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is...... possible?

Can i get pictures from my camera bigger then its normal size? thank you if you have an answer :P

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Is this possible?

Hi people! I have a broken mobile phone but the screen i think it works Is possible to use it to view tv, use playstation , etc? How? Sorry, i cant type more because im not expert in english :P Thanks

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possible? or not?

Ok guys i have a couple camera and lcd screens out of a nextel phones and i have a remote control helicopter that my kid has crashed beyond repair and all the electronics are good i was wondering if its possible to use all this to make a camera that will transmit to one of the lcd screens

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is it possible ?

Can  i import a router wifi signal from 7/10 of a mile away when you have to be within 100 feet to get it on a laptop without any antenna or other aid?   thanks, dsrtdwlr

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Is this possible?

So a kid walks to and from school everyday, walking uphill both ways without ever going downhill. How is this possible? I want to know what you think. When I get five answers I will tell you mine. My answer is this: His parents are separated and He lives with his Mother at the bottom of a hill. In the morning he walks to school, The school halfway up the hill. After school His mom is at work so he goes to his Fathers house. which is at the top of the hill.

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Is this possible ? Answered

Is it possible to make a super pc like this the total cost is $ 314.05 1.)Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green Manufacturer: Western Digital UK Price (as reviewed): £262.20 (inc. VAT) US Price (as reviewed): $299.99 (ex. Tax)_2.) 48VDC 120MM COOLING FANMinebea Electric, NMB Model 4710NL-07W-B69. 48 Vdc, 0.20A DC brushless cooling fan. 120mm x 120mm x 26mm (4.7" x 4.7" x 1"). Thermoplastic venture and impeller. Three 23" leads. UL. We have a large quantity of these new 48Vdc cooling fans. They also function quietly and efficiently at 24Vdc. Very special pricing.$1.75 need 6_3.) main pc unit/keyboard/mouse/large lcd screen Free (all ready have one)_4.)BLUE ULTRA-BRIGHT LED & RED ULTRA-BRIGHT LED & ORANGE ULTRA-BRIGHT LED =4 of each =2$ us _5.) translucent plastic drawer 6$ need 1_6.)usb extender 1$ + Tax need 4/usb 4 port extender 8$.

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Virus alert: trojan.pidief.f

While viewing the instructable "Wall Clip-Hang Video controllers on Walls" I received a virus alert for trojan.pidief.f .  Evidently it was trying to change something in acrobat reader or was from the adobe file I was viewing.  My virus software caught and eliminated the virus but I thought others should be aware of the risk.  This is some information I found on this virus. Trojan.Pidief.F is a trojan the exploits the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Collab 'getIcon()'

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How is this possible?

Eric? I think we have a bug... Anyone else notice this?

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is thunderbirds possible

I am always trying to rap my head around the machines out of thunderbirds and i was wonder could it be possible

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How is that Possible?

How? I call shenanigans.

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would this be possible

If you have seen superman returns you will know what i mean would it be possible to piggyback some sort of shuttle on aircraft such as a modified  boeing 777 with a  twin tail config to a sutable launch possation so that the shuttle could ignite its engines and climb into orbit under its own thrust just a thought

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Is this even possible?

So a kid walks to and from school everyday, uphill both ways without ever walking downhill. how is this possible (think hard) I want to know your answers. once i get 5 answers I will tell you my answer and choose a best answer. thanks Don't answer here, answer Here

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is this print possible? Answered

Hello, i am working on my 3d printer, but i haven't completed it yet....... but still a question arises in my mind..... that can i print this (here-  , i mean i sliced it..... and saw..... that at one layer..... it extrudes filament..... in the middle of no-where...... i mean how can it stick in the air...... ???????

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Possible bug

I keep getting this popup that only happens on it doesn't matter which Instructable I am looking at when it occurs. I thought it might just be my PC but it has happened on other PCs outside of my own system and house. After it happens explorer goes blank and I have to hit the back button, and sometimes it happens again and sometimes I return to the page. This happens frequently. is this happening to anyone else? (I know I know use Firefox, but I get a Java error with that one.)

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The halo needler, is it possible?

