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Is this real?

Wow i just saw this video on youtube but it could be fake check it out for your self.

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Superheros are real!

Yes, you read that right, superheros are for real!Everyone said you were nuts, but you always knew it!The official superheros index. Another website bringing superheros together.Here is a look at a few of the estimated 150-200 real life superheros known to exist:Mr. Silent: Probably my personal favorite, he reminds me of batman. A practicer of martial arts, he is considered to be a true masked vigilante. He actually goes around at night, looking for people who are getting mugged, and intervenes.Angle grinder man: He may not be able to single-handedly and totally cast off the repressive shackles of a corrupt government -but he can cut off your wheel-clamps for you.By day an odd-job man, this superhero goes around by night in a blue suit and red cape, wandering around Kent and London cutting the wheel-clamps, or "boots", as they're known in the US, off imprisoned cars. He even has a website you can visit, and a number to call to request boot removal.

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zombies are they real?

Are thoe things real?or just an imganation? can such an acolapse happen?

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Is this a real video?

I found this( video on Youtube. Is it real? If it is I will probably make an instructable out of it.

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Is cashcrate real?

I found another money making site; cashcrate. I just wanted to know if anybody have been using it and make money from those guys.

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Is this video real!?!? Answered

 it seems impossible but i guess it work, has anyone tried this? i want to! Thanks! here is the link

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is this a real meteorite?

I found this out in the desert on one of my visits to arizona from vegas. I found this rock during thanksgiving weekend where my dad and I park at his little ranch which is very clean, no rocks at all. we spent the night at kingman for thanksgiving and on our way back to vegas we stop at our little ranch to drop some stuff off when we park I got out and found this rock in a small crater in the dirt. obviously to my surprise I think its a space rock. its heavy for its size and a little larger than a golf ball you'll see the picture. so yeah theres my back ground story of it so let me know what it is. thanks!

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You might have seen Adrian Monk's Superheroes are real thread, which was about people who don half of a superheroes arsenal- "The costumes", and go off to take crime in with their own mortal hands.Now, that's nice and all, normal people doing extraordinary things. But, wouldn't you rather see Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things? I mean, they are really better suited for such things.....Well then, here are 7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers .Some language might be NSFW, so be cautious. This is an extremely funny article.Also, I found out that #3, Yves Rossi a.k.a. Jet-man, (Who you just might have heard of.... ) has his own website:!!

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REAL airsoft gun?

Can an all-metal airsoft gun be moddedto fire real ammo?

Question by 5H4D03    |  last reply

Make it Real Finalists

After much heated deliberation (and crowding around Carley's computer), the finalists for the Make it Real Challenge are now live! With over 1,100 entries, it was extremely difficult narrowing it down to just 50. It took us most of the day, but we managed to cut the list down to size. Of course, there were a number of great projects that just missed the cut. With so much on the line, we did not make this decision lightly. We thank everyone who entered. We would also like to congratulate everyone who made the cut and were selected as finalists!

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My REAL catapult

I recently built a Huge catapult at my friends house out of old decking. It is 13 feet long with a 14 foot arm. My friend needs to get the drill fixed so we can finish and until then we are waiting anxiously. It should shoot a large, 10 pound rock about 100 feet. The next time I go over I'm gonna bring my camera and take a video of it, and guess what? It's powered 100% by torsion just like the Romans. It uses 2 inch diameter rope. I also made a Roman Scorpion which uses 1 inch diameter rope and shoots large arrows 100 feet.

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Who is the real "Kiteman"?

I found this at Who is the real "Kiteman"? Both authors has the same alias. (Actually I already know the answer! hehehe.)

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Real time camera

Ok. So I got this camera thing for free, and I want to use it, but I have absolutely no clue how. I want to connect it to some kind of real time display. I know I probably have to connect something via the 20 prong plug on the back, but beyond that, I'm clueless. can anyone help me?

Topic by Molybdenum  

Make it Real Challenge

In the Make it Real Challenge it states that you can use the 123d design software to help you. When I go to their website I only see downloads for Windows 32 and 64 bit. I was wondering if they have any available 123d software for Mac computers? Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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Are there any real paradoxes? Answered

I'm interested in paradoxes, like "You cannot prove a negative" as a statement of fact. Because I'm thinking these things are only apparent paradoxes, and I'd like some more to think about. L

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Is the Patterson Footage Real?

Everybody has seen the Patterson footage, if they know it or not. The picture below is the most well known frame. Do you think its fake, or do you believe?

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a real knex gun

Post ideas for knex guns here. (pics) only true trigger. the guns below is very powerful. but i want them to have a slides. please comment. i want a very powerful gun.

