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the duality of RAM

     I feel like installing more RAM on my computer, for gaming and 3-d stuff. But I can't decide if I want 1024 mbs on a single stick, or two sticks with 512 mbs each.            Also, it would be nice two have 2 gbs instead of 1, but I've heard horror stories about instability. please discuss this as well.            Money isn't an issue (well, maybe.) I just want what will work best.       And please don't be afraid to go geek on me. thanks as always.

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Is this where the RAM is?

I'd like to try to upgrade the RAM in my desktop.  it was used when i bought it and frankly i feel like i'm really kicking bill gates and sergey brinn right in the balls when i make this thing last me another year or two.  so, i'd like to upgrade the ram.  I know relatively little about computer hardware, but thought i found where the RAM is.  On the pictures, i've put red arrows.  if i'm right, could you please confirm? additionally, if you could please explain to me what kind of RAM to buy and give any other tips you have, that'd be swell.  the computer has a Pentium4 3GHz chip and only 512 MB.  it is an older MPC ClientPro.   thanks instructablers.

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computer ram Answered

I have a laptop that has 1gb of ddr2 ram splitted in 2 512mb bars, would it be possible if i had another ddr2 bar of 1gb to replace only one of the 2 512mb bars to make a total of 1.5gb of ddr2 ram? the cpu is a intel celeron M running windows xp

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External RAM

I was thinking today about possible ways to make my pc better without adding internals. (I like external plug and play stuff). So anyway, I was thinking about my RAM and how to make it better. Then it hit me. What if I had external RAM? Possibly using 2 or more USB ports. Any Ideas? This would allow me to run large programs on any PC! Please collaborate.

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Ram not detected?

Ok, i recently removed some ram to check what kind it was. Then i put it back and turned pc on. It said memory was changed. I put the memoyr in right... I dont know what to do. I have a dell dimension 2400 with 4 sticks of DDR2 ram. Each being 512 MB.

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RAM upgrade Answered

Hi, I want to add this (samsung m471b5673fho-cf8) to my imac. I found it in a dead laptop and there is no sign of wear. Will it be okay to put in my imac?

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Installed RAM?

So i have a laptop that had 4GB but i got something from best buy that gave me 8 GB instead of 4 but i didnt get it (or its not showing up) but i needed it to give minecraft more memory but its not working... how do i allocate the memory to minecraft?? im working on WINDOWS 10

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Reusing RAM memory?

Hi everybody. I'm looking on the web if there is a way to reuse my old Ram memory. And I don't find anything.... As you know, each time we change for a new computer, we have to change the Ram to match the CPU and motherboard. And I'm stuck with a lot of useless Ram, life warranted for most :) So is it possible, to reuse the chips or add usb plug or something to use it as a external usb key? I'm understand, it could be not easy but ... I 'm curious. :) Thank you. 

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iMac Ram maximum? Answered

This is an interesting question about my mac (its a MA710LL).  Currently, I have 2 and 1/2 gigs of ram in it, but supposedly this model can only handle 2 gigs.  It has the appearance that it is only using 2 of the 2 1/2 gigs, and that it can "sense" that there is some more, but is there a way to make it use the other 1/2?  Thanks in advance.

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Copmuter Ram for Windows

Ok. me and a friend are building several computers and i want to know what is better when adding ram. since one of the mobos im focusing on now has 4 slots and a maximum of 4GB DDR2 Dual channel, what would be better: having 2x sticks each 2GB worth or having 4x sticks 1GB worth cause im not sure if it will amke the PC faster if i had 4 ram cards in so it distributes the data. anyone have an idea if its better with 2x 2GB or 4x 1GB cards?

