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Quality control

First, let me just say how much I love really can't remember....not one single time this year, not checking in here for even ONE SINGLE DAY!! It is my go-to place!! That said, I've kinda been thinking about the amounts of digital "clutter" that exist here. Now, I myself have only put up two I wouldn't claim to be a MAJOR contributor, by any definition...........but what I mean is....... there are some instrutables here that are just junk!  Some kid zipped in here 4 years ago, put up something he (so-called) "made" with a piece of notebook paper and and a photos or the photos are garbage, and he hasn't been back since. A few bad ratings, and a couple of bad comments....and that's it.  Has anyone ever discussed any sort of "juried" process after awhile?  I dunno.....maybe it's a bad idea, and god knows my work here isn't Smithsonian quality material, but I did put a'lot of thought into it, and I love the community here! I just think if something has less than two stars after 3 years and all the comments are should maybe be removed. Such an action can be announced, maybe, or voting or something. .....just food for thought. C

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Image quality problem

I take screen shots with Snagit and the files are just fine but whenever i upload them the quality drops considerably.  I've tried JPEG's and PNG's but they both produce the same result.  Normally i wouldn't care but the quality drop is so horrendous the data is unreadable.  I sent an email to support but they stopped responding after I informed them that both file types suck.  Even the provided capture is bad but hopefully you can tell the difference between the two.  Please help

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poor thumbnail quality

It seems like thumbnail quality is a lot worse than it could be.  it makes it a lot harder to appreciate the project listings, also these thumbnails show up on the front page of the site which doesn't seem to reflect well on the quality of the site and project. i took a look at some of these and the original photos that are perfectly good and sharp at full size are yielding blurry thumbnails.  i played with some sharpening options in imagemagick.  it seems like the site does get better image compression from the blurry thumbnails, but i think it goes to far!  as an example look at this project: the quality of the lead full size image is just fine.  the 75x75 thumbnail is 1.3k but the quality is really poor (see attached).  i re-thumbnailed  used a basic unsharp mask (should be available in any image processing package), and i get a far better image (also attached).  the new one is 2.5k - but really i think it is worth it.

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Instructables: Quality Standards

I was thinking..... as I do. Quite a few of instructables, on.... instructables, havn't meet the quality standards of a good instructable, let alone get featured. Why do people bother make instructables 2 steps long? Wouldn't they like to be in the newsletter and get nice feedback? If you put all you effort in to an instructable you will get repaid with nice comments (normally). I wouldn't like to see instructables as a website with few featured instructables lots of quick put to gether nonsense. I would like to see quality, and a archive of fun things to do and make for all the family. A while back a published an instructable called 'professional water rocket guide'. I spend along time on it and was pleased with my self when it got featured, and it was in the newsletter. This it was gives me motivation to do good instructables. What do you think about poor informative an qualitive instructables? Thanks

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Voltage quality recorder? Answered

Hello, i am an electronics hobbyist, and want to develop an system which is an voltage quality recorder, i mean it measures the various voltage disturbances like transients, swells, sags, THD, etc, I was comfortable in analyzing the concept and with the software too. but for the hardware implementation i am confused of which kind of TI microcontroller or microprocessor is suitable for my project. i will work on the real time calculations and will use FFT in analyzing the voltage.I am planning on dsp processors of C2000 series of TI. But not able to wisely choose them. On what major parameters should i look upon while choosing them. I would be helped if anyone can suggest me which one would precisely be used for this cause. Any more suggestions on how to proceed with it are welcomed. Thank you.

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Instructables image quality

Am I just imagining it, or did Instructables' thumbnail and preview images used to be much higher quality than they are now? Personally, I'm a fan of PNGs for their lossless compression, but I'm fine with lossy formats like JPEG as long as the quality is high enough that there isn't blatant distortion all over. But when I look at thumbnails and preview pictures on instructables now, I can't help but notice how crappy they look with all the distortion. My question is whether the decision to use low quality thumbs/previews was made in order to conserve disk space, reduce bandwidth, or improve load times?