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Steampunk Gets Real

As reported on New Scientist today, the British steam-powered vehicle Inspiration broke the previous land-speed record for steam power, set back in 1906. The fastest of the two runs was 151 mph, set on a dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base.

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A real air rifle

A buddy from work found this and I found it so interesting I thought I'd share with all you air gun lovers, and lovers of history! Lewis & Clark secret weapon - - a late 18th Century .46 cal. 20 shot repeating air rifle by Girandoni

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The REAL Challenge. (K'NEX)

Okay. This is the only thing I think is impossible with K'NEX. An H&K; GMG. Yeah.REQUIREMENTS@Range of OVER 10 feet. Okay, whatever. As long as it shoots.@Must use true grenades, they must explode. OR, you could have it sling balls of K'NEX. Or K'NEX balls.@Non-disintegrating belt.@4 RPS.@Must look like one.@Must have a tripod.@Fully-automatic.That's about it.

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Working Real Minigun

I was watching Future Weapons the other day and he was firing this huge minigun. It showed how it worked too. I was wondering if anybody could make one using this design.;=210013711&lineupId;=1315740597&titleId;=1335475957After you get here, look at the dillon gattling gun.

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To think, these people are real...!

After a careless click on google, I suddenly found myself looking at, boy!That whole place is so... mad. There are people arguing over the definition of the word "unidentified" (one side was saying you're only allowed to call something a UFO if it is an alien spaceship performing impossible manoeuvres. If it's only a secret government black-ops spaceship, you're not allowed to call it a UFO...)The concept of "evidence" is utterly fruit-loops - one guy was convinced that alien activity was real because he had heard that somebody had written down that somebody else had overheard an astronaut in quarantine mention the fact that Apollo 11 had been "followed by aliens all the way to the Moon".I'm going to bookmark that forum, then every time we get an HHO project posted, or an overunity device, I can go there and see what insane people really act like......!

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Real Estate Question:? Answered

I have looked all over the internet... but cannot find the answer to this question. my step father rented a house to some people and they built a shed. they surrendered the keys and everything, and the court ordered eviction was completed. now he is sueing for the amount they owe, and they want their shed. my step father (landlord) apparently wants the shed now. i am going to ask on yahoo answers, but that isnt allowed at the school, and that is where i am now... sooo, any realtors out there? i live in suffolk virginia, if that is of any help. thanks

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real time operating system ?

Is window  a real time operating system ? If answer is no then what is meaning of " window as real time operating system I don't understand what is meaning of window as real time operating system Is window ce is different thing ?

Question by vead    |  last reply

Real simple contest -- Whoops...

Wait, since most people don't change their licence on their instructable, and since the default has "non-commercial", when its featured in the mag., wouldn't that breech the licensing?

Topic by zachninme    |  last reply

What is Boxxy's real name? Answered

Boxxy is an online phenominon on youtube who likes manga. Does anyone know her real name? if so tell me her name please. :)

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Make it Real Challenge Prizes

Has anybody received their prizes from the Make it Real Challenge?  It's been almost three months now and nothing has arrived.  I keep getting told that it's shipping soon, but nothing yet....

Topic by ridiculously.awesome    |  last reply

make real gun designs

I think that people should try to make their guns look realistic and cool rather than blocky and weird. below is my sl9. I am currently working on a m14, used Vietnam as a primary weapon.

Topic by Mintyhippo    |  last reply

Who is the real Adrian Monk ?

Who is the real Adrian Monk Rumor has it she is really Hanna Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus.And does she need a hat after a photo spread like the last one ?? And does disliking the Simpson's warrant a lynch mob style tarring and feathering ??

Topic by Big Bwana    |  last reply

Airsoft firing real bullets

Can an all-metal airsoft gun truly be modded to fire a .223cal round, as they are approximately the same diameter

Question by 5H4D03    |  last reply

Paintball gun as a REAL weapon?

So I have this Idea that you could remove most of the paint from paint balls and add ammonia to use as a weapon. ANY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!

Topic by jajobe81    |  last reply

What's this? A real search capability!

I just noticed this unobtrusive little ad dropped in next to the regular text-box and pull-down search on the Recent Instructables page. I haven't tried it yet, but it certainly sounds promising.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Real time plotting in Matlab

Hey ppl need some help, im working on a temperature controller that is based on 89c52 microcontroller, the sensor data is conv to digital by an adc0804 & the data is sent to the pc via the rs232 port, i need to plot a temp graph using matlab in real time, ive read that the hold function could be used but i havent had any success so far........ need help with the matlab code, the rest is fine... the baud rate is 9600

Topic by vedvern  

Typo on real board dimensions

On the page it states:Did you know that 1X10 lumber's actual dimension is 3/4"X 9 3/4"?A 1x10 is actually 3/4" by 9 1/4" not 9 3/4"

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scope for knex (real one)

I made the scope using knex and duct tape ok maybe i bought it at Walmart for $8.98 two years ago (Daisy 4x BB) but the point is that that there knex gun is pimped out (its killerks magnum or whatever, only cause it was on hand at the time) I hope to god that no one needs an instuctable for this...