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Dual-Channel RAM? Answered

I have a Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 Motherboard and an i5-760 CPU. I have been using 4x1GB DDR3-10600 modules, and then recently bought 2x4GB DDR3-10600 modules hoping to get 10GB, however, I can't seem to get it to work. All the modules are in working order and work individually. I currently just have a single 4GB module in. If I insert more, I either get a constant bios speaker tone indicating RAM error, or it will post successfully, but Windows will bluescreen. I have looked in the booklet and it is unclear as to how I should install the modules, but I thought I had to install them in matched pairs corresponding to the coloured slots on the motherboard. I have tried the 4GB modules in the white slots and the 1GB modules in the blue slots, but it won't post. Putting the two 4GB modules in a white and blue slot will post fine, but BSOD on startup. Any idea how I can get this configuration to work with my board? My CPU and board both support dual-channel DDR3 memory, so I can't see the problem here.

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disk rom to ram Answered

Hello, I know it is illegal to rip a disk, but when a disk is processed, and it is decrypted, and put onto ram. So, how is that any different from using cleanrip, and having it stored to a ram disk (not harddrive). It is rom to ram action just like a console.

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Photoshop not using all RAM?

G'day, Photoshop CS5 is only using 1.5gb RAM out of 4gb, does anyone know how to get it to use all of the RAM? Thanks I am using windows 7 ultimate 32bit

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RAM error cause / fix

I've started getting system service exceptions, and have linked the cause to the RAM, which has shown around 10 errors when tested, mainly that certain pairs do not store data accurately, on at least one of the sticks. I need to ascertain the cause of these errors to see if the warranty covers it. Would it be possible to get or write a program to keep writing to the defective locations, to prevent important applications using the space?

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What are the specs on this ancient RAM?

 I would like to replace the two 64 MB modules in an ancient computer with two 256MB modules. Unfortunately, Linux was unable to report a manufacturer or model for the motherboard (only that it has a 950Mhz Duron and mostly SiS onboard components.) Even that report is suspect, as it said there are four memory slots when in fact there are two. So, take a look at this photo of three sticks of memory which worked successfully in the machine. What exactly are their specifications? Then, look at the specifications in this Ebay ad.  Is it fully compatible (assuming the computer can handle 512MB)? Update: Apparently the seller who I originally linked to is a scammer. I'll reference a more legit looking Ebay seller instead.

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How much RAM is on a stick?

I bought a $20 computer from the Salvation Army, and it is in working condition. However, I dont have a spare mouse, monitor, keyboard, or power cord for it. So I did like a normal nerd, and harvested it. I got all the internals(It was running a Pentium II on windows 98, so it's pretty old) including the RAM. It had 3 sticks-1 SIMM and 2 DIMMs. On the SIMM, it clealy said that it had 64MB. However, on the other two, it says nothing about size from what I can see. There is a label, if it means something, that says: MT16LSDT464AG-662C1      9807D      308210                      5000227 On the first label, and: MT16LSDT464AG-662C1 9808D 30821C                     5000227 On the second. I would really like to know how much is on these sticks, so I know if I should use them for myself, sell them, or just trash them. Thank you!

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Is it better to get one stick of 4GB RAM, or 2 sticks of 2GB RAM?

I'm buying new RAM for a motherboard that has 4 slots. I may want to expand in the future, so if I buy a 4GB stick, that means eventually I will be able to upgrade to 4x4 = 16 GB of RAM. Is this a good idea, or is it better to split the RAM into two 2GB sticks?

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how much ram does a palm zire 31 have? is this the ram chip? Answered

I know that i get 14mb for storing data, but what i want to know about is the actual physical ram, like in computers, that determines how well applications are run. i know it has a 200mhz ARM processor, but as far as physical ram memory i dont know if it has any at all. i have located a BGA chip that looks similar to those found on ram cards and video cards, and i have one that i pulled from a old laptop, which is 64mb. (it had a 256mb integrated video card) i think it might have 32mb, i had a application called UDMH that allocated more ram so yuo could run applications like LJP (a nintendo emulator) so, is this chip the ram chip?

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computer RAM upgrade stupid questions?

