Repurpose parts

In the last 6 months, I had a 40" hd tv, a modem, a 27" monitor and a laptop  all quit on me for various reasons.  I'm wondering if I take them apart if there are any parts that are worth salvaging.  I have only a basic understanding of electronics but love to tinker and want to take up arduino projects.  What would you salvage if it were you? MK

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I am looking for projects that are kid friendly (7/8 y.o.) for making things out of existing items - projects that are fun to make while teaching kids how to reuse/recycle/repurpose.  Thanks!!!

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Futon mattress repurpose

My daughter's feline urinated on her futon mattress; thought I might get some repurposing suggestions before burning it.

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Pressboard Pallet Repurposing

My workplace receives shipments on pressboard pallets. We collect about a hundred a year, and can't even give them away. Can anyone help me figure out some good ways to repurpose them? Thanks, Jorge

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Repurposed Cigarette Case

Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case.  Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards. This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.

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repurpose a powerbook 190?

I have this old macintosh powerbook 190, its nice to look at but as far as functionality and weight go its unreasonable nowadays. so im looking for a creative way to repurpose it, it still works fine, and the screen is all working, but i want to do more with it than waste 10 minutes at a time playing spin doctor. i was thinking of turning it into a tablet or something, but i dont know if i can do that in any way, either through the ADB port or SCSI, correct me if im wrong about that. i dont really use it, but i dont want to just get rid of such a interesting piece of technology. even if i cant reuse it how i want to, what can i reuse it for?

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Looking for ideas to repurpose a dryer

The motor in our electric dryer died and SWMBO decided that we were going to replace it with a new energy efficient model. So now I've got an old electric drier to get rid of. seems a shame to just take it to the land fill. So what good ideas does anyone have for repurposeing/upcycling an old electric dryer?

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Repurposing about 35 coozies?

Ive come across a pleroith of foam coozies that my family plans to throw away. Any idea's on how I can change their fate of an eternity in the dump to a new life of something artsy and innovative? Any ideas appriciated! -xD

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Creative repurposing old earbuds?

Good day all, I have four pairs of old earphones that I could like to creatively repurpose.  All pairs are functional and all are Nokia branded.  I received these earphones over the ages along with cellphones.  Their connectors however have proprietary jacks, not even the same types, with one having a 3.5 mm jack, they also include mics for answering calls. Thoughts I had so far:  trying to create a dock/speaker box using it all simultaneously - concern, will probably be soft. Any advice? Thanks! Xaveos

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Can an old smartphone be repurposed?

Hello and my heartiest greetings to all reading this,I have this old Nokia Lumia 540 and was wondering whether I could replace the OS with something like the Raspbian to use it with python and utilize all the cool stuff already there in the phone. Is that sort of thing possible?I am totally new to this stuff and hence have no idea about any of it. Please help me out.Cheers. :)

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Printing scale for repurposed meter

I am doing a project to repurpose a Westinghouse KX-241 switchboard meter as a CPU process meter for my PC.  To to this I will have to make a new scale for the meter.  Here is the type of meter in question: The scale on the meter I have does not match the scale I need, which is 0 to 100 (percent).  This is a simple task: Just remove the scale from the meter, scan it, and modify the image as necessary with Corel Draw.  Then print the new scale on glossy paper and adhere it to the top of the meter scale.  Simple.  Except, if you notice in the picture, the scale of the meter is not all flat.  The outer edge of the scale where the lines are is angled outward.  If I try to apply a printed scale to this, the printed scale will have creases where the paper negotiates the angled portion.  Any ideas of how I can manage this without creases?

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How to repurpose a metal school desk

I have five metal school desk. I would like to repurpose them into something but I am brain blocked in what I can do with them.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. 

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What's the best way to repurpose an old computer (from like 9 years ago)?

Hey, I've got a couple of old computers and I'm trying to think of a new, unique, fun way to repurpose them and give them new life. Please try to help with new ideas and not any that you've seen from this site, or others because I'm pretty sure I've already seen them. The screens are not LCD flats, they are the box-shaped-kind. Is there any way to turn an old, box-shaped computer monitor into a tv screen?

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What Would You Make With These?

