what will happen if i dont prime......

What will happen if i don't prime the pvc and instead use only pvc cement. it will be used for an air gun so will it be dangerous?

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Primed .22 cases?

Would the primer go off on a .22 case that has had the bullet and powder removed if you shot it with a 900 fps .177 lead pellet? Also, would it go off if shot from a slingshot at a brick wall.

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Xaxxon Oculus Prime

I have bought and built a Xaxxon.com OculusPrime, While the unit is sound i have had problems with LIPO batteries charging wrong even though it has a balance feature , I have also had calibration and program (python) issues where it will work for a day or two then out of nowhere it stops working Does anyone know or have one of these units that could send some much needed help?

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Looking to commission cardboard optimus prime costume

I want someone to build this for me https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-Optimus-Prime/ since i cant do it myself.. Xl any offers? :D

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does vintage stock carry metroid prime hunters?

I really want metroid prime hunters because I am a fan of the metroid series#

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metroid prime trilogy collectors edition contain, and what bonuses does the game have? Answered

Http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/7y8SXfbq4nlR_ZO15BY3yHdKL7erLAnkI would really like to know bacause I am getting it.

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Optimus Prime is made of tins

I love transformers very much after I watched the movie. So I decided to make a Optiums Prime. Last year I finished this works which had lasted two month. It made by less than 40 tins and some other things. The Optiums Prime is about 40cm high, and almost all of joints can act include neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, legs, and every fingers

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What do i add to my alcohol fuel for my flamethrower, to make the flames brighter? Answered

Hi Im working on a flamethrower which is turning out pretty well, the only issue is, since im using alcohol as the fuel, the flames are pretty much invisible, i was wondering what i could add to increase the carbon content. Normally ide experiment with adding a little gasoline, or diesel to it, but i have to be careful with my pump, its made from either ABS or PLA, and for some reason everyone on ebay who sells them are very sketchy, ive bought 4 in the past and only the last one ever arrived. Anyway, what can i add to my fuel to make its flame more visible? Fortunately my flamethrower does not leak at all so its safe to move up from alcohol to something with a higher burning temp. What can i add that will not dissolve the plastic, increase flame brightness, and not increase the burn temp too much. Before hydrocarbons, are there any salts or chemicals i can dissolve into the alcohol to do this? i beleive i can dilute the alcohol a bit with water so it will take sodium, but will that have any significant effect? The sun is pretty bright here so alcohol flames are invisible, gasoline flames however are very visible in contrast. Thanks

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How to Cook Prime Rib. Easy


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Why do you need to prime vertical shaft engines and not horizontal shaft engines? Answered

I am just curious. I know some vertical shaft engines that don't need to be primed but most do.

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Do you prime/paint models before making molds for casting?

I'm working on a model sculpt that I plan to cast in resin later. It's almost finished, so I'm wondering if it's okay to prime the model before using it to make a silicone mold? Or would it be best to leave it naked, so to speak? I'll be using Smooth-On products (MoldMax 300 resin and MoldStar 15 Silicone) if it helps. Thanks! 

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Transforming Halloween

Ever since seeing the Transformers movie I just couldn't stop thinking about transformers. So I decided a Transformer costume was it this year. It started out as just a box and later became more elaborate and more of a car. IT IS FINALLY DONE. Took three months but it's done. Pictures of the final product is here. Today I took it to school for a contest. I probably transformed at least twenty times. At one point the tape wasn't working on the spoiler because the "haters" would tear it off. So we used a bolt instead. In the contest people were chanting my name and I won ... a cheapy blue necklace. But now whenever I was going around the block all I would hear is "Are you the Transformer kid? Transform for us". Of course I would. So if anyone has questions or wants me to post instructions let me know. The instructions will be hard because of the variety of height and weight.

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Transformer : Kneximus Prime - Now With Video

This is my latest Transformer Creation. These pictures are compared to the actual toy for a sence of scale. More pictures can be found http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t;=621 I wasn't happy with my previously posted Optimus it wasn't accurate and was lacking so I reworked him from the ground up. I am not going to post instructions for this, Please don't ask. I had to re-upload the transformation video, some hacker took it down.   Here it is again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIchZK2O_gM

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I think I won the silicon lottery.

Just though I'd show you this. PC Specs: i7 2600k @ 4429MHz 8GB Corsair Vengeance + 8GB GSkill Ripjaws X @ 1600MHz (Not currently in the machine) Asus P8P67 Pro Corsair H80 with the fans off of a Thermaltake Frio Thermaltake Chaser MK I Chassis AMD Radeon 5770

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painting a bmx? Answered

Hey, my friend just sold me a bmx frame to me for a good price, but the paint is old and its rusty. I sort of have an idea of how to paint it; sand it, wash it, dry it, prime it, then paint it. however, that's just my guess as to how it would be done. camn anyone suggest some things that i should or should not do? thanks.

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Where can i get a self priming pump for a low cost?

