Project ideas?

I Have 2 ipod hard drives. 1 is a 20gb and the other is a 30gb. I also have a spare dvd player, a dvd drive(doesnt work but spare parts might come in handy) and an old razr phone that the screen doesnt work but the rest is fine...Any projects i can do? or anything i can make that would come in handy? I would appreciate it greatly for some tips or project ideas..thanks..

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Project Idea

Im sick of checking for mail throughout the day so i was hoping to setup some sort of motion sensor in my mailbox that trasmits to my home with a beep or light. Any ideas to achieve this cheaply?

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Project Idea

A roomba is roughly the size of a plate. I would like to make a roomba plate washer - one that sits on your dish, soaps, spins, scrubs, and rinses, a-la desktop dishwasher. Are there any kits left?

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any ideas

I have several laptop and electronics parts lying around any suggestions on what to do with them for example I have several cellphones with cameras and screens and deconstructed laptops and the lcd screens for the laptop as well just need a good idea for a project with them

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Hi, I have an idea that I want to see come into fruition. I have the general idea of it figured out in my head, yet the lack of knowledge in key areas, and other projects, prevents me from completing it, although I would love to see it built. It goes as follows,    By using the power of mice, construct an apparatus that functions in either one of two ways. The first way would use an exercise wheel (bought, or made) with magnets attached that would in turn power a fan in a column that would suck the air from the bottom of the enclosure to the top through a filter. I'm not sure how magnets work, but I know that they're used to create current which is what is needed. The second method would employ 3d printed gears to crank the fan round and round. Both would be made with a series of tubes, much like the internet, that would make it suck more. :]

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Innovative Project Ideas?

I want some innovative electronic project ideas which I can make and are useful and not just hobby projects.It may use a microcontroller or it may not use one.

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Project ideas help?

I have an 28v dc motor that i want to do something with. Does anyone have any ideas? It's a pretty big motor (weighs about a pound), I was thinking about making some kind of tool with it.  Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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Egg project ideas?

Hey guys my sister has asked me for some help with a project. She has to have a egg travel 3 meters using wind power. The vehicle has to be small and have 4 wheels. and made of recyclable material. When i heard of this project i immediately thought of instructables. I was thinking of a Styrofoam base with the 4 wheels, a sail with a recycled pc fan, maybe go over the top and make the fan run off a small solar panel? i think i can get one from radioshack.

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Community Project Idea

I had an idea that once a month, I (or anyone else) could post a list of materials. Then the community (you) could come up with ideas using some or all of the matierials. The person(s) who posted the original list of materials would pick the best or most reasonable project/idea, make it, and put up an instructable on it. Let me know whether it would be something anyone would like to do.

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Project Idea feedback!

Hello! I am currently doing a project for school in the realm of digital design and tech where we have to create and develop an idea to solve a problem. I have chosen to create a laser cutter and need feedback about the considerations of what it should be like, price range, features, functionality and etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated! So here is my survey Anything other input other from the survey is welcome as well! Thanks!

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Ideas for a Teleoperated Project

I want to make my first Instructable, and I would very much like to do a project that is teleoperated via the internet. I have strong web application and embedded software skills, so I am doing this to combine the two with a web control panel and whatever the project will be. However, my mechanical and electronic skills are lacking (yet not absent). Does anyone have an idea of what the physical end of the project should be (what should be controlled)? At first I was thinking about doing a remote controlled car, but that is not original enough. I am looking for ideas of things anyone that goes to the site can control, so something that would be OK to give control of to the public. Thanks for your help, I will give credit to whoever comes up with the idea.

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Requesting project ideas!

Hi, I have a Sanguino (basically a more powerful Arduino), an old laptop, an old cordless phone, an old remote control, a couple of old mobile phones and a couple of radio controlled toys. All of these can be scavenged for parts. Can anyone give me good electronics / robotics project ideas that I can try out. I am a computer science guy by training and profession and though need a refresher on electronics, I can basically get to a pretty complex project once I dirty my hands on a couple of basic ones to refresh myself. Thanks, Sushrut.

