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Be Nice Policy

Hi, I have created "Be Nice" memes for everyone to share here on Instructables. I thought it would be a fun way to share your thoughts using the Instructables Robot. You can download the images I created HERE. I will add more as I think of them or through suggestions from YOU. I have also added templates for you to create your own images. If you do create your own and wish to share them, please add them to this community post or to my original Instructable. Thank you and remember to Be Nice. Tater

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Religious and/or advertising policy? Answered

What is the policy regarding religious instructables? What is the policy regarding advertising in instructables? Is my recent instructable a violation of policy: ( A comment on my recent instructable ( raised a concern with inappropriate content. I haven't been able to find anything yet in the Terms and Conditions statement...where else can I look?

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The kind of content to post

I am trying to find out a little more information before I post something. The site doesn't seem to have a page telling what it's all about. Do you have to post about something you made by hand? For example, our company helps customers design woven labels for clothing. So, can I give examples and step by step instructions about  how to design a woven label? Ultimately, they'd have to order the labels with us after they design them. Would that be viewed as poor taste, like we are trying to promote our website? If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can always review the site and see if it qualifies Thanks!

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Does Instructables have a policy or consensus on plagiarism?

I was going through all (yes, all) of the I'bles tagged in the Science category (to help populate the Physics Group) and ran across the following:Build Levitation Device. published by ermak777 on 12 Feb 2008.Build Levitation Device. published by kinofanat on 14 May 2008.The duplication is quite astonishing, right down to the typos in the description of the video. I've flagged the later edition as "Inappropriate", to help staff find it.

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A Perplexing Plurality of Privacy Policies

Near the bottom of many of the pages found on, there is a section labeled "About Us", and underneath that heading there is a list of various links,  titled: "About","Advertise","Press","Contact","Jobs","Legal","Help", and "Privacy Policy" The problem is this:  The link titled "Privacy Policy", does not always link to the same URL. On some pages it links here: However on other pages it links here: One of those pages is the simple, honest PP that Instructables has had for as long as I can remember, going back to the distant bygone era of at least 2008, by my recollection at least. The other page is, what I am guessing is, the privacy policy "inherited" from Autodesk, back in 2011, which was a long time ago, but not that long ago. In contrast to the old Instructables PP, the newer Autodesk PP seems to me to be a little bit more labyrinthine.  You know:  you follow a link, then you follow another link...;=14175119;=14175119#9;=13252943 and that leads to an op-out form, which contains the plural question: "Would you like to receive information from Autodesk, our affiliates, or partners including information about new products and special promotions? Via Email?Via Phone? Via Postal Mail?" And there are three little [Yes][No] radio buttons for those. For some reason, maybe it's just the voices in my head,  I don't even want to know what happens to anyone who submits that form. I mean its probably mostly harmless.  Probably.   But, still, I don't want to touch it. Anyway... my point here is that even though no one ever actually reads the privacy polices, it would be nice if all the links that say "Privacy Policy" on Instructables point to the same page.  I think it  would look more consistent and sane that way. Moreover, it would be extra special nice, if the PP page all Instructables pages link to is the nice, simple one, on the Instructables domain, here: And maybe everyone here could just ignore that other PP on the Autodesk domain. I mean, that's my suggestion for solving the consistency problem. In fact there exists a clause in the Instructables PP under "Business Transfers", and the language in that sort of infers  the Autodesk PP may be in effect.  That is, assuming everyone knows about Instructables being owned by Autodesk. What I'm saying it that you could just leave it up the members who read the Instructables PP, to conclude that the AutoDesk PP may be in effect,  that might be good enough, and interested persons could look into that can of worms, on Autodesk's domain, on their own if they want to. In conclusion:  Just change all the links titled "Privacy Policy" to point to: and call that good.  Because the alternative, links to plural PPs across different domains, is confusing, and kinda looks inconsistent and bad.

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Windows diagnostic policy is not running? Help connecting to the internet. Answered

HI, this is probably not the right place to ask this question but i will give it a shot anyway. I was using my computer recently and then without any warning, it decided that t would not connect to the internet. The connection status says 'limited connection'. Whenever I try to troubleshoot problems it says that the Diagnostics Policy Service is not running. I have set them to automatic, after restarting, When I try and start it it says "Error 5: Access is denied." I have tried to run a system file checker but there are no problems that come up. Thanks, any help is much appreciated.

