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"CUZ IM" Script Plz?

Well, I heard about a few scripts to make your browser not show K'nex projects, etc. I was wondering if Zachninme, (I think you made them), could make one to hide the "CUZ IM" comments perhaps? Ooh, btw, how do you apply those scripts?

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Pretty Trippy Interactive Website

Okay, somehow I stumbled upon this website today, and was in awe on how weird. Just kinda randomly click on people, eyes, earths, pills, heads, hearts, aces, chairs, and ladders; its completely random and has some psychedelic music to it aswell.LINK

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HFC M190 Dual-Gas Airsoft Pistol

I am selling my HFC M190 airsoft pistol.I was into airsoft for a little when I was younger, but have since outgrown it and am selling my gun.It has only been used about 8 times.Works perfectly, as I value my possessions. The gun can be rendered inoperable by removing the slide.The gun also can be taken completely apart.Its all metal, exact weight, and size as the gun its based off: Beretta 92The gun is semi-auto, and full auto variability.It uses green gas, (propane), but also can use CO2 canisters with the appropriate magazine.Included is:The gun (duh)One magazineExtra handle grips (wood)Auto-loaderTwo canisters of brand new Green GasOne canister of lubrication oil.ManualCarrying case$85 for everything PM me please.

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A site pretty much cloning Instructables

So I googled the word 'zorgenflarg'. One of the results was a Russian site that pretty much clones Ibles: As far as I know, these sort of things are illegal, so I reported it here.

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My calculator needs to become pretty!

I have this big ugly calculator and i really want to make it look really awesome... do any of you wonderful people know how i could do so? I would like to just give it a design or something- no sparkles or beadazzles. Thank you!:D

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FS: Ruffled scarves <3

Hello! I design and crochet my own ruffly scarves. They are for sale here: Thanks so much! :) I hope you like them..

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Eric's Big Idea!

Ads and such usually appear off to the side of forum pages, and instructables, most are scams (haha), but occasionally they are something worth checking into.Below is the ad I saw on the side of a forum topic, and decided to follow it.I got the address for Big Think, which is, from what I gathered, a plethora of ideas for many different things to better the nation.Below is Eric Wilhelm talking about Instructable's impact on education.LINKBTW, there is a typo on the second link..:D

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Is it possible to make your own business card? I'd like one for my tiny cleaning business. Answered

How can i make a cool business card that still looks professional?  I have a very small cleaning business, it's just me, my clients ask me for business cards quite often but I'm loathe to buy 500 at a time and have a boring old regular type of card. I know the talent on instructables is endless so is there anyone out there who has a cool idea for a business card that folks will actually want to keep? I'd like colourful, average size and fits in a wallet and preferably made with household stuff. the supplies I'd like to use include acrylic paints, printer paper, glue, maybe watercolour paper, etc. I don't have a printer :( Thanks

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DIY Coilgun very pretty, not so deadly

Want to scare someone with a pretty frightening looking gun? This DIY coilgun will get that job done. With the projectiles going out at only 100 fps this is far from a deadly weapon, but just look at it! The $130 pricetag is almost enough for the looks alone. Full specs below.Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots.Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 110km/h! (42 gram projectiles).It's a single stage gun, using a 8800uF capacitor bank with max 400v (704J).Max shot efficiency is 2.8% but reaches almost 4% at lower voltages.Charge time for 300v (12J kinetic energy 396J capacitor bank) is 8 seconds for the mains connection, and when using the internal batteries about 90 seconds. It also has a Digital voltage display.Coil overheat after 14 shots at 300v.Total weight: 5 kilogram.Total spend: ~ 100 EuroConstruction time: ~40 Hrs DIY Coilgun via engadget

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I saw this yesterday and thought it was pretty COOL...

I went out to the car yesterday at around mid-day and saw what I THOUGHT was the light of the sun refracting off the trunk lid of my car......I WAS WRONG.     I looked up into the nearly cloudless (except in one area) sunny sky, and saw two large clouds "near" each other; with a HUGE bright rainbow in between them. This is the first time I have EVER seen a rainbow in a sunny, rainless, snowless day. Below is a Close up and a normal sized picture of the bow.     In the second picture, there is a speck up there,  that is a crow, IIRC.  

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Rocket sled track. Pretty much anything helps. Answered

How would I go about it? what size would I make it? What sort of projects should I put on it (eventually)? &c.  Thanks.

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Lack of Best Answers, it's getting pretty bad...

  Have you checked the answers page lately? Take a look at the first page, I don't see a whole lot of Best Answers marked there. Not a big deal, most of them are fairly recent. Try checking the 2nd and 3rd.I don't see very many at all...  They've been there for a few days, surely at least half should be answered. I understand that not all questions asked can be fairly answered, due to being an opinion, or just a question that doesn't need a best answer, like "What's you favorite food?" Please, if you are reading this, and recently asked a qeustion, go back and read them. If you find something that answers your question, by all means select it as Best Answer, otherwise you are wasting their time. ( "their" meaning the people who answered your question, apparently "answerer's" isn't a word.) Don't take this as a rant, because it certainly isn't, I'm just trying to speak on the behalf of all the people who take time to answer the community's questions. Thanks.

