Can someone PLZ make a lego portal turret wit simple common peices!

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portal 2 portal gun

Someone make a portal gun and make it work......ok maybe i got ahead of myself but i like portal,kinda.

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Portal Gun

This fan-made Portal gun is one of the best that's showed up on the net. This was made as a prop for a girlfriend's costume. Check out the photos for all the lovely details. Portal photo setRelated: How to make a Portal Gun

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portal cake

I cant believe no one posted the portal cake in the contest yet.

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Need portal props

Need portal props

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portal fan pack

I will be doing a portal fan pack ( portal gun and almost life size companion cube) i have already started on both of them, so keep an eye out.

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is the cake a lie????

Is the cake in portal a lie??

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What's the best psp portal?

What's the best psp portal?

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Can someone identify these two Portal characters? Answered

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My lil man asked Santa for an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device aka Portal Gun. Any builders willing to sell one?

Here is your opprtunity to make a young gamer the happiest kid on Christmas morning! We need a portal gun! Here is a link to what he wants and a photo. http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Aperture_Science_Handheld_Portal_Device

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Rapidprototyped Weighted Companion Storage Cube

Here are the .sldprt and .stl files for the projectFor those of you who do not have SolidWorks, you can get the e-drawings file (wcc.exe) instead. Just download it and open it - no special programs needed.

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my computer turns off when i play portal?

My computer turns off when i play portal? i can play Halo combat evolved perfectly with almost no lag online but when i play portal for a while

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Information portal shut down...

The USA portion of WikiLeaks is being asked to shut down ( WikiLeaks ), what do you think? Have you heard about this and what is claimed they "got themselves into"? Whistle-blower site dismantled in the news

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can my mac play portal 2? Answered

Processor name: intel core 2 duo Processor speed :2GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 Memory: 1 GB Chip-set Model: ATI,RadeonHD2400 can i play portal 2 with it?

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serial communication between arduino uno and nano

I want to build a prop/robot based of the persanality cores in portal/portal2 i want to make one of the ability is the persinality core to control a outside object via serial communications between arduinos i want to do this with a nano arduino and a arduino uno is this posible i would be really helpful 

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how do i get a sound circuit to out put 2 sounds based on the position of a switch?

ok so basicly i want to make a portal gun prop for armogeddon expo in october but i want it to light up and make the 2 different sounds bassed on the colour of the lighting the image shows what i have so far i need to know what hardware i will need as well as info on how to go about it (if you havent guessed by now i have never attempted any microcontroller project ever)

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can you make your own portal in minecraft

I'm not good a  minecraft so please be nice can you make portal to other part of your world (not the nether) making one end and the other end  and other about  help will be nice thank you

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Portal Theme Done on 8080 and C64

If you've played Portal then seeing this video brings everything full circle. The retro computers inspired the closing song "Still Alive" which has then inspired someone to recreate the song on retro computers. It's geektastic and was done on an Intel 8080 with a C64 sound chip.If you haven't played Portal yet and you're even remotely into games, then beg, borrow, or steal a few hours on a machine to play it. It's lovely. via bbgadgets

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I bought Portal retail, but when I try to run Garrys Mod, it doesn't detect it as an official copy. What do I do? Answered

I bought Portal at my local Target, because I had heard of Garrys Mod. That was before I knew about Steam, however. When I tried to run my (free) copy of Garrys Mod, it said that it (Portal) was not an official copy. What do I do?

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Hello this is Flapper501 asking a question MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT Who is  The Evil Boss in Portal 2 , GLADoS or Wheatly Is GLADoS evil in the beginning when she makes Chell test, or is Wheatly evil when he abuses power.  Or is Chell evil for putting Wheatly in charge?????????? Please Answer 

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Is the cake a lie? Answered

Is the cake a lie? Or is only the promise of cake a lie?