I've looked through ebay but they're way too much money. any good RELIABLE places you guys know of. My price limit is probably around 150 USD

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Optimus Prime gets a parking ticket in New York

Traffic Wardens are getting braver... Perhaps we should fear for the poor sap who tries to give megatron a parking ticket!

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When making wine what does the phase prime it mean?

I new to wine making and dont know all the words yet

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How do I create a "keyword" with embedded spaces

For instance, Eric's Book shelf instructable manages to have "book shelf" as one of the keywords, but in my Prime Rib instructable I could only figure out how to have "prime" and "rib" as separate keywords...

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How many of you still own metroid prime hunters?

If you still own this game I would like to hold a tournament so if you could please leave your friend codes?

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Woodpunk Lamp, 3D Stereoscope Camera, Optimus Prime Costume

Woodpunk Lamp 3D Stereoscope Camera Optimus Prime Costume Delicious Fruit Tart Pokemon Snuggie Costume RC Quadrotor Dark Knight Joker Makeup Make Hard Cider DIY Suspension Bridge Arduino RGB LED Tutorial Halloween Robotic Top Hat Homemade Tofu Simple Animatronic Hand Gorilla Tape Gorilla Mask Green Lantern Prop

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how can I make a rc morph ball from metroid prime?

I want to make one but I need some ideas including how I can make it turn and move foreward please you help me figure this out

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how to make optimus's head

How do i make optimus primes head help me.

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should I build a replica of the spiderball track from metroid prime?

If I do I will make it 2'x10''x2". how far should the spacing be inbetween the glowing lines?

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Why does spray paint sometimes come up off the painted surface when the surface has been primed?

I was making something to hang up on my wall, a thin metal logo of the skullcandy skull. the peice of metal was free of rust. So I primed the surface and let it dry. spray painted it and then the paint was going crusty-ish and was peeling of the metal. I don't have a picture now, but i will upload a picture later.

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3 1/2 hp B&S. Starts, then immediately stops. Answered

Once I prime my lawn mower 3-5 times to start, it starts right away. But once the primed gas is used up, the mower dies. I have taken the gas tank off, removed all the old fuel and cleaned it out with paper towels. I also took the carb off the tank and blew compressed air through all the ports I could see, which seemed to be open. I also installed a new spark plug. To recap, it only runs on the primed gas. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have been out of work for the last 6 1/2 months, and am trying to save $$$ by doing these things myself. Thank you in advance. Jack

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anyone know how to change the sayings on the optimus prime/clone trooper helmet?

Just want to know it is possible to change these sayings or if there is a device that can record on the diode.

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Organizing knex

Do you organize your knex? (I just did) Or do you dump them in a bucket? tell everyone if you organize your knex or not.

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How do I collab? Answered

How do I collaborate with someone and help them with an instructable? I need to know! D:) -J.R.

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How speed govornor disabled

My Hyundai xcent prime t plus CRDI. Company fitted speed govornor. Limit maximum 80 kmph. How to speed maximum 120 kmph highoway

Question by ParthaT1 

Whats the appropiate paint/substance used for waterline painting

A recently constructed 24' hull (plywood on frame, 3 sections) that belongs to a set of outriger cannoes now need a coat of paint for the already marked waterline. the boat has yet to be primed. im thinking  "couple layers of regular exterior paint should do it" but it'd be a shame if i did'nt ask all you satly's here at instructables what you thought. (priming under way)

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Problem with newsletter

I just went to check the Instructables newsletter, and realized that there seemed to be a bug in the naming for one of the featured Instructables (the homemade engagement ring mis-named optimus prime costume). Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this?

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Blue led photography...

I just took some new pictures for my BraceLED 2.0 I'ble. And look at the picture of the bracelet with the blue LED's! The reflection of the blue light on the white surface (=paper sheet) is highly overexposed! How does this happen? Is the cmos sensor in my Nikon D300s over-sensitive to this color of blue? A picture of a red-led-bracelet under (almost) the same conditions has no such effect. Picture red BraceLED: iso800, 35 mm prime, f/4, 1/20 Picture blue BraceLED: iso800, 35 mm prime lens, 1/15

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Does anyone have an underground water storage system?

I have four 55 gallon plastic sealed top drums barried in the ground. They are meant to store water from my washer and rain water. I have a 3" inlet running in line to the four barrels. On the other side I put 3/4 inch PVC to an inch from the bottom of the barrel. The PVC is meant to get used something like a straw in your soda. I have the straws in line to the water pump. The problem I am having is that the pump requires to be primed to work. How can I keep it primed? It would be great if there was a valve that closed when the barrel was near empty. That way the pump would continue to pump the water from the other barrels and never loose its prime. Any ideas here????? Again, these are sealed toped barrels. I cannot open them to put a sump pump at the bottom, not to mention, a sump pump couldn't supply the pressure needed for my sprinklers. Thank you in advance for any advice! ! !

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my earthquake 43mc tiller starts but won't stay running? Answered

 I pressed the prime bulb, but there's just air in the tubes. I closed the valve on the gas cap, but the problem persists. Any suggestions?