Is it possible? The idea is very practical, a set of crystal-like needles that are somehow shredded into small projectiles which seem to be propelled by some form of energy or plasma or something. If thought through, I think it would be feasible. Recources? Do we have enough energy to create even a rough prototype? Can we create a way to propel these projectiles witout an explosion but rather with, as I said before, plasma or an energy source? Give me your thoughts...

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Bird Bath Build Possible Materials? Answered

I just got some birds. Three zebra finches and two fancy finches, to be exact. I noticed that they like to dip their heads in their water bowl. I wanted to make them a bird bath so they wouldn't dirty their drinking water as much and so I can just give them something fun to play with. I wanted to make the bottom a mirror and i figure I would epoxy it to a block of wood for the bottom. But I am not sure what to make the walls out of. It would need to be waterproof but also fairly cheap. I would like to hear what you, the good people of Instructables have to say. Thanks in advance for any idea you give or advice !

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theoritical based help needed Answered

When electricity is passed through a copper wire it becomes magnet.let be the matter ,electricity be  energy and the copper being magnetized be the if we pass magnet through copper wire then it produces electricity.we can say that matter+energy=result again result +matter =that energy.again if we see other examples like if we apply electricity to led light then it produces light again if we apply light to led light it produces electricity.again if we apply electricity to speakers then it produces sound but again if we apply sound to it then it produces is the thing that: matter +energy =result and again matter +result=energy is right?has any scientist proved this or it is incorrect? thanks for viewing and further answering

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Could you make a wet scrubber for your car and how would you?

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is it possible? Breathing underwater without a tank...

Hi all, Could it be possible to make a device that lets you breath underwater like the fishes do? Think about something in the lines of a wearable filter off some sort that scrubs Oxigen from water molecules... So, if that would be possible, how would one make such a device??? Just wondering.

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Is it possible to amplify vocals in a MP3-format?

Hello, So i have a couple of songs that have very loud instrumental parts, but the vocals are hard to hear. Turning the volume up or down obviously doesn't work and I've switched between In-ear buds and normal buds which didn't help either. So is there a program out there which allows me to either amplify the vocals or reduce the instruments? Thanks, -AUG-5OM3-

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So some how i'm gonna be part of a temporary band starting tomorrow. i was asked if i would play bass for some people and i was like sure, whatever. But the event we will hopefully be performing at is in about a month. We haven't even practiced yet. So i'm having some doubts as to whether we'd just be wasting our time. Anyone got any advice.

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Is it possible for someone to be videogenic?

I see people in photos, they look nice, you see the same person, in a few videos, some are good, some just, eh. Can someone be or not be Videogenic? Oh yeah, i made Pancakes! and bacon today. In August, i always end up making crepes and Pancakes! for some reason; there is also certain words i always put an exclamation mark after. Pancakes! Chicken Salad! Yes! Also, i only put that so i can put this image.

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is time travel possible??? Answered

Is time travel possible???

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Possible spamming accounts

I found these two accounts very similar: Member1 and Member2. And both are advertising Viagra and selling drugs.

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greenest possible aquarium?

I was given a 50-ish gallon aquarium and stand, and would like to get it up and running in the most environmentally friendly way possible. I have purchased some gravel already. Help! And thanks!

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Is it possible to 'weld' polymorph? Answered

I've ordered some polymorph (shape lock, friendly plastic) so I'll be able to try it myself in a few days, but I was wondering if it's possible to attach (for example) a polymorph rod to a block by heating a spot with a pen-torch and hot air attachment then pushing the rod against it?

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possibility of Wave Change?

This theory states (my own be exact) that a certain wavelength can become an amorphous solid using a certain gas, a friend of mine agreed with me. What is your opinion on this matter?

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Is this possible with the Raspberry Pi?

So I have recently purchased a Raspberry Pi and I finally go the time to mess around with it a little bit.  So far i have only installed the NOOBS software and have downloaded the recommended Raspian operating system, and have been using it as a desktop computer.  That is all I have done so far.  So I have an idea of something i want to create with the Pi.  I also have the camera module for the Pi and I'd like to put it to use.  I would like to have the Pi, with the camera module attached and operating, in one location, with a monitor of some sort, possibly a cell phone or just a display i would purchase, and have the camera wirelessly send the video feed to the monitor.  I'm assuming this is possible because i have seen instructables on here where people use the Pi to make security cameras. My idea is similar, just none of the ibles i found quite hit the idea on the head.  So, i guess i'm looking for someone to tell me if this is possible, and point me in the direction of how to go about doing this, or if there are any ibles on here that are exactly this that I have missed. Thanks

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multiple categories: not possible?

