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RCA converter project

I have an old TV that I want to convert so that it's able to be used as a monitor for my camcorder. The TV however only has an antennae and screws on the back for a circular UHF antenna. It's an old RCA Model EJR 291S black and white tv. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

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rca power supply

I was wondering if anyone could post how to make a simple rca power supply for a tattoo machine. Just a plain rca female input like off the game cords, not the guitar amp. it needs only to supply 3-4 volts of power. maybe an old walkman or something? when i have the smallest cutest girly homeade tattoo machine that i want to post but i want to make sure it works properly first, it runs off batteries right now but i want to be able to plug it in. if someone does this project could they msg me when its posted? thanks :)

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RCA OUT TO Laptop?

Ok so heres the deal im basicly trying to connect this thing to my computer;=260592280023&ssPageName;=STRK:MEWNX:ITright and i need to go from the rca output of the receiver to one of the ports on my computer so i can veiw the signal on my laptop i have VGA and S Video and usb ports on my laptop i have rca, vga, and usb cables that i can splice in anyone can help im in the dark here thanks

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Composite/rca output for webcam

Is there anyway to modify usb webcam so it has composite/rca as the output?

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RCA cable power loss

Hi hi, Im splitting RCA cables coming from my cable box. I split the sound 3 times now. 1 to TV, 1 to stereo, 1 house system. Im wanting to add a 4th for daughters Karaoke. Easy enough with more splitters. How many times can I split a audio RCA signal before I start loosing too much to play correctly? Thanks in advance. Bman

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Wire a RCA Cable To A USB Connector Answered

I am wondering if there is a way to wire an RCA cable into a USB Cable, for Video Signals. I know they make adapters for VGA to USB but what about RCA or AV. 

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RCA to 27-pin connector circuit?

   Hey, do any of you know where I could find a circuit schematic for taking RCA footage and displaying it on a 1.4" LCD screen? The screen, ( connects to a 27-pin connector, and i have an infrared camera I wish to feed to the screen for a night-vision project I'm working on. Any ideas on what to do? 

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can i turn rca output into input?

I have a portable dvd player that only has output rca ports and want rca input

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Removing Broken Pin from an RCA Jack

I recieved a free, working TV the other day. The only problem with it was the pin from an RCA video cable had broken off inside the socket. I didn't want to spend money on an RF modulator for my DVD Player, so I figured out a pretty solid way of getting the pin out. 1.) Find a needle 2.) On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. 3.) heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. 4.) stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin 5.) wait a few seconds for it to cool 6.) pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

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will a vga to rca cable work to play games on a monitor? Answered

I want to play games like ps1, ps2, ps3, wii, and ps2 slim but all I have is a portable dvd player with av in fuction but I want to play it on a monitor so will a vga to rca cable work for games on my monitor? By the way my monitor is a hp, I don't know what model but I don't think that matters much.

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Jammed locking type RCA Audio Interconnect

Hi  I have these Straightwire Rhapsody S RCA interconnects . They have a threaded sleeve over the RCA plugs. Mine are totally jammed !!! and any attempt to turn them is loosening the RCA plug on the AMP itself !!! the RCA plug is supposedly Gold - meaning gold plated copper mostly the sleeve is nickel looking  I tried pliers ! no avail ! Help!!! thanks  NEO

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Is The Insulated Wire In An RCA Cable, The Negative or the Positive One?

I was just trying to build an RCA to USB cable but I am not being able to find the polarities! Please HELP!

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I want to amplify an RCA video signal for a small project. Answered

Is it the same as standard amplification, and if not, how do you do it? by rca I mean the yellow plug.

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how i do a convertor to rca cable video to vga?

I want to play my games using my pc monitor, so any idea?

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I have a security camera that had USB connection on it someone I know spliced it with rca?

My son yanked the wires apart it did work the wires are red,white,yellow,green and ground

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using a RCA digital TV converter box? Answered

Does any one have a RCA converter box from walmart and know how to get it to work. I bought one and have tried countless antenna's but can't pick up a single channel and I live in a big city.  I even bought a digital antenna and an antenna booster from walmart hooked those up to it and still couldn't receive a single channel. So took them back and got my money back but I waited too long on the converter box so am stuck with it so would like to get it to work. Does anyone know what you have to have for it. Please help..   