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USA : Real recession or exaggeration ?

Because the world's economy is highly tied to the USA's economy, we're currently very worried about the current smoldering economical crisis in USA. While some specialists say this crisis will be solved quickly, some others are already talking about recession with negative repercussions over the rest of the world ... The simple devaluation of the US dollar already has various negative effects on the EU economy. So what would happen to the whole world if the economy of USA was in recession ? I'd be curious to read your ideas, sentiments and opinions about this crisis. Is this a real crisis ? Is talking about recession exaggerated ?

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Instructables Contest Prizes are Real

Instructables team members canida, randofo, and I just finished mailing out all the contest prizes last week. We had been waiting for some shirts to get back to us from the screen printer and they finally came in. Once we had the items we needed, the front desk turned into prize central. I have never mailed so many packages to so many different places around the world! The instructables user base stretches far and wide.Just thought I would pass along some pictures of the process and let everyone know that instructables contest prizes are real, and that the instructables contest prize team takes their work very seriously.

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making real web shooters ?

Well i have been searching the web for real tech like the movies. and i've always been a spidey fan unfortunately the web shooters don't exist. because no one knows about the fluid or the shooter  i got some idea's for the fluid i think  most people believe that there is glue in the mix but i think maybe liquid rubber would work as long as it's still liquid until it squirts out or like some kind of string to shoot out with it to stick to it to make it a solid web .and for a very important part of the shooter a small narrow nozzle  i'm not a science wiz so please give me some ideas  or comments.

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Real Home made guns?

Hi there, i'm new in this site, but is there instructions here on making lethal homemade guns? Not just bbs or knex, I mean ones that are really lethal. or even beter, is there someone here that knows how to make lethal automatic guns? I wached mythbusters about the paper cross bow and discovered some inmates in the past made guns from plumbing materials. Is there anyone here that knows how to do somthing like that? Waht about home made ammo?

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The real instructables rating system

The new instructables rating system is messed up, theres the rating that they want you to think, and theres the rating you actually get when you give a crap instructable on how to open a can of sprite a .5 rating .5 - 2.68 1 - 2.73 1.5 - 2.77 2 - 2.86 3 - 2.91 3.5 - 2.95 4 - 3.00 4.5 - 3.05 5 - 3.09 anything rated +1 in the previous rating system is a 5, which really means a 3.09, i think its that way... this only applies to 1st ratings

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It had to happen: Real SnailMail

In hindsight, it's inevitable that somebody would create genuine snail mail, and recruit actual snails to carry actual messages.The gastropods have been fitted with equipment to allow them to send e-mails on behalf of visitors to a website.Instead of instantaneous communication, sent messages will travel at 0.03mph (0.05km/h) and could take days, weeks or even months to arrive.It is part of a "slow art" project called Real Snail Mail at Bournemouth University in the UK which will be showcased in Los Angeles in August.Each snail is fitted with a tiny capsule which holds a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip. RFID allows objects to communicate over short distances.Users of the service send a message via the Real Snail Mail website which is routed to the tank at the speed of light to await collection by a snail "agent".As the three snails slowly amble around the tank, they occasionally come into range of an electronic reader, which attaches the e-mail message to the RFID chip.The electronic messages are then physically carried around the tank by the snails until one of the gastropods passes close to a second reader.It is then forwarded over the net in the usual way. So far, the three snails have managed to deliver 14 messages.Users of the service will hope that Austin is on hand to collect their messages. The Snail has made 10 of the deliveries so far with an average delivery time of 1.96 days. SnailMail siteBBC story

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I'm leaving, and this time for real.

But only for a week. Gotcha!We're off on holiday tomorrow (Saturday 24th, UK calender) for a week in Whitby - fossils on the beaches, jet in the shops, Dracula's landfall, but no internet at all.Be good, don't break anything, and if the Instructables TV show gets off the ground in the next seven days, remember that I called dibs on the presenter slot.There's not a lot of need or point in replying to this thread (since I'm not going to be reading it until I'm back), I'm really just letting you know so nobody panics...where's Kiteman? It's all gone quiet, the post rate is down, our spelling is falling apart, the woowoo brigade are taking over...

