Puppy names!

Guess who got not one, but two puppies? :D And guess who has absolutely no clue as to what to name them? Yeah, that'd be me. So what do you think are some good puppy names? Here's a picture of them, one has an ear that sticks straight up and the other has an upside down white triangle on his forehead. Oh yeah, they're both boys.

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Puppy Cam


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New puppy!

I haven't been around too much lately due to some family events. Our beloved dog Roxy passed away after 14 years and that was pretty hard to take, even when we had been preparing ourselves for it for a few months. Roxy was quick to make friends, everyone loved her and she loved everyone back unconditionally (unless you are a squirrel.) A truly wonderful friend and companion. We knew after Roxy was gone we wouldn't last long before another dog entered our lives and she came in the form of a Golden Retriever pup we named Daisy. She's absolutely wonderful and I'm sure she will be making guest appearances in my future Instructables!

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New puppy in the home

We brought home our new eight week puppy last night, our three year old Shih Tzu snarled a couple of times but now ignores the puppy. I'm praising our older dog when she goes up to the pup without aggression and is mostly ignoring the pup but what is most upsetting is our older dog with us as she seems withdrawn her affections towards us- will this change?

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Perfect Puppy Buddy

To me, this is not one of the better versions of an imitation pet, but it is still called My Perfect Puppy. Can be seen here....  Or the site info here

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Puppy vs. Robot!

Puppy vs. Robot. Fight! ...via Suicide Bots

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is my older dog playing with the puppy?

I have two West Highland White Terriers who will be 13 in October. My husband I recently got a puppy who is about three months old. Just last night all three were running back and forth down our hallway, chasing each other. I am not sure if my older dogs were playing with the puppy or what. All three dogs had their tails wagging. At several times the puppy went under our bed with our female Westie under there with him and the male Westie standing outside barking at him. 

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Our puppy is losing a tooth. Do I pull it?

It's a side tooth and handing on by the skin. Do we pull it or let it fall out? I tried to pull it a bit but it's not giving.?

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Which are the best food for labrador puppy?

Please give me information about which food is best for labrador puppy

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How to make a puppy flower bouquet

Hi, I would love to make my own puppy bouquet for christmas. Does someone know how to make? I would love to see an instuctable about doing this Thanks, knarx

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Dog treats for mother dog? Answered

Hi, people! My dog, Dale (named after Dale Evans) has had a litter of puppies in a cat/dog house! There is a sad part: All but one died because of the cold winter. That one that survived was the runt of the litter. That runt is now a chunk, because she has all the milk to her self, and she is a little bundle of cuteness! We named her Bailey..... anywho, moving right along, does anybody have a recipie for dog treats-for a nursing mother dog? I can't give them to Bailey because she is only 3 weeks old today (March 6, 2012, Born Feb. 21, 2012) and not weaned. Thanks! I might put a picture of them together.

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How Can I Keep A German Shepherd Puppy From Being Bored When Im At Work?

I have now sucessfully saved up enough money to get the puppy i have always wanted but i am afraid that it will get bored while i am at work and will wreck everything in the house any suggestions on what i could do?

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133MHz, Linux?

Does anyone have any ideas as to a linux distro suitable for a laptop with the following specs; Cpu: 133 MHz Ram: 32 Mb HD: 1.4 Gb I have looked at puppy linux and vector linux but i can't find a download for the old version of vector and even puppy is to demanding. Any linux distro suggestions or indeed other uses suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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i need sumthing to make out of knex any suggestions?

Cutest dog yoll ever see right here!! and bumblebee car

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Introducing a new puppy to my 2 dogs ?

I have a 13 yo cockapoo and 1 1/2 yo cavapoo....my 13 y/o is not able to play with my 1  1/2 yo.  We just brought home a 9 week old golden doodle and my 13 yo wants nothing to do with her ....my 1 1/2 yo cavapoo is so scared of her he keeps foaming at the mouth...the puppy wants desperately to play with them but they keep running away from her and growling at her.  What should I do...I want them to be able to play together.  And grow together.

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how do i make a puppy diaper? Answered

How in the world do i make a puppey diaper because some time's she go on the floor which is obvisly gross and ment by he goes he pees on the floor and then i have to clean all up and hes to young to go outside in the cold backyard and do her bussiness so i need help from u guys and hopely girls to help come up with a solution WINNER SHALL RECIVE A PRICE A TRIP TO HOLLY WOOD WELL NO NOT REALY BUT TI THE FUN OF doin ti conuts not the prize.

