Ratio of gearbox Answered

Dear  All Please help me to know : Between 2 type model gearbox reduction ratio  by worm gear and other by spur gear ( please see photo ).  If gear ratio and motor power is same  equal  what kind of type gearbox  for more power torque  .Many thank you in advance for your time.

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Ratio Hornblower

I'm attempting to make a stuffed Ratio Horn Blower from the Smile Time episode of Angel 5:14.   He looks kinda Grimace but I can't find a sewing patern for either.  Right now I'm working with a teddy bear pattern and putzing around with that any advice would be awwwesome.  http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Ratio_Hornblower  A sample picture.  Thanks in advance Maxwell

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Is there a specific ratio between lift and wing size? Answered

I am working on an rc plane and wondered if there is a ratio between propeller size to wing size, wing size to lift, or weight to wing size. Thanks!

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Ratio of views to comments...

Over some time I've noticed that the ratio of instructables pageviews to commenters has increased on the side of pageviews, both with new and pre-existing instructables. The featuring of instructables in categories and channels has definitely increased pageviews overall but with less commenters. It could be that there are more visitors overall but that more are non-members, or that the community has extended a bit.  Though this isn't unusual on the internet, most places have a ratio of views to comments of less than 1%... Just something I've noticed on my own and few other instructables, not much more than a thought...

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chainmaile aspect ratio

First of all , I welcome all . I fell in love with chainmail . I love its simple complexity , its beauty . I respect the time it takes to create a piece of jewelry . I made a couple of bracelets and necklaces for my kids and for my wife. I had no idea about the aspect ratio , or how a pattern should be loose or tight. Once the AR is firmly determined and once in range . I'm having fun , but I would like to know what your AR experience with certain patterns. Anybody willing to share some wisdom? DP ( Croatia )

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K'nex Gear Ratios

What Ratios Do the K'nex Gears Produce? I have noticed there have been a lot of questions about gears for k'nex models and in particular, engines but there have been no documents or information on what the different gear combinations actually convert the input speed to. On the document attached there are the worked out combinations and what the speed produced is, but you will notice that the combinations only go up to three gears; this is because if you have only three different gears, you will have to repeat atleast one gear therefore the ratio would be able to be created using less gears as intended.  The new file has now been uploaded. I hope this helps. MattJoeP

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Ideal Gear ratio?

Hello i am competing in a design challenge at school. were were each given a 9v 12000 Rpm Motor, the object of the challenge is to build a land vehicle that can go 10m as fast as possible. we will be holding a race on november 3rd to see who has designed the fastest vehicle. anyway my question for the community is using a 12000 rpm electric motor what would be the best gear ratio to use between the motor and the axle to optomise take off speed as well as having a high top speed. (if the gear ratio is to high then the car wont accelerate fast enough to low then the car wont have a fast enough top end) so basicly im looking for that perfect med ground. if anyone here has had much experience with gears and help would be great thanks (PS the vehicle cant be any biger then a vhs case but can be as tall as i want it)

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Question about gearing

Hi everyone. I've been a long time lurker, and I love the site. I've learned so much just by coming here. I've just registered to say you have inspired me to take on a project of my own. I've sort of hit a bump in the road, though. I have an idea for a clock. I want to do a steam-punk flavored wall or desktop clock with exposed brass gears and various and sundry bits I have laying around. I want to tack the numbers directly onto the gears and use them instead of hands. So one large gear on the left with the numbers 1-12 in place of an hour hand, one large gear on the right with 00-55 by fives for the minute hand and a gear under the two that counts off the seconds. So, if I can get a motor downgeared to 1 rpm to drive the "second gear" I'd need a 60:1 gear ratio to make the "minute gear" accurate, and then 12:1 off of that to do the "hour gear." I know I can't drive them all directly off each other, because that would make the "Second Gear" tiny and the "Hour Gear" huge. Where I'm stuck, aside from my poor math skills, is how to get the ratios right and size of each intermediate step and number of teeth, etc. I don't know enough to tell if I'm in over my head, but it seems "do-able" from my perspective. I'd appreciate any feedback you all could give, even if it's just a link to a tutorial that will get me started. I'm not on a deadline or anything, I just found the urge to make something cool. I have a bit of a budget if I need to have something custom fabricated, but I'd prefer to do as much of it as I can. I wouldn't mind using off the shelf stuff like bicycle gears or similar, because I could always have them engraved and plated and made to look cool. So, any help or nudges in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, and thank you for such a wonderful site/community. Iggy **edited to add*** Of course I'd be delighted to write an instructable about it when It was done. It would only be polite. ;)

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Pendulum length to falling body height ratio? Answered

How long does a pendulum need to be for its time period to be equal to the time it takes for a falling body to drop from a distance equal to the pendulum's length? A general equation as well as a specific solution for Earth surface gravity would be appreciated. With this, I would be able to establish standard time and distance units even if trapped on an island without any instruments other than what I can make from available materials. I'm sure I'm the only one tired that happening so often. Of course, I'd still need a way to establish the gravitatoinal constant if stranded on another planet...

