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Protoboard Layout Software?

I'm looking for recommendations for good software for making schematics and layouts for protoboard (you know, the copper clad perf board). I've tried expressPCB and looked at Eagle, but they're designed for etching a board - not as helpful as I'd hoped. I want one that allows you to easily create a schematic, generate netlists, lay out your parts, and create connections. ExpressPCB does this, but it is missing something I would really really like - the ability to view the reverse side of the board (for when you're wiring the board). What do you use? Do you like it? What is it missing? Oh yeah, and I don't want to pay anything, either. I'm cheap!

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Wanted: very simple project

Hello. I'm biginner and I need very very simple project, I mean the simplest possible.  I need to make something in digital electronics, something using protoboard and some diodes, transistors and resistors and use that to make something useful but very simple... can you please think of something that is so simple and let me know? I will pay

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can you use a proto/breadboard to make an ARDUINO?

Simple as the header says. can you make an Arduino mini computer(First picture) from the various necessary components, and a solderless proto/breadboard?(Second Picture)

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Which pins are which on a shift register? What pins on a 74HC595 shift register are the data, clock, and latch pins? Answered

I just bought an arduino and was trying to do this tutorial . I have hit some trouble though and I am confused when it comes to the shift registers. When he says to connect to the clock pin, do we connect to the SCK (Shift Register Clock Input) or the RCK (Storage Register Clock Input)? When he says to connect to the data pin, do you connect to the SI (Serial Data Input)? Also what does he mean when you say to connect to the latch pin? The data sheet for the Digikey shift register I am using is in the link below.

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That I project can I make with an integrated 555?

That I project can I make with an integrated 555? i have a protoboard

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red 8x8 matrix with 26 pins?

I received this matrix in the mail and I'm having problems trying to get it wired, as you can see it's it has 26 pins, the schematic has 8 pins for the rows and 8 pins for the columns but the other 10 are sitting at the bottom with the words "no pin"? I tried to wire up the rows and columns but had no success. My main goal was to have it hooked up to a couple 74HC595 shift registers (via 16 pins?) on some protoboard. Any help on how to get this wired would be appreciated!

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Hola, Necesito ayuda con arduino mega master y slave arduino leonardo

Hola amigos! tengo una placa usb con controlador atmega 32u4 que perdio el bootloader (error de novato) y me prestaron un arduino mega 2560 para reprogramar el arduino chino que el ide lo conecta como un arduino leonardo, pero nunca usé un arduino master para reprogramar otro, no sé que pines tengo que conectar ( no tengo protoboard solo jumpers) adjunto fotos, si me pueden ayudar se los agradecería.

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Someone help! DIY wah wah guitar effect

Instructables community, I am 13, just learning to play guitar, and want some awesome effects to spice up my sound. I have seen the kits for DIY wah wah effects and wish to make one. I don't plan on etching my own circuit board, and i don't want to buy one. All of the schematics are pretty complicated and i have no idea how to decipher them. I will probably end up using a protoboard; but can someone simplify the plans and/or give me the links to the parts i need? Thanks in advance, -Nick

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Is a resistor required between VCC and Data for my temperature sensor?

I'm using a TinyDuino with a Protoboard to measure temperature with a DS18B20 (here is the datesheet of ds18b20). I was following this tutorial but am not getting any valuable information back on the arduino when I try to read the value on the data port. I just started reading around and it looks like most people put a resistor between VCC and Data. I'm fairly new to electronics, so 1) I don't know why the tutorial doesn't mention this and 2) I'm not sure what putting a resistor between those two would do? Any help or explanation appreciated. Edit Here's a schematic from a site which uses a resistor. The only difference is my board has VCC, one site said to connect VDD on the sensor to VCC, this one shows it connecting VDD to 5V. I'm not sure the difference

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How to install electronic components?

Hello. everybody. I'm new to this electronic hobby thing. I'm trying to make a simple sound amplifier, purchased all components, have the schematic of the circuit BUT I have no idea how to install them on a protoboard (breadboard). I've one of these: I don't know how to use these boards. Are those circles painted with copper? How do I turn this into a circuit board?  Eventually I lost my mind and started wiring up the components but it's really messy and time consuming. I couldn't get a mainstream breadboard so I picked the one above, but it seems to me that it's just a support for the component and the wiring part is still inevitable. I can't find tutorials on this topic, heck I don't even know how to search this topic. It's very annoying. Please give me some feedback. Thank you.

