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The Recon is here!

The new nerf recon cs6 has arrived! if you dont know about it, see the picture on my group. i have one as of a few days ago, but for those of you who want one, BUY QUICKLY BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!

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cs-6 recon?

If anyone has a good modification that will 100% definitely work for the new nerf recon, please tell me.

Topic by Fenderpony    |  last reply

recon pipe problem

I want to get the air restrictor out without damaging or drilling the + thingy piece inside. Any ideas? If you do, please tell me because I am getting pretty sick of it being in the way. I cannot find out a single way. I show the right piece from a different mod to the right that I do not want broken. Will cutting the pipe and hot-gluing it work (only 100 percent definitely)?

Topic by Fenderpony    |  last reply

we need better recon mods

Any new recon mods out there? I may be a newbie, but it seems that people are just re-uploading old mods.  Please leave a link in the comments box if you have anything new.   (P.S.- I would really appreciate a maverick integration without cutting)  

Topic by mikedude524    |  last reply

modding a Nerf recon CS-6?

How can you mod a Nerf Recon CS-6 to shoot airsoft bbs?

Question by slimshaddy    |  last reply

help wanted for nerf recon problems? Answered

I pulled apart my nerf recon to mod it but i found that there was nothing i could do. then everything started falling out of it. i tryed my best to put it back together. when i finally put it back together and put the screws back in i discovered that it was very hard to reload. whne i managed to reload it i foun out that it made a strange noise. please help thank mr awesome

Question by shadow wave rider    |  last reply

how do i assemble the nerf recon?

I wanted to see whats inside that thing...bad idea. now i cant pull back the slide, what must i do!!!!??

Question by d4rksaber    |  last reply

new gun

Go check NH front page. Me want.

Topic by vanpaun    |  last reply

What shoots farther the nerf recon or longshot? Answered

I don't have either guns

Question by zack attack    |  last reply

Won't download PDF's dosn't reconize my Pro membership

When I try to download a PDF it dose not reconize my menbership

Topic by maxxe    |  last reply

nerf grenade launcher?

I wanted to make a nerf grenade launcher from my already gutted recon light. any help?

Question by mikedude524    |  last reply

How do i get reconized in the instructable's community?

I was wondering how to be redonized by more views comments or subcibers. I am a young person who wants to be noticed in the community> What topics can i make instructables about

Question by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

is there any place where elementry wallball is a reconized sport? Answered

What i mean by elementry wallball is the game like dogeball that that bounce the ball of the wall but with 1 person teams, i just want to know so i can back it up so i might likely be able to back it up so its not just for kids

Question by 35Timmy    |  last reply

bi pod

I was wondering if someone could buid a bipod from knex or other stuff for my Nerf Recon (im clue less). If so PM me the instructions

Topic by alfpwns    |  last reply

Can the front gun from a longshot be attached to the business end of a recon?

... There really isn't much more to say about this.

Question by MetroidMan347    |  last reply


I have the firefly,Vulcan ebf 25,and the recon

Topic by nfk11    |  last reply

Nerf ak-47

I was looking around on the internet and found this it was coll but i wanted one that shot and so i used the mag from it. then i used the barrel idea from here;=related then used cardboard for the stock and i made this it does shoot if you want step by step directions feel free to ask.

Topic by ninjusk    |  last reply

What's the diameter of the NERF Longshot CS-6's barrel extension?

I'm currently using the existing Longshot barrel extension for my Recon, and I want a replacement for that to put one on my Longshot to make it look like a... well, a Longshot. If possible, could anyone recommend me a diameter that would fit snugly and yet still be able to be removed? I don't want it falling out while firing or holding, or not being removable.

Question by cld0000    |  last reply

New nerf gun

This awsome gun is coming around spring 2008 it the cs6 recon

Topic by nerfer192    |  last reply

What's the 'rail system' on Knex guns? Answered

It is/was a rail system on Knex guns where you can put attachmens on.  I don't know for sure, but I think it was MegaMetals' or rec0n's?

Question by H1T4TCH1    |  last reply

What is the best 2 vs. 2 nerf gun overall?

Whatare mods i can do and ferature and stuff

Question by laxdude    |  last reply

Which Nerf gun? Answered

I wanna get another nerf gun '9i have recon and hyperfire its gonna be raider or deploy but i dont know which one please help MM8

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

were can i download halo3 mods for free?

Like how to get a halo3 army of spartains and elites and halo super weopons and expoint cheats without getting banned by bungie and recon amour and all other cool stuff?

