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Quotes and Junk!!!!!!

What is your favorite quote. It does NOT have to be your own.

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Quote of the Week

Hi everybody! I will now be releasing a quote every week! this weeks quote: "Insurance, what Insurance? Oh you mean my shotgun?" logic boy

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Quotes in Text

Why do some quotation symbols in the text of an Instructable sometimes display as the "&quot" HTML tag? I'm using Mac OS X and the font is Arial.

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Quote of The Week

This weeks quote was used when a person said "in my opinion rock sucks"Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yours is just wrong.-logic boy

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Quote of The Week

Hey everyone! it's that time again Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason -logic boy

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Quote of the Week

This Weeks quote was thought up about two minutes before this was posted- Anyone can tell me what to do, It's getting me to do it thats the hard part. -logic boy

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Quote of The Week

As well as being on Instructables my quote of the week can also be found here as well as alot more awsome stuff When life gives you lemons, just be thankful you actually got something -logic boy

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Quote of the Week

Its that time again! please leave a comment this week (last week's=PHAIL) Murphy is a jerk. -logic boy what do you think it means?

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Quote of The week

Well its monday so that means I can post annother quote, this week I am posting two: Life is much easier when you dont give a damn. Everything is possible, the Impossible just takes longer. -logic boy

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Favorite Quotes.

What are your favorite sayings? Mine are: "One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like." - George Carlin. "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain. "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor." - Steven Wright. "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain. And last but not least, "Tomorrow's another big day!" - Calvin's mom. Comment with your own!

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Favorite quotes of life.

Nuff Said.

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Cool Quotes Game

Here's what you do: post a random quote from absolutely anything, but do not say where its from. See if anyone else knows where it is from. If you see a quote that you know, tell whoever posted it!  Try these: "Do thou amend thy face, and I'll amend my life"                    "Fool, you know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon!"                     "The maple- kind, ya."                     "That was nothing like the ride at Disney World!"                     "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do best isn't very nice,"

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Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes

Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes! If you are an "Annoying Orange" fan join my group!

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Avatar the last airbender quotes

The first forum topic for te avatar group. here you post quotes from the show that you thought were funny or jsut plain weird! PLease post who said it and what episode it was in! Have fun! I'm up first! Book earth The desert Sokka: "IT'S A GIANT... MUSHROOM!!..... MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!!!!  

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Combichrist Shrunken Heads quote.

Does anyone know where the quote from the Combichrist song Shrunken Heads For All Occasions comes from? If you haven't heard the song, there is a voice saying "Now, shrunken heads for all occasions, collect 'em, swap 'em, give 'em to your witchdoctor friends". I've tried searching for it, but with no luck whatsoever.

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How to put quote on wall

My sister would like to put a quote on her kitchen wall.  I have thought of stencil/paint, but having not done that before, not sure how kindergarten that would look.  Seems I read something one time about printing with computer onto overhead transparencies, then using that to transfer.  But, I cannot remember where I read that, how you actually do the transfer (rub?), and how it is "sealed" after the transfer.  Any suggestions would be wonderful, thanks!  Also, would some processes not work well for a room which may be humid?

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Where can I get Shawarma in the Gila Valley?

Possibly one of my favorite Middle Eastern foods is Shawarma, but I don't know where I can get it in Arizona, particularly in the gila valley. Does anyone know of any restaurant in the Gila valley that serves shawarma?

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What is this?

Does anybody know what the object in this photo is?  The thing was in a box of stuff I got at an auction and neither myself or several friends know what it is for. It is 6" long and made of metal (I think it is brass) and is kind of heavy in my hand. The tip on the smaller end of it unscrews at the narrowest point and reveals a hollow shaft. Thx for your input!

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i want to make a text compression programm on c ++? Answered

. m new to programming can someone help.plz make it simple? i have searched it over the net .mostly people were using huffman compression is there any other way ? if not can someone give me the code of huffmann's compression what if i want to modify it for  images etc.

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how to reduce the ac voltage? from a mix signal?