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Russian GLaDOS Replica

This AMAZING GLaDOS Robot was built by Nick Liksys (tabun.everypony.ru) is a 1:20 scale version of everyone's favorite AI sociopath from Portal 2.  Nick has worked on her for one hour ever since the game came out and built her using servos, accelerometers, controllers, and thirty yards mounting wires.  This is a truly fantastic reconstruction and her movements and voice match very accurately to the game.   You can check out his photo link here: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/mdevaev/album/188552/

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Can somebody help me write a simple arduino program involving a motion sensor?

I have been working on a motion activated version of the mini portal turret from think geek. I am new to arduino, and have no idea where to start when it comes to programming! I have designed the circuit so that the led for the eye and the microcontroller that controls the voice are separate. My goal is to have a PIR detect the presence of a person, the turret to speak a single phrase, and the led to fade in and out. It will then wait 5 seconds, and if motion is detected, repeat the previous cycle. If no motion is detected, the led will fade out and stay off.  If somebody could just get me started in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

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I need help getting a burnt effect on a prop, please.

I'm making Chell's companion cube for part of a costume, and I want it to look scorched like it did at the end of the game. How can I achieve this effect? The cube is going to be constructed of simple materials like cardboard and foam. I've considered just going at it with black spray paint, but I'm not sure it'll be convincing. Help?

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i have a question where i can download portal game free?

It is cool game for computer

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Where do I get a Japanese Pull Saw? Answered

For some of the Insructables I've seen for tools they have put "Japanese Pull Saw" I dont know ewhere to get one and I really want to make the Portal turret Please help, Thank you... Your Friend, Atlas Portal 2

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Require assistance building a circuit with sound and lights for the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

Last week, I constructed a prop ASHPD for my cosplay outfit for the Tokyo Game Show- being a generic male test subject. Considering the time crunch I had, I was not able to put as much detail into it as I would have liked. None the less, it came out pretty good. Now, I want to improve upon it. One of the upgrades I want to apply, I have no experience with. The layout of the circuit that I want is as follows: On/Off toggle switch. This is simply to preserve battery life. The device will also have 2 single press buttons, one for the blue portal, and the other for the orange portal. Upon pressing the blue button, a blue light will illuminate, and play the sound file associated with the firing of a blue portal. Once the button is released, the blue light needs to stay on, however, upon pressing the button again, it will play the sound again, without chaning the state of the light. The same needs to happen with the orange button- it turns off the blue light and turns on the orange light simultaneously, while playing the sound file associated with the firing of the orange portal. Again, pressing this button again needs to play the sound file again, without changing the state of the illuminated orange light. I currently own the toggle switch and the 2 buttons, as well as 2 rod lights designed for placement in a computer. I don't know if I will be able to cut the motherboard pin connector off and just solder the wires to the circuit. I'm assuming so.

Question by tburton3 7 years ago

is the cake a lie?

Is the portal cake a lie?

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What's a good way to recolor a wire's insulation? Answered

I'm making a portal-themed project. It uses two wires, ethernet, and USB. I have a blue ethernet cable, so I thought it would be cool to have an orange USB. Anyone know a good way to recolor a cable's insulation? I thought painting would be imperfect, since the original black USB might show through. But if nobody has anything better, then I guess painting would have to be it. Thanks, and, as always, Don't Forget To Be Awesome! EDIT: Could I just use normal household paint?

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Customise PDF Printables - Videos portals are Images too!

When customising a PDF Printable, video portals come out the same as images, so when choosing not to print images it should logically follow that the image of  a video is also unwanted! Surely a simple techo fix? Love my imagination being stirred even if I don't make a project - Thank you all!

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XBX 360 HL:2 & PRTL

On the xbox 360, can you get Half life weapons on portal? i've seen done on PC, and it looked interesting.

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where can i buy the orange box in dubai? Answered

Where can i buy the orange box in dubai?

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Play Individual audio files with arduino?

Hi! Im am starting work on building an interactive Portal/ Portal 2 Sentry turret. Im will use an Arduino for the programming, and would like it to play different sounds when being interacted with in different ways. I have 8 wav files, but I can convert them. I need to be able to program it so that each file is played at the right time. Thanks! Nicapizza

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Will this processor be able to handle good games?