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Low quality prize

After placing second in a contest, I was very disappointed to find that the prize tool was a low quality tool from harbor freight which broke the first time I used it. I was also disappointed to see that they greatly overstated the $ value of the tool by linking to the most overpriced seller they could find (double the going rate for the tool). Last time I placed in a contest, the tool was a very nice dremel which I have used often and has not broken. Would be nice if they would give us quality tools again.

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Decline in quality instructables

Am I the only one who thinks the site has had a SIGNIFICANT drop in quality since people were allowed to post just pictures of a completed project as an instructable? Isnt that kind of against what the website is all about? I'm getting sick to death of one or two photo posts with no description of the making process and just a generic "hurrdurr I made this" description.

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Review Quality of Instructables

Looking for some feedback on quality of my Instructables.  What key element(s) am I missing to win those awesome grand prizes? Of my 51 projects I think 49 have been featured. I have more than my share of robot T-shirts. :-)  What do I need to improve to impress site visitors and judges enough to get more votes and views? Yes, I have been through the Instructables class...  With 49 featured, I must be doing something right.  What do I need to improve?   Please don't look at this as being greedy, but would really love one of these grand prizes one of these days.   I'm sure any comments would benefit all authors. Thanks in advance and Keep Making! Love this site and community! DIYWATERDOG.

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Any headphones that are durable, cheap-ish, and have good sound quality? Answered

So I like listening to music on end, for hours at a time.  However, the problem with that is that the headphones break down.  I buy noise-cancelling headphones from walmart for anywhere between 15-25 dollars, but they break within a few months after I buy them.  The apple headphones that have come with my iPod nano have lasted me for 2 and a half years without breaking, but the sound quality is not as good. If it helps, both of the noise cancelling headphones I bought have a problem with the wire (I sometimes can squeeze sound out of them if I turn the wire the right way, otherwise no sound comes out) So is there a specific brand that you would recommend that lasts longer than a few months, has good sound quality, and can cancel noise at around 20-30 dollars? EDIT- It seems I must include the question of Availability with my purchase.  I can not buy online, and the only local stores I can buy from are Target, WalMart, Office Depot (maybe) and Best Buy.

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what name router is the best to buy?

What name router is the safe long lasting fast well priced good value for money?

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Discussion Regarding Search For Best Multi-Application 3D Printer

I should wish to have the input of the community regarding the best multi-application 3D printer. Some of the qualities that I'm looking for include the capacity to handle a variety of filaments (notably the Poro-Lay porous foam filament and a variety of carbon fiber reinforced filaments, in addition to the standard ABS and PLA filaments), an extremely high detail resolution capacity, and consistent, high-quality prints. I've seen a number of 3D printed items have sections "unwind" after printing, which is not something that I want to have happen. I'm also hoping to have something with a fine enough output that the printed item doesn't look horribly striped.  Naturally, I'm looking for a machine that's good quality and easy to maintain (relatively speaking), meaning that parts that wear out quickly, such as the filament feed head, should be replaceable by someone that's not been trained as an authorized service technician. While I am not overtly concerned with price, keep in mind that this is for medium-scale personal use (read that as NOT industrial use). I've done a bit of researching, and have found that the MakerBot systems are generally lauded in some circles, but when I've went to look at the reviews posted to a variety of retail sites that carry the item, I've found that they've gotten generally negative reviews. Granted, I'm not entirely sure how much of this negativity is the result of user error / ignorance, vs how much of it is legitimate. Similarly, the printers that have great reviews on the retail sites have very little mention elsewhere, such as in the number of 3D printing communities that I've been reading through.  That all having been said, I have been quite impressed by the work I've seen coming out of the 3D printing section of Instructables, and figured that this would likely be a good place to begin a discussion on this matter.

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How can I record my TV in good quality? Answered

I want to record my nfs mw game, but I have the ps2 version. Using my video camera would make the picture suck. How can I get a good quality video? thx!

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Where can I buy a high quality, full body Spiderman costume?

