Looking for a vps or reseller sponsor?

I'm looking for someone who could sponsor me a vps server or a reseller. I waned to use it for our web-host. In return I will advertise your site on ours. If there is anything else you want don't hesitate to ask. Requirements for VPS/Reseller: Space: 100 GB at minimum, but more would be greatly appreciative. Bandwidth: Unlimited I was hoping for, but 500 GB to 1 Tb would due. Thanks.

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Looking for a vps or reseller sponsor?

I'm looking for someone who could sponsor me a vps server or a reseller. I waned to use it for our web-host. In return I will advertise your site on ours. If there is anything else you want don't hesitate to ask. Requirements for VPS/Reseller: Space: 100 GB at minimum, but more would be greatly appreciative. Bandwidth: Unlimited I was hoping for, but 500 GB to 1 Tb would due. Thanks.

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A better version of Etsy without the resellers

Etsy has made it pretty clear that they don't plan on closing down the high volume resellers that list cheap imports as "handmade."  Helen Killer (April Winchell) of Regretsy wrote an excellent explanation of why this amounts to bait and switch on Etsy's account. http://www.regretsy.com/?s=bait+and+switch Most people go to the site thinking the majority of what they'll find is handmade.  Real makers, crafters, and artists post their items at a reasonable price considering how long it took to make the items.  Customers go to the site to find a specific item, search for it, and find a bunch of cheaper options listed with the handmade ones.  The cheaper items are often listed as handmade, and customers don't often do the extensive research to find out 1. how long a handmade version would actually take 2. the cheaper options were made in a factory overseas.  Considering that handmade was Etsy's big selling point, they have no reason to believe they're being duped by a reseller. Etsy also prohibits "calling out" in their forums, and often ignore the private reports of resellers.  Even if you have proof that the exact "handmade, unique" items in a seller's shop can be purchased for next to nothing elsewhere online (and in huge quantities), you're not allowed to mention it in Etsy's forums in order to warn others about what they're really buying. So far, shopdelighted.com is very small and new, but I like the clean interface and their promise to never allow reselling except in the case of crafting supplies.  I might be a naive idealist, but for now I believe that this site will actually keep their promise.

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Vital things to know before and after opening and Etsy shop

Imagine you have been selling on Etsy for years (in our case 4 years), and suddenly they shut down your store(s) without a legitimate reason and without you breaking any rule. After you have spent a lot of time building your customer base, reputation, etc this is utterly traumatic in every aspect you can think of. We made this parody video reflecting our experience and that of many others who have suffered at the hands of Etsy. It's intended to educate those who have no idea about some of the ill practices they carry out and bring a bit of laughter to those already affected. More info published by the Daily Dot

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What can I do with a Plastic Cup?

Hello, First post. I drink ALOT of soda from McDonalds. I go through ALOT of 32 oz. plastic cups. There has got to be some way I can use these cups to make the world a better place. I would love to find either a use for them or a product I can resell, or...something...anything....HELP!!!! Thanks

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Gateway Power Supplies?

I have a Gateway 24" LCD monitor, model # LP2407, with a bad power supply. Does anyone know where I can purchase parts for Gateway products? Or does anyone know the company that produces the monitors for Gateway? Gateway is useless, they directed me to companies that are resellers or Gateway's computers. I've checked with several local repair shops, all said, "Good luck, buy a new monitor."

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Selected for inclusion in eBook?

I just got an email saying that one of my instructables (which one?) was selected for inclusion in an eBook. Is this legit? Can someone take our instructables, resell them, and make money off of our ideas? Or are the eBooks for free? If they are not free, then where is my cut? It appears to be an automatic opt-in deal, because is says, "If you don't want to be included for any reason, please write back and let us know by Dec. 9. " Am I being overly cautious? Has anyone seen this offer before? Or am I the last one to know?

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packaging hack

My question is: how can I open a sealed toy package without damaging the package and in such a way that I may reassemble it after I’ve used the contents. Background: I am in the process of making a Super 8 film. One of my props are 3 Star Trek Borg action figures. I paid a pretty penny for them and only need to use them for a few scenes. When I am finished I want to put them back in the package and resell on eBay. Of course, I will give full disclosure to next buyer. The packaging is not true blister pack. It has a printed cardboard back with a molded plastic cover. I appears to be heat pressure sealed, probably with some sort of adhesive. I can provide digital pics when needed.

