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Is there a point system on instructables answers? Answered

There is on yahoo answers.

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'ible points

I have a new idea for a simple ranking system on instructables. The system would use points, you would get points for doing things around the site. A few examples of what rewards points: Using Instructables. The more you use Instructables, the more points you get. Using our Forums system. Creating Instructions. Using a premium Membership. Recruit friends into our Membership program. Adding and verifying your email address in Settings. Donations. View count. Medallion scheme. A few examples of the points you would get: Using Instructables. The more you use Instructables, the more points you get. (every hour on the site actively would get you 0.1 points) Using our Forums system.                                                                       (Your total posts are divided by 100 when converted into 'ible points). Creating Instructions.               (for every instructable posted you would get 5 points and if the 'ible got featured you would get 25 points) Using a PRO Membership.                                                                                             (A PRO membership would give you 50 points) Adding and verifying your email address in Settings.                                                            (This would get you 20 points) Donations.                                                                                        (each donation would get you a certain amount depending on the size) View count.                                                                                        (Your view count is divided by 10 and the result i the points you get) Medallion scheme.          (If you have a bronze medal you would get one point, silver medals would get you two points and a gold medal would get you three points.) The points could be displayed near the medallions as a shield or similar. Would this idea work and i so could it lease be considered by the editors?

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Pointe Shoes

  Does anyone out there have pointe shoes? Getting pointe shoes? Have any advice or stories to tell? If so, you are in the right place. P.S. I just got my pointe shoes this year. I love them though they hurt so bad!

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Free IMVU Points?

Is there a way to get free IMVU points??

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I cant find any way to get free wii points

I don't know how to get free points. Please help. Any websites, anything. I'll try anything to get free wii points. Please help me!!!!

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How to earn more Lockerz points? Answered

Please answer.

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Pro Suggestion: Points

Ok, so I thought this was a pretty good idea that could make people want to buy more Pro Memberships, and publish more Instructables. What if for getting different levels of featured, you could get points to trade in for different things. For example: Channel features could get 10 points, category features could get 25 points, and homepage features could get 50 points. Then, you could get points for being in the newsletter, and for getting featured on the flash box on the front page. You could trade the points in for more pro memberships, digital patches, stickers, or maybe if you saved up enough, a laser etched Leatherman. What do you think?

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Weight Watchers Points Tracker

I'm not really sure how useful this is going to be to people, but as it's helped out several friends, I figured I'd share it here. <<>> A good portion of my immediate family and their significant others have been doing Weight Watchers.  My mom and girlfriend kept asking me when I was going to do it to.  Hoping I might get out of it, I told my girlfriend I'd do it to so long as she kept track of all my points.  She agreed, and so I was stuck. (To be fair, I agreed to Weight Watchers as opposed to any other diet as it seems more of a “how to eat properly/lifestyle” kind of thing as opposed to a “diet” kind of thing, so it also peeked my curiosity.  Like, “How much SHOULD I be eating compared to what I have been?” (Answer: A lot less)  To express this point, you don't have to lose weight while on the program, you can adjust how much you eat to gain, lose or maintain whatever weight you want.  It's kind of interesting to realize the amount of food intake it requires to affect your body.) After a month of letting my girlfriend track my points, I decided to do it myself.  I wasn't going to learn anything about what I was eating if I didn't take part.  Soon after I started tracking, I realized I needed some kind of automated system that I didn't have to constantly add, subtract and keep count of for days at a time.  All of the information was already stored in a fairly easy to follow spreadsheet my girlfriend made, so I decided to add a few formulas to keep track of things a little easier. To put simply, this spreadsheet keeps tabs on what you're eating, how many points it costs, and determines how many points you've used/have left for the day and week.  Like I said, I'm not sure how useful this is to anyone else, but I figured there'd be one or two people out there that might enjoy. <<>> Please let me know if you have any questions...I edited the files a little bit in hopes that it makes more sense.  Feedback is always appreciated. Who this is for: If you want to try weight watchers, or currently use weight watcher, but don't want to pay them, this might help you. If you want to count your calories in a point system, this might be for you. (This is essentially a glorified calorie counter.) If you want to keep track of what you eat, this might also be for you, though it may not be in depth enough. What this isn't: This doesn't tell you how many points things are worth, that's your job. A quick guide to points: Every 50 Calories = +1 Point Every 10 Grams of Fat = +1 Point Every 5 Grams of Fiber = -1 Point (you can't go below 0) (and don't forget to keep an eye on serving sizes!) This doesn't tell you how many points you should shoot for.  Again, your job to find out If you want to lose weight, there's guides online to figure out what it should be. If you want to gain weight or stay the same, figure what you need to do to lose weight, add five or ten points to that and see what happens. This doesn't track Workout points. I don't believe in them, I don't use them, I didn't add them. What this is: You enter in what you eat. You enter in how many points it costs. It will tally everything for you. Tracks Weekly Points which are bonus points that tally though the week These are a buffer in addition to your daily points They count down throughout the week (you don't want them to go to zero) ...use it for a couple of days and it should start making sense. What you need to do to make the most use of this: Download the appropriate file and put it in a place that's easy to access. I use different computers depending on where I am, so I also downloaded Dropbox and put this in a folder that's shared with all of my computers. Figure out how many points you should eat and enter that in the ??????? field on the spreadsheet (see the attached picture). Enter in what you eat, as you eat it, and see how things go. If you use this, and your weight changes, ten pounds more or less, make sure you re-figure out how many points you're allowed to eat. Voila! Now you don't have to pay $17.00 a month to a website to track your points for you! Attached you'll find the Open Office and Excel versions of the same file.  Choose what suits you.