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flying taser

I'm working on a flying tazer and have everything primed and perfect, but i can't figure out how to shoot the thing!!!!!1 along the lines of springs, compressed air, or electricity ( coilguns )please...

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Can I use rustoleum epoxy "appliance" spray paint with rustoleum primer?

I'm refinishing my steel medicine cabinet. Its old and a little rusty in spots, so I sanded it smooth and removed as much rust/old paint as I could. I washed it down, let it dry and gave it two coats of Rustoleum "rusted metal" primer in the can. I also purchased a few cans of Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy Spray paint. However, I didn't note that in the instructions, it says "priming is not recommended".  I already have the cabinet primed and ready for paint at this point and would like some imput on putting this epoxy over the primer.   

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Knex Transformers

I'm new to this website and ive seen a lot of great posts for some transforming knex especially one that resembles optimus prime (not the large one that the creator refuses to post a smaller one) i was just wondering if anyone would be willing to post more instructables of their designs keep up the work folks.

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PID controller to control temperature

I need to control the temp. using PID controller @ an accuracy of the +-0.5 degree Celsius. What will be the procedure step by step, to do the task. Please note that Range is 35 to 40 degree Celsius & ACCURACY is of prime importance. Please reply fast. Waiting for your positive & valuable response. Thanks &Regards-; Sanga

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Two approaches to making recycled cardboard furniture (YouTube video)

You may have seen this video, featured on YouTube recently. It's prime Instructables material, building furniture from scrap card.There are two totally different approaches to meet the same goal with the same materials, and enough information to make them reproducible by Joe Public.

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Baking my chalkboard painted mason jars?

Hello there! I think I prepped the jars well, they have roughed surfaces (I used sandpaper), and they are primed! I am wondering, if I should bake them after applying the chalkboard paint, and if I should condition the paint (with chalk) before or after the baking? Thank you in advance! Vic

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Embedding a Second Video in a Video Instructable?

I'm trying to embed a second video into my video instructable. I'm guessing that because it's a video instructable it is limited to the one main video and no other videos can be embedded? https://www.instructables.com/id/Optimus-Prime-Transformers-Costume/ You can see I've been trying, but I guess that's my question: is there any way to embed another video?

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How to Build "The Extra Investigator" aka "The Ed Box" Device. Will be featured on new Amazon Prime show. Will Pay for Build!!

Hey Im looking for someone that can help me build an older paranormal device called "The Extra Investigator" aka "The Ed Box". I can't find the right build for it ANYWHERE and only have one pic and the device details, this device is not used by "television paranormal investigators" any longer so its impossible to find any for sale or even other pics of this devices other than the one posted below... it has EMF detection, IR detection and detects "physical events', which i don't understand (BS basically) but it basically is an EMF detector that connects to the compass and points to the em field. Also, Im not sure how the IR detection is utilized. I have not seen this device in action, so this is what i'm assuming because of other gadgets with similar applications. I have found ways to build an EMF detector and an IR detector, I also have tons of parts, bread-boards.. everything needed for the build (have the enclosure and compass on the way via mail) but I need guidance in the build or it built for me. I understand that most serious builders don't believe in the applications of these devices but this is for a serious project and want to show this device on an episode of our new show, also they (the builder/helper) would get a shout out on an up-coming Amazon Prime show, along with payment for the labor and any parts i cant supply (paranormal engineering position for our team may open up if things work out. We are searching for a smaller company/engineer). But! ANY help would be appreciated! No need to make jokes and point out what i've obviously stated, if you cant or don't want to help, pls keep your negative comments to yourself. This device is also going to be a teaching tool for kids ages 12-16 who are interested in the paranormal and want to learn the basics. I wanted to show them some devices they wont see on TV. I'm under no illusions that these devices are 100 percent accurate and will not waste time with non-believers. This is a business situation, the build shouldn't matter. Thanks science peers

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Newsletter Mistake?

I don't know if something's wrong with the newsletter or if my computer has just gone crazy. In an Instructables Newsletter that I got today (September 12, 2010) The instructable in the top right corner of it seems to be messed up. It shows a picture of a ring and says "Optimus Prime Costume." When clicked, it takes me here: https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F9N/NR2Z/GDVZOEX6/F9NNR2ZGDVZOEX6.jpg. Is this just a goof or am I missing some kind of joke here?

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LED Eyes while still maintaining visibility?

I'm modding an Optimus Prime voice changer helmet for halloween. I'd like to have eyes that are lit up, but I still need to see through them. Any ideas how I could accomplish this?  My idea is something like a car headlight. Have the LED off to the side, and have a reflective background (tinfoil?) so it lights up bright. Then have an eye hole in the middle of the background to see through. Thoughts? 

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In the US, what do you call the board or panel used as bulletin boards? Answered

I'm thinking of the kind that is very easy to push thumb tacks into.  It has almost no structural integrity - very easy to break corners off.  It's more of something to go over a wall to push pins into.  It's not a foam product - definitely wood particles.  What I've seen and used in the past was primed on one side.  It's similar to what ceiling tiles are made of - but 4x8 and maybe 3/4 inch thick.

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