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plug in required

I want to play the video "from-your-long-sleeve-shirt.........." but I get the message "plug in required" . when I press that button the message is "No suitable plug in available" Help! Fransis Guyon Smallbrook

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Heatsink Required ? Answered

Hey Guys, I want to know if I will require a heatsink for my 7805 Voltage Regulator. The usage conditions are:- Supply Voltage=8.4-9 ish v Regulated Voltage=5v Supply Current=2A Current to be used=1A Thermal Resistance=Not sure Ambient Temperature=77-88F Usual 105F Max Thanks. -Prickly Potato

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battery requirments

Hi, I am currently using 2x 6v 1.3 AH SLA batteries to power a 3w LED globe. will these batteries be ok to power this LED for around about 1 hour or will this be pushing it.

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Modeling assistance required? Answered

Does anybody have any suggestions on either making or, as a last resort, buying a scale model of this?

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Would this require Programming?

Hi! I'm building a laptop bag alarm for a project I'm working on, and I'm pretty new to electronics. Would anyone know how I could make a system where a switch would be flipped to turn 'the alarm' on or off, and when that switch is flipped, the system would do nothing when the security system is triggered. The security system being 3-8 LDR sensors inside the bag, that will trigger some sort of logical part, that would be able to make the decision whether or not to sound the alarm, based on the status of the switch (flipped or normal)  I'm a programmer, so the system looks like this to me:  IF ALARM_SWITCH_ON && LDR_TRIGGERED { TRIGGER LIGHT && SOUND }  IF ALARM_SWITCH_OFF && LDR_TRIGGERED { DO NOTHING }  ELSE { DO NOTHING } Anyone know how this could be made with circuitry? or whether it would require programming? If it required all circuitry, is there anywhere I could get help with drawing up a circuit diagram?  Cheers & Thanks!  Karan

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HEMI no programing required !

Hello  I am interested in build a simple mini line following robot  like HEMI dome shape design, has any one here built this robot ! or ones like it, and information on where to get parts mini or micro gear box, and motor and mini wheels to fit as well as mini circuit boards or I will make one via you tube . . Thanks any help appreciated  David  

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Soldering help required

Hi everyone. I just signed up for Instructables, but I have been a constant visitor for a while now. I'm also the happy owner of a cheap soldering iron I bought a while ago for some projects I had on mind, so I've been checking out all those Instructables about soldering to have a clue of how to solder without dying on the attempt. The problem is, most of them are for soldering circuits and I'm more interested in other kind of stuff like audio wires, speakers, LEDs, switches, and the most audio plug jacks. So, I bought my soldering iron (a pretty cheap one) and started to use it but, hell, I just cannot figure out how to do it right. The first time I used it I tried to tin it correctly but I think I might have let a spot I couldn't tin quickly and apparently that spot never heated correctly. After several days of use the tip of the darn thing changed a few times of color to finally corroded and the mentioned spot of the tip fell apart although I cleaned it and tinned it after every use. My second bigger problem is that after tinning the tip the solder appear to have life of its own. Usually I put the tip upon the place where I want to solder and next to the wires, apply the solder, and then the solder: a) Melt, shrinks and go back the way it came.... or b) A portion stays in place but manage to stay down, left or right from the wires to be soldered. When trying to tin wires the solder always rejects them (I think running away from them). So please, help. Could anyone tell me what am I doing wrong. Is it the solder? Do I need to stop being cheap and buy a better soldering iron?? Is it me doing all wrong?? Can anyone post a "Soldering for less than dummies" Instructable??? Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Newb Question About Contest Requirements

I would like to enter a contest. However what I want to include is simply "purchase" recommendations that makes a complete set. I should maybe clarify: I'm looking at the Amps & Speakers Contest. I have an awesome setup I would love to suggest, but nothing is actually "DIY" made. It would be simply what to buy, why, and how to setup them up. Is this acceptable? Or does something about the setup (the amp, the speakers, etc.) have to be made yourself? And if not, can I just make an instructable like this for the benefit of other who don't want to make something from scratch just to impart knowledge and save others a lot of time?

Topic by TheHomeschoolHouse    |  last reply

Adhesive glue, Suggestion required

I need some suggestions to firmly stick plastic with concrete, the bond should be really strong, as the concrete is of 10 Kgs and is placed over a large plastic drum and the system will vibrate violently. I tried Super Glue but it did not work.

