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police lights

How about the police lights, like the one's you attach to the front grill saw it in transformers when the authorities come to pick up shia laboeuf

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Police quest series

Does anyone have the original police quest series (1 vga,2,3) in mt32 or higher quality? If so can you find a way to record and put up for download and in mp3 or midi please, Thanks.

Topic by builderkidj  

how to spy on police radio?

How can I spy on the Police Radio, or any Group that using any radio waves to contact with each others. I need a simple way to make a device to be used to spy on the police radio. thanx

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The proceeds of crime, now on ebay.

It has been legal for some time now for UK law enforcement agencies to confiscate "the proceeds of crime" - the stuff that crooks buy with their ill-gotten gains.Not the stolen goods, but stuff legitimately bought with cash earned by illegitimate means.Leicestershire police have gone a step further, and are trialling selling said goods on ebay.Looking at their list, I'm not surprised to see heavy gold chains, TVs and game systems, but a flute?Leicestershire police ebay listBBC Story

Topic by Kiteman  

Why do Americans hold their torches in an overhand way ? Answered

Is there a particular reason why Americans, (especially police officers, in films at least), hold their torches in an overhand position? It seems quite uncomfortable; I have never seen anyone in the UK hold a torch like that, we seem to align our thumbs along the top with the torch held out in front of us.. Anyway this observation is only based on films that I have watched so it might not actually be the case; but I can't help thinking about it when it happens during a film. Help me to let it go...

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I need help in " Police Light " circuit ? Answered

Hi everyone  I'm working now on this circuit and I really need its datasheet so does anyone have the datasheet or any helpful information for "police light " circuit ?  < the link below is a video for the circuit > any help is appreciated   dreams,;=player_embedded

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A logo (mascot?) for all the grammar police out there!

I ran across this on the "I Can Haz Cheezburger" Web site.   It looks sort of like something Caitlinsdad might draw, but surely we'd have seen it here first!  I especially like the notations on the ordnance :-)

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&quot;member's&quot; should be &quot;members'&quot; in Grammar Police description

Please edit the Grammar Police profile accordingly. Thank you for your attention to this matter.Ah, irony.

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What can I do with an old police scanner? Uniden Bearcat 350a?

What can I do with an old police scanner? Uniden Bearcat 350a? anyone have any ideas?

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Salute to a hero.

Whilst suffering a "once in a thousand years" flood, the town of my birth lost a hero. Whilst directing drivers away from a bridge threatened by rising waters, the bridge collapsed under the feet of PC Bill Barker.  His body was found later, several miles down the coast. PC Barker leaves a wife and four children. BBC Story and associated links.

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Is it a crime to padlock someone's belongings?

Examples: locking someones backpack/suitcase zippers together, thus impossible to open adding an extra lock to someones bike at a bike rack so they can't unlock their bike etc. is it illegal?  or just extremely annoying/inconvenient to the recipient?

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C.O.P. Suit: Personal Protest Wear

Whoever does a DIY version first i will bake cookies, seriously: C.O.P Suit was inspired by the COP15 climate summit. The brief was to propose solutions for, or to comment on, the ongoing climate debate – using wearable technology and design as a medium. The C.O.P Suit is an experiment in personal protest wear, designed to address the by now almost ritualised stand-offs between police and demonstrators – what has ironically been described as the ‘folk dance of disorder’. The suit is composed of an armored protection sleeve connected to a megaphone-mounted helmet, offering protection as well as the possibility of voicing commands, orders or simply generating noise. The suit is designed as a purposefully ambiguous and (slightly) ironic artifact, echoing the fetishistic visual language of protesters and police alike – a comment on the similarity of the means each side employs. The C.O.P suit is designed to be completely self-sustainable – utilising kinetic energy from common gestures in a protest situation (the fist thrust triumphantly into the air, the swinging of a baton or the force of a strike to the armor) to power the megaphone, making rioting hard on the ears, but easy on the conscience. From:

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Another Seemingly Geeky Police Drama: Bones (anyone?)

Does anybody view the show BONES of our group?

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How can I make a small Piezo Police siren, on a small footprint for HO Scale Model Railroad.? Police cars, ambulance etc

I have taken a little ambulance apart, which has a little piezo siren and flashing lights. I can create the flashing light circuit but how can I get the siren circuit ..?

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What can I do with parts from an old police radio?

I have an old police radio and i dont know what to do with the parts. Ive already taken it apart makeing sure i didnt break any of the parts, but i have no idea what to do now.

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id like to know how to make a police light bar for 12v?

Id like to make a light bar with an arduino or an ic chip i have a few of the chip but idk what all i have but id like to be able to change the flash modes with a push button and id like to run it on a 12v power with 100 or a 1000 leds. but idk  what ic chip i could use or what resistor size i should use and idk what the leds are rated for they are parts. any thing would help.

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im giving up on my bike...


Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

Can I get a 15-20 foot antenna to work on my wifi router? I have a antenna that was used for police radios at a station?

The antenna was first used for a police radio but I want to adapt it for wifi. I think I just need an high power amplifer

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Any way to build low cost police band Ka radar transmitter? NOT Jammer.

