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Relay timer?

I asked this question in forums before i knew about this so sorry for the copy. i hope someone can answer this here. i am currently engaged in a project where i need to create a count down timer relay controller. i was thinking of using a digital alarm clock as part of my goal is to have the display visually counting down, but i don't know of any that have a count down feature. i want the timer to power a relay to turn a string of IR emitters on for several seconds. i have a digital kitchen timer that counts down, but im not sure if it will work. i would like to use the power to the buzzer to activate the relay but there is no stable current there, it only Emits several beeps in quick succession(when i meter it, it comes out to about . volts). this is why the alarm clock would be better. i was hoping to use an electromechanical relay but i don't think it will work. does anyone know of another relay that will trigger with this kind of input?

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Relay Timer

I am currently engaged in a project where i need to create a count down timer relay controller. i was thinking of using a digital alarm clock as part of my goal is to have the display visually counting down, but i don't know of any that have a count down feature. i want the timer to power a relay to turn a string of IR emitters on for several seconds. i have a digital kitchen timer that counts down, but im not sure if it will work. i would like to use the power to the buzzer to activate the relay but there is no stable current there, it only Emits several beeps in quick succession(when i meter it, it comes out to about . volts). this is why the alarm clock would be better. i was hoping to use an electromechanical relay but i don't think it will work. does anyone know of another relay that will trigger with this kind of input?

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Switch/Relay Question? Answered

I've been working alot with capacitors recently at a voltage of 330v or so. I've been using this cap bank to discharge into whatever I feel like. Wires (to watch them pop), cds (to "erase" them), etc. Anyway, one problem I've been having is the switches. I flip the switch, it discharges the capacitors and it should work fine. The only problem is the switches are only worth one shot. And I'm using the biggest I can find. (Rated for 15 Amps). I realize that the capacitors are discharging instantly, and the amperage is probably higher then what its rated for, but I expected to get more then one shot out of it. Any suggestions besides a bigger switch? (I've considered using a series of relays for each capacitor, but that gets expensive.) Thanks!

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Looking for relay

I have been looking for a relay that will switch with .3 vdc.  The other side is just a 9vdc source but the trigger has to be .3vdc or lower. thanks

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Arduino Relay?

I'm working on a UPS of sorts for an arduino project of mine. Basically if the pwoer goes out I want the arduino to switch to a 9v battery backup. I was wondering what sort of relay I should use and if a transformer would be needed. Ideally I'd like to use a simple power supply with a transformer built in and then have that feed into the relay, but I'm not sure if the 7-12v from a normal arduino power supply would then be enough to switch the relay (normally closed).

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Momentary switches

Hi, Just wanted to know if a momentary switch (normally open) could be used as a on/off switch with out using a relay.  thanks in advance :D

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Reed relay to reed switch Answered

Can someone help me. I have a reed relay and want to use it as a reed switch. Can someone tell me hyow to hook it up so it acts as a reed switch?

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Switch a relay with a 555 timer?

I have a clap activated relay which I want to use to switch on my computer but when you leave the switch on my PC in the "on" position it just keeps rebooting. Would it be possible to use the relay to activate a 555 timer circuit or similar to the switch off the relay after 2 or 3 seconds?

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Replace DPDT switch with relay

Hi there, I'm currently using a DPDT switch to toggle between power sources (gray dots) I'd like to replace this with a relay, I've added blue dots to my drawing to show (how I think) that should look. Is this correct? My main concern is if I should take the coil resistance into account. What kind of relay would you recommend? Would any 12V 2A relay work? Kind regards, Niellles P.s. the 560 ohm resistor is on the other side of the led...

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LED relay switch... maybe?

First off thanks for looking and helping if you decide to. I have only been working with computer electronic in a DIY since for about a year. My question is, do I need a relay for what I am trying accomplish and if so what kind? What I am trying to accomplish is: I have two push buttons (momentary contract switches). And I want it so that when I press the first button (orange) the first LED turns on. And when I hit the second button (blue) the first LED turns off and the second one turns on. Kind of like a toggle but only with the LEDs. The buttons are also connected to a board that is connected to my computer via USB. Which is where the power is coming from for the LEDs. I can use another source if necessary. I drew a little picture to help describe what I am trying to describe.

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Selecting transistor for switching relay ?