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Freecycle is a maker's dream

I know freecycle has been mentioned here before, but I thought I'd share just how good a resource it can be for people wanting either a) projects b) cool stuff that they don't mind fixing up a little This is a picture of most of the stuff I've acquired from freecycle in the last few months. Most of it was for fodder for electronics-ish projects, but there were a few things of genuine utility that it just turned out no-one else wanted. Sometimes I find it hard to believe the amount of stuff you can get from freecycle- someone could probably set up a shop dedicated to just reselling reconditioned stuff. It would be like Steptoe and son (US readers: Sandford and son) but with more slightly-out-of-date-but-perfectly-serviceable computers.

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Wrote a business-related Instructable - is it spam?

Hi guys, I'm interning for a solar panel reseller and I just wrote an Instructable that introduces you to the basic fundamentals of home solar: What you need to buy, what you need to consider, and what you need to watch out for. There's inline links to our store pages, and "Additional Reading" links to our learning pages. That said, I'm confident that it's a well-written, informative introduction. Furthermore, I'm confident that besides the links, you can read through the whole thing without feeling like it's biased or hitting you over the head about going to our website. I'd hate to make a bad impression here - It'd be nice to keep doing articles like this. Before I publish this, can anyone let me know if it's too offensive? And if you have any suggestions about it, that'd be nice too! Thanks! https://www.instructables.com/id/EIPO8NUGAA0F501/

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D3CRYPT3D won SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Privacy & Security

Hey everyone! For a long time, being a modeler and working in the industry, I have always felt that Modelers get the short end of the stick.  Things get re textured, models get hijacked and studios just kind of store models and stock pile them up. Some people will even resell models that don't belong to them. I used to see it all the time. Well, my crew and I came out with a software that enables you to share and collaborate on your 3D files securely. We won the SXSW Innovation Award for Privacy & Security last month and just released our beta this week.  We would love for you all to try it out and give us your feedback so that we can make the best product possible.  If you are interested, here is the link to download -   www.d3crypt3d.net/downloadnow/ Thank you!

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DIY projector using phone LCD screen.

Hello every body. My first post on these forums, and here goes. I have been looking into projectors and considering the cheaper route of building my own. As I want the projector to be HD and small at the same time, I figured one of the newer phone screens would be suitable (which I have located a reseller of). I do not have any particular screens in mind. To get to the point though, are there any controllers out there that would allow me to connect a screen with dvi / hdmi? As with larger tft panels where you can buy a kit, or such as the device used to bridge the LVDS to hdmi connectors (one example here). I have been unsuccessful in my search for these so far. I assume that most of the screens use different connectors rather than a common standard data connector, which could hinder this. Thanks for your time.

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Starting a community to trade your old cables, electronic components or computer parts

Dear all, We are a small company located in Singapore and we are starting a community for the trading and reselling of your old and unwanted cables, electronic components or computer parts that are lying around your house. So help us do our part for mother earth by visiting the following link:-  http://sites.google.com/site/ventincrecables/green-ventincre As a start and due to the lack of funding, we will temporary use google group to host all advertisement postings. Hopefully, as we move along, more funding will start flowing in to enable us to utilize a better platform like tal.ki so that more people would be able to take part in this small project that we have. We will be really grateful if you can join this community by posting your advertisements and also, donating funds from time to time as these are crucial for the survival of this community. Our future plans would be to include the donation of computers and laptops to communities in developing countries, charities or schools. Do feel free to drop us an email at needitbadly@gmail.com should you have any queries or suggestions. Yours Sincerely, Ventincre!

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Gone! Free Copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 Gone!

It's gone! I decided to give it to CaptainMunz. Sketchbook Pro is designed to be used with a graphics tablet, like a Wacom Bamboo, so I think he'll get the best use out of it. Congrats! Original post: I received a free copy of Sketchbook Pro from the Instructables HQ for being the top author, but I don't really have a good use for it. So rather than resell it over craigslist, I'd like to pay it forward by giving it away to a deserving member of the Instructables community. So please write a brief but thoughtful reply or PM about what you would do with a copy of Sketchbook and how it would be a boon to your pursuits. I've never conducted a giveaway before, so I'm going to just take replies for a few days and then take it from there. Once I've decided who to give it to I'll let you know by editing this thread. A DVD case is lightweight, so I think I can ship it pretty far. Does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to ship from California to say, India? I look forward to hearing from you - cheers!