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What's the point of voting? Answered

During contests, users can vote on which ones they like best. I read the rules and it says that specific judges rate them from 1-10. What's the point of voting if certain people decide it?

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Point Stick Replacement...? Answered

Well, got an old Dell Inspiron 8600 and if you've read any of my other questions  you know all about it and its problems. Anyway... the cover for the point stick (mouse thing in the center of the keyboard) needs to be replaced, but this being my first laptop, I'm not quite sure how to do it. Personally I just want to pull it off with a some pliers and jam a new one on, but I don't want to break it either.... so I'm exercising alittle caution by asking first.... is there a specific way to do it, or is my way just about right? Thanks

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Ball point pens

Does anyone have any ideas about refilling a favourite ballpoint pen with ink? I have thought about using a syringe, but the ink is too thin. Before anyone asks, I can't just buy a replacement refill for the pen as they stopped making them.

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Ratings, so you know...

I spent a bit of time today looking again at the Instructables rating system, here's what I found:A single rating lands an Instructable around the 3 mark, there is a huge spike just on the upper side of 3.0. Mean average rating (rather close to Pi) is 3.14Most ratings seem to be positive, the overall distribution has 68.7% of rated Instructables "above average" (60.5% of all Instructables if you include unrated submissions)There is a "wave" of ratings heading up towards 4, and a smaller ripple going down towards 2. I see this as some kind of fluid-motion effect like waves on water, but I'd be interested in opinions.50% of rated Instructables sit between 2.9 & 3.4Instructables rated above 3.4 are in the top 25%Instructables rated below 2.9 are in the lower 25%Note: Rating is essentially a measure of popularity, it is not a linear indicator of quality / value.Other:Only 31 Instructables are rated above 4.5 (0.1%)Only 19 Instructables are rated below 1.5, 1 of which is the lowest at 0.99Only 12% of Instructables are unratedThe rating algorithm is in Rachel's FAQ if you're interested (I probably should have put this in earlier)

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Can I get banned for posting a referral link on my Instructable? Answered

I want to post an Instructable telling people how to get free prizes, but am I allowed to post my referral link?

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You know when you are signed up on a site and getting friends to visit it gets you points to download stuff?

I'm registered on, an official site promoting the upcoming fighting game for PS3 and 360, Tekken 6. Every week the site pits two characters against each other and in order to vote for one, you need to share a video trailer link with your friends. Whether it be through IM or myspace, anything will work as long as they click it. Every different friend who clicks your link counts as a point towards your account. Get enough "shares" and you'll be able to download exclusive wallpaper, character PDFs, etc. So i was wondering how these sites work, if there are ways to boost or speed up the process of getting "clicks". Any help would be great.

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3 point perspective drawing

3 point perspective I draw

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point shops and a lego question


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What is the point of the DTV transition? Answered

Why Do all the Televisions need to be changed to DTV? is it for monetary gain or just to further ourselves in technology?

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Good points of static grounding? Answered

Can anyone suggest a good place to static ground myself when working with electronics? Next to my bench is a radiator with some bear metal, would that work?  If not can anyone suggest  any other places?