Question by matthew6222    |  last reply

My instructable does not show up in searches

Hello, I published this instructable and I cannot find it in searches. I recon it must be filters. Perhaps some one can release it. Thank you very much.

Topic by Radiocraft    |  last reply

Nerf B-Day help!?

I'm (hopefully) having a nerf war for my 13th. To make it fair everyone gets a maverick, but I want uses for my larger weapons. Here's a list of them: Vulcan, Longstrike, Magstrike, Spectre and Recon. It is (also hopefully) going to take place in a hall. There are 10 people coming.

Question by TheNerdWhoBuilds    |  last reply

I replaced the dvd drive with another one from xbox but now it only plays movies it does not recinize any of the games.

I replace the dvd drive with the same modle from a different xbox but now it only plays movies it will not work with any of my games. Is there something else I have to do to get it to reconize the games

Question    |  last reply

Why will my lap top not accept the Key security code, but my Ipad does?

I have a compaq laptop that I am try to connect to wifi, but it will not reconize the security code I key in.  I also have my Ipad, and it accepts the security code.  What can I do to make my laptop accept the security code?

Question by daleavell    |  last reply

i have a nerf nite finder that i have modified by removing the ar and the light (i am trying to make a sniper out of it)

I would like to   add a stock  but i need help aand some other mods to make the ultimate nite finder and i dont know how to paint with out ruining the gun  update: i have put a recon barrel on it :)

Question by joh54    |  last reply

How do I make a Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Dieselpunk gun?

Okay, I've got 3 glue guns, various cords that I cut off of said glue guns, a Nerf Recon, ZERO budget, no paint, limited time, no tools (save for a few screwdrivers, a hammer and a hatchet), and not one creative bone in my body.  That's about all that I have.

Question by bendog38    |  last reply

MR-B gun

Does anyone think they can make a well working replica for this gun made out of K'Nex?  I myself could probably make this, but due to a recent fire, I'm low on K'Nex, so I'd like to know if anybody is capable of doing that. This was the only picture I was able to find so sorry if it's a bit unclear.

Topic by Cheezpaper    |  last reply

Looking for help with makerbot software!! Duel printer head!!

I am currently designing a duel printer head for the makerbot platform, and I need some help with how the decoder software whould reconize to move the tool head over an millimeter to change colors. I am also intrested in wheter I whould need to do any reprogramming of the motherboard on the makerbot its self.

Question by dgi10    |  last reply

Instructable Published but not there

So I posted this instructable  24 hours ago and I think it just showed up on the site.  I still can't find it in recent at all, so I'm not sure if it's fully there yet.  I know it probably just got stuck in the filters.  So my question is; is there any reason it got stuck?  Like is there something I can do to help my future instructables not to get stuck?  Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

Topic by MsSweetSatisfaction    |  last reply

nerf m203

I have been looking around and have not found a good design for a nerf m203 grenade launcher so i made this picture. (note i have not made one but i might, just an idea) it will fire a nerf pocket vortex in will go below the Nerf recon the tactical rail it would be more for function than look. tell me what you think. ps i may just use a air fitting for a compressor  rather than a pump.

Topic by ninjusk  

Can I write a program that my OWI robotic arm edge will understand?

I am a student, I am suppose to program my OWI robotic arm edge to reconize flowers. We picked the CA poppy as our flower of choice, we purchassed a uCAM camera, we are writing a C++ code program for how to move around on a 24 inch board. When we are done with our program, is there a way to get the program to work with the OWI robotic arm edge? Thank You for any help! 

Question by max76    |  last reply

What's your Nerf arsenal?

Well, no one really talks about nerf guns here, and I thought I may as well bring it up. So, just like knexgunbuilder's topic on what your knex arsenal is, I want to know your nerf arsenal! Just to tell you had had three more guns: the Recon CS-6, a Nerf handgun, and some other gun that was really cheap. And also, my vulcan isn't automatic any more. (it's a long story, so don't ask)     What's yours?

Topic by Seleziona    |  last reply

help with wireless broadband dongle make for external antenna

Two pics attached show the circut board of the zte mf626 wireless broadband dongle last is a sma cable antenna need 2 know how attach a sma plug cable to this dongle and which wire to connect to what brass (gold) tab? as seen the dongle only uses 1 tab for the antenna and another tab is not bieng used so i recon that this dongle can do more than have a small aerial to use a external antenna like the one seen in the third  picture can anyone help with this?

