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Laser RC car

Something along these lines...

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Modified RC car

I've been working on this sucker, and I have so far added a battery pack to it that consists of 8X AA NiMh rechargeables and it goes like sh*t on a stick! 13v when it's fully charged! Check it out! Wheel cam:

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rc car building

I am interested in building an R/C car for the first time but i don't want just a standard bought kit i was more interested in buying all the parts individually can any one suggest where i start and what parts will be needed do i start with the motor or the chassis i really don't have any idea. So if anyone can give me some serious direction and helpful information on how to start and possible parts that would be great. Also could i just purchase an instruction manual for a kit and buy the parts individually instead of the kit and upgrade certain parts. thanks very much and no clever comments about how to use google my self i have tried but it just keeps sending me to self build kits and this forum site with other questions about self build kits thanks again

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how to make an rc car with functions of real car?

I want to know,how to make an rc car which will have all functions of real car.

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Guide to RC? Answered

So don't tell me to go and buy a small RC car, and hack it. I want to know how to MAKE one! Like, totally MAKE! Where can I find out where to make a simple 2-4 channel RC thingermabob with a range of about 50 feet? I just don't get it, everywhere I look, they make these huge units. My helicopter is 6 channels and the circuit board is no bigger than 2x2, and only has 2 IC's on it. Why can't I find instructions for some small and simple like the circuits you find in RC car! What about Zip Zaps! Their circuit boards are tiny, and work better then the huge circuits you find online! Thx!

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rc project

I decided to go for the rc car. I'm using the 1/5 scale  maxstone trying to combine it with the raspberry pi. I'm also using adafruit's pwm. I know this might be old to others but it is new to me. I am a beginner and I am very excited about it!    I am open to any suggestions, comments, feedback, links, anything would be great!

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Rc knex motor Answered

I was wondering if it would be posible to take an rc car motor and the chip and replace the knex one with the rc

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Making a supersize RC from small rc car? Answered

I want to replace the small  motors from a small rc car with bigger one. the problem is that the circuitry in the rc car do not provide enough current to drive bigger mortor. i know that if i use transistors or mosfets i can achieve it. but i can' go backwards then. i need a design lets me use the power output to the motors from the pcb of the rc car which will let me switch higher current.. and when current is reversed it switches the other power supply so that the motor can be reversed. sorry for english. 

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Are rc airplanes allowed to operate on rc car frequencies?

I know that rc cars are not allowed to operate on rc planes frequencies, but what about vice versa?

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RC Car --- RC Plane?

Okay, so today at school, we learned about Bernoulli's principle and how wings help a plane fly. So I was wondering, if you built some good wings, attached them to an RC Car, and drove it off a ramp, would it glide for a little bit?

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RC Noob

I've never done much work with RC control, and i want to build a little rc car with tank steering (2 motors, one on a wheel on each side so steering can be accomplished by which motor is on).  I know I need a transmitter and a reciever (I dont know specifics of each :P).  All I know is that i want to PWM the motors and control with 2 home made H-bridges (motors require max current of 30 amps, so commercially made ESR's are too expensive) and control it via rc. I just really dont know what im looking for in the rc world.

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would a mini rc stunt car work on a small plane?

As i have a small plane and a stunt car

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Rc car battery help?

Hi i have a 1.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

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Rc Car baterie Help?

Hi i have a 7.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

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vr rc spy car

I was interested in a wireless spy car to use in my backyard (to hunt for a waskaley groundhog : elmer fudd) now i was looking in Make mag and i found this( ). it really dosent tell u how. now i already have a rc car (Traxxas vxl Bandit) and i dont wont to destroy it or buy a new car it cost $300. so i wont to know how i can still use a servo without connecting it to to bandit wiring and for cheap

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Knex rc car or truck?

I was wondering if anybody could help me make an RC knex car this is what i have i have 100 to 150 knex, one 49mhz RC controller and reviver i also have some RC car tires. P.S. the car reviver is from a New Bright RC car.Also i have no cyber knex motors i have a good amount of reagular knex motors most are the green ones also have a good amount of wire.