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What is a normal current draw for an arduino ATMega168 with nothing connected? Answered

I'm building a handheld geiger counter using an ATMega168 microcontroller with the arduino bootloader. I was planning on using a 9v battery with a 7805 to power the circuit since the geiger counter power supply only draws 3ma and I did not think an arduino would draw much current. however, after building it on protoboard I found that the total current draw on the battery was in the neighborhood of 170ma and drained a fresh 9v in a few minutes flat. The rest of the circuit continues to work without the arduino, and draws only 20ma when the micro has been removed. is it normal for an ATMega168 or 328 to draw 150ma when loaded with a minimal program and none of its I/O pins are sinking/sourcing any current? It is possible this chip has been mistreated somewhat, would it being slightly damaged cause it to use more power than usual? maybe using sleep mode aggressively in my code to save power would work? also, does anyone know of a 5v regulator chip like the 7805 that does not use so much current? the 7805 burns up about 10ma by itself which is not so great when the geiger counter itself uses only a few ma.

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PCB fab lab questions? (and nixie tubes?) Answered

Now that I have a new oscilloscope (rigol DS1054Z), and have learned a LOT about programming and electronics while down at NASA langley for a research program (semi-intern), I feel like I should start working on a real project (other than my quadcopter), and was thinking about making a nixie tube clock. I would like to make it from scratch of my own design as I feel one learned the most about electronics by not using other's designs. However, I do not have the resources or time to bother trying to etch my own PCB. I attempted that before and was not able to get usable results. What kind of costs am I looking at if I locate a relatively local company for the job? I hate calling people and companies, but I suppose that is still the most practical way to figure out what I need to do and place an order, I don't know. Economies of scale is a great thing, makes things in bulk production cheap! However, would the costs of ordering one or 2 PCBs be non-economical and/or non-practical? Should I consider many smaller projects and stuff to be created on a breakout board? I hate messy, sloppy protoboard, it is just nasty, though easy for non-high-density boards. however, I would love to hear the opinions of others for these things. When dealing with nixie tubes, are sockets for the 1N-14 avalible? A lot of the new old stocks seem to have very thin and long legs, almost as if they are meant for through hole soldering directly onto a PCB like capacitors and resistors. I would prefer a socketed tube to make replacing them quicker and easier. 

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8x8x8 Led cube, Parts help?

Ok, Ive been debating this for a long time, and I already bought some of the parts, But Im trying to figure out what else I need. So far, I have" Computer power supply Prototype board from radioshack with copper eyes. Two way screw terminal 3 - 20 pin IC terminals (I know I need more, but 3 is all radioshack had at the time) 2 - 16 Pin IC terminals 1000 uf Capacitor - 6.3v 100 uf capacitor - 10v 33uf capacitor - 6.3v A push button 3 status led's (Red, Green, and yellow) Arduino uno protoboard ^ I also have 18 gauge aluminum wire for the layers.  I have a spool of rosin core solder (I hope this will work, I dont wanna buy more) And Im going to get 1000 blue leds off ebay. with these specs: Color: Blue Size (mm): 5mm Lens Colour: Water Clear Forward Voltage (V): 3.2-3.4V Wave Length(nm): 465-470 Luminous Intensity : 11000 - 12000 MCD Life Rating: 100,000 Hours Viewing Angle: 20-25 Degree Max Power Dissipation : 80mw Max Continuous Forward Current : 30mA Max Peak Forward Current : 75mA Reverse Voltage : 5~6V Lead Soldering Temperature : 240°C (<5Sec) Operating Temperature Range : -25°C ~ +85°C Preservative Temperature Range : -30°C ~ +100°C As far as the rest goes I have NO idea what I need. Im going to be using my arduino with it, And im not 100% sure how to change the current instructable here to work with it. they dont specify.  Any help would be really appreciated. Ive wanted to make one for a LONG time :D

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