Hi guys, I wanna switch Relay(6 Volt DC Input ,250 V AC output ) using the output of HT12D IC (I used BC547 independently and also wit  CL00 Transistor) but relay is not switching properly ,Please guide me with a way to select  the transistor????? A timely favour, however trivial its material value is, is invaluable.                                                   ---------------------------------------Thiruvalluvar)

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Laser trip switch? Answered

Hi I want to use a laser and a ldr to switch on a relay using arduino once the laser is tripped the relay turns on and once it trips again its off  could some one help me with the code and schematics i want to use pin 9 as in1 on the relay  thanks a ton in advance

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Wireless control of a NC relay?

I'm sort of a newbie when it comes to this stuff. Originally I planned on just putting in a NC momentary switch. Now my idea has evolved, I would like a momentary switch to wirelessly control a relay. How would I go about setting up a wireless transmitter/reciever. Whether it be IR or something else.

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Transistor touch switch with relay. Will this work?

Hi So, I'm new to electronics, but I'm really interested to learn. As you will see from the diagram below, i still have a lot to learn. Basically what i need to know is, will the diagram below work in practice. I tried it out without the relay and with a led and it works i.e. pos to one side of the transistor, relay to the middle of the transistor and led to the other side of the transistor with the other end of the led to neg. I'n the diagram, i tried to add a relay and replace the led with a solenoid. Will this circuit work?

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electronic switch

Hi, i'm a bit new to electronics. I was wondering if its possible to turn on the flow of current by another electrical signal. Yes, i know about transistors and relays but these switches turn off as soon as the second current is stopped, how to make this change in switch permanent, i'll be precise, i'm working on a laser alarm system, and it works fine, but the thing is that when i block the laser, sure the buzzer goes off, but when the obstruction is moved, the buzzer turns off, how can this be kept on until turned off manually by a switch. i know it must be quite simple but i dont know, please help thanks

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300 AMP SCR for sale

I have a 300 amp 1KV SCR I am saleing it for $25 shpping is $6 for in the USA

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Network ON/OFF Switch with Timer

Hello there, I am a network administrator and trying to create a simple device to test the alarms on our systems. Since I am not an electrician of any sort, I have an idea of what I need, but no idea of parts or names to order. Basically, I need to have a basic on/off switch with button that I can wire to a CAT5 cable. Simple enough, stops traffic at the push of a button but thats the obvious part. I also need to have some control over how long my connection times out, and after some research, I think a timer relay does that, but I can't be sure. It just needs to turn the activity back on after it goes off say between 1 second and 10 seconds off, the connection turns back on. If I can accomplish that, than I would also like to add a dimmer type device such as that of a light switch dimmer, but smaller and working with less voltage. So... Can this be done with all 3 electric devices? The closest thing I found in searching was some generic Lag Switch, but it did give me a starting idea of how to design it. I drew a simple draft of what I had in mind. Any help by some electric gooroo's would be most appreciated. Thanks! Jonathan

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12v device to switch on a 9v device (signal to switch on only)

I have a device that is switched on by a sensor, powered by 12v, 1.3amp battery. I have another device that is switched on by a mechanical push button switch, this is powered by a 9v battery. I want to piggy back on the wires that switch on the 12v device and take the signal (to turn on only) to the device that is already powered by a 9v battery and normally turned on by a push button switch. ( I want to replace this mechanical push button switch with an "electronic switch" turned on and off the the presence and absence of the 12v signal) I want the 9v device to switch on only when the 12v device switches on and switch off when the 12v device switches off. Also I want the 9v device to only run on the original 9v battery (not accepting power from the 12v device and not returning any power from the 9v device to the 12v device. Is there a switch device/relay that can do this? A device that I can just connect between the wires going from the 12v device to the 9v device? I am a novice to electronics please be kind. I an open to using part from another device, and basic mods. Thank you

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how to make an electronic relay switch? Answered

So I'm making this thing for my friend and i wanted to flash 27 LEDs with a 555 timer, thing is, you cant power 27 LEDs with that so i was going to use a relay switch to turn on a different power supply but it cant even power my smallest relay switches so i was wandering if anyone could tell me how to make a simple switch that can be turned on by a 555. 

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How do I use a relay?

I have never used a relay before, and I don't know a lot about them. I think I might need one but i'm not sure exactly how it works. From what i understand, when electricity is passed through one set of pins, another set of puns allows a charge to be passed through, like an electricity powered switch. I might be completely wrong, and if anyone could help that would be great.

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switch to control dc when ac is turned on?

