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A combination of PROM that takes 16 bit as an input address and when combined with multiple PROMs, gives 18 bits output? Answered

Hey I've been working on a project and have hit a road block. I specifically have 16 bits of addressing which gives 65535 possible addresses, I need to use all of these for reading out data in a PROM that has an output of 18 bits per word, per address I guess you could say. The only problem is that I can't find anything like that.. Or haven't searched hard enough? Now I could probable use multiple PROMs, just feed the same address to each PROM and I would just bring the outputs together as an entire output instead of multiple outputs. What I'm really looking for is a PROM that takes in a 16 bit address for input... But I can't find the right combination to get 18 bits because they come in 8 bit words or 4 bit..

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The Skittles Dress

This prom dress by Theperilouspopsicle at craftster uses 101 Skittle wrappers and took 15 hours to make and it was worth it. Thanks to Tetranitrate I'm currently sick of Skittles, but the color certainly works. Linkvia Neatorama

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Get creative with Duct Tape-Duct Tape Scholarship

Duct Tape Scholarship has online voting thru July 2nd. Their outfits are made all of duct tape. However has the most votes wins! Did you know you could get all these colors from duct tape? Please vote for #87 at 1st place is $3000 scholarship for each contestant and their school. Check out the creative designs.

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Prom theme Under the Sea, need decoration ideas and help with Diy lighting to look like water? ?

Prom theme, Under the Sea.  Looking to find simple ideas to make mast of ship, treasure chest, ship wreck or bow of ship.  Backdrops, photo booth or photo area for couples pictures.  Also want to make floor/walls look like they’re under water, so need lighting ideas.  Would consider buying used items if possible or if willing to donate that would be awesome!!  Thank you in advance for any helpful information!!

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A post that is blatantly an advertisement

Sorry to post this here, but there is no other way to bring this to the site managers' attention. This post,, is an advertisement for the posting organization, and not an 'ible at all.

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Can someone assist me on my idea involing a 555 timer?

Hey my fellow instructalites!!! I have this great prom proposal in mind but im getting a little confused on how I want to set it up or at least creating a schematic. Anyway the idea was that I was going to get a large pcb(already have it) and use some blue and green leds to spell out "Prom or Nah?". But my problem is I want the 555 timer to control only the words "prom and nah?", and also i wanted to add some typeof button to press so that when pushed in prom is the only word lighted.  What i wanted the timer to do is to have prom and nah?  to flash seperatly such as prom flash then goes out then nah? flashes then goes out. So any ideas to help me get started? My main confusion is trying to seperate the word "or" from the 555 circuit so that it stays on constantly until the button is pushed. Also I do have a spare arduino uno

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Stretch lighted columns for a wedding? Answered

Does anyone know an easy/inexpencive way to make some stretch lighted columns? I would like to make a few for the backdrop of my wedding, but not sure of a good way to go about doing it. And they are way to expencive to go and buy. The ones I like can be seen at would like if at all possiable them to have the ability to collapse down for easy transport and storage. Thank you in advance for any help!

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Chandeliers based on my Instructable now available

My instructable has been happily very popular, but I received a great many requests for completed chandeliers. I've made several design revisions and given it a name...the Grandelier. It's a one of a kind prop chandelier especially for special events. Large. Packs flat. Lightweight and simple to assemble. Available with a few color options if requested.

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Would like to build a simulated water effect light for an undersea themed prom. Any ideas?

Our prom is an undersea/underwater theme.  I would like to make a water effect light to shine on the dance floor and sunken ship to enhance the ambience.  Am looking for something inexpensive.  Overall color is blue so multi-colors are not necessary. 

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How to control someones computer with command prompt?

The title is the question.

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How can I make a homebrew EEPROM programmer?

Hi everyone!  I have some EEPROMS I would like to burn (27C512, 27C256, 24C256).  I have a Parallax Propeller, a Z80, a 6502, and an Arduino Uno to help me make an EEPROM burner.  I know that EEPROM burners run $40+ commercially (even on EBAY!), so I would like to try building my own at home.  I have an abundant supply of 74XXXX chips at home, as well as a good supply of capacitors and resistors.   I don't have a Parallel Port on my computer, but I have a USB port as well as an RS232 to USB converter.  I'm running Windows XP and Ubuntu - Lucid Lynx 10.04, so if I need a specific OS to burn these EEPROMS, I have Windows and Linux. I need an EEPROM burner that could  erase/burn the 27CXXX EEPROMS/EPROMS/PROMS.  I know through using the Propeller that I can write to the 24C256 through the Propeller, but could someone please help me in building a homebrew EEPROM burner?

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How can I turn a thrift store prom dress into a medieval gown for 11y/o niece? She wants to dress up for the ren faire.

