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no prize :(

Hi! I am so proud to say I won a prize for the Halloween contest. I won 2nd place in the costumes section. Mine is the Anyways, I never received the prize and I just spoke with the other winner and she got it shortly after winning. I have written to a few people about this but no one responds. Now I'm trying on the forum! Thanks!!!

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I've never won anything on Instructables before. What do we do now, to make sure our prize is shipped to the correct address?

Topic by KevinSaw    |  last reply


I want to know that does instructables really provide with gifts if we win a contest . if yes does they charge a shipping fee

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If no-one else enters, every entrant will get a prize. Won't they?

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I'm new and heard there were prizes for some comptetions. Is this true?

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I don't want to brag, but I won runner up prize in the science contest (yeah I won a runner up prize!) and I have not gotten my stickers! I want stickers! lol, also I want the patch. When will it ever come?!?

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

Prize - Money

Sorry I want to ask you that you won the prize be translated as money, not as a prize, because in order to get the prize you have the duty to pay is more expensive than the prize itself?

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Prize shipment

Why hasn't my prize(which i won more than 2 months ago) been shipped out? 

Topic by ElmarsM    |  last reply

Prize verification

Hi Prize Room Guru, I think it would be a great idea to create some form of prize verification for contest and challenge winners. I've won a few contests, and each time I fill out the 'collect your prize' form I always wonder whether or not anyone received my info. Once I won something from the Big and Small challenge and my info was never processed, so I visited the HQ to pick it up (which isn't exactly a bad thing, but still). It's a small improvement, I know, but it would definitely put my mind at ease. I'm sure there are others out there who feel the same way. Thanks for considering this :) Lance

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Wrong Prize

I recently won the monthly audio challenge.  I received the message showing the correct prize of a 3D camera pack.  However, when I click on the link to accept my prize and enter my shipping information, the second place prize, a blu-ray player set, shows up instead of the 3D camera prize. I am not sure where to go to get this rectified.  I don't want to click accept and get the wrong prize.  Any help with where I should go would be helpful.  I replied to the message, but it was sent by the Instructables robot and I have not heard anything. 

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Weekly Prize?

Isn't there a weekly prize for this competition (I think they just pick an entree at random), but so far I havn't seen this weekly prize...

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instructable prizes

Well i had found in the store they are selling the prizes. So if u enterd the contest and u didnt won and u wanted a prize. well get happy and buy one . follow this link if u want to buy or clame a prize:

Topic by Jr Hacking kid  

Prizes Announcement

I am a finalist in the 'Made with Yarn' Contest, and the Judging closed Midnight Nov 21, and I have been going crazy with suspense wanting to know who won the prizes.. Little help?

Topic by VaanyaW    |  last reply

Suggested Prizes

Stay with Amazon Gift Cards - these are great!

Topic by bmohnsen    |  last reply

Prize Preference

If I do happen to get within the top 13 Instructables, I'd really prefer the second place prize (the tool set). Just saying... Anyways, good luck to everyone! I think we'll know who the winners are tomorrow!

Topic by icinnamon    |  last reply

My Prize!

Got my Prize package for the "Show Your Heart" Valentine's Day Contest today! I wasn't aware that they would include an Instructable's patch and their new...STICKERS! I want to thank all of you at Instructables for the awesome prizes that you give out. -Muffin

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Mystery Prizes!

What's more fun that winning a prize? Why winning a mystery prize, of course! We're sending out mystery prizes to winners of the First-Time Author's Contest and Homemade Gifts Contest, and if you end up being one of lucky winners, we want to see your reaction when you open it. Share a picture of your mystery prize with us here or tag us on social media and we'll give you a shout out!  Check out the First Time Author Contest or Homemade Gifts Contest and make something awesome! 