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Does Instructables have a curse word policy? Answered

Just curious :) (no personal reason I promise lol)

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group policy in visual basic 6.0?

Hi, this is monojit from guwahati , assam I am currently using visual basic 6.0 to develop customize software. Now i want to use group policy in visual basic 6.0 as per my client's need. I have tried to execute this thing with my own knowledge but failed. Will u help me in this regard? Thanks in advance. Regards, Manajit Roy Guwahati,Assam E-mail:

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In Philippine law, is there anything concerning alternative currencies?

Google turns up null. I just want to know if there's any law or central bank policy regarding alternative currencies. (Just got interested because of all of the alternative currencies springing up all over the U.S.)

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slagging off

How do you get something done about not abiding by the be nice policy

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Can I link my online shop in some of mine instructables? Or it is against the policies? Thanks anybody for answering.

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How do i open Command Promt with it blocked by a group policy?

After looking over every single instructable i could find on this subject they basicly all pointed for the same ways to do it. They all either said to use a batch file or to open it by a hyper link through word. Now my school's TSTs are no dumbies, they really knew how to make a good group policy (atleas to the point of i cant figure it out, although it is probably something obviouse im just not seeing.) Here are the factors Batch files are blocked Run is disabled CMD.exe is disabled Task manager is Disabled so none of those methods work. However i do know it is possible to do it. I have seen it done, some one who works at the computer help desk with i open while still on a student account. According to the person who actually watched him do it he edited some kind of file in system 32 to open it (no not gpupdate or regedit) So if any of you can help me out here i would appreciate it, and to those who feel the need to say it i will put it out here right now. I frankly dont care if you "Think" i shouldent have it for a good reason. I have my reasons for it and for you Justice doers its not for gaining adminstration access or screwing the school network. However my true intentions are none of your concern anyway, but if you want to know them THAT badly, tell me a working method and ill talk.

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Welcome to the new Apple group. This is a group where you can discuss everything Apple related.Remember: The "Be Nice" policy. Do not start flaming about anything.

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Pro membership

Hey! If any one of you wants a pro membership. Please tell me . It is first come first serve policy as I have only 1 left. Goodluck

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Can someone please help me get past my schools software restriction policy? everytime i try to download limewire or when i try to make my own administrator account this little window pops up and says that i cant do that because its against my schools software restriction policy. all i want is some music so i can make my own cd's. if you can help that would be much appreciated :)

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Contest Layout and more

The latest changes are mostly around the layouts and inner workings of contests.  We've arranged all the contest information in tabs on one page, minimizing the work you need to do to find out all the contest details.  We also made some backend changes to allow the contest manager a bit more flexibility in how the contest looks, especially for contests with sponsors. Additionally, we have published for the first time our detailed Privacy Policy.  There's a lot of detail there but the important bit is about halfway down: "Instructables will not rent or sell potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information to anyone." We've always had that policy internally, but now it's published and official.  It's linked on every page, in the footer, along with the other "About Us" links. Finally, we've done a bit more tweaking of the header - avid Answerers will be pleased to note, we took your advice and returned the Answers link to the top level navigation.  Also we're trying out having the search box just up under the login bits, to save a little vertical space.

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Animal Crossing WW for DS

If this is against the instructables policy, let me know. I am starting an animal crossing WW friend code board. I will post mine shortly. Thank You.

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Can an Instructable be about something that you have for sale?

Can I develop an Instructable about something that I have designed and have for sale?  Be it a piece of electronics, a 3D Model, or a combination of the two?  Will having a link to this for sale item run afoul of policy?

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As a nice I believe  member since 2006   I wonder if anyone else is taken back by their avatar and We have a "be nice" comment policy Every where you may comment, now staring you in the face ? Or maybe, I said something and it's ONLY ME ?

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Shipping & Taxes

Hi! I previously won prizes on several contests here at Instructables and all of them were shipped to Hungary without any costs on my part, except the last one, I had to pay approx. 40 usd for a prize estimated at 75 usd. Did something change in Instructables' shipping policies?

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Would an animated avatar be annoying?

