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Will this circuit work?

Ok, so I'm building a giant led array and I'm running it off of a PWM chip and a few shift registers. Given the number of addresses and variables I need for each one, I'm guessing that the micro running the show won't like that too much and will be a bit slower than I'd like, and i'm not sure if it will be slow enough to cause irritating visual inconsistencies. This got me thinking, how did tube TVs do it? They had phosphors that slowly released their charge and therefor looked alright. Thats how I arrived at this circuit. Will it pretend to be a phosphor well enough or will it need something different?

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Guide to RC? Answered

So don't tell me to go and buy a small RC car, and hack it. I want to know how to MAKE one! Like, totally MAKE! Where can I find out where to make a simple 2-4 channel RC thingermabob with a range of about 50 feet? I just don't get it, everywhere I look, they make these huge units. My helicopter is 6 channels and the circuit board is no bigger than 2x2, and only has 2 IC's on it. Why can't I find instructions for some small and simple like the circuits you find in RC car! What about Zip Zaps! Their circuit boards are tiny, and work better then the huge circuits you find online! Thx!

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RC circuit with a transistor and an LED Answered

Http:// Could someone please explain how this circuit works? I understand that while the capacitor is charging, current flows to the base of transistor and so the LED lights, but I can't figure out the discharging. P.S. I assume that by building this circuit I'll get an LED blinking constantly?

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build rc car without ASK transmitter receiver module

Hello  unfortunately ASK transmitter receiver modules like HT12E and HT12D are not available in my country and i cannot buy them from ebay  i want to build very simple rc circuit via radio frequency  is there any way to do this without arduino or any micro controller  because i want it to be cost efficient  thank you 

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Blinker Circuit

Hi i am looking for a good model for a turn signal circuit. i am trying to make turn signals for my mower (not a joke) and i need a list of parts i need to buy, and a image of the circuit i already have the lights and switches. i would like to have it so a switch is for each side, and   i would also like it to be able to do hazard lights, i dont know if i would be able to do that by switching both switches on at the same time?. but what ever you got to help me would be awesome. thank you

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Charger circuit

Hey there, I'm planning to build a portable stereo speaker box thingy (you know what I mean). In order to power the 2x10W amplifier I want to use a 7.2V 1400mAh battery pack from an old RC car. As the housing of the box will be sealed I want to implement a mechanism to charge the pack. For this I wanted to achieve 3 things: -If the Power-Switch is turned on, the amp should be powered from the power line -If the Charge-Switch is turned on, the battery pack should be charged -If both of the switches are turned on, the amp should receive power from the power line while the battery pack is being charged. I have thought of the following cabling (see attached picture for a schematic) The blue box is the amplifier, the green box the battery pack and the orange connectors are tamiya connectors (the ones for RC cars) The first switch (marked in green) is a normal DPST switch which establishes the connection with the power line as well as the connection with the battery The second switch is a SPDT switch and activates either the connection between the battery and the amp or the connection between the power line and the battery. Will this work the way I think it will or does this configuration any faults? If the latter, what can I do I have to change? I'm actually really new to electronics, this if my first project so forgive me, if this setup is actually BS Cheers and sorry for the long post ^^'

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What about remote controlled circuits?

Yaar i want to know how to build that circuit wich iz RC controlled...i mean i want to create a remote controlled car...?

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My RC car circuit board

Hi, i need some help. A few weeks ago i took apart a RC (remote controlled) car circuit board but some of the cables couldn't hold and just broke off so i'd be so thankful if one of you smart people out there could tell me (or draw on the picture) where everything is supposed to go (including the antenna :-) and the forwart and backward motor. thanks Kacper

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How to make a basic RC circuit?