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contest prizes? Answered

Hello everyone, I know someone who won a contest and they still have not received their prizes. It has been a little over a month and I was just wondering how long does it usually take . He does not want to ask because he does not want to bug anyone.  Thank you. Billie Joe 

Question by billiejoe    |  last reply

Locations Prize

Hey If I win a prize how are instructables supposed to know where I live? Because I live in hong kong and for my setting on zip code i put 0000 0000 0000

Topic by TNEN    |  last reply

Instructable's Prizes

I already won a Instructables T-Shirt, and was wondering if I won another contest with a T-shirt as a prize would I just get another one (kind of useless), or is there like an alternative. Like a patch or button. ,Dan-0

Topic by TheCheese9921    |  last reply

Launch It Prize?

Hey guys,What should we give away as a prize for a Launch It! contest? Toss out some ideas- we particularly like to give away tools. I may use or ignore your suggestions upon whim. ;DThis is a sort of a medium-sized short challenge; details very soon.ETA: Launch It! Contest Info

Topic by canida    |  last reply

what does the prize pack prize include? Answered

Just about that

Question by Emiliano Valencia    |  last reply

Didn't receive prize?

I recently won a runner-up prize in the elemental LED contest. I entered my mailing info and about a week later, I got the instructables prize pack with a t-shirt a stuff, but I didn't get the actual prize (Apollo beat jammer). Does the prize normally come separately from the instructables pack? If so, how long will it take? (been 2 weeks since the instructables pack came) thanks

Topic by sidmani    |  last reply

Prize shipping info? Answered

Good morning, I recently won a prize for the fix-it contest.  I received an envelope with the stickers and t-shirt, but it has been like a week and a half since then and I have not yet received the rest of the prize.  Is there a tracking number or something I could get to see what's up? Thanks, -K

Question by PS118    |  last reply

halloween contest prize

So... we took second place on the halloween food contest ... and was just curious as to how long it would take to recieve the prize? so i emailed like i am supposed to... and this is what i got in return Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure: DNS Error: Domain name not found so... UH... really? anyone got any update on this or know of who i should be asking besides a random cry in the forum? thank you much

Topic by licenseless    |  last reply

Instructables prize pack?

What is the instructables prize pack, besides the robot t shirt?

Topic by RiverFlame    |  last reply

Missing part of prize

I won third place in the dyeing for color contest a few weeks ago. I filled out all of the paperwork instructables sent me and received 'most' of the prize. However when the box came, it was missing the 12 white cotton bandanas. I have messaged the contest manager, and service@instructables, but neither has returned my messages. What do I do to get the missing part of my prize?

Topic by KristinM5    |  last reply

Prize Claim Process

I am a little confused about the prize claim process.  I got a PM with a link, went to the link and filled out the form and clicked "accept."  But it was kind of weird that I didn't get any acknowledgement that I submitted the form.  Also, for an Instructables prize pack prize (which includes a shirt) shouldn't they ask for a shirt size?  When/where/how do they do that?  I guess I am just worried that maybe I am missing something. Or that the form isn't being submitted properly. Or maybe I'm just being impatient.

Topic by The Papier Boy    |  last reply

Contest Prize Help

Hi there, once again i need to apologize if this post bothered you. well i am trying to ask why i am still not receive my prize?  I already asked to other contestants and they already received their prize. I won the first prize on Halloween Draw and Sketch with Sketchbook Contest .. and until today .. i am still receive any news about it. I even don't know if the prize already sent or not .. Like we all know that the contest winner was announced on 31st October 2012 .. I already sent email to instructables service .. they always answered with they still waiting for the prize to come in to HQ .. if they're still waiting .. why other contestants already received their prize?  Maybe it sound simple for some people but just think about it .. until today i am still waiting for more than 2 months without any information about it ... it's totally not good. I just don't get it .. why they must wait for months until the prize arrive to HQ but the contest is already over and they already announced the winner ?? Why don't they prepare everything before the announcement ? Regards, Gangga Saputra

Topic by ganggasaputra    |  last reply

Prize shipping info?? Answered

Hey all I just won the special prize in the bathroom contest a 2 weeks ago and I was asked to fill in a form asking for the address etc, and I filled it in and sent it, but it has been about a week and a half but the prize(Sugru) has not arrived yet(I live in Poland)Does anyone know how long it takes for a prize in instructables to be shipped to Poland Thanks