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Idea for robot project

I'd like to put in for a scholarship robot. I'm on a postdoc currently, working with the Avida artificial life software. I am working on experiments that will utilize moving Avidians.My idea for an iRobot Create contest entry is to use the robot to instantiate the program used by an Avidian evolved to perform a task based on finding "food" and avoiding "poison". The Avidian genome is a sequence of instructions in a virtual machine language, so on the software side the project involves translating between the Avidian code instructions and the instructions needed to have to the Create robot do the analogous action or computation. On the hardware side, I will need to find an analogous set of sensors to permit the Create robot to perform the same sort of evaluation of its laboratory environment as the Avidian makes of its virtual environment. As an example, an Avidian may detect the presence of an adjacent resource, and utilize input to get information about it. An infrared or visible light sensor might be deployed in an analogous way, where a resource object may give a different reading from empty floor, and some attribute of that reading may distinguish what will be treated as "food" from what will be treated as "poison". One thing to note is that I don't have any immediate plan to implement anything like a neural net system for the Create robot; this would be a straightforward translation of Avidian code to make a program to run the Create robot. Part of what this can demonstrate is the emergence of aspects of behavior that can be considered intelligent, and the ability to instantiate such evolved programs in a physical system like the Create robot.Avidian runs take part of a day to a few days to complete. The Avida instruction set is fairly compact, and is made to be able to permit universal computation. I don't think anything too complex is needed in the way of sensory systems to provide enough data for telling apart two classes of objects. I believe that my idea is feasible to complete by the contest deadline.

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Great ideas!!

Hey guys, I've got to do a project for school that needs to be fairly large, and the time limit is now until around next October. Basically I have to be able to present something, not necessarily something actually built but maybe something planned or designed, etc, along with an essay and a few other science fair type things. I have a couple ideas for stuff I want to do, but one problem is that anything I do has to relate to a couple different "Areas of Interaction", such as say, community and service, human ingenuity, health and social education, and environments (meaning any interaction between people to people, people to animals, people to earth etc.) Some of my ideas include learning animation, like CGI stuff in movies, designing and building my  own guitar from scratch, throwing a band together and writing, recording and editing my own songs, or  maybe making a short film..not really sure so any help with idea generation and going about doing some of these things would be greatly appreciated :)

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Help with some Project Ideas

For my one of my Mechanical engineering classes i have to make something for a final project and I can't think of anything to make. It just can't be a weapon and should incorporate multiple manufacturing processes (milling, turning, casting, threading, shearing, sawing, shearing, bending, etc.) I was thinking about building a tall bike, but I'm not sure i'll be able to find two bikes to use.

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Any project ideas for a 21 year old unemployed high school graduate?

I have an unemployed 21-year old high school drop-out son, who has been in rehab several times. His dad is letting him stay with us, temporarily, despite my saying I want him out. (Son's room-mate is suddenly all excited about being a Jehovah's Witness -- my son's pagan lifestyle is not jelling well.) Being co-dependent and all, I am trying to find some kind of project to keep him busy and act as "barter for rent". We live in a culture-starved, neighborhood covenants enforcing, Republican or Die, suburban neighborhood. Backyard. Already have a shed -- although it's probably going to need to be replaced sometime. My son is very good at barbecueing. Any ideas?

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General Ideas

This forum is to discus general ideas for the project

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Knex vehicle project ideas?

I am quite stuck for fresh ideas for knex vehicles so I was hoping anyone could give me new ideas!! or you could just give me a few features that ive not already made to concentrate on. ^_^

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Ideas for Personal Interest Projects?

I dont want to do something boring and generic like womens right or prejudices. Anyone have any ideas?

