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Hello, I'm sorry if this has already been covered but I've gone back two pages and have not seen it mentioned in the bugs section. It's not a big thing but I've noticed recently that when I comment on an Instructable, that I cannot preview my drivel first before I post the comment. It's not really a problem but I thought that you might like to know. I am using Safari. Thanks FOH PS I could preview this though.

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Hey, I've already posted this within the FAQ-Area, but since nobody responded it might be better suited for this area. I have an instructable with 3D printed parts, so I added the *.stl-Files, that can be used for 3D printing. However I dont see them correctly within my instructable. Is there a way to get them displayed correctly with a preview-image? thanks in advance!

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Christmas preview


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pivot preview

This is a preview of my movie,its got some blood in it so its rated teen or pg-13. im not sure if you can see it or not but tell me how you think!

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Preview is not updating

I am in the process of drafting a new instructable. I make changes, hit save and they seem to be saved. But whenn I go to preview, I'm not seeing my changes. I'm not sure if I should publish the instructable or not since I'm not sure it will publish the most recent changes. Again, when I'm in edit mode and editing my steps it seems to save the changes there. But when I hit the preview button it opens the new window and most recent changes are not showing. At first, I thought there might be a time delay, so I waited several hours. But last time I logged in, I'm still not seeing the most recent changes to my draft showing up in the Preview. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks in advance!  Also, I'm doing this on my iPad. Are there any issues with creating instructables from an iPad?

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Comment "Preview" not working

I've tried to prview a comment I wanted to make on somebody's instructable.  I hit Preview, and a preview showed for about 1 second, then disappeared and showed me the page of the instructable I wanted to comment on - comment field was blank. Any suggestions?

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"preview" in this forum "saves"

When reporting this bug and editing the Topic multiple times, I saw there is a "preview" button when doing changes. I expect this button to Show a preview and then a "save". But it saved immediately. I am truly amazed I find 4 Bugs in my first day of using this Feedback forum. Whoa.

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stl-file preview

Hello, I wrote my first instructable a few days ago and added some stl-Files, that can be used for 3D printing. However I dont see them correctly within my instructable. Is there a way to get them displayed correctly with a preview-image? thanks in advance!

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Preview not scrollable on ipad

I'm using your website on Safari on an iPad mini. (iOS8, current version of Safari) I edited a project and hit Preview to see my changes. A modal opened over the page. However, the modal was not scrollable and had no option for closing it. I had to touch the background page (very small target along the edges of the screen) to get out of the modal. 

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No Profile Preview in Firefox

Hiya! I've noticed that the profile preview at the top of an instructable does not show up (see: Instead, the preview shows at the bottom of the page (see: I've been able to reproduce this problem multiple times, and I find that it only occurs if I use Firefox--it doesn't happen in Chrome or Safari. I'm running Firefox 9.0.1 and OS X 10.6.8.

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This is the frame of my new ball machine, BALLMACHINEARIFICOUS ( Credit go's to  seliziona for the name) It will have 8 paths, its 3 1/2 - 4 FT tall. So yeah........ AXIYS OUT!

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MIT Preview Weekend

Hi! My brother got into MIT and is going to the preview weekend. He said there is an instructables pimp your flash drive thing in one of the dorms. Who from instructables will be there?