My friend and I are looking to buy our guy friend a full body Spiderman costume for his birthday.  We were looking on eBay, but we are wary about the actual quality of the costumes.  As of right now, we are not wholly concerned with prices, but we don't want to spend a fortune. We would like some suggestions as to what stores/sellers are best for our venture. I have attached a picture of what we are looking for.

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How do I turn screenshots for my computer into acceptable pictures for instructables?

I have an instructable on software to design better curved reflectors for solar cookers (among other things). Anyways, I put in screenshots of how I use the software and of my results tabulated in a html page with the pictures of different reflectors and how good they are in tables. The screenshots are actually fine but when i upload them they turn brutal. How can i keep the quality of the screenshot after uploading. This is really important for this particular instructable. The screenshots show that for a 1 or 2 hour unattended cooktime, there are several curves that are significantly better than a parabolic dish. But they do not show anything much after upload! I have the most recent one below. Brian

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Help Me Establish Gas Station Fraud- By Exposing Fuel Manipulation.

Prelude:Every week I only ever travel the same route, at the same time, with the same amount of traffic on the road.I fill my cars fuel tank once a week, with $50AU of petrol.The prices lately have been stable and around $1.30AU/LWhat this post is about is the fact that due to me travelling the exact same Km's per week, I have noticed a significant difference between the two petrol stations fuel that I fill at.Can anyone educate me as to why when I fill at one station I get 8 days of travel and when I fill at the other station I only get 4 days of travel?Once again I am filling the same amount of fuel at each station, just one stations fuel (Major corporate outlet) seems to be of a much lower quality.Is it possible that something is a-miss with this situation. Is there a variable im not considering?After 4 months of weekly refills I feel that conclusively, one stations fuel seems to combust better than the others.Is this possible and if so are there any home experiments I could try to prove my theory via testing the fuels combustion/quality.I only write this as I sit here on a week, where I was forced to fill up at the "suspect" station. Im on day 3 now and my fuel is red lining... What is happening?I know the difference of 3 -8 days is a massive, surely others would have noticed this also. I thought I was mistaken the first few times it happened. But now I am positive, something is wrong.I might add, I use premium fuel with the same octane level at both stations.Could that be it? Would they be mis-quoting the octane level in their fuel? That is the only thing I can think of.

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where can i find an inexpensive, good quality, plastic, alto ocarina? Answered

Why inexpensive? Well, the resession is hitting me, and my mother. HARD.Why Plastic? i dont trust myself with a ceramic ocarina. for now, that is......Why alto? i hear it sounds good.

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instructable comments, upvoting and downvoting? Answered

So, the point in asking this is: I really would not like to see instructable comments become something like a youtube page, where you scroll down only to be disappointed in the quality of the comments.  As a community based site and just the fact that I scroll down and groan at people's choices in just trolling (and I know, I've done this before) -is there a possibility in a Reddit-style comment upvoting and downvoting, and sort by best comments?

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Harbor Freight Tools

Does anybody use Harbor Freight Tools regularly? Somebody on here pointed them out to me, they have a retail store about 20 miles from me, and they have some pretty damn awesome deals. I'm hoping their stuff isn't too good to be true, I was planning on taking a trip up there on Sunday and buy up some stuff I've been wanting. I just don't know about the quality though, so can anybody give me reviews on their products?

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How do you enhance the acoustics of over-the-ear headphones? Answered

I recently made headphones, but the acoustics sound all wrong. Any tips on how I can fix it? The headphones: Thanks in advance!

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How would I go about making a half mask like the lower part of Snake Eyes' mask in the Rise of Cobra movie?

In the movie his mask is basically a black visor and the lower half is all one piece of black matte plastic, but it's formed to the face with lip detail and everything. Is there a relatively easy way I could replicate this effect without getting into the big long process of making a mold of my own face and then forming plastic to it? No rush or anything, just thought it might make a fun project.

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Ridiculously high quality images

Here is a website that offers, amongst other things, a 16 bilion pixel view of "The Last Supper".I need a new camera...