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Help With New Project Ideas

Hi there! I am really wanting to make something over the summer or in general over the year however I am having trouble figuring something out something that would be pretty cool and helps with learning about the subject. I already have 2 projects going at the moment, I am learning python and creating a game with it. I need another project that could take be from 2 months to a year. It also needs to be complex, I really like a challenge :). Lastly it needs to be relatively cheap, cost could be up to $200.  Thanks and have a great day :) 

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Metal Triangle project ideas

I happen to have 106 aluminium right-angle triangles. They measure: 15x20x25mm Any great ideas?

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Copper pipe project ideas?

I have a 3' piece of 1/2" copper pipe, have any project ideas?

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idea for small project as abeginer,,,,,,,,,

I have an idea for asmall project... any one can help me to do it from software to hardware?

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science fair project ideas?

It cant be like book report and I want to do some thing really cool. Thanx?

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8051 Project Ideas Needed

I have used Arduino's & RasPi's in the past for quite a few projects.  For my electronics college project I have to use an 8051(Arduino,etc are not allowed). After using Arduino's for the past 6 year's in most of my projects, I can't think of a good project which is possible to make on an 8051. I hope this thread turns into repository of 8051 projects that are still relevant today. The ideas posted in the comments could also be used in the Microcontroller Contest 2018. Please suggest in any 8051 project ideas in the comments below. Also mention the difficulty level & if possible a link to the project. Easy = No Sensors only Actuators Medium = Sensors + Actuators Hard = Sensors + Actuators + Communication(Wifi,Bluetooth) + Awesomeness

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Good Arduino Project Ideas?

I have constantly been looking for Arduino project ideas but I cant find any that look good, or I don't have the right supplies.  I have an ethernet shield, sd card shield, usb host shield, 1 servo, various hookup wire, resistors, capacitors, etc.  Any ideas would be great.  thank you.

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Need sewing project idea

I bought a bunch of fabric to make an apron then realized it was way too light of is light cotton patterned fabric.  What are some other projects I could make with it?  FYI I'm a beginner sewer.

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Arduino LCD Project Idea

I got myself one of the Pandigital Novel EReaders a while back; kids got a hold of it, and now it doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone has any project ideas for LCD screens, or any of the components for that matter. I have a few different Arduinos I could implement. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance

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wood shop project ideas??

So for my shop class i have to make a project using wood and whatever else i want but idk what to do i wanna do something video game related so suggestions please !(no weapons) shields allowed

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a Great LED project idea!

 Some students at MIT made an incrediable pop up book with LEDs! I have little knowledge with working with them, though someone else could run with it! Here is the video:

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Project idea for artificial lift

Hi Team,I want to develop a prototype of Artificial liftThe requirement of my project is that it should be based on arduino.Till now, I have thought of having a robo car which will have a robotic arm and attached to it will be linear actuator.The robo car will help me go to the well, robotic arm will be above the well and linear actuator will go inside the well and measure temperature and humidity and come backThe problem is that I am not able to get all the things and attach to each other. If I get a robo car, then I will not get a place where I will attach robotic arm.Kindly help me and also suggest me some ideas. I have bought a meped mechanical spider.Thanks & regards,

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Project ideas for a MacGyver game?

My cousin is joining the army this summer.  He's going to be a bomb defuser! We're going to give him a big send-off before he goes but we want to send him off with a little training. Another of my cousins is going to weld together a "bomb" shell and we are going to try to make it a puzzle that he has to solve / defuse using nothing but his MacGyver/ MacGruber  bomb disposal kit that we'll give him. He'll have things like matchsticks, tube socks, duct tape, etc.... and he'll have to use that stuff to defuse the "bomb" The most obvious thing I want to build into this thing is a countdown timer.  That's probably what he'll find when he gets all the way into the center. I want it to do two things:  Not activate until a pressure or momentary switch is RELEASED (he'll open a little door or something which will start the clock ticking) and I want the timer to stop when he cuts the correct wire.   Obviously it's just a toy, so it doesn't need to be particularly fancy or functional.  I'm not hunting for diagrams that could be used to build a  real detonation timer.  In fact the cheaper and cheesier the better, especially since my skills in this area are pretty limited. I know how to build an electronics project according to specifications, but I don't know much about designing circuits.  Does anyone know of an instructable out there that fits my description? Or at least gets close?   Have any other awesome ideas for stuff we should include in our MacGruber puzzle?  My cousin has an insidious idea for bolting it shut with a bolt that is threaded half clockwise and half counterclockwise.  you can get the nut halfway off but then it won't turn anymore unless you start turning it the opposite direction, which nobody ever figures out.

