on Apr 23, 2008 Green Science Fair! April is Photo Month! Bake and decorate! Laptop Compubody Sock Make an eye-catching hoodie for your laptop to use in public spaces for warmth and privacy. posted by bekathwia on Apr 18, 2008 Isobaric Subwoofer Improve the low-end in your home audio setup with this home-built sub. posted by toastyboy on Apr 19, 2008 The iPillow Fall asleep listening to music without headphones or any pesky cords. posted by dardy_7 on Apr 16, 2008 How to get on Xbox Live with Dialup Enjoy all the downloads and updates of Xbox Live over the old dialup connection. Still not so hot for multiplayer, though. posted by Dr.Professor_Jake_Biggs on Apr 19, 2007 Measure the drag coefficient of your car Want to make your car a lot more fructification? The first step is knowing just how much drag it creates as it moves along. posted by iwilltry on Aug 31, 2007 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

Topic by fungus amungus  

i am thinking about a i-pod touch Answered

Should i try to get one? if yes say so if no say so also. Edit: i am getting a new 4th gen! P.S the pic is of an iphone i think so don't comment saying thats an iphone please!

Question by cj81499    |  last reply

Is it possible to DIY a new Control Pod for Logitech Z4?

I gota cracked Logitech Z4 Controller, tried to look at ebay but found nothing! Can I DIY it?

Question by tvũ1    |  last reply

How can you get music off a I-pod touch with out I-tunes??? Answered

I have a 4th gen 8gb I-pod touch 5.1.1....How can I get the music off of it without I-tunes???

Question by bigmark    |  last reply

CAN i build an mp3 player or an i-pod at home??

I want to build an mp3 player or an I pod at home. .. . . . i may need the materials, recycling ideas, circuit design and pics.

Question by doc.v    |  last reply

How can I remotely control my i-pod nano (with a simple on/off switch) without it being in a dock?

I am making small metal sculptures containing i-pods playing films. I need these nanos to be easily turned on and off without having to remove them from the sculpture. Any advice?

Question by claffan    |  last reply

Soundproof Sleeping Closure

Hello fellow instructables :) Right I need some help and advice on a design brief to help fix my problem. Problem - I live in a ground floor flat and there is 1 flat above me, 2 scum bags occupy it, a couple of 22 year olds and they have obviously never been taught consideration for others and they bang and thrash around all through the early hours of the morning. When they bang on their bare wooden floor it sounds like a heavy metal dumbbell coming through my ceiling and it wakes me abruptly and its ruining my life :( I've complained to the council the past 18 months but there not interested. They have not put any carpet down in their flat in the last 18 months and it looks like they have no intention of doing so (they can afford fags n booze tho), plus they have a baby due any day now, great.. so now there making their problems, my problem. Solution - The only thing I can think of is making a soundproof sleeping closure, a large box like a 4 poster bed but all sides solid made out of a layer of MDF then insulation then more mdf, but I have some questions before I start. How would I get adequate air in and out ? Would this even stop the banging on my ceiling waking me up ? or would it still penetrate the box ? How would I control the temperature, would it be too hot in there ? Something like the image below but more solid with a door. If anyone has any experience with this or input or any good ideas I'd be ever so grateful. Cheers in advance. Matt

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How can I tell an okra flower bud from an okra seed pod? Answered

I want to pick the seed pods while they are small and tender, but it isn't obvious to me which are pods and which are buds.  What distinguishing characteristic should I be looking for?

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How can I get my I-pod repaired? Answered

I accidentally cracked the screen,but it works fine. Where could I go that would do it for me?

Question by oniman7    |  last reply

can someone make a good foldable bi-pod plz?

I really want a good bipod for a sniper im makin. plz help

Question by ducati man    |  last reply

I can't play any games on my I pod?

It is saying that it can't open the file when I click on it but I was able to play games before this happen

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produce electicity in a bicycle to charge a cell phone or i pod?

Im from india, residing in chennai. im in my high school. i have an idea of producing electricty from my bicycle to charge small devices like cell phone or an i pod.     can someone guide me to the right way ??????????

Question by kind    |  last reply

is it legal/possible to get videos from youtube to an i pod? Answered

I want to get music videos from youtube on my ipod. Is this even possible? if so is it legal?

Question by happyjo    |  last reply

How do you add a video/pod cast to a Forum? Answered

I have a forum and want to know how can I add a podcast or videocast to it. To see the froum go to I now want to interact with my forum members, is this possible? Thank you in advance. David.

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What can I use as a speaker for my Ipod?

I need a pretty loud speaker for my I-pod classic. As you probably noticed, money is tight lately and I do not have 30 dollars to spend on a special I-pod speaker. It does not need to be a radio, clock, etc. All I want is a speaker. Does anyone know if I could use a computer speaker or something else? Thanks!

Question by DELETED_afw11    |  last reply

How hard is it to fix an i-pod scroll wheel? I have an old 80 gig that I can not shut-off using the "click" feature. ?

As it is right now, I leave it in my shop on the dock and use a remote (Griffin) that came with the dock to turn it on and off. This sucks because I have to leave my music at home. Ideas or suggestions are welcome. I am mechanically adept, and am semi-capable with electronics.... can't read a schematic to save my soul though. Thanks for any help or ideas. Can't afford to replace it.

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Help Finding an Old Flash Game?

It was a 2d graphic sidescroller. It started out with you flying in an escape pod in some city. With other hover vehicles flying around you. You could press a button and you would exit the escape pod as a blue orb and you could take control of another vehicle? I known its not many details but I hope someone can help me. 

Question by Brooksthebrook    |  last reply

is there a program for the eye writer that controlls the axis ( x ) (y) fo electric motors?

Is there a program that controls motors for try pods etc, that the eye writer is compatable with.

Question by dremone1284    |  last reply

ipod nano froze at language selection after restore?

 My apple i-Pod nano ( 1st gen), froze, after I restored it. It is stuck on the language selection, and no buttons work, I have tried a reset, and a hard reset to no avail.Nor can I get it to disk mode.  If this is a flash drive problem, is there a way I can erase the flash, download from another i-pod, and reinstall.  If its a hardware problem, is there a way to fix that?

Question by drh1919    |  last reply

Ipod nano????

My friend bought a ipod nano 2gb recently n i happen to have the same nano bought this july....but problem is his lower/bottom is made of some sort of steel whereas my nano seems to be same from both front and back!!!!but the main HUGE problem is his max volume level is way higher than mine>>>>I have tried everything in the pod to match that level=no useI want to know is there a way that i cud exchange my pod or get it modified to that levelPLZ HELP

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