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How do i save up money for a puppy fast? Answered

Hey! I need your guys help! I need a little more than $900 dollars for a puppy I am getting off affordablepup they are a trusting site I called them a couple of times sent ton of emails and are pretty trusty lol, and please don't suggest a lemonade stand because I made $60 off of  that, thanks a lot bye!

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Large calm dog vs. little crazy dog video.

The large one is mine his name is Otis he is playing with my friends dog Charlotte. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urSRs6o1upQ

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My 4 yo dog is not getting along with my new puppy

I bought an 8 week old puppy yesterday and my dog is treating it like a toy. Nibbling at her, jumping up on us to get to her. I really just don't know what to do about it. Giving her back isn't an option.

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My Chihuahua doesn't like the new puppy. He's been being aggressive, please help!

 we just got a new Chihuahua puppy ( a little girl) yesterday. She is spastic and literally the definition of hyperactive. we also have another Chihuahua, my 2 1/2 year old boy, who had taken a very big liking to me the day I got him. every thing was fine yesterday, he sniffed the pup and even licked her face a couple times. he growled a little when she played roughly with his own two pups ( both boys), but that is all that happened. until today: I was trying to get the pup to go to the bathroom and she kept bounding all over the place, especially on me, but my boy didn't seem to like that at all. He was suddenly very aggressive and made many sharp movements as if he was going to bite the little pup ( he didn't). Is he jealous? afraid I like the pup more? or is he just trying to be protective?

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Will my 4 month old Pomapoo adjust to this new Westie Pekingese?

Hi everyone! I have a 4 month old Pomeranian Poodle mix. He's a nice boy sometimes, but seems to have a lot of stress issues, mouthy with teething on our ankles, pants, and barking at early hours of the day, like many young puppies. While he may bite us sometimes in a playful way harder than he should, he never growls and snaps or snaps at all. We have had this pup, Charlie for over 2 months now. When he went to the vet he seemed to like the other puppies a lot last month. So.. We were looking at a 9 week old half West Highland Terrier/ Pekingese pup, much calmer in nature than Charlie's mix. This is also a definite lap dog, something hyper Charlie has never been. We have put a deposit down to get the puppy as my husband and I have fell in love, however we wanted Charlie to meet him first. So, today we had Charlie meet the new puppy. We held them most first, just letting each other get used to the smells of one another. Then we put them both down while I stood close to the smaller one incase Charlie bit him (which I was not expecting and he did not) (BTW Charlie is now about 3 times the size of the little puppy but Charlie is still very small about 6 pounds) Anyway, Charlie was not interested. He was panting, put his back to the puppy, then looked at the puppy. The puppy wanted to play so bad. Charlie began barking at the puppy then growling quietly. This made me very nervous so I picked the puppy up.  I really want to get the puppy and felt like Charlie would have a play mate, but now am having second thoughts contemplating if my spoiled bratty PomaPoo Charlie will ever be nice enough to this new mellow pup? Advice would be great or similar stories! thanks  Natalia 

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Please Vote For My Dog

Hey everyone, my dog entered in a cutest pet contest. The winner gets a vet gift certificate thing. He is a puppy and has heartworms. We can't afford for him to go to the vet because he just went about a month ago for parvo. His name is Dipper, and he is a very fun and loving puppy. He loves people and thinks everyones his friend lol, but his best friend is his kitty. He also loves cheese. Thanks for the help everyone, we really appreciate it.  (His title says "Dipper and the piggy"). The link is below. http://tribtoday.upickem.net/engine/Votes.aspx?PageType=VOTING&contestid;=55991#SubmissionDisplay

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Can I use a picture from the internet without asking, but still citing? Answered

For example, I bought a puppy, and there is a picture of the puppy on a website. I own the puppy and have paid for him, so do I technically own the picture and am able to use it? Also, do I have to ask, get permission, and cite it? Or using fair use, can I just cite it?

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Favorite Linux distros?

OK guys- time for your inner Linux zealot to come out!My PC now has two hard disks. One has working installations of XP x64 (with all my games) and Ubuntu 8.04 (with all my media stuff) which I want to leave alone. The other is a blank canvas now I've taken all my files off it, and given I have one disk with my primary OSs on it I'm thinking of chopping the empty one into a number of smaller partitions so I can have a multitude of OSs to choose from. I already know XP (32 bit) and Puppy Linux are going on to it, but I probably don't need another Ubuntu so the rest are up for grabs. Which other distros do people recommend?Criteria: they must:- be free (as in beer, not overly bothered about as in speech)- fit into a roughly 20GB partition (with an external /share for big files)- not mess with my GRUB. I'm primarily thinking of the non-Debian family major distros, but relative unknowns are welcome.Related question- I've got used to installing dual boot XP/Linux, you just install Linux second and GRUB plays nicely with XP, but does anyone have experience dual-booting the Windows 7 Beta? Does its fancy-pants new bootloader have issues that preclude easy dual-boot installs?