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LED DRIVER assistance required? Answered

I am trying a diy led build. I have 9 3w 4v 800mah high power leds and a  240v AC to 26-39v variable voltage DC 1500mAh fixed  driver. My first question is, if I connect my 9 leds in series =36v leaving 3v drop do I need to limit the fixed 1500mAh current and if so how. My second question, is there a way of fitting a dimming circuit given that I cannot access the internals of the driver. I have looked for answers but cannot find oe specific to my problem Many thanks in advance for replies.

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mini DVR advise required

Hello, I'm trying to assemble a spy surveillance system that is composed of a single camera. I am still unable to find a devise that will accept a single channel BNC or RCA and recored to a large USB flash drive (also wondering if I can connect an external USB SSD instead of the flash drive as I have a 128 and 256 GB SSDs that I can fit into external enclosures so compression "H.264 or AVCHD" is not that important.). The whole idea is to strip this out of its case and install the circuit board in a camuflaged enclosure with the camera along with a DC power supply (say 12 volts). Can anybody recommend such a recorder that has the simplest controls (on/off)  Also motion triggered capability would be a bliss but not critical. Best regards, Talal

Topic by talal77maki  

Are Science and Engineering skills are required?

First of all, hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and this is my first post so bear with me if my questions are strange! I've been taking glances at the projects in Instructables, and I am really happy to find a site that shared my passion in home science/technology/DIY projects! I am studying Physics (first year) at my city's University (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and I was always fascinated by science, technology and especially computers-electronics. Instructables' projects 'pushed' me to get some basic tools (A 25 W soldering iron, a soldering pump, a pair of 'helping hands' with a magnifying glass, screwdrivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, some other basic tools and recently a Dremel 300) and frequently, I've been trying some of the simpler projects. But, since science will be my future profession, I'm not content by just reading instructions and following through...I want to understand the principles behind the instructables (for example, electronics) and even make my own small projects at home. As I said, electronics/electrical engineering projects are kind of my favorite, and I often get frustrated by just blindly following through the instructable, and I ask myself 'how did he think about that' or 'how did he know how to build this circuit' or 'how did he choose his materials'. So, do you really have to be an engineer to plan the more advanced -electronics or not- projects or can anybody get a book/website and learn about those skills? I often get ideas about projects of my own, but I don't know how to choose materials for them...does this skill come from experience or gained by an engineering degree? Is Physics a good enough degree to help me with my projects? And another question that has been around my head for a while: do you actually get pen and paper, lay down designs and scientific formulas-calculations to build a more advanced project? Thank you!

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Why can consoles play games with so easily, but I need a ridiculously powerful computer to run the same game on pc?

How is it that consoles like the xbox 360 and PS3 can run games like GTA and Assassins Creed with less than a gig of ram, but my computer can barely run those, and its way better hardware than the console has. I understand that the console OS is less demanding than Windows, that much is obvious, but a difference of 4-8 GB of ram?! Surely Its not just the OS requirements! What makes the game so easy to run on consoles, but not on PC? and is there any way that I can make games run better on my computer without upgrading the hardware? Thanks

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Autodesk 123D contest acceptance requirements

I have a project I want to post in the autodesk contest, but I'm really scared of posting to much information about it because it's an invention I'm working on for some time and still don't have an invention patent for it. In addition, the hole thing isn't fully printable due to some metal parts. I was wondering if the lack of information presented; and non-fully printable projects are accepted in the contest. by the way, I saw some licensed projects. Is it for all the contesters.

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Required Power Supply for Peltier (TEC12715)

I'm going to build a Mini Airconditioner based on Peltier Module. I'm going to use 10 Peltier Module for better cooling. 1 Peltier requires Umax (V):15.4 Imax (A):15 Max power consumption (watt):231 Watt. Which Power Supply Driver is required to run all 10 Peltier Elements. [I am from Non-Electrical Background].

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Required voltage and current for Knathal wire? Answered

Hi, i want to heat a Tungsten rod by using the Kanthal Wire(36 Awg). I want to know what is the required voltage and current to reach the 1300 deg Celsius. I am planned to make the constant current (like 3 amp) and increase the voltage. So help me to control the temperature at 900 to 1300 deg by changing the power supply.

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Do submissions require there be a photo included?

I submitted an instructable that didnt need any pic ..So , to save bandwidth, i included none.  ..but now i dont see my contribution anywhere on the site... "how to cook a frozen or thawed pizza"

Topic by tkjtkj    |  last reply

Simple transistor oscillator required - suggestions? Answered

I'm after a simple transistor-based oscillator for the basis of a 1-octave organ. I want to use recycled bits, which I have a lot of, and I reckon someone knows what's good as opposed to going looking for something. Crude, basic, simple, nothing sophisticated. L

Question by lemonie    |  last reply

Does Thermionic emission require vacuum? Answered

Will a hot cathode emit electrons outside of a vacuum? If that won't work, what other ways could I get electrons in a non-vacuum environment? The only thing I can think of is making some plasma and pulling the electrons out electrostaticaly.