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calling "real" airsoft players

When i say airsoft for "reals" i mean not springers unless it is a high quality sniper rifle. and by high quality i mean 250 for stock gun and 800 dollars more in upgrades... just wondering, anyone else rock AEG's, gas pistols, sniper rifles?.. etc.... familiar with brands like tokyo marui, classic army, ics, g&g, tanaka, western arms, etc etc. also... not playing in parks, backyards... in the house. or places that will ruin the sport by getting shot to death by cops. even if it does have an orange tip, cops come anyways when they're called. and yes they are ready to blast you away if they feel their life is in danger... legally too. i would know. personal experience which was years ago. by no means am i bashing people.. im not saying that playing with springers is not okay, i understand not everybody has the time or money. its just i noticed a lack of any airsoft instructables for those serious about the sport?... and yes i've spent well into the thousands for the sport, no i dont think its a waste of money, i have a lot of fun doing my thing.

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Making a real video game?

Hi all... i want to say before i start that i know that this will take a VERY LONG time and a TON of work to do. I've tried it. But... im wonderring if someone could tell me exactly how to make a REAL 3d video game. I know that ill need models... and textures... and audio... and all that crep. But, for me, the .exe is the big part bcuz thatz basically the hardest(ish) part. I have done a little modeling and i can do some texturing although, its not that great. I realize that your gonna say "Get a program to make it like gamemaker" but... i have tried that and it really didnt pleas me. I mean... i want the game to be %100 mine. I want to code it from scratch. I know that this is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY hard, but i am willing to put the time into it. I have almost every night of the week, and the weekends to work on it for lik 5-12 hours, so i have time. I just need to know how to make the exe and utilize the other game files with it. I know im asking a lot... but i really want 2 do it. It will drive me crazy if i dont. And, if i could... i wanna make it a ps2 game. Please dont reply if you cant/arent going to help me because... well... i just wanna make my game. So PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance. Please feel free to ask any questions about what i want to make. THANKS!

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A real challenge for you K'nexperts

I've had this idea for awhile now though I figured I'd save it for myself. I finally decided I don't really feel up to trying to make one myself. I'll let you do that for me. Basically the idea is a "perfect" war weapon. I'm not sure if the idea will be realistically perfect but the idea sounds cool in general so on with the challenge. Basically the point is to incorporate a close range, medium range, and maybe a long range weapon into one compact package. My idea of this is a pump action, repeating shotgun or easy to reload normal mag gun, a bolt action or turret gun, and possibly a slingshot. I have a paint drawing of my design for the concept for you to look at for an example. You are free to use whatever ideas you want though as long as you have a short and medium-long options. I don't care if you have a slingshot as I don't think they'd be super effective but it would be impressive to see you pulling it off. I will be judging the guns personally. Seeing how I don't have the time to build all of them I'll just have to judge them by first impressions so therefore I will be judging on: Looks- It shouldn't look messy. As long as it's rather clean cut I shouldn't mind too much. Size- I want it as compact as possible. I don't care if you have a stock or not as long as it looks good. Efficiency- Kind of similar to size. I want to see how well you can make the gun work. Effectiveness- I'd appreciate a video or otherwise an honest summary of how it performs. I don't care how far the short range gun can shoot as long as you can dish out some heavy fire. If you choose to add a slingshot, it should be tested with rifled rods (finned). I don't care how big the turret is if you choose to use one but chances are I'll only have enough pieces to make an 8 round turret. The one that I like the best I'll build and review in a video. Be warned I'll probably be harsh (but pretty generous as far as this gun goes if you can get the whole thing working) as I use 5/10 as my average base. 10/10 means that it was executed perfectly so don't expect to get one in any category. So who's up for the challenge? C'mon I want to build a gun like this but am too lazy to do it myself lol. You may proceed to look at my crap paint drawing.

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Do you think Zombies are real?

Topic by lekdawg25    |  last reply

An instructablers dream property in Maine

Totally random posting, but when I saw this Maine property listing I immediately thought it would be a haven as a DIYer commune.

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Turn Your Drawings Into Real Objects Easily has added a very cool new feature to make it much easier for everyone to try out making custom laser-cut items. This new feature, called Photomake, allows you to take a picture of a drawing, submit it to the site, and get it laser-cut. No worries about setting up files, just draw with a black marker on a white sheet of paper and you'll be ready to go!You can find out more info and watch a video of the process on the Photomake page at offer for Instructables usersThe first 100 Instructables readers to make something using Photomake will go into the draw to get their product made and delivered for free. To qualify they just need to enter "Instructables" in the Special Delivery Instructions text box on their way through the checkout.

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What are your favourite guns/ gun shapes?

Its me, I have wondered what everyones favourite gun/s and their favourite gun shapes are, so here you go, post away, post pics aswell if you like, but no knex guns, unless they look like a real gun. My favourite gun is the L96 or the M24, I try to base my guns off of the M24, but fail with L96's.

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