A instructable won't publish

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Everytime I try and publish my instructable it sends an alert text saying you need a description before publishing. I have done a description everytime, and it worked in the past.  Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong

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When I try to publish it says,"enter at least 2 keywords.  I do that and the same error message appears no matter what words I use.

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Video Not Publishing

I am attempting to publish my video, and still it is not publishing. The YouTube code is embedded properly. Apparently, this is a known problem. Is there any sort of temp fix for this?

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Questions not Publishing.

I posted a question yesterday: "Kiteboard/Wakeboard question", and it's not publishing. Also, my "How so I give away a pro membership" didn't get  published. Is this only happening for me?

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Not able to Publish

Have been getting this message over the past couple days when trying to publish.  Please fix. Oops! We couldn't understand your request. Please contact us to tell us as much detail as possible about what you were trying to do when this happened.

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Publishing Bug

I have some problem with an instructable that i posted 2 days ago. when i view my own profile, it shows that i have 12 instructables published. Truth is, i actually have 13, when i count each one individually. this is kind of bizarre, because, i usually see a lot of comments and favorites for my other instructables, not including this one. can someone tell me what is going on, and can the instructables support team try to help?

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Instructable Not Publishing

Last night I published my instructable called "As Cute as a Button" Magnets. I noticed this morning it hadn't gotten any views, and I looked for it on "Recent Instructables" and in the Living section and could not find it. I unpublished and republished the instructable, but still it has not shown up anywhere in the "Explore" area. Is it just taking a while to get published or what?

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I can not publish my instructable! it sais it is published but it does not come up if you search it and i can not add it toi any groups! please help!!!

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Won't publish

My login is     beerscout   and I have completed my first instructable. It stays in draft and won't publish. Please assist.

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Unable to Publish

Hello I`m trying to publish my completed instructable, but i get the next error Please help resolve Attached Error thanks!@

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not able to publish?

Ive been tring to publish my instructable for a couple hrs and keep getting the add description before publishing notice. All my steps have title and I have hit save on each one at least ten times.....   :*( please help

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Instructable not published?

I published my first instructable 2 days ago, but it isn't showing up on the site.  I can see it through my own page, but the views are at 0.  I read that it can take some time for it to be published, but does it really take this long?

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Instructable publishing? Answered

I have published an instructable, but when I search for it, it doesn't come up?  Why?

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can't publish?

I'm trying to enter the gardening contest.  I've uploaded pics, click "publish", but can not proceed.  I only see the publish image reminding me to add pics, which I already did. I've created two drafts of my entry, one in Firefox and one in Chrome browser.  Same thing in both.

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cannot publish

For some reason i can not publish my work that i have been working on for days and everytime i try to edit there is a hand that goes up. How can I fix this? I need to have it submitted by the 10th

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Unable to publish

I've been trying to publish a project since yesterday afternoon. Every time I get the error message : Servers are busy. Please wait a few minutes and try again. See screenshot. When I click publish the message "Generating image" appears in top right corner. (screenshot). After a minute or so of "generating image" I get the error message. The project edits and previews fine... but won't publish. I am new to instructables, but my last project went through without a hitch. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.

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Publishing rules

Greetings, I don't understand how one gets exposure after publishing an instructable. I published a product under the photography group. If I visit the group it does not show up. There are only 3 showing. I have to visit my "You" section to even find my project. I don't see how publishing in any area gets you exposure. Now, I'm not trying to grand-stand here. I'm not particularly overjoyed with what I produced but I would like to see some comments.

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Publishing Videos

Evrytime i do this it either gets stuck on the uploading page or when i upload a thumbnail itshows in the bottom left corner error on page?

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Instructable Published but not there

So I posted this instructable  24 hours ago and I think it just showed up on the site.  I still can't find it in recent at all, so I'm not sure if it's fully there yet.  I know it probably just got stuck in the filters.  So my question is; is there any reason it got stuck?  Like is there something I can do to help my future instructables not to get stuck?  Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

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How to Publish?