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Mind Control RC Car

Hi my names Paul Im doing a project on building a Mind Control RC Car using the EEG Emotiv Headset. I was planning connect the headset to the laptop and use an arduino to connect up to an interface board(im not too sure) which connects to the remote joystick.  I was wondering if anyone has done this project before and it would be so awesome to get any tips or instructions of any sort.  Thanks please let me know

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RC car ¨tuning¨

So I have an RC car and so does my friend and whenever we race them he always wins so I was thinking of maybe tuning it a bit (you know add an extra battery or something) so how can I tell how much voltage my circuit board and motor can take. The car itself uses a 12v battery and is fully digital (you can go slowly or quickly and you can turn only a bit or all the way, you know what i mean) I can provide some photos of the circuit board if that helps, just ask.I know that RC cars are a bit childish but when Im older I want a job involving cars so thats a good place to get started =]

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rc car no longer accelerating?

Alright, so ive got this rc car, it runs off of a 7.2v battery pack and has variable speed and turning. it is not a hobby-grade car, but it is still something id like to hold onto. today, when i tried to drive it, i discovered it could not accelerate, forwards or reverse. it can steer fine, but trying to accelerate does nothing. ive ruled out the controller and the motor, which means the h-bridge and associated circuitry must be to blame. i tested the battery in another car of the same model (not mine), and all was well there. the h-bridge must be PWM controlled in order for there to be variable speed, so heres what im figuring: the motor is making a clicking noise when i pull the trigger on the remote, looking at the motor, it is turning very little and then stopping and then doing this again, at a fast rate. when it stops turning for that split seond it returns to the original position, because it has turned so little. i know the motor itself is fine, because i connected the battery straight to it and it spun up and turned the wheels. i have a feeling the issue lies within the PWM control. i cannot guarantee the receiver chip is fine but it seems kind of odd that it would be the part to fail; regardless i cannot find a datasheet using the numbers on the chip. if i were to try and look for an issue/failed part somewhere, where might you guys think i should start? there are a number of transistors on the board around the h-bridge, some capacitors, and a lot of resistors as well. i checked all the resistors inside the h-bridge and they are all the same value as the bands indicate, andthere are no corroded or cold solder joints. i plan to test the h-bridge on its own once i find a diagram i can reference to, that way if the h-bridge works i can rule it out and narrow the possibilities. if you need any more information please let me know.

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Capacitor in my rc car? Answered

Hi. I just want to know what the point of this capacitor in my rc car is.

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How to Make an Rc car

Can someone tell how to make an rc car without adruino and without having any knowledge to electronics using transmitter & receiver, some kind of motor and ESC ...

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Coding a traxxas rc car?

Hello everyone I have a Traxxas funny car that I am trying to code using an Arduino with a motor shield. the motor has a brushless DC motor that is hooked up to a ESC then has a output the same type as a servo motor. and the front steering is a servo motor as well. I have a competition where I need to drive the car a certain distance then turn it between a set of cans and have it go back to the center line and land on a dot on the floor. Every time the distance is different and I need it to go to the dot at the fastest time possible. Right now I have the brushless motor set to input 2 and the steering is set to input 1. If anyone could help me write a code for that it would be greatly appreciated Thanks a lot.

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Rc car modding help?

My dad had (broken) a rc car from a old friend that was sitting in the garage. He said that I could have it. It is a Nikko Super Dictator. When we were trying to fix it the curcuit board went poof and clouds of smoke came out of it, I don't want to fix the board but was thinking about buying a cheap RC kit and using arduino to decode and to control it. Another way I thought of controlinng it was to get an rc kit and use a speed controler. The servo in it has 6 wires and has no markings on it to tell me what it is. If anyone has done this project before please send me a link to an instructable. Also Please tell me the easyst way to control it and if I could just use a prebuilt rc kit with a speed controler, the type of servo and the motor. IF ANYONE HAS ONE THEY WOULD LIKE TO SELL THAT WOULD BE GREAT TOO, JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE. Any help, tips and/or links would be appresated. PS: Do a google search to find out stats. thanks, David.

