repurpose a powerbook 190?

I have this old macintosh powerbook 190, its nice to look at but as far as functionality and weight go its unreasonable nowadays. so im looking for a creative way to repurpose it, it still works fine, and the screen is all working, but i want to do more with it than waste 10 minutes at a time playing spin doctor. i was thinking of turning it into a tablet or something, but i dont know if i can do that in any way, either through the ADB port or SCSI, correct me if im wrong about that. i dont really use it, but i dont want to just get rid of such a interesting piece of technology. even if i cant reuse it how i want to, what can i reuse it for?

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How to open Mac PowerBook 17" adapter?

Hi, My Mac PowerBook adapter not working, I want to open it &fix; it. Can u help me? Thanks, arafat

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how do you change the OS of a powerbook duo? Answered

I have a powerbook duo 230 and I am wondering if there is a way to change the operating system. if anybody has tips on how to do this, your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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How can I fix the internal power connector in a Apple Powerbook? Answered

I dropped my computer more than a year ago. The power connector used to require me to twist unitll the green light came on. About two weeks ago, even that didnt work anymore, so I went to the Mac store and paid 80$ for a new cord. That worked for about two weeks, now I can't get anything. Is there a way to replace the internal adaptor?

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repair Mac Powerbook power cord? Answered

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anyone got a powerbook 190 adapter?

Hi everyone, im looking for a powerbook 190 ac adapter. i got a pb190, but it came with no adpater, and the battery was dead. i need a adapter, so i was wondering if anyone has one i can have. (im in canada, by the way) or a adpater that puts out 24v, 2 amps? thanks to everyone who can help

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can i put a newer apple laptop (powerbook g4,macbook,macbook pro) into the body of a powerbook 5300?

 basically i would like to use a powerbook 5300 (easy enough), but i would like to upgrade it to a level where i can do my research and use wireless internet on it, i.e change out the entire insides. 

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Macintosh powerbook g3, on startup. Shows apple symbol then does the no entry sign ,

Power button wont turn it off command things dont seem to have any affect.? any ideas whats up with it apart from its unwell,  Thanks.

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got a mac powerbokk 190 to tear and mod...

Recently i got myself a used mac powerbook 190 for about $0.25. it has no power adapter for charging it, but that'll change soon. i plan on tearing it down and modding it with some apple type back screen logos, and installing linux, with maybe a mod to the lower half as well.

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can i fix a laptop battery with these? Answered

I have a powerbook 190 battery, but the batteries are all corroded and have leaked some acid. i was looking online, and i found some batteries, but i don't know the mah value of the original batteries, so i think these ones will work. it originally has 12 batteries in the pb190, so i'll be needing to get 12 of these. they will work, right?

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LEDs keep on taking over. Excellent.

It's no secret that we love using LEDs for our projects. They sip power and are fantastically tiny. You can even get an introduction to how they work with just an LED and a coin battery. If you haven't used one yet, make it a new year's resolution to make one light up this year. If you want to complete any resolutions, that'll be one of the easiest.Yesterday's announcement of the Macbook Air in San Francisco pushes the LEDs further. This isn't the first laptop to have it, but it's a dramatic display of how far the tech has come and how far it needs to go. LEDs aren't perfect for every use, but they hopefully will be someday.According to this article some of the current goals are for better whites, deep-UV, and quantum cryptography. All of which sound pretty tasty.But what about you? What do you want from LEDs that you don't see just yet?

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A Puzzle featuring Xbox 360, a powerbook g4, and Connect360

Hi Everyone,I use a 12" powerbook g4 as a wireless adaptor for my xbox 360 (as shown here: I would like to use Connect360 ( to stream music and movies from my current computer onto the xbox 360. However, connect360 cannot see my xbox 360, and I suspect that is because it looks like a powerbook on the network, not an xbox 360, because it is using the powerbook's network connection. Is there anything i can do about this? This seemed like enough of a tweaking/hacking how-to that someone here might like to try it, or at least have ideas of how to go about it.Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I rebuilt a battery and it didn't work. why? Answered