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Video game Ideas?

Okay, so I'm in high school an my shop is Graphic Design. We have to do senior projects based on our shop and I decided to do a video game. However, I'm not quite sure what I want the whole concept of it to be. Does anyone have any ideas that I could use?

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Ideas for searching

So, i have a big 'ol projection tv just waiting to be used for some sort of chaos, and of course turned to my online home of all things makeable. then it hit me.. woulde there be any way to create a search feature based on the requred materials, like turning a parts list into a set of searchable tags. ie: i have a big tv, so i type in projection tv, and all related instructables pop up that list a projection tv. or one step better, use all or some of the parts, like the fresnell lenses, capacitors, focusing lenses, big 'ol speaker magnets, etc. just an idea that hit me. i don't know how this could e done on already created posts, but you could edit the how they are created by allowing parts lists to be actively searched.. well.. gotta go, enjoy?

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friend's project

A friend of mine is in the metals class at my school and he asked me for some ideas (since they can make whatever the want on this last project) on what his final project should be. He's thinking something like a trebuchet or something else that launches projectiles and causes pain (or just fun). It would be awesome if some of you had any ideas or instructables for his project. If you do, please tell me!

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Projects over the summer?

Have any of you got any big projects you are going to work on, or any ideas of cool projects that someone could make over the summer? Because i would like to build something over the summer but i have no ideas yet.

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Funding for projects?

Has anyone ever gotten outside funding for a project you were building? I have an idea for a device to make our local greenway trail safer but my investment in it would be at least a couple hundred dollars. I'm looking for ideas to gather outside funding for the project because it will benefit everyone who uses those trails. Because i am an individual and not an organization, my chances of getting grant money (even a mere $200) are slim.

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Warframe Projects

I recently started playing a game called Warframe and in this game, they have little "sentinels" that you can make to help shoot enemies. I decided I wanted to build my favorite which is basically a cube that is equipped with a mini-gun, the Dethcube. The only problem is, I can't seem to come up with any ideas on how to make it hover above my shoulder. Anybody got any ideas on how I could make it float?

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Vintage Projects

I found this cool project website today that has everything from a Uranium detector to a bicycle powered boat. I'm brewing a storm of ideas after seeing these projects.Vintage Projects

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looking for an idea

Hi all,  I am not sure this is the right place to pist this but couldnt find any better place. so as the topic mentions im looking for an idea... you are probably asking idea for what? so here it goes  im volunteering as a high school mentor for the FIRST robotics competition. this competition is awesome for kids - building a robot from nothing in 6 weeks to do a changing task... this is difficult even for experienced engineers.  anyway, we want to teach the kids some useful things before the competition starts, such as working with power tools, sensors, some basic electric circuits and mechanical elements (bearings, sprockets, gears etc.) we tried lectures and classes but it doesnt quite do it,  so i thought a good idea would be a nice project that might combine all of the topics mentioned above. so where do i go when i need a good DIY project? instructables! i browsed around but couldnt find something that was exactly what i was looking for...  so can anyone help with an idea? 

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Stolen Projects

What is one to do if they start a collaboration and someone else steals it out from under them and publishes it as their own Instructable? The Colaboration system is too flawed and I will never consider working on projects publicly again. They should be hidden from view of all but members of the collaboration itself. I had a project titled USB UPS and opened it for collaboration. A user (neelandan) saw it, copied the idea, threw together amateurish circuits and published the parts to it as his own. I had planned on publishing a very professional step-by-step for a usable project. Now the idea is moot since it's already been published.