I have a number of these rings. I was given some free fabric samples and these secured them all together, like binder rings but huge. They are 6" across, hinged on one side, with threaded closures along the straight section.  Does anyone have ideas about how to repurpose them? Not much comes to mind except charm necklaces. Maybe something for a Halloween costume?

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Can I use a computer power supply for something other than a PC? Answered

So here's the thing. My wife got these really cool gaming chairs at the thrift store. The problem is no power supply. According to the owners manual I found online the original power transformer was rated at 12v 2.5A DC. A transformer at radio shack that would meet this for one chair is something like 30 or 40 dollars each I don't remember exactly. I don't want to build one, I want something ready made. Is there any reason I couldn't use a cheap computer power supply. For around 30 dollars I can get a 300 watt supply which is more than enough for both of my chairs. Their combined amperage draw in parallel is 5A, so 60 watts. Other than having to make up  connectors is there any reason I shouldn't use a PC power supply?

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My headphones are broken, any ideas on repurposing them? Answered

All thats broken about them is one of the speakers came off, but is still attached to the wire, but not to the headband part. Any ideas about repurposing them?

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how can we repurpose chip board?

I have read that chipboard cannot be recycled. How can we repurpose cereal boxes, etc,

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Hard drive spindle motor repurposing

I am in the materials-gathering phase of a planned project to build a handheld stabilizer system for use with my dSLR camera when I shoot video (for an example of what that kind of is and does, look  I have a number of older or decommissioned hard drives and optical drives laying around and wondered if I couldn't repurpose the motors from them to use as the axis motors for my stabilizer.  The SimpleBGC board from Alexmos is built to drive brushless DC motors such as the spindle motors found in hard drives.  My questions would be if this would work and whether they would be "strong" enough to turn and hold the camera carriage according to the controller's signals.

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RePurposing ex-expensive HiTech Stuff

, OK, this may now look really messed up, but here's the body: Hi, I have a few things I've loved and cherished over time that are our of service for one reason or another, and I'd really like to find some repurposing ideas for these wonderful techonolgies.  I have an ipod classic 80gb (broken internal ribbon cable, maybe hdd,; ipod touch 8gb (fried ..water damage), BB pearl 8100 Same: water damage and just old, used the hell out of it...: Epson inkjet printers, basic modern freeby printers that I never use because ink is too expensive.... So I love this site, and thought there would be a place somewhere for some dedicated repurposing of things such as these. If anyone can point me to this area of the site, if it exists, I'd be super happy and thnakful, and apologize for this messy post.. OK sorry, this may not come out well. Using google chrome. Can't see anything I'm typing into the message body!!. Hi allHi allHi alls 

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Amazing Homes out of Repurposed Materials

"I think mobile homes are a blight on the planet... Attractive, affordable housing is possible and I'm out to prove it." - Dan PhillipsA man in Texas has started a program to build low-income housing out of trash and other found and donated materials. I know you are probably thinking to yourself "oh great, another beer can house," but these homes are actually quite artfully done. He is on a crusade to prove to the world that you can build stylish housing out of discarded materials. Completely self-taught and working with a limited crew, he makes highly-crafted and sturdy houses. He also requires that the eventual owner helps in the construction of the house so that they have a larger stake in its future.Check out the full New York Times article and don't miss the slideshow.

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is it possibile to repurpose an lcd screen from a broken laptop?

As i remember is an Acer, i dont remember the model.. what i need for this? i wish use it like an additional monitor, i dont care if will be using vga or else

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How can I repurpose an upright base w/ a broken neck?

If I can repair the neck that would be great, if not, then what? I just cant see throwing this beauty in the garbage. So what can I make w/ it? A table, a shelf? Help!!!!

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any ideas for an old palm pre?

Found one with the orig. packaging about to be tossed.  I figure there must be some good ideas out there; i wanted it originally to be turned into a pay as you go for my kids or as a back up as i crack a few screens.  Any ideas?  Please dont snark.

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Can I turn a petrol engine into a water pump?

I may be able to get my hands on an old 2 stroke engine. The spark plug threads have gone completly and mainly going for spares. I was wondering if sealing the spark plug hole, fit an electric motor to the drive shaft then separate hoses to the fuel inlet and exhaust could it then pump water or is this another of my hair-brained ideas?

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I found a bunch of parts from two ipod' s!

