Professor Splash Pool Dive

Watch and prepare your self...

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Do college professors allow you to audio record their lectures? Answered

I am on my way to college, and had an idea. Could I record my college professor's lectures so I could review them later? I already have a little unobtrusive mic set up that I could use for this to record onto my laptop, the issue is whether or not it would be generally allowed. What do all you users know about the validity of this? If it's allowed, it would be one hell of a help, as I both type and write slowly, so notes are a major pain. Is it the prof's personal choice, or is it illegal, considered cheating, allowed and encouraged, what? I know my mom was allowed to record her prof's lectures in college, but that was a community college, not a large state institution like California State U Chico, which I will be attending. Note that I don't want to do this sneakily, as getting caught (if it's not allowed) could put me in serious trouble.

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Looking for Arduino Instructor in San Francisco

Looking to hire an instructor for a fun new arduino class for New Media students at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  More details at the job posting or I am happy to answer questions:

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second laptop webcam ideas Answered

I have a dell 1545 with built in web cam i go to college and i want to record what my professor puts on the board in a reasonably discrete manner ? i have no cash and very little electrical knowledge would simply buying a second web cam be the best thing to do or what any hep is greatly appreciated thankyou fidgety

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MIT Open-couseware Helps Physics Professor Become a Web Star

Open-courseware is helping some MIT professors gain much deserved recognition. While I never took a class from Walter Lewin, I did watch a Nobel laureate (before he won the prize!) ride that same rocket-powered tricycle across the stage of 26-100 (I wrote a little bit about that here in a comment).At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web StarCAMBRIDGE, Mass. Walter H. G. Lewin, 71, a physics professor, has long had a cult following at M.I.T. And he has now emerged as an international Internet guru, thanks to the global classroom the institute created to spread knowledge through cyberspace.Professor Lewin's videotaped physics lectures, free online on the OpenCourseWare of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have won him devotees across the country and beyond who stuff his e-mail in-box with praise."Through your inspiring video lectures i have managed to see just how BEAUTIFUL Physics is, both astounding and simple," a 17-year-old from India e-mailed recently.Steve Boigon, 62, a florist from San Diego, wrote, "I walk with a new spring in my step and I look at life through physics-colored eyes."Professor Lewin delivers his lectures with the panache of Julia Child bringing French cooking to amateurs and the zany theatricality of YouTube's greatest hits. He is part of a new generation of academic stars who hold forth in cyberspace on their college Web sites and even, without charge, on iTunes U, which went up in May on Apple's iTunes Store.In his lectures at, Professor Lewin beats a student with cat fur to demonstrate electrostatics. Wearing shorts, sandals with socks and a pith helmet -- nerd safari garb -- he fires a cannon loaded with a golf ball at a stuffed monkey wearing a bulletproof vest to demonstrate the trajectories of objects in free fall.He rides a fire-extinguisher-propelled tricycle across his classroom to show how a rocket lifts off.

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Are there any community shops in the Vancouver bc area?

Hi. I am wondering if there any community shops in the Vancouver bc area? I have a couple projects that require large and expensive tools / machines that I cannot buy and store myself. I think that finding a community shop would be the best option.  Any help would be appreciated Professorred

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New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

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chip card

Hi i would like to know if anyone can break the chip card ? ive seen the professor from cambrige university did has anyone get feedbacks?

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Saving search words?

I can't save the search words I am using windows, no idea what number

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Can i still make a group in here?E Answered

Actually i was wondering if i can make a group of my own here. or I have to contact an admin for that?

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last center on a 5x5 super cube?

I have an Eastsheen 5x5 supercube. I can't solve the final center. I have found a couple of postings on the internet about supercubes but the solutions don't make much sense to me.

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So, my circuits professor described electrolytic capacitors today, and said that reverse-biasing them could cause a catastrophic, eye-popping explosion. All that in a little metal can? I had to try it! Here's what it takes:

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HAARP mind control?