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A/V cables (Now RCA Inputs/Outputs)

I'm making a 3 way switcher on the cheap (of course) and was wondering if the negative wires of each plug could be put together (Left/Right/Video) and be hooked up to the same terminal. I would think so, as long as the positive wires were kept separate. Would it be alright to do it this way?Thanks :)Update:Here's what I ended up doing... just hooking the wires up to each input/output on the corresponding terminals of each. Each set (Red/White/Green. Yes, I used green... it doesn't really matter though, just pretend it's yellow :) ) needs 6 wires to be hooked up to them and then soldered onto the terminals of the others. Or in my case I soldered 6 wires onto each set, installed the rca units into the casing, and then soldered the correct wires together and taped them up to prevent them from touching each other. Pretty much a basic set-up.As you can see in the photos below, I haven't gotten around to finishing it up to make it look nice, but it does work very nicely (as long as you only have one input on at a time). If you're as fortunate as I was and land a nice deal like this, you can do pretty much whatever you want to do with them :) I've already got my monies worth just by making this, since the cheapest three way switcher around here is about $12, and this is a 7 way splitter (since it's not switchable) and I still have 52 more sets left.In the photo showing the back of the unit, you can see a small hole in the upper left corner. I was going to place a switch the so that the speaker could be turned on and off, but I didn't think the speaker would fit back in, so I misplaced it. I realize now that it will and I'll probably reinstall it and hook it up to a switch.I may even hook up some stereo jacks (taken from an old junk laptop) into either the left or right channel when I get around to it.

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How can I put video inputs on a gameboy advance sp?

I want to put video inputs on my gameboy advance sp but I do not want to have to purchase anything. I want it to be all home made and I want to put rca jacks on it. Can anybody help me with this?

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Awesome Idea for a Hack but need LCD know how.

Hello there Everyone! I am trying to Do a project where I can use Small LCD screens (perferably a CVS disposable camera 1.4" TFT screen) The problem is I'm not quite sure how to go about hooking them up to a RCA, or S-video input. My whole project hinges upon me getting a good LCD or OLED monitor as they need to be fairly high quality. I cannot seem to find many small LCD or OLED suppliers out there so I am hoping this can be done with the disposible. I would also like to ask if anyone does have information on where to buy small, detailed LCDs that can receive RCA. I considered using a cell phone screen but it seems that you need to break down an analog RCA input and digitize it to be viewed on the screen, something that needs a beefy micro controller and programing knowhow, of which i have neither. Please lend a hand, and you may see my first instructable, of something rather awesome.

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Is it possible for an xbox 360 to output both hdmi and rca signals?

I've perfecting my capture setup, but ever since I upgraded my television I would really like to be able to play in hd, and record in sd. Is this possible? As far as I know the xbox 360 can only output one of these signals at once, I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

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I have a projector that only has rca in. How do I connect cable to it?

 I have cable in my bedroom. I want to connect it to my torpedo projector. I was over at a friends house and pluged it into his small cable box thing in his basement. That worked. I dont have a direct tv adapter thing. I use comcast. i looked at a coxial to rca adapter. That would only let me view one channel. Would a digital converter box that has rca out work? If not what kind of box could I use that has the rca out. The comcast converter box has coxial out. could I just plug that adapter into that and then plug it into my projector? 

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How do I run a my Mp3 player through the RCA jacks on the OEM DVD player in my Van?

How do I run a my Mp3 player through the RCA jacks on the OEM DVD player in my Van? It will only change to that audio input if their is video input into the RCA jacks?

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How do I convert RCA portable dvd players slave usb screen into computer monitor?

Well my portable dvd player has died, it says disc error on everything and I unscrewed it and cleaned it all with alcohol, it no longer works so now I've got the second screen for the back of the other car seat, the only input is usb, it's 5v but if i plug it in all I get is a blue screen, if I try to install any of the displaylink drivers it doesn't work with this screen. how do I utilize this usb screen as a second screen?

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Composite to VGA

I am looking into using a computer monitor as a tv screen. Is it possible to conect a composite (Yellow, Red, White) to VGA (like a computer monitor) using and adapter like this one. Has anyone done this before? What do I need to do this? , Dan

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Can I modify a stand up arcade to accept different input?

I'm looking into building a custom arcade system.  I have decided that to save time and frustration that I will be retrofitting an actual arcade and was wondering if there was any way to output RCA (Red, Yellow, White) cables to the monitor or even vga.  I was thinking that this could be done by adapting the video output on a game board but was wondering if anybody's done this before.

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DIY composite/component input switcher Answered

I am trying to build a box that lets me switch between 4 composite inputs and 1 component input. my TV has a component input where the Y jack also accepts composite video. i originally figured i could just get a six position switch and just switch the ground line but then i thought that would end up sending a video signal back into the other consoles which seems bad. i thought about using transistors and a picaxe or something but an option that only requires a switch would be much more pleasant. what would be the best option and where can i buy a switch with that many poles and throws or where can i buy transistors that will handle frequency of the video and audio signal?