I want to start a project using various parts scavenged from dumpster diving. A bag containing two ipod hard drives an ipod 2nd gen circuit board three brand new replacement screens, the outer shell of the 2nd gen video case. wheel clicker. I have basic soldering skills but unsure what to do with all these great parts... Any suggestions would be praised!!!!

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Looking for ideas to repurpose M-6/8 oxygen bottles/tanks

Looking for ideas to repurpose M-6/8 oxygen bottles/tanks. I sure these can be used for something cool. Thanks for any ideas

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Sound tower not working - repurpose with Raspberry Pi?

My soundtower quit working. It powers on but no sound from an ipod or from component audio cables in the back.  Are the speakers themselves repurposable perhaps by removing the electronic boards and replacing with a Raspberry Pi?  If not, it's going to the dump.

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Need ideas for repurposing frozen dinner plastic trays

I have tons of the plastic trays from frozen dinners and want to find ways to repurpose them into some kind of craft that can be made by kids in an afterschool setting. Any ideas?

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Ideas on repurposing over-the-door metal shoe rack

Hoping some creative minds can help me figure out a way to reuse a metal over-the-door shoe rack - not the"pockets' but the old school inverted U shape for about 18 pairs. Sorry -for some reason the upload pic isn't working - but it's 6 "U" on each of 6 rows with two side bars holding them together and two hooks at the top. I took it apart so I have 6 U rows and the two sides. I haven't figured out anything creative enough to justify mucking around with it, other than drilling holes in a vertical board to push the shelf in horizontally, and hanging lightweight things from it. There are easier and better solutions than using this in that case. Any ideas? Thanks/.

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Can I repurpose a 3G Microcell from AT&T?

Several years ago I received a 3G Microcell from AT&T. I am now with a different cell service provider, actually an AT&T MVNO. Is it possible to repurpose the microcell to work with my current (or any) network operator? Thanks.

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Suggestion for a new contest or at least ideas on reusing....

I would like to see a contest rewarding the best idea for repurposing aluminum screw-top cans! There are some brilliant people out there that should be able to come up with great ideas to keep these out of landfills. Budweiser and Coors cans are the ones I am talking about. Thanks for considering this, Fatgnat

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Old Amplifier Challenge

Have a few old amplifiers around.  wondering what they can be combined to re-create. Best Re-purpose for 1 old amplifier... Thanks.

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incandescents: more ideas for recycling!?

Soon they'll be banned, but not extinct!  They're everywhere!  Lightbulb glass is no fun to get rid of, so let's get cleverer (more clever?) with the reuse ideas!

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What can I do with all my old receipts?

Receipts seem to collect so quickly - perhaps they can be used to make something unique and cool. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could make with all of my old receipts?

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Can I take my laptop screen off, turn it around and reassemble it? Looking to have the screen face backwards.?

I have an old laptop and the keyboard is terrible. I would like to reverse the screen so when I close the laptop the monitor faces up. Then I can mount it and add a functioning keyboard.

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Is an IKEA pine bed frame safe enough for the environment and durable enough to re-purpose into a raised plant bed?

I've had this bed frame from IKEA for 6 years now. Its almost entirely cheap pine, and I won't be needing it as a bed anymore. I do need a raised bed for plants outside and was wondering if this would safe enough for the environment and also be durable enough for the elements?

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Do you have an item you are about to throw away? Or looking for useful goods?

Do you want to re-home your unwanted items or looking for useful goods? Check out A free web service that helps people get rid of their unwanted items in the community by giving them to others who can make use of them. We will help to reduce the landfill and to start you can sign up for an account on the site and start listing your unwanted items.

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Any ideas for repurposing small appliances? parts? Answered

Any ideas on what these could be repurposed for? Is it worth taking parts or should I just donate them? Coffee maker (I replaced it because it was white and got discolored), but it still works fine and has a digital clock. Toaster Oven (got a larger one now). The oven is a small basic one wire rack style with knobs - nothing digital. BTW. If I can't find a use for either of these, and someone wants them, they can have them for free, provided they pay shipping. - canucksgirl

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Repurpose a TFT Display with 50 pin FPC

Hello,I have recovered a LCD TFT display from an old smart meter. And I would like to recycle it in a new project in my Arduino.The problem I am faced with is that I don't know very well how to connect it to my breadboard/Arduino.I have found a couple of relatively cheap options but I thought best to double check before spending money on something I might not need."Socket" are pictures of the display in question.This would require a bit fancy soldering which I think I should manage to do without melting the pcb.however If anyone can suggest a simpler way, (or if thi is completely wrong).thanks everyone.c

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Reuse, Repurpose Instructables Ideas for Air Compressor

I came up on a broken air compressor where basically it is a functioning electric belt driven pump.  Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do with that thing? It also has the mini tank with it. 