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Can you hack yahoo answers' points system?

Is there any way to hack or get more points out of yahoo answers than you normally would? I want to get enough points to be able to rate the questions.

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OVER!!!!! the tree wildcards are smilee, bigdylan91, and logic boy. As long as their entried are posted by TONIGHT they will be entered into TVIKT. this is very straightforward. My contest does not have enough entries so there are 2 wildcard slots. If you would like to enter my tournament you have until the 25th to post a gun and post the link to it here. It may not have a creation date before the start of the first round, which was November 12th.

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Free Share Point Hosting Platter

Free Share Point Hosting PlatterShare Point Deals August 2008 Free Giveaway!!! Point Deals and Sponsors are pleased to announce another spectacular Free Giveaway. This month Share Point Deals is offering Free Hosting Platters. This specialty meat hosting platter is perfect for gatherings and picnics. Fill out the registration form on the right to enter.Offer available while supplies last. Free Hosting platter may appear differently in person. Chili peppers not included.

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Whats the point of these "Steam punk" props? Answered

I dont really see the appoint or appeal of these. Maybe its just my taste. i just wanna know if maybe i dont get the like point or something.

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anybody experiment with zero point energy?

I have alwats thought there was usable energy in magnets but have been assured that there isn't. Still can't accept it.

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power point help! please read?

Hey  everyone I come to you for help! I appreciate you reading and all your efforts. For college I have a class that requires me to make and present a power point. Now I have never made a power point and am kinda confused on how to go about building it. I have a topic in mind, I plan on using this website as the focus of my powerpint. I think instructables is a great site and a great topic for my powerpoint. How do I go about building it? what do I need to cover? Im new to powerpoints and have no idea what or how to do (it) so can anyone give me even the basics building blocks for a powerpoint? basicaly how do I turn instructables, as my topic, into a power point? Thank you for reading!

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Be nice, if the links actually worked like they are suppose to in Questions. HERE is an example Why not use this page like Questions did before ??? Why NOT ???   This is a Real Bug Please fix and send Pro Membership :-)  

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Help identify points on circuit board?

Hi, I got a 3.5 stereo adapter and mic cable for a cell phone. I want to convert it from the non-standard cellphone jack into a 3.5 stereo jack so I can connect it to the mic jack on my computer. Is it possible? I need to figure out what the wires lead from. There also seems to be a fiber optic(?) wire. Circuit pic: mic/switch pic:

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What is the point of the 'View All Steps'? Answered

Why, oh why? OF COURSE I WANT TO VIEW ALL STEPS!!! Give me all the steps! Nothing more annoying than an unnecessary middle man. Do you know how many times I've scrolled most of the way through an Instructable, thinking that I WAS viewing all steps, only to find out I was not and that I have to refresh the page and scroll back through? Who's idea was this 'View All Steps' nonsense? Instructables=best website ever. 'View All Steps'=worst idea ever.

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Simple embedded point-of sale system

Hi, I am currently thinking about making an embedded point-of-sale system, with a fixed price, i.e. no computer, just a microcontroller that subtracts a specific amount from the card being used as payment. The money would be stored on the card itself i.e. no centralized database. Currently, I do not have a preference regarding the type of card to use i.e. whether to use an rfid card, a contact smartcard or a magnetic card. The magnetic card seems the cheapest, but most examples seem to favor the contactless card. Therefore, I have two questions I was hoping you could help me with: ·         Which media offers the best security against duplication (as the money is on the card itself, I would prefer if the card was hard to copy)? Do some cards have, for example a unique, read-only-identifier, that would prevent any copying (assuming the microcontroller is pre-programmed with those unique ids) ·         Do you know of any example source code that would talk with the card reader, read the amount on the card, subtract a fixed amount and rewrite the new total on the card? For security purposes, some encryption in the driver would be helpful. For the embedded controller, I was considering the arduino, because it seems to be the most popular option (I am a newbie, I will have to learn whatever the microcontroller is). Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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Anybody know the Melting point of K'nex?

This probably looks like a really strange thing to ask, but I need to know what kind of temperature K'nex can endure before it softens and/or looses shape.  I am building something which will need to be able to withstand hot water/steam splashing onto it (but not  submerged in it), as well as being near a considerable heat source.    I've look for what they are made of, but nothing has come up, though I presume they are made of a mix of low-to-mid-temperature polymers with a  high toughness.  Don't get any mad ideas!!! Image is from Bartboy's candle rocker. 

