The /5 stars ratings are not really meaningful for purposes other than popularity, have other different ratings for difficuly, usefulness, show-off-ness etc

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Why does my rating thing say "1.5 some flaws"? What does that mean?

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Rate %

It's a suggestion for rating and info user page . When you locate the mouse on a user face , you can see the feature % , best answers % , .... . Why we can't see the "Rate %" ? I think is a helpful way to know how much is the affection of people to this user's instructables . For example you can put a percent for rating . 0-100 % . or more ways . I want to see your look about my suggestion .

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How does the rating system work. First i posted a short instructable video about my pinball. Though having 358 views the rating stayed on zero (no star at all). Now, I have improved massively on the post https://www.instructables.com/id/Mechanical-Table-Pinball-IMPROVED-instructable/ and still no rating. Is the function broken or do I just have to face the fact, that nobody seems to care..? :-)

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Why have the ratings gone down? like my rifle is a 3 killerks sniper is a 3 and its all screwed up. Does any one have any explenations?

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Rate this

Hi I'm new and I just contribute this tutorialhttps://www.instructables.com/id/EHRL2XJF47FIUKC/could you please comment on it and rate it.I'd realy like to know what people think about this ItemThanks Maria

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I was just updating the group today, and I noticed that this group has been here for at least six months, and this group has no ratings! I would rate it myself, but I can't rate my own group..... If you were to search for other water war related groups, how many would you find? I checked recently, and unless somebody decided to make one, I found one result-The Water Warrior Group. If this is the only water war related group on all of instructables, then don't you think we could use some stars? If you happen to read this, add a rating! It'll make you feel better about your life, and it'll certainly make me feel better about mine!

