Ps3 Rapid fire?

I was thinking of using a 555 timer to make my ps3 controller rapid fire, what do you think?

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Rapid fire controller for ps3

Rapid fire controller for ps3 ps3 modded controller ps3 modded controllers sexy lingerie  

Topic by cainmack76 9 years ago

does the right trigger work after modding a 360 controller?

After modding the controller for rapid fire does the right trigger still work?

Question by graphic81 9 years ago

Rapid Arrow Firing System

It was only a very simple idea, just make a massive arrow holder and slide a rod through it.It shoots 13 arrows, with about the power of the v2.Problem was though...the massive amount of rubberbands made it bend all over the place; 13 times strings of 4... =52 which just doesn't work.It did shoot, but as you can see from the was not very sturdy lolThat rod with the wheels on it equals a black rod O.oAnd before you ask....everything except the trigger is taken apart already, as I consider it failed.And ofcourse I don't sit still, building something new already =dMight make one again, but on a smaller scale.

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Xbox 360 SUPER rapid fire mod!

Ok, so i want to do the rapid fire mod, and get money, but all of their controllers need an oscillating circuit, (the light isn't pulse modulated) wanted to do this-> this onebut the numbers on the controller aren't lower then 24 this comment-> hereso, i turned to the internet, and found this website, and i wanted to know, will the circuit work if i put only one transistor?thank you in advance!Edit: i got this to work, included a diagrami am keeping this forum topic so that other people can see what i did!

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do u need to take every thing out of the controller?


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Rapid fire controller mod for PS3?

When I look for rapid fire mods, all I see are Xbox 360 and some PC ones. Is it possible to do one for a PS3 Controller?

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rapid fire mod for xbox 360 controller

Ok so I was going to attempt to do the rapid fire mod seen here CLICKY and well i was in hurry so i made a sloppy move w/ the soldering iron and took out the player 1 led. =/ is there anywhere else i can solder to?my controller is pretty new i just got it new about 2 months ago w/ my go pro console

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Xbox 360 rapid fire controller

I NEED HELP I have a wired Pelican controller. How would I rapid fire mod that?

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New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

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Is there a free way to add rapid fire to a Wii remote?

I was thinking of buying a rapid fire kit for my Wii remote, but I decided in doing it myself. Is there any free way that is as simple as adding a switch to two contacts, like in a Xbox rapid fire mod? Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

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Can I Mod A PS2 Controller To Have Rapid Fire?

I Want To Put The Rapid Fire Mod On A Wired Ps2 Controllor Anyone Know How?

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[HELP] Rapid Fire Mod For wireless mouse

Hi. I have followed this instructable HERE but i cant get it to work. My mouse is a logitech M310 1.5v I have purchased a LMC555CN that work with 1.5v but i will still not work.. any help will be appreciated :-)

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images of the rapid-firing gun i made.

I came to the concluson that i didn't want to make a instructable, because i wanted to make a instructable about the sopmod items i made, so i will give you guys just a few pictures ;) alty

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how can i mod a ps3 controller for rapid fire?

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How do you make a rapid fire PS3 controller?

I have a PS3 and I have been hearing that some people playing Call of Duty 4 have been using rapid fire controllers, and I have been wanting to make one ever since I had heard about it but I have not found any good instructions on how to make one. If you could please help, Thanks Alot!

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buzz bee rapid fire rifle shell catcher

Well I got the buzz bee rfr(rapid fire rifle) and i found it to be OK. i still haven't moded it(not very many good mods). i always hated going to find and losing the shells, so i have a shell catcher out of duck tape and cardboard(got to love it!).it works really well(the only problem is the gun it self jamming but that has nothing to do with the shell catcher. so, what do you think? do you want instructions(yes i know kitemans law but i really don't feel like making the Instructable unless i know some body is going to use it)?

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can i mod a old xbox controller for rapid fire the same as a 360 one?

Question by mclovin7596 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

How do i repair a buzz bee rapid fire?

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how can i put the rapid fire mod on my xbox (not360) controller?

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Can you make a "Rapid Fire" mod on a Ps2 controller?

Is there any way of making your own "Rapid Fire" Ps2 controller mod like this Xbox mod?

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ZKAR V2 Mod-Fixes rapid fire problem

Hopefully you can see what this is. Replace the borken Y-clip with a grey connector. remove the blue rod and the grey connector in the gun already to make this fit. This new bullet lock fixes the rapid fire problem with the zkar V2.

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Nerf Hacks

You guys should stat putting in nerf "Hacks" like my Rapid Fire Hack-check it out- Anyway hacks like burst fire or a shotgun hack would be cool. THX FOR READING!