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Quality servos for an low price? Answered

Where can i get good quality servos for an low price?

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PDF uploaded in poor quality

I just added a pdf to my instrcuctable, but when I went to view it after I published it the pages were rotated and the quality very poor.  I uploaded the same pdf to Google Drive and provided a link, and if you use that link the quality is fine and it is not rotated.  Any suggestions? Step 2 of this:

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Where to source quality LEDs?

Does anybody have suggestions where I can get quality LEDs?  I'm planning to build something using 1-3W diodes, and I see a lot on Ebay, but not sure what I should be looking for when deciding.

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High Quality Print Making

Do any of you know how to make high quality prints of a piece of art? The only thing I can think of is using a scanner, but that's not really the same thing. Or should I just go to the professionals, which will get expensive.

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Quality and reliability of ASRock motherboard? Answered

I'm going to be building my own computer (relax, I know exactly what I'm doing), and I was wondering, how reliable and how good are ASRock motherboards (to be precise, this one

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High Quality Leather for a Journal

My friend and I really want to find a leather journal, but so far we've had no success so I thought it might be easier to just make one but for that we need to find some good leather.  I have no idea where to find leather, so any advice will help.  I live in Westerville OH but anywhere near columbus would be good too.  I don't want to have to buy leather off of the internet because then I can't feel it and assess its quality.

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here's a quality concept for you

Feel free to go out and experiment making this concept... It's a scalable, stackable, light in the air, controllable automated AWE Airborne Wind Energy Beasty. And the idea is proving popular. By spinning a bunch of kites from disks on tethers and a tracking rail generator ... you get power The generation side is on the ground. cool eh The drawing is a bit out of date now as the concept has developed... eh a few mins ago... but it's still a good indicator

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Good quality , Low price!!!

I am a manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel pipe.Our main products include Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Liquid Transport Pipe,Stainless Steel Structure Pipe , Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe(Involve The Aquatic Products Pipe), Stainless Steel Boiler And Hot Permutater Pipe,Stainless Steel Flange And Stainless Steel Valve etc. Our products have acquired the license regarding the anitation and safety of drinking water by the Department of Health of Zhejiang Province and passed the accreditation of ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System by CCS.Company Name: ZHEJIANG NANBO STEEL INDUSTRYCO.,LTD. Add:lndustrial Zone,Qiyi Village,Lanjin Bridge,Shacheng Town,Longwan District,Wenzhou CityTel:+86-0577-86997866 86051988 86058799 Fax:+86-0577-86050988Contact:RichardZip code:325025Web Site: E-mail:

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K'NEX gun quality check

Hello k'nex gunners! Jamalam here, and I have come up with a quality check for k'nex guns to make sure they are good enough for posting. You don't have to follow these rules, they are just suggestions (except for the NO TINY GUNS WITH BLOCK TRIGGAHS! part :P)1. looksa.Well proportioned /5b.Filled in properly /5c.Innards fit well in /52. Performancea.Range - Every 20 ft is worth 1, 200 ft plus is 20, taken with 3 64# r.b.s. do not do this for mgs/ semi autos, see step 3.5 /20b.Ease of reload /5c.Trigger functionality (block trigger =1) /5d.Comfort /153.Ability to pierce:(highest result scores, taken with 3 64# rbs, do not do for mgs/semi autos etc.)Paper =1 Cardboard = 2 Cans = 3 2 cardboard sheets = 4 Plywood/walls = 5 /53.5.Semi auto, mg, and other unpowerful gun types(do not do for other gun types /25Every 2 ft is worth a point4.Weight - every 100 grams is worth a point, until it gets to 1600, then you start going down /155. Reception from 5 other k'nexers - ask 5 other k'nexers to rate your gun out of 20, then work out the average (rounding up) (ie. 18+17+17+16+16 = 84, 84/5 is 16.8 ->17) /20Now, add up the points and that is the rating percentage of your gun!eg. Storm 223 = 61 + up to 20 rating average.These are just my ideas, create your own if you dont like them!Jamalam

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Increase The Quality of Sound off of a Camcorder? Answered

A friend of mine asked me to film a music video featuring his new song. The thing is, I'm a video guy, not an audio guy. Heck, I had a hard enough time obtaining high quality professional music! So, do any if you know how to increase the sound quality of a Cannon FS10? I'll even take a "let me Google that for you," as I'm pretty bad at searching. :PIf anyone's interested, this is the video he wants to improve (he's not happy with his mom's recording).;=22

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Does anybody else lose image quality while posting pictures on an instructable? Is it just me? Answered

I this seems to happen to other people or if it is just me, would anybody happen to know a way to fix it?