Hey! i just wanted to know if and if, how, it is possible to add an instructable into multiple categories when publishing. or if it does'nt work (which it apprently does not), why not? i had the following "problem" several times already: imagine i would post an instructable for a necklace made from reused paper. when i want to publish it, i now have to make the choice if i add it to category "paper", "jewelry" or "reuse". this choice it not always easy, i have to think if i (in this case) would think it more important that the thing is made of paper, or that it is made from reused material, or that it's jewelry. hope i made my problem clear! thank you

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Laptop Plug Possibilities

I am curious if anyone here has made an car power inverter out of an old laptop battery. I am so sure with some modifications that it could be done. I know that the components are in the right place but not the right order. If it's possible I would love some direction. how about some other ideas for the old plugs. i have several i used to do computer repairs and occasionally i get an old laptop someone thrashed to pieces and have left overs i would love to have a use for the plugs.

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Im building a multiphase coilgun but encountered a problem. In order to activate secondary phases i need a photoelecric switch. In my case it is TCRT5000 photoelectric switch. The problem, however, is that once the ''beam of light'' is shining on it, the switch is turned on, but i need it to be turned off when ''beam'' is directed at the diode and turn on when the ''beam'' is not directed at the diode. How do I do this? And in this case changing polarities wont change anything.

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EyeTracking (with Wii )... !! possible?

For those who are thinking to themselves "Jonny Chung beat you to it long time ago".... Don't jump to conclusion. I'm here to use his idea and give it a little twist. (if its possible that is) So let me know if this is worth pursuing... because i'm sure someone must have thought of this already... I'm also nowhere close to being a developer... with that said lets jump into what i want to call Basically i want to use our EYES to reflect Infrared to the wiimote to calibrate the movement ... and capture it and do something cool with it...    -  steer a car in a racing game...  -  look around in a 3d environment  just by moving ur head...  -  maybe even use it as a mouse and Wink with one eye to click? im waiting for a friend of mine to find time to build me that IR LED board Jonny Chung used in one of his videos. IF anyone thinks this is something to look into, I would like to be notified.

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electroluminescent paint. Is it possible?

After seeing "wire glue" and thinking about my pumpkin and seeing the Halloween contest here it got me thinking about this and google didn't really garner good results. Last year I hacked some LEDs into my pumpkin with 1 pair of cat5, a 9v battery and some hot glue (my in-laws didn't have a soldering iron) to connect it all up. This year I wanted to do something similar with LEDs and was thinking about making my own "wire glue"  which lead to EL paint. Maybe I'll just buy some EL wire and some "wire glue".

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I wonder if this is possible....

Today I got a little Idea. I looked at my floor and saw my 160gb external hdd, my ethernet switch, my usb hub, and usb my wireless router. And I had an Idea the idea to put them all in one. So that I can wirlessly/wired boot off my usb hdd from anywhere in the house. Then I can use anyones computer in the entire house leaving only my fingerprints. But my idea is missing on core component THE PROCESSOR. Sure I could plug it all into my computer but that makes it less portable and kills the idea. Did I mention I want to fit it in my backpack and run it all off a battery ? ( then I can run it at school )

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Is this possible to DIY at home?

You may not have heard of this, but there is this thing called Plant-e, which works like this... Basically, what is does it it harvests the waste products of microorganisms that feed off of excess plant energy. These waste products are.. electrons! A you can see here, you can buy your own kit at home: ...for $700. They have a diagram here: explaining how it works, and a very good video explaination here: Do you think I can do this by myself at home? Can I get the supplies to make this at a store nearby or online for cheap? Or, is this very advanced technology that I can probably not replicate. Thank you

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Possible Contest Topic

Is there a contest about the things that can be done with wood pallets? Ever since I saw an instructible showing how to take apart a pallet as well as the amount of wood used to make them, I have wondered if there has ever been a contest to show how useful they can be as potentially free lumber and hardware. After all the uses for pallets that i've looked up on the internet, there are about less than 50 uses for recyclable pallets, keeping these materials from ending up in a bonfire or a landfill. The link below can explain quite a bit about this subject. Maybe a way to lessen the number of pallets that end up being wasted in garbage can be achieved if there was a contest that encouraged the recycling of wood pallets. Anything that can be made from a pallet would be eligible to win whatever prize this contest would have. I personally think this would be a good idea to try. But do any of you think this would be a good contest idea?