Suppose that there is a mix signal (with 60vdc+110vrms). now i want to completely block the dc component (OBVIOUSLY I NEED A CAPACITOR BUT)what should be the specifications* of the capacitor. and if i want to reduce the the dc component to 15v then what should be the specification of the capacitor. ALSO            i need the complete calculation/procedure required to find each of the value of the capacitor. *by specification i mean 1- capacitance 2- voltage rating 3- type (ceramic/electrolytic etc)

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How to replace batteries by an adapter for a photographical flash ?

Batteries in flashes are good for a one time flash but they are exhausted very quickly and it takes a long load time between two flashes. For stacking photography this is "nefast" Is there a possibility to make working flashes with an extern current provider or adapter? I work with several different flashes (Olympus TR 32 (2X), Olympus FL36R(1X), Metz 45 CT-1(1X) and Cactus AF 50 (3X). As you can see working with batteries is expensive and not ideal. Is there somebody with ideas about? Thanks

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Pro Membership Giveaway

Hey Instructables-Users, Thanks to my last two halloween projects Noizy Santa Mummy and Spooky Toilet that were featured I got two 3-Month-Pro-Memberships. Well Thanks Instructables-Team! I actual have Pro-Memberships for the next 2 years, so I can give them away to any non-pro-member. If you like a free Pro-Membership just post a comment with a link to your last Instructable. The best (in my opinion) two Instructables will get a 3-Month-Pro-Membership-Code. Only non pro-members will get it! Post your comment until october 28th. Thanks again to the Instructable-Team to feature my projects and to the community for many awesome projects! Mischka And the winners are: ElvenChild and newwarhammer2! You will get a Pro Membership Code via PM. Thanks for joining the fun!

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How would a stronger magnet impact the performance of a speaker, and what impacts the overall quality of a speaker? Answered

Okay, so I had decided to build a sub-woofer for a speech topic for school, and I was wondering what it was that made speakers, or sub-woofers so loud an efficient. Granted, I know mine is far from great, while being made from ply-wood, duct-tape, and everything, but why is it that professionally manufactured speakers are so loud by them-selves with minimal power? I am using the circuits from my Logitech X-240 system, and the sub-woofer is always way louder than that of my home-made speaekr, with a significantly smaller ceramic magnet, it seems. Is it the geometry of the speaker itself, or what? What do manufacturers do in construction which improves the sound, or quality of speakers, and would using a neodymium magnet be better than using ceramic magnets? Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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Do i need to regulate the amps when wiring something into my car accessories plug?

Hello! Excuse my ignorance if this is obvious, just like to be sure (and hopefully learn something!) I have a universal battery charger that came with an adapter to use it with car accessory plugs. That was lost long ago... I thought i would try to make a new one. I have soldered a plug that fits into the car ciggarete lighter on one end of wire, and a plug that fits into the universal battery charger on the other end. But now i wanted to make sure i don't blow up my battery charger by trying to use it :) The bottom of the battery charger says "input:   DC 12V    1 Amp". The real question is, how do i control how much amperage is going into the circuit? Or will the universal battery charger just 'pull' as many amps as it needs? I put my multi metre in the end of the cable for the universal battery charger that plugs into the wall, and it read 2.3 amps or so. When i pocked it in the ends of the cord i wired for the car, it was reading around 9.5. Don't know if i'm doing that right any way, all help an knowledge appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Converting Sub Woofer amp to guitar amp?

I have a powered sub-woofer that had a blown speaker and being that I spent the money to get a better one I thought that converting the old sub woofer amp to use for my guitar would be a good idea. I already have something to practice with but making something that can be used for gigs would be great. However, I'm not an avid or experienced electronic wizard and will need the help to complete this project. Here is the info I have on the amp itself; OUTPUT POWER                          50W (4 ohms,DIN) THD                                                  10% @ 55Hz Reproduction Freq. Response   45Hz - 150Hz Phase Switch                                  0, 180 degrees Input Sensitivity (Sub In)                460 mVrms AC Power                                         120V/60Hz            Power Consumption                     70W (at 1/8 rated power) Standby Power Consumption     <6W What I do know that I need is a 1/4" mono plug jack and being that the input for the woofer is mono putting that in shouldn't be a problem. I'm mostly concerned about the frequencies that the amp will handle for playing a guitar and speaker recommendations. Plus any other opinions will be appreciated. I am expecting this to be a clean sounding amp and as it sits will only provide volume. An EQ is planned to be used after this amp is put together and then eventually an overdrive. I'm planning on connecting 2 50W speakers and wondering if I should hook them up in serial or parallel. With the help of my fellow instructabl-ians I will be able to post my 1st submission.