I'm looking at an AMD Athlon II X4 645 Quad Core Processor and I just wanted to know if this will be able to play games like Portal 2, or Black Ops without lagging.

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Rspberry PI I2C message control through Web portal

I need help to build web page which can control devices connected to raspberry pi through I2c . For example if i connected some DAC IC with raspberry pi . i i should able to adjust that DAC value from web. Please help us

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How best to move a servo to music?

Hi All! I have a quick question, I want to move a servo in time with music and was wondering how best to do that with an arduino. I found someone on Instructables who made a talking skeleton open its mouth when the volume of the music rose above a certain point but just remapping the analog in signal from my wave shield is not moving the servo as smoothly as I would like, it just sort of jitters around. I guess this makes sense as the voltage changes quite a bit to create an audio wave form. I have a wire from R7 on my wave shield plugged into an analog port. Would the MSGEQ7 chip be the best way to accomplish my goal or is there another way? If anyone is curious I am attempting to move the arms of a portal turret in time to the turret opera. Thanks for your time, -ookid

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how would i make a gordon freeman HEv costume for halloween?

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its been a week and no one has seen my instructable

So i posted a instructable and its been a week and nothing, is it a screening error or just that no one has seen it.

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I haven't been here for a while

Yes, I haven't been here for quite a while. I've been working on my site and making cartoons and music.Since I haven't been here for a while I'll link you to my cartoons and music.Hosted on Newgrounds.com for now while my site is under construction.Newgrounds profile:http://dragonblue80.newgrounds.com/Cartoons:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/484572http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/485622Music:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/217616http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/217641http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/218106I'm also looking into making a DeviantArt profile.

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Graphics Card?

I have portal for the computer but I cant play it because I dont have a good enough graphics card. Is there a way that I can get around this without buying a new graphics card? preferably a free way please.

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The Game.Life 3 Contest is starting soon!

Gather up all those extra lives you have laying around - Game.Life is back for its third installment! We want to see your most fantastic gaming instructables - retro or modern, complex or simple! Whether you're modding your game console or baking a Portal cake, we want to see it. Enter a videogame related project between March 25 and April 29 for a chance to win a GoPro Helmet Hero or some amazing gaming accessories including a portable S/NES, wireless controllers, and Minecraft and Portal items. P.S. - Make sure you don't publish your instructable before the 25th!

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Do you own or write to a blog or content management system?

I've just finished v1.0 of my Instructable about making your own blog, from scratch, and I was wondering who here has a blog, writes to a blog, or runs a content management system of any kind.I have been a blogger in numerous blogs in the past, i'm currently co-building a new blog with a friend, and I've owned and ran (before passing on) about 4 blogs. What's your experience?

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New Uber Chatroom! (portal for acessing the regular chatroom, more features!)

Hi all, If you remember, i once made a 'super sized' version of the chatroom, but, when the updated mod controlled room was put in place, the link was severed..UNTIL NOW! (click here to enjoy chatroom goodness)one quiet day at work, and a slash of creativity, and the new chatroom was born.New features compared to the normal chatroom are..Wider, bigger chatroomBuilt in up to date Mod listBuilt in 'profile' frame, so you can access your ibles account while in the chatroom Be sure to check it out, feel free to use it, and most importantly, suggest ways to improve it!Thanks to Do_Not_Turn_Off_The_Power whom happened to be in the chatroom when i was building it, and helped me with a few mistakes.Enjoy,gmjhowe - your faithful chatroom mod

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Help me make portal speakers and also a rechargable battery speaker

Sorry if this is the wrong section i am new this is my first post ok i have an old samsung tv and its to expensive to repair my parents are throwing it out i love opening and fixing electronics and i want to know how to make a portable speaker that plugs into headphone jack for pick 1 and a speaker that can be plugged into wall and a battery charges so when i unplug from wall it still plays until battery dies and i need to charge again.? there is a black and a red wire on all the speakers attached are pics or speakers small are obviously going to be the portable ones and the big square one is the wall charging rechargeable battery one. i want the be able to play music through a jack or iphone/ipod connector? also if anyone has any ideas of what i can do with the rest of the tv let me know

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Sound Circuit

What I want to do is set up a switch so that every time it is toggled, one of two sounds are played on a speaker (which I also don't know how to connect). How would I go about doing this? This is for a homemade Aperture Science Handheld Dual Portal Device.