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Can I grow tomatoes (and other vegetables) in part shade (4-5 hours)?

I've recently moved into a new house (I'm not telling you where) and the backyard only receives 4-5 hours of sunshine per day. I'm wondering if my vegetables requiring full sun will still grow? I'm tired of seeing the same old "it must have at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day" . If this is still not possible then I will consider a hydroponic system with growth lights under my stairs... I was always interested in hydroponics ever since I saw an advertisement for the AeroGarden, but I never actually tried to build a system and I definitely can't afford one.

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Unpublished 'ibles.

So after having been off for a long time and finally having pinpointed the neighbours wifi router, sans cantenna (it helped signal but because there's cars passing by made it cut out far easier) I've been on and digging around, immediately I wrote and published a couple of 'ibles I already had made, now I'm rooting around in my unpublished 'ibles... I have 39 of them, many are confusing and worrying, in various stages of writing and the answers to a lot of the burning questions, subjects are wildly varied and questionable at best, there's one that's even ready to publish, however I'm not sure about it, nothing wrong it's just I'll have to listen to a plethora of comments that will annoy me in extremis, points to anyone who guesses it... Anyway... how about you lot? Many unpublished 'ibles, are many ever likely to be publishable?

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Possible way to help the economy?

So, I was thinking for a few days, and have came up with a few questions, and some possible answers(solutions?) 1) Companies and buisnesses are loosing employees because they can't pay them, or employees are quiting because they aren't payed enough, and therefor, companies are loosing more money, correct? Well, what if people volunteer to work at buissnesses(for this example, we'll use a restaurant) to help out. Obviously, they wold have to be qualified, and still be "hired" In doing so, companies would more help, better work efficiency and hopefully, more buissness(more money) When they get more income, they can pay their volunteers and both the buissness, and the (now paid) vounteers make more income. 2)How are we loosing money? I never really understood how we're loosing money as a nation, and why the government can't make more. Who's to say that we can't print more money, and give it to people, and companies, and even other countries? 3) People can't buy products because of the price. Companies are raising prices, which means more people can't buy products. If companies and buisnesses were to lower prices, people would be able to buy the products, thus companies would make money. Maybe at a slower rate, but eventually companies would have more money to pay employees, and more money to hire and pay more employees. Employment rates would possibly go up, and so would the economy. What are your guys thoughts?

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Is it possible to run a Minecraft server off my website server?

I use FatCow as a web-hoster, and I was just wondering if it would be possible to run a Minecraft server off of it, so I can play online with a bunch of friends. If it is possible, would it take up a lot of bandwidth?

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Is it possible to polarize a laser pointer?

Would it be possible to polarize a laser pointer and still have it retain it's usefulness?

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Editing possible after publishing?

I really think there should be a FAQ for such basic questions, but I couldn't find one sooo... Wondering if it's possible to edit your instructible after you publish it?  Or is it possible to retract it (delete or unpublish)?

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It is still possible to create collections?

It is still possible for users to create collections? If yes, how? I can't find a way...

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Is it possible to color the font in an instructable? Answered

I'm improving a published project over the weekend.   I'm thinking it might be nice to use colored font (for distinction) on the specific improvement/changes/inclusions. Is this possible using the rich editor or by inserting html code? If it is possible, what color would you recommend? 

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PVC Stage or platform possible?

I'm considering building portable staging built out of PVC but sturdy enough to hold a band (or at least part of a band). Is this possible? jamaicabob

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is it possible to repair a glow plug?

I use nitro rcs alot and use quite a bit of glow plugs and at five bucks each . i want to know if these are possible to repair or extend life

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Is it possible to make a LED at home?

I want to make a Little LED from scratch

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Is it possible to turbo boost a turbo? Answered

Question says it all, and is kinda overkill, but did anyone tried it?

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