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Dragon Samurai Preview

Hi! I've been writing a story for about a month now and decided togive you all a sneak peak. I will be posting the whole thing once it's done. I will be trying to include some pictures as well. I hope you enjoy it! Here's the first Chapter: DRAGON SAMURAI Chapter 1 The ninja I woke with a start to the sounds of bells and shouts ringing in my ears. I jumped out of my futon and ran to the window. It was a dark and cloudy day. I saw a large crowd swarming towards the Emperor’s palace. Thousands of peasants and merchants were slowly surrounding the palace. Shouts drowned the sound of birds flapping away from the roaring crowd. I quickly changed into my kimono and ran downstairs without making my futon (my mother was going to kill me when I got back) and ran outside ignoring what my mother was saying. I followed the crowd and ran into my friend Hiroshi. “Good morning, Ryu,” he said. “Good morning Hiroshi,” I said. “Do you know what the commotion is about?” “All I know is that it has something to do with the Emperor.” “What would the Emperor do at this time in the morning?” “I have no idea.” If I remember right the Emperor is the kind of guy who stays in bed until eleven in the morning. Just try and imagine a tall puny man who only knows how to govern an empire who needs body guards at all times. If you can imagine that you probably have a good idea of what the Emperor looks like. The only time I’ve actually seen him is when he came for a walk through town but even then he was completely surrounded by guards. The reason I knew so much about the Emperor is because my uncle was one of his personal servants. Hiroshi and I continued to follow the crowd and the palace was coming into sight. Its beautiful building was surrounded by a large stone wall to keep out intruders. The roofs of the pagoda could barely be seen over the wall. Hiroshi pushed forward through the crowd. We eventually got to the front of the palace gates and Hiroshi had cleared a nice amount of room for us. I smiled. His name may mean generous but he wasn’t very generous when it came to giving space. I could hear the crowd around me mumbling to each other. Some said the palace was invaded overnight. Others said that the Emperor would declare the heir to the throne. After several minutes the doors creaked open and the Emperor’s representative slipped out the door with a very serious expression on his face. Questions exploded but the representative just stood there calmly waiting for the crowd to quiet down. Hiroshi nudged me in the ribs. “I vote we go and get noodles after the announcement,” he said. “Always thinking with your stomach aren’t you?” I said. We both giggled while the crowd settled down. The representative opened his mouth to speak. Now the next few seconds were the slowest of my entire life! The representative carefully mouthed the words “The Emperor has been kidnapped.” A gasp arose from the whole crowd. No sooner had he uttered the words than a shuriken (a ninja star) embedded itself in his chest. Everyone looked straight down at the dying man but I looked in the opposite direction. Where the Shuriken had come from stood a dark figure on the rooftop. He caught my eye and we stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Then he turned and darted off into the horizon. It was a ninja! That scary moment when our eyes met I saw something familiar in the figure’s eyes. He must have been at least fifty metres away from where I stood but I couldn’t help noticing something familiar in those eyes. I couldn’t identify what it was but I decided not to think about it at the moment. I stared at the man with blood seeping from his robes. He lay motionless while his heart slowly failed. As I stared into the eyes of the dying man, a chill ran down my spine. Hiroshi turned to me with a perplexed expression. The guards surrounded the man and pushed everyone back. The crowd slowly abandoned the palace gates and we eventually left as well. As we walked back down the road I noticed a man walking towards the palace. We locked eyes and I suddenly knew who he was. He was a Samurai.

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Preview Your Comments

Today we added a feature for previewing comments. Now when you enter a comment on an Instructable, forum topic, or orangeboard, you can preview it first to make sure it looks pretty. You can also preview your comment images, links and videos! A comment can be edited and previewed as many times as you like before posting. Enjoy.The email uploader for images is working again too! Hooray.

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Thumbnail/preview not updating

In my last couple of instructables, I have decided after publishing that a different photo would work better as the primary photo. However, once published, the new thumbnail either a) doesn't update at all on the Instructables pages, or b) updates on the Instructables pages, but not when the link is posted elsewhere, like Facebook.  Is there a way this can be fixed?

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Preview no longer working for comments?

It seems that the Preview button below the comments editor box is no longer working.  When I press it, the page display jumps a bit, but nothing is presented except the editor box itself.  This happens when I leave the editor in the "plain text/raw HTML" mode. I'm using the latest Firefox 3.6.11 on MacOSX 10.5.8.

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How do I share a Preview of a Draft?

I would like to share a preview of a Draft that I am working on, but can't find a way to do that anymore.