Today i got the 12 batteries required to rebuild the battery in my powerbook 190. i dont know the condidtion of the parts inside the laptop, but it must still be in a somewhat working order because when i hooked it up to an ac adapter (12v, 15a) before, its power light turned on and it made some noises. it didn't fully turn on though, because it needed 24v, not 12. hoping that rebuilding the battery pack would help, i bought 4 cordless phone batteries, each consisting of 3 smaller batteries and equaling 3.6v. all together that created the 14.4v that is needed to replace the original, acid leaked batteries. i wired them in series to get the 14.4v. I think that it may have not worked because the original batteries were nimh (nickel metal-hydride), and these new ones were nicd (nickel cadmium). Upon observing the internals of the laptop earlier, before i bought the batteries, i noticed some peculiar things: -there were a few spots where some components were added, (eg- resistors, capacitors, jumper wires, all were smt) -a unbranded piece in the battery power area, labeled on the board as XFER1. it is black and has five connections on each side of the component, which seem  to have copper wires attached to them leading inside the component. -no marked fuses on the board. the (apple released) manual for disassembling the machine states "you can blow a (soldered) fuse on the board", but there are no spots where a fx (x representing a number, eg: f1) is present, and most of the smt components in the suspected area are not marked and lok much like the same piece. can anyone help me figure out what may be wrong? the ac adapter port works but the battery doesn't, would uploading pictures help people help me?

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can someone help? Answered

Hi all, today i got a apple macintosh powerbook 190. (yes, the original greyscale) from what i've read online, its ram can be upgraded, and i want to know if someone can help guide me through installing a different os? (maybe puppy linux, dsl, ubuntu, win98) anything other than mac. it has a 500mb hdd, and i dont know about ram. the question is: can anyone help?

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Cannibalizing old electronics

I am taking apart and desolder some vintage Mac Powerbooks and I found this Logitech 9215H IC on the trackballs PCB. I wonder. All datasheets I find say it is for a floppy.. Anyone has informations about that IC? I would love to use it in any kind of project. The Powerbook is thisone

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can someone please help me with a powerbook 190? Answered

Okay, so recently, i got a macintosh powerbook 190. this pb190 had no charger and a dead battery. i opened the battery, (that was 14 years old) and discovered one thing; the cells inside it were dead, the acid from inside was leaking out. there is in fact no circuitry in the battery shell, but anyways, i need help. i have the powerbook "charging" (since its not doing anything) from a 12v pc power supply. i can get the green light to turn on, (to indicate that its charging) but i cant get the pb to start up. if i press the power key, the speaker makes a couple of clicky noises and thats it. the screen doesnt even start up. the macintosh requires 24v, but i dont have a 24v 2a charger. so i figured that a 12v, 15a pc power supply should at least charge it. it didn't. because the battery was toast. so i need help, and i know that there must be someone here who can help. im thinking i'll have to get some new battery cells from battery boys, and a charger, but what else? i dont think its dead though, considering its trying to boot. will replacing the battery work? please help!

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How to replace the small, round plug that goes into the 12", G4 Powerbook that delivers power to recharge the battery?

I simply want to cut off the original plug on the charger and replace it. My kid broke off the inner shaft of the plug so that the battery no longer charges. Where does one get the plug? Does one REALLY have to pay $129 for a whole new charger?

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Is it possible to up-cycle a Powerbook G4 17" that is in great shape, but just can't keep up with technology?

Hi, I have an Apple Powerbook G4, 17". It's about 6 years old, it still runs very well, it's in great shape, and in my opinion it's an awesome machine. Unfortunately, I will have to get a new computer pretty soon since I'm a graphic designer, and I need to stay current. Also the video streaming is draining my patience. I would like to know if someone has ideas of what could I do with it soon after i get a new computer. I wouldn't like to see it become a tray or something like that. I'm wondering if the screen can be saved for new purposes or any parts could be used for other purposes. My only option right now is to take it to the apple store so they can give it a proper burial, but I don't think it's time for it to go just yet.    I'm excited to hear ideas. Thank you, Lii

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Homepage is F****d

Powerbook Mac 10.7.5 Safari Homepage loads without text entry fields (able to enter text but text is invisible) Search reveals no results

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Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.1 - $75

I have here Mac OSX 10.5.1 (Leopard) still in the box, unused and for sale. This retails from the apple store for about 130.00, but I'm making room in my studio and I would like for it to find a new home! 75 bucks or best offer and it's yours. Serious offers only.

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can i use two pc psu's to get 24v? Answered

Yesterday i had a great thought for getting my macintosh powerbook 190 to power up. If i used two 12v sources in parallel i could get 24v (i think thats what it is, i mean where one power supplies negative is connected to the others positive and the neg of one and the pos of the other are used to create a combined voltage). So i tried it with one pc power supply but then i realized the 12v's are all connected to the same circuit so hooking it up like that would just short it out. I tried with two wall adapters, and on my voltmeter, it gave me around 30v with no load. the only problem is, that it doesn't supply 2 amps worth of power. but the 12v line on a pc psu supplies at least 10 amps, so if i used two pc power supplies (to prevent any shorting out) and hooked them up like described, could i get the 24v @ at least 2 amps that i need for this? Thanks in advance, z247

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My comments won't post in Safari from my iMac?