Question by vishalapr    |  last reply

warranty for contest prizes

Hey, i have a question that has been in my mind for some time now: a lot of the contest prizes involve some kind of electronic devices, and if you would buy these in a store, you would get a 2 year or so warranty. so i wondered: do the prizes have a warranty like that as well? it would be nice to know in case something stops working. and if there is a warranty, how could you claim it, since most of the time warranties need a reciept as proof of purchase. that won't work with the prizes obviously. i would be glad if someone could answer my question, thanx

Topic by sursula    |  last reply

Prize Shipment Delays

Hi everyone! If you have won a contest in the past month or will win a contest in the next month or so, there might be a slight delay in shipping your prizes out.  You might have noticed that we are hiring a shipping clerk, that's because we need one!  We are a little understaffed at the moment and we are shipping out for prizes as fast as we can, but unfortunately we are only human! Thanks for understanding!

Topic by Danger is my middle name    |  last reply

Contest Prize Not Shipped?

Hi there! I received a runner up prize notification 16 days ago that I had won an Arduino MKR 1000 for placing runner-up in the Arduino Contest 2016. I claimed my prize, and haven't heard anything about shipping or any other kind of confirmation yet. The other prize I won for coming in 2nd place on another contest notified me and shipped very soon after I accepted. Can someone check to see if everything is ok? Attached is a screenshot of the winning prize message I was sent (and accepted). Thanks, Esper2142 (Josh)

Topic by esper2142    |  last reply

Broken prize link

On the Halloween Contest page, the link to the MacBook Air in the prizes section is broken. It just links to "macbook%20air", which is not a URL.

Topic by PointyOintment    |  last reply

Paracord contest Prize

I see the first prize for the paracord contest in "Leatherman Juice". What is Leatherman Juice? Thanks!

Topic by kcls    |  last reply

Tinkercad Judges' Prizes

So I was just wondering, how are the Tinkercad Prize winners selected? Are they chosen before, after, or at the same time as the other finalists? Are they chosen the same way? Let's say I entered a project that uses Tinkercad and I end up being selected as a finalist and end as a finalist, recieving an Instructables Prize Pack as a reward. But technically speaking, as long as I qualified, if I had been selected for the Tinkercad Judges' Prize instead, I could've gotten something much better. Or let's say I made an outstanding Tinkercad project and could potentially win the Grand Prize, but instead get chosen for the Judges' prize because I was one of the best Tinkercad entries. Still awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the Grand Prize.If a project excels in both the contest's category and does a great job using Tinkercad, what decides where they end up being put?Is it possible that using Tinkercad could actually limit your chances at the Grand Prize?How's this work? Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance,A befuddled idiot =P

Question by m_shannon  

Contest Prize Help

I won a prize inthe off grid contest and haven't recieved anything.  I entered my address in the link bar. The rules say I have to fill out a form, and to either call or email support.  I called and got a meesage to email and then a beep and the call disconnected.  I emailed and got a n autoresponder about how to cancel my membership. Needless to say I am a little confused about how to get the prize, which is sad because I was planning on doing a video review of the cool fenix kit for my website, but cannot because I just cannot seem to get it in the mail... tngun

Topic by Daves Homestead    |  last reply

Did the prize change?

I could've sworn that the first day the USB Contest was out, it said the first prize was a Leatherman "Squirt". Now it says Leatherman "Juice". I Didn't even know the squirt existed until I saw something yesterday, and I thought it was the prize from the USB contest. I'm not crazy, am I?

Topic by kcls    |  last reply

Prize Distribution Procedure

Can anybody tell me, how is the procedure for the prize winners. I meant that how to successfully proceed to claim to prize. I read the ptizes column in the contest but it didnt make me it to understand.

Topic by absingh    |  last reply

Nobel Chaos Prize?

I just saw this on Wikipedia. 