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Photo instructables? Not showing image as on preview? Answered

Hello all, Recently I uploaded images to create a "Photo instructable" and have found that the preview differs to the published main image. The preview shows up as this image and this is the one I want to use "" but what I'm getting is this "" Has anybody else had the same problem, if so how would I fix this? Please and Thanks Best regards Blanthegenius

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How to let someone preview an instructable I am writing?

I am writing an instructable, but it is not ready to publish. Is there a way to allow someone to preview it?

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Sorry, we couldn't find that one!

I keep getting a message of "Sorry, we couldn't find that one!" when I try to see the Full Preview of an unpublished instructable  I am currently writing. I'm using Windows7 with Google Chrome Version 45.0.2454.99 m

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Geek Magnum Opus completed!

It is complete! My geek magnum opus, my meisterwerk, my... big long project that I conceived of several years ago while reading hackaday and thinking "I wish I were l33t enough to have something posted on hackaday"... it is finally complete. I was going to save the "big reveal" for completing an Instructable on it, but hell.. I'm really excited about it and so I'm going to give you a sneak preview. I have created a real world implementation of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's about as big as four mobile phones put together or a very small paperback book, weighs about 400 grams (under a pound for our friends in Liberia), runs on regular batteries, doesn't rely on having an internet connection- it's just the sum total of humanity's knowledge (ok that's a slight exaggeration), in your pocket. I'm annoyed that I missed the deadline for the pocket-sized competition by two weeks, because I think this one could have been a winner. Never mind. I still have my geek sense of achievement :) Watch out for an Instructable coming soon, where all will be revealed...

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Images not showing in slideshow preview

I'm creating my first slideshow and when I preview it, I'm not seeing anything. The images show just fine in the library and in the list in edit mode.

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Draft instructable preview broken.

Ok Ive got 2 issues here first when I look at the draft instructable, either in the preview mode or by clicking on in in draft, I cannot click on the photos to proof read the notes, or get an idea of how that step will look.  The next issue is, i used to able to sent the preview link to a friend, so they could also proof read it and give me feed back, that now doesn't work either. Anyone else have this problem?

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Multiple images not showing up when previewing an instructable

I am making an Instructable. When I preview it, multiple images are not showing up. In step 2, two images are supposed to show up. but only the first image does. This is the Instructable.

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iTunes keeps "Re-buffering stream"?

Hello! lately i have had a lot of troubles with iTunes, mostly it doesn't want to load or won't allow me to purchase things. i've tried reloading Itunes twice and that works for a day or two then its back to not working. i have got the latest version and a good internet connection. the most common problem lately is when i try to listen to a preview of a song it will play it for a few seconds then stop and say "opening URL Re-Buffering Stream" and that happens on every preview I've tried? it continually does it, saying that every few seconds... it worked fine yesterday and i was able to listen to previews without any trouble but this morning its back to the Re-buffering thing? i don't really want to call Apple help as there doesn't appear to be a section for this kind of thing and they ask for personal information... has anyone else had this problem and know how i can fix it? thank you! from AAG

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Paper model gun preview!

Ok, in this topic, i will post some pictures of the instructable that is coming.. making a paper model gun!IT IS HERE!

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Trouble Previewing Forum Topic

I was just trying to edit a forum topic I posted earler and when I was done editing I clicked on PREVIEW and nothing happened.

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My Gun Preview (Launch It)

You guys will have to do better than this something is either wrong with my camera or something else but pics are fuzzyish (the ones I took during the build are fuzzy because I was rushing it, too many newbie guns are appearing too fast), lots of computer made diagrams will be included so you see exactly every detail.First one other than my friends to describe exactly how it loads and how the valve works and what trigger method I used will earn some IM support from me if you need help with your project.

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Step-by-step Ible preview rendering

When looking at the preview for a new Ible, I saw the following screen (FF 14 Win XP yada yada) Some formatting issue/font size problem.

