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does this qualify ?

Although my instructable is not technically a gun, it can be made into one using about 5 mor parts, bringing the total to less than 30. can i post ?

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What qualifies as an Instructable?

Greetings, I would like to know what qualifies as an Instructable? What is the definition of an Instructable? I has assumed that an Instructable had to be instructive and not just a picture of something already completed. Regardless of people voicing opposition in the comments that it is not an Instructable, the following post has remained: In response to an email I sent Eric J. Wilhelm replied saying "We have been specifically encouraging authors to share items they have made but did not document the full step-by-step process in our Photo Instructables." I have not seen that. Could you please link where you encourage that? Where you say pictures showing only a completed object qualify as an Instructable? Must an Instructable be intructive or not? If not, then I will be posting a only just pictures of completed objects as Instuctables to be sure special treatment is not being given. Thanks

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Why are so many entries that aren't qualified or applicable allowed to enter contests?

I'm new, but it seems to me that if a moderator has to approve a submission of an entry, and the "sponsor" reserves the right to reject an entry, why in the world are completely unrelated instructables accepted into contests? I've seen it on several different contests since joining. The main reason I ask is I want to contribute and vote on entries in these contests, and it doesn't seem fair to take away people's votes for an awesome instructable -- that can't win. It is everyone's time wasted to look at 200+ entries in a contest to be voted on, and seeing a dozen or more unrelated, unqualified entries taking votes from those who could really win. It's counter-productive! Guess I'm curious about how the back office runs the show :) This is a burning question I've seen other people talking about too.  I've bit my tongue for a few weeks now, but I'm going crazy here!  Any light that could be shed here would be great, thanks.

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Definition to qualify for Pie Contest

Hi there,I unfortunately don't really understand the definition to qualify for the Pie Contest:"your pie must have a traditional pastry OR no-bake crust to qualify"So either I bake it, or I don't bake it, but what else could I do to get a pie which wouldn't be allowed to enter? Greetings, bine

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How to/Chances or qualifying for WSOP? Answered

Hello. I just had a quick simple question. The WSOP torment, are you gambling with plastic chips representative of money, or do you buy them with money? And how do you train for such events?

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Does this 'ible qualify for the Garden Contest? Answered

From what I understand, it just has to be related to gardening in some way, so would my 'ible qualify? I noticed that one of the other current entries was only decoration for a garden, and I wondered if maybe mine counted as an aid, or a tool to gardening in some way? It doesn't matter if I can't enter it, I was gonna publish it regardless. Thanks.

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what do you qualify as your "wierdest word?"

What would you say is your wierdest word ever? mine would be.. Floccinaucinihilipilification meaning te depreciate an item (or somthing simlar) asymptote chicxulub the supposed place where the meteor that killed the dinosaurs landed

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Hi, Will sewing projects qualify as an instructable in the fiber arts contest? Best, Susan

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Surprise Sugru Speed Contest Now Open!

Hey everyone! We just launched an awesome Sugru speed contest, Sugru Life Hacks! You can find the contest page here  Two awesome things about this contest.  1. Your qualifying entries in the Sugru contest will also qualify for the Humana contest.  2. We have one prize in the line up that will go to an entry chosen at random from all qualifying entries that don't win another prize. Yep, no votes or judges, just a random number generator!  So get cracking and make something that helps people live life to it's fullest.  This contest is open to international entries! 

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What is the process to become a makerspace,or hackerspace,? ?

The March 2014 Build Night - Voltaic Systems Solar Panels states that to host you need to be a makerspace,or hackerspace. What is involved to qualify as a makerspace,or hackerspace,?

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Creating texture or a composite in a photo using photoshopj

I just want to show some creative steps I used in creating a photo, probably photo shop. Does that qualify as a lesson?can I enter it in the water contest?

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Received request for my physical address to qualify to receive an animated holiday card. Is this Legit? Why know physical address for this? Anyone else get one of these notices?

I received a notice from with request that I identify my physical address to qualify to receive an automated greeting card...???  Is this legit? Why do they need to know my physical address? This really sounds odd to me.  Anyone else get one of these kinds of notices?  I really LOVE   Its awesome fun for those who like to do projects not just talk about them.