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Nook simple reader not displaying .epub files from itunes

Hello, I got a nook Simple reader and I am putting .epub files from itunes into my nook's "books" folder in the files. When opening the files, it will go to the first page, then when trying to go to the next, it just hangs at the first page. pretty much the book is unreadable.

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KNEX Bullet Lock - Design Help?

I am trying to design a bullet lock for my new gun, but I am having trouble The original 3 prototypes miserably failed and I need help. I don't want to lose range or power by adding one... Here Are some Pics. Note the fact that it is Dual-Barreled.

Question by jszaday  

How to convert a 2G sims operating device to a 4G?

I have 2 GSM 2G Sims card  listening devices which is not capable to work on 3g or 4g network.. Since cell phone companies now require a 4g sims card and the listening devices have not advance to work on the 3G or 4G network, I need to convert my device to work on a gsm/wcdma.  The problem is that I don't have an older sims card.  AT&T; and T-Model are stating I have to get their 4G sims.  And I can't find a cell phone company still operating on Edge (2g ).  Can anyone help? Here's a link to show the 2 devices:;=item45fabd12c8;=item45fdc07489     Thank you

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We need to alter our chicken house gate to allow chickens to pass through but not wild birds. Answered

We have covered the whole structure with bird-netting to keep wild birds out of the chickens' food, with some of it draped over the gate opening to within about 30cm of the ground.  We need to be able to get in and out of the full-height gate easily ourselves, as well as allowing the chickens to go in and out freely.  The trick is how to do that without allowing wild birds to also pass through. I thought of leaving the netting draped over most of the open gateway (we shut the inwards opening door only at night time) and then having a smaller gate at the bottom that the chickens can push through at the bottom 30cm, perhaps made of a cafe-blind cut into strips and fixed to a rod attached across the lower part of the gate. Alternatively, we could cut out some of the lowest horizontal bars of the gate and replace them with a lockable flap, hinged at the top. Any ideas of what the flap could be made of that the chickens would be able to freely pass through and wouldn't be frightened of?  I made a doggy door in another gate out of the lid of a plastic storage container but the chickens don't go through this (and I don't want them to learn how). I would appreciate any suggestions. Cheers, Mandy

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Any idea on how to make a camera kind of &quot;eye&quot; for arduino?

Any idea on how to make a camera kind of "eye" for arduino? And NO, I don't want to connect Arduino to a PC nor a laptop. Well, not a actually camera since: 1. no way arduino can process video stream. 2. all I need is a way for arduino to know if anything in front of it (about 90~120 degree field, around 3m distance) has moved or changed, and know where the change is in term of a simple x&y; coordinate. So instead of camera view, its more like a radar kind of view I need (the thing we see on movie that have submarine ) All I can think of is to use a huge amount of IR range finder(which only have 1.5m distance :\  ) or Ultrasonic range finder(which can't focus to one point :\  ), and arrange them so they a point outward from the same center (kinda like how old time TV work), so each range finder work like a pixel on the screen for arduino. (I don't need to display it, I just need Arduino to know where the change of environment is) So anyone have a better idea or better device suggestion than what I have? Even something that can only detect 1 axle will be better than the range finder solution. Thanks~ ===================================Update 1================================= While searching for new sensor other than the one I mentioned, I came across this>>> According to the seller: "Camera sensor generates image data which is then processed real-timely by control board and displayed on the screen.", Atmega 32 have the power to process video in real-time? So is it possible to use arduino to process image data?  I mean by adding some filter to the image, filter out anything other than the moving part, and find the position of the moving object.  Is that even possible with the power of Arduino? However with the price of that shield, I can just buy an old Google G1 phone to connect to Arduino and use Android camera to capture the video, process the image data, and send the movement's coordinate to arduino. Just want to find something simpler than adding a extra "brain" (Android) that I need to learn how to program xp.