Allegations have been made that the HAARP project is behind mind control experiments. The ex governor Jesse Ventura, interviewed a professor who demonstrated in his show that it is possible to send messages to people's minds without any need for hearing. The professor put two piezoelectric transducers on Ventura's chin and Ventura claimed to be able to "hear" music in his brain. Real science or pseudoscience? If this device could be made, wouldn't this device help people without hearing? What about the possibilities of learning devices or communication? I believe that this device could put thoughts on people's minds but not necessarily control them (unless it is an easy suggestible subject). Please watch a segment of the show and share your opinion:

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Lighting with RGB LEDs

Hi all. I am wanting to get into using led lighting for long exposure photos (for the purpose of thermal imaging) and I am looking at RGB LEDs for providing the colour. My question being, should I try finding LEDs that have similar light output in mcd or stick with RGB LEDs? The reason I am asking is when I am looking at specs, the green seems to be 2 to 4 times as bright. Is this an issue?  Also, the RGB LEDs seem to have a much wider viewing/ lighting angle.  I am not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you all very much for the time.  Professorred

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Is there a software that can compile all the answer guides here into pdf manuals, or a directory of related questions?

I read in NYT that there was this Professor who made some software that threaded the web, compiled the related facts, and made its own how to or reference manuals.

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Starting a project - How?

It's one thing to start a project when professors, supervisors, etc are pounding on you to get it done. But how do you manage to do all that alone? I have many ideas but they're just that - ideas. So how can I effectively start and finish one?

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I need an arduino temperature and humidity sensor WITHOUT Wifly

Hi all, I am looking to make an arduino temperature and humidity sensor with an onboard display. I am fairly new to arduino but do have electronics experience. I am looking to just look at the thing and be able to read the temperature and humidity without having to go into the other room and kick someone off of the computer. I currently have an arduino uno, a RHT03 Humidity and Temperature Sensor, several 7 segment displays, enough LEDs to make a led matrix or clock type setup, and a Nokia 5110 graphic LCD with arduino board (which I could remove if needed) found at  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Professorred

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High Presure Test for glass, looking for some help

I am new to this web site and I do like what I have read so far. I am an test engineer and I am trying to come up with a way to get 15 psi in a glass bottle with it being 98% full with water. also this is to test the cap so the cap wust not be tampered with. the way I am doing it now is to drill a 1/2" hole into the body of the glass bottle and use a rubber stopper with an air line in the center of it and apply the correct amount of presure. but when I drill the half inch whole in the glass, the glass will brak about half the time or will crack and split under presure. I thought of drilling a smaller hole and using a air needle like one would use for soccer balls or basket ballls. Does any one have any suggestions. Test professor

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Where is borosilicate glass tubing (or similar) available to be purchased?

For me, ordering online is a last resort, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any brick-and-mortar stores that carried something like that. Also, the woman who runs the chemistry dept storeroom at my university is a singularly unpleasant lady who won't even give students new equipment unless the lab professor insists.

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Full size remote car?

I was wondering if any one knows if there is a double sided rack and pinion steering for a full size car. this would allow the car to have 2 steering wheels, one on right and one on the left. Does someone make kits for this? I reminber seeing mail cars and driver ed cars haveing this, do any one know how it is doen? thank you.    

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Automatic sentry gun help? Answered

I am building an automatic sentry gun, where a nerf gun, using a camera, will target a moving object, aim and shoot at it. This is a course project and the professor said I need to add an extra feature, or make it more intelligent than that to get an A. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can add to this system to make it cooler and more A- deserving. All ideas are welcome:D Thank you!

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Wrist mounted...

I need some help. I need ideas on how I would make this. Basically I want to make a wrist-mounted pistol (fake).   If you've seen Assassins creed before, they use a hidden blade that is spring loaded. Also this was in Sherlock Holmes (professor). What I want is is to sit on my wrist and when I push a button behind the pistol, it ejects it forward so i can grab it. I apologize if I'm not being clear.

