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quick release

   i am planning on making a quick release (like the one below). only one problem..... i don't know exactly how it works. can some one make a diagram showing how it works or make an instructable. i would like and appreciate any type of help but a diagram would be most helpful. thanks and well see what happens.

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Bugfixes Released

Hey everyone, We just got out a few bugfixes to hold you over the thanksgiving weekend, the following things should be fixed: Sorting/Paging Questions is back Stats are back Better Handling of long usernames Explore Page bugfixes Exception with accessing drafts solved Carriage Return does what its supposed to in regular editor specific from the editors bugfix for safari A fix for voting on the instructables page If you see issues, please post in the forums, and Have A Happy Thanksgiving (and for the rest of the world, have a happy thursday and friday!)

Topic by frenzy  

electric release latch

Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to go about creating a latch where applying an electrical current would release it. Probably something involving an electromagnet. I apologize (1) for the sudden flurry of board posts, and (2) if this is not the best board for this specific question - I know it's not exceptionally techy, but it looked like the best option. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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New Login released

Hi! We've just released an update to the site. It doesn't do too much, but now the login should be a pretty window that pops up and looks a little better than the previous one. There's also a new design for the Go Pro page, but if you're reading this then you're probably never going to see that page. As always, please message me directly or post to the support forums for help or if you notice any problems.

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Last Night's Release

Rachel worked some magic on the site late last night and with the rest of the team conjured up - keywords and categories for groups and forum topics- time stamp when adding an Instructable to a group or your favorites (so RSS feeds of those will now be ordered by when the Instructable was added, not the Instructable's publish date)- paging for favorites- site-wide optimization- user image in upper rightand some other cool stuff. Check out her "flick and swish" typing technique!

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Small change release

Just a few changes this time around.  You'll notice the header - we made it a bit shorter to use less screen real estate, and less ... orange (personally I liked the orange but many found it distracting). The main thing is that we've opened up Guide writing to all Pro users.  We're soft-starting this, it's not being announced anywhere but here as yet, so we can start out easy and see how it goes.  Guides are awfully useful and we figure more should be better but it's also good to start small sometimes. Also we're starting a new ad campaign with Dremel and there's some special content we had to prepare for that.  You'll see it very shortly!

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A question of quick-release plates? Answered

Do they make quick release plates for tripods that do not have them? such as a screw-on plate that goes on a 1/4in tripod mount and has a quick release section on top of that with another 1/4 in mount? Thx

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New release - new commenting!

There's been a new release of the site! Read more below and leave your thoughts in the new comments section. The commenting has changed slightly, there is now no "rich editor button". It's been replaced by highlighting the text and the formatting options float on top. Also when commenting, when you click the 'add images' you may notice that the new image uploader modal (the same one used in the new editor) replaces the old image uploader. If you don't see these changes you need to clear your browser cache (not just cookies). Then, refresh the page and click in the comments box. As with all changes to the site, we're experimenting to see how this rolls out and what we need to tweak. We're going to stick with this for now and gather some data. Please leave your feedback below!

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Water Release Mechanism - HELP!

I've been racking my brain trying to figure this one out, and thought I'd ask you guys. I'm building a project which requires the release of a tethered "buoy" once this sinkable object hits the water. I know I could use a mechanical release - a water sensing probe that trips a servo release - but I would rather keep it really simple, and use just chemistry and/or physics to do the work, and somewhat quickly, within a minute or two. I'm thinking that something must dissolve, expand or contract quickly when in water so that whatever is holding the buoy to the sinking object releases, and the buoy just floats to the surface. Making a toilet paper "fuse" has come to mind, but I was hoping for something more solid. I considered salt (as formed into a salt lick) but because it's so dense would take a long time to dissolve. Sugar cube seems too fragile? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Trebuchet does not release load

Have built a pallet/ man sized trebuchet in a 4th grade class project. Looks great, swings well, but the tennis ball load is either released before the sling swings up, or not at all (slams against the arm). Have used 2 ropes with a shallow bag. Any suggestions? (Kids were disappointed on Friday)

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New Image Layout Released

Hey everyone! You may have noticed, we have a new image layout that just got released. We wanted something that emphasizes your images in a format that is a bit more contemporary. We did lots of in house testing so you shouldn't see any problems, there is sometimes some cached CSS as well but that should clear up within the hour. if you do see some problems, post them in the bugs forum and we will fix them. We also released a few fixes on PMs again so hopefully they are formatted better for you. Thanks for being a part of the community! -Gregg Horton QA engineer

Topic by frenzy  

quick release tripod plates

So for a few years now i've been using a small speaker setup strapped onto the tail of a longboard skateboard to provide music at skate meets and fun bike rides etc, and it's worked well enough, however at 13kg on the highest point of the board it has a tendancy to flop into corners and mess with the handling. Recently the amplifier broke so i want to use this opportunity to redesign the whole setup... for a start im hoping to reduce the weight by about 5kg i found this video ( on youtube of a skateboard sidecar for a child which i intend to modify for the speakers but i don't want it permanently attached to my board, would 1 or 2 quick release tripod plates have the strength to keep the mechanism attached to the board until i wished to remove it? i know you can get plates to support some particularly heavy cameras so would there be one that would be up to my task?

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Quick Release Piston Blowback?

I have put a great deal of money into constructing a 6" air launcher, but to my dismay things didn't quite go as planned with the valve design.  I have attached a picture below of the valve's design.  The idea is that when the air is released from behind the piston, the piston should move back allowing air to exit through the 5" pipe.  The valve successfully holds pressure, but fails to fly back and I believe this is a result of the piston and barrel it is up against being equal in size.  I wouldn't have designed this in this way, but the large schedule 80 pvc tee only allows 1/4 inch around the sides of the piston at best.  I am curious if anyone has any ideas to make this piston valve work, I really don't want to pay 200 dollars to get a butterfly valve on it and would greatly appreciate any ideas that may make this work.  I promise videos of the beast once I get it up and running.  Launching 6" objects using up to 80psi will be a blast, literally if I ever get crazy enough to bring it up that high.  

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How to? timed latch release

I want to make a box with seperate compartments with doors that will open to release a dog toy, treat etc. at timed intervals. I don't know how to use a timer to unlatch a door. Ideas? thanks - SpleenMa

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Slow Release compound in Water?

We are trying to fabricate an artificial bait for crab fishing and we are searching for a compound that we can mix the attractants in and that will dissolve slowly in water - thus releasing the bait-smell over a long period of time. Preferably over a period of 48 hours at the minimum at not too cold water temperatures. Does anyone have any ideas what type of compound this could be?

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Site release with tiny updates

I just released a set of small changes, most of which are under the hood helping admins do their job a little easier.  The things you may notice are: we removed the gmail address importer as nobody but spammers was using it :( image deletions from your library are fixed search term is retained if you enter one and choose 'Graphical Search' instead of the google search button forum topic preview is now formatted correctly As always, file a bug if you find any problems!

Topic by rachel  

Release door on cat trap

I'm trying to trap a stray cat. The lenders didn't set it up right so now in my trying to figure it out I've got the trap door closed and can't figure out how to get it open. I know how to set it now...just need to open the door back up.HELP'

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Instructables iOS App Released!

The Instructables iOS app was just released in Apple's iTunes Store.  You can also find it by searching for "" within the app store.  The free app helps you find inspiration by browsing all the Instructables, and then share your projects by creating and authoring your own Instructables.  All from your phone, you can take pictures, organize your pictures into steps, add more information, publish, and enter contests.  You can even start an Instructable on your phone, save it to your Instructables account, and finish it on your computer.   The best camera is the one that's already in your pocket, and we're really happy that the best way to document and share your projects is now there too!   We also have an Android version that we're currently testing.      Download it and let us know how you like it.  

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Gadget Trak 3 released

I'm not one to promote or advocate a lot of products but this is pretty cool. I even know of one person who got their iPhone back after it was stolen. It's not cheap but it seems to work, catch criminals and it's still cheaper than the replacement cost of getting new stuff. I haven't checked yet but I'm guessing it'd also get you a break on your insurance if you insure your gear. Might be enough to pay for the service.

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New Instructables Release - Replies in Private Messages, Faster Community Section, and More

We made a few updates to Instructables last night, including: - When replying to a private message, include the contents of the previous message, just like an email reply - Re-work performance of top level browsing in the community section to make it faster - A few admin and server maintenance improvements - Some Javascript changes to improve page load time Let us know if you find anything awry and how the new features are working out for you.

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Guides are different!

I've just released a new version of the site. The main difference is in how Guides are handled. We've changed them so the Instructables referenced in them are linked directly, where previously the Guide simply contained links in the text. Aside from allowing any updates made, or changes of picture, to be immediately picked up, this change also lets Guides be created more easily.  It's also a prerequisite for another feature we're preparing… which I can't tell you about quite yet!

Topic by rachel  

New Editor Relased

We've released an updated version of the editor. Some new features include: It's powered by jquery, which will mean nothing to you if you're not a huge nerd. Automatically saves after doing anything but typing. Remember to save anything you type, just like a word processor. Incorporates a new uploader, which will hopefully suck less than the current one. Should be faster, I think? I'm not sure about this point yet, still have to see it in the wild. Will definitely fail tonight, there are caching issues. I hope I can delete this line in the morning! Various bugfixes, the previous editor was heavily in need of going away forever, heavily. Dances when no one is watching. PROVE IT DOESN'T. As always, please let us know if you have any problems. Or, also, let us know if you think it's awesome. Nobody ever does that. It's lonely here. Send cupcakes.

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A custom timed release liquid dispenser....

Hi everybody! How are we all? I'm working on my latest project sending a weather balloon to around 100,000 feet and capturing the journey on camera. I've done it before as you may see on my blog Anyway, my newest project involves making art at around 100,000 feet and this is where you could help! I know this could be done fairly easily but I do not have the knowledge to do it. I need a container that dispenses a small solution of liquid every 15 minutes. Now I've done a lot of research and this is the best I can come up with: It's gravity action, many compartments, on a rotary basis, at timed intervals BUT it will only allow for a few rotations over several hours. I'm looking for 8 rotations over 2 hours. I also checked out water timers but they seem a bit more complex. Maybe you have an alternative idea? Maybe it's 5 minutes of fiddling for you? It feels like to the right person, this should be fairly easy to overcome. I'm based in the UK and if you would like to help me with this project, I'd love it and be really appreciative! It's all good fun and you could see your device hovering at 100,000 feet.... Many thanks, Josh Update- Another vital thing I forgot to add is that this device needs to weigh under 200 grams.

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Mag release for Shadowninja31's MP5K

Built it, and read a comment of someone complaining about how there was no mag release... I felt like I could make one for shadowninja31, and without his consent, I did... might put up instructions (pretty easy to build) but this time I'll wait for shadowninja31's permission :)  Yes it isn't quite a "mag release" as it is more along the lines of a "mag removal helper"  just download the video under the picture bar :) I don't know how to use youtube, and furthermore, don't have time...  Link to his MP5K: 

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Top Secret Stuff Being Released?

Https:// In the above link, it says that the Instructable team is releasing some new top secret stuff...has it been released yet? And, I know it is top secret whatever it is, but does anyone know what the top secret stuff MAY be if it has not been released yet? I am excited for whatever this may be...

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Radio-controlled remote shutter release.

Hi, I have an Panasonic HVX200 video camera and I made an external switch to control the shutter for stop motion which works fine. But I want to control it wirelessly. Can a normal radio-controlled remote shutter release work for this?

Question by pulse_wid  

Nikon D60 Grip with shutter release?

I have a Targus D60 grip with vertical shutter release for my D60, is there a way to make the shutter button physically trigger the camera instead of IR? There is a set of contacts in the Battery Box, are any connected to the shutter?

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Trying to make a shutter release cable and i cant find where to solder the wires.

I put the wires through the switches and covered it with solder, then i attach both wires in random order because i did know which was which with a blob of solder and plugged it into my canon 1000d and it held the shuter randomly for 5 seconds on average randomly regardless on buttons pressed. Im supposed to attach the ON/OFF switch to the very end and the button to the middle and supposedly another wire to the base? WHERE IS THE BASE AND WHAT THE F@&K; IS GOING ON? Ive spent two hours feeling like a retarded jack@$$. please help

Question by buddhajay  

Commenting and Voting on Guides + Bugfix

Hey everyone, Yesterday we did a release and a bugfix for that release. The following issues were fixed: - posting a reply to a comment right after commenting now works - Guides should show a "vote" button when they are entered in a contest - A bunch of backend fixes that broke some things like forums and posting contests, that should be fixed now with the bugfix release. Sorry about any effect the downtime had on everyone, we are working harder everyday to make things better for you. If you see any bugs tell us right away!

Topic by frenzy  

New Header

Last night we released a new header, it quickly gives you access to all the areas of instructables that you know and love! If you see any issues please put them in the bugs forum, thanks!

Topic by frenzy  

Youtube bugfix

We released a fix for an issue with youtube comments. A change to our PM system changed how we dealt with iframes and prevented the pages with comments feature youtube videos from loading correctly should be all fine now.

Topic by frenzy  

New contest page!

Hey everyone! we had a release this afternoon to get out our new contest page which will make it much easier for everyone to see entries, enter contests and win cool prizes! we also got rid of recaptcha on the signup page and are using some fancy scripting to block spammers. We also released some top secret stuff, which you will find out about shortly If you have problems, please post in the forums, thanks!

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Editor is fixed

We figured out the error with unsupported characters completely ruining your instructable, so that should happen any more if you had an instructable with a json parse error it shouldn't give you that anymore hurray!

Topic by frenzy  

New Member Page, New Groups Page

Hey Everyone! We just had a release that was over a month in the making! We totally redesigned the member page (take a look We also did a much needed update to the groups page which will make them more focused, more on that in the coming weeks. We fixed carriage returns on PMs so those work again, improved image processing so your images should be a bit more clear. This is only the beginning, expect some great things coming from HQ this summer! If you see any bugs, let us know! Thanks! Gregg Horton QA Engineer

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Following groups

We just had a site update, with this you can now follow a group! How is this different from joining? well if you want to just get updates from a group without being listed as a member, click the follow button, you'll get the same updates as people who are a part of the group. we also changed how groups are populated, and you'll see that the recent sort now shows you last added to a group. wayyyy cooooollll! We have an extra special surprise for next week, hold onto your pants!

Topic by frenzy  

Upcoming Site Changes!

Hey folks, You may have noticed the new look on our homepage and header - I just want to let you know there are more exciting changes coming! We try to do small site updates about every two weeks, and now that the development team is a bit bigger we'll be able to stick closer to that target schedule. The one constant in a healthy website is change, and our philosophy is to test and modify based on actual results: it's incremental, hypothesis-driven website design of both function and aesthetics.  Lots of small, frequent changes help us evolve the site at a comfortable pace. So stay tuned for new features, design updates, bug fixes, and other good stuff coming your way!  We'll keep working to make Instructables a better place to visit. Christy (and the rest of the Instructables team)

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New release with changed Answers format? And search capability!

Looks like there was an unannounced update over the weekend.  The new search boxes for forums and Answers are a most welcome addition; thank you!  I notice that the thumbnails have been abandoned on the Answers listing; that's probably for the best, as only more experienced users were likely to notice that you could add images at all.

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Facebook Like and Share Buttons!

We had a new code release this morning, here is what went out - FB like and share buttons - dragging on create page works again - sorting fixes for contests if there are problems tell us in the bugs forums!

Topic by frenzy  

Seattle Makers: Make:23 Party July 23rd

Release Party for Make:23 July 23rd, 6pm @ Ada's Technical Books, Seattle, WA MAKE_V23_thmb.jpg The newest issue of MAKE Magazine (Vol 23) features Seattle's 3ric Johanson on the cover with a new weapon in the war on malaria: the Photonic Fence from Intellectual Ventures. Informally, it's a laser-powered mosquito zapper. 3ric, who also opened Hackerbot Labs in Seattle, is excited to have a day-job working with lasers. Join 3ric, other members of the Intellectual Ventures' team, and me at a Make "new release" party at Ada's Technical Books in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood on Friday, July 23rd from 6pm to 10pm. 3ric will talk about how the mosquito zapper works and show video of it in action, a slo-motion high-def sequence which is pretty amazing by itself. We'll have copies of the new issue on hand at Ada's Technical Bookstore. Please help spread the word to Seattle makers who are welcome to bring a project to talk about. Details: What: Make: 23, Mosquito Blaster Release Party When: July 23rd, 6pm -- 10pm Where: Ada's Technical Books 713 Broadway East Seattle, WA 98102

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Canceling memberships and Graphical Search

We had some bugfixes go out last night, should be an improvement on the following issues: - Graphical Search is working again - Pro-membership tab shows Paid membership details again, so you can cancel if you so wish or check the status - Fixes to editor that got broken due to fixing things If you have issues, post them in the Bugs forums.

Topic by frenzy  

Dedicated cable release cord for iPhone camera

How could I make a dedicated cable release cord for the iPhone?  I have looked and looked for this end product - but cannot find it anywhere... Knowing that we can use the volume up button on headphones for the iPhone/Touch to snap pictures, how could we make a cord that is dedicated to this function (instead of using earbutds).  I am wanting to use this feature to help with making stop motion movies.  Using the earbud control is useful.  But I'd really like to have a cord a bit longer than the standard earbud cord lenth.  And also would be nice if the cord could have a very easy to press buton.  Clicking on the headphone volume control can be sort of akward sometimes.  Perhaps we could take some old earbuds and cut off the earbuds and do something with the remaining wires and make a some sort of switch with the remainder. Any thoughts?  I am pretty sure that I could waste an amazing amount of time and figure out via trial and error - but thought it might be better to ask for some quick direction! I believe that the more recent models of iPhone/Touch use a TRRS plug as described on this page: Any thoughts  - THANK YOU  VERY MUCH!

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How to you make wrinkle release spray?

There is a spray that is expensive made by downy that will release wrinkles in casual summer shirts and dresses.  Would anyone have a homemade recipe for this?

Question by osugrad69    |  last reply

Advertise Your Yet To Be Released K'nex Guns

Post pictures of your not yet released k'nex guns here!

Topic by Oblivitus    |  last reply

Does 3D printing require a release agent?

we are interested in 3d printing. so we want to know, i 3d printing process, do we need mold release agent?

Question by SAKURAI Mold    |  last reply

advertise your knex guns soon to be released!

Well i want to show my p90 soon to be released and i want to see all your guns so show me!

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Is nintendo going to release Majora's Mask for the 3DS? Answered

I am wondering if Nintendo is going to release Majora's Mask for the 3DS. Were there any leaks on this? Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

Question by josh1324    |  last reply

Steven M. Greer releases UFO photographs!

Steven M. Greer releases UFO photographs! is my first post here, so i hope its ok ... i thought the UFO pictures would be cool to share, dunno could just be me though heh (:OP

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Please, release me; let me go...

Yesterday, I posted a long comment, with clear, cogent, and on-topic content, to a forum topic which was specifically addressed to me. It is now more than 25 hours later, and my reply is still trapped in whatever antiscientific purgatory it was banished. If it's not going to be released, could someone on staff post a comment to that effect in the forum topic, so that the OP and others know they aren't going to get an answer.

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repair dyson DC07 dirt cannister release?

The little tangs that hold the dirt cannister bottom door closed have broken off and cannot be found. Have been using duct tape as a temp fix. Any ideas?  Thanks,   Ken

Question by ken pulver    |  last reply