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Favorites and Ratings

In our recent update, one of the major changes is the removal of ratings and emphasis on favorites. Key points: We did this because most people rate either 1 star or 5 stars The ratings ended up extremely close to one another and became meaningless Our experience with a +/- system showed that having a down vote made for a toxic experience for everyone We're now just using the favorite button now to simplify and keep it a positive experience for all Read on for more details. We've had a rocky relationship with ratings.  When we started Instructables in 2005, we had a "+/-" rating system where members could express either an up or a down vote for an Instructable.  Good Instructables generally received lots of "+" votes, and the list of the most negatively voted Instructables was pretty amusing (with this taking the bottom position for quite some time).  Our experience with this system was two-fold: first, negative ratings really didn't add much value to the community and were often given in a mean-spirited way rather than in a spirit of constructive criticism; second, the community expressed an interest in giving a more nuanced rating to an Instructable.  In fact, for a while members would comment on a project and assign it a letter grade from A to F.  So, we implemented a 5-star rating system.  An Instructable's rating was calculated by the average of all of its ratings.  This method is fine when there were lots of ratings, but gives poor results when there are few.  For example, if the first two raters of a newly published Instructable both rated it 1 star (for whatever reason), that Instructable would appear to be terrible by its rating, and its rating would only improve as more people decided to give it a chance and perhaps rate it.  It is an awful experience for new authors to watch their work be initially down rated and then maybe improve over several days. To address this, we built a Bayesian rating system with 5 stars.  The objective was to push the rating of an Instructable towards the average rating of all Instructables when it had few raters.  As more people rated it, the rating could diverge further and further from the average.  We spent quite some time optimizing this system: we built messages helping people understand what 1 star meant vs. 5 stars; we made it so the first couple dozen ratings of a new member had lower weight than later ratings (so it was difficult to change an Instructable's rating by rating it with lots of newly created accounts); and we tweaked all of the underlying knobs and ratios.  When everything had settled, a newly published Instructable would have a rating around 3, a very good Instructable could get to around 4, and an extremely popular and highly rated Instructable approached 4.8 or 4.9.  It seemed like the system was working, and it gave a quantitative measure of the quality of an Instructable in relation to other Instructables.  However, it was ultimately deeply dissatisfying.  After all this work, and lots of input from the community through ratings, thousands of Instructables were all rated pretty much the same, with only slight differences in the rating's third digit.  The slight variations were most likely noise, and the ranking didn't give a definitive sense of quality to a new visitor nor a sense of accomplishment to an author.  What does it mean to say Sweet Potato Fries is rated 4.22 compared to Arduino-Controlled Robotic Drum at 4.23?  Is the rating going to help you decide which Instructable you might try your hand at?  Further, when we looked at how people actually rated, it turned out that ratings were heavily skewed towards 1 star or 5 stars.  Even after requesting more nuanced ratings, and despite how we described what various star levels meant, people were still only giving As or Fs -- either they liked the Instructable or they didn't.  This system probably would have been ok if not for two factors:  star ratings appearing in Google searches and the rise of the "Like" button.  If you search for "sweet potato fries" on Google you'll likely get a couple of recipes including one from Instructables.  Many first time visitors to Instructables find us through searches -- many of them food-related -- so it's very important how our content appears in search results.  A while back, Google started including star ratings in some of the search results, primarily recipes.  Many recipe sites have 5-star rating systems, so I guess the presumption was that including the ratings might help searchers better choose between results.  Unfortunately, this doesn't work because you cannot compare the ratings of one site to the ratings of another.  For example, many of the results for a "sweet potato fries" search have 5-star ratings using a basic average system (you can easily tell by the number of raters), while the result from Instructables might have more raters giving it 5-stars, but because of our Bayesian system, the overall rating might only be 4 stars.  On Instructables, 4 stars represents a very good project, while on another site, everything -- even garbage -- might be rated 5.  All of our work to create a meaningful rating system was being used to penalize us in search results -- why would a searcher click through to a 4-star sweet potato fries recipe when they could go to a 5-star recipe? We couldn't tell how many people were choosing not to visit Instructables because our projects had lower star ratings, but we needed to do something.  I'm not proud to admit this, but our solution was to inflate all of our ratings by a full star.  Instructables rated 4.9 were suddenly joined by Instructables previously rated 3.9.  The ratings became even more meaningless because lots of Instructables were now all rated 4.5 or greater.  At this same time, Facebook's "Like" button was gaining momentum.  The "Like" button is a pretty nice concept as it eliminates the ability to express a negative preference and it associates an individual with the rating.  I think it's more meaningful to know that 10 people like my Instructable than it is to have a 4.5 (or whatever) rating, even if that rating is the result of 10 people giving me 5 stars.  Not everyone on Instructables uses Facebook, nor do we want to outsource our rating system to Facebook, but we wanted to learn from the success of the "Like" button and expand upon the concept to make our rating system less like giving a grade or being graded.  To accomplish this, we've removed our ratings and made the "favorite" action the way to express a preference on an Instructable.  Marking something as a favorite is more of a commitment than saying you like it or giving it a rating, but this is a distinction I see as important and worth developing.  At Instructables, we hope to inspire you to take action and build something great which requires a greater commitment than simply liking something.  In the future, we plan to expand what you can do with favorites, exploring concepts such as "I made it" and "I want to make it" among others. Do we need something more akin to a like button in addition to favorites?  I'm not sure, and I'd love your feedback.  We'll be closely watching how people use favorites in its new, highly prominent position.  As with most things, this is an experiment, and we're collecting data to see if this change is something that helps our authors.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little bit under the hood about our rating system!  Let us know what you think.

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Instructable Ratings

I've made three instructables so far and I can't seem to get a rating above average. I was wondering how you more experienced instructable authors get high ratings on your intstructables.

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Ratings Attacked!

Yes before you ask I'm one of those annoying knexers that pretty much everyone hates including ourselves! The reason I say that is because there are some people who get jealous or just want to beat other people so they purposely rate our instructables low to knock us off the front page. This happened to me three times! I only have one left on the front page and I know I'm probably making a bigger deal of this than you guys care but I really wish there was a way to at least report if you think someone attacked it so that we can track those who do it to stop them.