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Teaching Middle School Through Instructables

I am a junior high math and shop/technology teacher. For years I have been wanting to develop a math program that uses as much hands on as possible.  Like all teachers, I have developed a few projects, but just don't have the time to develop all the activities needed to cover an entire curriculum. I would love to correspond/collaborate with others (including non teachers). Email me directly if you are interested.

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Add simple tone control problem Answered

Hello , i have a problem when im making my portable amp.I use the little MK2 schematic , but i want to add a simple tone control , then i place the tone control between buffer output and power amp.But the problem is noise.When i turn down all knobs (treble,mid,bass) the noise decrease but still noticeable.When i turn up the Treble knoble the noise is very loud .I dont know why and how to fix it.Please help! Thanks very much ! sorry for my bad English.

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Nerf value/ quote modified raider,?

Ok so this raider has had the orangemodworks stage one kit installed, obviously iv removed the air restricter the barrel has been replaced with a smoother double length copper one, and iv sealed the breach, as well as the paint job, just wandering if anyone can tell me how much it's worth?

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H-Bridge Minimum Voltage That Can Be Switched

I am making a circuit that can switch the polarity of the output of my voltage supply at the timed intervals using a microcontroller. I am using a circuit similar to the one at this link: It works, but not at when the power supply outputs below about 3 volts.  Is there any way I can modify this circuit so that it switches the polarity all the way down to 0 volts?

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Instructable disguised as a product advertisement? Answered

All the steps explain how to use the product after purchase... I may be wrong, but, why is that even allowed here? It was also featured in the last Instructables Email that I got.... I just don't get it. Here's the instructable Additional Note: It seems that almost (if not) all, the ibles by that author are showing how to use the same "product" in another way. Doesn't that just open the door to every marketing department out there to get free product advertising??? (Seriously, think about all the ible's with Fitz's giving yet another use for the smart chop...) 

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What do you love about Instructables?

I am a huge fan of Instructables and am curious why other people enjoy it so much. I believe it is important to tell others, how their hard work has been appreciated. Most of the time we tell people what we don't like about something. I have been a member of other sites like utube and blogs but I have stuck with Instructables because it has offered me an outlet to share what I make and connect with others. I like the fact that if we publish a good Instructable we get featured and that is a great way to get exposure. Their contest can be challenging as well as fun. I believe they try very hard to listen to their readers and authors. It is not just the Instructables team that make this such a great place but our readers are important as well. I have found most of the people here are kind and respectful. Please share your positive comments with me about why you love Instructables. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Sunshiine   

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How can I stop Windows/WMP from messing with my MP3 metadata?

I generally set the ID3 metadata manually (in Windows Explorer Properties or when encoding in Audacity). Then I go to play it back a day later, and something has messed with it without asking me... It'll change from the original album name to some greatest hits anthology, or make up some band name, then tell me a Lennon song was recorded in 1994. Kind of annoying when I'm trying to organize my library. I originally thought it was Windows Media Player, but it happens even when I've never opened WMP. Seems to happen on both XP and Win7, but more often in Win7, though it's hard to tell because I move files between the two so often. Are there any options I can disable that I don't know about? All I can find online is people who somehow want this to happen, or want to strip the ID3 entirely.

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How would I go about building an amp with a variety of (specific) inputs and different types of outputs (connections)?

Okay, so I would like to build an amplifier or something that powers several speakers, as a stereo. I would like to be able to have several inputs such as RCA, 3.5mm or 1/4in headphone jacks, perhaps HDMI if possible, coaxial, SPDIF, and perhaps some banana plugs for audio experiments or something like that. I am not sure of what type of driver would be necessary to power a sub-woofer separately, or how to integrate that into such a system. I have noticed that for 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound systems they have specific out puts for different speakers in assorted locations, and I do not know if they have different frequencies, or only part of the sound. How would I create that? I suppose if necessary I would build it from schematics, but I would like to avoid creating several circuits on separate power inputs. Also how does the ohm rating of speakers affect the output? Any help is greatly appreciated, and I am sorry if I come across as un-knowledgeable.