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how can u make a rapid fire controller for the ps2 on the cheap?

I want to make a rapid fire controller so my brother will play online with me he is younger and cant tap the shoot button fast enouf "R1" he said if i can make him shoot faster with the pistol in call of duty 3 heel play

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Xbox Disk changer? Answered

I had an idea for a xbox disk changer, considering my extreme laziness. Basically, It would be an old music disk changer with the same xbox style disk drive in it. The drives ribbon cable would connect from the changer to the xbox, then I'd record the disk switch (up & down) IR signal, and put it in my xbox controller. like . So to sum it up, I want to make a 6 disk xbox changer and put the remote in my controller. What I'm asking is how much of a hassle, and even if this is even possible. Thanks in advance                   ~Nameless~

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does it matter what type of cable you use to hookup the switch for the rapid fire mod?

What kind of cable do you use to hookup the switch for the rapid fire mod in the 360 controller? or does it matter? what size is preferable?

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i have a G&P Metal M4 Rapid Fire II. i want to upgrade my spring to the Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch. can i will do it?

My airsoft aeg is G&P; Metal M4 Rapid Fire II Assault Rifle AEG the full name off the spring is Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch Airsoft AEG Power-Up Spring (420~450 FPS) and if i can. do i need to upgrade more stuff in the gun?

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How would I make this modded controller?

Using this, a guide for adding extra buttons, how would I go about making a circuit that presses one button then another rapidly? I cant use the old-school LED rapid fire technique, because my controllers aren't old enough. So I need it to: - Press one button then another - Rapidly press - run off controllers power Thanks in advance,       -Nameless-

Question by Nameless37 8 years ago

Is it possible to repair a contact that has been removed while soldering?

When I was attempting my Xbox 360 Rapid Fire ModXbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod the LED fell off along with the contact. Is it possible for me to somehow repair it? Or to continue with the mod? Or is my controller unrepairable?

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Xbox 360 controller rapid fire ,, testing,, GTA4 Niko Belic twiches

Just joined, because of your post about rapid fire mod.  I am doing it now, but noticed when i use one wire to touch the two sodering points, that niko belic in GTA4 just twiches like he is going to shoot , but never does,,, wondering if I should hold off on soldering because of this.. herd that some people have a problem with new batteries,, iam using new batteries now.. so i have the resister, went out and bought an older matrix controler, d21, just like your pics. so everything is fine,, iam just at the testing faze using one wire to touch both soldering points from your instructions,, but again when i do this in game play not online,, niko belik twiches really fast like he is going to shoot but no bullets come out.. please let me know what you think.. thanks

Question by cujomojo 9 years ago

what kinda momentary push button do u need too mod a 360 controller

I followed instructions off of here too mod my controller i did it jut like it was showed ok heres my problem when i put everything back together and turned the controller on picked a gun i hit the momentary button and let off of it and it shoots rapid fire until i press it back in is it suppose too do that am i suppose too hold the button in the whole time until im ready too fire it ?/??? can someone help me out

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rubber band guns?

Does anyone else think that instructables needs more rbg's? I'm currently working on a rapid fire assault rifle and uzi. I can't wait to post them.

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How am I supposed to increase the range of my Nerf Vulcan EBF-25? (Without cracking the gun open)

I have a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 but I think the range is not enough for me.I need someone to help me increase the range of the automatic firing because I have a rival in Nerf who doesn't understand that the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 is better than his Rapid Fire 20. (Actually I think a Rapid Fire is really better than a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 because you just pump before a Nerf War and then just casually shoot anyone who dares come to you.)

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how can i tell new and old version of 360 controllers apart?

I have a xbox 360 controller and would like to do the rapid fire mod. however i cant tell whether i have the new or old version of the controller( mod doesnt work on new version) i have the metal box/thing every 1 is saying is the crystal, but its on the backside of the circuit board. how can i tell if my controller is new or old version?

Question by killjoy111 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

why didn't my controller mod work? (360)?

I just tried modding my controller to do rapid fire. i put the leads on the led p1 and then the middle pin on the trigger, i tested it out and it just shoots once, not rapid fire. i tested it on black ops. i know my soldering was perfect. my controller didnt have that big metal box on the chip but it did have a crystal. my controller came with the new xbox 360 4gb . its black. was i using the wrong type of controller?