I have completed the entry form; embedded the YouTube code in proper place. After logging into Instructables, clicking on You Page, the drop-down menu displays Drafts (1) ..., clicking on Drafts (1) a window displays my entry with a checkbox preceding the entry, I click checkbox then click on the (publish) link and a new window appears that has three tabs. Current tab is Edit. Clicking on Publish fogs the page and the window returns to Edit. I have a Title and have placed a description as well. There is no alteration tried that ends with publication. If I click on preview - the proper video appears along with a Comment. I have been attempting various methods to publish since Friday, March 29th, including changes in browsers, and computers. I am stumped. I have finally answered my own question: One needs to place something in every box, i.e., Description, embed, and a graphic image. And place Tags. Then depress Upload Files. At that point it was self explanatory. Sometimes I am unable to see the tree in the forest. Maybe this may help another.

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Why is my published ible not published? Answered

I published an ible on farming maggots yesterday. It's not locatable by the search engines and it's not on the Green channel. Does anyone know why isn't it showing up or what the problem might be?

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Publishing isn't working

I have had no problems in the past but all the sudden a text keeps coming up saying:X please add decription before publishing. I have added a description everytime, plus saved it.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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Newly Published Limbo

This has happened to me several times.  I will publish and Instructable but it will not show up on the site under recently published Instructables in the same category.  Not right away, or even a few hours later.  Other projects will show up in the list of recently published afterward but mine still doesn't appear.  It might take a day or two before it appears and then when it does, it appears in the original chronological order behind newer projects, as though it had been there all along.  However, it was just kind of in limbo without any or many page views.  It is still available if people have a link to it, through subscriber feed, or links that I send to others, but otherwise it just doesn't show up. I was just curious if it was just me and if I had done something wrong in the publishing process.  I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all right.  I've got a few of these under my belt but I'm certainly not immune to user error.

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How do I publish a song?

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Accidentally Re-publishing Instructable

I accidentally republished my Instructable inside the Android app when I removed a picture. Is this going to be a problem in any way or will the Instructable proceed as is, but just needs to be re-approved? I noticed my view count and favorites were not reset, but my comments were. The Instructable was also resubmitted to a contest that I had already entered.

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DIY book publishing help?

Hi, I recently wrote down my families story after the death of my grandmother,or as much as I was able to track down and gather.Now I was thinking I will print it and distribute it among family members. Being a DIY guy I want to print all the books my self.I have the file worked in Adobe Id.have few designs for the book cover ready to.what I need to know is what paper to choose,what printer to choose. 1. Is offset paper ok? 2. What kind of printer to get? 3. Is my under $100 laser printer handle the job? 4. If other paper is to be used,can they be printed from home? I really want to do this from home,will really appreciate your help. I plan to do more small time publishing from home in the future if this pans all advice and suggestions are appreciated.

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Instructable not showing up

I finnished an Instructable several hours ago and it said it is published. However it does not show up in the 3D Printing section at all. There was another user with similar problems not long ago, he too was unable to find his Ibles in the Technology section. How can I get my Ible to show up so people can actually find it? The Instructable in question

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Video Instructable not Publishing

I'm trying to publish a video instructable, every time I click on the Publish tab it goes back to the Edit tab without publishing or saying there is something wrong etc. I've tried with text and without text, i've added a thumbnail image. Not sure what else to try.

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Cant publish a new instructable? Answered

Ive written up an instructable, but when i go to publish, it says i need to add keywords. However, i've already added several. Has anyone else seen this?

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my Instructable won't publish

Every time I click publish, it just takes me back to Edit again. Does anyone know why? Also, it won't let me embed video from youtube at all, I've been pasting it into the box where indicated and it doesn't help. 

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Yet another "unable to publish" question...

I have an instructable stuck in 'draft' and cannot publish...despite clicking 'publish' about a bazillion times (yep..clicking faster doesn't work..but I had to try something!) There's not a lot of help or a pointer telling me why it won't.  I think it's something to do with the inclusion of the word 'gun' but it's in reference to a RC WW2 Destroyer project.  So how do we get these things published?..Who is the go-to person to review/approve the article? Ta.

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Instructable says published but not showing up on the website

I published this Instructable on saturday and it has not appeared on the site yet : Thanks for your help!

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Which is the best browser to write and publish instructables?

I´m asking this since I have had troubles with firefox

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Can you recommend easy publishing software?

 Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by. I want to do a catalogue-style help manual that is as good on the web as it is printed. Can you recommend some software that is super-easy to use, please? Also, I'm wondering if pdf would suit both formats, online as well as for the printer? Does anyone have experience of this please? Many thanks

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why the hell isn't my instructable publishing?

