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quick release

   i am planning on making a quick release (like the one below). only one problem..... i don't know exactly how it works. can some one make a diagram showing how it works or make an instructable. i would like and appreciate any type of help but a diagram would be most helpful. thanks and well see what happens.

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quick question....

Quick question what would you pay for a motorized bicycle that can hit 35mph

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Quick question

Hi, I need help. You see the street I live in has more cats than, well the musical cats,  and seeing as my garden seems to be they're preferred  choice for going to the toilet, I decided to build a motion sensing water sprayer. So off to Amazon I went and purchased some PIR sensors, a solar pump with a DC connection, bread boards wires and batteries and chucked it all together. Now the sensor will light an LED no problem but when I switch in the pump I get nothing. I read on tinternet that transistors can be used to up the juice but I was already far beyond my knowledge of circuits, components and the like. I even tried looking at sketches of PIR sensors to transistors, but after weeks of trying I'm no closer and have nothing to show for it but a headache.  If anyone can help and describe to me (in child like, basic terminology) how I wire up a transistor to a PIR and then a 4-12v 3.5watt pump that would be just super.  Or at-least put me out of my misery and tell me it's not doable.  Thanks.

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Here is an idea for quick ratchet clamp, suggestions regarding which material best suitable for this clamp are welcome.

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Quick electronic question

I need a 20k R2R resistor network (for making another project on the net) and I'm ordering from mouser and the only ones they have are out of stock, so I want to build one. I know how to hook the resistors relative to one another (a quick look at wikipedia solved that), the only thing I'm wondering about it the values... To make a 20k R2R network do I need: 10k and 20k resistors? or 20k and 40k resistors? I think it's 10k and 20k, but I'm not sure

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A quick RAID question!

I want to have a larger amount of space on my server and also be able to keep all my music and whatnot together. I currently have a 160gb drive in this pc that is full to the brim with music (oh that will be fun finding places for it all). And I have a 160 in the server with random backup files and whatnot, what I'd like to do is set it up with RAID 0, so I have around 320gb of space all together. I was wondering though what anyone thought of doing this if it was very safe if one of the drives fail, I realize I'd loose all the data on the one drive, but would it be possible to recover the data on other other drive still? Also, these aren't sata drives, so I'll have to use window's built in RAID controller thingy. Perhaps I should just pull out a bunch of old hard drives and rig them up to one of my test mobo's and try it with that first? Can you raid USB and ide drives together? 

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Quick-vite idea

*UPDATE 2-15-11* If you are good with cell phone apps and website building and you would like to use my idea please message me. If you do make this all I ask for is a very small cut of the profit, but I really doubt anyone would want to make this anyway. Well, if you do just send me a private message and we can talk about it. Keep in mind you still may NOT TAKE MY IDEA UNLES I LET YOU! IT IS STILL COPYRIGHTED BY ME! Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my idea for a possible website I will be making in the future. I got the idea recently when my mom wanted to invite people over to the superbowl and sent out the emails that day. Many people didnt respont because, lets face it, many people dont check their email more than once a day. My idea would be a website based service that you could sign up for for free or become a member for a monthly fee. How it would work is you could type up your message and then send it to a pre-saved group of all the recipients phone numbers, and from there numbers could be added or removed. The site would then send a text to all of the recipients with instructions on how to respond. It would be something like "I'm having a b-day party at my house. 3:00-6:00 at 52 blah blah road. 'reply the number of people followed by y for yes, n for no, or m for maybe. ex. 3y 2n' " Then the results would be replied back to the website where it would compile a list of who and how many could and could not go to the event. Since sending the texts would cost some money it would have to be made up by advertising space as well as limiting the amount of invites allowed to be sent by the free users. Members benefits could include increased invites per month, more recipient groups allowed to be made, and a feature where you could text your website number from your cell phone and it would update you with how many people could and could not go. Since I'm only 16, I would not know how to create this site or be able to spread the word very well, so I would just like feedback on the idea for now. Please tell me what you think about the idea, and if you think its stupid be honest and tell me. Thanks :) And if you take my idea and start making money off of it, I will press charges. I emailed this to myself to sort of "copyright" it and this forum topic will not be edited ever so this will prove it's my idea as well. So please don't steal my idea.

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Quick easy Toys? Answered

Anybody know some quick easy toys to make? Simple, with fairly cheap materials?

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Quick pronunciation question

Just wondering how you guys pronounce asperger's i've heard it as asperger's pronounced like hamburgers and aspergers pronounced like which do you choose?

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Quick SMD question

I am just getting into SMD work for PCB's & I was curious when I am using the electric skillet method for solder reflow does the PCB have to sit on the skillet itself or can it slowly pass over & the heat that is coming up from the skillet still cause the solder to flow like it would sitting on top.