We are trying to curb speeders in the neighborhood, and I thought it would be cool to have one of those radar detector "tester" type devices. Done a lot of research on this, but it seems it's hard to find a transmitter for the Ka band which would be the most beneficial to trick speeders into thinking they are being radar checked. I know jammers are illegal and frowned on in some places, so this I need just enough power to set off passing radar detectors. It can also use AC power or be fixed, since I'll just be using it around my house. Thanks!

Topic by Sylvester2009  

Police searching a computer put a 'black box' between the computer & drive, to read, but not write, alter or erase data.

How do you build such a device? I wish to add a second hard drive to my ThinkPad A22m laptop, for a protected archive of books, websites, programs, and pictures. I want to have a switch so that at intrevals I can add files, but if a virus got loose in the computer it could not get into the archives.

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Dog barking! Police summoned! I need ideas. My dog barks for an hour when I leave for work in the am.I am desparate!!!

What I need is some sort of cover for my doggy door that I can have on a timer set to open 3 or 4 hours after I leave so my dog can come in and out her door at will for the rest of the day?

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Bullet proof bra!

A US woman had a lucky escape when a burglar's bullet bounced off the metal underwire in her bra.Police in the city of Detroit said one of three intruders fired a shot when the woman looked out of her window and saw them raiding the house next door.The bullet smashed the window and hit her, but instead of causing serious injury - or worse - it was deflected off the wiring in her bra.The unnamed 57-year-old woman was taken to hospital and released the same day."It did slow the bullet down," said a police spokesman. "She sustained injuries but they're not life-threatening."Teenage gangThe woman, who lives on the west side of Detroit, had seen the youths breaking into the house next door while her neighbour was away.Police believe one of the gang saw her looking out of the window and fired at her.The suspects then drove away after the shooting.Local police Sgt Eren Stephens Bell told the Detroit News: "We need to get some bulletproof vests made from that. It is some strong wire." BBC Story

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does anybody know how to make a police radar detector so that i dont get so many speeding fines?

Guys i have had a search but cant find any details on how to make a radar detector that will fit my motorcycle, the shop purchased ones are a massive cost so i thought i would have a go at making one, however very little information about so im stuffed!!

Question by jubilantkiwi    |  last reply

So much for Airport Security, eh?

Lateral Thinker forwarded this one to me and I thought it would be of general interest. Two people suspected of stealing up to 1000 pieces of luggage from baggage claim carousels at a US airport have been arrested by police who found piles of the stolen bags strewn throughout their home. There were so many suitcases that Phoenix police could only give a rough estimate of their number... Go here for the 'rest of the story'...  

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i live in nsw

Hey im getting one of these laptops at the end of march but i have friends in year 9 and they are very slow, laggy and crappy lapyops. you get get blocked sites even when you are at home on wifi!!! i will upload pictures to you guys when i get it. i thought about opening it when i got it but on the back it says its tracked by the police and there is also a keylock on the side. i think opening the laptop results in an alarm going off and the police can track it then confiscate it for good.

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Friend's new website

My friend just made a new website. It is for Lego lovers. Check it out . it has tons of neat pics. Here's the link

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Zombie fiction: illegal in Kentucky.

A Kentucky student has been arrested under anti-terrorist legislationWinchester police say William Poole, 18, was taken into custody Tuesday morning. Investigators say they discovered materials at Poole's home that outline possible acts of violence aimed at students, teachers, and police.Poole told LEX 18 that the whole incident is a big misunderstanding. He claims that what his grandparents found in his journal and turned into police was a short story he wrote for English class."My story is based on fiction," said Poole, who faces a second-degree felony terrorist threatening charge. "It's a fake story. I made it up. I've been working on one of my short stories, (and) the short story they found was about zombies. Yes, it did say a high school. It was about a high school over ran by zombies."I originally found this story through Groxx. The article is here, and if you want to pass comments on to the relevant people, their contact details are here.

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Sily child...Stun gun?

I don't know who to be more disappointed at... the Police, for reacting as such, or the kid for being dumb enough to bring it to a public school.

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can a taser re start a heart? Answered

I was talking to a police officer at six flags and the issues about tasers came up and i wanted to ask everyone's opinion if a taser can restart some ones heart

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Where can you buy steel (chrome) chain like used in a dog leash or wallet chain, but 7 feet or longer?

These are sold as dog collars in 4 foot lengths, but I need more like 7 feet. I tried looking up "wallet chain" but those are obviously even shorter. I saw this kind of chain was also called police chain or handcuff chain. Strength is important, it can't be some soft metal like cheap jewelry, preferably steel. Any ideas who sells this, preferably at discount prices? Thanks...

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Join Us (You know you want to)

Feel free to join a society with the aim of collectively correcting Instructables users' spelling mistakes.But, please, correct spellings constructively.Be nice about it.:DGrammar Police

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California UFOs Sightings???

HI I live in SB CA (USA) I just moved here a couple months ago and I've senn some weird things flying around in the night (in the Sky). And I was wonderin if their UFOs or just some kind of POLICE thing???? thanks....