Topic by bubbadamage    |  last reply

Which NERF gun under $25 should i get for a 1v1? Read teh details plz. Answered

Alright. heres a "tough question".im having a 1v1 nerf war. i also have $25 to kill. i have a recon and a maverick. my friend has no nerf guns or anything! i dont care about wat type of dart, just what gun(s) should i get? you know, like the firefly or the magstrike or 2 strikefires or what! ty in advance!

Question by teh_noob    |  last reply

the_burrito_master's knex guns

Bullet bill knex gun: x bow: samus arm gun: SR-4 knex recon kit: assault kit -scar 11.01 knex -assault knife: 52 knex sniper:

Topic by bradleyJOHN    |  last reply

PIC Microcontrollers

Hello. I'm just making my entrance into the world of microcontrollers. But as I self learning everything I have a few questions. I recently purchased 2 PICS (16F648A) and a programming board. The board works fine and I got it to connect to the computer and reconize the PIC. I guess my first question is, Is all hex code PIC specific? Meaning would I be able to use this code "" for my PIC? The models are very similar but not exact. If not, I would like to do the standard "Blink an LED" as my first project. How would I write my code for this PIC and what materials would I need? Thanks!

Topic by jefferson987    |  last reply

cooker hood condenser

Ok i have moved into a new studio which does not have an external vent fitted to the cooker hood and relies on a re-circulation kit comprising of a small tower and a disposable carbon filter (which can cost quite a bit to keep replacing). So what i was thinking was how about ducting it to a homemade condenser, something simple like a plastic container with a cut off of hood filter attached to an area near the top of the container and the vent ducted in through the top of the container it could be primed with an inch or so of water to get the process going..... i recon my concept is pretty basic but am i heading in the right direction?

Topic by Tallanted    |  last reply

How can I use a LM2907 and a microphone to distinguish between two given frequencies; either 5400 Hz or 1900 Hz?

I want to use a LM2907 and a microphone to pick up a frequency (also be able to distinguish between the two frequencies and background noise). I see before me that there will be two outputs. 5V or 0V for "picking up frequency" or "Just background noise" and another output telling whether the microphone picks up the 5400 Hz or the 1900 Hz by 0V or 5V, respectively (the order is not that important when I recon I just can put on an inverter).  What I need to know is the values for my C´s and R´s in the circuit. Can anybody help? I think the Minimum Component Tachometer-circuit will be a good starting point.  The outputs are used for inputs for logic gates.

Question by Janniche    |  last reply

Scholarship Submission: Emergency Pathfinder

Here is my idea on what the iCreate can be useful for, and quite possibly save lives: Have the robot follow the parameter of the house, using special indicators to map out the doors. This would most likely be something like shining a flashlight on it with the robot reconizing that through a photosensor. Once it maps the doors it lays dormant in it's initial starting position, either under a desk, in a hallway or wherever. It would enter a low power consumption sleep mode in which it would take carbon monoxide/smoke readings through a sensor every 1-2 seconds. If it detected a preset level of CO/smoke it would make a high speed pass to each of the doors it had learned about earlier and take additional CO/smoke readings as well as temperature. It would then return to the door with the lowest reading and use high intensity LEDs and a 15w or 30w siren to alert residents that there is in fact a fire and which exit is likely to be the best way out. This design isn't nearly as complicated as some of the others, but I believe it is something that could definately be pulled of and could actually provide some benefit to everyone.

Topic by asyn    |  last reply

Has anyone seen this motor and know how to run it?

Hi, I got A Rckit from my dads freind and was going to use it to drive a rc car. I set it up and it worked for awhile but I think it was the wrong ESC/Receiver and It went POOF when I was running it normally. A few months later I orderd a proper RC system To go with my arduino and after driving a few small cars and robots I decided to make somthing with more power. I found in My drawer the motors again and decided to run somthing with more power. I have No idea the voltage/current of these motors and want to know. After doing lots of rechurch i stumbled across what looked like the right reciver and batterys. I booked marked the page and couldn't find the motors. recentley i found what looks like the right motors but I am not sure (the ones I have the part nums are smudged). Does anyone reconize the motors or know if they are the same as the ones that I found. I am not looking to buy any driving systems for the motors. LINKS. Reciver/esc.  (looking at pics the one i thought was the same isn't) What motors i found thet look the same.   And  this. Batteys that plugged into the reciver.