Topic by elementcollector1 7 years ago

Ch, 4 In Which Mikeasaurus comes to Instructables and I Build Portal Stuff

Hey Instructabrarians! SHIFT! here to give you all of the semi-recent goings on at Instructables Laboratories!  Last week, our facility opened it's doors to our newest team member Mikeasaurus!  He's been a long time user and fan of the site (you might remember him from such classic 'ibles like Wristwatch Turntables, the very Blade Runner-esque Umbrella Light, and most recently the popular Magnetic Putty ) and we are pleased to have him join us.  So far, he's done a terrific job helping me out with shipping out packages as well as being a fantastic go to guy for any Photoshop editing needs!  As for me, awhile ago for one of our in-house contests, I was looking for unique ways to liven up our lab at Instructables HQ. My inspiration finally from a picture of the iconic cake, from the first Portal game, that hangs – on our bathroom door. I thought it would be really fun to create some kind of companion piece alongside it, and decided to make a couple of themed papercraft models based on the game.  For my first craft I decided to make something that would help protect Instructables’ top secret information from unwanted intruders and rogue test subjects. “Hey”, I thought, “why not the militaristic Turret defenses?” This deadly craft was designed by deviantart’s billybob884 using Pepakura software. He has done some amazing work with papercrafts and Portal and was responsible for designing my amazing GLaDOS papercraft I enlarged 24 X for our recent Game.Life Contest. (“Oh, So NOW you’re going to mention Me? [[=REDACTED=]], you Monster.”) Next, I constructed a tiny 1- inch craft, the fan favorite friendly Companion Cube, desktop edition for our editor-in-chief zazenergy. This craft was designed by user Moony for the /po/ board on 4chan.com Just the thing to help zazenergy with some normal day to day testing!  Finally I created the FrankenTurret that was featured in Portal 2 which (spoiler alert) is a horrific combination of the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube. This cool miniature craft, however, came from digitprop.com and was given to Mikeasaurus, who is another fellow Portal fan of our lab. I also have future plans for a fully functioning one and plan to submit it to our Simplebots curator and designer Randofo sometime soon. Anyway, I love Portal and Papercrafts so this seemed like a perfect combination to me. I have a few more Full-Scale versions for some of our upcoming contests, so that should be really interesting. -SHIFT! EDIT: I had pictures of Mike in our office, but can't seem to find them anywhere, sadly.  

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Apple OS on a PC? Answered

After seeing www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/487585, I learned that they used iStopMotion for the graphics. Also, I was able to play on a Mac, and I have to say, I kinda dig it. Is there anyway possible for me to install the Apple OS on my computer and still keep my current OS (Windows XP)?

Question by MrL33TPenguin 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Gmod download help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I downloaded gmod 10 and portal as a source game but when i load gmod it acts like it about go to the main gmod screen because it setting render pionts or something like that but then it just dosent load and it goes back to my regular computer screen help me what do i do????!!!!

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Knock-off of minecraft Answered

Ok so I am having problems with minecraft so I need your help is there a game LIKE minecraft wich runs on the 3D engines Unity or Java where you can mine and bulid and you have to deafeat hostiles <--- (not needed) and it is a free roam and it HAS TO be free Just give me something like minecraft and is 3D and ill take it

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Wooden Necktie, Build a Mongolian Yurt, Racing Mower

Wooden Necktie Build a Mongolian Yurt Racing Mower Portal Cake is a Lie Make Beer Guitar Tube Amp Double Helix Lantern Wood-Fired Hot Tub Steampunk Bonsai Lamp DIY Solar Setup Shopping Cart Bike Honey Bee Habitat Trigger Green Lights Fluorescent Floor Lamp Build a Cajon Drum

Topic by randofo 8 years ago