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How would a stronger magnet impact the performance of a speaker, and what impacts the overall quality of a speaker? Answered

Okay, so I had decided to build a sub-woofer for a speech topic for school, and I was wondering what it was that made speakers, or sub-woofers so loud an efficient. Granted, I know mine is far from great, while being made from ply-wood, duct-tape, and everything, but why is it that professionally manufactured speakers are so loud by them-selves with minimal power? I am using the circuits from my Logitech X-240 system, and the sub-woofer is always way louder than that of my home-made speaekr, with a significantly smaller ceramic magnet, it seems. Is it the geometry of the speaker itself, or what? What do manufacturers do in construction which improves the sound, or quality of speakers, and would using a neodymium magnet be better than using ceramic magnets? Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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What is the best surfboard blanks to use to make a surfboard?

I want to make my own surfboard. I plan to make a 5' 9" - 6' 0" sized shortboard. I've looked into several surfboard blank manufacturers such as US blanks and others. I wanted to know if anyone else knows of any good quality blanks (quality is key).

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Is ABS/PLA filament from china okay to use in a makerbot. ? Answered

The price difference is what throws me off, should i be worried about the quality of this filament vs the $48 makerbot filament? Makerbot : Cheap Alternitive:;=item2c6f61e285

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I want an rc helicopter that is reasonably priced, easy to manever (the type that you can go forward and backward, up and down, not too touchy, etc.) tough (i am a beginner, so i crash alot) has a long battery life (unless it's a gas) weather proof (will not get blown so easily by the wind) and if it's outdoors a reasonable size (i want to make a bombay door or something so i can drop stuff

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How can I get Audacity to record computer output more clearly? Answered

A while ago, on my older computer I used audacity to record music and other things from the audio output from my computer without losing quality.  I've recently decided to try doing this again on my new computer, however when I record, its very quiet in comparison to the output and it almost sounds like it is being recorded from an outside source, like holding up a microphone to a low-quality speaker. I've tested if it was just recording from the microphone on my headset, but it was not. Is there any way I could record the output at the same volume that it is played at and at the same quality?  I'm currently on the Beta version of audacity because the older version does not support Windows 7, I think that may be a factor in why this is happening.

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Statistical Process Control

Is there any interest in Statistical Process Control? I posted one instructable about it: I am considering an instructable to measure the quality of resistors. Do they really hold 5% tolerance? The test is simpler than the test in my last instructable, and I would get deeper into the maths.

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Cobra pistol crossbow, good or bad?

Hey there, I am really keen to buy a pistol crossbow and i was wondering if the Aluminium Cobra pistol crossbow is good? will it stand up to normal use? will it last? etc.

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Are these power supplies good?

The cheap bare metal power supplies from ebay or other sides have been reviewed many times on youtube and people have found that they are actually decent. But I cannot find any reviews of the sealed plastic kind of power supplies. The "bare metal" ones I am talking about look like this, and the "sealed plastic" ones look like this and this. Edit: None of your replies answer my question. I am not asking which one I should choose, I am asking if the plastic ones are just as decent as the metal ones. There are a few reviews of the metal ones, and people have found that they are actually quite decent. Here are some: But I cannot find any reviews of the plastic ones, so I don't know if they are just as good. I am asking if anyone has gotten any of these and made a review with some tests, or knows of a review of these.