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Can someone translate this? Pretty sure it's supposed to be Russian.

I need this translated from Russian into English. Please and thank you :)

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I'm pretty new at this so how do i instructable? Answered

Even though my account says I joined in august '08 i just customized it today(it's the family account:) ).

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What is a way to make your room look really pretty? Answered

I have to clean it, but I'm tired of the same stuff. Are there any decoration ideas that could be used for organizing my bits and bobs? My room is violet, with green and white accents. Thanks!

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Using an old laptop screen as a monitor (for pretty much free)?

Quick question really. I know there are a lot of Instructables how to do this but I was wondering if there are any simple and free ways of making it so that my old laptop LCD screen can take a HDMI lead input? Thanks.

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Fan made Iron Man suit is pretty freakin' great

Anthony Le is such a fan of Iron Man that he built his own War Machine outfit. Based on concept sketches from before Iron Man 2 hit theaters, Le's suit has a motorized faceplate that flips up and down and a spinning Gatling gun on his shoulder. It's an amazing build and took Le a month to make at a cost of $4,000. Great job! Le, a fitness consultant, studied some concept sketches of the suit posted on the Internet. He used thin, high-impact urethane for the armor, cutting it into plates and joining them with some 1,500 rivets and washers. He sculpted a clay helmet mold and then used a liquid resin mix to create the final product. But that was just cosmetic work. He also added a small servo motor that opens the faceplate, as in the movie, and built a gun out of pipes and a motor. LEDs in the eyes and chest-plate further add to the illusion. You Built What?! A Real Iron Man Suit

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Recent know a Inspiring song "Just My Pride",pretty good!

I like Inspiring song very much, please everyone also recommend about those songs,Did not find the beauty of the music,All share together!

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My computer can't run pretty much... anything. What's wrong?

I am on an older computer, older CPU, older processor, etc., but it's run perfectly for about 10 years now. Suddenly, it shut itself down and started up again. Now, my computer is incapable of starting basic programs (all of which on Steam) that ran perfectly before. The computer will display the hourglass and the app shadow, like it's soon going to open, for about 1/5 of a second, then it reverts back to nothing. I waited 40 minutes -- not seconds, forty full MINUTES -- for Fallout Shelter (one of the most basic Steam games in existence) to load before I gave up. My sister's friend decided to hit a bunch of buttons, and I'm pretty sure that it screwed SOME stuff up, but it seems unlike such a trusty computer to suddenly give up on me. I have, like, 40 anti-virus, anti-malware, etc. apps on this computer, so I doubt anything will get through all of the sieves undetected. Also, the computer-saur that I'm using is an HP Pavilion Elite HPE-400f PC with a single-core, 3.0 GHz processor, and a relatively new graphics card. So, give it to me straight, doc; is she gonna make it? What can I do?

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should i post this??

I made a small (about 1 foot in length) archery bow, its pretty strong for its small size and pretty easy to make

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the american form of government

This a pretty informitive video

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water stuff

Well the contest is pretty cool i wonder what else people are going to enter i cant wait to enter mine it is pretty cool but i would rather have the first prize then the second

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Faux Petit Fours, does anyone know how to make these pretty little "non edible" desserts ?

I have purchased these to use as a pretty display in dining room, but would love to make them myself.

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Whats the best K'nex RBG on this site that is semi auto and looks pretty good? Answered

I need a good knex RBG gun thats made of knex that has a stock good barrel and is semi auto please help me out people!

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Ooda's Semi Auto

Pretty boss.

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What Is Your Favorite Song?

It is a pretty general question.

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iPod, YouPod, MePod, What Pod?

Being poor, I am pretty much a noob when it comes to the latest and greatest gadgets. So I need to ask a few questions: What is the best (for the price, i.e. the best value) in iPods? If they are pretty much similar in quality, then are there any features I should look for? If they are pretty much similar, is there anything I MUST avoid? PS: The new MAKE arrived (yay !). PPS: If this is in the wrong category, please move it for me, thank you !

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How do you etch your own design onto a blank lighter case?

Bought a pretty cool lighter but i want to add my own design to its pretty boring case.

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Fishing Instrcutables Robot

So, I took the Instrcutables Robot on a fishing trip with me and he did pretty well! He brought in a pretty nice sized large mouth bass. I think it was a nice get away for him since he is only familiar with phishing.

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my new gun

This is my new gun with clip on bullets and it pretty much rivals killerks

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Spiral Clocks tell time with ball

These clocks tell the time by the position of a ball that slowly spirals in to the center and then gets dropped back down to start all over again. Pretty clever. Also pretty hard to read, but it's certainly a conversation piece and a good inspiration for some other projects. Link

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What should I do to the bare light bulbs in the basement to make them pretty?

Its a very low ceiling. I have some translucent colored vellum (8.5x11). There are several bare lights. My housemates and I want to make a living area down there, there are some couches and a carpet. The walls are stone/concrete (unfinished). General decorating tips are also welcome. I was thinking about star shaped covers, or pin prick art, or something.