HI I want to build a very lightweight portable quadrotor and need help picking out very small and powerful motors. I would also like help wiring that to an  anttanae and making it anoutomous. Thanks, The newb

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hey i have purchase a rc car circuit few days ago but its all wires has been broken

In my rc car circuit all the wires has been broken from the circuit board(1,2nd motor wires,antena wire,batterywire) so any one of you smart people plz help me i would be thankful for that

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I need help with a remote circuit. Answered

So here's my story: I want to impress my rc car club teacher person guy by building my own rc car from scratch, but I already have an idea about how to control it and stuff. I just need to make a rc circuit. Basically I need a radio transmitter that can be made with minimal parts, no i.c.'s, and it has to transmit at least 50 feet. And I need a reciever to pick up the radio signals and this also has to be minimal components, no i.c.'s, and it has to pick up the radio signals of the controller. I was expecting the signal to be in the khz section because it's easier to make that. So someone please give me a link or schematic for this. And also, the parts have to be what radioshack supplies. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rc helicopter project

Hello guys i recently got an old helicopter with two good motors and a good frame with a control board i was wondering if some one can help me to interface with on board circuit to controll it with arduino. What i'm traying to say is to use the arduino as transmiter to send signals to the helicopter so i can control it.

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is it possible to make a rc citcuit for a very small car?

I want to make a small rc car. i have everything done other than the rc circuit and remote. is it possible to make a small circuit. if so give me the circuit.

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Please can someone give a brief tutorial on fm/am communication circuits?

I want to understand inductor capacitor circuits for my rc-car. please can someone give a brief tutorial on 4 channel communication circuits. I have tried searching a lot .. I got to know that inductor and a capacitor together oscillate and create a certain frequency and emit it trouhg the antenna .. whereas the receiver ..through the antenna receives it and again the inductor capacitor circuit sorts out a certain freuency and lets it go ... then the capacitor or a diode(think so) removes all the further disturbances.... I want to know the whole circuit properly ... and which Integrated circuit to use ....

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3ch rc ciruit board

I would like to build my own rc airplane. I already know how to build the fuselage and the wings. I also have the landing gear. I have a 27mhz rc circuit from an old rc car. The problem is the car was only a 2ch board. I need a 3ch transmitter and receiver. (Throttle, left/right, up/down). I'll be honest, I don't know much about circuit boards, but I can learn. Does anyone know how to make the circuit board for this, or where I can get a custom board made for me?

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RC boat rebuild

I have a bit of a dilemma with an old rc boat that I'm retrofitting with the board from a cheap rc car that I bought at walmart. The boat is meant to run on two 9.6 volt motors, but the radio board is designed to only handle 6 volts. Is there anyway to utilize the motor leads from the board to trigger some sort of circuit that would allow the board to use it's original 6 volt power pack while supplying the motors with 9.6 volts from a separate battery?

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What is the list of parts in Remote of RC car & It's circuit Diagram?

Answer with pics if possible !!!

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RC servo Torque Increase?

Hi; I have a DC Servo motor. I want to increase its torque. It has 12volt and max 900mamp current gives 15kgcm torque. I want to remove the tiny DC motor and fix a 5amp 12volt big motor with metal gears. I want to ask " How can I give more current without burning the main SMD circuit board". If I place a battery in parallel to the motor terminals it can burn the circuit. Any ideas ?

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How to make circuit for wireless RC car?

Hello m mechanical engineer i don't have that much idea about electronics but m willing learn?can u help me to how make our own circuit or if it will available then how can we recognize that as per our requirement?

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How to make a 315mhz RC car receiver and transmitter

Give me Some circuit diagrams to 315mhz RC car receiver and transmitter. 

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simple way for a kid to build an rc car, not from a kit?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that kids can build an rc car. Show the circuit. With motors

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Rc light ,flashing light

Ive tried and tried to get an LED to light up (on at all times) then add a flashing circuit on same led like a car turn signal. Any help would be greatly appreaciated

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Need a clock pulse switch circuit!

I cannot not for the life of me figure out how to make this circuit.  The circuit needs to do this: I push a button that sends a single signal to the circuit.  With each push of the button the circuit activates a seperate relay in sequence.  I need 6 relays to activate with 6 button pushes in sequence.  I know this is a very simple circuit to design.  I just can't figure it out nor find out how to make it. I'm not sure what the voltage of the relays coil should be.  My goal is to make bottle rockets launch off of my RC helicopter.  I'm going to use a 9vdc power source, a couple capacitors and some nichrome wire.  The relays are there so that each rocket launches seperately.  Hense the need for the circuit.   So with each push of the button on the transmitter...a seperate rocket is fired.  Thanks for any help ya'll.