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What is sunlight concentration ratio?

I was trying to figure out the optimum size of solar cells for a various light concentrations and then I came across this term. Does anyone have an idea... what does that mean?

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best chamber to barrel ratio

Okay I have not built a cannon yet as such, as I am going to make my first one awesome but I've done some research and found the golden ratio for efficiency for chamber-barrel size, assuming the chamber is always the same volume a chamber is 1.6, now I'm guessing a bit from now on but it seems that that maximum efficiency is approximately 1.61803399 or the golden ratio that keeps appearing in our world, I just thought you guys would like to know for the design stage as this is what I'm going to be using when I make my gun. also is it worth spending extra for a high flow blowgun over a normal one for the pilot valve to my 1" sprinkler or wont it make a noticeable difference P.S. if my calculations are wrong please, if you know more ( I'm only 13) please correct me. I have worked this out from pneumatics, not combustion's or hybrids. expect to see my gun soon!

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Signal-to-Noise Ratio Not Good

Dear Instructables.com: Look, I respect Instructables.com's right to make a buck as much as that of any other site that proffers user-supplied content, so please don't misunderstand this comment.  I'm not decrying the presence of ads on Instructables.com. I'm bothered nonetheless.  Until recently, when I landed on the Instructables.com home page, I would see two columns of fascinating, deliciously creative projects.   When I visit the site now, I find that the page is dominated by ads.   Dominated?   Yes.  Now I have to scroll before I see *any* actual Instructables.  Now in the interests of full disclosure, I'll confess that I've got a mere 800 pixels of vertical resolution to work with, but come on folks, no Instrucables above the fold?  Really?  And I've noticed with some dismay a growing number of featured projects from external commercial sources like This Old House (of which I am a *huge* fan, btw). I'm not calling for a moratorium on ads on Instructables, or anything absurd like that, but I do feel that the kind of projects that make this site truly great (those from individual makers, crafters, and builders) is beginning to get crowded out.  Keep the ads, by all means, but please keep the spirit of personal creativity in focus as this amazing site evolves. Thank you.

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What's the gas expansion ratio for ethanol?

At normal atmospheric pressure. Don't need too precise a figure, nearest 50 will do. Surprisingly difficult information to find...

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hp/lb ratio 20:1

Is this not a most elegant powerplant?http://www.angellabsllc.com/index.htmlthoughts, please.

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What is your Published to Unpublished ratio?

After finishing one last week and deleting one I'm finally at 1:1. Are you an unpublished packrat, collecting ideas, or do you (unlike me) finish everything you start?

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Right ratio for making bowls with concrete? Answered

I recently got someone to buy me concrete mix - I asked for ready mix as I've seen people suggesting Quikrete, but I ended up with 2 bags - one with the cement and one with the gravel and sand. Now, I want to make smallish bowls for outdoor use over the weekend (bird baths, small plantholders, etc.), but I'm not sure what my ratio must be for the sand / cement or sand / cement and gravel mix (and I'm not planning on buying another product). I've read that people can mix only the sand and cement for a smooth finish, but will this be strong enough? The gravel I have is quite large, and it might make the finish too chunky when the concrete is dry. I'm also planning on not using bowls or containers as molds - I want to smooth it out on the outside or inside of a bowl by hand with a trowel or something similar. Will I be able to make this work? I want to make small bowls, so I don't need to mix large amounts at once. I have never worked with concrete before, so I want to start out with small items anyway just to get the hang of things.

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what is the turn ratio for a 220v to 36v transformer? Answered

I've a transformer core like a MOT(tall but slim) and i want to make a power supply for my zvs driver with it. so what should be the number of turns on the primary and the secondary if the input voltage is 220V AC and the required output is 36 v (min 10A). also what should be the gauge of the wires to be used for winding.

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What is the average k'nex pieces to weight ratio?

Like taking a random 100 pieces out of a box (assuming that commonness is a factor), and how much it weights. I'd like to know how many I have, but I'm too lazy... lol. Also, pounds or ounces is preferred, but I can find a calc for metric.