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Starting to wean my pup at 3.5 weeks

Mother is drying up a little now as puppy has started nursing only 5 mins every three hours. He is refusing to lap or bottle feed, wanting mum only. He eats raw beef mince, Advance Rehydratable Kibble and tin meat - I alternate. He is not interested in water. I am concerned as I had 10 live pups - The vet and I lost 9 in the first 2 weeks as they were too weak - fading puppy syndrome am told. The remaining pup seems to play a little and barks at his mum but is not as playful as previous litter. What to do??

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How do I get my 2 year old dachshund to like my new puppy and remain loving toward my husband and I?

My husband and I recently adopted an 11 week old female dachshund. We already have a 2 year old female dachshund that we adopted when she was a puppy. Of course over the past couple of years she has become our "baby", has had our undivided attention, and even sleeps with us at night..and sits in our laps every chance she gets.  She has always had the most loving and energetic personality.  I understand that the 2 year old doxie is naturally going to have a bit of jealousy and is not going to warm up to the puppy immediately, but I am looking for some advice as to how to best raise the two so that there is minimal jealousy and hostility in hopes of the two becoming "best buddies". Dachshunds tend to have personalities of their own and are a completely different breed when it comes to everything. We only adopted the puppy 2 days ago so I know that the relationship is definitely not going to develop over night. I guess I am most concerned that the 2 year old is going to continue to be jealous and and will not warm up to the puppy..She (the older female) has not been sleeping with us at night since the puppy is in bed with us which is very much not like her. She normally has the most energy and is quite lovable. She has not acted particularly aggressive to the puppy yet however She has been COMPLETELY different and distant since we got the new puppy. She did growl at my husband and I a couple of times which is completely not normal for her.  We know that crate training is the best option for the puppy but not sure what the reality of that is going to be. Any advice? THANKS!

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Posters/Slogan Ideas

I'm running for class president =] Any ideas on slogans/posters?I'm going to make a "Free Drinks on Me" poster with an arrow pointing down for over the water fountain. And a "If you won't do it for me, at least do it for the puppy" one with a a picture of a cute puppy.What else should I do?

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getting money sooner?

Hi, I'm trying to save up for a puppy, and i need a TON of money, of course, if i want to make SURE I can take good care of it. I'm told i will need maybe 3 or 4 years before I have enough, i want at LEAST $4,050 before i feel safe getting one, anyway, (some of it is for in case of an emergancey) I am getting a shelter dog, of course, and I KNOW all that stuff about "big responsibility" trust me, i am doing a ton of research on this, and i have a rodent, too. I am looking for a way to earn money FAST, and it cant be proffesional, or "adult's"  jobs, im only 13, so i can't, and no pet sitting or baby sitting, can anyone tell me any crafts or something like that that I can make and sell? Serious answers please, Thank you

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Wireless help in linux? Answered

Ok so, i plugged in ma netgear wg111...i goto connect on the desktop, goto the WAN option (the second icon down) load the module (ive tried both the defualt and the ndis) and put in my password and stuff, and no dice...i think its a problem w/ puppy to my actiontec gt704wg...the wired ethernet works, and i can connect to tinker arount with that (but not with my usb dongle) ....any suggestions...i would really like to use puppy for my sisters laptop and this dongle but this is the only thin stopping me.... :(

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What should I get?

Hey I need help what should I get a female or male puppy I am ten and I kinda need help so if you can help me it'd be awesome, Cause I am going by spaying and nurturing ( don't know if I spelled that right ) Thanks a lot bye!

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How do I make a LiveUSB drive and still be able to access free space? Answered

I want to make my old 512MB flash drive into a Puppy Linux LiveUSB. Puppy Linux is only a little over 100MB, though, and I want to be able to access the remaining space. I need to do something like Portable Linux, but that I can run off of WinXP. I would rather not have to manually partition it.

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How do I force my dogs to have babies?

I just want puppies man....