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Quick Transistor question?

I am using pnp transistors as switches. I finally got a working prototype!!!Anyway my prototype motor runs at .18A and the real motors I want to run are 3.3ACan these PNP's handle that? can you tell me how to figure that out so I'm not always asking simple questions?Thanks!

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Quick LED Question

Hello, as you can probably see, I am new to this site.  I came here primarily for technical assistance for some of my endeavors, and this was the first I had in mind. So, I evidently like Portal, and I would like to create a GLaDOS costume (regardless of gender-- she beats all other villains in my book).  I would like to implement LEDs into the costume for the optic.  It has been quite a while since I last used a soldering iron, and it certainly wasn't for something of this caliber, and I wanted to know a) primarily, can LEDs be soldered into a series circuit, b) can this procedure be done so that it poses no harm when I put on the helmet, and c) is there anything else I should know? Either a direct response here or a link to an Instructable will suffice, and I thank you greatly for any help, as I truly appreciate it.

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A question of quick-release plates? Answered

Do they make quick release plates for tripods that do not have them? such as a screw-on plate that goes on a 1/4in tripod mount and has a quick release section on top of that with another 1/4 in mount? Thx

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Quick Ibles Chat Access

This isn't really an Instructable as much as it is a quick way to access Ibles chat. Open the file below. Save the file (file>save). You can now take chat wherever and all you have to do is open this HTML file. You'll have to click allow block activeX content. That simple!

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quick release tripod plates

So for a few years now i've been using a small speaker setup strapped onto the tail of a longboard skateboard to provide music at skate meets and fun bike rides etc, and it's worked well enough, however at 13kg on the highest point of the board it has a tendancy to flop into corners and mess with the handling. Recently the amplifier broke so i want to use this opportunity to redesign the whole setup... for a start im hoping to reduce the weight by about 5kg i found this video ( on youtube of a skateboard sidecar for a child which i intend to modify for the speakers but i don't want it permanently attached to my board, would 1 or 2 quick release tripod plates have the strength to keep the mechanism attached to the board until i wished to remove it? i know you can get plates to support some particularly heavy cameras so would there be one that would be up to my task?

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What are your Quick links?

What quick links do you have? its the links at the top that give you faster access to the features you go to the most. Mine are: inbox, comments, favorites, published, unpublished so what are yours?

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Quick Release Piston Blowback?

I have put a great deal of money into constructing a 6" air launcher, but to my dismay things didn't quite go as planned with the valve design.  I have attached a picture below of the valve's design.  The idea is that when the air is released from behind the piston, the piston should move back allowing air to exit through the 5" pipe.  The valve successfully holds pressure, but fails to fly back and I believe this is a result of the piston and barrel it is up against being equal in size.  I wouldn't have designed this in this way, but the large schedule 80 pvc tee only allows 1/4 inch around the sides of the piston at best.  I am curious if anyone has any ideas to make this piston valve work, I really don't want to pay 200 dollars to get a butterfly valve on it and would greatly appreciate any ideas that may make this work.  I promise videos of the beast once I get it up and running.  Launching 6" objects using up to 80psi will be a blast, literally if I ever get crazy enough to bring it up that high.  

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ice dam quick fix ?

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How to earn a quick Buck!?!?!?!?!?!?

I having money trouble and i need to know how i can earn a quick buck?!?!?!?

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Flashing LEDs - Quick Question

Just Curious - does programming led lights to flash cause their lifespan do be shortened?

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Quick question about relays?

Hey everyone, just a quick question here. I need a relay that will operate on 12V DC or less that can withstand 120V AC @ 2A (US sockets are 2A correct?). Would this work? Or am I oversimplifying everything?;=1#tabsetBasic

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Two quick questions EASY!

Ok, I can't think of the name of these, they are like a rope but it is clear and it has LED lights in it...AND How much would PlexiGlass cost for a table that is 20x10x20 and a drawer that is 16x20x7

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Quick coilgun Capacitor question

Im using chargers to rank 330V or even 370V. Heres my options. 400V 330uF Capacitor 450V 150uF Capacitor Im guessing the 330uF, But what's better for a coilgun? (using 4 of them in parallel, yet buying 10.)

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Quick question about turrets

I planning on maybe building a turret gun and I was just wondering if the White rod mini pins on the tr-8 are essential for good ranges from a turret, as, if it is viable, I would quite like to build a turret without the mini pins. thanks, I.E.