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Hi there, I would like to say hi to the instructables members for a start. Hi! I have always enjoyed reading from this site and I see that there is a lot of help in the topics posted here. I am a Computer Technician that now wants to play in the hardware game (Are you all enjoying Windows 10?). So I'm starting small with an arduino and the raspberry pi, (not side by side yet,) a few motors, servo's, 7" color crystal display, and other things that I have salvaged from stuff or found cheap. I have a few of these CD drive eject motors with lil' knobs I was reading this post about how to make an electric magnet as I am trying to manually make my own point motor for my model train set.  For those in and not in the know, here is some information about what I am trying to do. Create 2 electric magnet coils that pull or repel a nail or metal bar where an upright pin ~2-4 mm is able to travel a distance of ~6-8mm (oo Gauge) in order to change a track piece from one position of a "junction point" to the other, allowing the train to change track or take another route. I would like to try and do this myself as I have plenty of different types of gauge wire, dpdt's (for pole switch?), nails or metal bars(to act as middle pin maybe and bar to be pulled back and forth), diodes (for bridge rectifier) , resistors (to calm the voltage down if I have to as I think it will get rather warm else), a constant power supply (16V ac admittedly)  and plenty of BABY BABY small yet rather strong.. magnets..etc.. ( BTW These were taken from a motor that was inside some water speakers, for perfect reasons the motor had a spin disc attached to it with 3 very small magnets, then in the water compartment there is a spin disc with more magnets attached and a wirly-gig to create the siphon to jettison the water up when the music is played so I now own 60 of the little blighters, (that's if i need them at all to be honest I'm a little lost in this idea))  So please take me as a n00b and please help me in going about this. Yes I could go buy one, but what does that achieve, when I believe I have everything I need at my fingertips and I wish to learn. I presume I will need to deal with the constant AC in order to be able to make a switch to change the polarity of the two coils in order to pull or repel the magnet or nail in either direction to then move the tracks junction from one line to another. I'm going to try and make some coils, in some rather thin wire that is insulated.  Thanks again for any replies. EOL

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What is the point and what are the rules to the Photojojo contest?

What is the point and what are the rules to the Photojojo contest? The contest page says nothing about it.

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Projects for old 35mm point and shoot cameras?

I have a few 35mm point and shoot cameras and I see them in thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets all the time. Are there any cool ways to make these into something else or scavenge the parts for other projects?

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What is the point on selecting collaboration as an option for an instructable?

Does this allow others to modify your instructable and/or with your permission.  I could see the benefit in this for sure, but does it make it become exclusive so that others can't see it?  Any pro/cons on this subject would great and welcomed. Thanks

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Best point of connection for my external "Cantenna"? Answered

I have a "Cantenna" I built for my old laptop and it (the Cantenna) works GREAT!. I would like to connect it to my new USB wireless network adaptor (Linksys WUSB600) for better reception on my new laptop. I'm trying to determine the best point of connection (on the usb circuit board) for a short pigtail coax wire to connect my "Cantenna". The usb adaptor should have its own built in antenna on the circuit board but I don't know where it is after examining it.  

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Heating Element for DIY Melting Point Apparatus

Hi Everyone, this is my first post on this site!  I am seeking advice to help me construct a home-made melting point apparatus (M.P.A).  A melting point apparatus allows it's operator to determine the melting point of a chemical sample by heating it in a controlled fashion and noting the temperature when the sample melts.  I have most of the design made up in my head, but I'm not sure as to how I can obtain the proper heating element.  The heating element I am seeking is an emulation of the M.P.A.s heating elements in my school's chemistry lab, which look like this: a metal block (about 3cm tall by 2cm deep by 3 cm wide) with vertical holes bored into the face with a pane of glass pressed against said holes so a glass capillary tube (containing the sample) can be slid into the bored hole and viewed through the glass pane as the sample is heated by the metal.  Another hole is bored into the metal, adjacent to the sample hole, for a thermometer.  So again, my question is do you have any suggestions as to where I could by a heating element like this?  Or, any suggestions on how to build one?  I have a jewelry shop at my disposal so I can probably bore any holes myself.   Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!

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Cloned animals for human consumption : what's the point ?