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Draw high quality image on computer Answered

Thank you for reading/answering my question i have a cartoon charecter that i need to draw in a high quality i have gimp and paint but neither are working if you could recomend a free software i would be so grateful

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EVP quality, tele listening amp.

Hallo friends, Please show me a schematic diagram of a highly sensative amplifier, or hearing aid that I can use as a telescopic remote spy hearing instrument. Something as sensitive as the EVP paranormal audio recorder. I tried this circuit but doesnt work :( Please guide me to a circuit that actually worked for you. see you thanks

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Ingenuity Needed: Cutting records with quality.

It's lengthy, sorry, but it's worth it! Let me preference this with, I know this topic has surfaced before. Most of the forums and pages are filled with broken links to information, sold out products, and are all around rather worthless to return to. I'm posting this in hopes it stays a useful reference point. For  a few years now, I have been looking at cutting disks playable on a record player. I found an 'ible a while ago (the original one I bookmarked has been removed) that showed how to make an needle assembly. It demonstrated making a record engraver by putting a staple through the center of a speaker. This tool kind-of worked, but had some quality issues, as well as speed. When you push to engrave the audio, you slow the table. Less pressure, less quality, more quality, less speed. The other issue I ran in to was keeping the groove tight enough to hold more than 20 seconds. I'd like to construct a device that will cut CDs in to records with a good bit of accuracy, and give a second life to mis-burned disks (as well as some ancient unsupported linux disks...driver disks...early Windows builds...AOL get the idea) Putting the proper spindle on a properly geared motor should resolve the speed issue on cutting. Having the cutting arm on a servo should resolve the length issue, my only quandary is quality. ~~~~~ So, the point of this post, and the thing I'd like to have some input on is, How do I construct a cutting needle, that will offer some quality. I should refine that a little more - something that is going to transfer bass well. ~~~~~ I was not eager to puncture a speaker, so I modified the original plans. I placed the staple in a layer of plastic, and glued this to the speaker. The plastic gathered more of the vibration, and funneled it to the cutting head more accurately. This did work relatively well, but I feel with a few extra minds, this process can be made better. If this project ever sees the light of day, I'll make an 'ible, and cite any assistance. -Spence

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High Quality rubber band guns

Ok guys, I want to see if I'm all alone on this site in making fine replica (and functioning) rubber band guns. I've posted my most recent, along with all the others I have in my collection. Most are sold (sorry... lol), but I make more all the time by order.Oh, and by the way for all you gun enthusiasts, the CZ75B and the Beretta 92FS have moving slides that don't hinder the preformance of the pistol. Also, the MP5K has a folding stock, removeable supressor, and removeable clip.

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Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there advantages to buying the 300 series instead?

Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there any significant advantages to spending a bit more and getting a 300 series or better? I'm new to this equipment, but hope to use it for a wide variety of purposes. Is the variable speed essential? And what about the flex shaft? Any advice, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ~Mr. Retro~

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How can i record better quality music with Audacity? Answered

I recently recorded some music through Audacity, but i am not satisfied with the quality. I don't see why Audacity would have bad quality. I'm thinking it is because i am using a oldish computer. Is that most likely the problem? Also, i am having trouble attaching my guitar to my camera. I still can't get clear sound from it either. Is it the camera?

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Laptop Volume Problems? Answered

When I play music, or anything for that matter on my laptop, it sounds low-quality, scratchy, and shifts around until it gets to a certain point, at which point the audio sounds normal. This happens with the built-in speakers as well as with headphones. What do I do?

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How does Smooth-On's Feather Lite urethane resin compare to their Smooth-Cast 300 resin?

I want to cast my original horse sculptures, but since I don't have a roto-cast machine, I'll have to solid-cast the models. I'm a fan of draft horses, so my 1:9 scale horses will be rather large and bulky. This would be heavy if I did a solid-cast with normal resin, which would make shipping prices escalate, so I'm thinking the feather-lite would be a better choice. I'm worried about its ability to replicate fine details, and in the model horse hobby, it's all about the fine details and the quality of the cast. What is the quality of the resin like compared to their other resins, and how well does it replicate the original sculpt? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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