Topic by wenpherd    |  last reply

Contest prize help

Hi I won first prize in the Halloween photo editing contest and haven't heard a single thing about getting that prize in 7 weeks. However, i did contact instructables about 2 weeks ago asking what had happened and was informed that they were getting stock and it shouldn't be that much longer. I'm just curious is this normal for contest prize to take more then 7 weeks to reach someone.

Topic by sircaptaintigerotter    |  last reply

Contest Prize Mashup!!!

Hello Instructables community forum readers, I'm not sure if this is the 'best' place to speak my mind, but here goes.  I mentioned this to Scoochmaroo one time, but that was shortly before she moved on... I was thinking that it would be AMAZING if there were some contest prize mash-ups. People who can sew amazingly and win a sewing contest...probably already have a sewing machine...but might REALLY try harder if they could win a Kitchenaid, that they don't have!  Or a chef that has the chance at winning a dremel tool or tool of some get the idea right?  Is there anyone out there with me? I don't think there would have to be a rhyme or reason to the prizes, but make it fun for people quite skilled in an area to try for some prize they might not be so adept with!... Okay, maybe sponsors and prize fronters want to see some fabulous things created with their line of equipment...but maybe there could just be an occassional "mash-up" prize like a judges prize??? Please take some time to consider!  :)

Topic by doodlecraft    |  last reply

Importing prize to UK

I recently won the 123d design contest and I wanted to gain some experiences from other UK prize winners, did you have to pay import duty and VAT? I know you are warned you have to pay them and are meant to but I just wanted to know who has had to, the prize is large and expensive so i'm not sure it will get through customs un-noticed but if anyone has any experiences with importing prizes into the UK please share them. Thanks

Topic by Maundy    |  last reply

Prize arrival time?

Hello, I am aware that the contest info says that it may take up to 12 weeks to receive a prize won in a contest and it has only been 8ish, but I was contacted by the instructable robot stating that my prize (3d printing contest) had shipped from the instructables headquarters on the 11th (just over 2 weeks ago) and the prize has not yet arrived. I'm not sure what the normal shipping time is, and I don't mind waiting. However, it would be nice to know that nothing is wrong and to know the progress of the package. I was told that there would be a tracking number for the package but never received one. Is there a tracking number? When should I be worried about a prize taking too long to arrive? Thanks,  Matt

Topic by matstermind    |  last reply

Low quality prize

After placing second in a contest, I was very disappointed to find that the prize tool was a low quality tool from harbor freight which broke the first time I used it. I was also disappointed to see that they greatly overstated the $ value of the tool by linking to the most overpriced seller they could find (double the going rate for the tool). Last time I placed in a contest, the tool was a very nice dremel which I have used often and has not broken. Would be nice if they would give us quality tools again.

Topic by TheNecromancer13    |  last reply

Question about receiving prizes

I won a prize in a contest recently. I received a message saying my prize was being shipped out a little over a month ago, but I have yet to receive it. What is the average time to receive a prize after it has been shipped? Thanks

Topic by Crazyffrey    |  last reply

what model leatherman is the prize?

Just wondering, what model is it, because it is not specified.

Topic by Spectrace    |  last reply

Prize for hurricane lasers contest

Hi I was awarded second place in the lasers contest which is great but after filling in the prize delivery info I haven't received anything. I would like to know what's the procedure. I haven't gotten a confirmation or any prizes from you. Did you get my info? wires

Topic by wires    |  last reply

Contest prize lost in transit?

I won a contest two months ago, and received two shipment notifications (suggesting the prize was split into two parcels?). One parcel arrived shortly after, the other is still missing. Who do I talk to?

Topic by xGrape    |  last reply

Woodworkers Contest Irwin Prize

Hello, I took 2nd place in the woodworkers contest. I did receive my T-shirt and patch. Just wondering when I get my Irwin's tools prize? Have not received any prize yet. Anyone have any ideas? I don't believe the 1st place winner have not received there's either... Hmmmm... thanks for reading, Greasetattoo

Topic by Greasetattoo    |  last reply