I have been trying to have an instructable published for 2 days now. Here's a screenshot of the hidden comments that an admin (noahw) is sending me. First he agrees that my instructable does not violate any of the 'criteria' that are so thoroughly bulleted in the first post, then goes on to say that he just is a little uncomfortable because he doesn't quite understand a simple point in the instructable. I guess noahw's full and total comprehension of each and every step of an instructable is what decides if it's publishable or not. To make the instructable understandable by noahw I added a thorough diagram. I then attempted to republish the instructable last night and it still has not appeared on the instructables page,...... it did not used to be this difficult to share knowledge on instructables with people other than the admins.. Sorry if this post sounds a little annoyed, but I am.

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How do I open my own publishing company?

I want to start my own publishing company. what is the necessary things I need to know in order to do this? What steps does it take to make it happen? HELP. Thank you

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How do I publish an instructable off my android?

I worked very hard through many ups and down to get my first instructable done, but for some reason I cannot find when I publish on my instructable app. Help!              Thanks in advance!            - Blackbird_Nite

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Adding keywords

I can't publish my instructable, it keeps asking for at least 2 keywords, when I type them in and hit publish again, it says add keywords. What is wrong?

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Save button not working

It won't let me save a Photos instructable, and it will not lets me upload pictures in the instructable uploader, I have to upload via my library. This means I cannot publish, please help!

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I have made a program in and I am ready to publish it. The problem that I have is that I want to copy the program(while unpublished) that I created and publish one of the two copies made  and keep other one(unpublished copy) for reference and modifications. I dont want to remake the whole project and save it with a different name Please Help I am new to programming

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Another entry not listed

I've notice others on here have this problem recently and now I am too.  This instructable I published yesterday is only accessible through my user profile and not through search or category browsing.  Please help.  I tried unpublishing and republishing and even changing category but nothing worked. Thanks.

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They don't understand the publising problem and ask me to contact them ?

I'm new here. I try to put my post on public. I made once but try to make another one. This time they don't let me publish. The error said that they don't know what happen and I have to contact the staffs. I click on 'CONTACT' but their are no contact about reporting problem. Any help?

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Private Instructables: a warning.

Folks, a warning about "Private" instructables; if you make it public, the "published" date does not change. I started an instructable as an idea a *long* time ago, but finally got around to making it real today. Unfortunately, when if wrote the draft, I accidentally made it private.  So, although i just finished it, it looks like I've got a project that has gone four years without a view. Not complaining, just warning others.

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How to make sure I've got the right type of license?

Sorry, I searched through the answers and found a couple relating to types of license, but nothing that quite answered my question. I want to publish my first Instructable but am having a hard time finding specific information relating to the different types of license that are listed in the drop down menu. I want to protect my photos and written text, so the Instructible itself, but the actual technique that the -ible is about is one that anyone should be able to do whatever they want with, including making projects to sell. What type of license should I be choosing??

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Can't see private Instructable

Just created a private 'ible that I want a colleage to review before I make it public - the generated link links to the "Instructables is down page" everytime, I also tried letting it generate a new URL, and that failed too.

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Glitch: Can't publish?

When I add the body of text for each step, hit save and go to the next step, it carries over my text from the first step. When I delete that and add the text for my next step, save and go back to check the first page, it's the second step's text there on the first step page. Gah! Finally, after 4 different days/attempts at it, I thought 'this instructable is simple enough, why not just cram the steps onto the first page and let the fine people scroll through my photos and figure it out on their own' but when I did that and hit 'publish' it gave me a warning that said "Before publishing your instructable you must add a description'. Wah! Frustrating!  So I thought I outsmarted it, but it still won in the end.

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Publishing Non-public

Is there a way that I can do one of these two things 1. Publish my instructable so that others can see it, but can't find it on search (I want to send my in progress instructable to my friends to edit) or... 2. Allow another user to edit my instructable Please Help! <3 Buzz

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About publishing an Instructable? Answered

I was wondering...can I publish an Instructable that I saw how to make in a magazine, or on the internet, or in a crafts book? Or even on Instructables? How far does the liability go?

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Can't publish article ~

Can't publish my article! I tried Chrome 42.0.2311 ; IE 11.0.9600

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