I was considering using an animated gif from one of my Instructables as an avatar but then thought it might be annoying.  What do you guys think?  Is there a policy on the avatars?  Gif below.  Feel free to tell me that people who use animated avatars should go drink castor oil. ;)

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Today was the first time i wanted to comment, but found myself confronted with this: "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." In my personal opinion, constructive comments are rarely positive and positive comments tend to be rather useless. Who thought the statment quoted above is a good idea and can it be changed?

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Instructables is degrading...

I've been inactive for an insanely long time (was busy at forums instead) and decided to come and check back. It seems to me like ibles has fallen almost as low as youtube, what with multitudes of hateful commenters and general negative feedback when people post their opinion. When I left, everyone was so nice! What happened to the be nice policy?

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Misspellings: An annoyance or serrious problem

I am getting sick of seeing people ragging on about misspellings to the point where I feel it has gotten out of hand. I belive the new policy should be people who submit new instructables should try their best to spell everything right and if someone does come across a misspelling to simply let it go. Anyone agree?

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Bug -- editing an I'ble changes the publication date

I just noticed that editing an existing, and already published, Instructable changes the publication date to the date of last edit.  That was not true in the past, and I am fairly sure it is not the behaviour intended by the Instructables staff.  It has, as you can guess, several unexpected side effects, some of which circumvent established policies and rules.

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How can a terrarium be air tight? Answered

The office where I work has a no plant policy; they're afraid the water will spill and ruin the furniture and carpet. However, I think I can get away with a terrarium. However, I'm am wondering how plants can live in an air tight environment. Eventually won't the plants convert all the carbon into oxygen and suffocate?

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Is it possible to filter Instructables questions? Answered

There are a few folks who ask questions that I'd really rather not be tempted to answer, since I would have trouble holding to the "Be Nice" policy. It would be better for both me and them if I could tell Instructables not to show their questions to me at all. Call it a killfile, or an anti-subscribe... Is there such a mechanism? (I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.)

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Posting 'Ibles within multiple categories

I'm relatively new to Instructables, (8 months), but when I posted my first Instructable, Steampunk Lamp - Lanterna Antiga, I found it frustrating that I could only include it in one category, so I chose "Steampunk." I inquired about this limitation, and was told by one of the fine folks at Instructables that there was a time when you could chose multiple categories for an Instrucatble, but that people were taking advantage of this feature for exposure, so it has been limited to only one category per Instructable. I would like to get some feedback from other members of the Instructables community about this policy, as I feel being limited to selecting only one category doesn't do justice to many of the fine projects posted here. I know personally I tend to check recent posts in the "Steampunk" category, but may overlook a cool steampunk project if it's posted under "Workshop" or somewhere else. A few months back, I posted a Steampunk Incandescent USB Lamp, and it would seem perfectly logical that such a project should be categorized under "Steampunk", "Lamps", and "USB," but I was forced to chose only one category, so I went with "Steampunk" again. I'm sure there are people who only check "Lamps," or "USB," who would be interested in this project, but don't check "Steampunk," so they haven't seen this project. I think it would be reasonable to be able to select up to three categories to post Instructables, instead of the current "only one category" policy, and hope the fine folks at Instructables will consider adjusting this policy. I'd also like to know what other regular contributors to Instructables think. Best regards, Winged Fist

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Entries from romania

Two years ago, the contests said that entries are accepted from any country That was all nice until i noticed that lately the contest policy has changed and there is only a small list of countries now. I've always hated the idea of country-exclusive stuff going on on the internet. Will it be possible in the future to submit entries from Romania too?  Also, based on what criteria do the admins here choose what countries can participate?

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How do i see my followers list? Answered

Hi, so recently it seems that instructables has updated and im still trying to work out how to use it with the updates... The main problem im facing is trying to view a list of my followers, as its a policy of mine to go through and thank each one individually...  I remember i used to be able to access my 'followers' page through my  profile, this no longer seems possible, any help would be greatly appreciated  :-)

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Random GoodHart: a newly discovered LAW

I know this is kind of random, and I just now, moments ago, accidentally discovered this, but there is a GOODHART's LAW  :-) It states:   once a social or economic indicator or other surrogate measure is made a target for the purpose of conducting social or economic policy, then it will lose the information content that would qualify it to play that role. This almost sounds like a parallel to the famous Quantum Mechanics rule of effecting the state of a particle by observing it.  This bulletin was brought to you by the Totally Random Goodhart Reseach and Useless Information Recovery team.  Thanks for reading.