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So THAT'S where they preview my images...

I'm not sure why this occured, would any one else know?

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Previewing a new Forum topic causes it to be published?

Earlier this morning, I was editing a new Forum topic ("Ionizing vs. non-ionizing radiation, units, and safety" in Physics). I hit the [Preview] button to check whether I had messed anything up. I had (missed out one of the ending quotes for a boldface bit), so I clicked on "step 1: Edit" to go back and fix it. I went through the Preview -> Publish steps again. and thought I was done.Much to my surprise, there were two copies of my topic posted! The first was the version I had previewed (above), with the mistake. The second was my final version where I actually hit the [Publish] button. I've deleted the first, of course, to avoid confusion.Should the Preview action actually generate a published entity?

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"Preview Post" button not working at all times

When posting a message, the "preview post" radio button ceases to work at random, not allowing me to preview my post before posting it. All other buttons work, but this one stops responding at random. I have found no pattern to it. I am using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080702 Firefox/ (latest version available for Win98SE).

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New Ball Machine Preview - Ideas Appreciated

This is my new UNFINISHED knex ball machine. I haven't put much up recently, but I've been working on this. I got more knex which is why this is larger than my earlier stuff (Thanks to silentassassin21 for selling me his), and because of this I want to make a large rifle after this so keep that in mind. This is a preview of an unfinished machine so ideas for the last 3 or 4 paths are welcomed. You may note it uses 2 types of balls. If you use my idea for the separator of sizes of knex balls I'd like credit. (If this has been done before I would be surprised because I've never seen one like this before) Thanks for viewing!

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Undefined lines in PDF

I have been trying to print the pdf from: but even in the PDF preview of the document starting at page 7 and including page 8 I get a seires of lines number from 1 through 62 that all say "Undefined" and when I print the document that is exactly what it prints.  It starts to print the picture from step 7 but fails somewhere in the middle and then kicks out 2 pages of undefines before going to page 9.  I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 but had the same results with the latest Adobe Reader DC.  My OS is Windows 7 with 64gb ram and 1tb hard drive.  The browser is Firefox 54.

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Sneak Peak

I haven't posted anything original in forever (well 5 months to be exact).  I started this project on Friday and I'm almost done with it.  Tests on this gun when it was unfinished have yielded very good results.  I can't wait until this is 100% complete and ready to show off fully. Try and figure out what it is in the meantime.

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Instructables image preview isnt working for me

It may not be a bug, but when trying to make an instructable i can't tell what image I'm adding, and images don't show up in the section that says "this area will preview your images", and when viewing my images, there is no apparent way to tell which image is which. I'm making my first instructable so I may just be doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Editing problems.

When trying to edit the text in the instructable I haven't published yet, the text in the edit box in all of the steps is the same thing. Why?

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Scorpion's Rock knex ball machine Preview

I have finally been able to upload my video of Scorpion's rock. For some reason the first 18 seconds of the Remember, this is a preview meaning that it is not completed yet. It has four lifts and three of them are new lifts made by me. There's the tire booster, the grabbing arm lift, the chair lift and the stair lift made by 39Shadowman. Please subscribe and stay tuned to possible updates and for when it's completed. Please leave comments. Enjoy!!

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Preview thumbnail image not displaying properly

The preview thumbnail image of my new Instructable is all distorted and it isn't possible to make out what the image shows. Also, I can't find a way of changing the thumbnail image once it is published. It's chosen the first, yellow image, not the second clear image. Any help appreciated! Thanks, theRedBryophyte

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Words will not post

When I make an instructable, I type a big long paragraph and then hit preview. Then the preview page is blank. I hit edit again and the words are still there. When i posted my instructable the words are gone, but people are posting already so what do I do????Part of my instructable is missing