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Question ratings

I didn't see a Feedback category, so if this isn't in the right place, please move it. In Q and A, the line is "Don't be shy.....ask it."  OK.  And we've all heard that there are no stupid questions, right?  But if  ibles is trying to encourage honest (non-troll) questions,  rating a question as "Worthless"  has the opposite effect.  Maybe the question has limited interest. Maybe few people view it.  Maybe fewer people answer. These are neutral characteristics, and perhaps they are criterion by which someone judges the questions.  To call a question "Worthless", however,  is a real slap down and not in keeping with the idea of  "be nice".   I see that my questions are sometimes rated "Worthless,"  and,  yeah, I feel bad when I see that. ( Maybe I'm too dumb for ibles?  Maybe I don't measure up to ible standards?  Maybe I'm not really welcome here??)  I ask  questions because I want answers, and this community  is full of helpful people who have useful experience and good ideas.   Despite the worthless  ratings,  I'm getting useful answers from the community and intend to keep asking.  If only authors can see the ratings, is the intent to berate us into asking better questions?  Constructive criticism  might be more effective.  If everyone can see the ratings, is the intent to guide readers away from "worthless" questions or to shame the authors into going away?

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What is a rating? Answered

I was sorting out my favourites and I noticed there was a rating on some of them. Who rates content? What does it do? When can I rate something? Where are the people that rate stuff? Why should I take notice of ratings? How can I rate an Instructable? I have attached a screenshot.

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Star Rating?

How do you set up your instructable so that viewers can rate it?

Question by annerjx 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Start Rating!!!

A lot of people are complaining about the new Rating Sytem. Well, here's the thing, if you don't rate, these ratings won't become balanced, and they'll stay that way forever!Rating isn't hard, just choose how many stars an Ible or topic deserves!Even if its just a forum topic, rate it!It won't take your time! We need to get these ratings moving!If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

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Sort by rating

Is there anyway to sort the instructables in this contest by rating so we can see where our ideas stand? Thanks

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Instructables rating

I have rated many instructables so far, but I just realized that I can't rate accurately unless I actually make the thing in the instructable.  From now on, I am going to just rate the instructables that I make.  Secondly, it will be almost impossible to pull a 5 star rating from me any more.  Almost no instructables are the "best ever", so I will not rate it so.  Do not ask me if I rated your instructable, I will tell you if I built it or not.  That's just my opinion on ratings.

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Rating disabled?

Hi, has anyone else noticed you cannot rate ibles anymore? Is this on purpose and I just missed the memo?

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Can't Rate

Ok so over the last couple of days I haven't been able to rate things. On my Mac OS X using Mozilla I just see grey where the ratings should be. Please Help!

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Rating Problem

Alright so today I noticed that the rating bar was gone from all instructables except my own. Has anyone else had this problem?

Topic by jamesdude 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

rating system

It just occurred to me that Instructable ratings are based in part on the necessity to return to the Instructable to review instructions. Instructables that have steps that are intuitive and/or easy to remember may not get any ratings. In other words good ratings equal Instructable complicated enough to require several visits. That leaves number of views. With a nude or two you could probably get a lot of visitors and a very high rating as well. ;-(

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Ibles Rating

Is the rating thing different now cause a few of my ibles are 5*? i haven't been on for a few months but what happened to 4* being a honor ible?

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Rating System.

Ok, so 2 days ago, I was looking for the highest rated Instructable, and it was the 'Useless Machine', with around 4.8 stars. Today,  iIooked at the highest rated Instructable, and all of a sudden, there are arounsd 10 instructables with exactly 5*, with few ratings (around 35). The same happened in the Knex section, the 2 highest rated things are exactly 5*, even though I know peoople who rated them 4.5* (me being one of them), the 'Striker' has around 25 ratings- how is this possible? Is this legitimate, or is it a bug? or a hack? I don't know but I want answers!

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Rating Instructables

Besides turning to a plus or a minus, what does the rate feature in the upper right hand corner of the instructables do?

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Vote or Rating?

Just a quick question, of contests when it says something like people with the most votes win this, does it mean the instructable with the most people that clicked on the vote now button, or the instructable with the highest rating?