Hi i've got a arduino project on the go and when my arduino switches on a relay to operate a 240v ac motor, i also want it to turn on 24vdc motor. I know i could just use another relay but i'm not wanting to power the relays separately, just want to power the aurduino, and yes the board might be able to power two relays but it's pushing the limits i think.  I'm not to sure if this is called a reed switch or even if there is something like what i am after available?  

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Is there a DC controlled AC switch available for sale? Answered

Hello everybody! I was wondering if there is such thing as a DC controlled AC switch. If that doesnt make sense, i guess im trying to say a switch of some sort that controls an AC current using a DC current. I am trying to control the switch with an arduino output and power the 120V light bulbs with it. The switch should be normally closed and stay on for the duration that the Arduino is supplying supplying the DC current. I read a bit about DC control relays, but not sure about those. Are tehy essentially the same thing, and if yes, should i go regular or solid state?

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I've got a relay switching problem. Answered

I've got a relay problem.i made a proximity sensing tubelight that goes on/off when an object moves above it .i used 3 ic's :lm741,cd4017,and a 555 timer and i added a relay to the outputs of the cd4017 counter to the relay via a transistor to protect my ic's.however when i don't connect the 220v ac to the load of the relay it functions fine but when i connect 220v ac to the load ,the relay keeps clicking on and off.i have seen the voltage ratings for the relay .it is a 5v relay and can handle 250 v ac but it does not work properly.The whole circuitry is powered by a 9v battery.i am not sure whether it is a problem of not enough power or something else..i'm a electronics hobbyist and i need help .PLS ANSWER?.

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Help with basic relay/switch question.

I know nothing!!!! but I would like to know how to make a simple and cheap, battery operated LED light that has a timed/timer switch. I thought I would check with the experts here at Instructables! I need guidance as to parts, wiring etc. Here is the basic information on the project.... I would like to create a AA/AAA battery operated LED light that has some sort of timed relay or delay switch that will automatically shut the light off after 10 minutes or so. Simple and inexpensive is the goal. Some guidance as to what this type of switch/relay is called and where I might source them is appreciated. Thank you for any help!

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trigger momentary switch/button via switch

What i try to accomplish is very simple. my Airconditioner has a Push button (momentary switch) to turn it off and on. but the Thermostat brings permanent power it it want the A/C to be on. i could make a simple delay setup for 1 sec. or so to trigger a relay but then i can't be sure its really on or of. how can i ensure its turned on via an timer relay safely if the control wire has power ? any recomentation on existing products or schematics ? i can check the "real status" via other parts on the airconditioner easy .. i just need a way to ensure ON and OFF based on the command line is High or Low ..  any ideas ? 

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Sound activated switch problem with relay Help!?

I bought a kit of electronic sound activated switch but the relay just turns of and on constantly. The power supply is 12v 500ma. i tried a power adapter 15v 1.2a from my router and it work but i cant find to buy one like that. Can i maybe put another relay to solve the problem or anything else? Here is scheme and parts. Sorry for bad English Thanks.

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Schematics for a one way RF Relay/Switch?

So my plan is to have a small remote with a single pushbutton that when pressed will close a relay on the reciver, I would like it to have a pretty good range of at least 1000 Meters. I thought of using XBees and Arduinos but i only need the signal one way and only a single channel. Any ideas?

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Relay with small in size

I have a relay with an Outline Dimensions:(15.5x10.5x11.8)mm 5V,3A--> Switching voltage 230VACDatasheet is given above..could you suggest the similar capacity with small in size (not a solid state relay) relay ??i was search website like MOUSER,LCSC .didn't find any suitable one.

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how to make a sticking button?

 I am currently making an electronic circuit and i have a button that when it is pressed it needs to stay on.Heres what i have so far: do you think this will work i dont think so my self  Note: I dont want to use a 0/1 switch because it needs to be a push to make! Thanks

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IR Switch. Will this work? Answered