Why will my comments not post from my iMac, but my ancient powerbook posts comments fine?

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I need a new mac "magsafe" connecter and cord to splice onto my power supply?

I have a powerbook with the "magsafe" connector and my dog (i'm serious) chewed the cord and chewed the connecter tip. Is there any replacement parts that you're aware of for these units?

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Flash ads slowing down browser and sometimes crashing

Hey, longtime user here and this problem just started a few days ago. Using Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110 on a Mac Powerbook OS X 10.11.6. On pages with Flash ads, it's slowing down the pages to a crawl and several time crashed the browser. Not having this problem with other sites on this browser.  Please advise....

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how can i get more amps out of my power supply? Answered

Just tonight i bout a 22v power supply for my powerbook 190, but it only supplies about 230ma of power @ 22v, the 22v is fine, but i need to get 2 amps out of this, i can go as high as 24v, can someone please help?

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Mcbook LCD swap for 12inch

I am working on converting my macbook into a tablet PC, and I have everything pretty much figured out but...I was wondering if there is a way, or better yet, how i could swap the 13inch LCD with a smaller LCD.I have the LCD from a 12inch powerbook g4 on hand, and would like to use it instead of the standard 13inch screen.This will allow me more room to relocate things inside the tablet, as well as allow better fitting for everything.It will also help with the purchase of the touch screen as most touch panels I find are 12 or 15 inch.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Print Server

Hello, I have a apple mac PowerBook G4 that connects wireless to our 4-port adsl modem which the PC connects to as well. I was recently tiding out the box of cables and modems and stuff. I found our old adsl modem it just has a power port a telephone port and an Ethernet port and a usb port. I also have a sub wireless adapter(plug in to a PC and you have a wireless adapter. Is there a way to modify these items to build a print server so i can connect to it and print. I can't modify the wireless modem since thats what we use for internet.Is there a way to make one so I don't have to pay like over $50 for one I want a small device so i can make our usb printer a network one so i can print easily??

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Looking for micro pump for steampunk liquid-cooled laptop tray

Anyone with an aluminum powerbook knows how scary-hot the get during a dvd rip. My solution is a steampunk liquid cooling tray. It would have a copper plate with a thin liquid reservoir just under the centre, where the processor is, with brazed copper tubes emanating outward under the tray. But to keep the tray thin, I can't take advantage of the natural upward flow of the hot liquid and I want to avoid radiators hanging out the back or sides. I figure I need a wee pump to push the liquid out to the outer edges to cool. Running off the USB of course! I've seen the one made from a phone vibrator, a pen and some tubing. That'd work, i suppose. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a low voltage micro/nano pump? As for the USB, I found a mini voltage converter here. I can handle the design, it's the technical (esp. electrical) aspects that make me stumble. Any help would be so appreciated.

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In Need of Wifi Help? Need to Make a 1.8 Mile Connection HELP? Need some Ideas!

I need some help making a long distance connection Any help is well appreciated!'MY GEARI'm using a PowerBook G4 laptop, HP Pavilion notebook, and a MacPro Desktop. An Apple Base Station for my in-house network. The Base Station has an external pigtail antenna connector.'MY PROBLEM'I live out in the country about 1.8 miles away from Subway (in town) which has a FREE open network with speeds at around 900-1.3mbps. Since I live in the country, an expensive satellite setup just isn't going to happen. I'm only 1.8 miles away from Subway and I'm sure there is a way I can reach the network with a some help, supplies and ingenuity. I read that people are reaching 3, 5, even 10t to 15 or more miles with DIY antennas. Line of sight from my house to Subway isn't the best, there are some obstacles like trees and houses in the way, so there's no direct line of sight at all.'SEARCHING'I searched the forum for some ideas. I tried one antenna from the site with a wifi USB-G adapter I had sitting around and was able to reach close to a mile and the signal was really weak. I wasn't using the Base Station, just plugging the adapter into my Mac laptop and using the software it came with. It's a hawkins wifi usb adapter for the Mac.'IDEAS'I was thinking of setting up an enclosed solar powered transmitter, using circuitry from one of the two 2.4gzh 5-mile walkie talkies I have, and placing it at a not so visible spot at Subway. The other one would be adapted to my Base Station which I would still have control over the network creating a closed hidden network with WEP encryption, but not sure. This is where I could use some help and your ideas? An antenna seems like the best and easiest approach but I'm not sure how to get it to reach 2+ miles and maintain high speeds.Any helpful advice, links, photos, etc. would be great! Thanks!'

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