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can someone help? Answered

Hi all, today i got a apple macintosh powerbook 190. (yes, the original greyscale) from what i've read online, its ram can be upgraded, and i want to know if someone can help guide me through installing a different os? (maybe puppy linux, dsl, ubuntu, win98) anything other than mac. it has a 500mb hdd, and i dont know about ram. the question is: can anyone help?

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Favorite Flavor of Linux?

I have used LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Slax, and Puppy. I must say, Ubuntu is my favorite, followed by LinuxMint. What's your favorite "flavor" of Linux?

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Linux help damn small linux?

Hi, dont know if anyone can help me out here but maybe someone can. i really enjoy using linux i currently have puppy linux on my laptop and ubuntu on my pc, i have just got a very old laptop and i am hoping to run damn small linux on it, i have installed damn small linux onto the machine and it boots up perfect but what i want to know is how do i install apps on to it from the damn small linux repository, i have downloaded over 50 files from the repository but have only managed to get 2 working can anyone help me out, also is there any way to get wine running on dsl. Thanks in advance. Connor.

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PLEASE HHHEELLLPPP!!! My dogs are fighting quite often and severely.

I have two puppies, they're just 2 months old, they're also sisters, they're very friendly with each other, they love to play with one another and never fight like they did recently. three days ago, i brought home a new puppy, 1.5 months old, also a she. At first there were no problems, but today it changed, the sisters fought with each other SEVERELY, the other one was wounded, it already happened twice in one day... what should i do? please help...  

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chew toy?

I have a very strong, large breed dog who essentially destroys nearly all store-bought chew toys in a matter of minutes.  One might say he seems to view these as child's play (puppy's play).

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One year old dog will not accept my new three month old puppy?

I have a one year old female husky mix (Nova). I rescued her from the pound when she was six months old. Nova loves women and children but has been afraid of men since I have had her. Nova is usually dog aggressive.. but not always. I thought that she would do well with a puppy. Clearly, I was wrong! I picked up a three month old female husky mix (Luna) two days ago. I allowed Nova to sniff Luna's scent on a jacket. Nova seemed extremely curious and even wagged her tail. I was impressed. I held Nova by her harness while we brought Luna into our house. Nova became extremely excited! Once Nova was calm I allowed her to sniff Luna out. As soon as Luna moved her head, Nova snapped at her face? Nova will follow her around the house standing stiffly and walking tall. I am unsure if this is to show she is dominant? Probably. If Luna tries to go anywhere as in near the fire place(where Nova lays every now and then), near my children or myself, Nova steps in front of Luna being territorial. Nova has snapped at Luna multiple times and has made Luna yelp. A few times Nova attempted to play with Luna by pawing at her, but she accidently hurt Luna. All of this is still going on along with now Nova is growling at Luna. I am afraid to let them "sort it out". What can I do to help Nova accept Luna?

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Advice please on bringing a new puppy home and getting him acquainted an existing doggy member of the family

We decided to get another friend for out two year old Miniature Yorkie called Alfie. Alfie is very passive and quiet he is well behaved and likes routine. We thought by bringing another dog into the family might bring him out of his shell a bit more. Keno our newbie is a 8 week old Lhasa Apso also a boy. We have only had Kenzo a few days and Alfie doesn't really want to know him yet. Alfie shows no sign of aggression (Never has towards anything or anyone and is so laid back) Kenzo is a typical puppy full of beans and want to jump around all over Alfie given the chance.  Alfie is ignoring him even to the extent of turning his back on him and won't even look at him. Whilst we are at home they are in the same room but Alfie will sit well away from Kenzo on the sofa at night or when we go out they are in separate rooms. anyone have any advice on how to deal with this type of behaviour ? all comments welcome

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Help Mod a Dumb Car Screen

So I have my first car with a smart screen..This is a 2019 Subaru Forester with an insulting first screen..Anyone know how to hack the screen with my Puppy Pic..

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I need some ideas for cheap or homemade toys for lots of animals! Answered

I'm doing a project for the local pet shop - or I think I am. The owner hasn't agreed or disagreed yet. I need a lot of toy ideas for all kinds of rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, kittens, and puppies. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!

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How do I dismantle a refrigerator??? Answered

I want to dismantle an old 'Slush Puppy' machine and remove the refrigerator, leaving only the mixing tank, motor and frame. Bearing in mind refrigerant is R404A, and I will need to cut the refrigerant lines to do it, is it a job I can/should undertake myself? If it is, what is the best way of going about it, and if not, who should I contact to do it for me??

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I brought home a new puppy Sat and my 2 year old dog is not happy about her.