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Could I substitute rope for the paracord contest? Answered

I would simply order some online, but I'm afraid it won't arrive in time for the contest. Would it qualify if I simply substitute rope for paracord until it arrives?

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wierest fortune cookie?

Following its wierdest fortune cookie!some of mine were"you are wonderful; just be yourself"and"be generous, you should pay for this meal"

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Gaming Contest

Anybody know where to find the requirements for this contest?  The link I was sent with my rejection didn't work, and a search of the site didn't turn up anything in the first couple of pages. I hacked a gaming chair to utilize my G13 gameboard and thought it should qualify under gaming ...

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question about judging process

I entered the art of sound contest, i am wondering exactly how the judging works, i cannot find any info on this. i am also wondering if for some reason my entry did not qualify? any help would be appreciated, thanks, Kendall

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How does one get their instructable to be "featured"? Answered

Just wondering, I was looking at some of the "featured" Instructables and some of them are brand new. What are the requirements that would qualify yours to become "featured"? Is it Views? Artistic merit? score? I'm curious! Thanks!

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Which adhesives are either water or polymer based? Answered

I am trying to make this and it suggests either a water or polymer based adhesive, but I can't find which ones qualify. Alternatively, what adhesive would you suggest I use?

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make it stick rejection

Hey i entered this instructible and it was rejected and im not sure how to appeal it  i know it qualifies because it says use any adhesive and it has about 5 or so, hot glue, epoxy , epoxy putty, and sometime quick grab.

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Take the MENSA Workout test!

Your score was 30 out of 30. That is an excellent score—you would have a very strong chance of passing the Mensa test and joining Mensa. Please note that the Mensa Workout is NOT the official Mensa test, and your score will not qualify or disqualify you for membershipTake the MENSA Workout test and post your score.For funzies!

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Arduino To Post to Twitter with IR Contest

Just a little challenge for tinkerers. There is a prize for the first person to make an Arduino  program (for Uno) and schematic that works. It will need: 1 Ethernet shield 1 IR reciever and whatever else you need. For your entry to qualify it needs to be able to post a post to Twitter when a button on a TV remote is pressed. Good Luck!!!  

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Maker Faire Ticket Giveaway

We have 4 extra Maker Fair tickets to give away to 4 lucky people. To qualify for one of these tickets, you must meet most (if not all) of the following requirements: 1. You must be at least 16 years of age 2. You must be a regular user of this website and willing to spend 2 hours hanging out at the Instructables booth talking about the site. 3. You should have an awesome project to bring. This project is ideally small, easily transportable and requires little to no setup. 4. You must be located in the Bay Area and able to get yourself to the Maker Faire. 5. You must like having fun with a whole bunch of fun people. If you think this describes you, send me a private message and let me know who you are, why you want to hang out at the Instructables booth and what you want to bring. The first four qualified people to contact me each get a ticket.

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Did I do something wrong?

Maybe I forgot to click on the "Health by Design" button when I published these two instructables? It was late and I was pretty tired. I can't think of any other reason why these instructables on how to deal with eczema wouldn't qualify: Bleach baths and other cheap eczema remedies Extra special fancy cream for eczema

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Manual no more?

Well, I'm looking to find a cost effective way to alter my manual wheelchair (9000 xt) to make it electric. I don't need to go super fast, I just want a project to keep me busy, as I am a disabled vet with nothing better to do. They say I don't qualify for a big electric wheelchair due to my mobility currently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt

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Electrical Enthusiast or Engineer Needed

Looking for someone that can help me design a system. This will include pcb layout and incorporation of wireless sensors or local wifi network and testing of the system. This is a great opportunity to be a part of great idea that will eventually be marketed, so it leaves room for great compensation. Anyone interested or that thinks they are qualified feel free to email me at for any clarification needed.

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I'd like to run a 230V pump from house current (US). Answered

I bought a March 809-02 pump on eBay and sadly didn't pay attention to the voltage for it.I got it to transfer hot water in my brewing projects. I have basic skills but I want to be safe about it. If this is a thing best left to a truly qualified electrician, I will do so. Thanks in advance.Sean

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Unable to Log In to Vote for Craftsman Contest

I have had several people inform me that after registering they could not acquire access to their account and they could not access to vote, as the system would not recognize them. Your comments and assitance appreciated. I am concerned because this may eliminate me from my entry qualifying for the next stage in the contest.