This evening, at the TV News, they announced that cloned animals are going to be authorized for human consumption in USA, and that the EU may also authorize that since they did not find any difference with meat from non cloned animals ...Here is an article on New York Times :, if it's safe, why not ... But what's the point about cloning them anyway ???We breed them, there is not problem, they make baby, we eat them all ... everything works perfectly since the beginning of times ... So, what's the point ?!Any idea ?

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What is the melting point of molded plastic epoxy ?

Hello. I would like to know what is the melting point for most integrative circuits epoxy molded plastics ? The kind of plastic I am talking about would be the ones used for BGA chips found in smart phone IC's (integrative circuits). I would think that a decent powerful household kitchen microwave should have enough power to melt this type of epoxy material used for BGA IC's. I would like to de-cap the BGA. PLEASE note that I will be using a cheap throw away kitchen microwave to melt the IC and the BGA is not important even if the heat generated damages the die layers made of silicon. This is strictly for hobby purposes. The same question but does anyone know what kind of metal is the bottom part (the tiny metal circles ie solder balls) of a BGA IC made from ?

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some instructable pages pointing to trojan websites ?

 I am browsing with Safari and am lately getting warnings from its "phishing detector" on web pages (not all, some), for example: results in a Safari dialog (not every time, so somebody is trying to be clever):  "The website you are visiting appears to contain malware. .... For details visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for" which, when we follow the link to google, gives: " Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for   What is the current listing status for Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.   Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.   What happened when Google visited this site? Of the 17 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2009-12-31, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2009-12-31. Malicious software includes 24 trojan(s).   This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS34305 (EUROACCESS).   Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware? Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.   Has this site hosted malware? Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. It infected 21 domain(s), including,,   How did this happen? In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message. " Could all be  a false alarm, just wondering since I have been getting several of these lately on

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ROUND 2 A Knex ball Machine lift IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BUILD THIS DUE TO A LACK OF PIECES OR MOTOR CONTACT ME ASAP Duration This round will last from October 29th to December 1st Requirements Must be able to lift a standard knex ball or ball of similar size. Must lift the ball up at least a foot Must be able to AUTOMATICALLY pick up the ball from a short entry ramp Specifications You may use      knex      tape      string      A motor other than knex You may NOT use      modified pieces      wood / other plastic / metal / etc.      Points system up to 15 points-each judge gives up to 5 points for overall up to 12 points-each judge gives 0-4 points of innovation up to 9 points-each judge will give up to 3 points for looks up to 6 points-each judge gives up to 2 points for the speed of the lift up to 10 points-I will give each creation up to 10 points on how much I like it Bonus Points 2 points-a video displaying the qualities will add 2 points 2 points-if you incorperate a motor from something else you will receive 2 extra points. 5 points-If you complete a ball machine you will receive up to 5 points from me Contestants and Entries Knex mad Killer~SafeCracker trauts Wicky knexsuperbulderfreak Kinetic Big Z chopstx Coreyt Smilee bigdylan91 logic boy How the scoring works The amount of points you earned from last round will be added on to the total from this round to get your total to see who advances to the final rounds. The highest total will receive a bonus on the final round. DEADLINE DECEMBER 1ST

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Are fender reissue amps, such a DRRI, wired point to point? Answered

Just wondering, not that I really care one way or the other...

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What can be done with a broken point and shoot camera?

Any ideas for what a point and shoot whose lens got pushed to the side and stuck when extended could be re-made into? Too expensive to repair!

Question by susie  

What is the correct placement for elastics and ribbons on pointe shoes?

My daughter has her first pair of (ballet) pointe shoes and I'm not sure where to sew the elastic and the ribbons on each shoe.  And as they're rather expensive, I really don't want to mess them up.  I've looked at various sites online but each has a different answer.  Can anyone pointe (sorry!) me in the right direction please?

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Tilt shift lens for point and shoot (with filter mount)? Answered

Hey i was just wondering if you could make some sort of tilt shift lens for a higher end point and shoot (like panasonic fz100) that has a 52mm filter mount, or do you have to have a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. Thanks in advance :)

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how can i concentrate of a bulb light at a point ?

I have a bulb ( pic is attached ) and for some experimental work i have to concentrate its all light at a single point. can anyone help me that how can i do that ??

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What do you think is the point of getting married?

I'm just curious. Why should someone marry someone? Why not just domestic partnership? What about gay marriage? I'm up for a debate. If your points are not appropriate, message me. Really, go ahead. I wanna know.

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