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tv out arduino code stops?

I recently wrote some code for an arduinio to read an encoder and display it via RCA.  Problem is, it sometimes freezes on a blank screen when I'm turning the encoder.  Any ideas why? the code is below.  And yes, I know that the interrupts mess with the signal and it flickers, I want to know why it will stay off whenever the encoder is halfway through a cycle.  #include float anaval = 0; float value01 = 0; int val = 1; float value; float value10; float value100; int out; int r = 0; float pos = 0; int rd = 4; float incr = 0.00078125; TVout TV; unsigned char x,y; char i = 48; void setup()  {    pinMode(2, INPUT);    pinMode(7, INPUT);    digitalWrite(7, HIGH);    digitalWrite(2, HIGH);    attachInterrupt(0, encoderPos, CHANGE);   x=0;   y=0;   TV.begin(_NTSC,128,56); //for devices with only 1k sram(m168) use TV.begin(_NTSC,128,56) } void loop() {    disp(); // TV.clear_screen();   //  TV.print_char(4,4,char(value100)+48); //   TV.print_char(10,4,char(value10)+48); //   TV.print_char(16,4,char(value)+48);   //  TV.print_char(22,4,char(value01)+48); } void stringer(){      value01 = val; value = val / 10; value10 = val / 100; value100 = val / 1000; value = int(value);//rounds the variables value10 = int(value10); value100 = int(value100); value01 = int(value01); value01 = value01 - (value * 10);//removes all but the tenths-place digit value = value - (value10 * 10); value10 = value10 - (value100 * 10); } void encoderPos(void){ //this is a state machine to determine the direction of the encoder.  //every half-cycle it counts, effectively doubling the encoder resolution.    r = 1;    disp();   if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){    if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){      while(r == 1){       disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == LOW){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){            pos = pos + incr;            r = 0;          }}}                                     }    else {      while(r == 1){           disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == LOW){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){            pos = pos - incr;            r = 0;          }}}    }    }else{//same as the above code, but with High-Low reversed.    r = 1;    if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){      while(r == 1){       disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){            pos = pos + incr;            r = 0;          }}}                                     }    else {      while(r == 1){         disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){            pos = pos - incr;            r = 0;          }}}    }     } } void disp(){   val = int(pos * 1000);          TV.print_char(4,4,char(value100)+48);     TV.print_char(10,4,char(value10)+48);     TV.print_char(16,4,char(value)+48);     TV.print_char(22,4,char(value01)+48); //  TV.delay_frame(1);       stringer(); }

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IS a Coaxial S/PDIF port the same as RCA video? Answered

Looking at working out a solution for someone with tv and what not. i know that there is a computer montior input, and then under "audio" it says Coaxial S/PDIF the S leads me to believe that it is sound and not video, so if no is there any way to get a vga to the rca video? we want to buy a computer monitor, and then a dtv box and use a laptop to watch tv online and then use dtv for that too. thoughts?

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Wire a RCA Cable To A 5 pin mini USB Connector?

Wire diagram to Wire a RCA Cable To A 5 pin mini USB Connector

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how can I hack a cga computer monitor to work for rca?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can make a instuctable for me so I can wire some rca plugs for my science project i'm working on.

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how do i add RCA inputs to my portable dvd player?

Hi After moving i unearthed my old, but very big screened, portable dvd player. It used a Li-Po battery which is lost and has been flat for 4-6 years, so its unlikely to work anymore, and even so, i no longer need it. What i do now need is an LCD reverse parking monitor. I have everything but an LCD with RCA inputs, so i figure, why not repurpose my DVD player. I need to know,  how would i go about locating the correct area in the circuit to connect the RCA input? I know how to follow tracks, im just not sure what it is im looking for, My first thought was, follow the RCA outputs, and hope that at some point it leads to where the DVD player is producing the RCA that goes both to the output jack, and also to another processor/ encoder/ decoder which then feeds the data stream to the LCD, and all i need to do is sever the original RCA track and use my own, however before i do anything, i want a second opinion, as well as also finding out if my logic is sound. If infact the datastream from the dvd reader is being turned into a decoded datastream for the LCD in the same place that also creates the RCA output, then this wont work, as there is nowhere to put the inputs. In this case, how would i go about getting my video output to display on the LCD? how would i go about locating a decoder and conecting it up and ect,  just video anyway, for the time being i dont need audio, also the audio track is easy enough to manually hijack anyway. This is a situation where i would rather spend an excessive amount of effort in getting it to work rather than buying a display. Thanks

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How can I connect the USB output from my laptop to the RCA jacks on my tv?