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Nerf Gun Modification Services

Hey all. I've been modifying nerf blasters for about 2 years now, and would like to make my services availbable to everyone. From integrations to breeches, you can find it here. I'll be willing to modify the following (to a certain extent on some blasters): Nightfinder Maverick Big Bad Bow Longshot Recon Switchshot Airtech 2000 Titan Scout My contracts will consist of a blaster that you send (or the money FOR the blaster and service). I will then perform the modification and send it back to you. Or, we can discuss the type of blaster you're looking for, make it a suprise, THEN talk prices.;=Movie.flv Copy and paste those links into your browser, they're pictures but I don't know how to attatch them. Also willing to do paintjobs and detailing. Contact me at or I/M me via AIM.

Topic by Chris11995522    |  last reply

Nerf Mods

There are so many different nerf mods for ALL nerf guns, But the question is "Which one brings enough power to make a nerf gun shoot far and fast with better accuracy?" Answer is all them, if you put all the mods for one gun into one gun you are going to get a great outcome unless you do the mod bad, take a Recon CS-6 for instance it is a low power nerf rifle not good for wars at all shoots around 20 feet but, mine has been modified and i am currently looking for different modifications for it but it shoots more than 80 feet  measured, exact results are 80 on most shots 1/10 shots shoots around 50 and that is because it was a BAD DART, here is what i did, (P.s: this will be a instructable for the mods in this....) 1 Removed AR 2 stretched out spring by plunger ( not recomended get a new spring if  you can ) 3 put a spring behind plunger to create more friction which pushes the barrel  forward more and causes a stronger air push. 4 made the air tube bigger by the AR with a drill Thats all i did it was easier than most mods i have done ( iremember the maverick i had no idea how to get into the roatating barrel) but it led to the best outcome, P.s doing the same thing makes the Raider CS-35 alot more stronger it will more than likely shoot 90+ I will be getting a longstrike soon so i will show you guys the AR Removal and other mods i know which can be applied to the gun and create another great Nerf Sniper Rifle, Later guys.

Topic by AirsoftTeam  

Top 50 Instructables of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments

This is the second in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the Instructables published in 2007 with the greatest number of comments (I know the year isn't over yet, but we're close enough):1. Laser Flashlight Hack!! - 1,2292. Shutdown Your School! - 5003. morretti SR-4 knex recon kit - 4994. GORKEM'S KNEX SNIPER RIFLE - 3925. XW30K 8-1/2 cm shot Shifle - 3586. Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine - 3497. Knex Sniper Rifle - 3398. K'nex pump action rifle code:OSNJCKMA2 - 3149. 25MM Pneumatic Sniper Rifle - 31210. mepain's sniper rifle - 30911. Invisible Book Shelf - 28612. Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project! - 28213. knex rifle - 27914. Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue - 27015. Mouse Mouse! - 25616. The VORTEX - 23317. FREE Hidden Electricity! - 22518. Mykhailo's L96 - 22519. Gorkems K'nex Sniper Gun (The same gun as the origional, just easiyer to follow instructions) - 22120. Match Rocket - 21421. [ How to softmod your xbox...for FREE] - 21422. The Ice Bulb - 21323. Opening up a coke machine - 21024. How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily) - 20725. How to perform your own Tongue Bifurcation - 20726. $5 Mini USB Fridge! - 20227. How to make a great Knex weapon Instructable - 20128. Laser Cutter Contest Update: Fewer Rules, More Time! - 19629. The K'nexecutioner 1.02 - 19430. How to get some revenge on the credit companies - 19431. Homemade Infrared Goggles! For Under $10 - 19332. Fake Virus!!! - 19233. semi automatic knex pistol - 19034. Creating a 3D effect with image editing software (GIMP or Photoshop) - 18935. Exploding Salt Explosives from Salt - 18936. Polyphasic Sleep - 18837. huge knex crossbow - 18538. Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! - 18239. How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot - 18240. How to Clean Your Sinuses - 18141. Instructable: Keyboard System - 18042. How to roll a Joint ! (if you dont like it don't read it !!) - 17843. Red Impact - Perfect Duck's K'nex gun. - 17844. K'nex FN2000 - 17545. Knex Switchblade (Now Improved) - 17046. Ultimate Guide to Making a Cheap but Effective Aluminium Forge. - 16847. Be an Aeronautical Scientist: Make your Own Jet Engine for a few Pennies. - 16748. the desert buzzard knex gun - 16549. Danny's knex m4 carbine working modle - 16550. Using Paper, Resin, and Fiberglass to be the Master Chief! - 164

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