dog poop in compost? Answered

 is dog poop bad for compost because it isn't plant based?

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any practical use for cat poop? Answered

I have five cats and lots of poop. jokes are expected and welcome but anybody with any real ideas? composting and fertilizer are out. thanks

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how can i humanely stop cats pooping on my lawn? Answered

I have a problem with cats excreting on my garden since my own cat passed away. any tips on how to humanely deter the pesky poopers? its a shady side garden and a security light has had no effect. thanks.

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What kind of molecule does fungus excrete or produce as a by products of feeding or in a hibernation state? Answered

What kind of molecule does fungus excrete or produce as a by products of feeding or in a hibernation state? I'm just doing a little experimentation at home LOL

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Which amp is better? An Orange Crush 30R? Or a Marshall MG30FX? Answered

 Which amp is better quality and has the best sound? I don't care about the effects I only would like to know about the sound quality for use with any type of music.

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How do I keep my cat from pooping on my bed?

I moved into a new apt about 5mo ago and my cat, Oliver, has begun pooping on my bed! I know it's stress related due to moving and being away from his sister Chloe (who now lives with my parents as she peed on everything). He doesn't do it all the time, maybe 2 times a week. If anyone knows what would make him feel more comfortable using his litter box PLEASE let me know.

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I havent been here for a long time...

So, What's new??

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how can i make a youtube poop?

Dear instructables. i want to make a you tube poop. But i don't know how. Can you make an instructable on it plz -Ninjacat64

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Free Internet

This is soooo funny i had 2 post it

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Cheap cat-daddy - what can I use instead of store-bought cat litter for finicky spoiled cats who insist on clay litter?

I'm getting sick of paying for basically dirt so my cats can poop in pleasure. Any suggestions. BTW, they refuse to use the green stuff or the newspaper stuff. They're all three around 13-14 years old, so they pretty much own my wife and me. I just want to spend less money to serve my masters.

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Wifi litter box pooper scooper

Hello! I have a cute little Boston Terrier pup whom I've named Penny. Most of the day she has to spend indoors while I'm at work. I've trained her to use a litter box and she uses it regularly. However, if there is too much poop in the box, she won't use it. I'm wondering if there is a neat tech way to use the internet to control a robotic arm, with a video feed, to pick up the poo, and drop it in a waste bin. I'm thinking about some something like a wifi claw game that I can operate remotely, either from my computer at work, or on my iPhone.

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how do i keep birds away from pooping in my backyard/courtyard? Scarecrow or bird deterent?

How do i keep birds away from pooping in my backyard/courtyard? Scarecrow or bird deterent? Thank you in adavance for anyones help. I am constantly cleaning outside.

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Your full of Bugs !

Your full of Bugs !

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How do I get my cats to stop pooping in the walkway between my house and my car door?

My driveway runs beside my house, and up to my front porch. When I pule my car in to park, I have just enough space to walk between my open car door and my house. Thats were my cats have started pooping. I have had to start parking off the other side of the driveway, just so my children and I will not step in it. I would like to be able to park my car with out steping in poo. Any ideas. Thanks

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what can you explode

Such as salt peter can that explode

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best ecological pooper scooper? Answered

I pick up my dog's poop with plastic bags, but not biodegradable ones. I have tried using newspaper and then burying it with the poop. I could buy biodegradable bags, but I would rather use something than buy something new that has been manufactured.

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This is a place were people who know how to lift rocket and knows about them but it also is for explosive stuff

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Iwas wondering if you can program anything you putt on a curcit board using a female d sub

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why do they call it taking a dump when you aren't taking it anywhere? Answered

Isn't it really leaving a dump and flushing it?

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Any reccomendations for a homemade cat bath solution? Answered

My cat always smells like its own poop and i give it just water baths, it doesnt mind them. I haven't been able to go to my local pet store recently because it is closed for fire damage (don't worry the animals all got out) and I was wodering if there was a cheaper alternative to store-bought. 