I was thinking of getting a sleeveless gown and sewing tabs with the grommets on the either side of the back and then lace to fit my 11 y/o niece. That is where my ideas run out. I don't know what to do about the sleeves. Maybe an undergown and just put some bell sleeves? I am at a loss.

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balloons falling from a roof

How would one rig up a system to make balloons fall from the roof like in the movies for proms and stuff like that? It would be awesome to set up for a random day at home, or my sisters 21st birthday or something, freak them out

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How can i make a flower out of the tops of copenhegan cans?

I've seen it on my big redneck wedding but cant seem to find it again. Or how to do it. I would like to do it for prom, i need a step by step on how to create the flower. And if it needs to be welded or what.

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What kind of food, decorations and activites should I have at my end of the year party? Answered

There will be 20 or more people, we have a fire pit and a pretty big backyard with a lot of room. Things I have thought of doing include: Watching a movie Making s'mores in the fire pit Burning old school assignments Volleyball net and stuff outside Music and dancing Playing video games (like wii stuff and guitar hero) I also thought it would be fun to decorate the backyard with lights and give everyone glowsticks?

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I got an EPROM without a window?

I got the AT27C040 that is a 4-Mbit "EPROM" without a window. After reading the datasheet, I was wondering: Why an Erasable PROM would not be housed in a package with a window? Is there any way I can erase it other than drilling a hole in it? (I've heard that you can 'refresh' the EPROM to get the same result as UV) Should I Just return the thing if there is a way to do so?

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DS Lite - Both Screens light up, but no other prompts, some minimal lines across them?

I have a nintendo DS lite it powers on and both screens have light, but nothing shows up on them initially.  Within seconds lines appear across the on top, colored on the bottom.  The light turns from red to green.  I do not know if I need to replace the screens or if it's another issue.  I have replaced screens before in two other DS lites...I just don't want to invest if that's not the issue. Thanks for any help. I have removed and re-inserted the battery. Pictures attached.

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So You Think You Can Sew

Check out Anna Maria Horner's new book, Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing and enter their "Sew Like a Pro Sweepstakes" to win a bunch of awesome stuff like a new Singer sewing machine, and more!So you think you can sew?Can you sew like a pro?Then enter this sweepstakesAnd make your skills glow!You could win a machineFabrics, thread and a bookWant to learn more?Here, take a look!Now show us your crafts,A dress for the prom!Share your mad skillzWith!Killer sweepstakes brought to you by our buds at Wiley Publishing, Singer Sewing Machines, Westminster Fibers, and Coats & Clark.

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How to build a simple CPU from 74XX Logic Chips? Answered

Hi everyone! I'm wondering what are some good resources to learn how to build a simple programmable CPU from 74XX logic chips.  I'd like to build one where I use DIP switches to program the CPU.  I don't have an EEPROM/EPROM/PROM burner, so using those are out of the question.  I've seen some CPU's already that run an internet server, but they are too complicated/expensive to build and understand.  I want to learn how a CPU can be built and the principles behind it.   I have about 150 74XX chips, including a 74LS181 ALU unit.  I also have enough capacitors and resistors for the project. Thank you! 

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Computer Circuit Board Identification request

Here are a few pictures of two boards I have (I am not sure how old they are, but they either came from my old 8088/8086, 286, 386, or my PS2 (all long gone now). What I need to know is what they are/were and are there any specs out there (I can't seem to locate any): one has a port on the side, one does not. The one without the port has a T.I. chip that looks like an IR programmable PROM with PGM=12.5 v on it. There is also a crystal with 24.000 stamped on it. The other one it probably an old video card but it has only 4 resistors on it and one resistor bank, plus four capacitors, and two ic's. One is labeled: 74LS245N ( Octal Bus Transmitter/Receiver designed for 8-line asynchronous 2-way data communication between data buses ), the larger IC is an unmarked 40 pin device. I tried for half an hour to get half decent pictures of them, sorry for the quality.

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How can I get a Free Pro Membership?

I'm new to . I actually found this site from totusmel blog while looking for tatting patterns. I am new to tatting and am looking for patterns to learn and try out. Specifically, I am searching for tatted jewelry patterns to make my niece jewelry for her senior prom in April. Their theme is Great Gatsby and tatting would make great accessories for her!! It's a special project since it's her senior year!!! :) I can't believe she's a senior! I'm not sure how much I would use the site and I have a very limited income (disability), so I'm trying to find a free code to be able to try out the site and see how much I would actually use it. I have seen several posts where people said they got free pro memberships from posting instructables. I don't have any instructables that I created and really have no idea what I would make one about. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get a pro membership free. Is there anyone who can help me out? Thanks for any help and consideration.

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Perfect Presentation of Flower Girl Dresses —— from

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Design wedding dresses online

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