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ID/Creationism trolling an academic requirement?

This could explain a lot. (From via Slashdot )Apparently, the course on "Intelligent Design and Christian Apologetics" at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has, as a requirement worth 20% of the final grade, "(4) provide at least 10 posts defending ID that you've made on "hostile" websites, the posts totalling 3,000 words, along with the URLs (i.e., web links) to each post (worth 20% of your grade)."The next time I see a lengthy, ad-hominem-laden, scientifically dubious argument for Intelligent Design on this site I'm going to wonder whether it is a college student fulfilling course requirements by trolling. I notice that reading the replies to your 3,000 words of propaganda isn't required. Now we just have to find whoever it is offering photocopies of Tesla's secret notebooks and plans for perpetual motion machines if you post enough stuff supporting overunity HHO generators.Note to those so inclined: this is not flamebait, I'm reporting a piece of news relevant to this community (because of our semi-regular flamewars debates about ID etc.). Flames will be reported as spam and subsequently ignored. Intelligent Discussion will be welcomed.

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VERY Low requirement .SWF Games?

I'm looking for flash games that can be run on an LG enV Touch. So far, the only game I've found is Bowman, and even that is glitchy. So, I need a clean, lightweight, simple game in the format of .swf. Anybody have any of these they know of?

Question by The Daft    |  last reply

Require wiring diagram for a usb mouse?

Hi, i have a genius usb mouse(Model "GM-03023U Made in china), its cable near the usb male end got cut off and i could'nt trace the connections back to the circuit board. It has 5 wires from the circuit board. the cable can be plugged off from the circuit borad and can be replaced with a new cable. but i can't find such a cable. so can any one help me how to solder the wires to a usb connector?

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More work required on PDFing the instructables

I recently found a bug or say some coder error or some codec error , i have tutorial at by link when i downloaded pdf of this tutorial i got a strange output pdf   Bugs : >>a pic with less width and more height get stretched to multiple pages  >>a small sized pic get much enlarged to the pixels can be fixed as: size of pic as per the ratio should be maintained on page and on page it should seem as the same ratio as while on upload  regards rohit44524

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Power requirement for arduino with 4 servos?

Right now I have an arduino (power being supplied by a 9v battery) controlling 4 servos (using 4 digital pins). The servos are connected to a breadboard and are acquiring power from four AA batteries (essentially a 6v battery). However, I cannot figure out how much current the motors are drawing, nor how long these batteries will last. I don't know if the robot I'm building should use AA, C, or D batteries. The image is a rough representation of what I have right now (except the four batteries I have are all in one pack). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Solar Device Charger: No complication required?

Hey community! Anyways, so I have a fairly simple question for everyone who's solar-savvy out there today, and it's about a fancy thing called a USB charge cable. Now, I may as well be a specific as possible, seeing as it's really for one device, but I may expand this project to ellipse more than one device. Here the question: Do charge cables and USB hubs automatically (built-in) regulate voltage, or am I going to have to get funky with some or this stuff? If you think you have the answer to my prayers, or need me to elaborate a bit, feel free to respond. Thanks! Ewitwins

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Electrical requirements of a DVD drive motor? Answered

I've just ripped up an old DVD drive to re-use the motors in a basic BEAM/Solarbot. Its clearly marked with the polarity but I'm unsure of its electrical needs - will I need to use a certain spec'd solar panel/capacitor to supply its power needs? Or will it simply work with whatever I supply it (lower torque/power aside)? I'm short on electrical know how and looking to build both theory and practical knowledge tinkering around. I've seen a number of kits that have solar cells that supply 4.5V / 18mA - but assume this would be more applicable to how fast the capacitor is charged.

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Does a basement sink require venting?

 We live in a house built in 1979, and the builder subbed a drain pipe in the basement concrete for a wet bar.  They installed it far too close to the wall to build a bar, but too far from a wall to be useful in any way.  We have enclosed it in a small room behind a fish tank, and we want to make a small utility sink to drain the tank.  It doesn't have a water source, and it is awkwardly positioned in the room, even in this application.  I was looking through a home improvement book and saw a photograph of a basement subbed for a bath and it showed a sink vent.  Our drain most certainly doesn't have a vent.  Is this an issue?  Does every sink/drain need venting, or is it enough that (hopefully) the other drains in the house are vented?