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Be your mechanic

Hello to all the magnanimousStudent professors and those who work in their own businesses Do not be tired of your loved ones. My name is Amir 48 years old and I have almost 32 years of experience in mechanical testing of cars in Tehran. I'm very interested in electronics and I repair almost 70% of my belongings But I did not attend classes in any classroom that I learned early. I'm glad to be among you I'm also happy to be in touch with mechanical questions Thank you

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How do I make the dc only portion of a strobe light? I already have a trigger.

How do I go about making a simple 120vac to 300vdc power supply? I am making a strobe light and gave a trigger set up but I need a way of getting the darn thing to light. PLEASE HELP. Is there any way to use my function generator to replace the trigger?

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Million dollar software idea for academic purpose.

Hi, I have a great idea that could help people who take online classes and more... like people who watches lectures for themselves, or people who are deaf and can't understand what a professor or narrator is saying in video...  It is a good idea but I have no skills to realize. Please if you are interested and has the ability to buy it, it is more than a simple million idea, please message me and make me happy. Thank You.

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what's do special about 4 degrees water? Answered

Hi everyone! I have this question related to water and its lowest temperature when it's liquid. Our professor told us that 4 is the lowest degree water can reach before coming ice, not 0, 1, 2, or even 3. Could anyone please tell me what's so special about this temperature and how did scientists reach this conclusion and based on what. I really appreciate your help!

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Higgs Boson particle found!

Well, there's not much to do other than to say it: As I am sure many of you already know, the elusive Higgs-Boson particle, or "God-Particle" has been found by scientists at CERN, the friendly people who brought you the internet. This discovery has been ranked as 5-Sigma, which means that they are very sure of their results. I'm not a particle physics professor, so here's a video of one explaining this. History being made! Yay!

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Million dollar software idea for academic purpose.

Hi, I have a great idea that could help people who take online classes and more... like people who watches lectures for themselves, or people who are deaf and can't understand what a professor or narrator is saying in video... It is a good idea but I have no skills to realize. Please if you are interested and has the ability to buy it, it is more than a simple million idea, please message me and make me happy. Thank You.

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Help with Simpson's Hallowe'en Costume.

I've got an idea for a Hallowe'en costume this year and I'm a little stuck on the mask.  The clothes are no problem. Here's the issue: I need to make a mask of Professor Frink from the Simpson's  The reason it has to be a mask is that I wear the costume to work and I have to be available in a short time for actual work, and the work I do doesn't lend itself to weird yellow makeup. I've done costumes before: Marvin the Martian, Beaker, Bender, The Black Knight, etc.  For some reason I'm flummoxed by Frink's head. Any ideas?

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Sad News Proffesor Snape has passed.

"Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish." Wikipedia  Actor Alan Rickman, Snape in Harry Potter films, dies at 69.;=1550&bih;=746&source;=lnms&tbm;=isch&sa;=X&ved;=0ahUKEwj31pf7larKAhUINT4KHTdRBq0Q_AUIBigB&dpr;=0.8

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Giant Robot Architecture Talk by Greg Lynn in Berkeley

