I wanted to know that why has been my entry been rejected from the fiber arts contest. Please have a look at my instrcutable(I have only 1) and tell  me whetherr it completes the qualifiaction needs. The contest says you can sew it and for making the patterns in the cushion you have to sew it as shown in the video. Please reply.

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Contest Rejection

I tried to enter my instructable for Altair's Sword in the Think Geek Sci-Fi contest and it got rejected. No reason was given and I was just told to check the entry rules, but I see nothing that would disqualify my instructable. Yes it's a sword, but it's from a game that is a sci-fi game about a guy who gets in a futuristic machine that uses his DNA to allow him to relive his ancestor's lives in the hope of figuring out where a mysterious alien artifact is to keep a secret society from taking over the world. They even feature several Assassin's Creed items on Think Geek, including a latex tomahawk. Could anyone let me know why it was rejected?

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Photography Contest

I just submitted an instructable for the Photography Contest and it was not accepted and I'm not sure why? It explained how I used Photography in my art? The Instructable is called LEAF PRINTS, Perhaps it is because I explained the process as beginning with mono PRINTS instead of Photo PRINTS? I thought I explained how I discovered creating the photographs? Help me understand! Best, Susan Cirigliano

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make it stick rejection

Hey i entered this instructible and it was rejected and im not sure how to appeal it https://www.instructables.com/id/Video-Game-controller-belt-buckles-WITH-SOUND/  i know it qualifies because it says use any adhesive and it has about 5 or so, hot glue, epoxy , epoxy putty, and sometime quick grab.

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Contest entry accepted and then rejected

I recently published an instructable and submitted it to three different contests. The ible got featured an acceptted to all three contests almost immediately. Then tonight I uploaded another picture, deleted a sentence and republished it (all through the android app). After that I got again three messages that it was received and later on today came three messages that it was rejected... How can this happen? Different editors, different opinions? Or just a plain mistake? The instructable in question: https://www.instructables.com/id/Outdoorindoor-kitchen-for-garden-shed/

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Contest entry rejected, why?

I entered the Playwood contest with a little playwood Icosahedron but the entry was rejected. Tried an Email to the support but from the forum replies it seems good to ask here too why it was reected... The contest states made from plywood, I used plywood and wood glue. Other entries don't even use any playwood, instead particle board or even MDF. Can someone please explain why particle board and MDF is fine while using plywood gives a rejection? I'm not desperate for the contest just totally fail to understand the reason for the reject ;)

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Why wasn't my Homemade Mallet accepted to the "Hand-Tools Contest"?

Why was my Homemade Mallet Instructable rejected from the Hand-Tools Contest? I used "Hand-Tools" to make a "Hand-Tool"... Why could fit the contest better than that? I uploaded and clicked on the enter 3 hours before the contest ended, Didn't get accepted, And now the contest has already closed... I've attached a screenshot below Now that I think of it, I guess that it's because I used a Microwave and a Refrigerator...?

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Why was my 'Ible rejected from the "Three Ingredient" contest?

Why was my "Retractable Helping Hands (My Mini Soldering Helper!)" rejected form the "Three Ingredient" contest? The whole project uses only 3 ingredients: 1. An Old IKEA Lamp 2. Mini C-Clamp 3. Epoxy Putty

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Why does my instructable keep getting rejected for the Epilog Challenge? Answered

Https://www.instructables.com/id/Aperture-Xbox-360-Slim-Mod/ Why does this keep getting rejected from the Epilog Challenge? It says it's eligible but I keep receiving rejections anyway.

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Back arrow nalfunction, and comments rejection frequently.

I use Windows 7. on a lap top  1) The back arrow does not function on Instructable pages as it did two weeks ago. It works sluggishly when I press refresh in the sight bar. I go through many Instructables pages almost twice daily. Such problem is deterrant to free viewing. 2) Frequently the comments section rejects acceptance of my notes. Please help and advise. Best regards 

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Why was my pocket-sized contest entry rejected?

I entered my instructable in the pocket-sized contest on 18 July. I got the confirmation letter, and now that 48 hours have passed, would like to know why it seems to be rejected. It fits in every pocket I have on ordinary shirts, skirts, jeans, shorts, jackets, dresses, sweaters, and bathrobes. The letter says I can correct it and re-submit, but I don't know what is wrong!!! Help!!!