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Quick cantenna question / idea

I've built a few cantenna's in the last few days and I've finally got one I'm really happy with, now I was wondering as radiowaves can't "see" holes that are significantly smaller than there wavelength (or so i understand) is there anything to stop me drilling say a 1/4" hole in the back, and making a sort of string cross-hairs on the front and sighting through the cantenna?

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Quick Question about Batteries

I'm sure this is a really simple question, but I'm still new to all this electricity stuff. If I had two D batteries in a battery pack formation, so I'm drawing current from both of them, if the wire coming off the positive doesn't connect to anything else, and neither does the negative, will the batteries drain faster than they would if they were just sitting there? Here's a (cruddy) diagram.

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Quick and cheap disposable receivers?

I want to make a lot of them for very cheap.. i want them to be small and simple and im not worried about security or anything between transmitter and receiver just want to make it able to work from about 100 feet or less.. They only need to be a one-channel momentary type.  i also want to be able to use different transmitters (*not worried about size of transmitter, but i want it to be portable*) to control them.. basically i want a bunch of clones of receivers.  Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.. PS: I CAN solder

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Quick Question on Wireless Transmitters

Hi folks,  So I am in the process of getting an electrical device made (a people counter) and I would like to know what you think the best way of transferring the count data from the device (that will be in the doorway) back to our online dashboard is? Do I just need to integrate a wireless transmitter into the device which can then be added/paired to the network by the venue owner/manager? Or perhaps I also need to provide a wireless receiver that plugs into the wall?  Once the data has gone from the device to the venue wireless, how does it then get back to our servers and into the venue online dashboard?  Thanks! Jon 

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quick question about dating

Anyways I ran into one of my highschool friends on myspace. We dated once in college, we both went to two different schools, (6 years ago) and pretty much went our separate ways. Anyways i asked her out on a date to the movies on 13 FEB and she said sure. My question is I can get chocolate real cheep from work (at cost) should I give her a box of chocolate or will that be too romantic. Valentines day is on the 14th and I dont want to be too romantic, incase she turned into a psycho. What would be an appropriate gift (if any) to give someone that you havent seen in 6 years.?

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Quick camera charger question

Before I get started, I've been always posting in this forum section. This is the right section to ask questions right....? I got a camera charger. I want to cut it so it charges A LOT faster (easily proven true) Now. Here's te problem. Most tutorials, show a diode on the board. They say "keep the diode on!" Well, I got 3 circuits. All the same. The problem: The diodes, are on the opposite side of the board. If i cut it like most tutorials say, ill be cutting the diodes off. Maybe other important links. Any suggestions? I thought there was a way to do something similar like this, without cutting the board... Yet still charge fast. Like something doing with bridging a part?

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3 quick LED and Resistor questions?

What happens if I use a stronger Resistor than I need? What happens if I use a 1/4 instead of a 1/8 if tells me to use 1/8? I will try to make a connection of 100 LEDs. I want to be able to fade the strenth in them all, will this one work:;=220947444146 ?

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Fix "Quick Links" on profile pages?

I noticed that the "Quick Links" on our profile pages (to inbox, following and image library) over lap the little grey icon images (now that the website has changed). It's not a really "big issue" or anything, but its something that could get fixed. ;) see image.

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Quick please Wifi Antenna Info

 Will someone  please tell me what is the best Uh...easiest ...Uh and cheapest  wireless wifi antenna I can make? And what kind of cables do I need (thier names) and where can I buy them the cheapest? I'm desperate and confused please help? The best and fastest answer will get a patch no problem. Thank You

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I need .inf help, and quick!? Answered

OK, so im putting a bunch of songs on a flash drive, i need to know how to make an .inf file to play all of the songs ( open Wmplayer and add all the songs to the playlist basically..) i think this is possible, HALP! p.s. i wrote this at 3 in the morning (my time) so if you need more clarification im sorry, but i will try to help you help me (?)

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quick / cheap fix for parquet floor ?

Hello all, The plastik-ish thing that covers my parquet floor is peeling off. Is there a cheap and easy way to repair that? It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to look decent. Some spray perhaps? Something safe for a baby too. Some liquid that you apply with a mop? I've been "googling" but of course all that comes up is advertisement and PR. Even the DIY advices are like "you need to sand and you need to rent this machine ..." Simpler is better. Thanks! J.

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quick question about LED brightness?

How bright is a 3500 mcd LED? I was planning on using 4 3500 mcd LEDs for a bicycle brake light project, but now I'm thinking that it might not be bright enough. Being as this is my first LED project, I'm not too sure how bright 3500 mcd is relative to others. I'd imagine it would be sufficient, but after lighting one with a 1.5 volt battery, I was kinda disappointed.If there is a mcd rating that is better for this application please sharethanks for your input

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I have a REALLY quick question!