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My free wordpress blog will delete?

I'm afraid to do this... sry about my damn eng :-D i have movie that downloaded from torrent now i'm going to do upload it again to cloud storage and shrink that download link using then paste it to my wordpress blog then publish to world .. i want to know the first torrent movie owner can  report my link under copyright Policy ? pls don't tell go and see wordpress Terms of Service. just tell me they can report my link or not 

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Recommendation for Contest: Accessibility and Assistive Technology

On behalf of Kiteman, NachoMahma, and myself, I would like to propose to the Instructables staff a contest theme of accessibility (in the sense of disability access, adaptive equipment and assistive technology, and the independent living movement). We'd like to see the contest include not just hardware (devices), but also software and online design (Web, PDF, etc.) which is fully accessible. Both specific designs and descriptions of the guidelines and tools to use should be included.For my own selfish benefit, I would like to have already published I'bles eligible for such a contest, but that's a policy decision for Instructables, not for me.

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Translations? Is there a way to tranaslate our comments to our choice of languages?

   One of my favorite "Instructibles"  (By a spanish speaking publisher) mentioned that he uses an automatic translator. I didn't notice an option to translate my post to his page to another language(I speak english). Don't know if you proviode that option or not....Or, if I need to download my own translator to do this.... I might be pushing your "Be Nice" policy, but I thought it would "be nice " to post my comments to him in spanish.................Thank Y'all for providing such a well constructed and emensely useful site....Hope you "Live long and prosper"....

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Upgrade gearing on a elderly-person scooter? Answered

Hi guys, I recently a scooter for free on the side of the road. It is one of those sit down grandparent's motorized chair. Since I am have no other use for it, I am planning on making some bada55 scooter from he11. It is electric, and made by a company called "guardian". Oh, and it still works, I'm just not sure of the battery life. Has anyone ever messed around with one before? Any help would be appreciated! *I don't remember instructable's policy on swearing so that’s the reason for the numbers :)

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X Marks the Spot

Many of you will know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Some of you will know that there's a national election in the UK soon. In the UK, Captain Tom has lost a bet, and has to stand for parliament. Why should this interest us as Makers? Because he is going to fix Broken Britain by sending a free roll of duct tape to every home! Excellent - #2 Son is desperate to turn 18 to vote for him. Have a look at his campaign site.  London-based readers can help with his nomination. Vote for Cap'n Tom! He has policies. He has experience. He has a duck on his head.

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UK: Boycott Marks & Spencer's

Heads up -- Marks & Spencer's in the UK actually DYES their (perfectly good if past-due) food BLUE before tossing it out, intendending to deter or prevent urban recyclers and others who think waste is immoral, from scavenging their dumpsters. Reportedly they also slash the soles of shoes that get tossed so that they can't be reused. It makes NO difference to M&S, yet company policy is to ruin the goods. Imagine stomping on a bunch of bananas you couldn't sell at the end of the day, rather than giving them to a hungry person. If waste bothers you, consider thinking twice before having dealings with Mark's and Spencer's.

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Offensive (at least to me) Titles or Content of Instructables

Thank you to the "powers that be" for removing the "Instructable" on how to snare cats that I flagged a few weeks ago. Though my comments were perhaps a bit coarse (considering your Be Nice Policy) watching a video of a snared feline swinging back and forth by the back leg, desperately trying to escape, should shock and anger anyone; cat owner, cat lover or dog owner or anyone else that possesses the tiniest smidgen of humanity. To address the title of this post, I have counted over 60 Instructables that either have "Ghetto" or "Hobo" in their titles or text. I'm not only quite offended by this practice, but find no excuse for allowing it continue; and please note I'm a middle-aged white guy, raised in rural North Dakota and a small city in Minnesota! The first clause of your Be Nice Policy is - "We expect you to respect the rights and dignity of others." Any Instructable that utilizes low-cost, recycled or repurposed materials; or low-tech design and/or assembly methods should proclaim and celebrate those qualities, rather than denigrating or making insinuations about the less fortunate of our society, falls short of meeting the expectations of that clause. I'm fairly positive that you wouldn't publish an Instructable on how to "Jew someone down" (bargain or haggle) to get a lower price, just as I heard expressed by others countless times while I was growing up. It was offensive to my sensibilities then, and even more so now. Thank you for providing the opportunity to address this matter in your forum.