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why do some of the more basic classes not have more advanced counterparts

(this is targeted more towards HQ so if any body can either get them to see this or answer with what they would say, please do) i have a few questions:  - why do the most of the simple classes not have more advanced counterparts  - what qualifies a class suggestion to be made  - how long do classes usually take to make

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Bug in webpage

Does reporting bugs in the site still qualify for Pro membership? I found a bug in the site that I can't believe hasn't been reported or dealt with yet. Requirements: User must be logged in. Reproducible: Always Bug: If you click on "You" a dropdown box appears as shown in the below image. The Settings hyperlink points to /you when it should point to /you/settings The other hyperlinks appear to be correct. I want my bug bounty :D

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how to obtain cheap electronic things for your projects

Since i dont have picsthis wouldnt qualify as an instructible.. grage sales.. this is like the geeks version of chuckie cheeses.. i needed about 80 leds for a project and i happen to find a few vcr's for 10 dollars total which saved me alot of money.. ive gotten great computers for salvaging and selling parts for a big profit.. just a tip for everyone who doesnt want to waste a bunch of cash...

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I need a fast design for a pinewood derby car. Answered

The rules are the standard Awana Grand Prix Rules (ie. Same axles, wood, wheels,  no washers, springs, or ball bearings. Must be at a max. of 7 inches long, max. of 3 inches high, and 2 wide. Must be 3/8 in. off the track for the lane strip). I need a fast design that qualifies for all these rules. It should be a previously winning design, or a car that finished in 1st place.

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Halloween Contests Clarification

Hey Instructables Community! I am in charge of moderating the contest entries for the Halloween Contests; this is to just clarify some things in case you are wondering why you were rejected from a contest. -------------------------- You cannot enter the same Instructable into both the Epic and Easy Costume Contests.  If you are not sure which one to enter, go ahead and enter both and I'll make the call. You cannot enter the same Instructable into both the Decorations and Props Contest.  Props relate to costumes while decorations are simply decorations. Any Halloween Photo Instructable qualifies for the Halloween Photo Contest. Food can also qualify as a Decoration. If you have a Costume with an awesome Prop, it would be best to post them in different Instructables so you can enter each in its corresponding contest.   And don't forget, you can enter up to 3 contests, so read through the contests descriptions when you go to publish and enter any and all it qualifies for! You can enter each contest as many times as you want! The Contests: Epic - Costumes that take more than a day to make if you were to work on it that whole time, we're looking for something that is EPIC! Take a look at the current entries for an idea of what we're talking about.  (If you are rejected from Epic it doesn't mean you don't have an awesome costume, it just means we're looking for something more EPIC.) Easy - Costumes that take about a day or less to make. Props - Something that is part of a costume (meaning, worn or held), including, but not limited to: facepaint/makeup, hairstyles/wigs, swords/sheilds, and masks. Decoration - Something that you would not carry around including lawn and home decor. Photo - Any Halloween Photo Instructable Food - Anything that is food that relates to Halloween Any Questions?   Please leave a comment here or PM me, I'm happy to help out :)

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Can the same instructable win in different contests?

I was wondering if the same instructable entered in three different (qualifying) contests can win grand prizes in all three or at least two of them? Does it have such a chance? Or would the judges think something like "this one has already won once in another contest so maybe that is enough for that author and we should give a chance to someone else" ? Will you have fewer chances to win if this very same tutorial has just won in another contest?

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The Cars & Motorcycles Contest has started!

We're holding our first ever Cars & Motorcycles Contest! We want to see your car and motorcycle hacks, builds, tips and tricks - anything you do to keep your ride in tip-top shape. We're giving away some fantastic cleaning supplies from Meguiar's to the winners! And BONUS - some entries for this contest will also qualify for the Bikes and Wheels contest! Two contest entries for the price of one. :D Contest is open June 17 - July 29.

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Random GoodHart: a newly discovered LAW

I know this is kind of random, and I just now, moments ago, accidentally discovered this, but there is a GOODHART's LAW  :-) It states:   once a social or economic indicator or other surrogate measure is made a target for the purpose of conducting social or economic policy, then it will lose the information content that would qualify it to play that role. This almost sounds like a parallel to the famous Quantum Mechanics rule of effecting the state of a particle by observing it.  This bulletin was brought to you by the Totally Random Goodhart Reseach and Useless Information Recovery team.  Thanks for reading.