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Router Project?

On one of my recent bike rides I came across an old (I assume from size) network router. Now being a collector of anything electronic I stored it in my back pack for future use...However as I began to think, I realized I had no idea what to do with the thing.  Here is the most basic infromation on the router: - Made by SMC - Called: BARRICADE SMC7004VWBR - Wireless network router, with a standard four ports on the back - Made in Taiwan (just thought that might be important) So does anyone have any idea on what I can do with this router? I already have a wireless router at home so that use it already filled.  And yes, it is fully functional.

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I need some idea's for a project. I have a broken ipod i want to use. everything in the ipod works the files are just messed up. So i have a click wheel, hardrive, screen, and whatever else is in an ipod mini! Some friends and i are also throwing around idea's about a senior prank of sorts at our school and if we could use this to "brodcast" stuff over the intercom, or use the camera's or control lights or sumthing!!! we would love it!!! so if you will please let me know what you think

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Project for Children

I am looking to do a fairly simple children's gardening project at a Green Fair that is being held in March.  In the past, the group has had the kids transplant seedlings.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I think that there must be much better "quick" projects.

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Batch project

I need people that can script/batch to bounce some ides off of. through ideas out and let them get heard, talk about them, ask for help, I will ask some things along the way I'm sure :D!! Batchers Unite!!!!

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Contest Idea

  OK, I don't know where to really post this.  Just wanted to share my idea for a contest.    In contests people use 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Machines, but not everyone has access to these machines making it hard to compete with people that do.  I think we should have building contests that does not allow any use of a 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, CNC Machine (anything that is done digitally).  Going back to the good old "Hard Labor".  That will give people that have REAL skills (not me) a chance to win a 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, CNC, or other products as well.    Its hard to complete when someone can just digitally design something and have the machine do all the work (as easy as cutting out a perfect circle).  I just would love to see more projects made by hand and not digitally done.   I know it will be hard to prove the person made it by hand and not with a CNC,Laser cutter, etc.  That being said maybe you could require them to post a lot more detailed images of them creating the project.  Along with everything they have used.  That will help you determine if it was really made by hand. Just use of basic shop tools.  Lethe, Table Saw, Band Saw, Sander.  Nothing that would do the work for you digitally.  I think we had a contest like this before, but can't remember. If so would love to see it come up more often. Thanks, spyder2021

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Contest ideas

I want to make the Create a navigational robot. It can already navigate pretty well, but it is not very intelligent. I want to add Sharp GP2D120 IR sensors so that the robot can recognize an obstacle before it bumps into it. Then it will turn and look for a clearance before it will move ahead. This means it is very unlikely to get stuck. Currently I'm working on a CMUcam, so that when integrated onto the Create, it can follow a white line around, and might come in handy for other purposes as well. I am also toying with the idea of using GPS navigation as I have the receiver and antenna that was used for another project. If GPS is integrated, the Create will be able to move from one waypoint to the other while avoiding obstacles on its path.

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Contest ideas

I want to make the Create a navigational robot. It can already navigate pretty well, but it is not very intelligent. I want to add Sharp GP2D120 IR sensors so that the robot can recognize an obstacle before it bumps into it. Then it will turn and look for a clearance before it will move ahead. This means it is very unlikely to get stuck. Currently I'm working on a CMUcam, so that when integrated onto the Create, it can follow a white line around, and might come in handy for other purposes as well. I am also toying with the idea of using GPS navigation as I have the receiver and antenna that was used for another project. If GPS is integrated, the Create will be able to move from one waypoint to the other while avoiding obstacles on its path.

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arduino project!

Hi there, I have an idea in mind but not the necessary skills. It would be nice if someone would be willing to help. my project requires a good knowledge of arduino and accelerometers. So if anyone is interested then pm me. I just need the schematic and the code. Please pm me so that we can negotiate. thanks.

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