Here is an interesting talk from the Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium of the Berkeley Center for New Media...Giant Robot ArchitectureGreg Lynn, UCLA & Angewandte, ViennaMonday, Feb 4, 7:30-9:00pm- Note Special Location: Berkeley Art Museum Theater- Enter on Dwight Ave: Lecture is free and open to the publicAbstractRobots. In my office, my staff keeps asking for more new machines, and every time I get a new machine, I fire two or three people. By extrapolation, in the next few years I will be sitting in an office by myself with a bunch of robots. We have is a very large CNC (computer numerically controlled) cutting machine, a laser cutter, a 3d printer, and soon we will have a robotic articulated arm. All of these things let us do studies of models, which are very important to architects, but what they also let us do is learn machine language. We spend more and more time talking to machines; speaking their language. It is very easy for us to go to any country that has an automobile industry or an aircraft industry and give their machines instructions and do things with these large machines at an architectural scale that is very perfunctory and affordable. The spread of machine language and programming is more significant than the Anglicization of the world. Learning to talk to robots is very important to my field of design.Speaker BioGreg Lynn is a leading pioneer at the intersection of computing, design, and architecture. His architectural designs have been exhibited in both architecture and art museums including the 2000 Venice Biennale of Architecture where he represented the United States in the American Pavilion. His work is in the permanent collections of CCA, SFMoMA, and MoMA and has been exhibited at the Pompidou, Beyeler, Cooper Hewitt, MAK, MoCA, NAI,Carnegie, ICA and Secession museums among others. In addition to his architectural work, his Alessi "Supple"Mocha Cups and his Vitra "Ravioli" Chair are in production and have been inducted into the Museum of Modern Art's Permanent Collection. He received the American Academy of Arts & Letters Architecture Award in 2003. In 2002, he left his position as the Professor of Spatial Conception and Exploration at the ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) and became an Ordentlicher University Professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.He is studio professor of Architecture at UCLA and the Davenport Visiting Professor at Yale University. Greg Lynn holds degrees in architecture and philosophy and received an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Academy of Fine Arts &Design; in Bratislava. In 2001, Time Magazine named him one of 100 of the most innovative people in the world for the 21st century. In 2005, Forbes Magazine named him one of the ten most influential living architects.http://www.glform.comMore info on the colloquium here.

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How can download or copy Google Books excerpts so I can read them on my Sony eReader ? Format is NOT important?

I can put a file in Word Rich Text Format or PDF or Sony eReader's file format, so that is NOT the issue I simply want to be able to read the excerpts on my eReader Legally, by the way, most college professors have programs that will spot plagiarism from copying & pasting and the book parts are shown anyway All I want to do is better use what is shown, because I enjoy reading on my eReader

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Cursed Clue Character?

Here's something you might find interesting. I enjoy playing Clue, as does my family. A short while ago we bought a new board, and we've been playing with it. Everything was going fine, until something freaky started happening. Almost always Professor Plum did it. We tried shuffling differently, checking the cards, everything. Then we started keeping track. as of now of 15 times played, our favorite Egyptologist did it 11 times. Now that's just freaky. He did it with an array of weapons and locations, but he's been consistently a killer. Anyone know how to excorsise a game piece?

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'Revolutionary' CO2 maps zoom in on greenhouse gas sources

Researchers now have a better view of where carbon dioxide is being emitted thanks to Vulcan, a research project led by Kevin Gurney, an assistant professor at Purdue. This map shows where CO2 is being emitted in the continental United States in 10-kilometer grids and combines data from sources including factories, automobiles on highways and power plants. The map offers more than 100 times the detail of previous inventories of carbon dioxide. The image displays metric tons of carbon per year per grid in a logarithmic base-10 scale.more at Physorg

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hello my name is Mohamed i'm from Egypt i need some help please i need to make a simple project in logic design ? Answered

I don't know many things in logic this is my first time to make a project so please try to use a simple way to could make the project for more information i can make any project but (my professor say that i will give you A+ if you make digital clock)  i have only 5days.................. i need to know.. what are the things i need to use i need to know the name of it to buy and make the project             thanks 

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Compressor-free refrigerator may loom in the future

. From Compressor-free refrigerator may loom in the future at Penn State Engineering via Slashdot:University Park, Pa. - Refrigerators and other cooling devices may one day lose their compressors and coils of piping and become solid state, according to Penn State researchers who are investigating electrically induced heat effects of some ferroelectric polymers."This is the first step in the development of an electric field refrigeration unit," says Qiming Zhang, distinguished professor of electrical engineering. "For the future, we can envision a flat panel refrigerator. No more coils, no more compressors, just solid polymer with appropriate heat exchangers."

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What is this weird reamer?

So I found this in the shop the other day. It looks like a normal reamer but it's not round. Four flutes extend to a larger diameter while four extend to a shorter diameter. The shorter flutes are sharpened just like the outer ones so they were clearly designed to cut something, even though they appear to have no clearance with which to do so. The tool has a keyed taper meaning it was intended for use in a heavy machine. The dimple in the tip of the tool does not go through the tool body.  Can anyone identify this weird tool? None of the professors or machinists I have shown it to have any idea what it is. 