Hello, I have a wonderful neutered male, 2 year old Cavalier king charles named Bentley. Bentley Loves people, kids, other dogs, cats, everything and every one. Perhapes he has been a bit spoiled. He has been well socialized often taking dog park trips, took a socialization class as a pup.. we work on issues with a trainer as they come up.. he had been humping from time to time at the dog park so we were working through that. I love Bentley so much have wanted to add a second cavalier king charles for some time. We went meeting dogs and Bentley got on fine with them all on their territory and on neutral territory. We finally choose to go with an 8 week old female black and tan cavalier from the same breeder we got Bentley from but different parents (the dogs are actually co owned) They did fine on neutral territory but as soon as we got in the house Bentley was mad.. I have never seen him like that, Barking, snarling, at her. I separated them and have been trying to work things out with them gradually. It has only been a couple of days of course.  He also tries to push her under him and hump her, but she wiggles out as a small 4 lb puppy will, and he gets annoyed about that too. I can tell him "SIT" and it seems to redirect him. I am so in love with my new girl who I have named Velvet, already, so I need to make things work out. Bentley seems fine with her when they go out and potty, or are just calm together, sometimes something will set him off though, like if she gets too comfy on my lap he will start growl barking at her and acting like he might nip her but doesn't actually do it. though she does have slobber on her after. If she moves to my husbands lap he goes over to him and does the same reaction. then I have to separate them. Toys.. forget it, he will not let her have her toys or his. If they are just walking around together they seem fine.. but he does not like her getting playful or too snuggely with us.. he also gets mad if he notices her mouthing. (teething pups of course require that training) it is hard not to have him notice as we are correcting her.  I am trying to keep things equal, equal attention, when they are together (she is crated  a lot for house training anyways) They potty together and both get a treat, teaching her sit if he is there and sits they both get a treat. Both get petted at the same time together, and when Velvet went to the vet today I took Bentley along. These were all tips from the trainer I go to. I just have never seen this sweet doggie boy of mine so bent out of shape at another living thing. I just want re assurance that others have been through this, and had it all work out in the end, and give me tips as to what worked for them! I keep reading mixed advice on what to do in this situation so I am not sure what to do. I am leashing them for interactions right now of course for safety reasons and I am of course only allowing closely supervised play. Velvet also has a safe play area that I gated off with an xpen, where her crate is. They are eating in the same room, But Bentley does not care much about food anyways, never had a food aggression problem there.

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Is there an easy way to control the speed of a little 6v motor?

I've got a little 6v electric motor that I would like to slow the rpm's down.  It doesn't have to be a variable controller, but if there is something like that then cool.  I'm just looking for a cheap way to slow that puppy down.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  :)  (p.s. I'm using the power from a USB - 5v)

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How can i train my dog to wake me up? Answered

I have the horrible problem of not being able to be awoken by a normal alarm, and i was wondering if anyone had tips on how to train my dog to jump on me and lick my face when the alarm goes off? (my dog is the big husky, Sasha, but i like Ricardo, the puppy, as well)

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In searching for a ferret (two possibly), what traits should I be looking for in a great ferret?

Would this be like determining a puppy that suits you? If it is shy or not, and how it acts when you would first approach it. I understand that determining how the ferret/s or even a dog will act, later on, is all up to the owner.Also is there much of a difference between male and female ferrets, that is after they have been neutered. So yeah, thanks to anyone that can help me with this question.

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'Bad things little boys make at home' or 'it was all fun and games until Rex lost his eye!'

Hello all, I just started working on a new card game, the idea was to have cards of common household items that any young boy/girl would use to build something they shouldn't. On each card I'd like to have two or three things you can build with the item... ie. 'Puppy Poo'+ 'A Stick'= Poo on a Stick!; 'Puppy Poo'+ 'Paperbag'+ 'Lighter'= Flaming Bag of Poo. Yes juvenile I know but as a kid these are the things many of us remember... at least if you were one of the kids in art class making smoke bombs with the paints, and blow dart guns with you pens... not that I was...... Anyway, I would just like to know if there is anything you (or 'someone you knew of') build as a kid or last week when you had a bit of 'Gas'+ 'Water Gun'+ 'Lighter'= Flame Thrower; 'Small PVC pipes'+ 'Marshmallows'= Marshmallows Shooter; 'Soda Bottle'+ 'Mentos'= Sticky mess for Mom... you get the idea. Any Ideas you have would be a great help! Thanks, Max

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