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Poor punmanship

I finally got around to really reading through the new ibles blog. Seems you need to log into facebook to post a comment there so hence the posting here as forum topic. I was interested to read about the ice cream gathering, the one promoted with the "nitroglycerine" ice cream. I get to the part where you have the flavors listed. I see: Rum Raisin (aka MADD About You) Now, that is questionable on many levels. If that is the name of the flavor promoted by the ice cream vendor, shame on them. If that is the name of a flavor made up by the blogger, I think they need to have a look at the Be Nice policy. I am not beyond reproach but I do know where not to cross the line.  

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Google boss concerned about privacy??

One coolest pieces of technology in the hands of independent Makers is the UAV; students and hobbyists can exceed military spec for drones and quadrocopters for a fraction of the cost.  So it concerns me when Eric Schmidt, head of the company that put millions of people's homes online without asking, and has been fined in several countries for harvesting personal data via wifi, trys to influence American policy makers, invoking the demon called Terrorists Might, so that the use of UAVs is restricted on thd grounds of "protecting privacy". What say you, Makers? Image of Eric Schmidtvfrom AP via BBC site. 

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Playing Games In Session

Think students playing games on their laptops during class is bad? What about parliament members playing games during government policy sessions? The parliament of Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayas, has decided to ban laptops so that lawmakers will stop playing computer games while the Bhutanese parliament is in session.It is not however true that we were always playing games, said the MP, who is from the governing Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT). We need the laptops because that saves us the trouble of having to carry huge amounts of paper and documents.He makes a good point: playing game after game of tic-tac-toe does require a huge amount of paper. What games do you think they were playing?

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Must Be Nice Comments.

I've been trying to upload comments to a micro controller forum and it continuously tells me my post isn't nice enough or isn't formated correctly. This is getting vary annoying. This stupid policy of letting a poorly thought out filter program block comments that don't fit a "nice" format needs to go. This is the post I'm trying to make.I'm getting the following errors with the AtMega8. It must be a problem with the giveio driver which I have installed but it's still not working. All the forums say to just install it but that's not fixing the problem. I'd greatly appreciate any help."avrdude: can't open device "giveio"avrdude: failed to open parallel port "lpt1"make.exe: *** [program] Error 1> Process Exit Code: 2> Time Taken: 00:00""

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Dear Newsletter editor.

Hi... This is an open letter.. made with a new id which i will never use again.. i promise you that my sole intention is for instructible to be better. Lately it's been very difficult for me to follow the one rule "be nice policy"... I'm still trying very hard... It's been made very hard by the newsletter editor, or whoever's job it is to choose which instructible to feature..  It's like you just choose randomly (or is this the case???), some times it's such a ridiculous ible that i can't hold my self much longer.. I want to be nasty in the comments of the ible.. But it's not the ible's writer's fault..  S/he's just making and sharing what s/he wants and i wouldn't even open the ible if it wasn't featured!!! To me, featuring means that you think it's a really nice piece and everyone should have a look at it.. it's brilliant! it's new!! it's unique! A little screening should be done prior to featuring.. Featuring doesn't mean "hey guys.. look at these random pages and see what you think.. or whatever..." Some of the ible's that was featured lately  that i dont think that everybody should see: "is my sweater blue?"  i admit it's a funny one.. well written.. yet it's pointless!  anticlimactic! i was expecting so much more only because it was featured. If i stumbled on it on my own, i wouldn't have put so much expectation and wont be too disappointed.. might even enjoy the joke..  it was 1st of march!!! Not april fools!!!!! "router hack"  more like router 101..  or how to use your router.. look at all the breach in the be-nice-policy comments... I wont even comment there..  A few was a re-post of older ible, some even a only re-make (i dont want to say plagiarism), and few more i care to remember... Were they innovative? were they interesting? were they everyone-must-see material? subjectively i say NO, NO, and NO. But if i look at the other commenting on them, mostly breaching the be nice policy, i'm not alone! I'm seriously starting to see instructible newsletter to be more junk lately.. Not like before when i got excited everytime one arrives in my inbox.. now i'm like "meh.. gotta screen to these stuff again because someone didn't do his/her job properly"... Please do something about this.. I'm worried that instructible would spiral down into the abyss, becoming flamming troll land due to the domino effect from negative comments making others feeling negative and spreading like a virus.. If it happens, there's only one to blame: unscreened newsletter featuring undeserving ibles. So i say again: please.. please.. please.. Anonym