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How do i keep my pretty polished pennies pristine from precipitation?

Heya, experts! Short version: freshly polished pennies need to be able to remain bright and shiny after being left out in the rain for one night. Explanation:  We celebrate virtually every holiday in our family, and tomorrow is St Patricks's Day.  It's become a tradition for the kids to "discover" a trail of brightly shined pennies that lead out to some freshly planted shamrocks and other new plants, with a few brightly polished gold dollars underneath.  It's nothing grand, but it's fun to sneak out to plant a little evidence in the garden. This year will see heavy rain and general unpleasantness (SF Bay Area), and every year the pennies that get some water exposure will have dark spots where the water sat.  Lately it seems that i've made some bad calls on impromptu fixes, so i'm putting my question out to the more knowledgeable community here.  Would a little WD40 likely keep tonight's heavy rains from spotting the coins?  Does anyone have any suggestions that would probably work better? Any thoughts our ideas would be appreciated, if just to keep silly little traditions going.  ;-) Cheers!  - A Dad Who's About To Get His Yearly Thumb Blister From Polishing Pennies With A Jewelry Cloth

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Meat Ship Sets Sail

If you're planning on eating several pounds of sausage and bacon you might as well get some friends over and make a boat out of it, right? Yeah, sure.We have an Instructable for making placemats out of bacon and bacon soap, but this is pretty epic in comparison. This is all great if you're into bacon. Which I'm not. It's one of my least favorite things to eat and I find this to be pretty disgusting, but I hear that I'm pretty much on my own for that opinion. Most everyone else finds it delicious. MeatShip

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Should I use this stock?

Should I use this stock? Its just one that I made and thought it looked pretty cool, it may have been done pretty similar before, but do you think its good, and should I use it on my up-coming sniper thing?

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Knex Sig 552

Hello, this is my Knex Sig 552. It was pretty cool because it looks fantastic. It was a very cool gun. It shot very well and held around 15 blue rods. It used some micro Knex which wasn’t that bad. It had a removable magazine to. The sights were also pretty cool to.

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Get into PCB creation? Answered

Well I just realized over the past few weeks that I really need to start getting onto the PCB bandwagon and start manufacturing my own stuff...  So... I need materials and instructions on how to make my own PCBs... I have copper boards already (sourcing them is not a problem...), and i am pretty good at designing boards in EAGLE (I find it fun), but I need a method of etching them.... I have tried many toner methods and they never work how I like, I always get some pretty big mistakes and etching them sucks...  I have heard of photo resist methods, and it sounds wonderful because it has a pretty good accuracy and can go down to some pretty fine wiring... My only problem is that you have to get presensitized boards (Expensive!), as well as other chemicals... As for etching, I think I am fine, I have used a vinegar/salt/something combo and it works pretty well, just takes a while to etch.. I have some muratic acid but that stuff is nasty so I have never really tried that.. Anybody have any non-toner PCB creation process that is pretty inexpensive? (I am in high school and have a limited budget already...)

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who's watching the seahawks???

Pretty good game so far, we are eating the crap out of the 49ers

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K'nex Agram 2000

Does anyone think they can build this?  It looks pretty simple.

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BAP-31v1.4 (True Bolt Action Pistol)

Here is my true bolt action pistol. It is pretty small for a true bolt action but pretty big for a pistol. It is also pretty ugly but it has to be like that with the mag because it uses gravity to operate. The trigger is TheDunkis' trigger from the TDS2. Pics: 1:The gun 2:TheDunkis' trigger 3:Firing pin and bolt forward 4:Firing pin and bolt back 5:Firing pin back and bolt forward 6-8:Internals

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Wifi Dish Umberella

I'm pretty new to the WiFi dish stuff and picked it up pretty quickly. What I wanted to know is if anyone has thought of modding an umbrella slightly to use as a dish and what might be involved. I thought of this when watching The Matrix Revolutions(again)when a dish thing comes out of one of the Sentinels.

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How do I make ar codes?

That is it pretty much, for the ds

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try this

Lego gunyou guys might like this, its a gun made out of lego and shots rubber bands. its pretty cool

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3D Printing in the Glass Medium

I've only used plastics when 3D printing so it's pretty cool to see a movement into the glass medium. Besides the practical application, the video of the printer creating glasswork is quite pretty.

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Which Panasonic Toughbook Should i get?

I am fifteen and I wanted to get one of these laptops because they are tough and i thought that they would be pretty cool.  I don't want one that is meant to be used for a specific job, i just want one that would be pretty cool. maybe a touch screen?  and not too pricey

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Storm Drains Anyone?

I think that Storm Drains make some pretty awesome bunkers, anyone else agree?

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Error on page

At the top of the page at: https://www.instructables.comit shows: "YOU INBOX" and I'm pretty sure it ought to be: "YOUR INBOX".

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$10 or less projects guide

I think a $10 or less projects guide would be useful and pretty cool.

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What is the tolerance in resistors?

Topic name is pretty much self explanatory. What is tolerance in resistors?

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