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RC car ¨tuning¨

So I have an RC car and so does my friend and whenever we race them he always wins so I was thinking of maybe tuning it a bit (you know add an extra battery or something) so how can I tell how much voltage my circuit board and motor can take. The car itself uses a 12v battery and is fully digital (you can go slowly or quickly and you can turn only a bit or all the way, you know what i mean) I can provide some photos of the circuit board if that helps, just ask.I know that RC cars are a bit childish but when Im older I want a job involving cars so thats a good place to get started =]

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Micro quadcopter circuit board as flight controller and receiver?

I have a little airhogs quadcopter. A motor had died in it, so it doesn't fly anymore. I kinda got the idea to connect ESCs to the motor output of the quad's circuit board. Would those motor outputs be able to drive the PWM input of the ESC, allowing the board to basically drive larger motors?

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Can I replace the battery with something like 12V or more and the small motors with powerful motors for more speed ? Answered

I have an RC Car that needs 6 AAA 1.5v Batteries in it's batterypack.It has some chip and then switch and two power cords to two Motors-one for turning left-right and another for Going forward and back.will the circuit burn out?

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RC wired Tank to Radio? Answered

I have a Aoshima 1/48 scale RC Panther that I want to convert to Radio Control. Right now, it is wired(cable from controller to tank). Is there any way to convert it? And what do I need? Tank here: Detailed Intructions: Info: Circuit board seems to be in controller, not tank Battery also in controller, not tank.

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help upgrading an old RC truck?

Ive got an old New Bright RC truck, i got it around 2000 so as you can assume the batteries arent very good anymore. im not looking to repair the batteries though, im looking to upgrade the truck with a little bit of some newer technologies. heres where i ask for help: i dont want to overpower the control board in the car, since it may have adverse effects on how it performs, so i just want to up the power to the motor. i have some D2583 and B1658 transistors, i found a datasheet for the D2583's that says they are high power NPN transistors, but no such luck with the B1658's. using the D2583's (i have 6 of them), i want to create a circuit that runs from the main board, and acts as a second H-Bridge (or some sort of control circuit) that controls more power, so i can safely run more voltage to the drive motor without overpowering the main circuit board. does anybody know how i can do this? i have attached a picture of the area on the circuit board where the original H-bridge is.

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how can i hack remote control of rc helecopter?

CHi , i need to control one of sticks (throttle) ,i used switch which chose arduino connected to channel or sticks connected to channel ,  i send pwm otput from arduino then  i used smoth circuit to make it true analog then  i connected it to switch but nothing happen at motors ,what is possible type of data voltage that sticks give so i can replace it by arduino voltage , how can i know voltage if  havent datasheets? il

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Hi is it possible some one send me rc airplane full electronic circuit?

I want to make my own radio control for airplane model.

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Will this circuit work out of curiosity?

I saw a question, that asked about making a relay circuit that is capible of moving or rotating something to one extreme, then stop, and reverse direction to go the other way, but what intresting is that there is also supposed to be a delay in it, so it goes all the way in one direction, stops for a moment, and reverses direction and stops, then reverses... you get the idea. That question intrigued me, as I like really basic and elegant solutions that do not use a raspberry pi to do such a demeaningly simple task! I can see something like that being used for an automatic door w/ one button operation, and I decided to see what I can come up with on my own with a few relays on paper. Here was my solution. However, although I have traced it all out and it seems to be functional, can anyone else verify that? When I get the parts, I will actually try to build a scale model to and see how well it works (after all, thats the best way to discover problems! The physics engine of real-life is never wrong :) ). I may modify it so it just uses a "open" and "close" switch instead w/ the limit switches. (a bit more practical for that use.) But I wanted to challenge myself with those requirements instead. The idea here is that I have 2 DPDT switches, the 1st one will be a latch, and the second one will change the polarity of the motor. There is a giant RC circuit on the output of the 1st relay which delays the changing of polarity to the motor using the 2nd relay (as an H bridge), and the limiting switches control power to the motor in one or the other direction, (so when one limit is hit, the power cannot continue to flow through the into the motor, so it does not keep trying to push the switch off, but still must allow the polarity to be reversed and let the motor travel the other direction to the other side, so it does not freeze up right there. Thats needed because the same RC circuit which delays the polarity switching is 'laggy' and the capacitor takes time to discharge, and it will continue to try to press that motor into the switch until the capacitor has discharged fully though the relay coil. Just not good engineering practice.) 