Question by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 7 years ago

Adding extra buttons to an xbox 360 controller? Answered

I know that it's possible to add "rapid fire" mod buttons to an xbox 360 controller.   My question is, is it possible to add a similar button, but just have it do a non "rapid" function.  As in a button on the back is just a shortcut to say the "Y" or "A" button.  Not that I want to remap the Y back there, but just it there as also working. If it is, is there a guide out there on how to do it? 

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Problems with Rapid Fire Xbox 360 controller, what am I doing wrong?

I am trying to mod my controller, and have seen many videos, tutorials, sites, read tons of comments, etc. and i have tried everything... i just cannot get the button to work! I am testing every new way by placing wires on the points and hitting the button before i solder, but i get nothing... not even a new trigger! Also, i have checked my controller and i meet all requirements. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? My controller is one that has a D21. Please help, I want to finish!

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need help xbox 360 mod

Hey everyone i just modded my xbox controller using the simple xbox 360 mod by a guy who posted on this website.i have succesfully got my push button to fire but its at the same rate of speed as my trigger is. so im curious to know why it isnt rapid fire, or fully automatic? can some troubleshoot that be sweet thanks

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How do you make a XBox 360 controller mod that always works on XBox Live?

Hi I want to know how to make a mod that is guaranteed to work all the time on XBox live. I made a mod where you connect the middle prong thing on the board and connect it to the first person light, but it only gives me one really fast rapid fire and the rest slow till it builds up again. I always have full batteries and it does work on split screen like it is shown to. So I want to know if there is a way to make a mod that always works on XBox live. Please help!!! PS I know I can get kicked from live but I don't care.

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Knex gun using a slide

I was told to post this in the forums, so here it is. I was wandering around this site and found a man that had created a pistol that uses a slide to move the firing pin instead of grabbing it directly. I made his gun and improved upon it. I turned his simple pistol into a rifle/SMG There are of course some problems: cannot handle rapid fire for extended periods of time single shot doesn't shoot far but cannot handle additional rubber bands. It's pretty cool though. Right now i'm trying to increase the range and make it more durable. But i can't think of how i can improve it anymore.

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Jackal v2-NOW POSTED!!!

Its posted!Well, this is my second attempt at an assault pistol. It kinda looks like a combo of shadowninja/IAC AP. This one uses removable mags. Shoots green rodsPros- true trigger- removable mags (expandable)-30-40 foot range- looks tight- capable of rapid fireCONS- looks like shadowninja's AP- sometimes, ammo goes down the barrel and gets trapped in the internals.100% chance of posting!!!!Credit goes to s0lekill3r for the base idea.

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Use a computer power supply to power a coil gun?

The summer bored-ness has finally kicked in, and I would like to build a coil gun. The usual idea is just to charge some capacitors, and then discharge then into a coil, but it is possible to use the 3.3v rail (or any rail) of a standard computer power supply to power a coil gun? The goal to have rapid fire ability (which is hard to accomplish with capacitors due to charge time), and not use a transformer (because I am to cheap to go and buy a decent one from Radioshack, or any other store)

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Big Powerful Knex Crossbow: Review

Big Powerful Knex Crossbow Review[http://Link!]Made by Wicky.Alight. Here it is.1 - Power/Range 8/10 Great power, the ammo goes nowhere near straight though. 2 - Accuracy 8/10 Very good, but once again the ammo doesn't help.3 - Looks 8/10 I think it looks fine, but it could have been better.4 - Ease of use (reloading and firing) 10/10 Easy as pie. What else can I say? Just grab the ammo, put it on the elastics pull back and release. I can do about fire about 3 every 2 seconds.5 - Reliability (does it jam?) 9/10 It never "Jams", but on rare occasions the elastic can catch the ammo and fling it backwards.6 - Size Efficiency 9/10 Uses very few pieces that are not needed. Barrel is piece efficient too.Overall: Awesome. Great power, very rapid firing and quite accurate, makes this gun a must. Perfect for wars (could be a tadbit smaller, come to think of it). Thats it! Thanks for viewing.IaC