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SR- 47 gun

I am in the process of making a new gun. It may not be fantastic, but I know with yalls support it might be near it. It is the American version of the AK 47. It resembles the M4. I'll post some pictures, and right now, I'm working on the stock. I think that dutchwarlord's M4 stock is pretty cool. It doesn't matter if this is a working model or not. I really want to get this up and made. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to yalls suggestions. If anyone wants to help me build this gun, just PM me.

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How do i remove rim paint Answered

So i painted my rims black with duplicolor rim paint and i did a bad job and they look like poop.. is there a way to take the paint off?

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Is there a (easy, cheap) way to capture biogas from legacy cesspools and how can/would one use such energy capture?

I have a rural property with 3 legacy cesspools that were dug in the 1960's. Cesspools are essentially underground chambers that are hermetically sealed from the surface but which let fluids leach out through the bottom and sides. Our waste water drains into the cesspools. One cesspool gets no poop, just graywater. The others get the full mix. My understanding is that poop and everything else that goes down the drain decomposes anerobically. So I wonder is there something interesting to do to capture some energy...? tks. I

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how can i make a radio controlled high powered rocket (the internal system or guts) using only parallax items?

I'm trying to design a camera slash ignition system for a rocket that I'm trying to build

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WANTED: Recipe for Clear Gel or Glaze (ala Wilton Sparkle Gel)

I recently made my first trial batch of Unicorn Poop, but I ran into a problem!  I tried using the Wilton Sparkle Gel as suggested, and it *looks* fantastic... but it *tastes* bad.  D:  I wasn't sure if it was just me, so I tried it out on my beau, and then a couple of co-workers.  The verdict: plain cookies tasted better than the Wilton-covered cookies.  Oh no!!  That means that my Unicorn Poops will look old and crusty, instead of wet and sparkly!  (The horror, amirite?) I'd like to "glaze" them so that they can hold onto all the sparkles and decorations that make them so whimsical (as if rainbow colored poop cookies need the help!!) but I don't want to share cookies that taste sub-par because of the decorations. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'd like to make my own glaze, and ideally it would "harden", or at least dry "unsticky" (not a word) so that transporting them wouldn't be a hassle.  Maybe glycerin?  Light corn syrup?  I'm open to suggestion!

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i love junk mail!!!!!!!


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can i get a good source code that sends commands from the parallax transmitter and receiver?

Im having trouble writing source code for the transmitter and receiver so where they send commands and receive them to operate from a distance

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Vendor for lower power LEDs. Lower the better.?

I'm working on a prop mod for poops and giggles. I'm trying to make LEDs run on a potato battery. May be impossible, but I'mma find out. I need the lowest power LEDs I can find

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what (electronicly) can you make? Answered

I want to know all the projects people are making this year and in the near future. please give me full detail on your project , so may be i can assist you on it . and if you have a video i would love to see it . well good luck.

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know any cool lcd screen projects?

My family had a portable dvd player poop out so i ripped it open and got all kinds of cool stuff! does anyone know if i could make it work with my computer? make it work with anything? do i have to recycle it because it's worthless? thanks! sonny

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i am in need of some help and i need some advice.

My question is can i get some advice on how to build my high powered hybrid rocket . Advice like is it cheaper to buy the hybrid rocket engine or motor. And how can i fire it with out the air force firing at me etc. please reply i need all the help i can get.

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Fake instructables

So I have come across this one user. MegaPrincess3001 He is posting fake instructables. I mean, these Instructables obviously are fake and are not helpful in any way. They are funny, but I do not feel they belong in this community. For example, one video is just of him and one of his friends eating baked goods and then pretending to poop out a "pizza". He passes this off as "making a pizza". Watch "how to make a pizza" to get what I mean.  I have attached  an uploaded image of him "cooking a pizza" to show you what I mean What is instructables policy on these videos? Are they considered spam, inappropriate? or will we just allow them to exist on this site? I have flagged both of his videos as inappropriate. If you agree with me, I suggest that you do so to. ~wowguy

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what I've been up to lately.

1. built a sword yesterday 2-3 built this beast all summer 4. my Birds layed egs and hatched in to babe birds what did you expect :P 5. collected a lot of pop tabs for my chain maille shirt 6. Went to Mamoth caves here's the natural entrance we didnt go through this one to get into the cave but I cna tell you we were 4HUNDRED and 25 ft under the surface of the earth! no elevators or places to pee down there XD. some lady was really sick down there and prolly pooped her pants LOL she and here husband had to leave the tour 35 mins early. That what I've been doing also I got to 80 in wow and am tryin' to twink out my character.

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Would it be worth it to buy a new computer?

I have a HP Pavilion Slimline at 2.5GHz Dual-Core processor. It's using a Radeon 7750, a DVD RW CD RW optical drive, and a 286GB I think it is solid state hard drive. It's 2009 with an intel pentium processor and Windows 7 operating system. It has 3 USB 2.0 ports that are broken but with a 4 usb 2.0 port hub and 3GB of RAM. I would like to know if it would be worth it buying a new computer OR if it would be better buying an Intel i7 processor (3rd or 4th gen) and installing it manually. What are some problems I could face with installing one manually? I've seen processors that have Intel HD 4000 graphics in it already without a graphics card, would that interfere with my Radeon 7750? Could I fix that? Would it be worth buying a new gaming computer or would it be better buying an intel i7 processor at 3rd or 4th generation? If I were to buy a computer, I would buy one of the following:;=item19e1d83909 Or something that is below $720 and is at least quad core i7 or at least hex core AMD. I would much prefer Intel i7 though. And I would need at least my Radeon 7750 or better. I only use Windows 7, not Windows 8 so if it comes with 8 I will install 7. If I buy an i7 processor and install it into my current computer, what processor would be compatible with my computer? LASTLY: I will pay no more than $350 for the i7 processor. Thanks for reading!

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Shell says "Peak oil in 7 years."

In a recent e-mail to Shell employees, Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer writes:"Regardless of which route we choose, the world's current predicament limits our maneuvering room. We are experiencing a step-change in the growth rate of energy demand due to population growth and economic development, and Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand."2015 is seven years away and with limited resources and an expanding population we are sure to see more and more limitations on resources we take for granted. Water, cooking oil, and food are also in that list.The e-mail goes on to say that little will likely be done about this situation by any governments until the poop has really hit the fan and by then it will probably be too late. Two scenarios are laid out in the e-mail, Scramble and Blueprints. One is a mad dash towards a solution as we hit the problem head-on and the other is to make a plan now for the inevitable.Personally, I hope for the Blueprints scenario, but I feel like the Scramble is likely what we'll be doing. link

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Chinchilla-safe material for food-bowl

My chinchilla is, for the most part, a jerk. She is adorable, though, so I'll keep her. I can keep up with all of the ways she tries to antagonize me (I've come to the realization that she really is out to get me :P ), except for one. She often pushes her food bowl off of the ledge. I would move it to a lower area in her cage, but, as I came to realize the first time, she poops into the bowl when it's below her. So, I must keep it on this ledge. I therefore need a way to attach and un-attach the bowl to the cage (so I can fill it with food afterwords). I could just go and buy one of these food-bowls,  but I'm too cheap and like to make my own stuff, anyways. So I have two questions - what material would be best for attaching it to the cage, and would hot glue work as an adhesive? I am worried about her gnawing on the stuff, because I know certain things can kill her if she eats them (eg: Paint). Thanks! :)

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Anyone Made/Thought About Making This? (MILES Tag)

Hi, I recently stumbled on the DIY Miles tag web site. For those of you who don't know MILES tag stands for Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System. It is used to train solders in combat, without that pesky thing that kept pooping up in live fire training: death. So, it basially looks like a really fun game of laser tag. All of the parts are obtainable on the site, assembled PCBs as well as just the PCBs and other various important parts. If you do enough digging into this small community of DIY laser-tag..ers you can find that they are apparently a very helpful bunch and there are lots of how-to documents. There are many documents out there I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas or if they had built one.Miles Tag "Official" Site: entry on MILES: A Italian site on the subject (Some digging revels a part English site): http://www.lasertagitalia.itA Laser tag forum: http://www.laserforums.comTagger Construction: it out, I'm hoping to get some ideas as to how to make a case from anyone who care to give there 2 cents!-Gigman

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Dangerous Local Pest, What to do ? Answered

Well the local wild coyote is boldly walking up and down our Reno street at 2pm in the afternoon, sniffing at the neighborhood house dogs leg-lift corners and bushes.  As a life rule, I figure "live and let live"... The bears and wild animals are moving into town because food is scarce in the mountains this year and our leaders admonish us for leaving garbage readily available and encouraging predation.    BUT this afternoon there was some confrontation at the fenced pen our dog uses for his duty and our dog was afraid to go out and chose to leave a large pile in our computer closet which I boldly managed to step into with both feet when starting the computer after supper.  Yes, I was prepping to do our monthly ledger but first I managed to drag brown foot prints over rugs through our bedroom to our bathroom.  After a couple hours of cleaning the most foul smelling dog poop, the monthly bills and Febreze treatment of the wall to wall rugs, we had to use a leash and collar to get our naughty pet to step out to the high fenced dog pen and let him discover it was safe ! ....  We watch preschool grand children and fear the situation.  What to do ?? ... I could rig an IR light beam trip wire to cause a servo to rattle some cans to discourage coyote walkabout in my yard but hope someone has a better suggestion ?

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VR gaming parties anyone?

Last week I was "volunteered" by friend to help setting up a rented and empty factory building for what he called a VR gaming party.My job was down to somehow get enough cables and power outlets from that rented industrial power box inside the building.And well, organising about 800m of network cables with routers, switches and whatnots :(After a hard days work and testing all we went for a well deserved beer.Next day I pooped in to see how the computers are going and where things like tables, catering stations, portable toilets and so would go.Well, the later ended outside for various reasons...To my surprise all hardware was basically boxed in and then padded all around.And although not even running at full capacity the computers already created a lot of heating the building.(Mind you we getting into the summer here)The most confusing thing was seeing several elevated work platforms with people creating a maze of wires about 2.5m above floor level.Now it dawned on me that this "party" might slightly more than what I was used to in my gaming years.Was curious enough to ask if I could jump in again when the actual thing starts and was invited for a quick test later that night.Walking around in an empty building while thinking you are inside some racing game was a strange thing to say the least.I learned why there where two people around me and my brain not always makes the right decisions without the sensory information provided by my ears matching what my eyes see.A bit later when most players where set up and active I realised that this type of VR is not for me.Ever seen those movies where someone has really bad halucinations and tries to fight against something that is not really there?Yes, that is exactly how it looked like LOLSometimes all is in slow motion then suddenly they jump shoot their virtual guns and go for cover...I guess if you are not in it then you just won't understand.Watching the screens for a while I could at least find some relation to the action but it was like another world if you know what I mean ;)What do you think will the near a slightly further future bring us in terms of virtual reality?Will it affect us as badly as social media and mobile phones already do or will it bring some real benefits for everyone?By the way: Virtual Reality Cars are already in the design visions!Self driving cars that put you into another world while driving - why think you sit in the car if you can put the seat back and immerse yourself into a virtual beach?

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Coming Soon: EVERY Instructable, one massive book

[edit: this isn't real, but it would be awesome] In the interest of helping out our amazing community of authors, we’ve decided to make all of Instructables available for download in a single PDF document. That way when the EMPs hit or the grid goes down, you’ll have all the chicken rearing, solar paneling, rain barreling, wind turbining, and urban farming resources you’ll need. And because we’re including everything, you’ll also be able to stave off the post-apocalypse blues with bacon roses and unicorn poop. We’re putting all 127,000 Instructables projects into a single omnibus edition that will be sold at cost (TBD) to Instructables authors and for about $1000 for non-members. We’ll also make the PDF available to Pro members. If you’re so inclined, you can print and bind your own version. Get familiar with KaptinScarlet’s “How to Bind Your Own Hardcover Book” Instructable. We found a spectacular publisher who’s willing to bind the pages with paracord and baling wire. This edition should have just about 30 meters of paracord in the binding, along with just enough baling wire to keep the whole thing together if you choose to take out the paracord. The publisher also agreed to include a metal shank in the spine that can be fashioned into a makeshift knife, shovel, or bottle opener. The book is big enough to make a pretty nice counterweight for a small trebuchet, too. There were a few challenges for this publication. First of all, there’s an awful lot of content. To keep the print length down, we used small images wherever possible. We also cut the comment sections and individual project tables of contents. We did, however, keep the advertisements in the margins just in case AdSense will pay out during the End of Days. This publisher did balk at including packages of strike-anywhere matches in the book jacket. Sorry everybody. Matches were deemed “too unsafe” for their production and distribution teams. As though a conflagration of Amazon packages in the back of a UPS truck is less safe than losing a few digits to a frozen post-apocalyptic hellscape. The biggest challenge of all, though, was the sheer size of the book itself. The rough draft weighed in at about 500 kilograms. In a lucky break, using that ultra-thin biblical/lexicographer paper stock allowed us to cut the weight to just 220kg AND to make the pages double as bathroom tissue in a Charmin-less world. The tome will require a licensed forklift operator to receive it (or you can choose to pay the $150 white glove installation surcharge.) And, as usual, we cannot ship to a PO box.

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my 9v batter is overheating on the LEDs (This was a DIY project I'm worried I messed up somewhere)?

Hello guys, I'm pretty new to LED work and this might seem like a really round about process to how I did this but I'm going to explain the whole thing and hopefully find a solution to my problem! First off I bought these Fairy Lights:;=1 I bought them to put into rave fluffies (that I hope to sell at some point) I've attached photos below of what they look like if people didn't know. I bought them because of the small battery pack so they could sit nicely along the legs and not bother anyone and, because they're rainbow and do a beautiful blinking pattern. The problem with them is that the battery packs completely sucked. Big time. They would work for about a minute and then start loosing higher voltage colors and then about at the 3 minute mark they would just be totally red. I figured they were crappy batter packs so I decided to mess with it. Rave Fluffies: The fairy lights themselves were to short so, I decided to solder to strands together, then I trashed the battery pack that came with them and replaced it with a 9v batter pack adapter. I tested it out on some 9 volt batteries laying around the house and it looked magical. All of the colors stayed much longer and it was beautiful!  So, today I went out and bought some new batteries they're Energizer Max 9V. I put the fluffies on and put them in and I wanted to test how long they would last. By about 5 minutes I felt a burning against my leg where the battery was. I took the fluffies off fast and discounted the battery. It was extremely hot. Almost to hot to touch and it left two nice low key red burns on my legs. I don't understand what caused this when the other batteries were fine? I also used a 9V energizer battery before. But, the only difference is I'm not sure how much power was left in it while these were fully powered! I hoping to find a solution to this and hopefully it's an easy fix! Also, Bonus points to whoever can send me in the right direction to buy fairy lights like these. Rainbow, blinking, with a small battery pack that doesn't poop out on me fast. I would prefer not to do this much work or something I intend to sell but, if that's what has to happen it's not the end of the world. Thank you so much!! Much love,  Meisha 

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