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Artbot 2008!

Well, it is that time of year again. It's time to free your artbot from the closet and let it shine in the spotlight! All are encouraged to apply:We have no fixed idea of what qualifies as robotic art; if you think it's a robot and you think it's art, we encourage you to submit your work. Regardless of whether it's hi-tech, low-tech, or neg-tech, we're interested in the ideas you're working with, not just the gear. Proposals for workshops, performances, and other kinds of participation are also welcome.Check out the site for details on how to apply.

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Donate Your RV

Hello Guys, Donating a recreational vehicle to charity helps an organization and can result in a tax benefit for you, the donor. The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers a deduction for donating vehicles, including RVs, to certain charities. Special rules, however, apply to these donations and can affect the amount of your deduction. Find a charity that is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations and that accepts RV donations. Many charities, including churches, youth clubs and homeless shelters, seek vehicle donations, either for their own use or for resale. Thanks a lot! Tim Boon

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Project views as judging criteria!!!!! Should this be so????

OK, I was reading the contest rules and it states that the number of view your instructable has gotten will be a factor in the judging. Should this be criteria for judging? I personally do not think so!!!!! The deadline is June 17th........Right!!! So what if I (or anyone) submitted their project late in the night on the 16th. It will still be a qualifying entry, correct!!! If I did submit late in the night on the 16th the chances of getting the views of a project submitted a month earlier are very slim. Even though my instrucatable may be the most amazing yet and a hands down winner, does this mean since I only have a view ratio of 100000 to 20, that my project will not win. I personally do not believe number of views should be included in the judging criteria. This simply is not fair to people who get their entries in at the last minute, as they would still qualify 100% if it were in fact before the deadline!!! Edit: Now that I think about it the rating given by users should not be a factor also for the same reason above. However, the only way this would be fair is if the deadline was only for entry, THEN there would be a certain amount of time for users to rate the project, say a month, AFTER the deadline for submittal. The page views and rating should only be counted during this time. This would make it fair all across the board. The only way to make the current way fair would be to do it based on judging by the actual judges based on the project only.

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CPA(couch potatoes of america)

If you qualify for the CPA please join my group. reasons to join the CPA might be(but are not limited to): 1)watching to much t.v. 2)spending extended periods of time on couch. 3)haven't changed you shirt in 3 days 4)having t.v. dinners more then 4 days a week 5)having more then 15 pop cans on the floor right by you. 6)you almost have the t.v. guide memorised 7)you do have the t.v. guide memorised 8)you havent cleaned you room or house in 3 weeks.

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Engineer needed for custom PCB project

Seeking an engineer, experienced in creating files (Eagle .brd or a set of Gerbers) to be sent off to DorkbotPDX. We are looking to modify an existing PCB design for a 24.mmm coin cell battery PCB breakout (similar to to work for a smaller coin cell battery. This is a contract position with a budget. Email with links to examples of your previous work creating custom PCBs and a brief description of your experience.  Additional details about the project will be provided to qualified candidates. Thank you for your interest. Azellaco New York, NY

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Mother Earth News contest: Design a Solar Poultry Waterer, Win a Brinsea Incubator!

  The Mother Earth News, is having a contest. Design a Solar Poultry Waterer, Win a Brinsea Incubator! To submit your design for a solar poultry waterer, e-mail a description and photo to “letters (at symbol)” Mail hard-copy entries to “Solar Poultry Waterer” at Mother Earth News; 1503 SW 42nd St.; Topeka, KS 66609. We’ll publish the winning entry in the magazine, and the designer will win a free Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco incubator. Entries must be received by May 1, 2011, to qualify.

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1. I am unable to post any images, the screen dims and nothing happens.2. I am unable to delete a post.3. I would love to be able to go back and edit a post - (EVEN Facebook allows this.)4. I (and several others ) would be more than happy to join a beta test groups working on bug catching in a sand box area and put the main site back to the last "working" version until most/all bugs can be resolved. - I am well qualified in this in that I was senior software test engineer in a previous existence and spent my time devising tests and finding bugs.

