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post utter randomness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Say something random

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How about a random button like wikipedia has? I think it would be fun to stumble around Instructables with a random button. If you guys already have this feature its hard to find.

Topic by mbryan-1    |  last reply

'Random' button

A random button would be awesome at the top of the page by the categories.  Press it and a random ible pops up  I think alot of people would use it, I know I would.

Topic by HighFlyingA380    |  last reply

The effects of randomness

I was looking for a picture of SF Cody, followed a couple of random links and discovered that I share my birthday with the man that invented 3D glasses and the shiny hologram on credit cards.Anyhoo...I wonder, has anybody else noticed higher traffic on their old Instructables? My guess is that the random search function is doing its job.

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Random Question

 Can you guys take a quick look at the instructions for my Intervention, M4, and F2000 and tell me which you like best?  They each have a different background, and I want to know which you guys prefer.  The Intervention is on hardwood, the M4 is on carpet, and the F2000 is on a rug.   Thanks

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Random button

Hey everybody! Have you tried the random button already? I suggest you do and replie here with which ible came first in line after clicking on RANDOM. I'll put the first 11 together in a guide. Who's in?

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Random Button

Instructables is in desperate need of a "Random Ible" button. I find that about 90% of the time that I've been browsing lately, I can never find something that is just intriguing. It would be useful to be able to click a button and be randomly sent to an Instructable on the database so I could find the interesting kinds of things that are hidden 10 pages in or more. It would be even better if there could be a classification with them that allows it to work like StumbleUpon, finding those projects that interest you based off of your taste. Am I the only one who wants such a button?

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Random instructable

Hello! I have an idea so  decided to share it with you. Would it be possible to make som kind of randomazier for different instructables? For example: I want to cook something, but I don't know what so I surf in on Instructables and can't decide what I want. So I just press the randomizer and the site finds something for me. Something like StumbleUpon. Of course you should be able to use categories, keywords etc. so you don't get the Portal Gun instructable when you want a bread recipe. Time to brainstorm!

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It is just me or does it look like the random sort option has been removed with the website update?   Is anyone else completely bummed out by this?  How will I randomly find new things to try?!?!?! Please bring it back instructables!

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Random fun

Hi guys, just talk about anything here. Also post any funny images, vids, songs etc and have fun The Jamalam

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Batch Randomization Answered

So how do you make randomized scenarios in batch because im making a text based game where i need random scenarios like for example get a random customer for a shop game or random skeleton appearing with a randomized amount of hp that you can set.

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zeigeist and randomizer

What are they? They are under explore. Whenever you click on one of them, along with the popular and recent and all of that there's also a randomizer on the far right, it's different than random.

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Random Button

I think There shoud be a "Random Instructable" button, some of the best I have found have been just stumbled on, click, click, click.

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batch randomization

Ok so im trying to make a text based game in batch, my concept was a batch store game where every time a customer walks in for example they ask for something its not the same thing every time you restart the batch file and if there is a way to put a section on the batch file where you could list a few scenarios and batch would randomize it to be one of those scenarios you had.

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Games and Random

Last night we added a new "Games" category, and brought back (and made better!) the random sorting.When we first added categories, the theory was to add new categories as they emerged. I'd say that games has pretty clearly emerged. There are great Instructables focused on video games, video game cabinets, homemade game consules, board games, card games, magic tricks, dice games, how to cheat at games, and lots of other ways to have fun. Explore the games category, and have fun. If you come across an Instructable that should be included in games, but we missed adding to the category, leave a note here.A great way to see if there are any we missed adding to games, or just to explore the site in general, is the revived sort by random. It's new every time you click it in the Explore pull-down menu, or click "Spin the Bottle" on the explore pages. I bet you'll find something cool you've never seen before. As always, let us know what you think.

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Confusing randomness

Something has always puzzled me - what governs the order of the comments in the email alerts?My most recent alert is typical - this list is the dates and times of the comments, in the order they appear in the email.Date: Aug 26, 2009. 5:29 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:36 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:36 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 12:59 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 6:53 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:51 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:32 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:05 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 5:25 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:57 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:42 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:43 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:35 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:20 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 6:33 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:09 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 5:10 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:20 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:23 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:30 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:00 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:23 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:08 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 10:05 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:41 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:18 PMWould it be so hard for them to be in chronological order....?

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random things group,

This is not a group of random generators, but of random ideas and instructables.

Topic by fredricksburgthethird    |  last reply

Random Output Circuit

Hi all I need to create a circuit that, when triggered, closes one of two relays. Any ideas? Nigel

Question by bob_boyce    |  last reply

Random quarter trick

Http:// Watch it in HD.

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

Random Instructables Button

I was just thinking how useful it would be if there was a button that would take you to a completely random instructable like the random page button on wikipedia

Topic by Articas    |  last reply

Random Instructable Generator

I'd love to see a feature added on that sent you to a random instructable that might've otherwise been overlooked.

Topic by L3fty    |  last reply

Batch Help(randomization)? Answered

Hello Im workin on a batch file and i would like to have help with with making Cmd randomize between two selected numbers Example: Random 1-10 Answer: 3

Question by Chromatica    |  last reply

Random videos on Android? Answered

On roughly a bimonthly basis, I find random advertisement videos downloaded in my "All Videos" file on my Android Milestone X. Is this the result of an app, or is it a default thing for Androids? I'd like it so that it stops happening, though it is more of an annoyance than a serious problem.

Question by RedneckAsian    |  last reply

Random Instructable Button

Does anyone think that there should be a button that pulls up a random instructable? I mean, I want to make something, but I dont know what. ewilhelm might awnser?

Topic by PKTraceur    |  last reply

Random Devastating Cannon

It doesn't need much description really.

Topic by Wicky    |  last reply

'Random Istructable' feature

I was thinking, that for people like me who just want a project to do, and don't want to search or anything why, why not have a 'View Random Instructable' link/button? It seems to work pretty well for wikipedia!

Topic by 27723773    |  last reply

random motion gearbox

I have been exploring wast of creating a random motion from a gearbox, i need this for a segment of a kinetic work i have been doing for some time now. random motion seems somewhat difficult to achieve so i came to the conclusion of using magnets! the gearbox i am working on at the moment works by orbiting one magnet around the other, the central magnet spins the output shaft while the orbiting magnet performs many rotations around the central magnet tugging it to different positions giving an almost random movement (patterns can be found). i was wondering if there were other maybe more effective methods of achieving random patterns of movement without the use of electronics.

Topic by King_Changus    |  last reply

Photoshop random doodling..

This is a random thing i made with photoshop, this is the original, credits to sony for the wallpaper.

Topic by holeman666    |  last reply

Are Instructables advertisments random ?

I always thought it would be awesome to see one of my Intructables  at the home page. Are these chosen by ratings or added by the creators ?

Question by Quest for Questions    |  last reply

Really random idea

Does anyone know anything about connecting aquariums together? I think that in the end the "aquariums" will end up being random objects that hold water like blender jars, etc., but I was also interested in whether anyone has examples of aquariums joined (as in the fish can swim between the two aquariums) with tubing of some kind?

Topic by dragonlor20    |  last reply

max7219 arduino random

Hi does anyone know how it must work with the max7219, and arduino.a matrix of 8 x 8 led to a random to let go?? I have this set;=item20d4fa8074 who knows a sketch or want one for me????

Topic by bertus45  

A Few Random Crossbows

I was bored so I made a few small crossbows, the ones with rails are more like indoor toys...they shoot everything and tend to keep it in one piece (most of the time) xD That little crossbow without rails still packs a punch, so don't try and shoot it at someone o.o' And uh that also counts for the other 'little' crossbow.

Topic by Wicky    |  last reply

Random number generator

I am looking to purchase or looking to make or looking for someone to make or show me how to make a simplistic ramdom number generator with a simple 2 digit lcd readout. This will be used as an automatic dice roller for a board game. The random numbers can be fixed to read out from 1 - 12 or even up to 24. Or, if not too difficult, programble, to make it more versatile Perhaps a prototype could be made by using some existing components such as from a digital clock or watch. Can anyone tell me if; 1. There is anything like this on the market? 2. There is an easy, inexpensive way to built something like this? Or 3. If someone would be interested in building something like this for me?

Topic by CSUjr    |  last reply

Random number generator

I am looking to purchase or looking to make or looking for someone to make or show me how to make a simplistic ramdom number generator with a simple 2 digit lcd readout. This will be used as an automatic dice roller for a board game. The random numbers can be fixed to read out from 1 - 12 or even up to 24. Or, if not too difficult, programble, to make it more versatile Perhaps a prototype could be made by using some existing components such as from a digital clock or watch. Can anyone tell me if; 1. There is anything like this on the market? 2. There is an easy, inexpensive way to built something like this? Or 3. If someone would be interested in building something like this for me?

Topic by CSUjr    |  last reply

This isn't really random.....

I just wanted to let those that cared know that my latest instructable is not as detailed as I would like it to be, but my time grew short, and I did want to get it entered in the April fools contest. So, no tricks here, if you want to see what I have come up with, [ here is what I have done]

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

random led scrambler

I recently was asked a challenging question concerning a type of circuit design. My electronics knowledge is somewhat limited and was wondering if i could get some help on this project. The project is: How do you get one led to light up amongst a row of say ten or more leds by selecting from one switch from a row with the same number of switches. The system should be set up so every switch will have a randomly selected led circuit. In other words the leds are randomly scrambled for the switches. This is basically a type of led guessing game but also involves guessing witch switch will operate which led. Thanks!

Topic by eddicur    |  last reply

*click* random instructable, *click* randome instructable like reddit

Is there a hidden button or something one of the programmers have to do to have a random instructable? Like the random button on reddit.

Topic by unbottled19208306    |  last reply

Random Instructables button on homepage!

I want a random instructables button that shows a random selection of instructables. Can this happen?

Question by Gid    |  last reply

why is there no 'random instructables' button? Answered

I just thought it would be nice to be able to get a random instructable, it seems there was the option in the past, via explore, but no longer.  Alternatively does anyone know a way of doing a google search to get a random page within a site?

Question by oragamiunicorn    |  last reply

Random explore choice not working...

I've cleared my browser and emptied the cache and when I choose Explore->Random off of the menu it tells me it can't find any instructables. Is this temporary?

Topic by nimitz    |  last reply

long random talkabout Forum

Post anything wether it is your love of punk rock and anime or your crazy phobia of suffocating in Peanutbutter.

Topic by RelyNupon    |  last reply

How about a random button?

What if the developers were able to incorporate a random button that would send you to any user created page on the site? I feel like it's rather boring to keep looking through pages of these amazing creations and alterations but it seems endless with 6,000+ pages to look through. I feel like this would be a pretty neat idea. What's your feedback on this?

Topic by BwapNubs    |  last reply

The Random Paragraph Word Game

We will see how this works out, I do this with my friends and it gets funny. Instructions: I will start with one word. If we were doing this in person it would be on a piece of paper. That paper is passed to the person next to him. That person writes a word, any word, and passes the paper on. This is repeated, and will form into: A. a funny paragraph B a totally random paragraph that makes no sense C a paragraph that tells an epic story that is the next "Hamlet" and makes perfect sense (That's no fun though) You can choose to end a sentence and start a totally new one anywhere Keep it appropriate. Example Cheese coated birds dance on top of my (*gasp*will it be appropriate?) head. Your pet cookie ate my cat. Here is the word: Why Oh, I forgot to say, add everything prier to your word into your comment (to avoid confusion and if you do that you can avoid a ton of replies to you that you will regret by just hitting post comment and not reply).

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Creative Uses For Random Components?

Self explanatory, I need some creative uses for random electronic components. Stuff like, using light bulbs as igniters and such.

Question by LiquidLightning    |  last reply

Random LED Light up

I'm trying to make a row of 6 LED's where a random one light up when you press a button. I'm using a toggle button, so the led stays on until the button moves to the Off position. Then when you move it to the On position it chooses another random LED to light up. How could I go about doing this?

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Random computer shutdown problem? Answered

While using my computer upstairs I randomly get shut down. Mostly all I am running is iTunes- not much else. It will shutdown when playing a movie for about 5-10 minutes without pausing, and sometimes (but not nearly as much) while playing music. Its on Win XP Pro, 3ghz Intel Pentium 4, 1gb of RAM (SDRAM?). Computer gives no error/overheating messages. I have no active internet connection, but I have some temp. monitoring  programs installed (speedfan + intel software) and I can get programs on it with a USB flash drive. Computer did have an overheating problem, but I attributed that to the broken PSU fan. Replaced the PSU and it ran a lot cooler, except for this new problem. Any ideas?

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Featured Author: The King of Random

Check out our most recent featured author interview with The King of Random!  Got a question I didn't ask?  Ask it here!

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eror 404 comes at random

404 error come at random at ok boom a 404 comes out of noware WTF?????

Topic by maker12    |  last reply

6 multiservo random selection

Hi! I would like to create a project for the random selection of shooting targets. E.g. each target should show up and stay there for 5 seconds and if not shot down the servo should pull it back. Does anyone have the code required for random selection of servos and making sure they delay between on and off is 5 secs? Ideally the random component would ensure that all targets have an equal chance of being selected but only one at a time.

Topic by tomstell1111    |  last reply