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what holds to aluminum

I'm working on a movie prop a futuristic shotgun for a police officer.but I need help. I'm using two arms from a crutch. I have the design worked out but there's a having trouble getting the card board to hold to the aluminium.any suggestions.

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We waz robbed!

Can you believe it? Someone stole my WTFBBQ from our yard! And such a fine BBQ it was. What a rotten thing to do. I'm going to the police in the morning. But it's already been taken to a junk yard, I'm sure. Feh! WTFBBQ, indeed.

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What to do with these bullets? Answered

In a tool box in my basement, I found some old Remington .22 bullets. What should I do with them besides shooting them or giving them to the police? Any Ideas, Thanks.

Question by Thelonelysandwitch    |  last reply

Did 16 year old boy do 75kmh (46.6mph) on pedal bike? The  75kmh ===46.6mph A Palmerston North mother has labelled police claims that her [16 year old] son reached speeds of 75kmh on his bicycle as "bizarre", saying it was impossible for him to go that fast. Summerhill Dr, Palmerston North, Manawatu-wanganui 4410, New Zealand  The image of the jet powered bike, and description thereof is from Popular Science Magazine December 1947. The cartoon is curtsy Kapi-Mana News NZ  Behind the Google street view is a major Y intersection including a overpass

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what businesses have swarm list i can get on?

I am trying to start beekeeping but i need bees i now about the police department as one source but where else can i get my name out there?

Question by the troll king 324    |  last reply

Movie Ideas Anyone?

Hi, i'm a Independent Filmmaker for Blue Light Entertainment. I need a Movie Script Idea. I have a Genre and Topic but not a Summary. My Genre is Action/Adventure. My Topic is Police or FBI.  I want a Good ending and a little christian morals related to it.  Thanks for your Help!! Jonathan

Question by Blue Light Entertainment    |  last reply

I've heard some Calif. camera tickets can be ignored cuz the PD is phishing and doesn't file the tickets with the court

These "tickets" say, on the back, "Do not contact the court about this notice." But the back also says that you MUST fill in the form identiying the driver, and mail it in to the police at an address in Arizona.  What happens if you ignore such a ticket?

Question by JimHB    |  last reply

Would a survival blanket help a criminal to evade detection from a thermal camera?

 I have a survival blanket that claims to reflect back 90% of my radiant body heat and I've always wondered: If a criminal were to hide under a bush wrapped in a survival blanket would he be able to evade a police helicopter searching with a thermal imaging camera? Thank you.

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Student accused of creating a Monster....

Raleigh, N.C. — Raleigh police arrested a North Carolina State University student last week who was accused of creating a "monster" out of construction barrels and placing it on the side of the road.Authorities charged Joseph Carnevale with larceny for taking materials from a construction site at a roundabout project to create the monster.Story

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Is it possible to build a hood mounted taser powerfull enough to stop cars' electrics during cop chases?

Could a hood mounted 'big' taser be mounted on police cars to knock out the computers or electrical system of speeding cars that are being persued? So many folks are killed during chases gone bad...there must be a better way to stop these things from getting out of hand.

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Instant computer "security"

Browsing NOTCOT today, I came across an interesting "artistic statement" on what to do when the Thought Police decide you've crossed the line from artist to terrorist. I read it twice before I noticed the author. Make sure you read the comments there before you start commenting here about how it won't really work. Yes, young lady, I'm looking at you!

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Remembering 9/11

Hi everyone. This, the eve of 9/11, the 6 year anniversary of the terrible incidents that occurred on that September morning. I just want to make sure that the victims are never forgotten, and I take this moment to remember the fallen, and those firefighters, police officers, EMT, who all risked their lives to save those trapped. Thanks for taking the time to remember, and I hope some point tomorrow you share a moment of silence with the world to remember. *silence*

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Looking for codes for arduino and some info on how to power 5m of 5050 rgb light strips?

i have 5m of 5050 rgb light strips that id like to put on my car and id like to make them flash like police and fire lights. and id like to try not spend any more money than i have too. any help would be nice, this for off road use.

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Flame Message

Hey everyone, this is my first post and i was wondering how i would spell out a message on the ground in flames for a special occasion. I saw this sort of thing in the movie Daredevil, i think... where the police officer threw a lit cigarette on the ground and it ignited "DAREDEVIL" in flames on the ground... i noticed it burned for a while as i was watching the movie, and i talked with some other people about it and they suggested it could be some sort of gel... any ideas?

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where do i look for the latest email virus warnings?

been getting 2 or three every week for past few weeks from the "IRS" that i just delete and now new one from "police Agency" reported return email is and both have attachments to open of was wondering where to get a list of resent email virus threats. thank you

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Running a scanner tube off a car battery.

Inspired by this instructable, I want to make a car light, for a 3.3i car. I assume the battery is around 75+ Ah, and need to make sure if it is safe. The lamp runs perfectly at 12v, just would it burn out with all that Ah?On another note, it's perfectly legal to have it on the front of my car right? If anything it'l help the police see my number plate, :D. I'm in the UK BTW.

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