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How can I repurpose a military parachute

I have an old military parachute which has been sitting in a box in my garage for years. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can reuse it,  other than jumping out of planes? It's in really good shape but I have already reused all the paracord.

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Repurpose laptop to household touch screen calendar?

A few years ago I had come across instructions on how to repurpose an older laptop into a calendar for all in the household to use. The laptop would only run a calendar program (perhaps one or two more) where those in the house could post and update appointments or other commitments.  The original laptop screen was replaced by a touch screen while retaining a functioning keyboard.   I was certain that this had been an Instructable, but I have not found such a project on the site.  I have not found a hard copy in my file drawer or a soft copy on my backups.  Does such a project ring a bell to any of you?  If so, please let me know. 

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Repurpose Bluetooth Chip from Wireless Headphones?

I've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones that I'm pretty sure is about to kick the bucket; they don't hold a charge properly and they seems to be falling apart.  Kinda what I get for being cheap I guess. I don't feel like spending money on getting a new LiPo battery to attempt to fix anything (especially considering shipping, etc. repairs will probably cost more than the headphones themselves), and so I was wondering if I could take out the Bluetooth chip inside and repurpose it for some other project with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, probably for transmitting data from a sensor. A side note, if there are any ways I can refurbish the headphones themselves in a way that's worth the time, money, and effort, I'd like to hear about that, as well. Thank you!

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Need some help with repurposing Christmas lights

Greetings everybody! I've been lurking around instructables for maaaaany years, but have never been a dedicated maker. On to the point. I made a "bedside lamp" so to speak. It's an olive branch, around which I put a row of christmas lights. They're the simple kind, white with a clicky green controller and about 10 different settings. The setting is remembered until the lights are unplugged, after which they reset. I'd like to keep them on at all times with just an on-off switch, because a twinkling bedside lamp is not of much use. My stepfather told me he'd help (he's an electrician) but we have no clue how the thing actually works (so we can take it apart and just keep the simple on-off cords. The setup is as follows: =)--------------(regular 2 cord electric current cable)----------[    *    ]----(5 cables)-----Y---Y---Y---Y Plug------------------------------------------------------------Single Button Controller---------Lights I've followed the cables as well as I could (I've already taped them around the branch at several spots) and lamps connect to different cables. How could I remove the "program" altogether and just make them work with a simple switch?

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Alternate use for old cell phones and smartphones

I have a box full of unused cell phones and smartphones. Some were the higher end ones of their time such as Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch. I would like to find ways to repurpose these as they are still good and have wifi and bluetooth capabilities. I was thinking maybe security cameras or robots that can be accessed via the internet to monitor my home and pets while away. Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated.

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Any ideas for a cheap DIY brochure holder? Answered

I need to re-use something as a brochure holder but I don't want it too pricey or cool so that it gets stolen! Any advice is welcome!

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How can I upcycle very sturdy metallized pet food bag? Answered

Hi. One of my dear cats had to eat a special Royal Canin food for a while, so I ended up with several metallized film bags (I'm not sure if that's the correct name so I uploaded an image). I don't want to throw them to the garbage, as this material will take many years to break down. I searched here and there are many beautiful upcycled tote bags made with regular pet food bags which are fused and/or sewn, but these metallized bags are really hard! Do you know if this is possible or if there are other ways to upcycle, repurpose or reuse these bags? Many thanks in advance, Ana.

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55V DC LED panel with driver - repair instructions?

I just got a huge LED panel that is partially faulty. The big kind to replace lights with 3 long flouroscent tubes. Since I hate throwing stuff in the bin that could be repaired or used otherwise I was wondering: 1. Is there any interest in instructions on how to check and if possible repair these big LED panels? 2. If 1 is a yes - where the heck can I post it as it seems we lack a section for repairs and fixes!?

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