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gear ratio on a 42 cc chainsaw powerd bike

HI! Im new to instructables and Im wondering what kind of ratio of sprocket i will need to mount a chainsaw engine on a 26 inch bike i want to use pre existing bike sprockets that i can some how mount on the rear tire. ideas? i have the ability to use a mig/tig/oxy welders. also what kind of/ size sprockets will i need to mount.

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What is the ratio of baking soda to vinegar that produces the most gas? Answered

It be helpful if you gave me a measurment like cups or something.

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what is a good gear ratio for a 6.5hp quad type of thing?

I want to be able to really accelerate but still go pretty fast like to be able to go faster than 30mph its going to be a 6.5hp engine and on a mix of a go kart and a atv quad so overall weight including person about 250lbs. please help on what the gear ratio should be and im pretty sure it has a 10 tooth or 11 tooth clutch

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Best magnet size to coil size ratio for an electromagnetic generator?

What is the best magnet (neodymium - disk shape) size to copper coil size ratio for optimal electron production per one break/pass of flux lines across coil at a 1/2" distance? For instance, if magnet is 2" diameter what is best inner diameter for copper coil? Best number of windings? Best gauge wire? what are the best specs for optimal electron production before you reach "over kill". I know some things are variable like core material and magnet grade. I'm looking for an all things being equal kind of scenario. Also what would be the best thickness of magnet at 2" diameter? If anyone could point me in the direction of any existing tables or ratio information on this subject it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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What is the best gear ratio for my Go-Kart? Details below

I have a Go-kart I am building and was wondering what gear I should get that connects to the axle from my motor. It will be Direct Drive and the motor has a 11 tooth sprocket. The motor is 48 v, 1000 watts and 3000 rpm. The wheels are 9.5 in diameter. I will be driving on mostly to totally flat areas. Plz ask for any other info you need :) thanks!

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can 57 gb be compressed to 38 gb?

I have a windows vista laptop and a 38 gb external hdd. I need to back up almost 57 gb of stuff. Is there a program out there that has a compression ratio that big? please help? thanks!

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Can you help me hydrocheome chemical mixing ratio

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Are Pixels square? Answered

I'm trying to scale a graphic I downloaded from the internet. The program I'm using (HP Photosmart Studio) tells me that it's 426 x 1024 pixels, which gives me an aspect ratio of 0.42:1. But in inches, it's 5.00 x 14.22, which has an aspect ratio of 0.35:1. So either I'm blowing the math, or I'm losing my mind, or pixels aren't square. (Why, in the name of anything at all, woud pixels not be square?)

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What would be a good ratio of fiberglass resin mix per sq. yd?

I need help on this, I'm wrapping a wood 2x4 frame in 3 yds of fiberglass cloth and some glass tape. I've never worked with it in my life and I don't know how much I should use.

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what do you do for the gas/air ratio on a weedeater 2-stroke? Answered

i made a motor bike and i rode it over 137 miles so far, it hasn't given me much problems except one day it lost compression so i rebuilt it and i put in a new sparkplug and rebuilt the carb after it was running better than ever and the next day i went to ride it and it wouldn't start so i cleaned the carb again, then it was working again but it was like there wasn't any gas, i used to be able to go 29mph now i can only go 16mph with the wind, if i give it too much throttle it will bog down and slow down, so i can only give 1/4 throttle. i have tried messing with the pin in the carb and the tuning screw but they don't seem to do any  thing, what is wrong?

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Can portland cement be mixed without sand or gravel?

I'm planning to switch from wood to cement because we are soon moving into a condominium where noise should be kept to a minimum. If yes, what is the ratio of water to cement? if no, can i mix it with sand only and what is the ratio. Thanks

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Want to convert TV audio to headphone or speaker. What impedance transformer ratio is reasonable ?

Present speaker is 14 ohm. I tried a 1000 ohm to 16 ohm, it cut output to speaker by 75%. Thinking I need 1:1 transformer and probably impedance is not critical as long as it is 50 ohms or less. I will be switching between earphones or speaker. No fidelity requirements.

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Parsnip amd carrots?

There is a DIY Spray made of White Petrol and Kerosene . Dose any one know  the mixture ratio please. Ian.

Question by Ian Wollstein 

Ammonpulver (explosive)

Hey, i was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. it is ammonium nitrate and charcoal. i hear it is hard to ignite? does anyone know the ratio?

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What is the solution recipe for reverse electroplating gold??? Answered

I have ALOT of pins and boards so I need the ratio of chemicals for the bath of electrolytes

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How to make a rc ornithopter?

I want to make a rc ornithopter. what instruments will be used for this? how can i set my ornithpter's gear ratio?  