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nerf ranges

(NO MODDED NERF GUNS)ok i was wondring what are ALL of the ranges of nerf guns lleave a comment of its lowest range and its highest rangeand what gun it isBuzz Bee:Big BlastDouble ShotLaser Tek Mega Missle Mustang Six Rapid Fire RifleSingle Tek Tek FourTek Six Tek Ten Lanard Blasters:First Shot Big Salvo Blast Bazooka Maxshot Over and Under Sonic Bazooka Speed Loader Triple Shot ERTL BlastersPump Action Shotgun Rapid Fire Pump Action Shotgun Nerf Blasters:Airtech 1000 Airtech 2000 Airtech 3000 Airtech 4000Airtech Jet SquadronArmor Shot ArrowstormArrowstrikeAuto GripBig Bad BowBlastfire Bow N' Arrow BuzzawChainblazerCommlink IICrossbow CrossfireDart Tag BlasterDefender T-3 Disc Shot Double CrossbowEagle EyeEliminatorExpand-a-BlastFireflyGatorHidden ShotHornet Hydro BazookaIron Raptor Laser Fang Lightnin' Blitz Lock N' Load Longshot Longshot Front Gun Mad HornetMagstrike Manta Ray Maverick MonoblastNB-1Nite Finder: min:16' 7" max:23' 4" (thanks to zack scott from you tube)Nitro Quad Pen Blaster Powerclip PulsatorRapid Fire 20Ratchet Blast RattlerRazorbeastRazor Fin Reactor Recon Rip Chord Courtesy of DraconisRoto Track Sawtooth Scout Secret Shot 1 Secret Shot 2 Secret Strike Pocket Blaster Sharpshooter 1 Sharpshooter 2 SlingshotSneakshot Spiderman Dart Tag Gun Splitfire Stinger Stinging Scarab StrongArm SuperMaxx 250 SuperMaxx 500 SuperMaxx 750 SuperMaxx 1000 SuperMaxx 1500 (New) SuperMaxx 1500 (Old) Supermaxx 2000SuperMaxx 3000 (Blue) SuperMaxx 3000 (Green) SuperMaxx 5000 Switch Shot Switch Shots MaxSwitch Shots Super Switch Shots Ultra Tech Target Titan Triple Strike Triple TorchVulcan Warthog Whiptail Scorpion Wildfire Promotional Blasters:Kung Fu Panda Commander CrossbowPirates of the Carribean Flint Lock BlasterSpiderman 3 Blaster Spiderman Wrist BlasterStar Wars Rebel Trooper BlasterThe Batman Light Signal BlasterThe Two Towers of Uruk Urukai Bow Wayne Tech Tri-Fire Blaster Other Blasters:Air BazookaAirzone 8 Shooter Air Zone Arrow StormAir Zone Dual Fire Dart BlasterAirzone Scorpian Bow Halo Ma5c Rifle Kids Stuff Bow n' Arrow Kilroy Magnum PistolLightstorm 2 Optimus Prime Blaster Periscope BlasterPistol Splat PS-800Pool Blaster Roto RocketSplatmatic Thundersplat Spy Gear Signal Launcher Star Wars Clone Troopers Blaster SuperSoaker MaxD2000 Super Soaker 50 20th Anniversary EditionThe Proffesional Trigger FireUSB Missle Launcher Vortex Firestorm Vortex TornadoXxl BazookaXxl Skeet ShooterBlast HammerElectric EelJust Toys CrossbowMarshmallow ShooterMissile StormPreceptorQuick StrikeRam RodRocket StormUltrox Quadra CannonWrist Blitzerthanks for helping! =)

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Call of Duty: Custom Classes.

Post your Call of Duty Custom Classes below for everyone to see. Post anything from Black Ops Machine guns or World at War Assault Rifles.     I'll show you an example with one of my classes.                         Example: Game:                   Black Ops Primary:                Submachine Gun Weapon:               Ak74u w/ grip and rapid fire. Secondary:           CZ75 w/ extended mag. Lethal/Tactical:     Frag and Nova Gas. Equipment:            Claymore.   Perk 1:                    Scavenger Pro. Perk 2:                    Warlord Pro.                 Perk 3:                    Marathon.  Just Have Fun With it.       

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Rotary (pot) to mouse emulation

I am trying to create an autocue controler. (I've built all the software in Javascript to run in browser windows) When you press a button in Firefox / Explorer, a circle with 2 arrows appears allowing you to scroll up and down. If you move the mouse, the speed of the scroll changes. I want  - if not too complex - emulate this behaviour externally. My idea is to have a rotary control replace the mouse mvement such that you turn it one way the screen scrolls up, and ditto in reverse. And the further you turn the wheel one way or the other, the faster / slower the scroll goes. I did think about using a PS2 mouse thinking it would be a simple case of replacing the sensor, and sending pulses to the chip to emulate the encoder output. But now I understand the LED in these sensors is pulsed, and that the encoder also generates a quadrature signal to the IC chip. Apart from which, those mouse / IC chips are now obsolete!! Anyone any ideas? ** In the days of serial on the old PC's like ZX80, you simply sent a pulse to emulate a mouse click: rapid fire was simply a matter of increasing mark/space timings

Topic by diy-video-gadgets 6 years ago