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How to identify power required by speakers? Answered

I'm trying to adapt a pair of headphones to a bluetooth module for a wireless headset. I'm using a common module found here.;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT  Spec sheet says "Stereo audio output can directly drive 40mW @ 32Ωspeeker without the need for DC-blocking capacitor" I have some old sony headphones with a microphone i would love to use but i cant identify how many watts and or ohms the speakers will need. I wont need the microphone, but if i can get it working it would be cool too. I've identified the headphones model as PSP-270X but i cant find a spec sheet that includes the type of speakers included. So i took apart the headphones but the only markings they have on the speakers are ATZ2261, And a couple google searches came up empty. Is there a way i could test these headphones?

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How Many Views Are Needed To Become A Youtube Partner?

I really need to know what the minimum amount of views needed to become a partner is! please repond! also this is my youtube, please help!

Question by Airsoft 007 Sniper    |  last reply

Windows XP Running with as little as 18MB or RAM

I managed to run Windows XP (stable) with as little as 18MB of RAM, Originally for my PSP to run.With Dosbox i can Allocate up to 16 MB of RAM, with a little tweaking i could get it to reach 18MB.But XP Can't run in DOSbox, But it Can Run in Bochs, It may be slow but hey, If i can Run Windows XP on my psp, It is still an accomplishment.Here are some screenshots of it Running is QEMU, On a PCSo what do you think, I am planning to port QEMU to the PSP so we can finally make this a reality, BOCHS only works in 1.50 Firmware, and i don't see a psp Slim with 1.50 and my PSP is a Slim and ...well you know.Well ThanksBe sure to comment(and rate, Just because it is neat seeing topics with a rating...) And tell me what you think!~ReCreateEdit: Now i uploaded a video!(or i am uploading a video...i have to remake it due to the stupid 10MB limit)

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Does 3D printing require a release agent?

we are interested in 3d printing. so we want to know, i 3d printing process, do we need mold release agent?

Question by SAKURAI Mold    |  last reply

Three Dual Voltage Output Circuit required

I have an 30v 0 30v 10 amp with 12v 0 12v 1.5 amp AC Volt Output Transformer. I required +24v 0 -24v and +12v 0 -12v and 05v DC Voltage, How can i taken these three output using this transformer. I am using a audio board so its required less than 1 amp output capacity only, But in transformer capacity was 10 amp. I want to to know excess amp will affect the board or Not ?Kindly sent the idea and Circuit diagramThanking You.

Question by ragavan123  

How to calculate time required to charge a capacitor?

I have a 1.1μ capacitor with voltage capacity of 440V. I am inserting a 1000Ω in series. My question is how much time will it take to almost completely charge if I'm applying 12v at 0.5A?

Question by IshaanP5    |  last reply

i require a 3000rpm motor of small size

I am planing to run cutting blade which weights approx of 350-500 gm (for worst case) so i need good torque and rechargeable battery for capable running for at max of 2-3 hrs

Question by somfire    |  last reply

Splitting an audio signal on a PCB - Doides required?

I have a 3.5mm audio jack on a PCB.  I want to split the signal to go to two different places on a PCB.  Do I need a diode on each "branch" or literally just split them in a T with no components in between?

Question by Joe426    |  last reply

How to decide the motor rating and torque required ?

I want to make manual  wheelchair to be electrically driven. For that I have assumed wheelchair weight to be=20 kg Patient's weight to be=100kg ( max ) Motor  with battery = 30 kg (approx) Thus total weight to be = 150 kg (approx) what kind of DC motor along with its rating should be used ?

Question by dhanudi    |  last reply

view all steps now requires a membership?

I'm pretty disappointed that a once free feature is now something I have to pay to use. The view all steps feature was very nice and made reading instructables easy. I'm pretty much a lot less likely to use the site now because it is such a pain to click through each step and I can't just skim through an instructable anymore.

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What software is required to run a CNC machine?

If I was to build a CNC machine, what software would I need from start to finish to mill a 3D shape? Also, what software would I need to make a pcb? Does anybody have any suggestions as to what specific programs I could use. There are several great cnc Instructables, but none of them seem to go into this. I'm sure you could write a whole Instructable on it if you wanted to.

Question by snowpenguin    |  last reply

Help required: creating an RFID locking mechanism

I am looking to create a device which isAn electromagnet with two parts. When connected they create a magnetic field. The magnets can be separated without an alarm sounding, if the magnetic field is stopped using an RFID device. If the magnets are separated without the RFID device I would like an alarm to sound.Can any of you help me design this device, if so I would like to discuss the opportunity to get you on board my business with me.