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Gaming Contest

Anybody know where to find the requirements for this contest?  The link I was sent with my rejection didn't work, and a search of the site didn't turn up anything in the first couple of pages. I hacked a gaming chair to utilize my G13 gameboard and thought it should qualify under gaming ...

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How to solve: Pinterest is rejecting my ability to pin an instructable?

I've tried twice now just within the last half hour to pin a link to an instructable; one for microwave omelette in a cup and the other tandoori chicken. Both attempts were rejected due to the website containing inappropriate content.I've pinned many Instructables before, never have I had this issue.Please, can someone tell me how to solve this issue? Otherwise, I shall find another outlet for sharing, remove my data from Pinterest, and do everything I can to expose them.Thank you.First, they came for my facebook, so I deleted my account. Then they came for my Pinterest, and I suspended my activity. Then they came for my Instructables, and no one was left to defend me.

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Instructable not selected for contest

I recently published an instructable(https://www.instructables.com/id/ArrDrownHo-Easily-convert-AVR-to-Arduino-compat/) and added it to the Kit contest and Arduino contest while publishing. The instructable was only visible on my 'you' page and was missing from the technology or recent sections. I checked earlier questions and learned about filters. So waited patiently. After 3-4 days(2 were weekend), it became visible. But it didn't get selected for any of the contest. The Kit contest is now past the period of taking submissions. I'm not sure if it's the mischief caused by the filters or it got rejected. The mail instructed that if I don't hear back in 1-2 business days, I should consider it rejected. Should I add to Arduino contest again or wait?

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Hitting Enter in PM Subject field sends msg

. Subject says it all. Can you just reject Enters in the Subject fld?

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Hi! Yesterday I published an instructable on sunflowers and sent it as a contest entry but still after one day it has not been accepted nor have I got any mail about its rejection. Thanx

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Entry Moderating Time

How long does it take for them to decide wether my contest entry should be accepted or not? I submitted entry "A" to contest "A", and I submitted entry "B" to contests "B", "C", and "D" only an hour after entry "A". Entry "A" got accepted into contest "A" in 17 hours, entry "B" got rejected from contest "B" in 20 hours, and it's been over 2 days and I have not heard anything about contests "C" or "D".  How long will this process take? 

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Play With Your Food Challenge: inquiry re: our rejected "Squash Pie" video entry

Dear Carleyy, Thank you for your email (copied below). We have carefully reviewed the instructions/regulations for the Play With Your Food Challenge contest at https://www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp. We have scrutinized our own entry, and we are unable to see why our entry, "Squash Pie," has been rejected. We understand that the finalists have been chosen and are currently being judged. We kindly request that you review our entry. If our entry does not meet the criteria, please let us know how or why it has been rejected. While my sister and I participated in the making of our entry, it was my 10 year-old niece, Miele, who worked extremely hard on the concept for the video, the script, and the food preparation. She also edited the entire video on her own, including completing extensive research on non-copyrighted music to include. This was a self-directed project, and she was excited and proud of her achievement. We were all surprised and deeply disappointed to have been rejected without a clear explanation or reason. I have cc'd my niece and sister on this email; while I understand that you have many entries, and cannot respond to each entrant individually, we are very much hoping for a personal response, whether our entry is reconsidered or not. Thank you for your time, Becky Cook On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:57 AM, Instructables wrote: Hi beckycook, We regret to inform you that your project "squash" pie does not fit the requirements for the Play With Your Food Challenge. Please review the instructions for entering this contest for specific reasons you might have been rejected. https://www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp Thanks, and continue enjoying Instructables.com Carleyy Instructables.com

Question by beckycook 

Removed from contest after acceptance?

Hello: I've had one of my instructables accepted in the Holiday Gifts and Shopbot Challenges. Today, in my account it only shows it as entered in holiday gifts, and no where to be found in shopbot.  Can you be rejected after acceptance?

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Web Repair - Low Rates

Back in 1998 Nina Katchadourian spent a number of weeks repairing broken spiderwebs with red thread. Interestingly, the spiders would reject the thread over the course of the night and repair it themselves by morning. Definitely check out her work.

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Why are my entries not in? Answered

I entered the summer camp contest with two projects on sunday yesterday, and other entries are being accepted while I don't know if mine are rejected or accepted. Can someone help me with this?