I'm in school, and I'm a bit of a geek.  Let me first tell you the existing setup, and the problem, so you don't suggest a non-viable answer.  I am running windows 8, with a 23" multitouch monitor on the hdmi output, and a 19" non touch widescreen on the vga.  This VGA, however, is not straight-thru.  It connects to a belkin KVM switch, to connect to both tower and laptop when its in there.  The 19" has only vga and dvi options for input.  The 23" touchscreen will take HDMI, VGA, or DVI.  The 32" monitor is a crt and only has coax and rca inputs.  When I am working on a project, I have my screens quartered and layered and still do not have enough space on the screens to see everything I need to.  I am using them as extended monitors rather than as duplicate or single-display only. I need to be able top take a USB output and bring it (through any necessary converters or cables) to the RCA input of the TV.  Any ideas anyone?  I don't have the money to buy a new monitor or tv or I wouldn't be asking.

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old camcorder suitcases

Does anyone know how to take an old RCA camcorder case and convert it (line it) into a suitcase?

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how to make or wire a VGA cable to Rca ports or plugs?

That will work on Windows system

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Noob question about BNC to RCA connection for a CCTV Camera? Answered

I apologize for the noob question. I have searched the internet for a couple hours now and cannot find the answer to my question. I have a couple CCTV security cameras that have the BNC connection designed for a DVR. I am curious if since there is only two wires for the BNC connection and two wires for the RCA connection, can I just splice my video cable to hook up a RCA at the end? My goal is just to plug this camera into our TV so we can view live; we don't need to record anything. I have a couple 100 ft lengths of BNC cable, and as apposed to buying anything, I'd love to use what I have laying around to convert one end myself if it works out to just be a straight connection. Thanks in advance! :)

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Splicing a micro usb wire with a male 3 jack RCA?

I want to know if its possible to solder these 2 wires together, since there is one on ebay for a yellow and white, but not a red. Or should I just buy the cable?

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Need Data Sheet for old diode laser. RCA SG2001

I have been digging though my assortment of electronic components, stuff that has gathered dust for years.  One item I came across still new in the original package is a laser diode.  RCA # SG 2001.  I have tried searching internet with out much luck other than a PDF about how to drive the diode.  ( short pulses high current ) I see the same part number referenced for other products.  I did find it listed but there is no data showing that I can find. is over 30 years old !  No reason not to know what it is or what it could be used for, perhaps for the pocket engraver? Would much appreciate any information anyone may have about this chip.  I believe it is fairly high power IR diode.   It is stud mount with a single lead exiting the center of the stud bolt.  A bit less than 1/4" dia case.

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how do i connect RCA"s output to my 2007 corolla original radio

I want to connect rca out to my 07 corolla just wondering if any one knows pins or how to with soldering iron tnx

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can you change the output cable of a security camera from RCA out puts to USB for computer use? Answered

I have a security camera from bunker hill security and it has an output cable that looks like a phone cable. the A/V outputs on the camera are RCA connections. I want to know if there is a way to change the RCA A/V cable to a USB output so i can use it to output onto the computer instead

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Handheld game with video out

So I was sitting there watching my little brother play an old little hand held game from McDonalds, and he said, "Man, I wish the screen was bigger." Which got me thinking, is there anyway to add a video out rca or not  to a minature hand held game system like that?

Topic by batboy61490  

Will this cable allow me to play my laptop screen on my plasma Television? Answered

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How can I build a 15 in 1 out RCA switcher?

I'll have an special room for my retro games and for some others devices (DVD Player, LD Player, VHS Player). In total I'll have 15 equipments In to 1 out (my TV). I tried to find only one switcher, because I'd like to avoid loosing signal having many switchers attached with each other. Someone could help me?

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How do you make a 3.5mm male to a rca video cable?

I have a spy gear atv 360 and i want to make a cable for it to play the video on my tv is therer a website or an instructable that tells you how to do that clearly?

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Qvga LCD for project use? Preferable for use with RCA or component signals ?

Hi , I have a COM35H3M10XTC 3.5inch LCD panel and would like to use it in a project preferable being able to connect it via component or RCA . What would I need to do this? Is it easy? Thanks?

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Does anyone have a diagram for a male headphone jack to dual female RCA (red and black) connector? Answered

I have one male stereo headphone jack (tip, band, ground band), and two RCA connectors (red and black) and I need to solder them with speaker wire so I can get RCA output from a headphone jack. The speaker wire also has one copper wire and one silver looking metal wire so if it matters which metal to use on which lead I also need to know that. Thanks in advance.

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