Hi Guys & Girls Obviously, i am new to this and my electronics knowledge is very limited. Let me first explain what my desired outcome is and then proceed with the questions i have. In the schematic below i connected two circuits that i found. One is a infrared receiver and the other a flip flop. With that, the following needs to happen : when the user presses a button on a IR transmitter aimed at the receiver circuit in the schematic it is sent through pin 3 to the flip flop circuit which in turn puts the relay in a (permanent) ON state. When the user presses the same button again, the process is repeated and puts the relay in a (permanent) OFF state. So bottom line a 1 button/channel IR press on press off switch to switch my 12v circuit on/off. Here are my questions: 1. Is the receiver circuit correct as i have drawn it i.e. will it work? 2. Is the flip flop circuit correct as i have drawn it i.e. will it work? 3. Where i have the red circle : 1. Is the connection between the receiver and flip flop circuit there correct? 2. Do i need another resistor there? 4. Do i need a “floating resistor” as a R5 around the relay and how does the practical application of this look (on all the diagrams i look at it’s drawn around the relay going from an input to an output on the same wire......does that mean that on the pcb it will run parallel between the “pos+ and neg-“ going into the relay?) 5. Is my relay connection correct within the blue circle? 6. All and all, put together will my circuit work as expected? I know there are probably a whole bunch of ways to achieve the result i am looking for and being a noob, this might be the most impractical(i don’t know), but the reason i went this route is because i have these components available to me and if at all possible, i would not want to go and buy other components. Thanks in advance for any help provided. I find it much easier to learn by building the circuits and then seeing with a multi meter etc. what the effects of each component is than reading through all these books and trying to cram everything into this thick skull of mine  Schematic Component Values : R1 = 220k ; R2 = 100k ; R3 = 10k ; R4 = 10k ; R5 = ? C1 = 1uf ; C2 = 0.01uf ; C3 = 10u Rx1 = Any tsop/similar U1 & U2 = 555 timers

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How to wire a switch

Hi I would like to know how this switch should be wired up. I am using it on a drill press. It has 2 relays 1/ nc zb2-be102 2/ no zb2-be101. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks ratjack

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dc motor with limit switches wireing help

I have a 1998 Trans am that has power windows. The problem is the doors are fiber glass and the motors create a lot of force on the doors creating problems. What I want to do is put a limit switch at the top and bottom of the window travel.        I'm using the factory switch that sends +12 volts in the up or down direction   I have a dc motor, limit switches and dpdt relays. I need to know how to wire it all together. If you could draw a picture that shows all wires from switch to relays to micro switches to motor that would be best. Thank you for your help     E mail

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working with relays and arduino

I am doing a project in which i need to switch 3 phase induction motor( star connected ) using relays one for each phase and 3 phase voltage in our country is 415v( phase to phase). so my question is can I use relay of  rating 250 volts 5 amps one across each phase and 1 phase supply in our country is 230v .

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What type of relay/switch that would make to lights blink?

I have 2 battery opperated rope lights and I want to make them flash back and forth. They are both 6 volts and 6 feet.

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ring my bell?

I have a switch and when it is opened I want to activate a bell for a second or two. I don’t want the bell to go off again until after the switch has closed and opened again.  What would be a good solution to this?  I’m guessing some kind of relay board but not sure where to look for this.  My bell is 120vac and switch is low voltage DC.

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simple circuit? momentary switch, LED on and off...

UPDATE: I would like to do something using the an Arduino... this would be my first attempt at a setup using an Arduino....overkill...? prob...but I want to do it... ideas? ok i would like to build a circuit/system that allows mt to have a momentary button switch (doorbell) in one location and it , when pushed, turns and led on a panel that has another momentary push button that can be pushed and turn the led will be used for an auto shop in each bay...the individual bay has a button, when the need a supervisor to come look at something, it is pressed, a custom panel have 8 led's and 8corresponding buttons that the led lights up letting the supervisor knows the tech needs help, the supervisor can then press the button on their end to turn it off...also the tech can push the button again and the led would go off if the supervisor was no longer needed.,etc.?

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How to get a linear actuator to open & close a door & switch a relay at the end of the stroke so it reverses direction Answered

 It would be simple with a manual relay switch but  I don't want to have to be there to throw the switch. I want a timer to do it each morn and eve so the door opens at one time then next time timer comes on it closes. The Linear actuator has limit switches to stop the motion at the end of the stroke. I need the next time it powers up to reverse motor direction.  Also will need to get power from 110v timer switch to 12v power supply to the LA    Also if it is powered from the timer I use now to power the lights, they will stay on for 2 hours then off. So the relay must not send power back right away but delay until the power goes off and the next time it powers up then send it to the LA. Or I need a separate battery power source and timer that will just give power long enough for one stoke then off. Not sure how to do that. Any electrical wiz kids out there can help me with this?