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Can magnets in a cell phone pouch damage the phone? Answered

I had a Samsung flip-phone which I kept in a leather belt pouch with a magnetic flap closure. For the first 18 months, the phone was fine. Then it started rejecting calls when I removed it from the pouch to answer it, not every time, but once in awhile. I assumed that I was accidentally touching the Reject button. This kept happening more and more frequently, even after I started being very careful not to touch any of the controls. Finally, it started rejecting the calls when I lifted the flap of the pouch, without touching the phone at all. That's when I got a new phone. Throughout all of this, it worked just fine for outgoing calls, and sometimes even for incoming calls if the phone was not in the pouch when the call came in. As I said, I have a new phone now, and I still have the pouch but I'm kind of afraid to put the phone in it. Has anyone heard of phones being messed up in this way by magnetic-closure pouches before? All I find on Google is complaints about signal interference on the iPhone.

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How to enter?

I entered the converse back-to-school contest last night, but my instructable hasn't appeared in the recent entry area in the converse back to school contest. Is there some kind of criteria or set of rules that I missed? Is it just waiting to be checked by a moderator? Can entries get rejected?

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If you want your orangeboard to work....

You must reject all of your patches. That is right. If you get a single patch, your orangeboard will stop working. Thanks to ~~Killer~safecracker~~ knexsniper1 for this tip. Ps- my orangeboard works now. Feel free to spam the hell out of it.

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Every body knows Adams phrase I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN or THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM Do you know some more? Give your opinion on them? Which is the funniest to you?

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how do i have my first kiss, i am very nevous?

I am very nevous about having my first kiss, like if id o kiss him and he dosent think i am good or he rejects me i will be very emmbarssed help me please

Question by slawaddy   |  last reply

For those in "a dark place"

We seem to be attracting a number of troubled souls at the moment.Without wanting to reject any cries for help outright, most people here are ill-equipped to offer useful, non-judgemental advice.If you are reading this in the UK, may I recommend The Samaritans?I have had personal experience of their services when trying to help a close friend who tried to commit suicide, and I found them to be clear, rational people with a far better understanding of the depressed or teenage mind than I do.Their website is http://www.samaritans.orgTheir email address is jo@samaritans.orgTheir phone number in the UK is 08457 90 90 90Their phone number in the ROI is 1850 60 90 90If you are not in the UK/ROI then they recommend using http://www.befrienders.org/ to find similar help and advice in your country.As I said, this is not meant as a rejection - we will help if we can - but there are people infinitely better at providing suitable, non-judgemental, anonymous advice.If any American readers know of similar organisations in the US, please add links to their websites.

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How could I improve this instructable ? (solved)

Hi !I need some of your help again ...........I've wrote a tiny instructable which have been rejected. As it is about writing french poetry in english, I have no clue about how I could improve it ........ Or maybe writing english poetry following french rules make no sense at all ??Please help !!https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-write-Alexandrines-.../

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How do I build a converter to run a 3-phase 1/2hp motor from a single-phase residential mains?

I got an old industrial sewing machine cheap. Cheap because it has a 3-phase motor, which made some other hobbyists reject it. The other option at ~150$cdn would be to replace the motor with something more domestic.

Question by berserk   |  last reply

Instructables content - moderation and peer review

Following a discussion in this forum I thought is might be a good idea to create a new thread.Adrian Monk "That's one reason I'm a little apprehensive about the future of Instructables-you don't want a police state, but if it gets humongous you start to lose control unless you moderate well. It's quite selfish, but that's why part of me wants Instructables to stay (relatively) small, and not become a phenomenon."Kiteman"That's the thing, we aren't heavily moderated - there are no people who have a specific moderating responsibility."LemonieSome time ago, people were talking towards things like peer-review (I can't remember who). Allowing anyone to post anything does have some drawbacks.As a suggestion - new posts would submit to a "review" stage, where administrators and their delegates would have the opportunity to click "publish" or "reject"."Publish" would move the new post to it's normal published state, "Reject" would force a comment to be added to that effect, leaving it in the "review" stage.It would mean changing the system, but a group of people would be filtering new posts.It would preempt having to flag things and post comments asking for withdrawal or fixing afterwards.With a group of people having the option to publish, no one person would be able to hold a new post back, and the group would be able to see "reject" comments and add to them. Users posting would also be able to see comments against their submitted posts.By "the group" I mean people who are flagging and commenting already.Safety catch: after X-days with no action, posts publish automatically.Forum for general ideas, do with it what you will...RegardsL

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why does my monitor go strange nearly everytime i visit instructables? it stays like it until i shut my computer down!