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rich editor not available

I think somebody has been moving the furniture around again.  The way I can tell is when the pages look different than they did before. More specifically, the editor for forum posts has changed.  There used to be a button to turn on the "rich" editor.  There also used to be a "preview" button, for to preview what the post looks like before actually posting it.  Both of these buttons are missing now. Also I thought it might be because my "pro" membership had expired, but I checked that, and I think it's still current. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Unable to complete publish step in Chrome

Is this a known issue? I tried to publish a new instrucable in chrome from both a windows 7 pc and a Mac using Chrome. You click publish and nothing happens. on the Windows 7 pc, using IE9, click publish and its published. -- Ok just found out this happens in this help post as well. Click "Preview Post" and nothing happens. Ill will copy-pasting this test into IE9 so that I can post the issue.

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Sneak Preview of CameronSS's Evil doings

Here's a preview of what I'm keeping busy with while locked away in a dorm room. That motor on the far right is borked, I think a bit of solder got inside when I was attaching the hookup wires. It just sort of twitches. Turn down volume before hitting play... Apologies for the lousy picture, left the camera at home.

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Plushie Instructable Robot - Preview 1.0!!

Here's how far I've gotten with the Robot that I'm making. Patterns are hard, ya'll! You'll see the arm graveyard in the pictures. (Including the one that turned out like a condom - no idea about that one. Very weird.) I went through a lot of different bodies, too, but those aren't nearly as annoying. The last stumbling block is the head - after that it will be smooth sailing! I'm working on that right now. Keep in mind that I'm making these pieces out of felt - it's cheaper for practicing. The actual plushie will be made out of fleece. Yay! And the body will be less angular, too. The shoulders should be more rounded. The ends of the legs and arms will be sewn into the body seams. :D And now... the gallery. Complete with evil kitties that are trying to stall the construction.

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Thumbnails and Previews for Attached Gerber Files

It would be really nice to automatically create thumbnail images and renderings of gerber files attached to electronics projects (e.g. output from EAGLE, Pads, OrCAD, etc.). And, I can help make it happen.I would be happy to hook-up Instructables with my website's API for generating renderings of gerbers. Have a look at to judge its capabilities. Behind the web UI, I have a SOAP API available for "side-loading" files, and I host the images (but you're free to copy and save them), so it should be zero-overhead for's servers.He's a sample: me a line if this sounds good. I'm sure the readers (and authors) would enjoy it.Thanks,Lee

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Instructables Robot Plushie Preview v2.0!!!

So here he is! He's naked and without his upgrades, but you get the general idea! He's going to have little yarn wrapped washer wheels, a face, buttons, and later models will probably have arms closer to the body as well as shorter legs, I think. Oh, and some cardboard put in the butt because right now he has some serious junk. ;) And for all the boys - terribly sorry about how cutesy he came out. That's just how it works. Someone could tell me to make a werewolf plushie and it would be adorable in the end. I don't know that you can make macho plushies. I can't, at least. :P And sorry about the color difference in the pictures. Bad lighting and a loooong day, haha. Oh, and the stitching is a little bumpy on this butt and in other areas since he's just the prototype and all. I was doing a quick running stitch and slipstitch. :P So.... comments? Questions? Suggestions? Dancing? Indifference? Criticism? BRING IT ON! :D

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embedded video don't show up in the preview

I embedded a youtube video in my instructable, but it won't show up in preview or when I click preview instructable.

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Editing an existing forum topic bypasses Preview?

Just wondering: When I edit one of my existing forum topics, is the Preview Topic button supposed to bypass the preview and just post the edit directly? Because it does. When I post a new topic, the preview button pulls up the preview page (usually, when it doesn't go to the Blank White Screen of Immense Irritatingfulness as previously reported in Bugs), where I can then decide to post or go back and edit some more. Editing an existing topic still displays the Preview Topic button, but clicking it posts the edits immediately with no preview page displayed. This happens in IE8/Win7. I wasn't sure whether this is a bug or a feature....

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