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Knex Rating

I was looking around on instructables today and i saw some people rating a gun out of 10 so i though we could all rate guns. But what does each number actually mean? and should there be different ways of rating for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced guns? Please give your opinions.

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Ratings drop

Is it my imagination or did a lot of the entries in the Soft Circuit take a ratings drop.  Since most ratings are at 4 or above the majority of those entered into the contest are below 4, and I think this happened over night.  I was looking at someones entry this morning an was surprised at how low the rating was. When I looked at  other contest entries they all seemed unusually low. Also mine had dropped from 4.17 to 3.67 overnight.  Is this a bug? 

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No More Ratings

Thanks to some guy who unpublished my latest rating because it was posted an instructable can be blamed for me stopping my rating system. Sorry DjRadio because I can't post them as forum topics and I'm not going to waste my time transferring them. As for Dj, the Ar-3 was great and shot 70 feet. Best true bolt action ever. Sorry about this but I'm going back to making new things.

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Rating Method

Some time ago YouTube changed their rating system from stars, to likes and, dislikes. I was just curios if it would be illegal for Instructables to utilize this same method. Also, if anyone prefers the like/dislike method better than the stars method then, tell me in the comments.

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Rating System

Never mind---just read this if you're bored or something......Canida explained it for me What happened Instructables?! All of a sudden half of the instuctables on this site are boosted up a whole number! My best instructable used to be 4.08 which was very good but now all of a sudden its 5 exactly. I feel the new rating system is too easy and it is making it so every instructable has ratings which are way too high. I cant even sort by rating anymore because there's at least 1,000 instructables that are 5 stars and it doesnt show me the true best instructable of that category! Please fix!

Topic by Electroinnovation 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Rating system

I'd just like to say two things in relation to the new 'view ratings' feature: Firstly, while you can now see who rated your project low, this doesn't mean said person hates you.  They probably don't even remember doing it.  Sure, mention it to them (I myself have sent a few choice PMs), but don't dwell on it.  You have probably done it at some point, and would probably rather forget about it.  See this as a chance to correct your mistakes and give older projects a fair rating if you want. Having said this, I would hate to see people bullied into giving 5* ratings to everything for fear that they may get picked up on the odd 3.5* etc.  As long as you express your honest opinion. But seriously, ratings on this site are typically ridiculously skewed anyway, so I wouldn't get too hung up over it.  Most people don't care about ratings at all.

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inverter rating

Somewhat confused... I'm planning some guerilla projections with a 4500lumen projector (which has a power rating of 450w) can I run it with a 700w inverter? Instructable on these pages says I need 2000w+ inverter can anyone explain why I need so much headroom.

Topic by helterskelter 12 years ago  |  last reply 12 years ago

Rating Group

I am currently working on a project to rate knex guns, and I need your help. I need 2 people who have a lot off time and knex so you can build at least I new gun per week. We will all build the gun and I will make the collaboration. We will come to an agreement for each category and post the final results. This project should go on for a few months. Please comment.

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Knexer ratings

I would like to find out how everyone thinks of the knexers here.Rate form 1 to 101= Horrible2= Very Bad3= Bad4= Not Good5= Getting there6= Okay7= Good8= Really Good9= Awesome10= Knex GodNow just rate these Knexers1.Mepain2.Oodalumps3.Perfect Duck4.Mykhailo5.Dsman1952766.I_Am_Canadian7.Jollex8.TheDunkis9.J-Chode10.PineapplebobTheGreatYou cannot rate your selfExample Post:1. 102. 103. 104. 105. 96. 87.8. 79. 810. 7

Topic by jollex 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

What are ratings on instructables and how are they determined?

Question by turbobug 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do I rate or vote for instructables?

I read some instructions about clicking on the plus (+) or the minus (-) in the Instructables title box, but there is no plus or minus. There is no box. No by-line. No rating. Just the title. What am I missing?

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

After I read an instructable how do i rate it? Answered

Fairly new to instructables. How do you go about giving an instructable a rating

Question by Mhbaben 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Why the parsimonious ratings?