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how to make a 1 channel rc transmitter and reciever?

How to make a 1 channel rc transmitter and reciever? i want to on/off a motor of 6volt 800mah wirelessly by rc system(btw the range of 5 metres) dont tell me to buy a rc car or readymade circuit since i am new to rf technology so i wana to know about it ant make it myself so please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me it is the project of my school i would be thankful for that

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Variable speed on a 5v brushless fan

Hi everyone! I have a 5v DC (0,15A, 50mm x 15mm) computer brushless fan that I want to power with a battery pack (4x AA rechargeables= 4,8v) or the MightyMinty Boost. This small blower is meant to be a part of a woodgas stove, and will bring air to the fire through a small duct. I'm looking for a circuit that would allow me to control the speed of the fan and the airflow. Kinda like a dimmer switch. Is there a readily available switch or devices that I could plug between the batteries and the fan? I guess the RC guys out there know a few thing about variable speed controller. I'm a newbie at this; I don't what to build a circuit from scratch, unless it's really simple. Thanks

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how to make a simple wireless detonator to ignite a 10g of gunpowder?

A wireless detonator  circuit from an RC car(for example) and a relay circuit to ignite a pingpong size container with gunpowder

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How can I make an rc signal repeater to extend rc toy range ?

I few week ago I bought a small rc car. Its receiver receives only a few meters away from the transmitter (approximately 3-4 m) . I like the car beacuse it's small however its range is too small. I thought that I could make some kind of a signal repeater or responder (I don't know which is more apropriate). That way I could but the "repeater" in some distance and be able to transmit farther.  So, can I make such a circuit? Also I thought that I could connect an rc transmitter with an rc receiver. That way everytime the receiver receives a signal it will activate the transmitter. Can I do that? P.S. Excuse me for my English I am new to the rc world :)

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I want a special rc tank

Hi, We wanted to design circuit board. The Circuit board size 92mm x 42mm. This circuit board is for small RC Tank with two wheels which has two motors. This tank is for indoor usages. RC tank properties; a) Image transfer operation with 5g wifi and android hand terminal b)take picture recording c)2.4 g remote control (left, right, forward, backward) d)voice comunication single side e)Industrial tablet; android operating system support with remote control visual comminication. sample applications;,searchweb201603_1,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=6f402017-0dcb-44ff-aa1b-8ba773277605-6&algo_pvid=6f402017-0dcb-44ff-aa1b-8ba773277605&priceBeautifyAB=0

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Can somebody help me with a 315Mhz RF module?

Hello everybody At the moment I'm building a circuit that should make a little motor turn forwards or backwards. It will be controlled by an 315Mhz RF module, wich i've bought from The circuit contains: a voltage regulator, a H-bridge for the motor, and a reveiver. When i connected the circuit on a breadboard everything worked perfectly (even without an antenna connected I could control the motor over 20 meters away). Then I soldered everything in place, connected a 23,8cm antenna to the board and I placed the hole thing in a plastic container. Then the trouble came. I can only control the motor from 50 centimeters away, if i go futther the signal light will blink instead of a continuous light. Can anyone help me out?

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How do i do it? RC Cooler

I'm building a RC cooler with a PVC frame to "Make my mark" at the science field trip next year in 8th grade. I need a circuit I plan to use 2 motors, like a tank, to turn. Right wheels speed up and it turns left. viceversa. If anyone can help me... (same model cooler in pic)

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How to make an RC-Car-Battery Powered Portable USB Charger?