Question by XP1  

Whats your favorite Star wars Quote

Now some famous qotes that hundreds of people know are from the Star Wars Saga, like "You underestimate the power of the Dark Side" and "Size matters not" and more. My Favorite is probably the most famous Star Wars quote of them all, "No Luke, I am your father", its also a famous plot twist, so whats your favorite Star Wars quote?

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How do I quote formatting characters?

If I want text in an instructable to include characters that normally cause wiki formating magic to happen, how do I quote them ? For instance, if I want to enclose some text in square brackets:[my text](that was done with "preformatted" text. which changes the font and does a "block" at a time. Not what I want!)(couldn't find this in other pages about wiki formatting, either.)

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How to control LED strips with 30W LED?

I have several 12V RGB LED strips that I want to mimic a 30W RGB LED. The remote controlled driver outputs 24-32V to the high power LED. Can I just use a transistor/MOSFET? An drawing and product numbers would be cool, or even better a brief explaination of calculations for transistors/mosfets and the associated resistors so I don't have to bother the community with this seemingly simple question.  Would it be possible to use a simple voltage divider to lower the 32V signal to 12V or less to connect to the base of a transistor?

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Can someone share with me a schematic to multiply a dc source? That produces, obviously a higher, output. Answered

I have a bug zapping raquet and i would like to increase the voltage to create bigger spark gaps. Portability is key. Output in AC or DC doesnt matter to me, but I guess AC would get better arcs.

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How can I trigger an LED sign to turn on when an object is tossed into a bucket? Answered

I am designing a bucket with a small LED sign on it, and I want the sign to light up when people successfully hit a target in the back of the bucket. Everything has to run on battery power, and the entire product has to be mounted on a pole (which will be held in hand). I have considered motion sensors (Parallax PIR) and some sort of laser trip-wire (as one would find on a garage door system), but I am not sure how to implement either.  I have also looked into shock sensors, the kind used on some window and door security devices, however, I am not sure that the objects being thrown would be able to provide the shock needed (think toy cars, beaded necklaces and other small novelty toys). The sign will consist of up to 200 LEDS, and it would be nice to have it stay lit for a second or two before turning off again.

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Who said this? Answered

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go and do that, because what the world needs is people who are alive." This is one of the most profound quotes I've ever read.  I'd love to know who the author is. Any ideas?

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ideas what to do with quotes printed on frosted paper .. unfamiliar craft I need instruction as to what to do with them

I need ideas on what to do with wedding quotes printed on frosted paper. A craft I am unfailiar with but my neice is getting married and I picked these I need instruction as to what to do with them.....examples.......My heart is ever at your service....Shakespeare....   I just know there is a very elegant craft out there waiting for me ...thanks to all who reply

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You Might be an Instructabler if...

You might be an instructabler if you have a favourite brand of medical tape.

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Punctuation marks, substitution in text

I've noticed that when I put something in quotes, in a step instruction for example, the previewed and published text will have substitution of nonsense characters. I've noticed this on other instructibles by other authors, so it's not just mine. But, is this my computer, the browser (Firefox), or the Instructibles website programming? Has anyone else noticed this? Hope this helps.

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Request for Feature: Optional and nested quoting (a la e-mail, Usenet)

This probably would require substantial rewriting of the comment-handling software, but I might as well toss it out for discussion. Could the "Reply" feature for PM, topics, and I'bles comments have the ability to optionally do formatted quoting? I have in mind the classic Usenet and e-mail system: Joe L. User wrote: > Jane Newbie wrote: >> GodOfVMS wrote: >>> Why do we need lowercase commands? >> i like lowercase; it reminds me of e.e. cummings. What&apos;s a command? > CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME GET MY CAPS LOCK KEY UNSTUCK?????? Sure! On the front of your computer, find the button with a circle and line, (|). Press it.With long postings, or when you're replying to multiple comments someone has made, being able to interlace what they said with what you're writing can be very convenient.Some people (Kiteman especially) do this by hand, applying boldface or italic markup to distinguish the layers of markup. I try to do it in a more narrative way, e.g., On Sep 16, 2008, you wrote, "Some stupid newbie announcement." Did you really mean to say that, or were you doing a self-colonoscopy?I wonder if formatted quoting could be done automatically by the backend?

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