Since the staff changed the ratings paradigm, I've seen only one instructable with a rating of 4 or above. And I've personally rated a few with 4.5.... Why are we suddenly so stingy with our ratings? (Is it like the "negative rating" days? down-rating because we can?) Or is the new system weighted, also? (with views, etc., factored, too?)

Topic by gmoon 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Ratings do not change.

So I decided to give the knex pinwheel here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Pinwheel/ 4.5 stars out of 5.  However, the rating did not change. Before I rated it it was at a 3.38, with 3 ratings.  After, it was still a 3.38, with 3 ratings.  I tried rating it other ratings and this did not change the rating either.  Again, this shouldn't be on the top of a priority list or anything, but its definitely worth fixing.

Topic by DJ Radio 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

The Instructables Rating System

As you have all noticed, Instructables has recently implemented a new rating system, based on stars (insert 2001 A Space Odyssey joke here). We've done a bit of experimenting -- and reserve the right to do more in future -- but it's stable for now so here's how it works. UPDATE 2010-09-24: The below calculation has been tweaked to bring Instructables' ratings closer to the level of ratings of comparable content on the Internet generally.  We found that we run about a star low, based on a rough look at a bunch of other sites and our (totally unbiased of course!) estimates of their content quality.  So, we have added a star to all ratings across the board.  It's like grade inflation... but we know our users put up really good stuff and we want that to be recognized. UPDATE: we've tweaked the system a bit more. The below describes the rating system as of 2008-11-15. The rating system uses a weighted average, where Instructables with only a few ratings, or ratings by users who have not rated many Instructables, have a total closer to the middle of the star range than the actual average of the ratings. For example, an Instructable with one five-star rating will have a total closer to 4 than to 5, because there are so few ratings on it. If the user who rated it hasn't rated other Instructables, the total will be lower than if the user who rated it has done a lot of rating in the past. The purpose of this difference is to minimize the effect of 'shill' ratings; we've seen some members attempt to bump their ratings by creating fake accounts just to rate up an Instructable or two! As more people rate each Instructable, the total becomes closer and closer to the true average of the ratings. And as each user rates more and more Instructables, we weight their rating higher and higher. We have done it this way because we want the rating to reflect the opinion of the whole community, and we believe that members who do a lot of rating have been around enough to have a good sense of what makes a good Instructable. Also, members who comment and rate have their rating counted higher, as the comment indicates a higher level of involvement with the Instructable than rating alone. This method makes it so a less-than-stellar Instructable can't be pushed to the very top of the ratings because the author got their friends to sign up and rate it at 5 stars; similarly a really good Instructable can't be dragged too far down by a malicious user. For the mathy amongst you, this is the formula (we changed the way one component is calculated): (siteAvgNumRates * siteAvgRating) + (numRates(ible) * avgRating(ible)) R(ible) = ---------------------------------------------------------------------- siteAvgNumRates + numRates(ible) The avgRating(ible) is no longer a straight average, but a weighted one. It's calculated like this: (W1*R1 + W2*R2 + ... + Wx*Rx) + 2(V1*C1 +V2* C2 + ... + Vy*Cy) -------------------------------------------------------------- (W1 + W2 + ... + Wx) + 2(V1 + V2 + ... + Vy) Pretty complicated algebra, huh? W and V are both weight values, between 0 and 1. R is the rating of someone who has not commented, and C is the rating of someone who has commented. siteAvgNumRates and siteAvgRating are estimates, held constant in the pursuit of not having ALL ratings change every time one person rates one Instructable. As you can see, when the number of ratings for a particular Instructable is low, the weight of the site averages count for much more of the rating value. When the rating count is high, the site averages are only a small part of the total rating value. We believe this algorithm has a good balance between letting the cream rise to the top, and preventing 'rating spam' to coin a term. Please comment!

Topic by rachel 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Ratings are temporarily Funky

We have just released a new version of the site, with some changes to the way we rate instructables. Ed (our own fungus amungus) will be giving you all a bit more detail on that soon, but at the moment just know that there is Big Calculation going on behind the scenes, and ratings are going to be behaving a little weird for a couple hours. You may not notice anything but if you do, don't worry, it's Normal. Trust me. I'm a scientist.