Well as it turns out, 8GB of RAM with Chrome and Kdenlive video editing software open at the same time causes Ubuntu to max out the RAM on my machine, and the machine will start to become very sluggish, eventually freezing for several minutes at a time with a high chance of never unfreezing. This used to be a very common issue that would occur with only google chrome open, due to a memory leak with my Gmail tabs. If I catch this sluggishness and eventually full system hang early enough, I can recover from it by entering CLI mode on ubuntu (alt+F1) and killing "chrome." After researching this problem a bit more, I created a swap file, since I do not have a SWAP partition, this helped delay the eventual unrecoverable system hang, but did not entirely fix the issue. I also tried different "swappiness" values, and also learned about this command "sudo sysctl -w vm.min_free_kbytes=400000" which supposedly forces a set amount of space to be unused in ubuntu. Looking at the system monitor this appears to do what it says, preventing a >95% RAM use, forcing swap to be used instead, and this was initially promising as it seemed to reduce the full system hangs, but created more small bugs, like freezing and stuttering wildly with buffered youtube videos, or playback in Kdenlive. A reboot seemed to have fixed that issue, but I'm not sure if those settings stuck around. ANYWAY; I guess there is no denying it, I simply do not have the RAM necessary for my workload anymore. I DO use intel HD integrated graphics, which uses the system RAM for graphics processing, so I wonder, will faster RAM allow slightly better graphics performance? My understanding is that GDDR is optimized for sheer bandwidth, not latency, while system DDRx RAM is optimized for latency. Does this mean my system will benefit more from high clock rate and high latency setting on a given RAM set, or is low clock and low latency RAM better? Most "gaming" orented builders seem to say RAM is not important other than esthetics and reliability. Also, is there a difference between buffered and unbuffered RAM?  Currently, the specs for my RAM are: Geil EVO Veloce GEV38GB1600C9DC 4GBx2 This RAM I got for "free" with my motherboard, and it seems to work with the following settings in the BIOS: . . .1600MHz @ 9-9-9-28 timings, 1.5V . . .1333MHz @ 9-9-9-24 timings, 1.5V . . .1800MHz @ 11-12-11-33 timings, 1.65V These are the fastest possible settings that will boot. Note, I was not too happy with the 1800MHz overclock, especially considering my computer was acting strange and crashed during an update, corrupting Ubuntu. I was able to repair the installation of some corrupted packages halfway installed. It did not seem to make any difference in some games on ubuntu, which is how I tested stability/speed. I have also had issues where while the BIOS system check passes, ubuntu puck errors all over me when I clocked at 1600MHz @ 9-9-9-24, even at 1.65V. There is really no overclocking this currently overpriced and mediocre RAM to any degree. The three settings above were the best settings I could get. The RAM I am currently looking at getting is:;=UTF8&qid;=1452056996&sr;=1-1&keywords;=BLS2K4G3D169DS1J It is the most affordable, and states that it is 4GBx2 of 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 RAM. I think I can underclock it to match the speed of the rest of my RAM and I think it should work well alongside. What do you guys think? I do not want to have to buy the $67 16GB if I can help it.

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Are there any working virtual ram app?

i want to download working virtual ram software , any link or name?

Question by ishan udyoga    |  last reply

Rcan someone help me choose my RAM ? Answered

Hy everyone! i'm currently buying my parts for my new computer and need help to choose my RAM. I have two final choices: they each have these specs in common: 32Gb ( 4x8Gb ) DDR3 unbuffered but differ by the frequency they have and the price. freq and prices: PC3-14900  1866MHz  for 565 euros and PC3-12800  1600Mhz  for 315 euros My build is quite high end and my mobo chipset is an X79 from intel. both of the ram above are from Corsair. I intend to mostly do gaming, 3d( with solid works- like programs) , video recording(for games) and video editing , and programing. memory id is CMT32GX3M4X1866C9 for the higest priced and                  CMP32GX3M4X1600C10 for the other one. Thanks for your responses. PS: my mobo specs tell me that it only accepts PC19200/17000/16000/15000/12800/10600 memory. Is PC14900 the same as PC 15000 or is it different? Thanks again everyone!

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Installing Ubuntu on a computer with 160mb of RAM

Hey guys I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a old computer to use as a temperature (the one that chr made) but since it has only got 160mb of RAM it freezes on the first screen for installation Anyother ways to install Ubuntu without it freezing?

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Ram pump without water spill? Answered

Hi guys. Love this site. This is my first Question in this forum so I hope someone will help me find a solution. I'm currently experimenting with aquaponics. I want to build my own indoor frindly system and been looking at all sorts of efficent ways to do this without using any external power. So I stumbbled upon the Ram Pump.  Now this is my problem. All Ram pumps seem to dispose a small portion of water to the enviorment. If i want to use this kind of pump inside, it cant do that witout some way to get that water back to the system in some kind of way.  Is their anyone that know of some kind of solution for this? It's not so great to have water all over the floor. Tnx in advance! Peace, Love and Aquaponics!

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I can use very little of my computer's ram

I have recently bought an expensive new ram card for my laptop. I bought it to add to what was on my laptop. But, I can only use the second card (since my laptop has two ram slots), even though the computer has recognized the new card, it won't let me use it. Here's what it says in system properties: Installed memory (RAM): 10.0 GB (1.74 GB usable) I just can't figure it out. I even looked to see if my computer had set a limit by going to the start menu, typing 'msconfig' and seeing if any limits were set, and I could not see any. UPDATE: I believe I need to check one of the ram slots because I switched the slots that the cards were in today and when I turned the computer back on the new ram card was able to be used but the old, smaller one was not. I think it is just needing to be cleaned/inspected. If that is the case, this question will be deleted. If not I will update it again if a new problem arises. Thanks for your help! 

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How do you use all of your ram?

I can't use all of my 4 gigs of ram.

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why cant i use all my ram?

So, I have just gotten my PC back after it shutted down and couldn't boot. Now i have another problem. I can't use all of my ram. It says i have 6 gb, but still i can only use 1,96. How can i fix that ? please respond fast.  

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MY RAM is not showing up ??Please help me?

Hello guys..I have Acer Laptop with 3 GB RAM . I want to Upgrade my RAM. So i open the back of my Laptop and Remove the 1 GB RAM and Put the 4 GB RAM. But when after that when i reboot my Laptop. It was only showing 2 GB RAM not the additional RAM that I connected. After that I remove the 4 GB RAM Slot and put back my 1 GB. then also again it was only showing the 2 GB..Nothing is working. ..Do i need to upgrade Bios ??

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I can't use all my ram whys that?

I have 16 gigs of ram and can only use 3 whys that? I have windows 8 32 bit build 9000 can anyone help

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where can i get a free ram download that is safe? Answered

My ram memory is low. i want to increase it safely.

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how game with requirement 64mb graphic card 500mb ram works with no card 4gb ram?

I want to know how game requirement changes with change in ram cpu etc. is there a perfect way to know how much of ram or cpu can take place of certain mb of graphics card if is please help me

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My GA-965P-DS3/S3 has a single 2Gig RAM stick fitted. Has this doubled the bus memory (the manual isn't clear).

What's behind this question is that I'm going to shift from keyboard to dictation for reasons of disability. I'm told I need a lot more memory (not quantified) for speech. The board's max is 4Gig. I don't use my 'writing machine' for internet, just for MS Word and playing my my CDs top a headset, sometimes both at the same time.

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I got tons of electronics from our school! What should I do with them?

I recently picked up a whole bunch of 128k ram chips from our school, along with some sticks of ram, a scanner, a dvd drive, two hard drives, and two CPU's, with possibly more on the way if I can manage to stay after school to make more trips.

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why wont my desktop accept this ram? Answered

i currently have some ram in my desktop that is 256mb and says ddr, 266MHz, cl2.5, ECC. my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8VT00 and i would like to upgrade the ram. i have 2 512mb ddr 400MHz ram modules but when i insert them the computer will either not boot properly or will boot and then restart after a couple of minutes. can someone please tell me who i could fix this. thanks

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Oven bake method on sodimm ram possible? Answered

I have done succesful oven bakes on xbox 360 board and graphic cards. Now i have a sodimm ddr 1gb ram which doesnt work. The laptop does not boot with this ram . I thought that maybe an oven bake would work. I do 8 minutes on 230 C for the xbox 360 and graphic card. Is that overkill for one little ram chip?  thanks in advance

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I need help identifying this "RAM" device... Answered

I always am working with computers, but I have never ever seen this before ever in my life. What is it? Obviously it isn't RAM, so what exactly is it? I feel stupid not knowing something about computers!

Question by Arbitror    |  last reply

Are DDR2 RAM chips compatible with DDR3 slots? Answered

There is this motherboard that I want that has DDR3 slots but I only have DDR2 RAM chips Can I put the DDR2 chips in the Motherboard?

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Windows XP Running with as little as 18MB or RAM

I managed to run Windows XP (stable) with as little as 18MB of RAM, Originally for my PSP to run.With Dosbox i can Allocate up to 16 MB of RAM, with a little tweaking i could get it to reach 18MB.But XP Can't run in DOSbox, But it Can Run in Bochs, It may be slow but hey, If i can Run Windows XP on my psp, It is still an accomplishment.Here are some screenshots of it Running is QEMU, On a PCSo what do you think, I am planning to port QEMU to the PSP so we can finally make this a reality, BOCHS only works in 1.50 Firmware, and i don't see a psp Slim with 1.50 and my PSP is a Slim and ...well you know.Well ThanksBe sure to comment(and rate, Just because it is neat seeing topics with a rating...) And tell me what you think!~ReCreateEdit: Now i uploaded a video!(or i am uploading a video...i have to remake it due to the stupid 10MB limit)

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What version of linux for a computer with 8mb of ram?

I have a old AST laptop with 8 mb of ram and would like to install linux on it for a digital photo frame. Any help is greatly appreciated. It currently has Windows dos 3.1.

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Run a hydraulic ram pump on no water drop? Answered

So I was wondering if you could run a hydraulic ram pump by digging down 3ft beside your well then pump water up about 50 feet at about a 40 degree incline. This way there would need to be no change in elevation between your ram pump and your well. Thanks!!

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How to make ram pump work inriver?

I need to use it in a river without a water fall and I don't know how to get rid of extra water which pump pumps out... Can pump maybe work in water?

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How can I increase the ram on my netbook computer?

I don't want to open it or add anything to it like a part but I need it to be faster . how can I do this!!!

Question by knex dude 2000    |  last reply

why does windows 7 32 bit show only 2.17 gb usable memory inspite of having 8 gb Ram?

System config'n- Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit 8gb of RAM intel i7 processor

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Should I worry about the lead (solder) content in old sticks of RAM that I want to sell as keychain charms?

I have a lot of old sticks of RAM (the ones that predate PC100). I have been cutting them in half on a band saw and then attaching keychain rings in the existing holes. I'd like to sell these as novelty items but wonder about the lead content in the solder. Toughts? Thanks, Okie

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My home pc runs really slow, & seems to have a lot of processes running. Would more RAM fix this (currently have 250mb)? Answered

It takes ages to load up even firefox when I first boot it up, and can't run more than one or two applications at the same time. I've tried just purging the system of all unnecessary programs, but other than that, I'm not too technical. Is it time I increased the RAM? It's a compaq presario running XP Home

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Computer from dump */Update/*

I recently found this beauty in the town dump. It just sat there begging my name so i took it home.After i got it home i popped it open and looked at it and realized a DVD-RW drive was missing as was an 80 gig hdd and all the RAM. i am no expert and am wondering if this is worthy of buying the Ram (if so where and what price what type?) or if i should scrap it for the components or sell the video card and such on ebay? Your opinions on the possibility of it working and anything else are greatly appreciated. The images below should help with judgment. */Update/* I just tried starting it up. No louck i triead a moniter with digital input and one with analogue input both came up blank. then i tried both without the drive connected (earlier the drive just spun continuesly) and still no luck the onlly things that showed it was alive is when the keyboard flashed its lights for a second when the computer was starting up (the Num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock), the fact that when connected the drive spun furiously and that the power light on the front turned on. I'm at the point of considering whether to scrap it and sell the components and use the various bnits and pieces for expierments and the likes or to continue to try to coax it to life.

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