Often when i visit i get a strange screen . look at the pics they are screen prints! also the old uploader never finished loading! the new uploader said 413 the request was rejected because its size (11797603) exceeds the configured maximum (10485760) i try jpeg will that work?

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Feature Request: Community editing

One of Quora's great features is the ability to "suggest edits." Instructables has many brilliant DIYers who are...well, TERRIBLE spellers, typists or grammarians. Then there are folks like me, who may lack technical brilliance, but know very well how to write, spell, edit, proofread, and organize. Allowing users to suggest edits, with a way for writers to quickly accept or reject them, would allow distributed collaboration that would make the site better and more useful for everyone.

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Welcome everyone to my contest all you need to do is send me a link to your instructable/s that you would like to enter in the contest and at the 1st of february i shall choose the winner  and there will be: Grand prize 1st prize 2nd prize and runners up. The rules: all of the instructables that you enter must be yours no one elses instructables just yours. 2 you MUST not beg in your instructable if you do i shall reject it ALL instructables must be entered before the 1st of february  okay enter these instructables!

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HELP PLEASE motorised bikes How To Fit Fit a multi cog

I am trying to find how i can fit a multi cog to my wheel and as it is not your normal set up and i need it just like the picture, how to do it Herdan.com a Nth American own the bike and i can't get thru as my emails get rejected and i can't get thru and they know how they did it ....these pics explain better what i want Thanks Any one .........................

Topic by maccaorgordon   |  last reply

Can not enter contest,message says my instructable was posted before the contest started

I am trying to enter the father's day contest with this, https://www.instructables.com/id/Supersized-Jenga-game/ But I keep getting a message that says my instructable was posted before the contest started. When I was posting the instructable the toy contest and epilog contest had the same message. So I published the instructable and then I tried to enter the contests. The epilog and toy contests worked fine but the fathers day contest continues to give me the same rejection message.

Topic by artlife 

Password reset not working

Every time I attempt to log on to the site, I am forced to reset my password. Whatever I set it to, it is rejected the next time I log on. This happens on multiple browsers on multiple operating systems. It happens with passwords I type in myself and with long passwords entered for me by KeePass. I have cleared cookies, with no luck. This has been happening for the last several weeks. Not super annoying, since I don't often have to log back in, but it still feels janky to be resetting my password so frequently. I'd rather my account not be disabled due to suspicious activity! Anyone else seeing this?

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Minty boost solar power question

Hey everyone. Recently I went to The reject store (like a dollar store where things an cost over a dollar) and saw some garden lights selling for $2 each. I bought 4 of them. :D they come with one AAA battery each with 1.2V could I Purchase a mintyboost and modify the lights so they each charge up a set of four AAA batteries, with can detach and be used to charge USB device with the internal battery storage that was charged  by the solar panels, or would it have to be 2 AA's? Thanks for the help! :D

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Tin Cloth

I am concerned Instructables could be hurt by the Prudometer being ratched too high on comments.  That's bad for the company. Here's a post just sent to Tin Cloth that was automatically rejected for either being irrelevant or abusive: "I recall 60 years ago when my parents bought me an oil cloth slicker in Istanbul, Turkey.  It was kinda smelly, but it worked until I outgrew it.  That was just plain cloth, not canvas. I use that mix of bee's wax, turpentine and linseed oil as a preservative for old tools.  I got a paint can of it in the garage.  Much more durable than WD-40." How "plain Jane" can you get?  I came back to visit because of the newsletter.

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Duct Tape Armor

I'm planning (Read: Going forth with no idea what to do) on making a suit of armor completly made out of duct tape. (Partially made a gauntlet, so it might work) But here's the question I have; Should I post an instructable on each peice (Gauntlet, Helmet, Greives) by itself, or as one big instructable that might have a million steps (Okay, not that many)? I'm leaning more to the idea of one peice at a time, and then when I'm done just putting them all together into one big instructable. What do you all think? And is this project even worth doing? (Will add picture of sad gauntlet reject at later date)

Topic by Wills42   |  last reply

how do i get over an ex boyfriend who i dumped and pushed away because i was too scared to get hurt?

