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post or not

Want me to post the sgt`s ak-47 it is very powerful.

Topic by T-man    |  last reply

post it?


Topic by ryan knexer    |  last reply



Topic by stlrams28    |  last reply


Yay! finnaly posted my semi-auto knex gun i think its a new design because it uses a hammer :P be sure to check it out!

Topic by ryan knexer  

Instructables are not posted

There are quite a few of us out here that have made instructables, it says that its published, but when we look it up, it is not there. PLEASE HELP

Topic by Wingmaster700    |  last reply

Posting Limit

Wondering if there is a posting limit for Pro members. I know in the past if we tried to upload more than 3 instructables on any given day (with our non-pro account) we got an email telling us we couldn't.

Topic by powerbookmedic    |  last reply

instructable not posting!

My instructable "the pyro system" is not posting. its published but not showing. its been days now, whats wrong? please help

Topic by budsiskos    |  last reply

Slow Posting

Hi guys i published an instructable 3 days ago and it hasnt come up yet is there a problem with it or do i need to resubmit?the contribution in question is this one

Topic by lennyb    |  last reply

Posting a picture

What does it mean when it says "main image is required to publish"? Also, how do i do it? I thought it would be in the "attach a thumbnail" segment but i have no idea how to attach an image...

Topic by jlocker    |  last reply

Words will not post

When I make an instructable, I type a big long paragraph and then hit preview. Then the preview page is blank. I hit edit again and the words are still there. When i posted my instructable the words are gone, but people are posting already so what do I do????Part of my instructable is missing

Topic by Johnny Rex    |  last reply

First post!

. Hi, everybody!

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

How to post

Hey, how do i post an instructible into a group i created? and also how do i post into a grop i joined

Topic by Kendallkip    |  last reply

Future posts?

Is it just ,e or (at this time) did tech king post comments over -300 minutes ago?

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

Negative posts!

More negatives. Here I caught a screenshot of a negative post number. Reminds me of future posts dilema. Maybe when you get rid of them one place, they move. Ha ha.

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

When Was It Posted??

Is it just me, or did the instructable "Posted On" date get taken off of the pages? Why? Just curious, Jeff

Topic by AptPupil    |  last reply

Suggestions for this post

Hello, i recently posted this instructable, please suggest tips to get better at this post since it wasn't featured and how to avoid those mistakes in future,thank you!

Topic by MissionCritical    |  last reply

can't post

When i click on post reply the little twirl around starts and continues for as ling as i leave it on. it never posts. i feel i have a lot to contribute with 50 years of electronic experience. i teach electronic theory to those people wanting to obtain their ham tickets. my posts are always nice. i don't get it.

Topic by kadris3    |  last reply

instructable not posted

I tried to post an instructable over a week ago and its still not showing up anywhere on instructables.

Topic by budsiskos    |  last reply

posting diagrams?

I have lots of designs i have not gotten around to building can i post the diagrams as an instructable?

Question by ishner    |  last reply

binding post

I need some binding post/banana posts (preferably something that an aligator clip can easily attach to). Does anyone know a cheap place? The cheapest were about 30 cents apiece, but shipping was like 5 dollars, if this is the cheapest then I'll buy it, just that I don't want to.

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

can't post!!!

Ive had spotty posting lately. every once in a while, the site will bug up and it will say "bad gateway" or something. Is it just me?

Topic by Epeoples    |  last reply

Posting comments

I've avoided making any bad comments, but even tho I'm signed in, I can't make comments any more.

Topic by snoopindaweb    |  last reply

BAW is posted.

For those of you who don't know, I posted Dunkis' BAW. Here. I just added a 'modifications' section too. Here.

Topic by travw    |  last reply

Posting An Instructable

I published my instructable two days ago and it is still not showing... What should I do? By the way it says published on my account.

Topic by jollyrunner    |  last reply

Reply, and posting

I have been having intermittent problems posting either to the forum or as a reply using either Chrome or FireFox.  It seems to have gone for now, so I am not sure whether that means it MUST be on my end, or that something is not loading properly sometimes when I sign in. 

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

post spam

I have 494 comments on April 10, 2010 EST spam here to be my 500th commenter

Topic by cj81499    |  last reply

Trouble Posting

I have been having extreme trouble posting anything (comments, forums, Instructables) for some reason instead of opening the link for the comment box, it just refreshes the page. I can't upload anything either. This isn't happening on YouTube. Any ideas what's wrong?

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply

post a poem

Enter a poem that you have made up not one that you copy and pasted, keep it on topic please. 

Topic by golddigger1559    |  last reply

OK to post?

I made a suppressor/ recoil compensator for a Umarex Steel Storm bb repeater pistol and would like to post the how to. Is that OK? It is relatively esy to build, and being made from household and hardware store parts, it is very inexpensive as well.

Topic by gtfoxy  

PVC Post

Hi, I'm a soccer coach.  I'd like to make some inexpensive posts to serve as obstacles/markers that I can use indoors.  I have 5' pvc pipe, but can't seem to locate or concoct something to hold the posts upright both affordably and that aren't too wide to get in the way of the players or the soccer ball.  Ideally, I'd have something that is only a few inches wide with a 3/4" hole in the center to hold my 3/4" pvc.   Thus far, the best thing I can come up with are a few 2.5/5lb thick plastic weight plates where the center hole happens to be just about 3/4" wide.  Those seem to quite difficult to come by though!  The next closest thing I've found were either heavy steel flanges or rubber mounts specifically designed to hold plastic posts.  At $8 or more/each though, I was hoping to find something a little less expensive. Anyone have any ideas? 