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Is it possible to make Photoshop art from scratch? Answered

Everybody has seen the occasional Photoshop Art image. However, many of them rely on modifying the appearance of a photograph or image. Needless to say, this won't qualify me for something like a Community Graphic Arts class, which I am currently participating in. Without this assignment done, I run the risk of failing the class. This is very important to me, as Graphic Design combines my three loves, art, computers, and math.  Tl;Dr: How can I create Photoshop art from scratch?

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Has anyone converted a waterbed to adjustable airbed?

I have a California King, dual mattress waterbed that I would like to convert to an adjustable airbed, similar to the Select Comfort " Sleep Number" bed. (they cost over $1500).  My wife has a real bad disc in her back, and I have to keep increasing the water level  firmness.  We use a memoryfoam top, with a very firm density of 5.5 lbs per sf, if I recall correctly.  She cannot sleep on a regular mattress (we have one).  Surgery is out (no insurance, unemployed, own too much land, etc, to qualify for aid).  Has anyone tried this? Dublinrun

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Sci-Fi Contest Question

Hi Internet! I just saw the Sci-Fi Contest recently opened and I immediately had a bunch of ideas for projects, but I noticed that the contest page says "any project inspired by a film, TV show, or book is eligible." I was wondering, if I were to make something based on a sci-fi video game, would that still be eligible to enter? There's quite a lot of this genre in video games and I'm guessing other people will probably be interested in making video game-inspired projects as well, so I thought I'd ask just to be sure before I get too far along in a project that may or may not qualify for entry. Thanks for your time!

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Project: Nicolas Cage necklace!

So one of my favorite things ever is Nicolas Cage. A friend at work told me I should put his picture in a locket and I 1-up'd her. I can't wait to wear it to work and dance around in front of her. :D The necklace is make of the body of an old watch that I completely gutted. The necklace is one of those memory wire chokers you can get really cheap at craft stores. I cut the picture out of the paper case that came with the special edition of Ghost Rider. I'm pretty excited. I wanted to post it, but I didn't know that it would qualify as a slideshow. What do you think? I'll probably just leave it in the forums. :P

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The kind of content to post

I am trying to find out a little more information before I post something. The site doesn't seem to have a page telling what it's all about. Do you have to post about something you made by hand? For example, our company helps customers design woven labels for clothing. So, can I give examples and step by step instructions about  how to design a woven label? Ultimately, they'd have to order the labels with us after they design them. Would that be viewed as poor taste, like we are trying to promote our website? If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can always review the site and see if it qualifies Thanks!

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Too much Sugru in 'ibles diet

Hi guys... Ok, I was posting this asa comment, then I remembered the "be nice" rule and thougth about setting things in a positive way. AIM: I like instructables a whole lot. I come here EVERY DAY for inspiration and help in many things. So I whant it to remain the nice place I think it is, full of creative people that solves everyday problems and improves lives of other with the power of theyr brain and hands. In order to keep this I thing it is important to keep things "brand free". COMPLAIN: There are too much questionable sugru instructables around, Let's face it. Some of them are real innovative and clever, but much of those are daily and"not that usefull" at all. The point is: aren't those qualifiable as COMMERCIAL ADDS ?? I mean... I like that thing, but are we sure that there is nothing irregular going on? Thanks

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First Time Author Contest Question? Answered

Hi, random instructables people!!! :D  This is probably a question that is extremely stupid to many people, but I'd like to know the specific guidelines of the First Time Author Contest.  Is it OK to post my first instructable here? Even though I have made more of 'em since then? I like my first instructable and I'd kinda like to show it off again in this contest. I haven't edited anything except maybe a typo... so does that qualify? I don't want to get in trouble for trying to post my instructable. I've definitely posted more than one, so I AM NOT a first time author. Just making things clear... Thanks, Artemis

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How do I un-enter a contest? Answered

It happened as an accident.  I had NO intention of adding ibles to the contest, well if they had fit the description maybe I would have, but the ones that were entered don't fit the description as far as I'm concerned.  We were sitting around talking about the contest, looking at the page on my iPad, and at the bottom were links.  Something about the following of my ibles being qualified to enter, and a link to click and enter.  Well one of the goober sitting around doing nothing did something, he hit those links! I just want to remove them from the contest, but not remove the ible cuz I wrote them to be on here, not to be used like that.   Please help me, does anyone know the robots return email addy? or whatever it would take? please? 

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