He was the perfect boyfriend and i would pick fights for no reason and when he begged me to stay i would act like i didnt want him and he wasnt good enough when reality was i didnt want him to know that i was madly in love with him for fear of rejection now how do i get over it knowing it was my fault? also how do i let him know the truth that he was perfect and i did and still do love him 

Question by clint taurus   |  last reply

Instructables server doesn't recognize YouTube's new "iframe" embed codes

Earlier today, a user reported that they couldn't embed videos in their Instructable. They get "unsupported video host" errors. With a great clue from M4industries, I'd like to report this as a new bug (okay, a needed new feature). YouTube has changed the XML they generate for embedding. The default now uses an "iframe" container, rather than an XML "object" container with nested "param" tags. Instructables' backend scripts don't recognize "iframe" as valid, and report back "Unsupported video host," rejecting the embed request. For the moment, users need to manually select "Use old embed codes." on YouTube's interface. Hopefully Instructables can add the necessary conditional to their scripts to support this new markup.

Topic by kelseymh   |  last reply

Problems with the "Store"

I am a new member here, registered, all of that. After I took care of that, I tried to visit the store. The first block was the declaration that I wasn't signed in. Oh, but I was! However, I tried to sign in again - but screen asked twice for email and no blank for user name. I got rejected there, tool Not to be outdone, I came back today with determination. Ha! Just run a ditto through all the problems. Maybe I am being discriminated against because I am Firefox - perhaps it is because I am a Macgirl. Whatever the reason, everything else works OK - but you won't ever have to worry about selling me anything if you won't open the door.

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Keep getting "invalid token" errors in C#

I've spent the last few days trying to learn the C# language, but Visual C# 2008 keeps saying "invalid token" when my syntax is perfectly fine. Here is my source code: Console.WriteLine("Initializing...");             string path = "startup";             private Hashtable text = new Hashtable();             text.Add("startup", "Please type a command. For a list of available commands, type .");             Console.WriteLine("Start up complete.");             while (true)             {                 string info = text[path].ToString();                 Console.WriteLine(info);                 string comm = Console.ReadLine();                 if (comm == "help")                 {                     Console.Writeline("...");                 }             } The main thing it keeps rejecting are the parentheses. I've even tried removing them, to no avail. I would vastly appreciate some help.

Question by dungeon runner   |  last reply

Instructable Not Showing Up In Searches

   Hello, I have made an Instructable here out of Marshmallows: (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Fireworks-From-Marshmallows-a-Pyrotech/)    It is a sort of Pyrotechnic Putty that I have made for use as a easily mold-able solid state fuel, I know that it has probably been caught up by the automatic filters, but it is almost 11:00 Am here in Michigan and it still has not cleared...   Does anyone know what hours that the Employees over at Instructables work..? Otherwise should I not expect it to be approved before a certain time, or is this happening because over the weekend their Instrutables HQ gets a little backed up, by the new Filter Catches, and their just getting to it..? Also if an Instructable was rejected is their anyway for me to know? Email, Notification (Ect..?) Thanks, -Shaye

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Halloween Contests Clarification

Hey Instructables Community! I am in charge of moderating the contest entries for the Halloween Contests; this is to just clarify some things in case you are wondering why you were rejected from a contest. -------------------------- You cannot enter the same Instructable into both the Epic and Easy Costume Contests.  If you are not sure which one to enter, go ahead and enter both and I'll make the call. You cannot enter the same Instructable into both the Decorations and Props Contest.  Props relate to costumes while decorations are simply decorations. Any Halloween Photo Instructable qualifies for the Halloween Photo Contest. Food can also qualify as a Decoration. If you have a Costume with an awesome Prop, it would be best to post them in different Instructables so you can enter each in its corresponding contest.   And don't forget, you can enter up to 3 contests, so read through the contests descriptions when you go to publish and enter any and all it qualifies for! You can enter each contest as many times as you want! The Contests: Epic - Costumes that take more than a day to make if you were to work on it that whole time, we're looking for something that is EPIC! Take a look at the current entries for an idea of what we're talking about.  (If you are rejected from Epic it doesn't mean you don't have an awesome costume, it just means we're looking for something more EPIC.) Easy - Costumes that take about a day or less to make. Props - Something that is part of a costume (meaning, worn or held), including, but not limited to: facepaint/makeup, hairstyles/wigs, swords/sheilds, and masks. Decoration - Something that you would not carry around including lawn and home decor. Photo - Any Halloween Photo Instructable Food - Anything that is food that relates to Halloween Any Questions?   Please leave a comment here or PM me, I'm happy to help out :)

Topic by Penolopy Bulnick   |  last reply