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Legal and copyrights confusion.

Hey everyone, I love instructables and I've been working on my own tutorial for the last few weeks. I am not far from publishing the instructables. Recently it came to my attention that I might have some legal/copyright issues. I built my DIY using some parts I took down from other products that are still on sale. One of these parts is copyrighted but not patented. I was wondering, due to the DIY and instructables nature if that would be an issue for me? I am not reselling the DIY or pushing people to do the same as me and even give indication to future makers about how to obtain that part legally. I cite all the sources of the original product from which I borrowed the parts. Would it be ok if I publish my instructables like this or should I avoid talking at all about the "borrowed" parts? Also, if a newspaper or magazine wanted to publish an article about my instructables, would granting them sole publishing rights interfere with using the "borrowed parts" that I talk about above? Would I even be able at all to grant them these rights, given the general terms of the CC license (Non-commercial share-alike)? Does this CC license allow anyone to publish an article about my instructables without my written consent (print and online), so long as they cite the sources? Thanks in advance for helping me out, I'm a bit confused!

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Video Tutorial: How To Update Your R4i SDHC 3ds card for 3DS V4.0.0-7

This video was released by Dan from dsflashcart.com, it is a video tutorial tell you how to udate your r4i sdhc 3ds card  to support 3DS latest firmware V4.0.0-7. If your r4i sdhc card haven't updated yet, feel free to foollow the steps in the video to update your card. By the way, the r4i sdhc 3ds should be come from the r4i-sdhc.com,  if  your card is from other team, please don't  use the method. And another, you need to get a DSL console to do the update. The latest firmware for r4i sdhc 3ds is V1.56b now which can work on both DSi V1.44 and 3DS V3.0.0+6. Jusr a remind, please also prepare a SD card, and also format it before you do the update, remember to back the files in advance. If you want to buy r4i sdhc 3ds from a USA reseller, just choose the dsflashcart.com. If don't have a DSL console to do the update, please just wait until you get one, another, you should always remember the rule, never update your 3DS or DSi console before  you update your flashcard. If you have any questions about this guide, just leave the comment,

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Anelace, Inc. - A glowing review

I hadn't even heard of this company before today, and I'm quite impressed with them. Anelace, Inc. makes those lovely binary LED clocks and distributes them to resellers. I got one of their "Crystal Blue" clocks under the Discovery Channel Store name five or six years ago as a birthday present, and recently one of the LEDs failed. Since they're surface-mount LEDs, I was having difficulty figuring out which of the hundreds of items on the dozens of pages in the DigiKey catalog to order, so I quickly found the manufacturer (Anelace) through Google and fired off an email hoping for information about the LED specs. I sent this email at 9:33 this morning. At 11:59, I received a reply from "Lyle" saying that it was unusual for two LEDs to fail in this fashion, and he wanted to mail me a new clock, and have me send back the mainboard from the old one so they could test it. Even after I explained that only one of the LEDs had actually failed, and I had clumsily crushed the other with a too-large caliper, he still wants to send me a new clock. I find this amazing for a number of reasons: Very prompt reply. I'm used to waiting days for customer service to get back to me. Under two and a half hours is phenomenal. Personal reply. This guy actually read my email and responded to it, rather than simply sending back a form letter. Interest in the problem. Rather than just sending me a new one to shut me up, they want to know what went wrong. As Lyle put it, "I'd like to see if there is anything we can learn to improve our design/quality/reliability." This one's the biggie. They want me to take it apart. In a world of epoxy-sealed cases and more security screws than anyone can keep track of, he was even willing to send me instructions on how to pull out the circuit board. I'm not writing this to encourage people to try to bum clocks off this company; rather, I'm writing this to encourage people to support them. Anelace doesn't sell these clocks directly, but there are several retailers that do. Consider this my unpaid endorsement of a customer-friendly and personable company.

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