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Motors for Quadcopters

Hi, I am looking to make a quadcopter as my university project and I kinda run in to some problems deciding which motor I need to choose. I was thinking to choose brushless motors as they are more efficient and they give more RPM. HOwever, my professor says that there's no point using brushless/stepper motors as u can get the same RPMs using brushed motors and its the same thing. Hence, can anyone please guide me which motor is best to use and why should I use brushed or brushless motors. I shall be very glad if someone guide me through it. Thank you :)

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How/What would make terenary (trinary) computers and above more advantageous?

I was wondering if going above binary computing would be very advantageous. I was listening to a professor's lecture at a summer camp at a university, and he talked about making computers that used light changing colors and lasers instead of only electricity. I figured that something like that would use terenary computing or above. Can you make a computer using non-binary from parallel circuits? If anyone can make a computer using terenary code or above, please post an instructable on it. A light computer would be cool too.  (ONLY ANSWER IF YOU SERIOUSLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT= COMPUTER/ELECTRONICS EXPERTS)

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Best of both worlds (LED technology)

People working under Professor John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have managed to combine the robustness of inorganic LEDs (the kind we use so much here), with the physical flexibility of organic LEDs.They have devised a new mass-production method that allows large numbers of small LEDs to be picked up by a robotic arm and embedded into a wide variety of other surfaces, including glass and rubber.The LEDs are bright enough that they can be spread out far enough to be transparent, paving the way for displays built into windows.This is not new science, just new engineering. What would you do with it?BBC storyUniversity of IllinoisThe BBC picked the story up from Science magazine.

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A proposed projects for physics...

Hello there techies, the project USB charger was proposed by me to our professor in physics II. unfortunately he didn't accept such project HOWEVER he was happy. He just said that our project is not yet satisfying. He wants us to do a power inverter. We will buy a 2 6-volts battery and series it and it will output a 200+volts with a 30watts and then we will insert any charger such as a nokia cell phone charger and then voila, it should be charging. Do you think it is possible to do? And another project I proposed is that we will make a REAL TIME CLOCK using a 7 segment. I already had a schematic from youtube. and it uses a decade counter ICs but unfortunately I think such ICs are not available in our country, can you help us sir? T____T 

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Sensing electromagnetic fields with a glove - how could I manage it? Answered

Basically, I once read about a guy (an electronics professor I think in Kent University) who had some magnetic sensors implanted into his nervous system in his left arm and now he can feel electomagnetic fields as a kind of pressure. I would like to replicate this in glove format, to preclude the need for experimental surgery. I think it could be done by combining a magnetic sensor (do you even get them?) with a vibrating device and placing the resulting component into a glove. Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree or if there's a better way to achieve such a thing. I know hardly anything about electronics but I am a quick learner and if you explain well I will remember.

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Maker/fab lab/AI special call for papers invitation

Hi !My name is Andre Peres and I'm a professor and fab lab manager at Brazil.Me and Fabiana Lorenzi are chairing a special track at flairs (The FLORIDA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH SOCIETY) about fab labs, makers and AI. about the track: flairs: We are inviting interesting projects to submit to this track. When we made this special track we wanted to give fab labs and makers the opportunity to get together in this academic environment to talk, exchange experiences and also to get this opportunity to link academic research, the maker movment and personal digital fabrication.We hope you consider submiting your project to this special track, and also to see you at FLAIRS. best regards;André.

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World's smallest stop-motion animation.

Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. More cool stuff - the film's heroine, is printed.  Too small to be positioned by hand for each frame, multiple versions of Dot were created in different poses with a 3D printer (so, presumably, files exist for you to print out your own authentic film starlet?) See more projects and how the 'Dot' film was made at Nokia or Facebook. Yet another video that won't embed

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Water Tunnel Testing

So, my measurements professor got us permission to fill and fire up the water tunnel in the measurements lab.For those that don't know, a water tunnel (like the one below), pumps water from one end of a tank to another. The water goes through a conditioning filter (to make the flow nice and even), and then it passes through a tunnel (that blueish area in the picture). You can then add dye or solids to the water to see how a fluid flows over the object.We're allowed to bring in one item (per person) to put through the tunnel. The tunnel is a little more than a foot wide. What would you like to see in there? After the lab, I'll post up pictures (and possibly video) :)Keep in mind that the object should be heavier than water (e.g. no balloons :P). See the photo results here!

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Free Design Course This October

I thought this looked like something that would appeal to other members of instructables. This coursera course  "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" is run by Professor Karl T. Ulrich from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It is totally free and runs for 8 weeks from Oct 21st 2013:;_nottype=course.newsession.signup&utm;_notid=1166&utm;_linknum=1 "This is a course aimed at making you a better designer. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design performance. Lectures and readings will lay out the fundamental concepts that underpin design as a human activity. Weekly design challenges test your ability to apply those ideas to solve real problems. The course is deliberately broad - spanning all domains of design, including architecture, graphics, services, apparel, engineered goods, and products"

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How do I preset a 4029 counter?

Hi all. I am having trouble finding how to preset the minimum output of a 4029. Meaning that I want it to start at an output of 5 (0101) and count up to 15 (1111) and then have it start counting at 5 again. My project is an ASCII counter to check that the ASCII displays with 7 bit binary inputs that I have are functioning correctly and I want to use the 4029 as my input. The problem that I am having is possably misinterpreting the data sheets but is seems that in order to preset the input, the preset pin has to be HI but to run, it has to be LO. Does this mean that I have to set the prest HI, input my preset value of 5, and then bring it LO again to run?   Any help would be appreciated. Thank you much in advance. 

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why are cellphone chargers so small?

I was thinking what kind of transformer are in those cellphone chargers. their output are so high considering their very small size. is it possible to use audio transformers to step down mains AC? if yes, is it safe? my professor gave us a very simple project - to make a power supply. of course i will use a transformer. when i pass my project she told me that i used a audio transformer. i don't know that the transformer was an audio transformer because it was labeled 220v 50Hz to 9v 200mA i searched my area for transformers i found several with identical ratings but they are significantly larger. my conclusion is my transformer was small due to the fact that it is an audio transformer. when i searched for audio transformer i found a lot of very small transformer. now, is it safe to use those very small transformers to step down 220VAC mains?

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Philly Steampunk Art Contest and Making @ GameX

Nestled lovingly inside GameX Video Game and Media Expo will be a corner of the world for steampunks, stitchpunks, [insert noun]-punks, toy modders, makers and all curious folks! There will be displays, demos and fun for all ages.Want to know how to do something? We're happy to teach you anything we know and learn anything you know! The idea is to help DIY and the making of things as accessible and inclusive as possible.Shoot me an email ahren at steamgearlab dot com with questions, suggestions, comments, considerations, heresay or comment below! I'd love to hear from anyone who is planning to come and/or might like to volunteer to do demos, participate in a panel discussion or whatever else you can think of.Here's some info and links:# October 23-25th 2009# Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to hear from you and see you at the show!~Ahren "Professor" Gauthier

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Ask a favor of contributions for Japan

Dear Instructables, This is Jo (id: jojporg), a colleague of FabLab Japan. We'd like to ask you to suggest us some outstanding works for current Japan. As you might be know, we are not in very good condition right now with earthquakes (just have another big one right now). For the situation, we already have OLIVE a wiki with designs / food / ideas created in the earthquake stricken areas We think some of "Instructables" should be quite helpful/useful for us,so it would be great if you could put your "instructables" for the wiki. We could do translations, so please do not hesitate to write in English. Any help is welcome. Thank you in advance for all of your help. Best regards from Japan. --- JO, Kazuhiro Assistant Professor Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110-8714 Japan Tel. +81(0)50 5525 2473  

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