I recently decided that I wanted to build a "USB Battery Pack" for charging my USB devices, like my phone and camera, on the go, however, I'm pretty new to this stuff. Like, circuits and DIY electronics. So...I need help. Like, very detailed help. I have two batteries from some old RC cars. They're Nikko brand, 9.6 volts each, and they look like this: I also have the connector for them, with the red and black leads coming out. What I'm wanting is charger to have is 2 USB ports, an On/Off rocker switch, an LED for On, and an LED for Low Battery. But I have no idea where to start, what to buy, or how to connect what to buy. So I'm asking here. There have been plenty of tutorials for usb chargers on here and Youtube, but none close to what I want to make. If the batteries I have wouldn't be as efficient, please tell. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it! 

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Some uses for a optical mouse and the USB "reciever" for it?

Hey, i've got a spare optical mouse that works with a USB device (reciever?) that gets the mouse's signal, and I want to make something with those things, but I dont have any ideas, I was thinking maybe a RC device controled with the mouse? i dont know, im sort of a begginer in this stuff, does anybody have any ideas please? thanks

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Simple circuit to turn robot chassis with DC motors into RC car?

I want to convert a robot chassis with two DC motors, like this one: into a basic RC car. Ideally, I'm looking for an off-the-shelf solution consisting of a remote with two joysticks (for tank-style steering) and a paired breadboard-compatible receiver that outputs, for each channel, either (a) an analog voltage (say from 0-5V) or (b) a PWM signal (from 0-100% duty cycle). Those signals would be used to control the motors through two transistors. The closest thing I've got so far was recommended by a colleague - a paired remote control and receiver module: However, that receiver outputs a PWM signal intended for servo control. My understanding of servo PWM signals is that they don't actually swing fully from 0-100% duty cycle, so that wouldn't necessarily work (i.e. if it only drops to 25% duty cycle, the robot would never actually come to a full stop). Any suggestions for a simple, off-the-shelf solution would be appreciated. I realize there are probably more complicated ways to do this (rip apart an old RC car and steal the circuitry, use an Arduino, etc), but this is for middle-school kids in an afterschool setting, so I need to minimize cost and complexity.

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Can somebody tell me how these circuits works ?

These circuits are TX and RX 433MHz RF module. Can somebody tell me how these circuit works ? and can somebody show me its block diagram ?

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How does a BEC work?

I was wondering how a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) for RC cars works.   I know it has 2 wires for the motor, a connector for the receiver, and wires for the battery.  But, I don't know how to connect it.  If someone could explain it, I would appreciate it very much.  Thanks in advance.

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RC Car Battery Powered Portable USB Charger!

I recently decided that I wanted to build a "USB Battery Pack" for charging my USB devices, like my phone and camera, on the go, however, I'm pretty new to this stuff. Like, circuits and DIY electronics. So...I need help. Like, very detailed help. I have two batteries from some old RC cars. They're Nikko brand, 9.6 volts each, and they look like this: I also have the connector for them, with the red and black leads coming out. What I'm wanting is charger to have is 2 USB ports, an On/Off rocker switch, an LED for On, and an LED for Low Battery. But I have no idea where to start, what to buy, or how to connect what to buy. So I'm asking here. There have been plenty of tutorials for usb chargers on here and Youtube, but none close to what I want to make. If the batteries I have wouldn't be as efficient, please tell. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it!

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how to create a RC control to connect to a motor by 2.4 GHZ?

I need to create a circuit to connect a application mobile to a motor to move my dish antenna but i have some probleme to connect this application by wireless to my module . if someone can help me thx reguards

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Does Increased resistor wattage effect peak amperage output?

Hello, I am in the process of building a 900W+ (60v  ~14a)  RC EDM generator. I am using a heavily modified hairdryer heating coil at  4 Ohms resistance at about 1200 watts. According to my calculations (derate transformer output wattage 20% in order to obtain minimum wattage required), I needed a minimum of 720 watts of dissipation on the resistor. Would it be okay to use a higher wattage resistor without any amperage drop on the circuit while it is operating?

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How do I make a wireless on/off switch?

Hello guys I'm a beginner so go easy with me :D I want to make a simple wireless on/off switch. I press button A, the power is off. I press B, the power is on. I don't care what method as long as it is NOT line of sight.  Please direct me to a website with a simple circuit of the likes of that. Thanks,

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