Topic by Joshyl5  

How to calculate torque required for transport motor?

I'm planning on making my own Segway. My biggest design problem right now is my motors. I need to find the torque needed to move them. I'm thinking an equation like this would use the radius of the wheels, the mass of the rider, etc. How do I find the torque needed to move this Segway? Bonus points if you can point me to a place to get one of these motors. I don't want to spend more than $20 each for the 2 motors. Thanks.

Question by 4lifenerdfighter    |  last reply

Minimum voltage/amperage required for peltier cooler?

I want to connect a couple of computer fans and a peltier cooler to some solar cells, but I want to keep the amount of electronics to a minimum (for the sake of KISS). Assuming the fans and peltier are rated to run at 12V, and I connect the solar cells to provide 12V at peak, will I be able to leave it connected all the time, i.e. when it's night time there is no electricity being provided, maybe in the late morning there is half the electricity, and in the afternoon sun full power? I guess a simpler way to phrase my question is: Can these devices be run with much lower voltage or amperage than they are rated for?

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ELECTRONIC advice required for an RFID security system

I've had an idea and I'd like to know if it's possible... Hopefully you can help 🙏 I'm looking for someone who know's how to build an anti-theft system which is basically an open circuit which is triggered when two electro magnets are connected. The circuit can be broken if an RFID device is used, to allow permission. However, if the RFID isnt used and the magnets are forced apart an alarm will sound and it will appear on a switch board nearby. Then to reset and turn off the alarm the RFID key would be used to do this. Is this something you could help with? Please direct message me as I want to work with you.

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LEDs : Require urgent HELP about LEDs. Answered

Could somebody please answer me that using an array of 135pcs of 5mm LEDs that produce 12000mcd each be better than using 3pcs of Cree MC-E for a motorcycle headlight. will the 5mm LEDs produce more light (lumens) than the MC-Es. If yes then will the distance of the beam of light produced by the 5mm LEDs be the same as the distance of the beam produced by the Cree MC-E?  By the distance of the beam I mean how much far can the beam produced by an array of LED light up the road. Please answer somebody answer me quickly I need urgent help. I will be very greatful to youll

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what are the spec. vacuum requirements for thermos bottles? Answered

I want to do some experimenting with making thermos bottles. I know that a vacuum is needed but how much? I heard that the thermal retention value only works below a certain vacuum level but I don't know what it is. any small vacuum won't do. I also would like the answer in regular terms. I found out that solar tubes use P<5x10-2Pa of vacuum. I don't know what that means in inches of vacuum. I need to know more, so that I can buy the right vacuum pump. What other equipment will I need? will a regular check valve and epoxy work for testing?

Question by M F    |  last reply

Here's an Awesome Project - Will Require Composites Work :)

This armor, looks AMAZING! And using some life casting techniques (or even sculpting a mold from foam and test fitting) - you can make your very own with a bit of fiber glass and resin and flat black paint :) Maybe an early start for Halloween? I'd personally just go for the chest and back plate and substitute the rest with football pads. In any case, just thought I'd share :)Caption that goes with image:These happy characters are Peruvian anti-riot police, who are seen here parading in celebration of Peru's independence day yesterday. Yes, they are terrifying. This makes Peru the latest entry in a long list of countries I will try to avoid rioting in. I'm still all about rioting in Canada and Sweden, however. From Gizmodo

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Advice required for audio playback from an IC

Hi All, I'm new here so go easy on me :) I need to throw together a circuit to play an MP3 when a switch is closed (Think musical greeting card rather than iPod).  The fundamental issue is a lack of knowledge re: mp3 playback on ICs. Is there a handy light-weight MP3 playback chip kicking around? Presumably I'll need to provide memory, an amp and various other bits. Does anyone know of an SoC that does something this already? I've seen the SOMO-14D ( but it seems to be very low quality and temperamental. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, any recommendations? > Quality is important-ish - I know it's never going to sound like my Technics sound system but I'd like it good enough that a non-audiophile wouldn't complain. I'm guessing I'll need at least 128Kb/s for semi-decent audio. > Format doesn't have to be MP3 as long as the quality isn't _too_ low and there's an easy way to convert. > Small size (form factor) would be nice but isn't required. > If needs be, I can get PCBs etched _relatively_ inexpensively so that's not a major consideration. > Any suggestions for a good quality, small speaker would also be appreciated. Skills: I've got a degree in Electrical & Electronic engineering (but haven't touched a circuit since Uni) Budget: ~£300 tops (I'm hoping for considerably less) Time: Within a month or so. Many thanks in advance Basic

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