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Vital things to know before and after opening and Etsy shop

Imagine you have been selling on Etsy for years (in our case 4 years), and suddenly they shut down your store(s) without a legitimate reason and without you breaking any rule. After you have spent a lot of time building your customer base, reputation, etc this is utterly traumatic in every aspect you can think of. We made this parody video reflecting our experience and that of many others who have suffered at the hands of Etsy. It's intended to educate those who have no idea about some of the ill practices they carry out and bring a bit of laughter to those already affected. More info published by the Daily Dot

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Warehouse House

Ever since i was 12, i've wanted to live in a warehouse, 1000+ square feet. my plan would be to build an apartment (myself) on the inside, out or 2x4s, etc. I would build the inner house to code, insulate and heat it (so i wouldnt have to heat a million cubic feet), and just do all the stuff you can only do when you live in a warehouse. like ride a go-kart between your bedroom and kitchen, and have a trampoline in your living room. Now that i'm approaching the age of "hey, you're gonna be 23 soon, you'd better start thinking about a house", this is becoming more and more appealing to me. Anyone have any input on procedures, policies, zoning regulations, bills, etc? If (when) i do it, i'll most assuredly post an 'ible.

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Information on DIY Electronics

Hey everybody, I really hope someone can help me. I'm PJ, a social work student that's organizing a sort of DIY electronics meeting in Belgium. By school policy, i have to write something in between an essay and a thesis and i'm doing it about DIY as a scene within subcultures. Now because DIY as a scene or culture is so enormous i'm writing it about DIY in electronics/hardware fiddling/hacking/modding/bending. Now what i'm trying to ask: Do you know any essays, thesisses, papers, books about DIY as a culture, scene, phenonemon?,... Not just a link to Wikipedia I need a base, where i can start from in writing this essay so i can explore DIY some more. Thanks a lot. PJ

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How do you deal with too much stuff? Answered

I have a small house and the stuff that comes into it from every day living quickly stacks up (literally). Most of this stuff is good and or important or it goes right in the garbage. It's mostly an issue of taking too much time to process it or it's good stuff that I feel bad about throwing out like books. So are there any organizational or procedural tricks that you use to clear out clutter? I've built bookshelves and storage space everywhere I can manage. I throw out anything that doesn't have a purpose. I tried to implement the one in one out policy but had a hard time doing so with things like children's artwork and paperwork that comes in the mail. Please please please!

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I don't know why it hasn't been done before...

Just had to make a group for the terrible instructables. If you've ever felt the urge to point out a lame instructable, here's the place to do it. Feel free to post nominations in here. Of course, it's hard to follow the "be nice" policy with something like this. Really, though, if the instructable was that bad, the instructor usually didn't actually care to do it well. If they did try, and it just turned out bad, then they can still be added. Including a few tips on their page to encourage improvement wouldn't be a bad thing to do. Mostly, though, this is for those really terrible instructables that really should be deleted. Something like "Make light from matches. Instructions: Go to a dark room and light some matches." Have at it.

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Ban the posting of Instructables that use of dead animals or parts thereof

As one who respects all life, and who is sickened and repulsed by the "Instructables" which attempt to use dead animals or parts of them as some kind of demented joke, I propose that should ban the posting of articles dealing with or including dead animals or parts thereof. (And before anyone asks... Yes, I've been a vegetarian for 30 years. No, I don't wear leather or fur or other animal parts. No, I'm not a "wuss" - I just feel that the use or exploitation of living things or formerly living things without their consent is immoral.) eBay seems to have survived just fine with their policy of restricting the sale of animal products to a very specific list; I think Instructables should take the moral high-road and institute an outright ban on the use of animals in posts.

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