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simple way for a kid to build an rc car, not from a kit?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that kids can build an rc car. Show the circuit. With motors

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Convert to Electric Car? Answered

Ok i had a powerful, fast, and great RC car, but the carb went out, i tried a different carb but it just wouldn't turn over, how can i convert it to Electric and still be fast?

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How to add reversible dc motor to cheap rc car?

I have a cheap Rc toy car that I was going to hiack the turbo pin to get another channel. I want to make it into a tow truck and use this extra channel to operate the winch. BUT I have to be able to reverse it. Giving up and down for the winch. Can it be done?

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Do the car will work if the remote is different that I use before?

I need to make Rc car for my own but The old Rc car I got has no Remote for the transmitter so I need a new Transmitter or remote for an Rc car to make my toy works.

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hey i have purchase a rc car circuit few days ago but its all wires has been broken

In my rc car circuit all the wires has been broken from the circuit board(1,2nd motor wires,antena wire,batterywire) so any one of you smart people plz help me i would be thankful for that

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Remote Control Car Controlled By Computer

I'm doing a project where I am rewiring a remote control car remote to work using a computer interface. I've found a few tutorials on how to do it, but they all deal with a "button" controller, where the motion is controlled by pressing buttons rather than using a "pistol grip" controller, or one with a wheel to control turning and a trigger to control acceleration and deceleration. Has anyone tried this, or does any one know if I would be able to use the tutorial linked below with this controller. I highly doubt it would work, but I would like a better opinion.

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i want to convert my sewing machine motor to a dc motor as i need that motor to run my rc car!!;)can you plz assist?

I wanna make a big size rc car that can run really fast!i've learnt how to convert an ac motor to a dc motor but this sewing machine motor has got a 3 pin input with a connected speed controller!i wanna know how to convert this motor to a dc motor so that i can use Li-ion or lead acid battery.but the speed controller is not necessary i just wanna mount the motor on the chassis of my rc car.I dunno if this idea is good but i really wanna try doing this to make my rc car!please help me convert my motor to a dc motor!

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How to Speed control a DC motor Using Resistors? Answered

For wired Robo car !!!

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I recently rebuilt my dads old rc car. everything seems to work right except i put a batterie in it and it almost caught fire before i could run it. everything seems to look fine and sound fine it just smokes batteries! PLEASE HELP! -Drew?

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Can I replace the battery with something like 12V or more and the small motors with powerful motors for more speed ? Answered

I have an RC Car that needs 6 AAA 1.5v Batteries in it's batterypack.It has some chip and then switch and two power cords to two Motors-one for turning left-right and another for Going forward and back.will the circuit burn out?

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how to made rc car bumper?

Can anybody teach me how to  made a bumper for my rc f1 formula car ?

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Trailer for RC truck

Hey guys, I am not much of a knex guy, but I made a strong trailer for my RC truck to pull around at the campsite to collect firewood (just sticks haha) anyway I made a knex "adaptor" for the car, but I cant figure out a way to make a strong connection between the car and the trailer.  Can someone help me out???

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Rc Truck help?!?

Hello everyone!    I'm trying to start a project with and Rc Truck from top to bottom. I would love to have help on some cool Ideals that I know you all have! Maybe like the Suspension, Lights, body frame, color, etc anything you think that will help OUR ride look awesome!  I'm looking to spend anywhere to  1000 dollars with this project! If you have any ideals even the smallest thing please notify me! Thanks!!!

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What is the list of parts in Remote of RC car & It's circuit Diagram?

Answer with pics if possible !!!

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how to build a rc electric boat from a rc electric car?

How to build a rc electric boat from a rc electric car?

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How to make an Rc car without adruino

Please help it possible to make an rc car with use of transmitter & receiver,esc,motor and a battery...

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Wifi RC Chassis?

There are lots of rc cars out there, with wifi linking capabilities, but I was wondering whether you could be in one house connected to wifi, and controlling a chassis/rc car in another house without using Arduino.  (I'm really bad at electronics).  The reason being, I want to build a Mobile Virtual Presence Device with a fairly large stable chassis that can be controlled from somewhere else.  If you can name a way to do this, I would appreciate it. Thanks! -Finzaz

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