Topic by rachel 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Viewing the distribution of ratings

All of Instructables' posted items (I'bles, slideshows, videos) include a rating value computed as a weighted average of inputs. Is there a way for an author (or anyone else) to actually see the underlying data, either as a binned histogram or a generated table or whatever? An average of "3" can suggest something very different if the inputs were all between 2.5 and 3.5, vs. a whole bunch at 1 and a whole bunch at 5.

Topic by kelseymh 10 years ago

Can't see stars to rate

I can't see the stars to rate an instructable unless I reload the page a time or two. I updated both Flash and Java and still have the poblem. What's up?

Topic by gezer2u 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is there anything hidden in the star ratings?

In the comments on my instructable, two people said they rated it 5/5 stars. In the info tab, the stars report 2 ratings but only 3.25 stars. How is this possible?Here is the instructable:https://www.instructables.com/id/The-ultimate-heavy-duty-stackable-bullet-proof/Thanks for your time!Mikey

Topic by Mikey D 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Idea about Comments/ratings....

We should have an option to disable ratings/comments like Youtube has. Nothing more to say.

Topic by DJ Radio 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What have I rated +?

Today I was looking for something I thought I had marked as a favorite. It seemed to me that a great many things that I thought I'd marked were not in my favorites, and in my search for why I discovered that sometime in the past year rating something + no longer adds it. So, the big question then is - is there a way to see all the instructables I have rated positively?

Topic by incredibleweirdo 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Rating system's gone pear-shaped...

Lately the rating system seems to be malfunctioning. When I rate an 'ible, my vote doesn't always register.And on this project... (which I rated highly):https://www.instructables.com/id/Building_A_Stereo_Tube_Amp/...with a total of 10 ratings, approx 15 users show up in the "They Like It" box. How can more users "like it" than have rated? Again, my own rating doesn't appear to have counted.I've checked only one other project, but it has a similar disparity between total ratings and users displayed...

Topic by gmoon 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Make Someone Happy and Win a Patch

The ratio of views to ratings on any given Instructable are abysmal. Ratings encourage Instructable writers to write more Instuctalbes. I have 100 patches to give out to members who rate 10 Instructables, they have to be 'ibles you have not rated before now - so get back to me here and tell me you did it (I will believe you) and I'll send you a Thank You Patch (pictured below). This has the potential to make 1,000 'ible authors very happy.

Topic by Ninzerbean 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Now I'm being credited for Ibles I didn't make??

This isn't really a big deal:An Instructable has only been rated by one person, which gives it a 2.68 rating. I wanted to see who that person was, so I clicked on "They Like it" and it said: No one has rated your instructable yet.That's not my instructable.Secret Hoodie Stash

Topic by Keith-Kid 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Views, Ratings, or comments?

I was just wondering if more people care about views, rating, or the number of comments on your instructables.

Topic by EPL 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Pro Instructables Ratings

I was going through my bookmarks today, and clicked this one (no longer works): www.instructables.com/tag/type:user/pro:true/ However, it did lead me to this: www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/pro-true/ So I collected the same data I've done previously, here's how Pro & non-Pro compare: Instructables by Pro users are generally higher-rated than those by non-Pro users, and few have bad-ratings. There are reasons for this. > Instructables staff are Pro users, they set high standards. > People who pay and post tend to be more serious about what they publish. > Staff and paid users tend to have been here longer and posted more content in line with the above. > Younger users with less experience, fewer tools & less money find it harder to pay for Pro membership. What you may read from these statistics (if you wish) is that as a Pro member, 3.1-3.6 is an average rating. (Chart shows % Instructables in each rating band, for rated Pro ~3100, rated non-Pro ~28000) Notice how the lines have similar shapes, just skewed in opposite directions. The main reason I thought this might be of interest is the lumpiness of the distribution shows better like this - I'm still seeing waves / ripples...

Topic by lemonie 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago