How reliable is biodiesel?

I want to start making Biodiesel fuel for a truck i'm about to get but i want to know how reliable it is? I know it clumps up in cold weather but would that apply in northern california, where it only gets to a low of 65 in winter time?

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Quality and reliability of ASRock motherboard? Answered

I'm going to be building my own computer (relax, I know exactly what I'm doing), and I was wondering, how reliable and how good are ASRock motherboards (to be precise, this one

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free website hosts that are reliable

Ok, well, I was interested in creating my own little website (not sure what it should contain), but I need a web host. Im 13, so I dont feel like paying for a host, the instructables on how to create a website have not been helpful in this topic, so, i was wondering if any of you know of any reliable free web hosts. Also, i wonder if the domain "" is taken or something... the .com and .net ones are already taken, although is for sale..............

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Can't reliably log in to instructables

I can't reliably log into instructables. This has been happening sporadically for several months now. There seems to be a bug that when I go to log in it just keeps going back to the login prompt. This usually happens a couple of times and then it lets me log in, but today I am stuck not being able to log in at all. I even tried re-entering my user name and password, but still no dice. Now that I have written this, I see that I am logged in, but when I was trying to log in on the instructables home page it indicated that i was not logged in.

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Need A Reliable MECHANICAL Speedomenter?

I recently motorized a mountain bike and it is great.  I bet I can top 40MPH!!  Only problem is, I have no way of knowing for sure how fast I'm actually going.  I could buy a digital speedo for like $10-20 but I want the look of having a speed gauge on my bike, plus it's a little harder to read a digital speedo at a quick glance when the screen is like 2 inches long and wide!  I saw this mechanical speedo on ebay for $10-20, but some reviews of it on other sites says it breaks really easily, or as soon as it hits 30 MPH it goes crazy.  Does anyone know where I can get a reliable mechanical (analog) speedometer?

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Good free backup software?

I'm feeling that Windows Backup is very inadequate. Do you know of any good, reliable, free backup software that I can use? Preferrably for Windows XP. Thanks in advance Thermo.

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Red's Reliable (R3) Mods and Review

Whatup. So I built Red's Reliable (R3). It was pretty ownage, but there were a few things that popped out at me as annoying, but easily fixed/modded: -Flimsy trigger guard and short trigger -The mag wasn't preloadable -Looked a little long (imo) -Asymmetric at 6 layers -Pin was hard to grasp and could wobble once pulled -Back sights were flimsy -Pieces would break where the pin hit the gun Now, these are all the negative things, but in the original gun, the positives outweigh them. Here are all the things I love about this gun: -Looks AMAZING -Fires green rod/grey connector ammo, my second favorite type -Shoots 35-45 feet (for me), so pretty powerful at close-mid range -Really good pin pull distance -Sturdy -Almost never jams -Reliable mech (heh heh) -Did I mention it looks amazing? So I decided to mod the gun and fix all the things that annoyed me. Here's what my mods have done: +Mag is now preloadable (Has a ceiling) +Trigger guard is sturdy, and trigger is longer +Shorter front barrel (which increases range because of less barrel to bounce off of) +Symmetric, and has metallic 6th and 7th layers (Sorry for jacking your style BM but it looks better that way) +Pin is now much easier to grasp, and doesn't move left or right when pulled +Back sights are now very sturdy +Where the pin hits the gun is now reinforced so that no pieces are damaged when the gun fires So that's kinda an overview/review of the gun. Before the mods, it was like a 7/10. After, I would rate it at an 8.5/10. Props to Red for making such a great gun. More Mods/Review - Johnhall14's Tactical Shotgun v2

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Are there any powerful, reliable slingshot guns that dont require many parts

I tried making the final stand by knex Greek but I don't have enough yellow connectors or green rods to make it. I don't have any rubber bands that stretch far either

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Is GoFundMe a good trusty crowdfunding site?

I just want to know if GoFundMe is safe? Is there any frauds that I should be aware of? I know your project will not be seen unless you share the link but I don't mind. I wanted to use Kickstarter but it's only in the US and you need to give a reward. Indiegogo can be used for charity causes but they Take $25 off the final amount for users out of the US. GoFundMe takes 0.30 Cents per donations so it might not be too good? Please let me know what you think. :)

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K'NEX Gun: RSEC (Red's Shell Ejecting Carbine)

Hey guys! Well, here is my most recent project, the RSEC (Shell Ejecting Carbine). The title really explains it all, it is a shell ejecting carbine... of sorts. Technically, the definition of a carbine is a gun that is in rifle form, but shoots pistol / SMG ammunition. This gun does not EXACTLY fit that definition, as it shoots blue rods, which is the K'NEX equivalent of a rifle round, but, all the same, I'm gonna call it a carbine. The thing that perplexed me about this gun is it's pin pull-back length. You see, the pin pull-back length on my K'NEX Gun: Reliable (R3) outdistanced the RSEC's pin-pull length, but I'd bet you that the RSEC would get better range, even without shells. I couldn't really tell you why that is, but, more likely than not, it is a result of the barrel. The R3 has a long barrel, which may mess with the rounds, but this, the RSEC, has no barrel (I.E. the rounds are shot right out of the magazine into the open air). Let that be a lesson to us all, K'NEX barrels are pretty much useless (which may be part of the reason why K'NEX bullpups are no good). Features: Great range: 50 - 70 ft. (even without the shells) Comfortable Everything in the gun is well situated (IMO) Nice 'n short, just like I wanted it Heavily modifiable True-trigger operated Good pull-back-length Hand guard Shoots shell ammunition OR non-shelled ammo -The Red Book of Westmarch

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R5, Bolt Action Carbine

Hey guys! After the "rebuff" I received from ZakS and FlyingFish10 (and more kind comments from TheDunkis and Raz1r Knex Bull3t) about how my K'NEX Gun: Declaration (R2) looked just like a ZKAR (to which I disagreed), I decided to rebuild and heavily edit my K'NEX gun Declaration (R2), changing the body and mechanisms so heavily that the comparison between it and the ZKAR would be virtually non-existent. After about three days of hard work, I have finally come up with this gun, the R5. With a brand new trigger mechanism and bullet transfer system, this gun is ENTIRELY different from any other bolt action gun you will find. While the bolt itself is heavily similar to the ZKAR / Zaktangle, almost everything else is entirely unrecognizable (except the magazine, that's a pretty standard yellow rod magazine). Features: Brand new trigger mechanism Brand new bullet transfer system Heavily edited (and improved) pin guide setup Comfortable stock Very reliable New magazine setup, with magazine breach Comfortable grip Flip-up back sight Great range: 50 - 70 ft. Preloadable magazine Internal magazine pusher 12 rd. magazine (could be increased) This version is by no means finished, but when I do finish it, I'll be sure to post a full set of instructions. Check out the image notes for more info. Tell me what you guys think I should change or add to this gun. I'd love to hear your comments. Quick Tip: When you have a magazine that is full of rounds try and make the last round different in some way, so that when you shoot the gun you know when the magazine is empty. This will prevent you from shooting the magazine pusher, and make it so that you don't have to keep track of how many rounds you've shot. -The Red Book of Westmarch

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How to reliably detect fire and its location?

As the title says. I did try IR receiver to detect a fire but its not very reliable. Im trying to make a fire fighter robot and need accurate data of the fire's size and its location. Im using a arduino Btw Thanks

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Most Reliable way to wire Led Arrays

I am working on one of my first Led projects. Its a set of tail lights for my Jeep. I have been doing a lot of reading and I am having a very hard time trying to lock down weather I should run them in parallel or in series. Im under the inpression that in series is the most reliable way. Yes? Any help you could give would be great. Jeremy

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What is the simplest yet reliable inverter (NOT) gate setup?

What is the simplest yet reliable inverter (NOT) gate setup, in your opinion, for feeding its output to a 555 timer's trigger input?

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What is a reliable 12v battery charger under $30?

I'm looking for a battery charger to charge my 12v 8a battery which I use to light my 300 LED strip in the garage. What charger works best and doesn't break the bank, so under $30?

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Half bridge in "A reliable plasma speaker doesn't work"?

Hi! I am a  student and I just started to make my first half-bridge plasma speaker, and I used the schemetic in However, after I finished, it didn't work. I used an oscilloscope and I found the VGS of high side MOSFET was between -3 and -6, and the low side was between 12 and 0. Then I accidentally got it work, but the MOSFETs were very hot, and then they exploded. After I change the MOSFETS, it had the same problem as before again. But if I short the capacitors, the wave form for both the high and the low were correct. can anybody explain why? Thanks.

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where can I purchase components from a reliable dealer?

I need a list of well know and reliable component and part dealers(solenoids)  not some mom and pop shop from china 

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I want a good reliable Airsoft pistol, any suggestions? Answered

I love playing airsoft but its so damn expensive, especially in canada.  I've been looking at a few different methods of building a spring or elastic-powered airsoft pistol to be used when my main gun is out of ammo. I've made a couple from K'nex but they dont hold up when i put alot of elastics on them.  im not interested in using the aerosol or bike-pump pvc models, i've built those too but they take too long for each shot. Help me out Please :)

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How to connect higher voltage to PIC chip input reliably ?

The PICAXE 08M2+ IC is just an 8-pin flash PIC with nanowatt... I have been working on my 3000mW handheld laser monitoring system for ages. It is a picaxe 08M2 connected to an LED, a buzzer through a transistor, a thermistor, and an 8.4V input. It is almost perfect, the problem I have isn't really serious, but I want to make it perfect. Now read carefully what happens: The picaxe comes on when the laser's "armed" keyswitch is turned. An on/off pushbutton then controls turning the laser on/off, all the while the picaxe is still on. The PICAXE runs off a 78L05 connected to 8.4V. If I turn on the PICAXE, it works all fine as usual. When I turn on the laser (1.5A load), it is still perfectly fine due to the 0.22uF capacitor I put on the PICAXE 5V rail! BUT, if the laser pushbutton had been left on, and you turn the armed switch on, the laser comes on as usual, but the PICAXE doesn't boot. If I turn the laser pushbutton off then on, even for a millisecond, the PICAXE boots and works fine from then on. Now here is how it is wired up, I want the PICAXE to know when the laser is on, so I connected the pushbutton to INPUT3 on the PICAXE so INPUT3 gets power along with the laser when the pushbutton is pressed. I realise that the 8.4V input is too high for the PICAXE, so I experimented with resistors and discovered that a 47K resistor between the 8.4V and the INPUT3 worked fine (with a 10K pulldown). I have checked and it is not a software problem. What I don't get is why the PICAXE stays working fine when the laser load is turned on, but not if they are both turned on at the same time. The attached drawing is to help explain my set up. See how the PICAXE only fails to boot if the laser on/off switch was already on when the main keyswitch is turned on. If I turn the laser pushbutton off then on, even for a millisecond, the PICAXE boots and works fine from then on. I hope it wasn't too hard to understand...

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Does anyone of you know a reliable pocket-size knex pistol with a mag and a rail (like on my sparcss)? Answered

Does anyone of you know a reliable pocket-size knex pistol with a mag and a rail? With rail I mean like on my sparcss and on this knex gun:;=30 . With reliable I mean only jamless guns.

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I need a source for reliable, normally open push button switches.

Either online or in the San Francisco bay area. Fry's does not have what I need.

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Where can I find a reliable schematic for a flyback transformer Tesla coil?

Its just that I have been scouring the web in search of a schematic with details specifying particular components, to no avail. Is there a schematic out there that shows the integration of a flyback transformer specifically?

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reliable way to set and maintain the angle between my belt sander and the piece i'm working on

Effectively i need a angleable and lockable table with an adjustable stop to help me maintain the angle between the face of my belt sander and the peice (knife) i'm working on can anyone help?

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Source for reliable bright white led strips that can be powered with 5v (USB)

Hello,  wanting to build a portable light tracing box that can be ran off the power of a laptop USB port.   Are there any sources for strips of that voltage?   Mostly what I have found is 12v,   the sites that seem to have 3v strips seem unusually expensive or the details of the strips are vague so I don't know if they are trustworthy.

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Which knex gun has a large magazine, little parts, and very reliable? Answered

I have built I_Am_Canadians AST pistol and it was really good but i want to know about some other guns out there

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What is the safest (and most reliable) way to power a dozen LED's burried in a floor?

I know sculpting and carving, not circiuts! I've added some custom glass etchings to the tile floor in a bathroom that are lit with LED's embedded under the Travertine and Grout. There are about a dozen 3v White LED's spread throughout the floor and all wired in parrallel. They are hard to change. Once they burn out, they most likely won't be dug up and chaged, so I want them to last as long as possible. In my previous installation, I simply used a 3v battery pack inside the closet with a wall switch in the entry to control the circuit. In my current floor, I've also used a battery pack to test them and am now ready to build a permanent solution. This time (thinking ahead) I have built a switched outlet in a wall cavity that will provide power to my floor lighting. The question is this: What is the best way to power them making use of the switched outlet? My original idea was to simply buy a 3v wall wart power supply typically rated at between 750 and 1000ma at the switched outlet. The reason I'm asking you fine folks about this is that Im concerned about providing too much amperage to the lights and burning them out (if that's possible). Once they're gone, theyre gone. It is not very practical to dig them out. Is this a good idea? There is nothing else in the circuit but the 3v LEDs and the power supply (no resistors, etc). My backup idea is to use a 120v relay and a battery pack at the switched outlet. This seems the safer solution (less chance of burning out the LED's), but would require changing the batteries once in a while (probably every couple years with typical usage.

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What airsoft gun should I get? Answered

I am planning on geting an airsoft rifle soon, I have many choices, but I would like some outside input. My criteria are: - AEG/ Gas (doesnt matter what kind of gas) - Version 2 Gearbox - Full metal/ wood (if applicable) - Under $200 - Reliability - Doesnt matter what type of gun This might seem a bit picky for a n00b, but I want to start off well. If you can help me, it is much appreciated.

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What is the best full auto knex gun? Answered

Anything with a motor or a crank that is strong and reliable.

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I just got a new electric guitar, it's a Jay Turser and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was a reliable brand name.

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Windows 7 Screenshots

These are so far the most reliable screenshots of Windows 7 I've found.Some are pretty incredible.

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ZKAR review.

I changed my band placement for the trigger, and now it rocks. NEW REVIEW: Structural: Body strength: 8 Handle: 8 Stock: 8.5 Bullet lock: 9 Overall: 8.375 Performance: Range: 8.5 Reliability: 8 Capacity: 8 Trigger: 8.5 Overall: 8.25 Overall: Overall: 8.31 I like this gun a lot. It gets good range and is almost 100% reliable. Keep up the good work Zak.

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Where to buy small empty wire spools? Answered

I often buy wire off the internet that doesn't come on spools.  Does anyone know of a reliable company that sells small spools like the one in the picture?  I already googled it, but the sites didn't look very reliable.  Also, I checked McMaster-Carr, and the wire spools are fairy big, but I could settle for them if I can't find small spools. Thanks in advance! -AI

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Homemade Cryolipolysis revisited - is cool plate and vaccum technology instead of ice packs more reliable?

Http:// Using the Peltier effect via an aluminum plate, would it be possible to create a homemade cryolipolysis machine? The method cryolipolysis uses to kill fat cells is this: The vacuum pulls the adipose tissue away from the body's core along with the surrounding skin folds to prevent the tissue from being warmed by body temperature. The temperature of the fat cells drops to between -1 degree Celsius and -10 degrees Celsius, triggering pre-programmed cell death. After one hour of application all of the susceptible cells in the area have been triggered and will die off between two weeks and 3 months later. I don't want to use something as inaccurate as ice packs, I would like to buy an aluminum plate, attach wiring to one side to utilize the Peltier effect, apply a light vacuum to keep contact, and insert some kind of temperature control per Peltier junction to keep the temperature in the optimum zone. As far as the back of the connections that gets hot, cooling that with circulated anti-freeze or water should be sufficient, but I'm not sure of the best configuration on the plate/vacuum setup. The way the current Zeltiq technology pulls the skin so far away from the body leads me to believe it's not great for any area that doesn't have a lot of excess skin to pull on and I would like to create a shallower cavity that can fit in harder to reach places like the side of the chest under the arm.

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We all want our guns to shoot far and to fire fast, but how much performance do we actually need? Makers of Oodammo pistols boast that they shoot 60 - 70 feet, but there is no way that you can reliably hit a moving target with a knex gun at that range with any weapon, especially pistols. A good weapon should be able to fire fast, and be accurate to say 30 feet. This would allow the said gun to hit targets ar range reliably. Think about it.

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Am I the only one getting fed up with duct tape?

I wondered whether I'm the only one starting to grow sceptic of duct tape. It doesn't work that well, it can't reliably stick anything to a wall reliably for more than 6 months, and when you take it off (or it falls off), it leaves you with whatever you taped with nasty slime all over the place. What are your views on duct tape?

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to build a simple but reliable motor controller for a high voltage (500v) DC motor?

I need to make a high voltage (500V), high current (20A) DC motor controller that uses a DC power source. It must be reliable and last a long time, and it also needs to be able control the speed of the motor from zero and up. Any ideas on building one or perhaps one that I can buy? Thanks!

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 I want to build an original iphone or at least build a ipod an 3rd gen. please give me some sites that you know are reliable for ordering these parts

Question by led235 

What is the cheapest way to make a 3D printer? Answered

Time is not an issue, skill level might, but shouldn't be.  I just want to find a good, reliable 3D printer kit.

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Where can I find a sear system knex gun?

Can someone direct me to a reliable, powerful, clean sear system gun?

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LEDs from ebay? Answered

Is ebay a reliable source of LEDs? I bought a 3 watt LED off there once ( and it had kinda poor performance...but I don't know whether it was because the torch itself was poor or if the fact that buying it from ebay was what made it bad. Any how, I'm looking for a 1 - 3 watt LED, and a (narrow beam) lens for it, and was wondering where I could get it all for under $10 (AU). WOuld ebay be a reliable choice?

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Prototyping service

 Does anyone know of a good prototyping service that is fairly fast, very reliable and has good ethics? This would be a fairly simple job, using leather, paper/cloth and plastic (not electromechanical or gizmoid). Thanks so much!

Question by stephen_francis 

Where to buy prepaid calling cards?

Hello friends i have found this prepaid calling card site. This is looking reliable company, share your ideas about this..

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Air Rifle Repair

I have an old daisy .177 cal. air rifle in which the seal is broken... Can I get/make a new, reliable one for less than the cost of a full tune up?

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Convert Audio file to Text

Affordable , Accurate, Time Bound and Quality Services.  If you are searching reliable companies for transcribe your audio and video files, then kindly visit at Outsourcing Transcription Services.

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Anyone know

Currently I am viewing this site. They are an online retailer of daily consumer electronics. Similiar to, they are also providing worldwide free shipping and cheap price. All I wanna know is they are reliable site or not... Thanks!

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Finishing my turbocharger jet; Just a few questions!

Hey all, I'm currently building a turbocharger based jet engine, and i'm nearly done. The one problem stopping it from becoming a finished machine is how to get a good reliable spark. Is it possible to use a glow plug in the combustion chamber and a glow starter insted of a spark plug? All my attempts to use a spark plug have failed so far, and I would love to be able to avoid the issue of 555 timers and electronics needed for reliable sparks, since I haven't a clue how they work.

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Lithium polymer protector (LVCO)?

Has anyone used a very small low voltage cut off (LVCO) circuit on a lithium polymer battery? I found a nice collection of lithium polymer cells in a 'dead' laptop battery. Thing is, I don't want to be careful about over draining them and they don't seem to have a low voltage cut off circuit in the individual cells. Sparkfun sells batteries with a teeny LVCO system built into the cell package like this: What would be a reliable source of similar reliable boards that protect from over discharge?

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