Topic by DDallen    |  last reply

Posting to pintrest?

I was looking for an easy way to pin my instruct able to my pintrest account.  When I try to pin it, the only photos that come up are the ones for the add on my instructable.  Any ideas of how to get around this?  It would be great to not have to write it up separately. Thanks!

Question by mybell125    |  last reply

Is it ok to post it?

Hey Instructables! So a couple of weeks ago I finished a year long project, automating my room. The project is completly modular so if any piece burns out or fails you can quickly switch it, the project includes automatic lighting controlled via a PIR sensor, an LM35 controlled fan, a miniature green house controlled by another LM35 and it displays the info about humidity and temp, through a 16x2 lcd and DHT11, a combination lock for my door via a keypad, a infrared control that can turn on or of my desk lamp, alarm clock, room lights, solder station and has the function to turn the whole system on or off, it also includes a modified Sony alarm clock, that has a TDA2040 amplifier with aux in and its connected to some speakers around my room. I have all the eagle files and ready to print pdf´s. Everything is controlled by 2 DIY arduinos. I made most of the modules for the sensor array but a couple of the controll modules were made using already existing files on fritzing, and the DIY-Duino Should I redesign this modules and controller board before uploading, or will crediting the authors of this parts will do?

Topic by GG_Beta    |  last reply

Cheap Easy CNC: To post or not to post?

That is the question. It will look something like the one pictured, and will be a combination of this, this, this, this, and many months of research. It will be cheap, under $300 easily. I want to know if I should do an 'Ible before I make it so I can take pictures. What do you think?

Topic by snowpenguin    |  last reply

How do I complete posting a comment?? Answered

Re: How do I complete posting a comment When I filled in the comment box and then hit "post" button, a gray transparent layer covered the entire screen but there was no progress bar across the top and nothing further happened. Since I'm doing this from my phone, I thought additional info required might be out of view, so I scrolled all over but found nothing. I was able to see the grayed post button so I hit it again and the gray layer disappeared but it still wasn't posting. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Question by Sunbunny    |  last reply

instructable not showing up

My instructable says that it is posted and the direct link to it works but it doesnt show up under the technology section or through a search. it has been 3 days since i have posted it and i dont know whats going on because all my other instructables i have posted showed up within an hour

Topic by joshmt2012    |  last reply

I can't comment on Instructibles

I am unable to post on any instructibles even after completely re setting my computer i can type up what i want to say but when i try and hit the "POST" button nothing happens additionally nothing happens when i hit "Preview", "Add images", "rich editor" or "reply" Using the most recent update for firefox *problem resolved* turns out it was Ghostiary an ad on that blocks ad tracking

Topic by Ward_Nox    |  last reply

Instructable not showing up? Answered

I published an instructable yesterday and it still hasn't showed up in the technology section. all my other instructables that i have posted have showed up within an hour. is there anything i can do to make it show up or should i copy and paste it and try making a new one? here is the instructable

Question by joshmt2012    |  last reply

posting pictures for a avatar

Yeah im new and need help so please post and reply

Topic by the-weird  

Post button not working

The "post comment" button on some 'ibles and the "reply" button sometimes are unresponsive and when they do work are sluggish. What is wrong?

Topic by waterlubber    |  last reply

Posting bug - again....

It seems the code monkeys worked on the problem of being unable to post when the server is busy at certain times. I no longer get the "Backend error" message :) Instead I now see nothing happening for quite a while, then just a popup stating "error". Try again a few minutes later and I get the good old backend error. This switches nicely back and forth. Being unable to post at certain times is one thing but getting utterly useless error messages for it is another story. And no, I am not in the mood to consider daylight saving times, timezones and so on to guess when I should better not click on the post button. Would it be too muchto ask after so many months of this problem existing that something is being done about it? If you can make postingspossible 24/7 than at least provide a meaningful error message that also states how much longer a user has to wait before he can post. It is an annoying error and one that is not necessary at all.... Edit: It seems this bug now messes with new postings as well. I only got a blank page when trying to click the "Preview topic" button and not even any error message at all. How about a free Instructables alarm clock for the pro members that shows the times of sheduled server works? ;)

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Bugs on Posting A Comment

This past few days, I observed that the comments get scrambled. Comments fall under the wrong tree-pattern, specially when you click on the feature comment. Please help, miss communication occurs when comments get scrambled. Thank you!

Topic by ASCAS    |  last reply

Where are Contests posted?

Where are contests and competitions posted?

Topic by LoneWolf    |  last reply

comment posting not working

I cant get my comment to post. i have tried to post it multiple times and it doesn't post

Topic by emms85    |  last reply

Moving blog posts?

Can I move a post from blogger to instructables?

Question by Linda Theil    |  last reply

Post Bugs Here

Post bugs you find here.

Topic by leevonk    |  last reply

Halloween Post Card

Does Eric still send out Halloween Post Cards? I miss those.

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

GOODHART post an instructable!

Post one NOW! lol.

Topic by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495    |  last reply

should i post? Answered

thats the vid so should i post???

Question by c101    |  last reply

A post that is blatantly an advertisement

Sorry to post this here, but there is no other way to bring this to the site managers' attention. This post,, is an advertisement for the posting organization, and not an 'ible at all.

Topic by WriterChick    |  last reply