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Fake Account Rating attack?!

So just came home from work and checked if I had any new comments...then I saw very low ratings on two of my Instructables...https://www.instructables.com/id/Big-Powerful-Knex-Crossbow/Ratio was about 3.6 when I last checked, now it is 1.62https://www.instructables.com/id/Reaper-Crossbow/Ratio was 3.7 this afternoon, now it is 1.52This does not really make me happy =\Maybe some admin can look into this?

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how do i make a gear box with a 6to1 ratio so i can build a wind up power supply for emergency?

I want to build a generator that doesn't use gas but will turn fast enough to turn an alternator with a gear box system once i have the gear box built which will meet my requirements I will use three battery's two alternators. having this done ill use an invert er.    

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Someone can help to build a small system to mix three gas from three various tanks and compressing it in a fourth tank? Answered

I need a small system to mix three gas (carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen) from three various tanks and compressing it in a fourth tank. I don't need high pressure, but I need extreme accuracy and purity in the ratio of the mix. I want to try different ratio in gas mixture, then I need to regulate any single gas amount

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Reformatting bugs

I just published an instructable but I'm dismayed to see the autoformatting has made it look pretty rotten. Steps 2 & 3 have wide aspect ratio images and they have been cropped and rendered in very low quality. The autoplay youtube function (where you can make a youtube video look like a gif) no longer works and the aspect ratio chosen seems to be ignored, so you get the black bars even when you do hit play. Any chance this cropping/breaking can be fixed? Thanks.

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Does any one know the recipe for thermite?

I think that thermite is made with aluminum powder and rust powder but im not sure that is the exact recipe and i need to know the ratio.

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Estes Model Rocket Motor Propellant Type? Answered

What is the propellant in an Estes rocket motor?  Also at what ratio are the ingredients in the propellant.  Any help is appreciated.

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More work required on PDFing the instructables

I recently found a bug or say some coder error or some codec error , i have tutorial at instructables.com by link https://www.instructables.com/id/-Lets-Learn-Photoshop-/ when i downloaded pdf of this tutorial i got a strange output pdf   Bugs : >>a pic with less width and more height get stretched to multiple pages  >>a small sized pic get much enlarged to the pixels can be fixed as: size of pic as per the ratio should be maintained on page and on page it should seem as the same ratio as while on upload  regards rohit44524

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Calling all Potato Gun Aficionados and wanna be Combustion Scientists

This is message to anyone who enjoys hearing the sound of forced combustion, or better yet, the loud crack of a potato gun being fired. My co-conspirator and I are in need of some mathematic assistance. Ideally we are looking for a “magic” formula concerning barrel length to blast chamber ratio for optimal performance. The ideal fuel would be propane or butane. We have been using a 4” by 33” blast chamber coupled with a 3” by 44” barrel. So far, we have had significant success with this combination, but are curious if there is a better ratio to use. With our current specs, we are able to shoot a 3 – 4 lb. ball of plaster over 250 yards (this is the carry distance, not the total distance traveled) at a 47 degree angle. If anyone out there knows a formula or has advice on Blast Chamber to Barrel ratios we are greatly interested to hear what you have to say.

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I know you can take moss and yogurt or buttermilk and blend together. Then pour in grout in between outdoor tiles.

Is there a ratio of moss to liquid? Any other tips on this process?

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Raspberry Pi help?

Hey people, is there any way I can add usb or hdmi ports to Raspberry Pi? I sort of want create a Audio/video splitter out of the Raspberry Pi. In a way it'll be a advanced video ratio box.

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Anyone know about adding gears to a rubber band powered car? Answered

Would it increase the distance? If so, what size of gears or the gear ratio? How would I incorporate them to the wheels? 

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Hacking a DC motor to make a generator. RPM vs. Voltage weirdness, gear ratio confusion, and general circuit questions?

I'm hacking an ancient 115 Volt DC water boiler motor to try and make a small, portable, "dremel" generator (meaning it does different things with different attachments). Doing a rudimentary test of it, with a small diode hooked to the wires, I found that it only puts out about .01 volts when being cranked by hand. So I figured I'd put my drill to good use, hook it to the rotor, and let it fly. Through this, I found that after 60 RPM, the voltage goes completely zero, even when spinning at around 220 RPM, nothing. I am completely bamboozled by this, which might have something to do with my limited electronics knowledge and my tendency to try and 'run before I can walk' in new things. I was also wondering if the low voltage could be solved by using gears and gear ratios, but my knowledge of those subjects is very limited indeed. If anyone can explain or converse with me on this, please do! I'd greatly appreciate any and all help. 

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