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Popup ads?

I've noticed a return of a certain popup, which I'd seen a couple months ago. This one has popped up approx five times in the last 24 hours. I'm running Firefox opens a small, empty window (firefox popup blocking?), which I didn't have a chance to capture--I clicked inside and it closed... But I did open the "view source" window before it closed, and here's the code:Empowering Your OpinionssetTimeout('self.close()',(60*1000));function load_survey(){"", "dlsurvey","toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes"); self.close();}URL: (with cgi arguments following.)

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Annoying Popups

Does becoming a premium member stop the annoying popups on this site?  The current trend of being BLASTED from every angle by ANNOYING advertisements is over the top.

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Popup Ads

I've noticed a popup ad that's been around for awhile now. The ad itself says something along the lines of taking a survey... I just got one on the homepage where the only ads I could spot were craftsman ones, if that helps. Its fairly prevalent, I'm surprised no one else has commented on it.

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Popup camper

Does any one know were I may find a pattern for a pop up camper I have one and all the canvas is all gone There was none  so I could not get a pattern from it. Cost to much to buy it new. Thanks Bernadine  

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Irritating Site PopUps

I quite like getting notiification emails and I often like to check out the featured article on the web pages but I sure as heck get extremely irritated that the popups appear so quickly and cover so much of the page that it interferes with my reading of the article. Can these be turned off/delayed? I understand the desire to market the tutorials to interested people but this is just darned irritating. BTW - this comment page hung for ages because of Google analytics - not very user friendly.

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full page popups

I hate the full page popups you have to delete when the site opens. If I want something from them I will hunt them

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popup flash advertisements

I know instructables needs advertisements to stay afloat, and I'm fine with that.  But that popup flash-ad for san luca, from is horrible.  I mean god awful.  It's the type of thing that drives people away from websites, and causes them to install flash-blockers and ad-blockers. When we do that, instructables doesn't get ad revenue, and that's bad. So please, for the love of God, Bob, Steve, or whoever your deity is, get rid of them, so we can support your site by seeing the normal adds, and even clicking on them occasionally.

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Popup mechanism for a secret storage box inground?

Hi, I have seen a pop up solar light and have the idea of building a secret storage box in ground but when needed the box should be able to lift up and then have access to its contents. Here are the links of the popup light and as well as the Intel capsule from where I could get the idea.   popup light: Intel capsule: What I want to know more about is the mechanics about how to lower and up the box.  Also is a picture that I drew to give you and idea of what I want to achieve. Thanks

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Radio Snark DIY popup

The popup for the Radio Snark DIY site forbids navigation between steps on the 'ibles.  I am using an android tablet. I have visited the sponsor's site.  Please let me finish my work.

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Anoying Add

I couldn't help but notice the new ad for Ace Hardware on the site. Glad to see you are getting some ad revenue for the site. But does the thing have to bring up a larger popup version of the add every time my mouse just happens to cross over it? This is really putting a drag on my browsing experience for the site. If you could disable the automatic popup of the ad that would be great.

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Giant paper popup.What Strong material to use other than Carboard?

What material could you use to make strong seats out of this?

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how do you make pop up picture frames from cardboard without attatching additional cardboard

, i remember the back was flat  and when used as a picture frame you would pull one piece out and clip into other cut out and make a stand up picture frams

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instant start virus alert programme

I have recently had 2 newsletters from instructables where upon opening an instructable of interest I get a virus warning and the device seems to start searching my C drive. The warning is nothing to do with AVG and upon running a scan nothing is found. I am alarmed by such things getting into my computer without my permission, what is going on? I have AVG, a firewall and windows defender all updated daily. Why does instructables allow this sort of intrusion? dougoutcanoe

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Hate new Popup Video Ads

I was just startled by the popping up of some football video ad. Pretty misplaced if you ask me. But just jarring and unappreciated. I know that Instructables has to support itself somehow. Just wish there were a less jarring and invasive way to do that. 

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Pop Book with lighted popup

My daughter has a project for her 8th grade Chemistry class that involves preparing a picture book on an element that is designed for younger elementary school students.  Her element is NEON.  She'd like to make a popup book, with the title page having a popup of the word NEON that will light up... we were thinking maybe making individual letters for the word NEON, and having them popup -- and perhaps having a light source behind the letters with cutouts in the letters themselves to allow the light to show through... Any ideas on how to accomplish this (easily)?  She will be doing the work HERSELF, with only advice from mom, so it needs to be as simple as possible. Thanks!

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Pop Up Card Theme Ideas

Hi, I am new here and am looking for theme ideas for the inside of a standard basic layer Thank you pop up card for a colleague and am having "crafter's block". They are in the telco industry, but I sense they would prefer something out of the box.

Topic by DELETED_dingodudette  

Those Lousy Keyword popups!

It seems that on every page recently my browser (Firefox) is popping up a little 'image name/keyword' banner that is REALLY annoying. I suppose its possibly the java or something similar, but I'm NOT turning off my settings for one site. Alternatively, how about letting us turn that crap off in our profile settings. I really don't need it and I'm absolutely sure there are thousands of others who would appreciate that 'one click peace of mind' button being there. I'm a very active reader and I find myself avoiding this site whenever possible JUST for that reason.

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Won't stay logged in or disable the email popup

I have an account to instructables, but whenever I visit, I get the super annoying email popup. Those are bad enough, but I would think if the site would keep me logged in, it wouldn't pop up since you already have my email address. However, it doesn't seem like the site is any good at keeping me logged in. Please, if I'm missing something, let me know - or fix it so that it'll recognize me and stop popping up the email beg window. It's getting to the point where I actually consider how much I want to click on a link if I see your URL. I'd hate to stop visiting an otherwise interesting site because you're so desperate to get the email.

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Problem with adding video -- popup box gets stuck

While reading another user's bug report about video embedding, I tried to do one of my own to see if I could reproduce a problem. Instead, I've found one of my own. On FF 3.6.13, MacOS 10.5.8, when I try to include video through the rich editor, the popup box seems to "hang" indefinitely (see attached).  This happens with Instructables and if I try to embed a video in a forum topic (like this one :-). I have a video on YouTube. I capture the embed code (which is a different format than before, no longer XML) and paste it in. I click OK. And it just sits there. No spinning wheel, no nothing, it just doesn't do anything. The OK button does turn yellow when I click it, but the process never completes. The other buttons work, so it's not like the whole thing is hosed. UPDATED: The problem is generically with the embed-video popup interface, not with video I'bles. Thanks to M4industries for helping me isolate the issue.

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Phony Virus Warning Message Popup

 I occasionally get virus warning messages on this site that are fake. How do I know that they're fake? I have a mac and the popups have a Windows 7 appearance. They also say my PC is infected. What happened? Now I have to force quit safari because it gives you one option, accept. No close, exit, or cancel.

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Voter Suppression by MOEN

I'm using Chrome. When I click to Vote (upper right of page) on an instructable such as:  the MOEN ad stays in front obscuring the voting popup. Similar eclipsing issue happens, although not consistently, after I click the '+ Collection' button to add the instructable to my collection.

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Scoreboard popover survey is obnoxious

Title says it all:  I am a proud pro member of ibles because I want to support the community, and I genuinely hate obtrusive ads.  I can understand that ibles wants site feedback, but popovers (flash or javascript animated boxes that pop into a webpage over its content) are just annoying when the same could be accomplished with an inline tasteful banner. Whenever I'm just surfing/stumbling a site, I INSTANTLY move on to greener pastures when these obnoxious intrusions pop over the content, regardless of what they ask or tell:  confirm your age, would you like to participate in a survey, subscribe to our newsletter, etc...  I don't know about others, but popups are the downfall of a quality content site.

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How do you make a popup with batch?

I would like to use batch to make simple messages pop up on the screen. perhaps with a timer? 

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Login unrecognized to allow comment

Good day! I wanted to leave a comment for one of the instructables, but when I place my cursor in the comment field, the login screen pops up. I entered my username and password which appears to work, as the page reloads, but when I scroll back down to the comment box and click to place my cursor, the same action occurs (the login popup appears). Thinking it may have been an incorrect password, I requested a password reset, followed instructions and was successful in changing the password. Back to the 'ible and lo and behold the same action occurs. I tried Safari and FireFox (current version) on Mac (10.9.1) to no avail. Help! Julie

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Report popups, annoying/inappropriate adverts here

I just had a persistent popup (the sort that follow the screen as you scroll up and down) from sustain lane, asking me to take a survey for The advert also appeared in the sidebar (the text "Take a survey" on a magenta background).If there's a duplicate of this thread somewhere else, I couldn't find it (apart from gmjhowe's thread about the nudity ones). If not, might I suggest a sticky with a title like the above to provide one place for people to report adverts?

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Login doesn't work

I wanted to comment on a project, so it asks me to login. Lastpass fills in the login fields for me, and I click login, the popup dissapears, but it doesn't log me in. Firefox 27.0.1  (and Lastpass) Ubuntu 12.10 The old (non-popup) version of the login did work.

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Bug on website OS X 10.11.4 , safari - cannot open article, register popup blocks content.

Safari 9.1 (11601.5.17.1) OS X 10.11.4 When you open an article, for example: And you cannot close the popup Welcome to DIY heaven. using X in right top corner of popup. Bug on website OS X 10.11.4 , safari - cannot open article, register popup blocks content. When you try to log in using Already a member? Login » than the login popup is under that freaking first popup, so it is useless. Maby noone on Instructables uses osx and safari,  but it is really annoying. And it is a clean install of system, problem can be recreated on other systems, i've tested. Could someone look in to that ? I know you want to force people to create account, that gives you money, but how the hell people can do that if login popup is inaccessible. And how the f$%&@$^ck i can upload images if neither new nor old uploader works with safari, The old uploader works, but not if you have tried new uploader first. Do you have any testers in your company ? many you should hire one at least. i know i can youse another web browser, but i do not want to, safari is quite popular, works well, and it is stock browser on every mac, that should be tested !!!!!!! and working. And please do appreciate my time to report that annoying bug, i'm pretty much pissed off .  

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Why did they screw up the editor so I can't upload pics anymore? Answered

When I try to edit my past instructable to add a new pic I can no longer do so on my small screen laptop. 1) the popup for adding the pic is sized so that the controls are "off screen" below the bottom. 2) There is no way to scroll the popup down. 3) and you can't "grab" the popup to move it up. Never had this issue before!

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Requests: Please change the popup to login + custom download buttons

Well two requests: Instructables devs can you change the way the popup comes up that tells you to login? A lot of my people are complaining that they NEED to login to the website, but actually they don't. Apparently they don't see the X or something or it is repeatedly coming up that it is annoying and people don't want to browse instructables. So my suggestion is not to cover up the whole screen with the popup, but just use a small banner on the bottom, which is not obtrusive like the current one is. Another request is that I would like to see a button on top of a instructable (next to the PDF download or something) where I can link to website where I have my stuff hosted, which is required for my instructable. So people can easily find the download and don't confuse it with the PDF download.

Topic by Metalfist  

How to get ride of an Acer laptop popup window? Answered

I have an Acer 5534 laptop. An Acer popup window comes on for about 20 sec after log on or after coming out of a sleep mode. "Your Acer Product is Registered" also "click here for more information" bottom right of screen. If I click for more info it takes me to an Acer site like a bookmark. I have gone into msconfig, start up tab unchecked any thing that said Acer, no luck. Gone into another location to change the Acer settings to hide both desk top Icons and notifications for the task bar, no luck. Any ideas how to get this nuisance turned off. Acer iformed me to make the msconfig, startup change which did not work.

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iPhone 4S popup too small to show close button and zoom deactivated, image upload broken on chrome, text editing broken on edge

Bug1: is not usable on an iPhone4s based on the nasty blocking nag-popup with hidden X/CLOSE. Replicate: - iPhone 4S with Safari iOS 9.2 (13C75) - Wait for the nagging "log in" popup - The close/x button is north of the screen, not visible, because the iPhone screen is not as big as your developers thought. - Zooming is disabled. Scrolling does not work as the nag-popup is using javascript to center. - There is no way to reach the X/close button - Nag-popup will not go away. - not usable on iPhone 4s. This is major PITA. Only way to get rid of nag-screen is ""reload"", but that was a lucky guess. Bug2: uploading Screenshots into this forum using Google Chrome DOES NOT WORK. Click "choose files" does not return anything. Bug3: although uploading screenshots works on EDGE Browser, clicking and entering the forum Text DOES NOT WORK. so- entering text into forum topic does not work on EDGE. so I upload pictures on Edge and enter this text in chrome... Do I reaaaaly need 3 browser to do this bug report? WTF? Only because I truly love like a unicorn loves pink, I took the pain to write this report, despite this forum's "choose files" button not working when trying to uploaid screenshot. Damn, even reportig bugs doesnt work - get your s*** together!

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How to search on for folders with a bunch of instructables inside?

Sometimes they popup on the search, but i want to specifically search only for folders or amalgamations of instructables!

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I think they should add a fb login thing on the popup login box as you have to scroll to the top again every time an it gets so annoying. who agrees?

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Need help making pop up speakers

So im trying to make a pair of popup speakers for my desk. I dont even mind it being pop up empty rectangular boxes (platforms) in which i can put in some portable Bluetooth speakers. I have attached a picture of a popup socket. Im not sure how it works though. I know you can use linear actuators but im not sure that will work or maybe i havent found the right ones. please if someone could help me

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I don't like the new popup bar to add instructables to my favorites

I use firefox and couldn't find a way to add an instructable to my favorites so that I can find it later. I tried with chrome and it was not apparent there either. Eventually I found that I could scroll down a bit and a bar would pop up and from there I could add to favorites and do other things. Why have this silly pop up bar that only pops up when you scroll the page to just the right spot? The buttons really don't take up that much room, just put them back on the page.

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Please go to the options page and set your preferences!

I'm just trying to download a file as a pdf & get repeated , repeating, message. "Please go to the options page and set your preferences!"   I can't find an options page, let alone a preferences page. I've tried this on my Chromebook running current release OS, and on my W-8 PC running current Chrome Browser version. This popup is incessant!  I can't get the data I need, what is the deal?  See attachments screenshots  What do I need to do, I can't find the page this popup is talking about????  PLEASE HELP JLH

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Batch check the integrity of AutoCAD? Answered

We need a way to batch check the integrity of a lot of AutoCAD files and need suggestions or recommendations.  These files have been recovered from a raw data image so many of them are corrupt and will not open.  The option to move any undamaged files would be extra beneficial. The only program I have been able to find is one called SmartPurger but it does not work as AutoCAD will popup with error messages on corrupted files and stall the process.  There is an option in SmartPurger to auto accept the popups but it does not seem to actually work.  Been Googling for a few hours and it looks like it somehow may be possible with LISP or Script programming but I've got zero experience with these things. Thanks!

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Question: Has anyone had any trouble concerning the PopUp ad on the Survey ?

Lately, when I sign in (under Fire Fox, newest upgrade) the Survey pops up and runs a script that makes it impossible for me to sign on (it keeps taking the FOCUS off the text input box). I have to cancel it, many times I have to cancel it 3 or more times to get it to go away. Is this just me, or have others gotten this also...?UPDATE: Here is a screen shot of the survey I mean...

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Why doesn't projects download in pdf format when I click on the Download Button?

I try to open a project in the PDF format using the Download Button but it doesn't download, it will popup asking me if I want to save it and once I do it saves as an "all Files" not a PDF.

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Can't print PDF files.

When I click on the Print PDF link, nothing happens.  There are no popups being blocked or anything like that.  Am I doing something wrong?  I am a free member, so is that the issue?  I know you have to be a Pro member to download PDF's.  Thank you.

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why can't I publish? I have keywords but it tells me to add them.? Answered

When I try to publish a popup tells me to add keywords.  I have four already!  I tried switching from firefox to chrome but get the same error.  Any ideas?

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Does anyone know how stop Teamviewer from displaying the popup when you disconnect?

I am running a HTPC on my TV and when I disconnect from it with Teamviewer it pops up and prevents me from seeing the movie. I am unable to click on it since I have closed Teamviewer.?

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Project won't allow download or add to collection

I want to add a project to my collections and also to download it, but it always directs me to the login popup even though I'm logged in. I can download and add to collections on other pages so it appears to be unique to this specific project:

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Lightbox comments with pictures bug

I found a bug relating to lightbox, the javascript plugin that does the image popups for comments. When you click a picture in a comment, it expands out and the page behind goes semi-opaque as expected. The problem is that the yellow squares used in pictures are above the lightbox image. (see attached picture) Windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.5.7

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Facebook Login issues

Browser: Firefox OS Win 7 I have a Facebook account and an instructables account. I login into instructables and go to link to Facebook ->a quick popup happens. The app for instructables is created in Facebook. Logout out of instructables. try logging into instructables with Facebook button and nothing happens (i.e. the screen reloads and I'm still not logged in) I have emptied cookies and tried redoing the whole process the result is the same.

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instructables web app upload date

I was on facebook on my iphone and clicked the instructables icon in the apps section of the side bar and it went to safari and there it was, something i have been waiting for for ages (title ruind the suspence there)......THE INSTRUCTABLES MOBILE SITE!!! then a popup popped up and it said add to homescreen or something like that because its a web app. when was it uploaded? who else knew about this?

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won't download anything

Hi. i've added your download sites to be accepted in my popup blocker list, have downloaded adobe reader 10, created an account and signed in, etc. etc. but still-there is no download when i click on the yellow download.  i've been trying everything for about 45 minutes. please help. after all---you have my info, but i don't have yours! thank you.

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Android custom soft keyboard?

Android custom soft keyboard? I'm trying to create my own custom virtual keyboard for Android. Tackling small problems. Can someone help me? 1) How can I customize the colors, the shapes of the keys on a keyboard? 2) Can I change the font of the labels of the keys on the keyboard? 3) Can I put the icons instead of the characters on the popup when you long press? Here is my code: Thanks!

Question by tommyhansen  

Possible bug

I keep getting this popup that only happens on it doesn't matter which Instructable I am looking at when it occurs. I thought it might just be my PC but it has happened on other PCs outside of my own system and house. After it happens explorer goes blank and I have to hit the back button, and sometimes it happens again and sometimes I return to the page. This happens frequently. is this happening to anyone else? (I know I know use Firefox, but I get a Java error with that one.)

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