 I have one of these Air Rebound remote control cars, they are LOTS of fun, but  I haven't played it for a long time as the battery is degrading, and it only ever seems to last 30-40 minutes, even when the battery was new. I've just taken it apart and among some simple cleaning and putting a longer antenna wire in (the old one cleverly traveled along the frame and around the inside of the right wheel hub, but I'm sure the longer wire I just attached will help GREATLY. I have this REALLY quick question though and I want to know before I put it back together. Each motor (theres two) has a small ceramic resistor soldered between the + and - leads on the motor, on both of them. The only purpose I can figure this would serve is to LIMIT the speed/power of the motor, and waste battery power? But before I do something stupid I really want to know if there is a GOOD reason for why they put them there.

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Quick (And stupid) gear motor question Answered

So here is my situation, i plan on building ( and i was about to order all the parts and i wondered, why there are so many types of gear motors! my current understanding is the higher "1st" digit (ex 1000:1)means the motor is more accurate and precise and slow. So does that mean one with a low number first (ex 10:1) would be faster? please tell me if i am wrong. So i would like a FAST gear motor for my robot, could anyone post me a link to a good fast gear motor. Much appreciated!!!

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Quick lever-action rifle question.

Right, so my current project is a lever action rifle that is ACTUALLY a lever action. I've seen a few off-spins, like knex mad's and RMConstruction's, but none of them used the lever to pull a round from a magazine and load it into the chamber. I plan on using this system, and was wondering if you guys would find it to be worth it if the rifle fired a simple round made of a grey clip connected to an orange flat connector with a green rod as opposed to using shells, because the shell mag I created was so frustrating in its connections and stiffness that I scrapped it. the lifting mech was also just absurd, so the pictures are of me manually loading it to show the idea. I included a couple pics of the shell mag as I destroyed it, just in case someone can use the idea and do a better job. Any input would be much appreciated! Oh, and the lever will pull back the ram as well, so all it would take is one swing of the lever, and you fire, then repeat.

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Greasemonkey Script: Quick Contest Voting!

For those who are having trouble voting for contests because of the sheer number of entries, I've written this little guy to aid you in your sacred duty. First, you'll need to:Install ScriptThen, head on over to a [/contest/bookcontest/?show=ENTRIES&sort;=RATING page like this], and you'll see 40 entries with a separator half-way down. This shows the script is working. It will *not* work on any page other than page 1. To use it, start rating! After you've rated the first 20 and hit the "barrier", press the button and start rating the bottom set. By the time that you've finished those, the top set will have finished loading. (Don't forget to press the button again!) Overall, this will save hours* waiting for the page to load.So, what are you waiting for? Install ScriptNote: This script is pretty much in an "alpha" stage. Sorry if it leaks or causes terrible hurricanes to come and devour your toes mm... tasty. Also, I'm just throwing this forum post up to make the script public, I'll revise it with a bit more instruction once I'm not so tired. ;-)

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Varistor gets hot quick,why?

I bought a beefy 30A 250V relay,in order to protect components,by the way the wall socket in my area is 220v.i used two 10D271K varistors,one conneted to relay's core.another connected to relay's contact.i burned the one in connection with core of relay.i didn't realised the problem at first until i replaced another 10K271k.this time i touched the parts after i plugged it in.i could locate the problem because i finger told me the varasitor connected to core gets very hot.then i realised i should replace 12D271k with a bigger value.but i don't know which one is OK.maybe 10D471K.the databook shows 10D471K withstand 470V spike.has anybody experienced the same problem?

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Is there a tutorial for a piston valve or a quick exhaust valve? Answered

 Does anybody have or know a tutorial to make a piston or quick exhaust valve for a pneumatic device

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I need a quick and easy DIY wallet.

I need a DIY wallet that is jeans pocket sized, only holds cards and cash (ID, bus fare, $5 bill etc.) and is NOT made from paper, card board or duct tape. I need it to be quick and cheap. It would also be nice if it didn't get stuck inside the pocket and become uncomfortable. Are there any redirects or Instructables that can help me?

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Anyone got any quick easy recipes?

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How can I get gold quick?

I want to be able to get gold fast. Help!!!

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Quick connect gas natural gas line

I need someone to show me how to make a gas line with a quick connect to the natural gas extension on my deck (comes out from under the crawlspace) to my BBQ. A ready made one is muy expensive!  Thanks!

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How to draw storyboards in a quick observation setting?

I'm looking for the techniques of drawing basic shapes to record objects and actions in a field setting. A simple storyboard with outline figures would be my end goal.

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what can I make with these materials? QUICK!!!! Answered

I need a fun project that i can make something with rubber bands, duct tape, paper, very little cardboard, and wood glue

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