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How to switch 12VDC 1.5 amps and 0.3 amps

Hi :)I have to switch some fans on and off electrically but I don't really know how to do it.. I wanted to use MOSFET but is it a good idea ? If yes, which models ? I already worked with relays but it seems to be an "overkilled" solution for this application :p As writen in the title, one will be used with 1.5amps and the other with 0.3amps (12VDC both).Thanks :)

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Electronic Circuit

I have a spst relay(operating voltage-12v) using for switching the solenoid valve(24VDC and 0.5Amp) which connected through 24 V battery. relay is again connected to the transistor BJT NPN . So please suggest me that which transistor is most suitable.

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Circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys, a few weeks back I posted a question about a clap switch with an IC 4017 not working (relay not turning on). Well I tried to make the project again. The problem is now the relay wont turn off (-_-). ( video of the project by another guy ( He doesn't use relay, instead he uses an LED. The problem with mine is that when I give it power the CIRCUIT OFF LED is off and the relay is on, indication that the circuit is in on position, so far so good. But when i clap the CIRCUIT OFF LED turns on indicating that the circuit is off but the relay stays on. The first time I tried, i didnt put the diode near the relay, same result. THen I put a diode (the wrong way), nearly burnt my hand. This time i put the diode in the same way that im supposed to but the circuit still has the same result. I have uploaded the schematics, Hope someone can help me. UPDATE: I was using MJE13003B instead of BC547. When I was using the mje13003b it was very easy to turn the circuit on and it used to come on at first try. When i inserted the BC547 the circuit was in off position I clapped and it worked like a charm the indicator led turned off and the relay turned on. But when I tried to turn it back off, everytime i clapped the status led blinked and thats it, It just blinked, the circuit would be still in on position. I wonder whats the prob since turning it on is easy and turning it off is impossible. NOTE: Now its the same with the on position. Whether its in on or off position same thing happens. In one of the million clap it turns on. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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What kind of relay do I need?

How do I find out which kind of relay switch I need for my alarm clock project (connecting an alarm clock to a motorized water gun). What information do you need? Thanks.

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Replace mechanical switch with electrical switch or replay

0I have a remote controller for a portable heater, and working on a small project to be able to control the fan on/off from an arduino with Bluetooh HM-10 module. I thought a solenoid might work by mounting on top of the remote but it doesnt have enough force, I want to remove/desolder the mechanical button and figure out a way to control it without the switch but kind dont really know what circuit I should use, kind of just learning how to use arduino.Images of remote and button traces below.Any idea how I could wire this up to arduino via some switch/relay circuit? Any circuit design / schematic would be helpful(See pics attached)

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Does anybody know about electrical relays, please? Bi-Switching Circuit Needed to Control 2 x 1000w Kilns On and Off.

I have a workshop which has 2 x 1000w kilns. To fire my pottery etc, I need to put a kiln on for about 12 hours. No ordinary cheapo timer can handle the wattage load and so I am thinking of using a heavy-duty relay. Are you good with relays? If so, I would value your help, please. What I want to do is plug my timer into the mains socket, have the relay connected to the timer so that it knows when to switch on and off, and then I need two outlets (one for each kiln) so that when one is switched on, the other is off, and so on. I have thought of a 30A, 240v relay which is SPDT. I have deliberately over-specified the relay because I want it to be safe and to last, as well as use the thing for other applications where there may be a large inductive load (as opposed to resistive load). I can provide a link to the relay, but I'm not sure if this allowed. Many thanks. Kevin

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solid state relay information Answered

Do I need to apply voltage to pin 5 for it to switch on chip Vishay VO14642AABTR?

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Arduino Uno Relay circuit

I am currently involved in a project that requires me to run a fan heater through coding in an arduino. I have decided to use a relay to act as a switch, to maintain the time period of heater running. I am using a DOAT 5V 20mA relay. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the circuit needed using a n-p-n transistor to power it while maintaining switch function. I know a circuit similar to the one below is needed, but im not sure about the capacitor and resistance values needed for a 5v, 20mA relay.

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I need a relay to run from an ATtiny85 chip.?

I need a relay that can be switched from an ATtiny85 chip output pin, and can be used at 120V AC and 15A. Otherwise I will need to use a transistor, but hopefully I won't. What about the ATMEGA328 instead of the ATtiny85? Thanks guys and gals.

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I need help with choosing a Relay Switch for an Arduino Project.?

I want to do a project in which i am able to control household appliances and in order to do that i know i need to use a Relay Switch but i have no idea how to select the Right one. In my country 120 V is for residential use.I want to be able to turn on Lamps and other appliances using my Arduino board and would like to know how to choose the right kind of Relay Switch. Thanks.

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